Paul Lambert: Wolves jeers are part of the game

Boss Paul Lambert said the Molineux boos were ‘not nice to hear’ but was happy to take an ugly win as Wolves stopped the rot.

Soccer - Sky Bet Championship - Wolverhampton Wanderers v Rotherham United

Seven games without victory – including six defeats – had derailed Wolves’ season and dumped them into a relegation scrap.

A 1-0 victory over Rotherham on Saturday meant they avoided dropping into the bottom three, but supporters showed their displeasure with the team’s performance by booing them off.

Lambert said: “They pay their money. It’s not nice to hear, it’s your team and you’ve won the game. But that’s football.

“You pick yourself up. The supporters will come on Tuesday (at Brentford) – I’ve got nothing but praise for the Wolves fans because they’ve been brilliant since I’ve been here. They’re a brilliant support.

“We’ve been playing better for weeks and losing so we we’ll take playing badly and winning, at this moment in time.

“All credit to the players for keeping going. It takes bravery when the stadium’s anxious to still take the ball, which they did.

“There was a lot of edginess. It’s difficult but you have to come through it.

Soccer - Sky Bet Championship - Ipswich Town v Wolverhampton Wanderers
Paul Lambert manager / head coach of Wolverhampton Wanderers

“Four points was the minimum we had to take between Ipswich and Rotherham. We’ve got a couple of games in hand, we’ll go to Brentford and try to win.”

Match-winner Andreas Weimann, who scored the only goal of the game, echoed his manager’s thoughts about the victory being the be-all-and-end-all.

The Austrian international said he’d be happy if Wolves played badly for the rest of the season if they were still winning.

“That’s their choice (to boo) but for us, it wasn’t about pretty football, it was a must-win for us and we were just happy we got that. That was all that matters,” Weimann said.

“If the fans want to boo, they’re allowed to boo but I’m not that bothered that we didn’t play that well because we got the three points.

“Ever since I’ve been here, the fans have been brilliant and in the Chelsea and Newcastle games they really were fantastic.

“I thought in the last three games we played quite well even though we lost.

“So to be honest, I didn’t care that we played badly and won. I’ll take that for the next 11 games we’ve got left if that means we’re going to win games.

“I think we have to expect that. We were tense before the game and everyone, the staff and everyone around the stadium – knew we had to win this game.

“So you expect a tense atmosphere and we got it done in the end and that was the important thing.”

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Comments for: "Paul Lambert: Wolves jeers are part of the game"


Lambert:- We will go to Brentford and TRY and win...!

Nuff said...!

Weimann:- I am not that bothered we didn't play well. We won.

My god what does that tell us. Picked my win bonus up sod the booing supporters...!

Rowett for Derby.

Pearson for Birmingham.

Ye Olde South Bank

In fairness to Lambert - and in the absence of foresight where any result (at any match), is concerned - yes, you can only "try" to win. In essence, it's no different to him saying, "We'll go to Brentford looking to win". In either case, he cannot reasonably state that we WILL win, but, if he had, I daresay he'd have been panned by many on here for that, too. That said, setting up an attacking team (especially at home) that is based around your better players (rather than leaving them on the bench) does tend to facilitate matters somewhat, Paul....

As for Weimann's comment, I take your point to a degree. I'm certainly disappointed that he didn't express at least a small apology of sorts for the absolute crud that we were forced to sit through for 90 long, arduous minutes. Jeez, it felt more like 90 bleedin' hours....

Sir Billy Quiet

YOSB - who are these better players?

Ye Olde South Bank

I anticipated that you'd ask me that, SBQ - seriously, I mean. Given our obvious deficiencies and limited capabilities, perhaps "better" (in its strictest meaning) was the wrong word to use, on reflection. Maybe 'personal preference' would have been the wiser choice.


Has anyone noticed how quite it is from the dark side with no Jack sourstew and accomplices. Something tells me they must have lost. haha.


"Paul Lambert: Wolves jeers are part of the game"

Well Paul you'd certainly know all about that wouldn't you

after your time at Villa and Blackburn !!!


McClaren won more points at Derby in the last ten games, Lambert. You probably need to listen.

Bedford Wolf

The Americans have a phrase for this.


Dead man walking.


There's no excuse for booing the team.

We needed to win. We won.

The players were trying. Most are not very good. Booing them will not help them play with more confidence at next home game, so what is the point?

How will this help?


Until the fans can come and watch the games for free they can boo all they like. This is the entertainment business and we're not being entertained. Like a bad comedian or musician they're being booed of stage.

They're being 'dream assassins' they're assassinating our dreams. If you go to the football museum in Manchester it's full of Wolves past glorys. We saw how we had a full house against Chelsea and could get more. It's just waiting to happen but these players are NOT going to obtain self-actualisation under the current regime.


No it is not an entertainment business! Many fans have said this on here before.

If you want entertainment then dress the players in gold tutu skirts, have judges sitting in chairs that turn around when they let in a goal, and the fans have score cards etc etc

Football is about winning, getting points and more money from being in a higher league.

Tony Pullis does not encourage entertainment, win by one dreary goal is all that is needed.

For entertainment go and see a c c c comedian


Of course they can boo, but it is counter productive.

Might as well go and lick windows.


I've no problems with either Lambert or Weimann's comments, but I have with the loser fans who can't wait to spew out their usual negative vitriol. It's no wonder the team are so nervous with 'supporters' like you. You never cease to amaze me, Please go and 'support' someone else!


Who's that directed at? I like to know who's fighting with who.



I've no problems with either Lambert or Weimann's comments, but I have with the loser fans who can't wait to spew out their usual negative vitriol."

Yet another one who thinks that the sun shines out of Lambert's backside !!!

Pray do tell who is the one that has got us into this mess ?

Who is the one who keeps playing square pegs in round holes ?

Who is the one who tells them to play hoof ball instead of football ?

Who is the one who has drained every last bit of confidence out of the players ?

Who is the one after quoting Dicko's goal would do his confidence the world of good

and then immediately leaves him warming his backside on the bench ?







I will now pass sentence.

Paul Lambert for gross dereliction of duty you are hereby served with a lifetime ban of speaking to the press, you will be banned from ever taking up another post in football unless it is in the outer reaches of Mongolia and you will not be allowed within a 100 mile radius of Molineux Football Stadium.

Sir Billy Quiet

On appeal - I would like to challenge the 'square pegs in round holes' perhaps Karlis can alighten us as to the players that Lambert has been leaving out that should be starting?

Also on a point of fact - the person that got us into this mess was not Lambert it has been building or three seasons and was compounded by Fosun's summer of madness. Lambert has taken on a very poor squad of below average Championship footballers.

Dicko dropped in favour of Wiemann who scores the winner - in anyone's analysis that has to be a good call?

Unlike Karlis and many other posters there is a sizeable support for Lambert that understand the mess we are in and the efforts he is making to cobble together a side out of this rabble of a squad.


Sir, you HAVE no appeal!

Badum tish.


Sir Billy Quiet.

Read my post below and that will answer your question ...

Objection over ruled !!

Sir Billy Quiet

You will find that the judiciary in this case is based in China not Wolverhampton..


S B Q,

"You will find that the judiciary in this case is based in China not Wolverhampton.."

China or not the jury in Wolverhampton's Molineux Stadium and surrounding areas have given their verdict and that verdict is GUILTY AS CHARGED !!

Sir Billy Quiet

Kangaroo court!



I doubt Wolves fans would accept being likened to Kangaroos !!!

old golds worth more

"You will find that the judiciary in this case is based in China not Wolverhampton."

Hmmm... Send for Steve Bull then, as it looks like we need a Bull in the China shop!


Karlis...Bromley is right your glass is still half empty I think no matter who was in charge at Molineux you would want them out...the reason being is that you cant make a silk purse out a pigs ear and apart from one or two players we have mainly pigs ears which I think any manager would have difficulty in building a team from....get real bud until we get some talent on the park no matter who is in charge you will get the same served up week in and week out...mind, in your case that is great gives you loads to moan about!!


There is nothing wrong with a half empty glass - it means there is room to top it up.

Phoenix Wolf

Congratulations. You have proved my point from previous threads.

Go and "support" someone else, please.


The two best players on the pitch against Ipswich and again on Saturday were Weimann and Marshall, both Paul Lambert signings. Changing the manager again is not the answer.


I too pointed this out in the Fans verdict page Bromley, only to be accosted by our very own Karlis, unless you're hurling abuse at everything Wolves you're considered a whinger or happy clapper for going against the grain and shouldn't be attending the matches.

As I rounded off my post, I will enjoy the next couple of fixtures as they are away from "home".



Well I hope you do enjoy the next couple of games away from home watching the

same crud we have experienced every league game under Lambert....

Will you still enjoy them IF they lose both of those games I know I won't, christ even dear old Walters teams played better than they do under Lambert !!!


Well I certainly won't be hurling Xenophobic/Stereotypical abuse.

I endured the Bhatti's and the whole fall from grace we experienced right through the 80s so these days it's not so much of a worry. You have to stick the bad times for the good times to take maximum effect, at the moment it's like a lovers tiff but the irrationals believe the sky is falling.

My lunch hour is almost over so if you'll excuse me, I'll be finishung my shift and getting my rest in before the long drive to Brentford tomorrow.



Why do you keep calling me a xenophobe?

Do you even have any idea as to the meaning of it ?

I think not, maybe you should consult a dictionary to see

exactly the meaning of it.....

But, then again please allow me to add considerable knowledge

to your noggin a xenophobe is someone who is extremely fearful

of anything foreign and especially of foreigners.

if you think for one minute i'm scared of any bloody foreigners you

seriously need your head looking at !!


Karlis, does your boyfriend deny you pleasures? You certainly seem a very frustrated gentleman?



ha ha bloody ha, i've been married for longer than you've had hot dinners pal 7 wonderful kids 4 girls and 3 boys all grown up all got brilliant careers and you try to be funny oh my god if I was you i'd learn to grow up because it's quite obvious to all that you are probably just some snotty nosed little kid who still has to ask his mommy to wipe his backside for him !!!

Olly the cat

A far more effective way of showing your displeasure at the end of a match after a poor performance would be for everybody to turn their back to the pitch and let the team and manager walk off the pitch to total silence. It would be far more dramatic than booing.


And achieve what exactly?

Olly the cat

To demonstrate that fans are fed up paying a lot of hard earned money to watch unadulterated rubbish that we have been subjected to for the last two seasons. Can anybody honestly say that we are getting value for money?


lambert same as the player all talk and no action, lambert has made wolves into a very poor team and the players are showing no passion.

Corby Wolf

Oh dear. Apart from anything else, I would suggest that he inherited a team playing poorly. Maybe I'm wrong. Apologies.

Chorley Steve

He did inherit rubbish, it's just that he's got us playing the most dull and boring stuff iv ever seen in 50 years at Wolves. Sums him up.


watch out, the sharks are after Costa, Chelsea and Arsenal, for £20.000, must be wirth £30,000 if they are after him, peanuts to them



"watch out, the sharks are after Costa, Chelsea and Arsenal, for £20.000, must be wirth £30,000 if they are after him, peanuts to them" wirth lol no such word I presume you mean worth !

£20-000 TO £30-000 ? You wish m8 add another 3 zeros on the end of the others like

£20-000-000 to £30-000-000 then you would be correct in your assumption.

The Flying Winger

Doesn't sound like very good business


Surely you are under-pricing him? :-p


All about consistency, since we signed him he's eased off. Seems he's lost he's motivation now he's got a contract. If we do get relegated he'll be off again and his agent gets more money.

I think for most premiership clubs Aiden McGeady would be a better proposition, he's awesome.


20,000-30,000 sounds about right how he played on Saturday


Question to Jeff Shi and Fosun.



I wasn't at the game, so can't comment on the performance. But surely booing the team after they have won a game is a little counter productive.

A win is a win at the end of the day...

Sir Billy Quiet

When we won at Stoke and Liverpool the supporters applauded the professional way in which we ran down time, keeping the ball in the corners. Against Rotherham, in a game which was much more important to win, some supporters choose to boo. Lambert and the team won the 'must win game'.

Costa missed the penalty that would have given us a comfortable victory - the player that some supporters were crying out to be signed at any cost but Lambert gets the blame for a poor performance? Costa is a good player but he did not deliver on Saturday - Marshall and Weimann did long with Saiss our best players - changes made by Lambert to the failing starting eleven (no wins in six).

Some supporters were slagging off the team selection but the striker that Lambert brought into the club, playing as a central striker, scored the winning goal. Dicko and Bodvarsson were dropped because they have consistently failed to score - Lambert called this right, but still some want to call for Dicko and Bodvarsson to play.

Lambert changed the back four and brought in Saiss as a holding midfielder, so as we had the option to go to a back three with Saville and Coady pushing on. We kept a clean sheet and won the game - Lambert called this right and left out players such a Baath and Stearman that supporters have been slagging off all season.

Some supporters slagging off Lamberts team selections but what does he do with players that consistently fail? keep them in or drop them?

Where is the top striker, controlling midfielder, dominant centre half etc that Lambert keeps failing to pick?

Lambert has had 5 months to sort out a squad that was stripped of any talent by Morgan and Moxey and then stuffed with inexperienced players by Fosun.

The reality is that the core of this squad is not good enough, starting with the goal keeper, running through the club captain, highlighted in midfield and compounded by a pair of non-scoring strikers.

Just like Jackett last season Lambert deserves our thanks if he keeps this shambles in the division.

Chessie Wolf

We must come out of the same common sense mold everything you say is exactly the way i feel he needs a pre-season and lets see where we go from there. In relation to the Derby comments how many managers have they had and they still not in the top 6. No one has a god given right.

Sir Billy Quiet

Thank you - sometimes I think Karlis is representative of the common held view but then I speak to other Wolves fans and they see it differently......

We need stability.


We need the local asylum to collect Karlis from where ever he has escaped to Old Chap!!


Best post on here SBQ. Karlis is a bigot and a very angry man with clear mental health problems, best ignore him and he might go away. Keep the clarity of the debate, keep the faith


I don't buy this at all.I would love to be able to support Lambert but in the light of his Management decisions I find it impossible to do so.

He seems to make a habit of dropping players when they start to play well i.e Dicko and Iorfa and he is constantly making wholesale changes which serves to confuse the players.There is no consistency of anything, whether it be the team formation,the team selection or the tactics.In fact total confusion reigns, which is the reason we have lost so many games, resulting in Lambert having a worse record than Zenga.

In my view we have some good players, that should have enabled us to be far higher in the table.They just haven't been managed properly by Zenga or Lambert.You need to engender a team spirit to give them confidence, and you can't do that by making wholesale changes every game

How some supporters like yourself can support Lambert against the recent background simply beggars belief.I am all for people being positive and supportive because I am that way myself but to show your belief that Lambert is doing well and non of the problem is his fault is quite simply delusional.


Franko we will see who is right at the end of the season; I don't think Lambert will be sacked now, he should have gone two games ago. I just don't want us to be in Div1 next season. I have lost faith with Lambert completely.



Right back at you and SBQ you quote "We need stability."

I agree we need stability but not under the present incumbent

who has stolen Ranieri's king of the tinkermen crown, wouldn't

you say that continuity is more important, which is something

we haven't seen since Lambert arrived, which in turn has placed

us in the posistion we now find ourselves, you can not only blame

the players as I think even most of them are as dumbfounded with

Lambert's team selections as we are.

I hope to god IF we lose tomorrow that Lambert will be out of the

Mol so fast his feet won't touch the ground !!!


Sir Billy Quiet,

Where is the top striker, controlling midfielder, dominant centre half etc that Lambert keeps failing to pick?"

I in turn will ask you this,

Where is the top striker, controlling midfielder, dominant centre half etc that LAMBERT said

WE DIDN'T NEED IN THE JANUARY TRANSFER WINDOW ????????????????????????????????????????????

Think before you post Sir Billy, I do sometimes agree with you but this post i'm sorry old chap you have got it completely wrong.

Sir Billy Quiet

Karlis - Lambert signed Wiemann, Marshall and Costa in the transfer window? circa £1M spent. Maybe we should have spent the Costa money on another 3 or 4 average players to add to our below average squad?

Do you think that Lambert was given an open cheque book in January? - was he going to be able to sign another 13 players? get real, we spent £15M on top of the summer spending?

Wiemann scored the winning goal on Saturday in his first start as a central striker? he scored at Liverpool, is he having more of an impact than Dicko and Bodvarsson? YES

Marshall is now having an impact on the team (who would you drop him for?) and will take Saville's place as left wing back when Cavaleiro is fit.

Can you see what Lambert is doing with Saiss holding the midfield and two wing backs? do you understand the evolving formation that Lambert is working towards? has Williamson and Saiss been available to him for most of this year?

Costa missed the penalty, that is why the performance fell apart in the second half - nervous in front of an un-supportive crowd. A crowd that was ready to jeer if we played three consecutive square passes?

There is a different point of view to the 'sack the manager' every 5 months mentality and at Wolves it requires analysing the playing squad and putting together a long term plan.

Why do you think that Lambert has been playing the kids? he knows that players need replacing.



"Wiemann scored the winning goal on Saturday in his first start as a central striker? he scored at Liverpool, is he having more of an impact than Dicko and Bodvarsson? YES

My dear old chap, I wouldn't bet on seeing Weimann start on Tuesday maybe the brain dead Lambert will put Doherty as striker against Brentford or maybe even Ikeme and play Saville in goal.

Now that wouldn't surprise one would it !!!

Sir Billy Quiet

Karlis - Millwall let in 6 at Spurs on Sunday? why are you trying to compare Wolves with Lincoln City.

In the FA cup we beat Stoke and Liverpool and then lost 2-0 to Chelsea - what makes you think we would have let in 5 at Arsenal in the FA Cup?

In fact what are you going on about? other than repeatedly claiming that Lambert is clueless?

A man that won the European Cup as a player (plus Scottish titles) and as a manager took Norwich up to the Premiership and kept Villa in The Premiership - but you think he is clueless?

Show some respect to our manager, calm your thinking down and stop posting derogatory posts to anyone that has a different viewpoint.


Sir Billy Quiet,

I will ask you this then,

Why is it that you think that the sun shines out of Lambert's backside ?

Will you still think the same way if we get relegated to league 1 ?

You ask

"why are you trying to compare Wolves with Lincoln City."

For the simple reason that Lincoln City play better football than us and they are a non league side who got to the quarter finals of the F A Cup.

How many years has it been since we reached the quarter finals of any major competition ?


Sir Billy Quiet,

Dicko scores, Lambert quotes that goal will do his confidence the world of good,

We haven't bloody well seen him since WHY NOT !!!!

Lambert aint got a bloody clue and the sooner he is kicked out the better, then maybe

Fosun will be able to bring in a new gaffer with a footballing brain !!!

Sir Billy Quiet

Karlis - Dicko or Wiemann? what are you trying to say keep picking failing players?

Do you not think Williamson and Hause with Saiss in front was a good tactical choice - do you understand how we were trying to go to three at the back to allow Saville and Coady to play as wing backs?

'Lambert aint got a bloody clue' just sums up the level of debate you are delivering on here......


Sir Billy Quiet,

you really do have an answer for everything don't you ?

Why do you not apply for the managerial post at Wolverhampton

Wanderers ? I am sure with your wealth of knowledge and experience

that you would do a very good job I mean come on and admit it even lowly Lincoln City have been much better than us and they are non league and yes they got a drubbing at Arsenal but I ask you this would we have fared any better ? In all fairness to Lincoln City we would probably have conceded more.

As far as I am concerned Lambert is a dead man walking, HE is the sole reason we now find ourselves where we are and hopefully Fosun will see that they made a

major mistake in employing him from the start and that whoever takes over next will bring some much needed stability to this once great proud club....

Sir Lupi

Karlis...once again you have spent the day posting utter Horse Sh!t.

Have a day off son.


sorry Karlis i have to agree with Sir Lupi please take a day off your negativity is boring the S-H-1-T out of me I,m going to buy you your own glass to take to the pub its called a pessimists glass always half empty you could hang it behind the bar with mine which just happens to be always half full


SBQ he is playing the kids because he cannot rely on the dross of the first team agree with your post


All part of the game? No this is just Cause and effect, the Chinese owners will know all about Ying and yang.

Olly the cat

Perhaps the feng shui at Molineux is all wrong. Maybe we should install a water feature. Let's start a campaign to bring back the open air gents toilets in the old North Bank. It's a good job they were open air. One of my earliest memories of visiting Molineux as a seven year old was how bad the toilets smelt!


Olly the cat,

Yes indeed the memories do come flooding back they used to smell like rotting fish

YUK !!!

Ye Olde South Bank

Good god, those old bogs in the corner of the South Bank-Waterloo Road didn't smell any better, Olly. Streams of urine often flowed down the steps, so it was a right old game trying to avoid walking in the 'Wolvo version' of the Severn. That said, I've visited plenty of away grounds that had exactly the same problem - our end at Vicarage Road for an FA Cup game (before stand renovation), being a prize example. Dunno about the Severn, it was more like the tidal River Thames.

Olly the cat

It was worth suffering the stinking bogs, YOSB, to watch the decent football we witnessed in our youth.

Ye Olde South Bank

Damn right, Olly - it's a shame the same can't be said today.

Happier days indeed, mate - with or without the stench of pee! ;-)


As a passionate fan, frustration and anxiety ran through me in abundance Saturday's, and yes it was not pretty to watch but, I personally think the jeers are not what's needed at this precarious stage of the season. We need to bite our tongues and get behind the side during the good and tough times and boy is it tough at the moment!!!

As fans we take it on the chin and think with our heads and not our hearts! at this stage of the season we really need to all get behind the team and not embark on putting pressure on them playing the football we want to see at Molineux on a regular basis.

I feel there has been to much instability within the club since the start of the season, change of owners, managers, and new players coming in!!

I will continue to get behind the players, and Paul Lambert, although on times I want to scream with annoyance! and lets see what happens at the end of the season and fingers crossed we will still be in the Championship and kick off again next season!

Ye Olde South Bank

Personally, I refrained from booing (I always have, because it doesn't help matters)....but I couldn't bring myself to clap, either, and I make no apologies for that. Each to his own, I always say - you pays yer money and you takes yer choice. To my mind though, you have to to earn plaudits from the paying public, win or no win. The fact is, Lambert and his team got lucky on the day. Very lucky, actually, because the points were handed to us on a plate, especially given Ajayi's incredible, gob-smacking miss in the closing seconds. Sorry, but Weimann's excellent goal aside, there was absolutely nothing to separate the teams, play-wise, as both sides were truly shocking and an embarrassment to the Championship. Yes, harsh, and I hate to say it....but true nevertheless.

It surely has to be a good thing that our next couple of games are at Brentford and Fulham, considering that the team, quite obviously, cannot perform in front of their home crowd. With luck, they'll be able to play with a little more freedom and expression in London. Certainly, I'd take one win and one loss right here, right now, rather than keep our 'mini', undefeated run of two games (and two clean sheets) going. As both upcoming games are difficult, and away from home, perhaps the manner in which we achieve any positive results will be more easily forgiven by our loyal, travelling fans. Unfortunately though, I doubt such 'understanding' will ever be the case at Molineux.


Whether you like Lambert or not he is 100% right, three points is all that matters and football comes second.

The Bellyachers that want him sacked are wrong, it's stick together time specially as the squad ain't good enough and apart from two the rest he inherited. Let's see the season out and stay up then see where we go?

The dumplings that boo, try and show some maturity...


Totally agree...hopefully Karlis will have a rest from all his negativity and get behind the team until the end of season..cos I for one are totally fed up with his belittling remarks and manager and team knocking


for me the only think that matters now is picking up points and staying in the championship.

I really dont care how dross the football might be short term. Let stay up first and then we can talk about where the club is going.


hear hear


There's all sorts of comments on here but let's put some facts on the table,

"Fans have a right to boo because this is an Entertainment Business"

Supporting Wolves is what it's about, there is no guarantee that it will be entertaining, and if

that's the only reason you turn up, you don't understand the meaning of support, support is unconditional, I've backed every Wolves player I've ever seen, even the crap ones.

Football supporters in the Championship will contribute a small % of the finances required

To field a winning team. Gate receipts last year were £6 million, without owners prepared to bankroll the club, we can't compete.

When a team is struggling you need supporters to get behind the team, be more "supportive".

If players give up fans wouldn't be happy, I haven't seen evidence of a lack of effort, I've seen a lack of confidence, nervousness, even a lack of ability. I would suggest fans criticising players during the games, "jeering/ booing", is fans giving up, you've stopped supporting you're team. We are all in this together Fosun, Management, Players, and supporters, we all need to be better and give 100%.


Top post........have a word with Karlis the Bore will you please


I get sick and tired of reading some posters on here defending Lambert, citing how little he has to work with, about how poor the players are at his disposal and how appalled they are at fans that boo at the end of games to show their displeasure.

First of all we have one of the largest squads in this division to pick from. We are supposed to have one of the best academy's in the country at any level. We boast a significant number of international players and several that have been identified as being in contention as the future of England (regular/current England U21).

Secondly with these players we have convincingly beaten Chelsea, Stoke, Newcastle, Villa etc. this season so they are capable of putting in performances of a quality that should make us, at the very least, competitive in this division.

Thirdly we have seen that our owners are prepared to spend money.

So why are we fighting a relegation battle ? Answer ... because the manager is not capable of putting together a winning team from what he has at the club. Not capable of getting the best from our players, who have already shown they have it in them. Not capable of tactically, orchestrating results by out witting the oppositions manager. Devoid of any ideas other than to try not to lose in every match we go into.

Of course we need better quality players to be where we aspire to, of course we need to strengthen if we are to get promoted but would anyone with any sense believe that Lambert should be the one to be trusted with those resources when he can't even manage to get the best from the ones he has already?

The guy has tried everything he can think of and has ultimately come to the conclusion that if Jackett could get these players to finish in the top half of the division then that is probably the best chance he has if he does the same. Jackett wasn't good enough, Lambert's worse.

I was not a Jackett fan, I didn't believe he had the skills to get Wolves back to the top. What I will say is that had he been in Lambert's shoes now we wouldn't be in this position, we'd be mediocre mid table dross rather than a relegation fodder joke.


I totally agree with you Eldervo, Lambert has not improved Wolves at all, in fact the results show the opposite. His selections are baffling and the players are not responding to his also negative tactics that why they are playing so bad. I am surprised Lambert has lasted this long.


Tettenhall, The fact that 60% of the players are not good enough at this level anymore is a fact, Thelwell, fans including you wanted a manager that knew the championship, well you lot got one and your still bellyaching, I wanted Sylva and he was available, The young lads that have been in the side for several years now have not improved particularly in consistency, therefore what we did as rank under dogs and no pressure in the FA cup means nowt.

As above, dumplings that boo are that very thing, a bloody dumpling.

Answer the question Tettenhall, would you sack him now?

And in the close season who would you and Karlis and the like choose as his replacement?



There are rumours that Lambert will be on his way in the summer as Fosun are already searching for a top class foreign manager, personally If we lose tomorrow's game at Brentford I would give him his P 45 there and then.

If you remember I also wanted Marco Silva when his name was first mentioned but due to Thelwell's incompetence we lost out to Hull City who are now reaping the benefits of his footballing nous while we struggle to avoid the drop under the clown Lambert.

All I have ever wanted to see at the Mol is a manager who knows what he is doing somebody in the mould of Stan Cullis or Bill McGarry no nonsense managers who served this club well and who brought in players they knew would do a job for us. Whether it be a foreigner or an English manager they must have an excellent C V that is the first thing, secondly they must be allowed to bring in the players they want and Mendes and Thelwell should be kept well clear of any negotiations until they have signed on the dotted line. Thirdly they should be able to adjust the squad accordingly in games such as team tactics, substitutions and last but not least not play bloody hoof ball tactics....

chris h

Elder, When did we 'convincingly' beat Chelsea, mate. I must have missed that. Ken didn't have the advantage of £27m worth of transfers that has been spent this year. There is the rub of course, I reckon if given the that amount of money to spend and a free hand to spend it on his preferred targets, we would be miles better off with Jackett. I am sure BCW, The Flying Winger, Bleydh and you agree with me really, but don't like to admit it. Excellent track by Jethro Tull 'Living in the Past', you all say to hide the reality that you guys were wrong.


Your probably right Old chap but it's something none of us will know therefore a pointless topic of conversation.

chris h

No more pointless than someone picking the team that is never picked, or asking for a player to be dropped who isn't dropped, or sacking manager who isn't sacked, commenting on not signing a player etc etc. On that basis most comments are pointless. The relevant points though are perhaps ' the grass isn't always greener with a new manager', it isn't always sensible to keep calling for a manager's head because you might end up in a worse situation, ( indeed this is not the only instance is it: how many called for McCarthy's head and we end up with Connor, Solbakkan and Saunders). So my ultimate point is Stevie, some folks never learn.


chris h, If memory serves me correctly the last time we 'convincingly' beat Chelsea was on March 15th 1975 with us giving them a 7 - 1 drubbing and the goal scorers that day John Richards (2) , Willie Carr, Kenny Hibbitt, Mike Bailey, Steve Kindon akaTank and Dave Wagstaffe. each and every one of them a true great I wonder what future generations will write about these current incumbents ?


Liverpool ! lol






Would I sack Lambert now ? Last week I would (and did) say no but after coming over and watching the game against Rotherham I really don't think he has anything to offer at all and anyone would do as well but also potentially much better. Either way, again as I said last week he should not be allowed to continue after the final whistle has blown to end this woeful season.


Jackett may well be better than Lambert and may have improved slightly given the same finances as Lambert but imo he did not have the ability to have taken us further. He proved that for me when he ruined Afobe's effectiveness at this level with his inept tactics.

I certainly wouldn't have trusted him with serious money any more than I'd waste now backing Lambert.

Can you not see that neither of these guys have any to offer us other than to keep changing things in the vain hope that pure luck will eventually come up with the answer.

Who would I go for now is a difficult one as I believe that Lambert has put us back so far now that several managers that may (and I stress only may) have come would probably think better of it now. Silva might have been a possibility before but I very much doubt it now.

I would have gone for Bruce who I still think will get Villa up in the near future. now I would try (an ambitious ) tilt at AVB or maybe the spanish lad from over here, Jemez.

chris h

Elder, After they sacked McCarthy, my choice was Bruce and I couldn't believe some of the negativity on here and like you if it had been my choice would be have been Bruce last summer. Don't accept Jackett ruined Afobe, he scored 8 goals in half a season for us in 2015 before being sold for big money. His value increased more than five fold under Jackett in less than one year. That is a fact mate, not an opinion. Jackett also get the best out of Sako and Dicko. I accept Bruce would always been my choice over Jackett, but I feel you and many others have been unfairly critical of Jackett's record, As I post this we have evidently been the better team against Brentford, but with a lack of a cutting edge, we failed to take advantage and now we are one down. The failure of our strikers this season in my opinion will see us relegated. This should have been addressed in Aug and if not most certainly in the Jan window.


Booing is no use to anyone. Bad enough that points now are at a premium but booing wont help that situation one bit , Support can only aid the team - they need the help.


Go read the drivel written by 'Karlis the Genius' on some of the other articles here........when I dared to suggest booing was counter productive........sadly there is an underbelly of retired moaners (he has 100 years supporting man and boy don't you know) that will never be satisfied


Where were all the moaners when we beat Stoke & Liverpool - support the team - thats whats needed during a bad patch.


Absolutely Robert...



Sorry my bad it should read HERE HERE unfortunately I was being pestered by

my grandson as I was typing.

March Hare

No matter what manager was here right now, they would all do no good because the fact is the squad we have are Dross we only have 4 players who are any good

So get off Lamberts Back

If he ain't got the tools he can't do the job. FACT


Sir Billy Quiet. I always read your posts with interest. Do you think our players are playing better under Lambert than they were under Zenga or Jackett?


Do me a favour! Lambert's been rubbish from the day he joined when he had already decided that the foreign players were not good enough! Based on what Lambert? Was it by any chance what Thelwell, Edwards, etc. told you. I thought the first law of a new manager was to judge players for himself. Not Lambert. No. He had already made his mind up - or rather had his mind made up for him. Hence his continued reliance on, at best, League 1 standard players and not giving Saiss, Prince or Tex a fair chance! Thank god Saiss looks like he might finally get a foothold in the first team to prove himself, albeit under extremely difficult circumstances. We are on the precipice because of extremely bizarre footballing decisions made by Lambert. HE IS A CLOWN. Wake up and smell the coffee, all those of you who think beneath all the poor performances, bewildering tactics, strange and chaotic team selections, unintelligible post match press conferences, indecisiveness and unfairness, there is a good football manager who will lead us to where we want to be (a successful football team playing good football)! Lambert simply aint that and will never be that. HE MUST GO!!!! HAD ENOUGH!!!!


Yes Bostin, Lambert discarded the foreign lads and I for one and many more picked up on it, total madness. But that aside we need to stick with him and hope we stay up.

Next season, get rid of Thelwell,the coaching staff and bring a top manager in. a clean sheet and start again.

old golds worth more

Spot on Ritchie Ole Bean.



An excellent post 100% in agreement with you