Paul Lambert angry with Wolves players after Wigan defeat

Wolves boss Paul Lambert said he was angry with his team after they lost 1-0 at home to struggling Wigan Athletic.

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Jake Buxton's late winner gave the Latics all three points on a night when Wolves created precious few opportunities.

It was their fourth defeat in five Championship matches.

And Lambert fumed: "I'm angry and disappointed.

"I thought the first half was the catalyst - we were far too slow and defended too deep.

"We were waiting for things to happen rather than going to make things happen.

"We never did enough, enough's for sure. It's disappointing.

"We got a bit in the second half but nothing major. Carl Ikeme's not made any saves, again, and we've ended up losing two games (including Saturday's defeat to Newcastle)

"It wasn't good enough, that's the bottom line. We didn't go enough defensively or offensively.

"We just have to keep working hard on the training pitch and hopefully it'll turn.

"I could absolutely understand the boos from the fans. If we don't perform that's what happens.

"We have to get back to what we were doing for the Barnsley game, which was the last game we won.

"The home form has to get better. It's vital. We have to give the fans something back.

"We were too passive, we didn't dominate the ball, we weren't aggressive enough with or without the ball."

The only positives were the performances of youngsters Bright Enobakhare and Connor Ronan, with the latter making his Molineux debut. Fellow teenager Morgan Gibbs-White made his Championship bow from the bench.

Lambert, who must now raise his team for Saturday's big FA Cup visit of Premier League leaders Chelsea, added: "Connor Ronan was very good. I've said before he'll have a big career in the game. His general game was outstanding.

"The youngsters were great. Bright's been really consistent for me as well. But we lost the game and we've got to do a lot better."

"We're going to have to come through it. It makes you strong and resolute and makes you appreciate things aren't always going to go your way.

"We're a young side but they'll come through it. When we look back we'll realise you learn a lot from getting beat."

Nouha Dicko missed the game with a hamstring problem, while Ben Marshall was handed his full Wolves debut at right back.

Lambert added of the pair: "Dicko had a little hamstring thing, he tried it this morning and it was a bit tight. If we'd risked him there was a danger he could be out.

"Ben's still got to get fit, which he knows as well. There were some good moments and things he can improve on. Long term Ben will be a good player for this club."

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Comments for: "Paul Lambert angry with Wolves players after Wigan defeat"


We need points not excuses. get a grip before its to late !!!

Northern Wolf

....since Lambert has been unable to polish the unpolishable I would settle for rolling it in glitter.......

The last 4 games I have been to have been Liverpool, Barnsley, Newcastle and Wigan....on the balance of those 4 you would say were a good side, with some good players.....if you are a "home only" supporter (and not knocking anyone who is - still paying out big bucks) you would think we were bloody dreadful

We need Ronan at "10". Enobakare has great skill and pace but (as yet - he is only a kid) his head isnt as quick as his feet and he makes poor decisions. Along with Edwards neither of them showed or moved and with Wigan pressing hard our back 5 had nowhere to go other than punts up front. I love Edwards to bits but we might as well play him at "9" - he does nothing with the ball and is the best we have in the air - since that is all we give our Centre Forwards these days - he certainly isnt the solution to our issues in the middle of the park

Cradley Wolf


It's already too late m8 League 1 looms ever larger, many think that this team is too good to go down, but, unless they show significant improvement over what is left of this season then relegation is a very distinct possibility.

Lambert is about as much use as a wet paper bag, as clueless as the team he put out last night !!


disappointed lambert very disappointed you have 3 league games to get us 9points otherwise you'll get the sack. are you here for the payoff or to build a side?

got a squad of over 40, spent 20million plus on foreign players and only 3 played ikeme, Costa and bodvarsson.

we are the laughing stock of the football league at the moment.

sort your rubbish tactics out crapbert, Newcastle dire couldn't watch 2nd half what a load of rubbish.

6 wins at home Inc cups, friendlies we are on game 32, now, bloody embarrassing to call your self professional footballers, what a joke club. watch matty Taylor at Bristol scores all the goals and over take us. that Abraham is a decent striker too.

we'll be lucky to stay up going on recent form

Dudley dave

Playing three teenagers against a team of seasoned professionals at this level is stupid.

We need quality experienced championship players as you said at the start of the transfer window..

Playing kids will lose you your job Lambert, just like it did with Jackett last season.

Northern Wolf

As Alan Hansen taught us, "you win nothing with kids".....


Sorry Dudley, disagree with your statement.

Best players last night: Costa, Ronan and Enobokare (youngsters) and Ikeme.....................the rest and others in the Squad.................get rid!

Evans a new Contract? what a joke.

Their goal? a free Header?! Get Williamson back asap


Poor performance. The only thing to look forward to is to avoid relegation and a hopeful run in the the FA Cup. Against Chelsea this weekend, they can rise again for the occasion.

Forever and Up the Wolves.


I really think all the Wolves forwards must have had a vasectomy...cos they are all firing blanks!!


Thank goodness for a bit of humour, herewolf, we need it!

Olly the cat

Wolves aren't even firing blanks. You can't fire anything if you can't get to a semi. Perhaps Pele could offer our impotent strikers some advice.

Woodsetton wolf

Olly...we've got to beat Chelsea before we start thinking about that semi....nurse can I have my tablet?


I don't think he's talking about that kind of semi?

Woodsetton wolf

thommo44.....I was being ironic...note the tablet reference....please keep up (more irony).


He's angry - we're all angry, and rightly so. On this showing, given the Fosun summer budget, a committee of Wolves' fans could have brought in a better selection of players to strengthen the squad.

Olly the cat

Not half as angry as me and the other seventeen thousand faithful fans who turn up week after week and pay a lot of money to watch these overpaid pampered prima donnas put in a performance of breath taking ineptitude. After this performance Chelsea must be quaking in their boots! If Wolves play like this on Saturday they will be humiliated. It could be 5-0, 6-0, 8-0, 10-0. I was looking forward to seeing Wolves play Chelsea at a sell out Molineux. Now I'm dreading it.


We couldn't score in a month of Sundays at the minute. God help us against Chelsea after these recent performances, could be very embarrassing, particularly as they have had no mid week game to worry about so will be ready to go.

Lambert may have given up this season and is giving some of the youngsters time on the pitch to see who can hack it and who can't.......thinking ahead to next season and deciding who we keep and who we let go, and more importantly, where we need to's a heads up Paul....midfield and upfront...

We have players like Zyro and Graham to come back and if they recapture their previous form, we won't be too far away...


How can he give up, with the league position as it is? The manager reflects in the team, Lambert is dour and no one can understand him - like the last few performances. Trouble is one win and he says the corner has been turned, then back to this rubbish


I think the first person Paul Lambert should be angry with is himself. Tonight's showing was one of the worst this season and it's happened on his watch. Pick Romain Saiss or tell us all why you think he's not worthy of a place and then explain how other teams can sign strikers but you believe we don't need to. Fair play for giving the youngsters a chance but they need help from more experienced teammates. Lack of quality not solved by January signings. No quality left foot at LB. I could go on but, quite frankly, I can't be bothered at the moment.

Jack the Hat.

Lambert should have signed Lee Hughes.



Anyone with any morals should sign him, enough said.


Should not

Northern Wolf

A "smash & grab" January signing....or would it have been "hit & run"?


You should have signed off years ago.


i just got back from this dreadful game, two hours home and I'm thinking why do i bother! I prepare more for a game than the team. Nobody stood out other than the young lad Ronan, terrible, no teeth up front, wheres the next goal coming from! Im losing the will to live with these inept performances that lack any freshness or appeal, football is about making the fans excited, playing with passion, taking the ball on and getting past a few players not booting it up to Bodvarson who didn't win a ball all night. Sunday football junior league has more appeal, Lambert get a grip or let someone else have a go.


Working hard on the Training Pitch, I Think some good coaching and a game plan wouldn't go a miss So that's down to you so I would be Angry with yourself.


Angry with the players!!!!

I'M ANGRY WITH YOU lAMBERT. Why keep banging the ball forward when we are winning nothing in the air????

Absolutely rubbish tactics. Grow up and admit you got it wrong. Tonight and Saturday were a shambles. 2 shots on target in 2 games, do me a favour!!!

Aldridge Wolf

Wollffiee I couldn't agree more, I was nearly blowing a gasket watching us launch long hopeful balls up to Bod who was up against surely 2 of the biggest centre halves in the league.

I, like probably so many others who were watching this tripe, could spot that this wasn't going to work very early in the game, and yet lambert allowed most of it to slip by before changing anything. Their centre halves probably couldn't believe how easy their night's work was. They weren't the most mobile but nobody ran directly at them or made them turn, and in any case, why are we only playing 1 up front against Wigan anyway??! Bod will never score many goals because he's everywhere except in the box, but with a decent strike partner to play off him we could cause teams more problems. It's just so easy for defences to deal with us it's laughable.

We are in real trouble now I'm afraid, and the only positives to take from this latest 'worst wolves performance of the season' contender are the performances of Bright (in the main) and Conor Ronan, who I thought put many of his more seasoned team mates to shame.

Bring on Chelsea, jeez.

Enzo italia

I walked along Walsall wood road this evening and thought . Cheer up.

They can never take the 1950s away from you !

Remember Honved

Not Chorley .


Remember it well, first Wolves game for me, sitting on the wall behind the goal in the south bank. Floodlit games, what a time,what a team....


Wollffie, it's the Molineux pitch mate. It's got too much grass on it. How do you expect our players to get the ball down and play on it? We won't get anywhere until we sack the groundsman.


Or perhaps play him.


You come up with some good ideas in Sandwell. No wonder you're Prem. Why didn't I think of that? He'd have mowed them all down last night, run rings around the centre circle, and scythed through the defence.

That's the answer. Must tell Paul. You may have saved us from relegation Mcvitie man. Good work, get yourself a biscuit.


Biscuit Kid

Gloating again...!

Just do one and join the other dimwits viz Stu pid JtH Smiley Wiley. et al.

Cookley Wolf

At least that's an honest appraisal rather than trying to suggest we dominated the game and were unlucky to lose it. Although it is usually the manager who takes the flack, on this occasion I think it is the players who need to hold up their hands. Not one of them earned their wage packets tonight.

Aldridge Wolf

I think Ronan did mate, I thought he had a good game on and off the ball.


what a dire performance if Lambert angry what do the fans feel

if they were thinking about Chelsea i should think about relegation thats what on the cards

Mom Ronan . Ikeme needs to practice kicking up field

were are the goals coming from ???

wheres the passing was like a game of ping pong

Bon dadi ?? not in the game

Enzo italia

Stop it ! Stop it !

Just stop it .

Your making the villa look average.


Against Newcastle on the weekend we didn't play a bad game it's just unfortunate that we didn't get the 'rub of the green' with referee decisions. Tonight against Wigan was awful to watch. They came with no game plan whatsoever! The minute I saw them win a corner in the 87th minute I couldn't watch as I knew we were going to get that sucker punch. I was glad Diko didn't start as he is a shadow of his former self since coming back from injury. On the other hand Bodvarson cannot win ANY aerial balls for such a big lad!

I'm just hoping and praying we don't get battered by the Prem leaders on the weekend....this is painful!


Your angry Mr Lambert, you want to see it from our end, you shipped Prince out, Saiss don't even get on the bench, you buggered Tex off without even playing him, you ignore the fact we needed a striker and brought in Marshall and Weighman.and to cap it all you are asking young lads to do a man's job.

Well now we're in a relegation dog fight. And losing to Wigan whom had one chance and scored were given three points. Shambles at best...

if you forget the cup results PL results have been terrible im sure Zenga's results were better the cup results have papered over the cracks if we lose at the weekend all we have left is a relegation battle Its ok PL defending his strikers but they are paid to score goals and they do not score goals where else would a team keep picking these players? this is down to the manager we needed a striker in the window if we go down he should be gone quite honestly even if we stay up the owners should look at his record he is starting to bring in some of his own players and we are no better than when he took over


11 games in the championship (Tues) 42 goals scored, only one team didn't manage a goal, not a decent attempt on goal in the last 3 games, no entertainment value whatsoever at £30 a time. We put more effort in getting there than what we see when we do. New owners,new manager,new players,same old rubbish.

The Flying Winger

This could have been written by any of the last three managers.


What's the obvious connection with the last 3 managers, FW?

Majority of the same players - no spine in the team, both literally in football terms, and metaphorically in character terms. No fire in their bellies, no guts. When terms such as 'complacency' are used by a true Pro, who ran for more lost causes for this club and turned them into success than this lethargic lot have had hot dinners, it is no wonder that the present situation is so bleak.

Silver Wolf

When the team play too deep and the tempo isn't quick enough whose instructions are they following? If not the managers then one can only assume they are suiting themselves.

It could be too many have their eyes on the FA Cup and Chelsea and are choosing to ignore the look of Division 1. I love Wolves to win the tie, but given the choice of a win and Championship football next year, I'd accept going down to Chelsea by a cricket score.


I was so sad when due to ill health I had to relinquish my season ticket......but know i'm not so sure it was a bad thing ...I really do feel for you guys who turn up week in and week out only to be served up complete and utter rubbish from the top down....but fingers crossed we will turn the corner cos' I don't think Fosun will allow this crap to continue as they see their investment showing no signs of a healthy return. We all know it takes time to repair damage and to steady a ship in stormy sea's, but I really do think our position right now,and disregard the F.A CUP,should be a lot further away from the bottom of the table than we are right be honest I think any Wolves fan would have been happy to have finished anywhere above halfway this season and then look to press on next year....anyway I've had my rant fingers crossed the light is there at the end of the tunnel and Fosun will keep it switched on!!

Silver Wolf

I can't imagine a company such as Fosun putting up with much more of this dross. They haven't achieved success by throwing money away - yet not all of their investments can have been good ones. What chance they got rid the moment they sensed they had made a poor investment. Cutting your losses has to be the way of things sometimes. Would you keep going to watch this lot unless the club was in your heart and soul?

My health too has brought my watching to a close for this season, and a part of me is thankful for small mercies. With a few exceptions it's been damned awful.


How angry Paul?

In 47 years of watching the Wolves last night has to be one of the worst performances I can remember.

Show how angry you are by dropping 7 of the starting 11 last night.

Keep Costa , Ikeme , Ronan and Enobokare and ditch the rest against Chelsea.


He has not got a clue. No Idea what he is doing a tinker man.


Lumprot OUT!!!


Here come the excuses, look mate you choose the team, only hope it wasn't chosen with one eye on Saturday. FA cup is a great competition but would exchange the wins over Stoke and Liverpool for six points after last night.


Lambert record now worse than previous chumps think that is a damming statistic.

He is mad look in the mirror I think ......i dont see him as the man to lead us to the promised land more like a swamp and I have been consistent with that position.

I feel we will stay up more by failures of others than our ability.

Inclosing look forward to seeing our FA cup fans the week end it will give everyone a chance to review the push for playoff positions.....

Very very frustrated but they say out of darkness cometh light I hope but lambert not the man with the lamp ....

Wolves forever


I do not blame the forwards for firing blanks blame the midfield I do not care who plays in midfield wether its Price Edwards Evans Cody they only know how just to lump the ball forward when there is no creative midfielder what do you expect you had one and we sold him on the cheap to fulham

Black Country Wanderer

"Marshall is not fit and he knows that" then why play him?

Saiss is an international player,why is he not even on the bench?

Edwards has done nothing for the last 3 games,we have no bite in midfield,we don't look like scoring unless Costa does something special,and we are guaranteed to concede from a cross at some stage,otherwise its all good

The people calling Zenga a clown,may wish the circus was back in town soon

Ive said before ,we have basically the same players playing now as we had last season,they weren't good enough then, and they are no better now

If we survive this season there has to be a major clear out,not just talk about it like January,do it!!

The Flying Winger

B C W, it's not even anger it's why is he messing about with the team, we know why as you say we have generally the same set of players who we know are not good enough, the mediocre midfielders that were signed on bargin basementioned terms which we are now giving contracts to.

He will get the odd game out of them that's the law of averages but to win consistently no its not going to happen didn't last season and won't this season, no striker in the January window is an abdication of responsibility to the fams.

Until new blood comes in and I am not talking about Marshall or Wiemann he will keep shuffling the pack.

The fans who of course know nothing identified a couple of years back what was wanted, LB, CB,Midfield General / Captain, Creative Midfielder, Striker and LW,a flying one would Help! What happened not a lot so result is last night with more to come.


Most of these players have seen off 2or 3 managers and soon to be a forth if things carry on as they are. I think we already know most of them just cant hack it ,but whats worse is that they seem to be untrainable and just never learn


no creative midfield, no goalscoring striker = no chance


Who were saying that Wolves would make the play offs and that Lambert was improving the team? We can't score! Lambert keeps changing the team with no improvement; why did he play Marshall when he admits he is not match fit. Wolves are struggling we should have had Warnock look how he has improved Cardiff. We are now in a relegation battle. Lets face it we are a poor team at the moment and I am really concerned. I am not a Lambert man but I was hoping he would change the team and be up near the top but it seems like he does not know his best team.


On the plus side we seem to stay more or less 5 points above the drop zone win, lose or draw. Will certainly settle for that come may.

Cradley Wolf


Come Saturday it will be down to 3 points, Come May it will be bye bye Championship and a trip to sunny Scunny next season !!!


Still the pessimist then Cradley glass always half empty...we know we are rubbish but hey keep the faith that we wont go down ....and its funny a few months back people were saying rather Lambert than Bruce lol ain't hindsight a fabulous thing plus I think I saw a few comments saying about time we got someone to steady the ship etc.etc.etc.still if the majority daint have a moan we have sweet F.A. to read :)

Cradley Wolf


We really do now need to face up to the possibility that relegation is a real possibility

especially as other teams around us are picking up points if we keep getting dross performances from these overpaid prima donnas that call themselves footballers then

we all must admit that relegation cannot be ruled out.

It galls me to have paid out for a S T and have to be subjected to performances like last night I for one will not be renewing for next season I don't see the point of wasting my hard earned cash to give to those useless bunch of losers !

I daren't write what I feel about last nights performance otherwise i'd be banned by the mods but to call it disgusting is putting it very mildly !!


Lambert has lost his way, why keep changing the team, playing Marshall then saying he is not match fit beggers belief. his record is now worse than Zenga, when he took over he said the squad was too large but he is trying to give the whole squad a game!. He must know by now the whole squad is of very poor quality. a massive clear out is needed in the summer. Hoof ball seems to be his tactic.

Ye Olde South Bank

No strikers, no midfield creativity, no confidence. We also have a boss who, after an encouraging start, is starting to confuse me, just as Kenny Jackett did. After last night's horror show, I'm dreading the Cup game.


Kenny couldnt do anything with this lot ,then Walter couldnt and now Lambert cant, just about says it all about the majority of this sorry bunch and why he continues with Baath as captain is beyond me as he is just not a leader. A very forceful captain is needed but god knows who could take that on with these players is a mystery to me Anybody ???

Benny Hill's dad

So PL is angry and disappointed! Well I'm "Furious and Bloody Disgusted"!!! What the hell is going on? There is one simple answer to this - Listen to the fans, you know, those people who were here decades before you arrived. The ones that have suffered this crap year after year with a management that was worse than Capt Smith's on the Titanic. Time after time the same comments have come from these people who "know nothing" and they have been ignored. I am beginning to think this club has a curse on it, apart from "Jack The Prat", and he's irrelevant anyway. These "Idiots" who turn up and pay to be kicked in the teeth on a regular basis would have saved this club millions over the years if they had been listened to. Why wasn't the air turned blue at half time, why so many changes, where is the belief, the passion, the guts? SORT IT.

Molly Knew

Great comments Benny!!!!!

Molly Knew

The vast majority of the current squad have been at the club long enough. Most of us are wise enough to know that 90% of them are NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR THE CHAMPIONSHIP.

Given the opportunity to change things the following would go -

Ikeme, Stearman, Batth, Hause,Bod, Dicko, Saville, Evans, Wallace.

Problem is, who the hell would take on a bunch of overpaid, under performing excuses for footballers? NO ONE!! Thats the problem. No doubt Thewell will still be there come what may, not sure what hold he has on the board, because if he was judged on his performance , like the players and Manager, he would have been moved out sometime ago.

In 57 years of watching Wolves, that was one of the most inept and poor games I have ever attended.

No skill, no tactics, no commitment, no real effort (except Ronan), it says it all when a youngster from the academy is the best player on the pitch in his home debut. Another Robbie Keane in the making?

How long will we keep hold of him, Costa etc? The CEO is on a sure fire winner advertising season tickets with a big discount on reaching a target, the way things are going they are likely to get less takers than they currently have.


Lambert failed at Villa and he is failing her at Wolves. time to get rid of him

Molly Knew



WHAT ABOUT AN APOLOGY FROM THE PLAYERS AND MANAGER FOR THEIR INEPT PERFORMANCES OVER THE LAST THREE GAMES - It will never happen as the players see nothing wrong with their attitude and performance, for that matter neither does the Manager.

Not sure who asks the questions on Wolves iPlayer interviews, but he is not asking the right questions or demanding answers as to why PL continually messes with the team and formations, why did he not buy a striker in January, why wasn't Williamson given at least half a game in the defence last night? Why are our lone strikers always isolated? etc etc etc


Inexcusable non poerformance by the team tonight. Chopping the team around and playing yougsters doesnt help either. This was an important game - far more important than Chelsea on Saturday - and the manager and players blew it. Three points last night against a relegation side was far more important that a win against Chelsea on Saturday. If its a Wolves repeat performance on Saturday welle be that far behind the ground will be almost empty by FT. JUST NOT GOOD ENOUGH. Beginning to wonder why I got an Early Birs if this game was a forerunner to what we will get next season.

Cradley Wolf

I hope those who posted on here saying Lambert will be our saviour are choking on their own spew !!!

We are now in a worse posistion than when we had Walter Zenga as manager just check the stats if you don't believe me, at least Walter brought a passion to this once great club and now what do we have ?

Another bloody Kenny Jackett !!!!!

Lame excuse after lame excuse it's so monotonous it bores me to tears. I said from the start that we would get nowhere with Lambert and i'm glad i'm being proved right, the only spark we saw was young Conor Ronan who put the senior players to shame throughout the game.

I along with countless others am dreading what the score will be against Chelsea on Saturday, it wouldn't surprise me to see us concede 5 or 6 without reply.

Jeff Shi and Fosun should now be looking for a top class manager with a proven track record to replace Lambert at the end of this season and give him the funds to bring in the quality we so desperately need to take this club forward and rid the club of the losers that have been a bain on this club over the last few seasons. Stuff FFP rules take the fine we'd get and carry on, at least we could get in some quality to get us moving in the right direction instead of the downward spiral that we are now on.



Well PL if you carry on like this you will be able to have a nice long holiday in May.

This is absolute dross.

Most of the players we have are just not good enough, and our position in the league proves it.

What happened to we all feel so confident,we can beat any body. Well the confidence is still there only we can loose to any body.

Come the summer I hope we will have a new team in place, if we stay up. but if we don't then i think Fosun will mainly keep to the same squad as we have now.

It would be interesting to see what the Chinese think of our laughing stock of a team. when it is beamed live to them.I hope they cancel the subscriptions.

Why is it that every time we get a new Coach/manager the dross is still the same. Must be down to training or lack of it. It might be a good idea, when we know what end we are attacking to put a big white arrow to let the players know which way to kick the they always seem to bass the ball back wards.

Well I would not rush to get the season ticket to save a bit because they will have to reduce the prices when we are in div One.


Don't tell us Paul, we already know how they let us down. We have watched that match so many times over the years.

It's UP TO YOU to sort it.

Winning Game Plan please!


After last night's performance i now have a decision to make. Do i watch Pointless Celebrities on BBC1 on Saturday evening or do i watch Pointless Turning Up on BT Sport.

billy right

Well here we go again , some body laid out a lot of dosh , what have we got a new team called RELEGATION UNITED , nobody seems worried. Yet last August there was a lot of hot air about promotion , change managers and there is not really any change. WE NEED PLAYERS THAT WILL EARN THEIR KEEP.


Your the manager fix it or get out we are a laughing stock under you no don't fix get out now quick


People keep on about top class manager and quality players ,why would either of these want to come to a bottom 6 championship side.


At least Zenga had some style = Lambert is just boring dross, same old same old-speak to Villa fans if you dont believe me


I come to all home games after a round trip of 360 miles only to see a total load of rubbish. Ikeme saw more of the ball last night than for most of the games this season but the were passes back from our own defenders. The midfield with Evans in it is out of its depth. the 2 kids were ok and did a reasonable job but you cant expect them to fill the void left by so called experienced men. The forwards ,well I thought they went away for most of the game and didn't come back. The ball is lumped upfield for anyone who can get near it and no one ever does. Distribution is dire from the back. Team selection is a surprise to all at the game and supporters can't recognise who is playing and it appears that their own team mates can't. What we all want is a team that competes we all like to win but to lose like that is by the club unforgivable.


Gary Rowlett please. Before its too late...

Cradley Wolf


Who's Gary Rowlett I always thought his surname was Rowett old chap lol

Dudley dave

Lambert, its no excuse to keep saying we are a young team.

Fosun have spent 27 million on players and still we are playing last seasons rejects and ones for the future.


To be fair you can't keep blaming the manager. He has barely been here 5 minutes. If I inherited a bunch of low standard tools in my job then you would not expect me to produce a better product until I got some new ones of my own. It is then that people would be able to judge my workmanship. Likewise Lambert. These are not his tools.


Didn't he say there were too many tools and he was getting rid of the rusty ones?

He did, but he hasn't