Wolves boss Paul Lambert hails 'terrific' Connor Ronan - and tells Romain Saiss to fight for his place

The performance of Connor Ronan stood out as the only highlight in Tuesday's defeat at Wigan.

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Connor Ronan

And boss Paul Lambert has hailed the teenager's three league starts to date as 'terrific'.

Ronan was a positive presence in midfield and almost scored a dramatic late equaliser with a 30-yard shot.

"He’s a big talent coming through," Lambert told the Express & Star. "He’s been terrific in the three games he’s played for us.

"His general game is really good and he’s only 18. Again, the club’s unearthed a talent who, touch wood, has a big part in the future of this club.

"He’s one of those kids that I’ve got to the stage where I think – and it’s the same when you watch the under-23s as well – you know exactly what you’re getting from him.


"When he doesn’t perform, that’s a shock. He’s created that himself. He’s comfortable in the first team environment and he thriving on it.

"The players know how good he is and he has the respect of the senior guys, which is important. They know he can play and he’s a terrific passer and has his set plays.

"It’s the same with Bright (Enobakhare), Harry (Burgoyne) and Morgan (Gibbs-White). Connor was excellent."

Lambert said that Ronan's slight appearance belied his physical strength.

"The physical presence is deceiving," he added. "He’s a really strong-bodied young player.

"Facially he looks a baby and the size and height of him...but if you see him up close he’s very powerful in the legs and his body is strong."

Moroccan midfielder Romain Saiss was again left out on Tuesday and many supporters have called for his inclusion.

But Lambert said the 26-year-old had to fight for his place.

"Everybody has been playing well and Romain has come back from the African Cup of Nations where he played a few games," Lambert said.

"It’s tough because the lads who have been here have been performing and deserve to be in the side.

"Romain’s a good player but he just has to bide his time the way other people have done.

"He’s very much part of it but I can only pick so many.

"There’s a lot of competition. And it’s difficult to drop him back into it. We’ve got a lot of games coming up – his time will come.

"But I’ve got to be fair to the lads that have got us this far as well, the lads who’ve performed."

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Comments for: "Wolves boss Paul Lambert hails 'terrific' Connor Ronan - and tells Romain Saiss to fight for his place"


4 defeats in 5 games and your happy with the players that's got you this far that ses it all yam deluded

Cradley Wolf

Now I know this stupid J-ck is a Kenny Jackett clone just look at this statement he has made !!

"It’s tough because the lads who have been here have been performing and deserve to be in the side." This quote regarding Romain Saiss just shows what an utter bloody joke he is !!!

Come on Fosun do the honourable thing and kick this idiot into touch, how much longer do we have to put up with him before we are so far in the relegation mire there is no way out ?

Jack the Hat.


Comes to something when Lambert has to tell Saiss to pull hid finger out, what is the wolves game coming to?



Always pleased when a new talent emerges and Connor certainly looks to have the technique and temperament to succeed. Hope that talent blossoms at Wolves. Not sure I totally understand the comment about why Saiss can't get into the side or, at least, into the squad. Apart from Costa, who else has impressed? Who has dominated games in midfield? We're 18th in the league after 30 matches. There's a whiff of something in the air.

The Flying Winger

How difficult is it to drop him back in no they haven't been performing who's pulling Lamberts strings, this is exactly the problem of last season and now this one sticking by players who show a few good games, how many more are we going to lose before he wakes up.

We don't have a midfield but Saiss has to fight his way back, please, why was Prince sent out far better player than we have or the two he signed neither of these players were given an opportunity to form a midfield partnership but we can shuffle the pack with the others as often as we like, who's pulling the strings.

The one up front is not working so change it yes we have injuries to Mason and Cav but unless we try something different we are going to be relegated.

How can Marshall walk into the Team?


FW - am I to understand that you are not a fan of Lambert?


I think flying makes good points of fact Bleydh, am I to understand that you think our league form is wonderful and a proven international must fight for his place because everyone is playing well? Evans and Edwards were poor on Saturday and Tuesday old chap!!?


@ Ritchie. I was simply asking FW if he was not a fan of Lambert. Nowhere have I suggested that our league form is wonderful. Where on earth did you get that from? Where have I said that a proven international should fight for his place? Again, could you point out where I have said this please? I wonder which post you were reading. Perhaps you should have gone to Specsavers. With the greatest respect old chap - all you ever seem to do is bellyache. Let's have a bit of positivity from you - it would certainly lift my spirits.

@FW - delighted to hear you are supportive of Lambert. However, I would like to take issue with you over your comment, "you can't say someone like Saiss and Prince have to fight for their places". I think everyone has to fight for their places. Competition is a wonderful thing to raise a players game. If they are assured of their place and will get picked irrespective of how badly they play it would detrimental to team spirit and performance on the pitch wouldn't it - or do you disagree?

The Flying Winger

Bleydh no that is not the case we need no more disruption with coaches etc I was very happy when he was appointed and hope he succeeds, you have somewhat missed the point so instead of having a pop why don't you reply to the content .

There doesn't seem much in the selection and comments from him about these players who have got us this far how far is that, is someone pulling strings.

Why didn't he go to Fosun and say look 30000 fans know we need a striker I want one, who knows but we are paying the price, but the most worrying is you can't say someone like Saiss and Prince have to fight for their places and slot Marshall in .


Marshall walks into the team because he's Lamberts man, rightly or wrongly you know that's how it works despite Coady playing well at right back Flying.

The Flying Winger

Totally agree Ritchie .

Chorley Steve

Marshall is the physically unfitest player we have had in the first team since Robert Taylor, remember him ? I try not to. & how about we start calling Evans 'the crab' as he only moves sideways. Like a very cheap mans Ancellotti. & I bet the crab moves forward very fast when he's going to get his cash out of the bank lol


So what does that tell you about Lambert Ritchie ? Eventually my guess is that it'll tell you exactly the same as I've told you since the day he was appointed. Dow bother slaggin' me off now as a bellyacher, I'm patient enough to wait until you have ZERO choice but to agree.

Woodsetton wolf

Flying....good post .....I won't bother with mine, it would just be an echo.

Just on Saiss...he stepped off the plane fully match fit after playing 3 games in 10 days and we needed a prescence in midfield...he's 6ft 3 and can also defend at set pieces and we are now in the process of running his fitness down. In a couple of weeks Lambert will say he can't consider Saiss cos he ain't match fit.

My other point will doubtless cause scorn to be poured down on me...but I don't care....The club will only slide backwards if they continue to try and build the team around Dangerous Dave. He is reaching veteran stage and God knows how we could give him a 3 year contract. He has been an ever present over the last few games and it was obvious in the last couple that he was shot...he could hardly move on Tuesday night and in the second half stood motionless near the centre circle for long periods. Yes he will make the odd lung busting run for his speciality glancing headers but if he doesn't score we are effectively playing with ten men for a large slice of the game. We all love his enthusiasm and 100% attitude but he needs to be used sparingly later on in games to shore things up or nick the odd goal. I admire him greatly for building a successful career from such limited resources but if we are to move forward we need starters with much more to their game than Edwards now has to offer...off now to wash my mouth out with soap and water.

Chorley Steve

FW you are right . I'm not a Lambert fan as people who know me will vouch & I wouldn't slate him on here constantly like some do, but how the hell he can say 'we are playing well & Saiss has to fight for his place ' - the blokes deluded - if he hasn't got something decent & correct to say he ought to shut up.

Black Country Wanderer

Totally agree FW

Marshall,unfit by his own admission,can walk straight in,but Saiss has to fight his way into a side that has lost 4/5?

Everyone has to fight for a place,or at least should do,seems Marshall is an exception

I was worried by PLs comments on "the foreigners" when he joined us,and this just smacks of cronyism I'm afraid

I know Dek will be on later saying he doesn't rate Saiss anyway,but I do,i think he has the potential to be the midfield enforcer we need,if he was played there,and has a great left foot

What has Edwards done in the last 3 games to warrant his inclusion?

Evans flatters to deceive after one good game as usual,and Price has been poor for weeks,so what exactly does Saiss need to do to even get on the bench?

PLs comments are getting more ridiculous by the minute,and after looking like he was turning things around,seems to be floundering under the increasing pressure

I hope I'm wrong, because I do like Lambert as a manager ,and he needs time for sure,im just bewildered by his comments at times,did KJ leave his script behind?


I want some of what Lambert's on! Players who have got us This far? We are 18th, same as when he took over, only 6 points above two teams in the relegation zone and have lost 4 in 5.

Wolf of the Western World

Have they really 'performed'?

West Park

Saiss to fight for his place !! Everyone is playing well ?? Needs to bide his time ??

Lambert is watching a different game to me then..Bring back Saiss and Prince Orange immediately as we look lost and useless. .


Fight for his place? Based on recent performances he should be able to walk back into the team or is he worse than what has been on the field??

Realistic Wolf

Fair to players who have performed well, one win out of the last four league games is hardly performing. Seems to me PL has his favourites hence the moving out of the summer imports.


i havent seen any player since saiss has been away that has dominated that position the fact you have had to drop edwards back into that position also shows our young players are not ready to step up to the mark and then you lose the goal threat that edwards offers in a more attacking role . it seems to me you are trying to bomb out every player from the previous regime apart from costa and bodvarsson with out giving them a proper chance


Wouldn't be surprised to see CR start against Chelski. As for Saiss, everyone has to fight for a place.

The Flying Winger

As in my earlier post to you what about Marshall who by Lamberts own words is not fit.


Exactly the same answer as I have given twice already - IMHO he has to fight for his place - everyone has to and that includes Marshall, Saiss and Prince.

The Flying Winger

Bleydh, sorry your still missing the point, Yes everyone should be fighting for their place no problem with that but Marshall and Wiemann haven't had to that's not a dig at the players but the manager hasn't followed that rule, that's all myself and others are pointing out.


Sorry FW, I'm struggling a bit here - are you suggesting that Marshall and Weimann do not have to fight for a place? How do you know that is the case and they are not fighting for a place? I don't see them in training - perhaps they have convinced PL there.


Ding dong Bleydh,

Molly Knew

To fight for your place you have to be chosen to play first. Training pitches are not always an accurate guide to a full blooded game when it really matters.Give Saiss a chance on Saturday when there is no risk of dropping more vital points, lets face it he cannot be any worse than Evans or Saville!!


Referring to Swiss Lambert says 'everyone has been performing well' and 'the lads have been performing and deserve to be in the side'. Now I don't know whether Saiss is the answer to some of our current problems or not but to suggest after seeing recent games that the team has been performing well is nothing less than an insult to the intelligence of our long suffering fans. If the manager really believes this drivel then no wonder we are where we are. Performing well indeed!


Totally agree with Lambert's comments on Ronan. Hand on heart, I can honestly say that over the last year or more, I've never seen him play badly. He's caught the eye in youth, U21, U23 and now first team matches. His general play is very good, but his free kicks are deadly accurate. No longer one for the future, he's one for the present.


Dek, good post hope Connor is the link to our strikers scoring.


Yes, let's hope so.


Saiss must fight for his place...hilarious. It's a pity Evans and Edwards are not fighting for their places. Edwards has had his record season from a goalscoring perspective but is often anonymous in games and Evans is not first choice!


Maybe Lambert is already planning for league one and that's why Saiss and oniangue have been unceremoniously booted out early, so we don't have to pick up their salaries next season in league one. With our current weak midfield and defence and impotent attack, coupled with a useless manager, that's where we are heading


Have the midfield performed well enough to keep Saiss out? Is losing good enough not to make changes?

I like Lambert a lot but think he needs to find the team his comfortable with and if Marshall isn't match fit don't start him when we have Iorfa that would be athletic enough!

A Reader

Saiss has to fight for his place......"It’s tough because the lads who have been here have been performing and deserve to be in the side...."

Do the last 3 league results and performances back up that statement?


Regarding saiss , what planet are you on Lambert ?? I can't believe he has said this

Just when have the lads performed in the league against decent opposition , tell us all please .

Your deluded man and to insult our intelligence with comments like this beggars belief

And he quotes

"It’s tough because the lads who have been here have been performing and deserve to be in the side.

"Romain’s a good player but he just has to bide his time the way other people have done.

"He’s very much part of it but I can only pick so many.

"There’s a lot of competition. And it’s difficult to drop him back into it. We’ve got a lot of games coming up – his time will come.

"But I’ve got to be fair to the lads that have got us this far as well, the lads who’ve performed."


So Saiss cannot get in the side because everyone is playing well, bloody hell we've just lost the last three league games and Tuesday night's game was the worst I've seen for a long time. Evans was poor and Edwards wasn't much better either. I do despair......................


Come on and brighten up old chap. I don't like to see you so disheartened and downcast. Everyone has poor games. The whole team was poor against Wigan and it seems a little unfair to target just two of the team. Look at it another way, Edwards has been one of our best players throught the season and weighed in with a number of vital goals. Evans was superb against Liverpool and Stoke. They are both Wolves players and will both always give 100%. Let's be a little more supportive rather than destructive.


Bleydh, Im not targeting anyone Lambert is, and the midfield are not playing well we have lost the last three games and poor performances from centre midfield in all three.

Re supportive to Wolves players, your talking to the wrong guy. But whether I like someone or not I always go with what I feel is right and Saiss should be given his chance with Lambert just like his two players an un fit Marshall and Wieghman.


Apart from young Ronan out of the other central midfielders I can't say any of them have covered themselves in glory. Edwards had a good start to January but I think the cup exploits have took there toll on him and he is in need of a rest. Coady has been doing ok at Right Back but needs to improve on his crossing in the final 3rd so I can't see him been put into midfield anytime soon. I think Evans has been ok but last couple of games like the rest of the team hasn't been that good but I would say him and Saiss in the centre might be a partnership worth looking at? It would be nice to see Ronan play in the number 10 roll with Costa and Weimann either side of him. At least them maybe the forwards might get a few chances. It's all well and good saying they haven't scored since August but the service to them has been fairly dire. It will be nice when Graham is back as I think An attacking midfield of Costa, Ronan and Graham would create no end of changes for the lone forward and would also chip in with a few goals of their own. So for me the lineup that needs to be played on a regular basis is the following:-



Williamson / Stearman







Weimann / Graham (when match fit)










We need to get to 50 points as soon as possible and make sure we stay in this league first and then we can start playing a round with tactics. I think Lambert knows who he wants to keep and who he wants to move on but would anyone want to buy them? The hunger seems to have gone from the players. We need strong leaders on the pitch but that's difficult when the team is so young. We needed proven Championship players all season that knew the league and for whatever reason they weren't signed. I was hopeful at start of season for a top 6 finish now it looks more likely we will finish nearer the bottom 6 which is a shame as everything is in place to make us a very good mid table premiership side if only we could get the playing staff sorted.


Can you afford to leave Edwards out when he scores all the goals???


That's a good point but where would we play him? I think Ronan is more creative as a number 10 and would be wasted on the wing. I think it would have to be a rotation between Edwards and Evans. Both of these would need to get forward and track back a lot and Saiss should be instructed to just sit in front of the back 4 and when the full backs push on to drop back to make a back 3. It all sounds so simple on paper!! My other gripe is with set pieces when I was growing up we were always told to have a man marking both posts. These days a lot of teams don't set up this way and prefer to zonal mark. I'm more of a fan of man marking as you are responsible for one man and that's it.


It's difficult I find with Edwards his goals are important but I agree with Ronan but I also like Saiss, Price and Evans!!! They don't all fit!!! As it currently stands Edwards would play for me who with I don't know i'd probably currently go Price/Saiss & Ronan.


How does he score all the goals when Costa is our top scorer overall?

Wolf in Liverpool

Probably because Edwards is our top league goalscorer, which given our precarious position at the bottom is far more important. If you take away Costa's 2 cup goals and his 3 penalties in the league (which you or me could have scored) then he has only scored 5 goals, which is not a great return for an attacking winger/forward. When you factor in that all of Edwards' goals have come from open play then i think it is more than justified to say that Edwards scores goals.


What Wolf In Liverpool Said! That's why Edwards is important!

Farmer Ted

Every manager will have his 'bad day at the office' (ask Arsene and Brucie) and Tuesday was certainly one of those for Paul Lambert. However we all saw what an unbelievable talent we have in Conor Rohan, with Bright Enobakhare not far behind. Care must be taken with these youngsters and our league position, but I'd play them as often as possible for the rest of this season in readiness for next. There are too many of us reacting to the highs and lows of the last few games, one week lauding Paul Lambert as the Messiah and the next week doubting his ability as a very naughty boy. I criticised him after Wigan for bringing off Evans who I thought was playing okay ( not brilliantly) in front of the back four, but he took the time to explain that there were too many pass backs slowing Wolves down against a team who came to sit back. Thinking back Lee Evans did a lot of 'tidying up' with pass backs, so I bow to PL's assessment.

Tuesday apart, Wolves haven't been playing badly, even in defeats against Newcastle and Norwich but when strikers can't hit a barn door the team is always vulnerable to a mistake or stray ball at the back ( or unprofessional sending off). I'm sure they'll be up for it on Saturday and will put up a good performance, although I expect us to be beaten by a slick looking Chelsea side, but the important game is Birmingham City. They aren't playing that badly despite the string of poor results and they have a dangerous striker in Jukovich (not spelled like that). I shall even drive the truly awful Birmingham/Wolverhampton road on a truly awful Friday night for the truly awful Murdoch family to give my support.

Good luck everybody for Saturday.


You have neglected to mention the Burton game, when we were poor and outdone in midfield!

Molly Knew

FT - I really am puzzled by your post. We DID NOT WIN against a Norwich side who were in a very poor run of form at the time, nor Burton who bullied us out of both encounters and the Wigan game .........??????

Your right that the strikers are very poor, but, both Bod and Dicko have cut very LONELY & ISOLATED figures upfront with no real support or creativity from our central players. Bod was 30 to 40 years isolated up front against Wigan, a team that has floundered in the bottom three all season and are well known for conceding goals. If we want to win games we need, at home, to take the initiative and press the opposition back, we should not have to wait 86 mins (Newcastle game) and 74 mins (Wigan game) before have a shot ON TARGET in open play!!! Saville and Evans are average league one players and offering the latter a long contract, when a regular international player(Saiss) is not even considered for the bench, the PL is writing his own epitaph.

Is it others that are offering contracts or does our Manager really have a say????

Farmer Ted

Molly, think you need to read my post again. I clearly mention defeats in both the Newcastle and Norwich games. We "DID NOT WIN" against the latter because our goalkeeper completely let us down after we'd fought our way back and were poised to ...who knows what? I didn't mention the Burton game cos I couldn't get a ticket and wasn't there...and as for Wigan "????" ...like I said read my post again.

Back to the strikers. Many strikers have to play the lone role, particularly away from home, but against Wigan Bodvarsson didn't win an aerial battle with their CB until way into the second half, but it's not the first time is it? (He did actually have a half chance from a cross in the first but headed over). Now you could criticise PL for letting them play the long ball when he's just not getting any joy, but surely Ikeme, Batth, Stearman, Marshall, Doherty, Evans, even Rohan must have seen that.

For me Dicko is the best lone front man with through balls played in behind the defenders, then with Bodvarsson being used as an impact sub.

Molly Knew

yards not years

Chorley Steve

Ted agree 100% about Ronan & Bright & just hope they are with us for a few years yet, but I'm still not sure about Evans. Just my opinion.


Any Idea what Lambert is taking or smoking???????????


So many changes every game how can you get consistency???

There must be something wrong with his translator because in one report he is angry & in this ons he fine & thinks an 18 year old is better than a 26 year old.



Re : Romain Saiss.

Paul Lambert says ' Got to be fair to the lads that have got us this far as well '- what 4 defeats out of the last 5 league games ?

OK the cup run been great - but overall the win/lose ratio has been poor !


The point is Lambert does not know his best team and why he selected Marshall I do not know. Ronan deserves to stay in the side along with Bright. Lambert can't keep changing the team, how are Wolves are going to improve if he keeps doing this. We are struggling and to keep booting the ball long is not the answer. I am really worried about us being relegated.

Dr. James

For Heaven's sake losing to Burton and Wigan, taking zero points in the last three games, and without a cat in Hell's chance of scoring and all is just peachy is it? It is a sad affair when political correctness, i.e. sexing up the mundane, perverts the truth: I have been a Wolves supporter for 55 - years and this is just about the worst I have ever seen and Lambert finds praise!!!! If any of the players are that good just why do we keep losing?


I agree with Dr, we are going backwards not forward with Lambert. I believe he has lost the plot. I am not bothered about the Chelsea game it is the Birmingham game that is my concern. Please Lambert lets get it right.


Quite clearly Lambert is picking the wrong team. Make no mistake the Blues game is far more important than the glory hunters Chelsea game. We need to play a settled team but unfortunately have some injuries. Based on current form and hopefully players to come back in, I feel we need to play a team like this :-

Ikeme - Coady Williamson Hause Doherty - Saiss Price - Costa Ronan Enobokhare - Dicko

Molly Knew

This club has not had a decent leader/skipper since Paul Ince. The captain usually sets the example and drives his fellow players on . DB on ly drives us and his colleagues MAD!!

When you look back at Club skippers over the years - Stan Cullis,Billy Wright, Bill Slater, Ron Flowers,

Mike Bailey, Emlyn Hughes, Kenny Hobbit, John Richards, Paul Ince ETC ETC. we have not got an inspirational player that fits the role. Its like have a boat without any water!!!

On the subject of Saiss he should, without doubt, play against Chelsea. He is a better player than Saville, Evans etc ( I appreciate that is no real accolade) and should be given the chance to show what he can do. Managers often overlook players for one reason or another, no doubt most readers can list quite a number that have moved on and been a lot better than we were led to believe-

Vokes, Winnall etc.

Beating someone like Chelsea would be a dream but whatever the result the team needs to give a good account of themselves, if nothing else, they owe it to the fans after Saturday's performance.


molly knew good post agree no leader on the pitch been like that for years


Don't think I ever saw Kenny Hobbit play! Can't beat predictive text can you!!

On a serious note I agree about Saville..how he gets in the team is anyone's guess.

Yes they owe it to the fans but I would sacrifice the Chelsea game to beat Birmingham & Huddersfield. We need to be safe!


Saiss has got to be brought back in.

Swindon wolves

Well I think lambert is a good manager and we certainly were the better team against Newcastle though I didn't go to the Wigan game. We need a more dominant midfield player and a goal scorer and although you all seem to love stearman he gives a goal away every game. Always though he was a liability and can't understand why he got bought back on loan. Hopefully we can survive this season and then move on next year

Chorley Steve

Swindon you had a let off Tuesday night. Reason most of us like Stearmann (yes is limited ability wise)is that he always gives 100% - unlike most of the rest v Wigan.


So you missed Rronan and Enobachare.

Wolf in Liverpool

I don't agree with Lambert's comments but having said that what he says he public to the press and what he says he private to his players are probably totally different. He of course isn't going to come out and publicly slate individual players as that would be stupid and would do more harm than good. Yes Connor Ronan certainly has potential but at the moment it is nothing more than that, he has shown glimpses of what he can do but he hasn't put in a meaningful contribution yet. It would also be more damaging if he was to play start every game for us as he is not ready for that yet as he needs to bulk up because he will be targeted and get kicked form pillar to post. Players at that age need to be eased into the side the aid their development, and how many players have i seen in the past at Wolves hyped up to be some kind of world class superstar only to fall by the wayside. When Batth started playing regularly for the first i remember there were comments at how he was better than Lescott and that he would be a future England captain etc. I also remember the hype about Ismail being a £100m player due to a throwaway comment in a newspaper that isn't even in circulation any more, and there are also many more going back even further. There is also a tendency to rate players more highly when they aren't in the side, and i also feel that many of the comments towards Lee Evans this week have been totally undeserved as technically he is a very good player, and against Wigan he was nowhere near as bad as some made out. It seems many people have these preconceived views and like to pigeon-hole players and once they have this opinion then they won't change it as they are too stubborn to admit that they are wrong.


danny bath jack price

Woodsetton wolf

None so blind as those that cannot see!


All you need to do is speak to Villa fans and they will give you insight in to how PL's brain works! Villa fans last month told me all about him. Strangely enough it's all coming true! There has to be a balance of bigging up your players and then being realistic and giving constructive criticism. We can guess where PL sits. He is making himself look like an idiot with these comments.

The Flying Winger

On a brighter and better note Jordan Graham has his first days training I'm sure everyone of us wishes him well with his journey to fitness.

Woodsetton wolf

Flying...just look at W of L's last sentence above...he's obviously been on a self analysis course. If he really cannot see that this sums himself up to a tee he has got bigger problems than we ever imagined. We thought he was a wind up merchant but if he isn't it's just scary.


Look on the bright side folks with sporting Khalsa training at wolves with Manager perhaps the squads will get mixed up and hopefully Manager.

Really don't know what Lambert is on and it's a pity he is safe until the end of season as without knowing all the facts Blues old manager appears to do a good job before the big name Zola came in to make things better...

Wolf in Liverpool

Hopefully not the manager, whilst Lambert might not be popular the Sporting Khalsa manager is a disgusting individual. Many of my refereeing colleagues back home in the region hate the man to to his pitchside language and behaviour. People like him have not only no place in the game but no place in society.

Ye Olde South Bank

Paul, even a half-fit Saiss should be able to walk into the team, if the Wigan showing is anything to go by. Only a couple of weeks ago, things looked really bright and on an upward curve, after Liverpool. Now we've suddenly had no-shows against lowly Burton, Newcastle United and a truly pathetic Wigan outfit. What's going on behind closed doors? The decline seems unreal.


PL not sure what sort of statement that is but to only win 1 5 league matches that's the truth and it's not good enough. A team plays well wind and yoy swop 5 or 6 players please play a regular side. I went on Tues night and it was absolute dross. My misses wasnt happy either valetines night I talked her into coming to the match and watch that rubbiah mind you that should have put her off for good and won't have to takeep her ever again lol


Until the total idiot THELWELL is ushered out of the Mol,we will be just a yoyo team,he is the guy who controls who plays,who is signed,who has their contract extended.The man is a total footballing disaster.

Every manager since Thelwell has been at the Mol has just been his puppet.

Dishing out long contracts to useless players,aka Baath,Evans etc,who did that ?

A non footballing brained idiot called Thelwell.

I don't care what or if people reply ,I will stand by my words.

Thelwell is destroying W.W.F.F


Wolf in Liverpool

That is not true though is it. Thelwell's current job title is Sporting Director but despite this isn't on the club's board of directors, so he doesn't have anywhere near as much power as you make out. Unfortunately i don't know too much about the recruitment process at the club, especially since Lambert has been appointed but last season (and in previous seasons) under Kenny Jackett it was Jackett who had full and final say in all transfers-both in and out. Over the summer when Zenga was appointed there was a distinct shift in this policy with Mendes coming in and having an influence who the club signed and this is the reason why Jackett was sacked as he wasn't prepared to go along with this.

Prior to becoming Sporting Director, Thelwell was 'Academy manager' and then 'Head of Development and Recruitment' which was a roll that was based around the development and recruitment of youth players for what was known as the Development squad (now U23s), hence the word 'Development' in Thelwell's job title. It was widely accepted that on Tuesday night against Wigan the two best players on the pitch for Wolves were Connor Ronan and Bright Enobakhare, both of whom were recruited by Thelwell, with Ronan coming from Rochdale and Enobakhare from local junior football. He was also responsible for the signings of Kortney Hause and Jordan Graham who both spent time in our development squad before going into the first team.

Your comments couldn't be further from the truth and the fact that you claim to stand by your words despite being so wrong says more about you than it does anyone else.