Wolves v Chelsea FA Cup preview: Anything can happen against Antonio Conte’s stars

As tests go, it doesn’t get much tougher than this.

Soccer - The Emirates FA Cup Fourth Round - Liverpool v Wolverhampton Wanderers
Wolves players walk out at Anfield

Chelsea’s predicted XI – which could be missing the likes of £32million Diego Costa, £34m David Luiz and £32m Eden Hazard – still costs an estimated £100m.

Wolves’ XI is slightly more modest at £17m – of which £13m is Helder Costa.

That’s not to mention the league positions of the current clubs.

Chelsea are the champions-elect of English football, eight points clear at the top of the Premier League and have only lost one game since October.

Wolves are 18th in the Championship having lost four of their past five league games.

And yet, having beaten an all-but full strength Stoke City, then defeated the might of Liverpool at Anfield (albeit a team with a few youngsters), Wolves will be confident of at least giving the Blues something to worry about.

Paul Lambert, while not exactly bullish about his team’s chances, has faith in them.

The minimum he asks of them is to play their own game.

“As long as we can stay in the game as long as we can and not let the occasion overawe us then let’s see what happens,” he told the Express & Star.

“We’re up against a team that’s eight points clear in the Premier League with a great manager and a great team who are playing ever so well.

“But on one given day, you never know.


“We’ll need to punch above our weight – but first and foremost we have to do what we’re good at, not play Chelsea’s way, or into their way of playing.

“Like at Liverpool, we have to try and take them out their comfort zone. I’ve watched a few games of theirs and been to see them live.

“If we play short passes near our goal and we lose it we’ll be in trouble. We have to find a way to eradicate that, limit mistakes as best we can.

“For me the most important thing is we play the way we play, which is hopefully with the energy we’ve showed recently bar Tuesday night. Don’t worry about anything else.”

Lambert says Tuesday night’s defeat to Wigan hasn’t influenced his team selection.

Soccer - Wolverhampton Wanderers sign Andreas Weimann
Paul Lambert manager / head coach of Wolverhampton Wanderers speaks with Andreas Weimann

He’s likely to bring in the likes of Andreas Weimann, Conor Coady and Kortney Hause, who all starred at Anfield.

Wolves won at Stoke and Liverpool playing a counter-attacking style. How does Lambert see this one playing out?

“Normally I’d say the onus is on us at home, but on this occasion it’s not because we’re up against a team that I don’t even know when they last got beat,” he said.

“The onus and expectancy is on Chelsea because of who they are and the resources they’ve got.

“You look at their bench and everyone’s an international. It’s not as if they’re young and they don’t play. If Pedro doesn’t play then Willian comes in, or Cesc Fabregas can come in.

“They’ve no weakness at all.

“We can go and enjoy it – but we only enjoy it if we get a foothold in the game and make it a game.

“I don’t want to turn up and think this is a great occasion – I want to get through and win the tie.

“We’ve got so many fans coming as well. For me we have to play the way we play, don’t change, bar what happened against Wigan.”

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Comments for: "Wolves v Chelsea FA Cup preview: Anything can happen against Antonio Conte’s stars"

Olly the cat

The mystic moggy has consulted his crystal ball and the result can now be revealed. Wolverhampton Wanderers 3 ; Chelsea 2.

Ye Olde South Bank

No offence, Olly, but if 'The Mystic Moggie' thinks Wolves will score 3 goals against Chelsea, then you've clearly been chewing too many 'DREAMIES', my friend ;-)

Olly the cat

The mystic moggy has consulted his crystal ball and the result can be revealed. Wolverhampton Wanderers 3 ; Chelsea 2.

Not Convinced

chelsea unlikely to play full team but watch loftus-cheek , fabregas , maybe willian

- wolves should make an offer for loftus-cheek next season , very good player got stuck in the chelsea reserves ;

wolves - expect mike williamson maybe to confound his critics , hause , iorfa and lambert might consider giving the young striker a run out ;

I will accept anything other than a dour 0-0 draw , only for wolves to be put in their place at stamford bridge ; we might as well attack rather than the above .

Jack the Hat.

Not Convinced,

Loftus-Cheek won't drop into the Chumpionship, anyway wolves couldn't afford his loan fee.


Olly the cat

My prediction seems to have appeared twice. Let's double the score. Perhaps this is an omen for a repeat of the famous Good Friday game in 2014 when the result was Wolverhampton Wanderers 6 ; Rotherham 4.

Ye Olde South Bank

What? 6-4? Olly, it's time we hauled you off to see the vet, mate! ;-)

Olly the cat

As Basil Fawlty once said " You'll have to sew them back on first."

The Real Bully Hoo.

That made me laugh Olly.

Jack the Hat.


Keep away from the canal basin.


Stearmans overhead kick

Jack me old sunshine, On this site yet again Nowt happening on the light side ? We will keep away from the canal basin because we have a glamour F.A cup tie to play.No doubt you Sandwell scruffs will be dredging the cut all afternoon pulling out old moterbikes to take down the tat yard.


I desperately want Wolves to beat Chelsea tomorrow.

But PL worries me with his comments this week, particularly concerning Saiss. To say he has to fight for his place when Evans, Price and Edwards are so short of what we require in midfield is baffling, and not a little infuriating. I will say no more.

This is the team I would like to start against Chelsea:


Coady Williamson Hause Doherty

Costa Saiss Ronan Weimann



I am afraid Dicko and Bodvarsson have run out of chances. They are not good enough. I would even conider starting Wilson at no 9 and exclude Enobakhare. Or exclude Edwards and play Bright behind Wilson.

These are desperate times at Molineux.


Ye Olde South Bank

Normally, I'd say that Robbie Keane is well past his 'sell by' date but, as you say, these are desperate times, so could he do any worse? In truth, probably not.

The trouble is, strikers thrive on dynamic midfield play, creativity and getting wide men behind the fullbacks, with good balls into the box....not hoofball, as we've been playing, recently. Even at his peak, I'm not sure even the great Robbie could cope with that, bud.

Jack the Hat.


You are cracking up.

Chelsea to win 5-0.



who will you be watching in the cup DERBY MAYBE !!

Chorley Steve

Bar what happened v Wigan . What about Burton as well ! Its about 100% commitment & concentration. I'm sure Wolves will do this tomorrow & put in a good performance.


For me this game is just a day out and a chance to see the molinuex sold out. I expect nothing from the game but hope it's somewhat entertaining. Win lose or draw we've earned the right to play the leaders and this is in my opinion our final and I don't mind the result. We've had a good run this year.

Jack the Hat.


The ground will be half empty for halftime.


Stearmans overhead kick

And you feel sorry for yourself at being called a sicko by wolves fans.

Cradley Wolf

Just can't wait for all the pathetic excuses after the game tomorrow

another performance like Tuesday and we are going to get a bloody

good hammering !!

Cradley Wolf

OMG !!!

Just love this quote "The minimum he asks of them is to play their own game."

Did they play their own game on Tuesday ???

If so then we can expect hoof ball after hoof ball after hoof ball !!!!

We are in for a right hammering !!!

Cradley Wolf

Another famous Lambert quote.

"For me we have to play the way we play, don’t change, bar what happened against Wigan"

He gets more laughable every day !!!

Cradley Wolf

"Lambert says Tuesday night’s defeat to Wigan hasn’t influenced his team selection"


Ye Olde South Bank

Cradley, I suspect your anxiety is showing, bud! Mind you, I feel just as perplexed regarding PL's comment about Tuesday's shocker not influencing his team selection. If that shocker wasn't good reason to think long and hard, I really don't know what is. Those that showed the least appetite for battle in what was an absolutely CRUCIAL fixture are not deserving of receiving the honour (I'm sure most fans would have their own nominees). No, we have to have complete faith in those entrusted to wear the Gold shirt, so that probably leaves the Under-23's...


This is why the FA Cup is wonderful when it brings ties like this. In a stuttering season this is our game of the season and a chance to test ourself against the best. The Liverpool game showed WW play out of their skin but produce one of the finest pressing games I ever saw a team play. If they have this in their locker AND can cope with Chelsea having 80% of the ball then we might have a game. Chelsea will inevitably change their team, it is a cold, dank, 5.30 kick off, the crowd will be intimidating...who knows what might happen? This one off game might just jolt our Championshp season. We are a flawd team, with lots of similar type players, especially in midfield and Lambert is chopping and changing trying to find a winning side. Let's enjoy this one off test against Chelsea. Let's get ourselves safe from relegation and then Lambert can try a few things out with returning players from injury, blooding youngsters, integrating newer players etc


You are so right we are a flawed team and so inconsistent. I thought this cup run would bring back confidence and better league form but it has done the opposite. Is that because Lambert keeps changing the team? I sincerely hope we get ourselves safe from relegation.

Jack the Hat.


I hear wolves fans have been evacuated from row zed, something to do with wolves tactics.



Living in a predominately Albion area I have copious amounts of ‘banter’ with them.

Very good natured and never taken to a base level such has ‘JACK THE HAT’,

Unlike Jack, most of them, don’t associated Albion’s positive position has something that they themselves have achieved, like they made a clever and right decision to support Albion and don’t have this concept of attaching the success of their team to their own endeavour. When I ask my children’s friends who they support, in general they will say Man Utd, Liverpool etc, yet they all go to school right opposite the Hawthorns. This is a modern day phnomina; they are bombarded with premier league imagery and constant media coverage. This seeps into their understanding and unless they are brought up to support their local team, it’s almost becomes a natural reaction. They have no other basis to apply to their choice.

Therefore, why do people like JACK THE HAT? Go out of their way, spend hours, and make a real effort to celebrate the misfortune of their rival team.

Physiologists term this process the Schadenfreude syndrome. This concept suggest the major reason for being pleased with the misfortune of another person is that this person's misfortune may somehow benefit them it may, for example, emphasize our superiority, they feel inadequate and lack self esteem so deflecting towards the downfall of others in their warped way of thinking. Elevates them to a position in life they would like to be

The concept goes on to state. “We found that people did smile more in response to negative than positive events, but only for groups they envied.”

What we all experience on this forum is that we are able to discuss football within the anonymous community of the internet; we no longer have to actually know real people to exercise our bragging rights. But as an online discussion descends into a juvenile, confrontational spat, as it invariably does, it's those who believe they have something to crow about who tend to be the most obnoxious contributors such has JACK THE HAT.

I reality he doesn’t process the mental capacity to formulate opinion or trigger off debate based on objectivity or constructive arguments. He sinks into this low intellectual ‘sound bites’ normally based on the lowest denominator.

JACK THE HAT’s obsession with Wolves, points more to issues in is own life than the ones Wolves are going through. ALBION, are a superior set up in all ways at the moment and it doesn’t take Einstein to point that out. But the likes of JACK THE HAT have to put the metaphorical ‘boot in’, like a school bully takes his personal issues out of some kid less powerful than himself. Most Albion fans I debate with, although their will always be a sense of superiority but doesn’t mean you have to take the proverbial, they see themselves has just ‘lucky’ and realise it doesn’t take long for any team to fall off their pedestal. It has happened to many teams who perceived their premier league status has permanent.

JACK THE HAT constantly puts Wolves down in an attempt to gain attention, validation, or happiness normally associated in what the others have gained. In Jack’s case he’s not directly jealous of Wolves it’s more about him being unhappy with what he has in life and what he doesn’t have, could be the lack of social status. How you treat others is a direct extension of how you feel about yourself he obviously has issue he needs to deal with that’s what he projects all his virile anger onto our message site.

Bragging is neither attractive nor rewarding; bragging rights are little more than a licence to behave like an arse. It's not something that appeals. I don't mean to suggest that we should all get along. While participating in gloating seems pointless, it is understandable that football supporters should seek some kind of adversary.

Stearmans overhead kick

Yep! it confirms the NHS Is in a terrible state when they can't take the time to sedate fools like you.


I fear the worst sort of drubbing imaginable . Not confident to say the least, what chance we against Chelski when we cant beat Burton or Wigan .


Anything can happen against Antonio Conte’s stars. Err.... as much as I would like to think so, I very much doubt it.


Lambert keeps saying stupid things lets see what is selection is this time. He has still got to prove he is the right manager for Wolves.

Ye Olde South Bank

As others have said, it's a nice diversion, but that's about it. Securing our Championship place was never more crucial than it is now, especially having new owners with a nose for the big time.

After recent performances (especially against Wigan), it would take a brave man indeed to hold out much hope for Wolves in this game. Still, it's the FA Cup, so anything can happen, I suppose. Mind you,l Fourth Division Colchester didn't do too badly against Don Revie's mighty Leeds United, back in 1971 (still one of the greatest shocks in football, even to this day), so who knows.....?

I'm just hoping that our boys can put on a show and, if they do ultimately go down, then at least go down fighting so that us fans can at least feel a little pride has been restored. That's the absolute minimum ask.

Good luck, lads....but make your own luck. COYW.


Well said Ye Old South Bank

Cradley Wolf

Y O S B,

I think you will find it was Hereford United and Ronnie Radford's wonder goal that dismissed Leeds United from the F A Cup that season.


Cradley wolf

Y O S B is correct Colchester beat Leeds 3-2. Ronnie Radford scored his goal against Newcastle the following year.


Your knowledge of the past is about as good as your support of the present...bloody useless your title should be Cradley"Whinging"Wolf ......I cant see us beating Chelsea but at least as a supporter I would love us to get the better of them ...if only to shut you up!!

Cradley Wolf


the only one on here needing professional help is you and maybe you'll need even more professional help after tomorrow !!!!!

Cradley Wolf

YOSB, apologies to you old chap the memory aint as good as it was.

Ye Olde South Bank

No need to apologise, Cradley - we all make mistakes. The odd thing is, I mentioned the Colchester-Leeds match purely from memory.

As it turns out, I must have missed the articles that FT refers to...if I hadn't, I'd probably have mentioned the Hereford-Newcastle match instead!


If anything can happen let's hope they send Chelsea ladies !!



February 17, 2017 10:48 pm

I haven't posted on here for a long time but you Farmer Ted or as someone on here the other day called you Farmer Troll are the most annoying , antagonising, obnoxious little man I have ever had the displeasure of seeing post on here.

If anyone doesn't agree with you or someone writes something you don't like then you do your utmost to belittle that person I wonder why that is Ted ? Does it give you some kind of sensual thrill to see if you can get one over on somebody ? You and your best friend on here the one and only Wolvereeeen are both pathetic individuals and hopefully one day someone will give you your come uppance on these threads.

you both seem to think that you own these threads and will diss anybody who offers a differing opinion to yours and your pals. The both of you as I say must be really sad pathetic individuals, the way you wind Cradley Wolf up every day is totally disgusting and you should be ashamed of yourselves.

He has probably been supporting Wolves for longer than the pair of you have had hot dinners and if anything you should both be offering him an apology for you incessant antagonising remarks and I really do mean antagonising as I have read most of your posts on these threads you are no better than little boy school bullies.

I think the pair of you really need to grow up and act like adults instead of spoilt 5 year old brats !!


Bazwolf ; Wolves crowd can't intimidate anyone,the stands are so far from the pitch and front of the Steve Bull will be 3,000 Chelsea fans.

The Flying Winger

The trouble for us is with Wolves team will turn up


I don't see any upset tommorrow but let's hope good performance for our FA cup Fans present.

Let's hope more stick with the team at home until the end of the season I have a feeling the team may need them.

Let's hope all the crowd from the Wigan game see better performance and then it is repeated in upcoming games.

Come on you Wolves ......

Jack the Hat.


I don't see an upset tomorrow only wolves fans.



you still crying over Derby then awww didums go away you useless twit

Stearmans overhead kick

Jacko Another live 90 minutes t.v. showing. Not your weekly boring boggie last 2 minutes on M,O,T,D.Win or lose. Glad were keeping your sad life entertained