Wolves 1 Rotherham 0 - Five talking points

Wolves laboured to a tense 1-0 victory against the worst team in the Championship on Saturday.


Rotherham arrived at Molineux having earned a solitary point from 18 away matches this season - but the Millers pushed Wolves all the way and should have at least drawn the game.

Paul Lambert's team were booed off at full time and the head coach said it was the worst they had played in months.

But it was a vital win for a team that hadn't tasted success since January. Wolves correspondent Tim Spiers picks out five talking points.

Defining moment?

You can pinpoint moments or games that define most managers' tenures at a club – for better or worse.

The retro example is Mark Robins' FA Cup third round winner supposedly saving Sir Alex Ferguson's job at Manchester United back in 1990.

At Wolves Mick McCarthy's future was probably secured by gritty victories at Crystal Palace and Colchester, when he and the team were under fire after two wins from 12 in 2008 (they won promotion a year later).

And last season four consecutive home nil-nils defined a drab season for Kenny Jackett that saw him lose the confidence of the fanbase – and Fosun duly had no hesitation in firing him.

If Paul Lambert is to be a success at Wolves we may, in time, look back at Semi Ajayi's last gasp miss for Rotherham as a crucial moment for the Scot.

Anything less than victory here was unthinkable. If Ajayi volleys into the net from three yards rather than finding row Z, Wolves would at this moment in time be in the relegation zone on a winless run of two points from seven matches.

Instead they're 20th ahead of a huge game in hand at Brentford tomorrow, having earned four points from two fixtures and kept two clean sheets to boot.

Fine margins, as they say.

Home discomforts

In front of the watching Jeff Shi, the home fans' mood would have turned apoplectic had Ajayi scored. Or had Danny Ward beaten Carl Ikeme for those two glorious first-half chances.

Heck, the supporters were disgruntled enough anyway, booing the team at the final whistle and then booing the players and Lambert when they went to clap the South Bank.

Many applauded, though, in what was a peculiar cocktail of relief, anger and frustration. Some didn't know what to make of it.

Lambert certainly did, proclaiming that, for once, he wouldn't feel like s*** as he has in recent weeks when the team has invariably played well and lost. Indeed, they performed far better at Reading and Ipswich Town and came away with a solitary point from two games.

Therein lies Wolves' biggest problem. Their home form is appalling.

Yes they beat Rotherham, but they did so by the skin of their teeth. When visiting boss Paul Warne said his team were the better of the two you couldn't disagree.

Six of Wolves' final nine matches are at Molineux, a place where they've only won five times all season. On current form you wouldn't back Lambert's side to win more than one of those six. In which case this relegation dogfight will go right to the wire.

Whether they're struggling to handle the Molineux crowd, or struggling to break defensive teams down, the Wolves players and staff need to find a formula to win games at home. If they don't, then League One looms large.

Weimann winner

A striker was selected from the start in the lone striker role and scored a goal. The last time that happened was on August 20, in the 3-1 win at Blues.

Since then only Joe Mason and Nouha Dicko have netted one apiece, although Mason was in the number 10 role when he did so (against Villa) and Dicko was a substitute (in the return fixture against Blues).

So yes, it's been an embarrassing and unforgivably long time coming. The manner in which Weimann took his match-winning goal - showing strength, persistence, pace and poise in beating his man and then rounding the keeper - suggested he could net a few more. He certainly will if he receives passes like the impressive Ben Marshall gave him.

Weimann and Marshall were the two most effective attacking players at Ipswich on Tuesday and that was the case here too.

With Helder Costa woefully out of form, Ivan Cavaleiro still returning to fitness and Dicko and Bodvarsson not scoring enough to justify their places, new boys Weimann and Marshall are stepping up.

Team selection

The 2pm Twitter meltdown is now a 'thing'. It happens every week - Wolves drop the team news bombshell and everyone loses the plot.

Occasionally it's slightly warranted, mostly it isn't. But Saturday's team selection got as much stick as any.

The problem was it was a 'safety' selection. It's understandable, given the predicament Wolves are in, that Lambert's XI was a team of workers on a day when mental strength was more important than ability. But there was no sign of the handbrake being taken off.

Wolves won the game, so you can say it was justified, but to leave out attacking full-backs Matt Doherty and Dominic Iorfa when, in the first half in particular, Romain Saiss effectively became a third centre back, was an odd move.

Iorfa was a promising attacking presence at Reading last weekend but was then dropped. Lee Evans, a front-foot ball-player who can pick a pass, wasn't even in the squad for a game when Wolves were always going to see a lot of the ball against a defensive-minded team. Bright Enobakhare, who can produce something out of nothing, was also absent.

None of the midfield trio selected - Saiss, David Edwards and Jack Price - impressed (the latter two both carelessly conceded possession to gift Rotherham golden chances) and there was far too much hoof ball and head tennis.

Lambert seems to have decided he hasn't got the players to enact the style he likes, so is going safety-first. It worked for Kenny Jackett when he led Wolves clear of danger with four successive victories last Christmas. It needs to work for Lambert too, because not winning - and not playing with any style to boot - will attract fierce criticism.

Window of opportunity

Tuesday's trip to Brentford offers a window of opportunity. If Wolves can win a game in hand on all their rivals bar Blackburn (who travel to Fulham the same night) they'll be up to 18th, just two behind Blues and four points clear of the drop zone on the back of seven points from nine.

That would take the pressure off Saturday's daunting visit to Craven Cottage ahead of an international break - and then a vital week of fixtures against Cardiff, Nottingham Forest and Bristol City in early April (i.e. sink or swim time).

The path to salvation is mapped out. But, bluntly, if Wolves play like they did against Rotherham for the rest of the season they'll be relegated.

On a nervous afternoon fraught with tension they were laboured, hesitant, uptight and unimaginative, with their inability to play through the wall of 10 Rotherham shirts behind the ball painfully obvious for all to see.

Lambert and Wolves did what they had to do here, but it's going to take a lot more than one scrappy win to appease the restless natives – and the unpredictable owners.

He has two tasks in the next 11 games – to keep Wolves up and prove he's the man to sort this club out in the long term. At the moment you have to say the jury is still out on both fronts. Wolves' restless and increasingly angry supporters are certainly not convinced.

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Comments for: "Wolves 1 Rotherham 0 - Five talking points"

The Flying Winger

Wigan sack their manager, it's all going on clubs are panicking


A disastrous decision to sack Joyce.

That's another gone for me, only one place left now to avoid.


Sky Sports News report Alan Pardew in line for the Norwich managers post.


Ben Marshall's interview ahead of the Brentford game.



To say he doesn't look best pleased doing the interview is a massive understatement !!

The Flying Winger

Karlis, no he doesn't, strange thing to do, is there news coming on Wednesday.

The Flying Winger

Breaking News, Wednesday Morning.........................


T F W,

"Breaking News, Wednesday Morning........................."

Lambert is heard singing along to Napoleon X1V's

1966 hit they're Coming To Take Me Away.......


My god I remember that song. The B side was the same song played backwards. You had to be there!


Lambert thinks we have played well recentley, so if he is given a chance next season, he has already set the bar for our standards. We will never get promoted from this league unless we have a big clear out. Keeping players like Edwards, Price, Batth, Saville etc etc is never going to work. The past 6 years we have either been relegated or gone long spells playing poorly. Many of these players are not winners, they have got used to losing. Our midfield is one of the worst I have ever seen, something must change. I am tired of people overrating players that are at best average. If they were as good as some make out, we would see it in their displays. We would not be the wrong end of the table, year in and year out. Other clubs would be desperate to sign them. The fact is, that when a player leaves us, they usually go to a smaller team in our league or they sign for a team in league one. No one fights to pay big money for them, it is only us who wastes time and money on them. I am also sure we would of got more points without lambert over the last 7 matches. We have become one of the worst teams in the league. If we had managed a few extra draws or wins even attempting to play football, people would give Lambert time. But there is no excuse for hoofball and losing atch after match. It does not excite us or give us hope for next season. It just fills us all with fear and dread.


Sako and Afobe. Premiership.


Remind me how much we sold Sako for? My memory has gone on how much we made out of that deal.


Your first comment was that our players go to smaller clubs in our league or league 1.

Your second comment is therefore redundant.

Did we let the 'Bomb Squad' dogma stop us from giving Sako a new contract in league 1? Yes Moxey did. But it doesn't mean Sako wasn't a decent player.

Sako, Afobe, Dicko.

What a line up. Then we messed it up.

Wolf in Gozo

Spot on Leon. Every comment you make is fully justified. For me the crux of our problems are in midfield, not the forwards or defence. There is no bite, no leadership by example, certainly not a crumb of creativity, no speed of thought, no pace in any of our midfielders!! The defence opt to bypass the woeful midfield by hoofing the ball upfront and the forwards are totally starved of any service from which to carve out scoring opportunities. Even so we played 8 midfielders on Saturday, they are no better whatever position they fill!! I believe Lambert's hands are tied by the abysmal quality of the majority of this squad, how many managers have tried and failed with most of this lot??? Do think that sacking Lambert now is not an option, but he must try and forge some positivity from somewhere, starting with a settled team playing in their recognised positions.


A very good piece Tim, you got it summed up in a nut shell.

Personally I don't see us getting any points from the next 2 games so it will be as you were,

We have 8 games to play in April and by the middle of April we will see if we are to remain

in the championship or whether it will be league 1 football next season.

Maybe Fosun will stick with Lambert for the rest of this season who know's but one thing is

for certain he can not be allowed to carry on into next season, he must be replaced with a top class manager foreign or not and one who will bring us the players we need to get us out of this god forsaken division, all we ask for is a manager with a footballing brain not another deadbeat like Lambert.

Not too big an ask is it ?......


You didn't think we would beat Rotherham though, did you?



we were really really lucky to come away with any points at all

and if you think differently you seriously need your head examining !!

Sir Billy Quiet

We missed a penalty and scored the only goal?

Lets hope we are this lucky for the rest of the season.

We won the 'must win game' rejoice!!!


Karlis, where did I say we weren't anything but lucky to come away with three points?

However, we needed to win on Saturday - and we did - as I said we would.

If you want to talk about ifs and buts then if Saiss hadn't passed it to their bloke, if Costa hadn't missed the penalty, if Coady hadn't tee-d it up for their bloke at the end?

But we aren't talking about ifs and buts or what might have been - we are talking about results.

And we won.


Jake the Hat. ?



Jack the hat,

must have got his false teeth stuck on the 3 toffees he ate, or the three black white mints he had.

one has to laugh


A win may be a win but I suspect that if we lose at Brentford the knives will be sharpened to a glistening sheen.



I really do hope so .......


Really? You've been so coy about your thoughts on the matter up to this point...



I must say I really do apologise old chap.......


5 points from 3 games will be enough for now Tim.

6 from 4 games if we can successfully park the bus at Fulham.

As I keep saying Forest are the ones to watch - one point in front of us with two played more and a derby against Derby up next. Then they have difficult games against Preston and Huddersfield with us in between at Molineux.

At the end of that game we will be above them.



I take it you haven't heard about the new movie being made it's called



You said similar on Friday.

Or was that all a dream as well?

We are staying up Karlis.

Sir Billy Quiet

I can hear Karlis banging away on his keyboard........


Sir Billy Quiet,

Do stop being so bloody facetious !!!

Sir Billy Quiet

Karlis - I think being facetious is the only way to watch Wolves and football generally......''treating serious issues with deliberately inappropriate humour; flippant''

Although there are many things much more serious in this world (and Wolverhampton) than football, it does matter to us and we are all united in wanting the club to be successful.

Enjoy the journey..........


Sir Billy Quiet,

YESSSSSS, at last something we both agree on.

We want the club to be successful the only minor difference we have is as to who

is going to make this club successful.

Sir Billy Quiet

One thing is for sure it ain't you or me.....



indoubitoubly old chap....


Sir Billy Quiet

indoubitoubly old chap....


I'm not sure that many would disagree with those five talking points and the associated comments.

The comparisson with McCarthy in his second season at the club is rather pertinent. I do recall that many supporters were calling for him to be sacked, because Wolves weren't doing as well as the previous season when they overachieved. Fortunately the club stuck by McCarthy, and he gave us the most successful period in recent times.

Sacking a manager in itself isn't a solution. Indeed it can exacerbate the problems at a club. When McCarthy was sacked, it led to a catastrophic series of events which ended up with Saunders in charge, and relegation.

Lambert has to find a way of grinding out about 9 points which, in my opinion, should be enough to keep us up. With eleven matches to go, that averages less than a point a game. We should be capable of that.


Hi Dek. Nine points doesn't sound a lot but the way we are playing it could be too many. Let's hope not. Now McClaren has gone, Derby will be more difficult to beat especially if they sign Rowett. Our run in includes a lot of difficult games, let's hope the players are up for it.


Hi She - By the time we play Derby I'm hoping that we will have safely accumulated the necessary points. Derby could do us a big favour on Saturday by beating Forest who are going through their own sticky patch. If Wolves only gain one point in the next two games and Forest lose to Derby, we will go above them - and we would still have a game in hand on them - and furthermore we play Forest in the run-in.

I posted the other day that I thought that Forest would be one of the clubs to be relegated along with Rotherham and Wigan - and that's still my belief.

whitmore wolf

Rotherham relegated along with either Wolves, Forest or Blues, Wigan and Blackburn keep picking up points.

When the team started playing on Saturday I initially thought that we had reverted to a 3 5 2 system, with Costa having a free role. We created a chance after 30 secs and I mistakenly thought we would put up a cricket score, then the ball gathered so much snow from the time it spent in the air that the South Bank cheered when someone actually passed the ball on the ground. What system we played I wasn't sure - we had 3 at the back, the 2 fullbacks??? playing slightly forward, then 4 across the middle and then a lone striker. Weird!

If we play 3 5 2 Ikeme

Stearman Williamson Hause

Iorfa Marshall Price Weimann Doherty

Dicko Bodvarsson


"Let's hope the players are up to it" . On the money with that Shewolf.

Take all the hype from manager to players and chuck it. It's what they do on the pitch and of course players attitudes !

Phoenix Wolf

Good post.

Phoenix Wolf

Good post albrightondek


Absolute Joke, couple decent strikers and 2-3 creative midfield players required next season, no question about it, add in a manager that can read what changes are needed during a game.

Say what you want but results are everything and so are board room decisions.


This is the same team that beat Stoke and Liverpool . So what's gone wrong ? The defence has not been good but we have stopped letting in early goals which destroyed our good start to the season . The main thing has been the lack of goals . We need a premier midfielder and a class striker . Dangerous Dave is coming to an end . Also the loss of Mason has been underestimated . We looked good against Villa . PLs only 2 signings look useful . Most clubs around us are panicking we need to support the manager and team . Is the team the problem at Mol or is it us ?



Well old chap there is only one person who's feet the blame lies squarely at and that is Lambert,

After 5 months of trying to hammer square pegs into round holes playing 1 up front

and playing hoof ball out of defence it sure as hell aint anybody else's fault.

Lambert has to take the flak nobody else decides on tactics and the team sheet so as for us

dropping like a stone it all comes down to him alone.

What is needed is a complete clearout of all the so called coaching staff and whoever decides on purchasing playing staff ie Thelwell.......

Farmer Ted

Yes, there are players in the squad that will not be good enough for a proper promotion push, but every one of them has proved at some stage that they can perform to a good enough standard not to be in the position we find ourselves. Consistency is the real problem and it's no wonder that Lambert has had to shuffle the pack so many times...they can't be trusted. Lambert too has brought positives to the club, getting the best out of players we had given up on, bringing young players through, even the two January signings he did make seem good, but Saturday's team selection and tactics was probably his worst piece of management, (although he would say...well we won!) That doesn't hide things like Saiss playing in a back five and two time wasting corners in injury time against Rotherham FGS! I am not one who feels he should be sacked, he and the players should have enough to get us out of this jam. However Tim Spiers is right, we have unpredictable owners.

Of course if we perform tomorrow like we did Saturday we are dead ducks...but inconsistency can work two ways. Let's hope so.

Farmer Ted

Meant to add, have just received email reminder that today is the last chance saloon for the early bird season ticket offer. It's a wonder Laurie Dalrymple didn't burst into the dressing room after the match. Lambert and the players certainly put the mockers on that!

Woodsetton wolf

Farmer Ted...only for direct debit buyers...full payers still have till 3rd April. I was just a bit worried that you might start a stampede....then I decided to stop being so silly...theres more chance of Pullis winning the Champions League than us selling 16,500 season tickets.

The Flying Winger

FT, I agree with what you say he was on a hiding to nothing when he came in and the Cup games gave us all hope he could pull something from these players who sometimes are great in one half of a game and abysmal in another, the most worrying for him must have been our forwards not hitting the back of the net, that's one item I don't understand why he didn't get someone in during January.

I hoped he would succeed but I think in search of trying to get the team not to lose not winning some games, not scoring has been his undoing, the last two selections I just could not get my head round and he is now losing the fans.

His two signings look capable players he took a gamble on Marshalls fitness but it seems to have paid off, they are the type of players we need for this league.

We have seen I think 3 sackings in a week as owners either cannot face the drop or want top six, relegation for Fosun must be something the cannot contemplate and after spending to try and get new blood in I think if Tuesday goes wrong for us they will pull the trigger, Is it right, I don't think that comes into it these days it's nature of the game.


I think they will wait till Saturday, the international break.


Decent article for once. The whole club is in a mess, from an exciting pre season it's gone pear shaped, rubbish appointment with Zenga, naive owners thinking splashing the cash is all that's needed to get us into the premership, sacking Zenga to appoint Lambert, Lambert playing negative football and playing players out of position, our talented players struggling due to lack of creative players around them, awful hoofing tactics and so on...

Players are dropped and ignored, poor Dicko finally scores and doesn't start a game since? We play 8 midfielder's on Saturday with practically 5 at the back?

The fans are disgruntled, the players are confused and the board must be wondering what to do next. Lambert came and had a big task to get us into the play off's but his decision making has now given him a massive task to avoid relegation.

My only question to Lambert is, if he wants an extension building to his house, would he appoint a Librarian?

With the squad we have surely we can put players in their rightful positions.



A good post Tamworth, I wonder who he will select tomorrow?

His selections are baffling and I think his players are also baffled with them hence why they are playing so poorly.


Anyone else seen this on the BBC website?: Gary Rowett is expected to be appointed as Derby County manager before Saturday's game with rivals Nottingham Forest, BBC Radio Derby reports.



yes m8, it's also rumoured Mark Warburton will be appointed Forest boss in the next couple of days and Pardew is also rumoured to being installed as the new Norwich boss.


It is all well and good saying it's bad for fans to boo the team BUT have you been a Wolves fan recently? Lambert is without a clue. He drops players because...........no reason, just because. He keeps faith with those who are the biggest concern. He makes awful substitutions - even Walter could turn a game with a few subs. Lambert is NOT the man to take us forward. He's sank us like Terry Connor and Dean Saunders never could.


Well said filthyraider, he does not appear to know what he is doing, I give up with him as I do not understand his tactics and I don't think the players do either. He has not taken us forward at all! we are going backwards.

Ye Olde South Bank

It sure was weird having a mixture of boos and clapping at the end - it's not something I can recall too many times, if ever. The booing was for obvious reasons, but the clapping wasn't. I guess it can only be attributed to the sheer relief that many felt after the ref blew his whistle, rather than any kind of public endorsement of the dross they'd just seen. As Tim says, repeat performances of this type will surely send us down.

The big question is how much confidence do you, the punter, genuinely have in the current squad to pull themselves out of their nosedive? Fans can put on a brave face, even lie to others, but never, ever to themselves. They can back their team with as much passion as humanly possible (and every fan has a big part to play, here), but it will always boil down to the quality on show, and how the selected team performs on the day.

If Lambert has any rabbits left up his sleeve, or powers of motivation that we're not yet privy to, then I suggest he use them this week. Going into an international break on the back of two more defeats just doesn't bear thinking about. The trouble is, I was extremely guarded of our survival chances before the Rotherham game. After witnessing that horrendous showing, I'm now twice as concerned.


Terrible choice in appointing Lambert in the first place.

This is the same manager who left Villa in a spiral of negative decline. You only need to look at his style of play at Villa and its the same negative rubbish at Wolves.

Board should have been braver and gone for the likes of Marco Silva.

Bruce, Arouca, Trinidad

Correction the sub heading should read "Wolves laboured to a tense 1-0 victory against the second worst team in the Championship on Saturday"

Woodsetton wolf

When Lambert came to Wolves it appeared that we had got the new improved version...contact lenses, new haircut, sharp clothes and a cheerful upbeat attitude. He even showed a bit of tactical nous and put subs on at the right time in his first few games.

However my missus had her face lifted some time ago but when she saw the bill it dropped again, and like her Lambert is still the same person underneath as he always was....dour defensive hoofball, no flair, no risks and no entertainment.

He has to play with the cards that he was dealt and Tim defends him above by stating that with the players he has got he 'cannot enact' the style of football he wants to play. Well Tim, perhaps you can enlighten us and tell us what style of football that might be because we don't have a clue. I think we have got to stick with him until the end of the season now but he has got a hell of a lot of convincing to do for the fans and also I presume, Fosun....it won't be fun and it won't be pretty.


Woodsetton wolf,

Rumours are abounding that Lambert will be gone in the summer and that Fosun are already

searching for a top class foreign coach to take over, personally IF we lose tomorrow I would have his P 45 ready and waiting for him at the end of the game.

March Hare

This is the fact !!!!!

If you do not have the tools you can't do the job, and Lambert does not have the tools.

If you look at ur squad only 4 players are any good, the rest of them Dross

chris h

My talking points

1 we were lucky lucky and in the end very lucky. Let's hope it stays that way for the rest of the season.

2 I couldn't believe the naivety of the South Bank and others complaining at the short corners and keep ball in the final minutes. We are facing relegation to the third division, which will be a financial disaster in all probability and it was vital we hung on to the three points. No matter who you are playing for or against Real Madrid or Accrington Stanley, if the lead at the end is only one goal, it only needs a punt upfield a flick on in the box and three points turn to one. Indeed that is what very nearly happened. How many who complained about the short corners would have complained afterwards that we should have kept possession better if Rotherham had taken that last minute chance.

3 The fundamental problem, and it is a massive problem, that it seems to me many Wolves fans don't get: we are seriously deficient in the striker department. I believe this deficiency will see us relegated and I hope very much to be wrong, nevertheless in my opinion it is obvious that we are lacking in this essential area. Blackburn and Forest do have the strikers and Burton have the spirit and aggression in the box. In the end I think this will tell and determine the outcome.

4 Whatever our reservations we must all get behind Lambert and whatever team he picks and hope he can keep us away from the trap door, if he does in my opinion it will be a mini miracle.

Farmer Ted

Chris, point 2. If you are going to time waste with short corners you have to have the guile to waste time. The very minimum you give away is a throw in, not a goal kick which led to that significant miss. For most of the game our best opportunities came from free kicks and corners, surely the best form of defence when you consider the alternative we gave the worst team in the Championship.

As I've said elsewhere let's hope the awful inconsistency of this team works for us tomorrow. Normally good(ish) to bad, but especially for Brentford bad to good.

chris h

FT I see the argument obviously on 70 minutes, on 80 minutes, but not when one nil up on 90 minutes in a game where the 3 points were crucial. Of course they should have kept better possession andLambert had a go at Bodvarsson for that very fact. But the South Bank complaining at short corners at such a critical time, I found naive. I think it was the frustration at such a poor performance against the bottom team, but in my opinion it was a no brainer to keep possession at the end and not risk feeding their keeper to put the ball upfield. Remember that one nil win against QPR last game of season to win promotion to the Premier, we kept the ball(well) in the corner for all of the added on time period, and the fans cheered. This time they booed, when the consequences of relegation this season could be very damaging for our club.

Black Country Wanderer

I think Tim missed the main talking point,why keep playing Edwards?

He has done nothing in the past month to deserve his place yet he seems undroppable

Perhaps Lambert is waiting for that next goal to vindicate his inclusion

We cannot afford to carry passengers,and god knows he was not the only one on Saturday, but he has done nothing for weeks now

We have no creativity in midfield,surely Evans or Bright or even Marshall should be given a chance in that role?

Cape Wolf

I managed to do a little better than the school yard in my footballing career but not as far as the professional ranks. That said, the tactics employed on Saturday beggar belief. It was all set up so nicely, we have the bottom of the league visiting, coincidentally they have the worst away record and most goals conceded and how do we line up? One up front! Pathetic.

Surely we knew they'd put 10 behind the ball, why didn't we play 4-3-3 or even 3-4-3 and get at them? We are supposed to be at Home and desperate for a win. No suprise at all we aren't scoring goals, our creativity is not existant, even Lionel Messi would struggle with our lot.

These are indeed dark times!

chris h

Capel, Weimann, played 117 games for Villa and scored 17 goals, he played 40 games for Derby and scored 4 goals. Bodvarsson played 81 games for a team in Norway called Viking and scored 15 goals, he then played 15 games for Kaiserlautern and scored 2 goals, for Iceland he has managed 2 goals in 30 games.

With all your experience in playing the game, I would have thought those statistics should tell you something as to whether these players are natural goal scorers or not. The fact that our midfield is limited compounds the problem, but the core problem is that unlike some of our competitors we lack natural goalscorers in our team.

Chorley Steve

Lambert. Nothing personal but I don't like your style & ideas how a team should play. Can't compete because you set up wolves recently to do the opposite. Whatever happened to play into the oppositions face & make it hard ? Whatever league we end up in I just hope he goes. Lambert your boring.


All successful teams, let alone Wolves successful teams have strong players in the central positions, consistent partnerships within formations and rehearsed movements from the training ground so that everyone knows what to do in possession or without it. So that's a no, a no, and another no. League tables don't lie.

Not Convinced

the saisse / price combination is a non starter after that match ;

lambert appears to have given up on lee evans who has not had any run in the team ; so possible midfield combinations :

evans saisse saville

evans edwards saville

evans enobakhare saville

coady edwards saville

evans edwards coady

coady saisse edwards

coady enobakhare saisse

so there are many different combinations which lambert could try , surely 1 will work , please anything other than saisse / price , please I'm begging .

Not Convinced

addendum - it shows you what sort of manager lambert is that he cant come up with a midfield combination that works , yet I came up with these in 10 mins ;

I suppose lambert is too busy drawing names out of a hat to see who plays right back next match to worry about who plays in midfield ;

there are many choices and possibilties , it just needs some imagination .

Woodsetton wolf

You've missed a permutation...

Not convinced. Wolf in Liverpool. Sie 69.

Team...Plonkers United.

Not Convinced

watched by woodsetton wolf holding a white stick .

Not Convinced

Woodsetton Wolf - most posters apart from you have said things like this is the worste wolves midfield they have ever seen - your reply is pathetic , warped and juvenile - yet you reply to other posters decrying personal abuse - I could go on ....

this is the worst midfield wolves have ever had - and for the record I was in my time a pretty useful mifielder myself . t .

Woodsetton wolf

Not Convinced.....first things first...Yes!!!...this is the worste (sic) midfield that I have seen in my almost 60 years of watching Wolves and is probably the worst in the clubs history.

Any discussion between you and I has centred around Jack Price who I class as the best of a very bad bunch and you abuse at every opportunity. As I said the other day, everything is relative...you like Saville, I like Price...such is life.

Contrary to your comments I do like a bit of personal banter, but what is not necessary are generic comments about groups less fortunate than ourselves.

If every person who posts on here put up there first eleven we would have hundreds of different combinations....as Mad Mick said 'opinions are like ar***oles, we all have one and we think the other blokes stinks'. Have a good day.

Not Convinced

if lambert persists with price / saisse :

we will lose most matches , might get a lucky 0-0 ;

wolves will go down like stone ;

lambert will be given his P45 ;

lambert will only have himself to blame - there are many other midfield combinations he could have tried ;

the only other person lambert could blame is woodsetton wolf who suggested this combination and lambert was silly enough to follow ;

after it failed completely against rotherham who outplayed wolves in midfield , woodsetton wolf still refused to accept that his idea was proved to be 100% daft .

Not Convinced

on saturday one of the worste midfield displays by wolves ever suggested by woodsetton wolf , I will let others decide who the plonker is .

(if this midfield combination is repeated and wolves get what they are due 0-5 thrashing ...........)

Not Convinced

we agree one of the worste wolves midfields for many years , so presumably we agree lamberts should try something different ; I have suggested a number of alternative combinations , so why do you have to dismiss me as a plonker for doing this ?

- I like a bit of banter and sometimes your banter is amusing ( i dont just want to post boring posts like some ) but why does this banter need to become personal abuse and calling someone a plonker ? which is how teenagers behave


anyone with me for Brentford?


Iorfa... Stears... Williamson... Doherty

Costa... Price... Edwards... Marshall

Bod... Weimann

lets go for it !

Albrighton Fred

Wolfe 98 not a bad selection apart from 5 mtr pass Price and headless Edwards.

Have you not heard about the new scoop at the Express & Star re Lambert team selection.

He puts all the players shirt numbers into a black and gold cloth bag and draws out eleven balls starting at the goalkeeper position.When he has drawn out the balls he picks his tactics/ team plan which is also a load of balls

The Flying Winger

Rowett has joined Derby


Albrighton. With respect we sometimes need to understand that a manager can only work with the players he is given.

I understand Lambert had a January window to solve some of these problems but given we no nothing about how the club finances work I have picked a line-up using the players we have. Lambert has no choice now but to do the same.

Who would you prefer in the middle?????


So Karlis you and our so called fans don't understand what is going on. Admit it 5 minutes ago you were all sacking the manager and not one of u saw tonight coming . The problem at Mol is our fans . Let Lambert put his own not M's team together this Summer and then make a judgement . We need Lambert to stay and build a side that can play in this league . I agree changes are needed !!