Cameron Borthwick-Jackson well short of required level for Wolves boss Paul Lambert

Cameron Borthwick-Jackson has to show a ‘lot more’ to force his way into Paul Lambert’s first team plans, the Wolves boss has stated.

Soccer - Sky Bet Championship - Blackburn Rovers v Wolverhampton Wanderers
Cameron Borthwick-Jackson during his last-but-one Wolves appearance against Blackburn in November - against future Wolves man Ben Marshall

Manchester United loanee Borthwick-Jackson has yet to play under Lambert since he was appointed in November.

The 20-year-old again featured for his parent club's under-23 side again on Monday night and seems unlikely to feature in a Wolves shirt again.

Matt Doherty was dropped for Saturday’s defeat at Reading but Borthwick-Jackson still wasn’t in the squad, with George Saville preferred instead.

Lambert said: “I think Cameron is falling short at the minute.

“He would have to show a lot more. He’s doing alright in training but there’s more he has to do.

“It’s a bit of lack of fitness as well, even though he’s played in the under-23s.

“At this moment in time he needs more.”

Doherty didn’t start a league game for the first time since December 2015.

The Wolves boss said a lack of competition at left back was behind a dip in form for the Irishman.

“I think his level had gone down,” Lambert added. “I think Doc needs pressure coming from certain quarters.

“He’s been really consistent since I’ve been here, I just think he needs pressure.

“Left back’s not his normal position, ideally I want a left-footer playing left back. Right back is probably his normal role.

“I just think he came off the standard I expect from him. Sometimes you need a jolt from somewhere to get you back on track.

“The level of consistency he showed prior to the Birmingham game, he came off it a bit.”

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Comments for: "Cameron Borthwick-Jackson well short of required level for Wolves boss Paul Lambert"


It's a bit of an odd situation with Borthwick-Jackson.

The player's on loan with no possibility of a permanent move. He's not deemed good enough, for whatever reason, to be selected to at Wolves. His own club don't particularly want him back until the end of the season. Conclusion: I think he's just demotivated.


Or... he isn't good enough.


I've seen him in the U23's and the 1st team and I'm afraid he just doesn't do enough, he maybe good enough? But he certainly doesn't want it judging him by his persona................

The Flying Winger

I would agree re Doherty he has been poor not for the first time .

As far as Jackson is concerned if this is the case who identified him as worth coming to Wolves presumably we are paying his wages, he looked good as an attacking wing back when at UTD but it was said that defensively he needed a lot of work, he had opportunities in the team but never succeeded in holding the LB position down.

I don't get this fitness we hear it time and again from the club, what is going on.

There was a time he seemed not to want to be with us and thought he should still be at UTD it appeared the club didn't handle this well.

If Lambert is right about him why don't we send him back.

LB has been a major problem for the club for years, was partly fixed when Goldbourne came but he was never the same after injury, because Morgan put the club up for sale nothing was done to replace him

chris h

FW, We had a sound left back in Ward, the problem being a lot of fans picked on him .Just like they pick on Batth now. Ward was the not deserved fall guy of 2012. He has done well since he left us, hasn't he, playing week in week out in the Premier and representing Ireland at full international level. I suspect you are judging Golbourne's performances in the third division compared to Ward playing in the Premier.

Wolves fan in Cyprus

good shout


Cameron hasn't a snowball in Hell's chance of getting into a Paul Lambert's team. He is far too cultured as a player,with his Man U background. His first instinct when he is on the ball,is to play it out from defence,by carrying it forward and.oh horror,trying to pass the ball,along to ground,actually to a team mate,instead of lumping it forward to no one in particular..............and we can't have that can we,Paul?

Farmer Ted

Putting sarcasm to one side, would you have picked him? He was often caught ball watching and his marking was poor. The one opportunity he had to hoof it clear in injury time he didn't ...and we lost the match!

Great control of the ball, but he flattered to deceive and was too lightweight.


Bloomin eck Ted, we agree. Hallelujah.

Hoof Hearted

Yes Globie (that's a term of endearment) - the worst culprit for simply hoofing the ball to an opponent is Danny. He does it every time when striding out of defence. The ball comes straight back, their forward does a strike on the run from just outside the area with our defence endlessly backtracking and in goes the ball. Danny, pass it on the floor to a team mate and pass it NICELY so it's easy to control.

The Flying Winger

If you want to see the best goal ever have a look at Mirrai from the Brazilian lower league, I would recommended everyone from the club see it , score goals do it that way ,one strike from the centre circle kick off.


its not only Docherty who is performing under par its the whole bloody squad to many at the club think they are better then they am the majority of the squad am league 1 standard nothing more that's why we are where we are

Olly the cat

I'm sure Jose Mourinho is delighted to receive this lesson about his potential Premier League defender from a manager on the verge of steering our club into the Third division.


I doubt Jose would be bothered, after all, he doesn't coach the kids, he sent borthwick-Jackson to wolves for the season after becoming boss, he didn't choose to take him back in January despite obvious failure of the move.


I think the statement about CBJ raises more questions than it answers. Is the problem fitness or attitude or both - or something else? Along with many others, I would guess, I was pleased to see we had secured a decent, promising young left back. Disappointed he never settled. Walter Zenga apparently didn't rate him and neither does Mr Lambert. We have certainly missed a quality left foot at LB - something Paul Lambert admits himself - so begs the question about why we didn't sign one in January. It also begs the question about man management and how come CBJ hasn't been cajoled, encouraged, convinced, etc that his future in the game depends on giving his best for Wolves.


He may be a bit short on the playing front but I recall an incident earlier in the season. Can't recall which game but anyway, there was a break in play and the players came over to the bench for a drink. When they went back on the pitch, they all threw their bottles onto the floor but not this lad. He walked over to the guy holding the carrier and put his bottle into it. Well mannered and respectful.

Hong Kong Pete

The question has to asked who identified the player and bought him in, wages being ploughed out of the club and it appears he is not even bein third choice in squad?.


Surely Mendes/Mourhino connection at play?

Hong Kong Pete


Agent -James Grant Sports Management paper rumours new deal last year £10,000 a week at United

By the way he has middle name "Jake"


Evidently he is highly rated at Man U so is this another young player we have ruined. Tom Huddleston and Mancienne were both highly rated when they came to us but neither have really hit the heights since. We need new backroom staff in the summer and huge clear out of players deemed not good enough.

Farmer Ted

Wow that's a bit harsh! Another we have ruined? Zenga and Lambert didn't rate him, United didn't seem to want him back and his attitude was poor. Let's see where he is in five years time.

Mancienne stepped up to the Bundisliga, so it's our fault he's finished up in a poor Forest side? As for Huddleston, he's had a Premiership career with Spurs and Hull and been involved in the England set up. Hardly ruined!

Young players only go on loan for two reasons; they can't get in their parent clubs side because of all the foreign players they keep signing and they need game time to develop.


Huddlestone aside because I genuinely thought he was a class act - don't you wonder why players become available to us?

Mancienne wasnt going to make the grade at Chelsea.

Look at our big signings. O'Hara had a serious back problem, Johnson was a drunken pub team player....

Chorley Steve

Loans can work 3 ways - good prospects like Huddlestone (as mentioned) & Carlton Cole who i remember did very well the half dozen games he played., then go onto to better things.

Potential prospect like Darron Gibson, who played most of the season when on loan from Man U but was so off the pace we may of well played with 10 men, but Mick (probably told to) persisted with him.

Players coming back from injury to gain fitness - Carlos Edwards - did nothing for 4/5 games then started playing well so Sunderland called him back.

Most of the time loans don`t work - re Ojo

Black Country Wanderer

CBJ doesn't want to be here period

Doc needs pressure? Isnt that your job PL?

I like Doc but hes not a LB,he would probably do a better job LMF,and certainly at RB which is his position after all

A for his levels dropping as PL puts it,you can say the same for just about every player over the last 4/5 games,what is our head coach doing about it?


Who is putting pressure on Dave Edwards? because he walks into the team week in and week out playing crap. I am surprised we did not let him go years ago. It just shows how poor the midfielders have been, that have come into the club over the last 4 or 5 years.

Woodsetton wolf

Leon....yes we should have got rid, but instead Lambert gave him a new contract until mid 2019...his legs have already gone so god knows what use he will be in the future.

The fact that he is first on the team sheet tells us all what a bloody diabolical state the club is in.


Spot on Leon. He's scored 9 goals this season and if Costa hadn't taken penalties would be top scorer. Absolute crap.

chris h

Bleydh, Dependable Dave is our top scorer in the league, even taking into account Costa's penalties. Only at Wolves would some fans question why your leading scorer gets picked week in week out.

Chorley Steve

Edwards gives 100%, & may nick a goal - not many in our team can do that (Wiemann ?? lol). Yes our midfield are worse than poor, but still say this comes back to Morgan running the club down.


He needs a haircut !