Wolves fans should be investigated over Jonjo Shelvey treatment says Newcastle boss Rafa Benitez

Newcastle manager Rafa Benitez has called for the FA to investigate Wolves fans for the stick they gave Jonjo Shelvey at Molineux on Saturday.

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Jonjo Shelvey blows a kiss towards the Wolves fans at the end of Newcastle's 1-0 win at Molineux

Shelvey – who was suspended for five matches after being found guilty of racially abusing Wolves' Romain Saiss last September – was booed throughout Newcastle's 1-0 win and the Wolves supporters directed several chants at him.

Benitez believes fans should 'have more respect' and that the FA should look into what was said.

"One thing the FA has to maybe consider is what the fans were saying," Benitez said.

When asked if the FA should look at it, Benitez replied: "Maybe, to control what the fans say and have more respect."

It's not clear what chants in particular Benitez was referring to.

Shelvey's team mate Jamaal Lascelles said it was 'terrible' that the midfielder had been banned in the first place.

He revealed that a number of Newcastle players had urged Shelvey to 'keep his head' at Molineux, with Lascelles himself telling Shelvey to 'embarrass' the Wolves fans with a good performance.

"He handled it really well," Magpies captain Lascelles said. "From what happened last time, it was terrible what happened to him. It should never have happened. Jonjo is not that type of person.

"But it happened and he has come here. A few of us told him to keep his head because they might try and do it again.

"I just said 'play your football and you can embarrass them by being the best player on the pitch' and that is exactly what he did.

"Credit to him, he is a smart lad. He kept a cool head."

Aleksandar Mitrovic controversially scored the winning goal minutes after he avoided a second yellow card for a foul on Carl Ikeme.

Benitez withdrew the striker at half time, which Mitrovic later admitted was the right thing to do.

Benitez said: "We could see today the atmosphere was not ideal for him and we needed to be sure we were protecting him and protecting the team at the same time.

And Lascelles added of the incident: "He was just going for the ball. A defender has shoved him in the back and that made Mitrovic run into the goalkeeper.

"There was no malice."

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Comments for: "Wolves fans should be investigated over Jonjo Shelvey treatment says Newcastle boss Rafa Benitez"


"And Lascelles added of the incident: "He was just going for the ball. A defender has shoved him in the back and that made Mitrovic run into the goalkeeper."

The problem is, there was no one behind Mitrovic. Stears was in front of him and Mitrovic stamped down on Ikemes Achilles. A second booking, red card, should have walked.

Wolf in Liverpool

Benitez certainly has a point though, i was sat in the Steve Bull upper and some of the chants and comments (mainly coming from the south bank) made towards Shelvey and Benitez were disgusting. There was also comments being shouted out from people near me, who clearly weren't season ticket holders but seemed to take delight in abusing Shelvey about his Alopecia totalis disorder, however what these clueless idiots and morons (i refuse to call them fans) seem to realise is that this abuse just spurred Shelvey on and he was streets ahead of anything that we had in midfield especially the useless Jack Price. Also the chants towards Benitez were definitely of a racist nature, but again it seems that when you are the ones giving it out it doesn't matter.

The Flying Winger

"Are you giving it out on Price time after time", he is actually a Wolves player.

Wolf in Liverpool

This has nothing to do with Jack Price though and the fact that you have to bring his name into a discussion that has nothing to do with him is clearly you trying to deflect away from the behaviour of some of the idiots mainly in the south ban. Anyway i can take criticism so i don't mind giving it out, sadly following on from Price's comments on the official website on Friday and then his performance on the pitch on Saturday he clearly can't take it.

If you think that the abusive and racist chants that were clearly audible both live at the game and the Sky SFX microphones then that says more about you as an individual.

The Flying Winger

Blimey you do get angry you need to calm down, you are the one that is vocal all the time about Price Inc your piece above were you mention his name, hello.

Your last paragraph I shall ignore as you are clearly very upset.


In the latter post you say this: "This has nothing to do with Jack Price though and the fact that you have to bring his name into a discussion that has nothing to do with him is clearly you trying to deflect away from the behaviour of some of the idiots..."

And yet... In the former, which he was responding to,you wrote: "this abuse just spurred Shelvey on and he was streets ahead of anything that we had in midfield especially the useless Jack Price."

Price-less! (as I'm sure you'll agree, if not with the same meaning)


I thought someone was a bit upset about a comment you made on the quality of Jack Price as a player from another post you made saying that every opportunity you got you slagged him off ...well i amazed how right they were!! I see you do slag him off at every opportunity you get and you say you wouldnt call those chanting fans..take a look in the mirror pal Jack might not be the best in the team but he certainly domnt deserve all the flack you directing at him ...as a Wolves fan (and I use the word fan lightly) you have shown more respect for Shelvey & Benitez than you own player!! oh how silly of me your from Liverpool so you would jump to their defence would you not!!

Wolves fan indeed

Woodsetton wolf

herewolf..... Good post...I am that man and I am glad you picked up on my point. I christened him the 'anti fan' and to be honest he is now becoming an embarrassment to everyone including himself.

I respect anybody's right to state their opinion but if he was reading out the weather forecast he would blame Jack Price for all of the nasty bits.

We know Price isn't a world beater but everything is relative and he is one of our best midfielders. God knows why he brings out such bile in the scouser, he is hardly the stuff of pantomime villains...now JJS...he is a different matter altogether.


Hoy fella, Shelvey called our player a dirty smelly effin Arab and that's fact, why don't you and Raffa do one................

Wolf in Liverpool

Calling someone from an Arabic country is hardly crime of the century and worthy of public lynching. Shelvey got rightly banned and has served his punishment. The fact is two wrongs don't make and some of the chants aimed towards both Shelvey and Benitez were hypocritical of some of our fans.


I like Lambert states on the other thread didn't hear anything out of order. And whatever was said Shelvey deserved and expected it.

Wolf in Liverpool

If you

Wolf in Liverpool

If you didn't hear anything then i suggest that you go for a hearing test as it was very loud and predominant where i was sat in the Steve Bull upper, and having watch the game back on Sky it was also clear on their sfx microphones. Regarding Lambert's comments i would take them with a huge pinch of salt as this is the man who claimed that Jack Price dominated the midfield in the first half! He also said that he won't let anybody criticise the support, but what a stupid comment that is. Personal abuse and racism need to be criticised and for Lambert to claim that he won't let anyone criticise such behaviour shows himself up and is probably due to him being a Glaswegian.


It's a football game not Sunday school and if your that shocked at what a few morons might have said in the crowd then you should where ear plugs now stop making summit out of nothing.

Wolf in Liverpool

A game of football or not, it doesn't make the behaviour and language excusable.


So in conclusion, it appears that some people who go to football matches say awful things. Why, in my 55 years of attending matches I'd not noticed before.

Meanwhile, on social

Media and t'internet a person can slag off jack price (and some guy from hatherton wolves) all you like, even when he isn't on the pitch, as happened after the Liverpool win! Yet still refer to yourself as a loyal fan.

It's a funny old world.

Molly Knew

Are you Morgan in disguise!!!!


And yet, your cure and the solution to his references are both so simple... Stop coming on here and I promise, it will all go away

Now, go on, just let it, go away... Go. Away.


Being a cheb-end isn't an illness, merely a character flaw.


Hat thing.

And I will continue to do so if you continue to abuse and threaten me...!

Using your illness and. Bouncer experience should not be used as an excuse for making veiled threats, personal abuse and using disgusting low life comments about all things Wolverhampton (Cesspit City. just a reminder)

End of.


Well said,I for one would love shelvey in our midfield totally ran it,look what we have bloody jack price,Lee Evans far better but still not good enough,the reason we don't score up front is no link we have negative cmidfielders,where is our Paul cook ,Kenny hobbits,Nigel Vaughan and other greats,Evans is the best at the moment,I like Edwards for his goal getting but what else does he do really,Marshall brought on,on the left,bodvarsob in the flanks,can't we play players in there correct positions,also why was bright taken off


Kenny Hobbits.....lol says it all who could take you comments seriously it's Kenny Hibbitt you Richard Cranium!!


Think he is talking out of his "Precious" by the sound of it.


Kenny Hobbits - was that when we had Frodo up front and Gandolf in goal? Those were the days.


It's done now; this story has more than run its course so let's all get on with it.

I heard the chants on Saturday; not going to pretend I was particularly offended by them nor if truth be told was I particularly offended by what Shelvy said to Saiss in the first place.

There are more important things happening in the world than to unduely keep resuscitating this story.

Enzo italia

Well said raiden.

Wolves losing & the fans being disgraceful .

Nothing new there . Same old story .

Molly Knew

grow up


'nor if truth be told was I particularly offended by what Shelvy said to Saiss in the first place.' says it all really........moron!

Wolf in Liverpool

Really? Calling someone from an Arabic country is hardly an arab whilst wrong is hardly a massively offensive comment. Shelvey has served his ban but some 'fans' still can't accept this and then think that abusing someone makes it OK. People need to learn that two wrongs don't make a right, so of course Benitez will want action taken.

Jack the Hat.

in Liverpool,

If some-one called me a smelly fornicating Englishman I would give him the name of my aftershave.



Obviously, the Wolves players involved, along with Saiss, understood why the language used was racist, offensive & wrong!.....Perhaps because they're educated?



it's you then that's creating the Odour on here...!


Do one kid.

Calling someone from an Arabic country an Arab is not remotely offensive.

Prefixing it with 'smelly'? Yes thats pretty distasteful, and i'm glad he got banned.

But i'm not going to pretend I was morally outraged by it - because I wasn't.

And neither were you.

Grow up you silly little boy and stop pretending everything offends you. It became tedious a long time ago.


Who gives one Raffa...

Bedford Wolf

As Benitez supported Shelvey and claimed he'd done nothing wrong even when he was found guilty perhaps his viewpoint isn't worth a thing? Mind you am not sure Spaniards and anti-racism are terms you will often here in the same sentence. As for him wanting Wolves fans investigated for being beastly and saying nasty horrid things to his player - ah, diddums, grow up.


Obviously Benitez feels he has an axe to grind where Wolves are concerned - and, in any case, when you think about it, he does tend to carp on about things in some of his interviews.


I find Benitez's remarks just plain daft, and probably designed to deflect any call for the FA to investigate Mitrovic's appalling tackle on Ikeme - which is more valid.


What happens on the pitch every time and yes, I was back of the North Bank and I saw the deliberate elbow earlier in the game and the studs up on Ikeme. The ref and linesman bottled it.

The Flying Winger

Ritchie, He was looking to foul all the time and Lascelles comment about him being pushed in the back just gets ,more comical.

Chorley Steve

Dek. Said virtually same on other posts. Could have ruined Carl's career.

Cradley Wolf

If he can't take it he shouldn't of dished it out in the first place against Saiss should he

Wolves fans are like elephants they never forget !!!

So in my opinion he got what he deserved as for Benitez who does he think he is Tommy The Bloody Torreador !!!

Wolf in Liverpool

I would say that Shelvey can take it though as proved by his performance on the pitch on Saturday in that he totally bossed the midfield despite not getting out of 2nd gear and showed the likes of Price, Evans and Edwards up for what they actually are. Shelvey played the pantomime villain well in that he didn't let the abuse affect his performance and then sarcastically applauded his abusers the south bank at the end of the game.

He showed a lot more restraint and professionalism than our 'fans' who seem to enjoy giving it out but then bay for blood when the tables are turned.


Shelvey cost Newcastle £20m, so there is a bit of a difference. Unfortunately apart from being a good player, he is a racist p***k!


so tell me Wolf in Liverpool...why ain't you called Wolf in Newcastle cos you have shown more support for an EX Liverpool player & an EX Liverpool manager than you own team and I think you maybe an EX Liverpool or even Newcastle fan..cos the way you have slagged our players off' and that's not only Jack Price, you certainly ain't a Wolves fan !!

Just to remind you of your comment in case you forgot " showed the likes of Price, Evans and Edwards up for what they actually are. What a sad so called Wolves supporter you are (please note i did say so called !!)

Chorley Steve

True cradley.benitez is deflecting away from the truth in that he has a racist in his team. I didn't hear anything but boos from the Stan Cullis. Benitez should get his ears checked & prove he has the all clear before from the quack before accusing true honest fans. After all would be accuse him of slipping a bunk to that ref we had Saturday? thought has crossed my mind after seeing that thug Serb/Croat nearly ruin Carl's season.


Jamaal Lascelles ought to be brought to task for saying "they might try to do it again" - clearly inferring the racist abuse 3 Wolves players heard was contrived.

What sort of slur was that on the character of 3 Wolves players after he was found guilty.

As regards the singing, it could have been far worse, but fair play he let his football do the talking and played well.


So Newcastle are actively belittling the issue of racism? Their Captain Lascelles said. "From what happened last time, it was terrible what happened to him". That's a condemnation of the FA's conclusion & actions in finding him guilty of & punishing him for his racist remark.

He was the perpetrator, and now Newcastle are trying to make out he was the victim, and are chastising our fans for heckling him for what he did. Benitez even suggests they should be censored, like we live in a totalitarian state.

Spain is renowned for being racist, look at their treatment of F1 drivers.

Perhaps E&S should have run this story as Newcastle FC / Benitez support racism?

Bedford Wolf

Very well said. Echoes my views exactly.


Yep mine exactly.


Shut your mouth Fat Spanish waiter

Wolf in Liverpool

My point proven. That is no more of a racist comment than what Shelvey was found guilty of.


No it isn't.

Wolf in Liverpool

Yes it has there was no need to bring up Benitez's nationality, and the fact that it has been used in such a derogatory manner does prove my point. If you can't see this then you need educating about racism.

Swindon wolves

So is this football. What does Benitez exspect. We pay our money to support and let off steam. Go to church if you want it all PC. Remember the old days they would be investigating 30,000 and on the midfield Evans was good when he came on and first half we should have been at least in front Edwards doesn't pick up close enough and we need to shoot more than trying to walk it in the net. Wolves were the better team on first half performance. Just need a goal scorer. Was worried by Marshall when he came on as looked like he had never seen a ball. I would have liked Ronan to have started


Shelvey knew what to expect when he came to our ground. Any player who "is out of order" in any way towards an opponent knows he will get verbal retribution when he turns up on the oppositions' pitch. It happens somewhere every week. If they haven't learned that yet, managers and players alike, they are very naive. If they don't fancy it, don't do it. Benitez would have done better to keep the lid on instead of foolishly extending the affair.


Not sure how much Benitez understands respect ... must be the Liverpool/Gerrard version that he refers to.


Could not agree more. The waiter's greatest achievement was mainly down to gerrard diving in the penalty area to make in 3-3 in that awful Champions League Final. So rather than sugar-coating Voldemort, the great Rafa should much make sure that his players 'respect' the concept of honesty and the rules of the game


Lascelles is clueless. Mitrovic should have been booked for the first challenge on Batth. The player clearly looks where the defender was on both occasions and backs in and therefore being a persistent offender can warrant a yellow card each time. Studding the back of the leg of Ikeme is a definite yellow and probably a red. There is no doubt he should have been sent off before Benitez pulled him off.

The game was not a great spectacle and Newcastle were fortunate to win and not concede a penalty for a clear handball! Wigan is now a must win though!


What a jerk is Mr Benitez - "more respect" indeed for a stupid player with a nasty, malicious streak. Shelvey took the flak and to be fair put in a performance for his team. Shelvey may well have learned something from this experience, including that racist name calling is unacceptable. I think the South Bank chant was spot on and only halfwit would expect to come to Wolves (of all places) and not expect to be barracked. Come on, on this occasion, Shelevy got what was coming to him. What a silly, little, pompous man is Benitez. I thought Mitorovic was a nasty piece of work going down every time the ball was near him and leaving his foot in more than once. Newcastle will go up as they are not mugs and can manage games like this. WW have to learn to make far more chances than they did. This is now THE big issue for Wolves. Despite the huff and puff on a terribly cold evening, WW end result of just 2 shots on target was poor, poor, poor. In fact a miserable 2 shots ought to trigger a refund from the club. I feel for Dicko. He is still a class act, yet barely ever gets played in, yet he is there, on a defender's shoulder continually. Give the guy some service!!!

Molly Knew



Late on Coady put a cross over begging to be headed in right in front of goal. Nouha never made any attempt at all to jump for the ball. I have said all season that Nouha will have a good 2nd half of the season like he always does but I think he needs to be taken out of the limelight for a bit.

Ye Olde South Bank

...And how, exactly, does Benitez think the FA can "control what the fans say"?

Shut the entire South Bank for the rest of the season? Identify individuals on video, raid their homes and put them in the dock? Deduct league points from Wolves, even though the club aren't responsible for others' verbal actions, let alone predict the offending chants in advance?

Still, in the midst of this overblown affair, at least Toon fans have been outstanding, model citizens over the years, so that's comforting to know.

Wolf in Liverpool

Of course the FA can't control what the fans say, but the FA can punish clubs for the behaviour of their fans. In fact as it was our home game we would also be responsible for the behaviour of the Newcastle fans within the ground. The FA can either fine the club, which is normally the first step but if it continues then yes they can make the club close parts or even all of the ground and make the club play behind closed doors. Then after that the next step of punishment would be a points deduction. For example i know of a non-league club where one individual was found to have made racist comments during a match and the FA fined them and have warned them that they face long bans from FA competitions-in their case the FA Cup and FA Trophy.


Ref and Asst need investigating too for inability to see foyull play and observe the offside rule.

Wolf in Liverpool

Really? How can you say that? The referee's foul detection was very good during the game as the foul was given against Mitrovic on Ikeme. Also there is no offside rule (it's called a law) and nor was the 'offside' decision was not as clear cut as you make out due to it coming off Conor Coady and it then comes down to how you interpret the laws. This was same referee who was in charge for our win at Anfield two weeks earlier and i doubt very much you were complaining about him then.

Woodsetton wolf

Wolf....people keep forgetting that you are a fully qualified referee so it is always welcome when you explain the intricate Laws of the game. Your recent 'goalie losing his bearings law' was a cracker and much appreciated. I can quite see why you are so familiar with that particular law as the age group you referee have to live with the problem of the keeper getting entangled with his nappy and tottering well outside the penalty area on a regular basis.

Your defence of Shelvey exposed you as the wind up merchant that you are...I won't split hairs with you...in fact Shelvey can't. Just cut all the bleeding heart rubbish...his complaint involves lack of facial hair but with no other physical side effects. Most footballers shave their heads at some stage anyway. Granted some people may have some mental issues but I doubt that Selvey is one of them. Obviously it is a much bigger problem for ladies and I do feel great sympathy for them.

Start concentrating on building our own lads up instead of slagging off your chosen targets. Even better...stay in Liverpool.


Hey Woodsetton...I hope his standard of refereeing was somewhat better than his so called support of Wolves..and if you want anything towards a ticket for him to get back to Liverpool ask Benitez or Shelvey but whatever you do don't ask me :)


Maybe he was in charge for the Liverpool game but i don't recall any vicious bone crunching tackles during that game which was played in a great cup tie spirit and atmosphere maybe that's why your knocking the Wolves midfield now after you team were dispatched by our team!!


I don't wish to get involved really, but I couldn't help noticing that when you earlier quite rightly stated "personal abuse and racism need to be criticised" you then went on yourself to criticise Lambert's remarks, adding his viewpoint was "probably due to him being a Glaswegian". Is that not a case of double standards on your part?


well done Solent I read that but failed to comment ...thank you for doing so



Bang on the button as always.

Just on a further point re Wolf in Liverpool.

I have been a Wolves supporter for well over 65years and in all that time I have never known a Liverpudlian support any other team but Liverpool or Everton.

Reading his comments do I smell a rat...?

I could be wrong...! There again...!

Chorley Steve

Mitrovic did his best to put Carl out for the season,if not longer.anyone who's played the game at various levels could see that. Perhaps Benitez put a bung via another source into the refs favourite charity fund to go lialently on his team ? Now that would be a story.


You're obviously a Liverpool fan. I'm sure you'll have some anecdotal evidence about being a wolves fan, but. You are clearly a Red Scouser at the core. Chuff off


Feel sorry for a RACIST? Do one Raffa, you disgraced yourself & Newcastle Utd by supporting the Racist. And please don't give me all that, "he's been punished" nonsense. He still won't admit it & so deserves all he gets. Perhaps there's a reason you can't see that Raffa.....

bad boy muscat

Firstly if anybody is found guilty of racism in there place of work that warrants a disciplinary hearing , racism is gross misconduct which 9/10 times wil result in a sacking. Why are footballers not treated the same?

Jonjo got everything he deserved on Saturday there is know place for any sort of prejudice these says. Second of all I was disgusted with the sun goals report on the game, to quote a phrase from the report " but he kept a cool head and had the last laugh by helping to create the winning goal" ???? Really??? How can this be printed?? I emailed my anger to the sun to which I was repied "I think it was more a question of admiration for somebody who rose above the racial abuse" Im fuming!!!!!!


Rich comments coming from Rafa! where was his comments when Shelvey abused Saiss, why did he not suspend him on top of the FA's suspension? Where are his comments regarding their striker on Saturday after he should have seen 3 maybe 4 yellows?

He obviously condones racism and cheating so do one Rafa. What a prat!

Cradley Wolf

Rafa Benitez has now changed his name to Manuel and has been offered a job by Basil Fawlty as a waiter when he retires from football.


I suggest you watch this Rafa !!

Chester Wolf

Benitez should make better use of his time by keeping the Neanderthal Shelvey in check. To call Shelvey a professional is an insult to the many players who do conduct themselves properly.


I'm with Benitez you dingles are a disgrace !!

Cradley Wolf

bog off back to the brum rd mudflats you nerk...

Chorley Steve

Wait till Benitez gets one on him about Sandwell Town . Probably sooner than you think.


Maybe you think racism is okay? Maybe you do not see the relevance of the entire debate and just want to have a go at 'Dingles'. Either way, you are stupid


Stu pid.

A disgrace eh...!

As the old adage goes:- It takes one to find one...!



I dont agree with racism but does this give you the right to abuse Shelvey with the abusive personal name calling surely your doing to him what he did to your player i think your the stupid one !!


Stu pid.

My God. That's prime coming from you...!

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