Brentford 1 Wolves 2 - player ratings

Wolves correspondent Tim Spiers rates the players after a stunning late comeback against Brentford.


Carl Ikeme

Not a thing he could do for the goal, which nestled in the corner, and otherwise he wasn't seriously tested on a night when Wolves dominated. 6/10

Conor Coady

A dodgy start when he was beaten by Sergi Canos on a couple of occasions but he recovered well and improved as the game went on, getting further forward to join in with Wolves' wave of attacks. 6/10

Danny Batth

Back in the team with Williamson rested and he was solid enough. Good flick-on for Doherty's second half chance. Otherwise he wasn't noticed much. 6/10

Kortney Hause

Like Batth, didn't have a fat lot to do. Won a number of headers, kept things simple. 6/10

Matt Doherty

Ironically he hadn't popped forward too often during the game, but there he was in the 86th minute to slam home Marshall's cross for the equaliser. It was his fifth goal of the season. Untroubled at the back and also went close when he hit the side netting from a tight angle. 7/10

Lee Evans

Surprisingly brought in from the cold with Saiss rested and Price dropped. He's been hit and miss lately - and not having a run in the team doesn't help on that front - but definitely a hit here. The best midfielder on the pitch. Saw a lot of the ball, played probing passes, got forward to good effect and wasn't frightened to shoot from range - a weakness of Wolves' central midfielders generally. All about consistency for Evans now, who will look to cement a place in the XI. 8/10

George Saville

Let Maxime Colin go for the opening goal but otherwise he did okay. Got stuck in, won the ball back regularly in Brentford's half and sent a right-footed curler inches past the post. Should have scored with a rebound from Dicko's crossbar shot. Withdrawn on the hour as Lambert went for broke. 7/10

David Edwards

Has looked like he's needed a rest of late but after a below-par performance on Saturday Edwards rediscovered his form here. Did his usual off-the-ball work that is often taken for granted, closing Brentford down and pressing high up the pitch, but also added a real threat going forward. Should have scored early on when Weimann put him through, linked with Costa for a great Dicko chance and he got in some great positions in the box. It was his intuitive interception from a Brentford throw in the 89th minute that led to the winner. 8/10

Helder Costa

Not been himself since Liverpool away...but this was the Costa of old. Slow start but grew into the game and was visibly more confident in the second half despite being hacked to pieces at regular intervals by the Brentford players, who clearly targeted him. Produced a dazzling run and a one-two with Edwards to tee up Dicko for a chance he should have scored. And then his late winning goal was perfectly placed, not to mention restrained in terms of power when it would have been easy to balloon it. There's been far too much onus on him in the past two months but with Cavaleiro back and Weimann and Marshall playing so well the creative workload is finally being shared. That will certainly benefit Costa. 8/10

Nouha Dicko

A livewire in and around the Brentford box, linking well with those around him. If he cracks that 12-yard half volley six inches lower we're talking about a superb instinctive goal...but it hit the bar instead. Placement was needed rather than power. Got into good positions and looked sharper than in recent weeks. 7/10

Andreas Weimann

Amazing what a run of games can do for a player. Frozen out at Derby, Weimann was all about hard work and defending from the front in his first few weeks at Wolves as he built up his match sharpness...and now we're seeing him come into his own in a potent attacking sense. Some lovely deft touches and flicks, particularly for that early Edwards chance, and his movement was intelligent. Popped up on the right, the left, in the 10 role and later up front. If he keeps this up for the rest of the season it's a no-brainer to sign him permanently. 8/10


Ivan Cavaleiro (for Saville, 60)

The game-changer. Play opened up even more after his arrival and his menacing presence created space for those around him too. Played in a floating role at the tip of midfield and he caused the Brentford defence all sorts of problems. A couple of excellent crosses and then he teed up Costa's winner with a beaut of a ball. What with him, Costa, Marshall and Weimann, Lambert all of a sudden has four good options out wide. 8/10

Ben Marshall (for Dicko, 82)

Only on for eight minutes but his class soon told. Has the experience you want in situations like this - he never looks like giving the ball away and is a positive presence who can pick a pass. His whipped cross set up Doherty's equaliser. 7/10

Morgan Gibbs-White

Replaced Weimann as Lambert ate up a few seconds in injury time. N/A

Subs not used: Lonergan, Stearman, Saiss, Bodvarsson.

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Comments for: "Brentford 1 Wolves 2 - player ratings"


This squad are perfectly capable of staying in this League, PL needs to learn to be more positive and consistent with his team selections and attacking options. I hope he finally learnt this basic lesson, very disappointed with his impact thus far.

The Bilston Wolf


Agree with your post 100%, he just needs to stop chopping and changing players

and keep a settled squad together for the rest of the season.


I've tried to remain positive, but who cloud condone PL's negative tactics against Rotherham, which must've tipped the scales against him for many. He has a lot of making up to do if he is to be seen as a longer term answer to the numbing disappointment that has been wolves for most of the past 8 seasons. I hope he succeeds, obviously, though one win, or even two, does not prove anything, nor three defeats. However, we had size on the bounce, playing like we'd not score in a brothel. Paul was forced to go full on attacking last night, and ultimately it worked out. Almost as easily Rotherham should've got at least a point and we might've lost 0-1. Very fine margins. A Robins-Fergie moment?

We can hope.


'could' and 'six on the bounce', obviously

Stearmans overhead kick

Much my way of thinking to Wolvereeeen. I listened to the match on Signal Radio. I praised Lambert on here a while back for playing the same tactics last night as I think he did, Against Barnsley at home and they were flying at the time. As we it them on the break the back four pushed up as well giving us two thirds of the pitch and making them sit deep for most of the time in their own half, Exactly what Brentford did last night, We stifled them by winning fifty fifty balls around the half way line, Brentford never really threatened last night,Alike Barnsley. What gets me about Lambert it's only the second time he's played those tactics and he's got two wins out of them. The swapping and changing does not do it for me and many others on here ,And our home form is far from good enough under him. Great result and tactics tonight from Lambert.But when will we see the same again?


all the best players coming back waiting for mason to return cannot argue with the rating on a personnel level I would have given them all 10 for a great comeback


Now stop tinkering!

chris h

The fact that we could bring in rested players with fresh legs may have helped us for a second game in four days. Williamson certainly seemed drained to me towards the end of the game on Saturday, so it made sense to bring back Batth. With Evans we had someone with fresh legs in midfield and a point to prove.I also think it has been sensible to reintroduce Cavaliero slowly rather than rush him back and risk further injury. So having options is not a bad thing.


agree with your post


I am staggered that Evans has not been playing on a regular basis. He ran the show in a way that I've not seen a Wolves player run it in a long long time. Why was he given a new contract? Watch this.

Thought Hause and Batth were solid and good to see Doc back.

The Flying Winger

Bleydh, the issue with Evans is he has been so inconsistent and it's not just this season.

If he is to become a regular in the side that's what he needs to do.

Stearmans overhead kick

Love Doc, Full of energy ,Running and gives 100% Not as good but reminds me of Kenny Hibbitt.


What I LOVE about this is that there's nothing worse than a 6 and nothing better than an 8.

In other words, a good solid team performance that dominated throughout instead of relying on individual players phases of inspiration.

Very happy with the win, and not an ugly one either !

wanderer in eire

Are you watching KARLIS?!

Just so you are aware the TWO players PL has brought into the club who were frozen out at previous clubs and were and probably are still to a certain extent not fully fit are starting to look like PLAYERS!

One bad performance (Rotherham) and then an excellent performance (Brentford) strange isn't it FOOTBALL ? One day they looked awful then the next day very good ?

Do you not think that performances at the mol may just may have something with the likes of you ?

Phoenix Wolf

You may be onto something there.

Stearmans overhead kick

Yeah ! He's miles away across the Irish sea.


wanderer in eire,

I already replied to this post but for some unknown reason it has been removed !!

So I will re post it to you again.

1, "One bad performance (Rotherham) and then an excellent performance (Brentford) strange isn't it FOOTBALL ? One day they looked awful then the next day very good ?"

As someone posted earlier "one swallow a summer doesn't make" !!

We were extremely lucky to come away with all 3 points against Rotherham and you can not deny the fact that if they'd have finished off their chances the scoreline would of been very different to the eventual outcome don't you agree ?

Yes they played a lot better yesterday against Brentford even though they threw everything at them except the kitchen sink we still had to endure 86 minutes of nail biting until they finally broke Brentford's resistance. Lambert has got 10 games left to try and change my mind but I doubt he will. My main problem with Lambert is that since he was appointed we HAVE NOT had a settled squad and in my opinion no continuity = the reason we are where we are in the league at this moment in time, if we'd had have had a settled squad win lose or draw we would be a lot further up the table than where we are now ! Lambert needs to stop being the king of the tinkermen and play a settled team from now until the end of the season barring injuries of course but I don't think that will happen and I reckon there will be another 5 or 6 changes again against Fulham at Craven Cottage on Saturday.

2, "Do you not think that performances at the mol may just may have something with the likes of you ?"

NO I DO NOT !!!!

So basically what you are saying is that you are blaming the whole of the South Bank for the mess we are in ? Now that old chap really is naughty don't you think ? Blaming the supporters for the teams woes simply isn't on old chap and you should know better than to throw those accusations about when they simply aren't true and you know it.


Karlis, if f f f you are a South Bank supporter or an away supporter then lets try an experiment. Get the South Bank to cheer, not jeer, everything for a couple of Home games.

Then we may see who is right and who can not change their spots.

South bank - its down to you ( along with everyone else) to cheer not jeer.

Obviously, do not cheer mistakes such as an own goal, a nasty f f f foul etc but no boos or jeers.

Go on try it, I dare you.

Be seeing ya.

Stearmans overhead kick

What stand you in fella ?

Stearmans overhead kick


Stearmans overhead kick

One bad performance at home ? Performances to do with one fella having a moan, Obviously you don't go,There are droves exiting the home games effing and blinding this season.

Long shank Wolf

Nice to hear Evans was up for shooting from long range as we seriously lack that instinctive 'pot shot' player. Jack Price is woeful in this department. I'm sure Alex Rae could still do a tidy job for us and Colin Cameron for that matter!!!


Wolves seem to be a Jekyll and Hyde team at the moment. After that dreadful performance last weekend, few would have predicted almost the exact opposite side of their character to turn up last night.

I did think before the match the match that it was one of the away games that Wolves could win or at least draw as Brentford have little to play for now. But so inconsistent are we, that just about any result or scoreline was possible.

Now that the number of games played for all clubs are more or less equal (Wolves still have a game in hand), a clearer picture is emerging of our situation. We're back up to 18th place and heading in the right direction. We're probably not going to go much higher than that before the season finishes.

Consistency will be one of the key requirements next season if we are to seriously mount a promotion campaign. Lambert needs to overhaul the squad in the summer, before he can be properly judged, and that can only happen if Fosun back him.

Black Country Wanderer

Totally agree Dek,consistency has been a problem all season,our performances have overall been better than the points suggest,but we lurch from good to bad with alarming regularity no matter who is playing

Wasn't happy with the team before hand last night, but cant moan about the performance or result

Was glad to see Cav more central,or at least put in a roaming role,something I have been calling for for months,i really think he could be that number 10 we need

Edwards puts in a lot of effort but is a passenger for 7/10 games,we need more than that,and Cav could be the answer when fully fit imo

With Marshall and Wiemann starting to play and Costa on song,we have a potent attack,if only Dicko could start scoring again our problems would fade rapidly

Midfield and defence still need overhauling ,the glut of average players has to be culled in the summer for sure,and a striker bought in,plenty for Fosun to dwell on yet


BCW - I think Cavaleiro can, and has played in different positions in the forward line. He shouldn't be considered as just a winger. The same to some degree applies to Costa, who I remember playing as centre forward in one of the early league cup matches.

Lambert is limited as to how much he can afford to experiment at the moment, but with players such as Marshall and Weimann there are options for subtle changes starting to emerge. At the moment Lambert is systematically rotating players which makes sense due to the number of games coming thick and fast. It will be in the summer in pre-season games where he can refine the way he wants Wolves to play.

I have to slightly disagree with you about overhauling the defence. In General, I've thought that it's been the least of our problems. There maybe a few comings and goings in the summer, but I expect most defenders we currently have to be retained for next season.

The midfield is another matter entirely, and that is where I fully agree with you that it needs overhauling. There are just too many midfielders that are too similar. Wolves need to find a playmaker in the mold of McDonald to open up teams that put the shutters up in some matches.

And finally yes we do need some better options in the strike department. But I would say that it probably requires two new strikers, not just one. Weimann might be one of those to be signed permanently, if he can pop up with a few more goals in the final matches.

Black Country Wanderer

With the defence Dek,we need a specialist LB for sure,we maybe can get away with the rest if Williamson keeps fit,Saiss plays CB for his country so is good cover there,although id prefer him further forward in midfield

Hause and Iorfa need to take that next step,if they can do that I agree its not the main problem

Yes probably 2 strikers are required,its just the FFP rules that are going to tie us up slightly,but there are ways round them as big Sam says lol


BCW - Neither Silvio or Borthwick-Jackson are going to here next season. Not that either of them have been a great success for different reasons. So yes, a left back will probably be the one defensive position that will require strengthened.

As for centre-backs, I don't think Stearman will be signed on a permanent basis. It should also be remembered that Ebanks-Landell will back at Molineux after his season long loan to Sheff Utd.

As for FFP preventing us from signing new players, I think the books will be balanced to a large degree with a lot of departures, including Costa. Not that I want the young portugeuse winger sold, but with all the speculation surrounding him in the media, I think it's almost certain he will go to one the premiership clubs.

Black Country Wanderer

Yeah I agree with you about Costa,he was snapped up for that very reason,its a shame but hes too good for us and this division,and if the right wad is waved he will be gone circa £20 million imo


Disagree on the Costa thing gentleman, I think he'll do another season and if we don't go up he'll be off however, If someone is daft enough to offer double what we paid then that will test Fosun's resolve????


No coincidence Wolves have played consistently better in recent away games than at home. They were really unlucky not to win at Reading and Ipswich but still got slated by the moaners. What worries me is how many home games we have left, but I'm confident we'll get enough points on the road at least to be OK. UTW!

wanderer in eire

Can we all imagine you KARLIS are a player at WOLVES ! Their will be players who have your attitude you would be impossible so when the opportunities arise you will have to be moved out because you would be nothing but trouble .. trouble makers very rarely change and when they do it can take time but by then the poison as spread !

If I was a manager I would certainly have sir billy quiet has one of my players .. who is not a trouble maker but someone who is not a dog on a lead either hope you get my drift but sadly if your parents could not achieve that I am unlikely to succeed but atleast I have given you the opportunity .


wanderer in eire,

Sarcasm get's you nowhere !!


Most regular commentators on here have singular tunnel vision views that will never turn from their light, the Happy Haters more than anyone. Mind you, there are a number of crazed flip-floppers who contradict themselves are every result. No names now (partly because some of them use multiple guises - and I'm not just talking about that Baggies Jerk).

That said, two wins does not a happy and relieved summer break, make.

Chessie Wolf

Great result, it must be difficult when you have so many players at your disposal and they are all capable of putting in a performance like the one last night. Difficult thing for PL is deciding on who stays and who goes in the summer. I for one are not sure one game someone plays well then the next there a bit off. i think this is why he tries to change things after a dodgy result because the players on the fringe are just as good like Evans.

Well done though PL i think your philosophy is good weirdly though i think having so many players at similar levels is not helping and those decisions at the end of the season will be really difficult to make on who to let go, as i sit here i'm not sure in my own head. This is why i think it is taking a little longer to sort. Anyway i am pleased with his attitude and as previously said this season is just about staying up & let's see where we go next year. who'd be a football manager!!

Farmer Ted

There's a lot of grumbling going on about PL's tinkering, but, what choice has he had with the inconsistency within the squad? I don't say he's completely blameless, but I do think he's the right man to get us out of this mess. Great to hear Evans had a good game, despite some of the abusers on this site I think he has a long term future at Molineux, hence the contract he's been given.

Well done Wolves, a great comeback, but fully deserved from the coverage I had on. (Although the missus wasn't too pleased with my late outburst right in the middle of the 'Replacement' TV drama)

Nice to have Caveleiro back and Weimann and Marshall starting to turn things around.

Should imagine there are a few poster choking on their ridiculous comments yesterday. Will you ever learn?


A good all round performance and another clear indication of most of our problems this season, playing away particularly teams that play open football we can match them and that showed against Stoke. Liverpool, Newcastle, Brentford home and away etc. Also the fans really get behind the team. Yet at home, the majority of teams come and get behind the ball and stop us from playing and we fail to break teams down. And of course an element of fans are just not willing to support and get behind the team like the away support do.

On the playing front, we now have Cav back to share the load with Costa who on many occasion has been a one man band and had two players marking him out the game, that coupled with Marshall and Wiemann showing us why Lambert signed them we now look good going forward with assists and goal from several positions. Nice to see Evans showing his potential.

Fulham, They will allow us to play so lets go and attack.

Not Convinced

Woodsetton Wolf ,

so I supposed you missed the price / saisse combination ;

was lambert right to change the midfield as per my post after saturday ?

so who is the plonker , me , sie 69 , liverpool wolf or you ?

ps look forward to reading more of your expert analysis ?!

Not Convinced

nb your expert analysis is good for a laugh and we all need cheering up on occasions .

Woodsetton wolf

Not Convinced....fair do's to you, your man Saville was a game changer.....the game changed totally when Lambert gave him the hook and dragged him off!

Check out Bedford's comments below...he was there......perhaps you will then start to understand how these things work and realise you are talking absolute drivel.

Not Convinced

my 2 brothers who live near london both went to the game and I concede that their report was not exactly like tim spiers report .

however you have to admit the midfield was an improvement on rotherham ;

the other point is that the saville/ evans show has never been given an extended run . lambert has given your hero a real chance to establish himself this season but whenever he is given an extended run of say 10 games it appears to me that he just slowly begins to play worse and worse until he is eventually dropped ; then people clamour for his recall and the cycle begins again ,

but hey lets not fall out over this

Woodsetton wolf

Not Convinced....I have no desire to fall out with you but I do get frustrated because the facts are as follows.

Jack Price has only been given one extended run this season, and that was 7 matches. From those matches we gained 13 points which if extrapolated over our 36 games so far would put us in FOURTH place with 67 points. Apart from that extended run he has only played two on the trot 3 times and made single appearances 5 times.

It is therefore the case that the truth is quite the opposite to what you thought....his only extended run has coincided with the teams best points tally by far...almost two per game.

You don't have to like or rate Price and I know you never will, but please don't fall into the same mould as Wolf in Liverpool and quote bogus statistics that are a reflection of your total bias against the player and just make you look rather silly and extremely misinformed.

Woodsetton wolf

NC.....Just to slam dunk my point....Jack Price has had one extended run of non appearances...9 matches. In those matches we amassed the fantastic total of 8 points which again if extrapolated over the 36 games so far would put us 23rd with 32 on the verge of relegation.

Better with or without him?...nothing to discuss really.


This team has been having good games all season. What we need is consistency and that is what Lambert is not providing.

There has been no discernable improvement in that respect all year.


after some bizarre selections PL seems to be approaching what to me is a sensible starting XVII including those on the bench. Given neither Enobakhare nor Iorfa was included and with inter alia Mason Graham Ronan and Zyro still around he has some pondering and probably some pruning to do , one which most other managers in the championship would love. I believe that even without those injuries we have a squad that is good enough to be in top half if not challenging for a play off place . Still Rome wasn`t built in a day. is Silvio still around? we should stay up; either way there will be a lot of posts as to who should stay and who should be on their way. Personally I hope we keep Bodvarsson as he does provide a different perspective


TEAMWORK. Give them a ten,.



From Len...! lol.

Hurley Wolf

It's all been said but what a difference putting round pegs in round holes makes. A much better balanced team and 100% commitment to a man. Pressing high up the pitch combined with Evans taking control of the midfield and making some excellent FORWARD passes produced one of the best displays of the season. At one nil down it I felt that if Wolves scored one they would score two. What I don't understand is the logic behind the decision to pick such a defensive team to take on bottom of the table Rotherham at home and then, three days later, go for a much more attacking team for a tricky away fixture. With the same team, passion and commitment on Saturday, we can come away with at least a point. Congratulations on a great result but more importantly an excellent performance - it was great to be at Griffin Park after being so down after Saturday's game. .

Bedford Wolf

I was one of the 1,030 last night. As always Edwards and Saville have been grossly over-marked.

A midfield three comprised entirely of runners, workers and grafters but lacking any flair or creativity does not really work. Whilst playing 433 with a central three of Saville, Edwards and Evans our attempts at scoring were a bit like someone trying to get into a locked house by hammering away at the front door with a bloody big lump of wood. When Saville was replaced by Cavaleiro and Edwards played deeper in a 4231 formation and with an extra creative player on the pitch we were suddenly nipping round the back to find an open window or going round the side and unpicking the lock on the side door.

Brain over brawn.

Skill over effort.


Well, I for one have criticised Lambert over the past few games with his tinkering and tactics, Blues and Rotherham have already gone into room 101!

He tinkered again last night and what a turnaround. Pace going forward, creativity and tempo for 90 minutes. PL is certainly Mr Marmite and who knows what team he'll put out against Fulham.

Well done last night PL, I am happy to eat humble pie and congratulate you and the team. A welcome 3 points and players like Evans showing us that we can compliment Costa and Cav with talent.

So now we are on this roller coaster I'd like more of last nights thrill ride please.


Has Anyone seen Karlis in the last 24 hours or even the rest of the bellyachers that want the manager sack immediately??!! Funny old game................

Farmer Ted

His Where's Wally T-shirt shrunk in the wash and his day's been taken up in the bellyache queue at M&S


He's great old chap and a full member of the dooms day club!!

jensen wolf

Ritchie.... no, why because we won, and won well unlike the weekend, which means he cant have a moan, but i'm sure he will find something to complain about at his local chippy. moaners got to moan right.


Yep Jensen, our Karlis is a top class Bellyacher beyond doubt and yes they have to do it and I have to say I've had my moments this mad season too!!!

God help us if Fulham stuff us;-)!!


I have been out all day and I wish to respond: I have also been critical of Lamberts selections, tactics and consistency but I am a Wolves supporter through and through. I just don't want us to go to Div1 and I hope that that the winning streak continues and we can plan for next season. I also hope he stops this tinkering with team selection and gets a settled team. There must be many like me who are worried about Lambert as I did not expect us to be in this position in the league at this stage and worried about relegation. I am more than happy to eat humble pie if I am proved wrong about Lambert; I just want progress for the Wolves


Very good post. Honest and to the point. My feelings are the same.


95% of us have had a grumble my mate and there's nowt wrong with humble pie!!!

Stearmans overhead kick

Except the happy clappers,Who have had to eat more of it this season than the moaners ,How heavy are you Ritchie 25 stone?


Enjoyed that haha! One good win does not bring continuous success, here's hoping.


When we win I go looking for posts on opposition forums or local news, and found this comment: "Even George Saville looked vaguely competent."