Fitness verdict on Andy Lonergan and Mike Williamson for Liverpool FA Cup tie

Wolves boss Paul Lambert must choose between Andy Lonergan and Harry Burgoyne for Saturday’s big FA Cup clash against Liverpool – but Mike Williamson won’t feature.

Soccer - Pre Season Friendly - Cork City v Wolverhampton Wanderers
Andy Lonergan Pulled off an incredibly double save to give Wolves victory.

Lonergan is back in training after missing the past few weeks with a knee injury.

He faces a straight fight with 20-year-old Burgoyne to get the nod between the sticks at Anfield after Carl Ikeme’s appeal against his red card at Norwich was rejected.

The FA have reduced Ikeme's ban from three games to two after agreeing his punishment was excessive – but they rejected a claim of wrongful dismissal.

Ikeme will also miss Tuesday's Championship trip to face Barnsley.

Centre-back Williamson has also been ruled out of the Anfield cup tie.

He is sidelined with a groin injury but should be back in contention for next weekend's away game at Burton Albion.

Paul Lambert told the Express & Star: "Harry’s available and Andy’s training. If it’s going to be Harry I don’t have a problem.

"He’s never let me down before. Mentally he can handle the game, even with 50-odd thousand there I think he can handle it.

"That’s the same for any of the young kids.

"Andy wasn’t available on Saturday but he’s been back training with us. He’s doing alright, he hasn’t played (for a while). It’s more likely that he’ll be (available).

"Mike had a slight groin thing but it’s not bad, just enough to keep him out for a couple more games depending on how he does this week and next week.

"Maybe not for this Saturday, it’ll be a bit early.

"It’s nothing to do with his old injury. You’re going to get little things like that when you’ve been out for a long time."

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Comments for: "Fitness verdict on Andy Lonergan and Mike Williamson for Liverpool FA Cup tie"

The Flying Winger

Williamson one game and out again.

Woodsetton wolf

Flying....I did say before the Stoke game that Williamson would not kick another ball for us. I was glad to be proved wrong but I still feel that at the higher levels of pro football the combination of a few serious injuries and advancing years makes things very difficult. Lescott is another case in point...I hope both players still have a good few games left in the tank, but it really is tough.

The Flying Winger

Ww, I think the scary thing was the amount of people who were calling for Lambert to put him in the side for the next game, he was never going to be fit but to break down after one game must be very worrying for him.

Agree with your comments


This often happens after a long lay off. Lots of niggling injuries unfortunately.


Such a pity with Mike Williamson. It's bad enough to loose a good defender for a year when their in their twenties - worse when their early thirties I think & when there are only a couple of years left possibly at this level.

I was hoping he would have been fit for Saturday's match as on the few occasions he has played for us we seem so much more secure at the back.


Good leadship from Paul Lambert. The tie at Liverpool gives us handy breathing space in the Championship to finalise incoming and outgoing transfer before the deadline and the next league game.

Interesting rumours swirling around that we will sign Costa permanently. Now that would be ambition!


I am more worried about the defence than the goalkeepers; now we know that Williamson is injury prone we can not rely on him. Batth and Iorfa have not been playing consistently well all season so Lambert needs to get his selection right or else we will get hammered this weekend.


Saiss has been playing centre half in the Africas Cup and Morocco have not been conceding - they played an Ivory Coast team boasting Kodija, Kalou and Bony. That is where he needs to be used if we are not playing him in midfield!


He's a very useful player


Will Williamson play half a dozen games this season Lambert needs to get busy in the transfer market, we still need a good striker and centre half.


Got to be honest Im not a huge fan of Lonergan. If it was me Id go with the kid. Still i reckon Lamberts a better judge than me

Cradley Wolf

So E & S how come we're only just hearing that Williamson is injured again ?

Everybody with half a brain cell knew he was injured again !!

Looks like with him it's going to be play 1 miss 3 play 1 miss 3 etc etc etc

25th Jan 2017 no players brought in to help out except 1 totally unknown from

half way round the world who is apparently one for the future.

This stinks of being just like Morgan and Moxey,

Fosun with all their big promises after the takeover have shown themselves

to be nothing more than a big joke !!!

We had better start looking over our shoulders as there is still enough time

for us to be dragged into a relegation battle and anybody who doesn't think

this can happen must be deluded !!


mwarrr, mwarrr, just wanna be angry and shout at people... mwarrrr

Farmer Ted

Cradley, just continue to ignore what's that is being said all around you...and look after that half a brain cell!

chris h

My concern with the kid is I have not seen him come for a cross yet, he sticks to his line. Understandable,given his age and inexperience, but must be a question mark especially playing away at Liverpool. In my opinion if Lonergan is fit it is a no brainer to pick him.

Northern Wolf

Chris - Living up here I saw quite a bit of Lonergan when he was at Leeds. Hugely athletic and capable of some breathtaking saves, but not keen on coming off his line and not a great distributor of the ball (not that "kicking" is a great reason to pick a 'keeper - ask a Man City fan....) It is easy to see greener grass over the fence but I think people forget that we have been spoilt in recent years with Hennessey & Ikeme - keepers that save well, cover for defenders in the 12 yard box and are comfortable taking the ball off both feet under pressure. Our attempts to challenge or replace them have not gone well.

It would be a big call to go with Burgoyne but I think Lambert will. Is Lonergan on a 1 year contract? I see Flatt & Burgoyne being 2 & 3 next season.


If there is any doubt about Lonergan's fitness, he simply shouldn't play. For me, Burgoyne represents the future, and it would be a fantastic experience for him to play at one of the most iconic grounds in the country.

I would guess that most supporters this morning are waiting to hear if there's any truth in the rumours about signing Costa. Frankly I'm very sceptical as to whether it's nothing more than a just a journalist dreaming up a story for his newspaper.

Cradley Wolf


I've just spoken to the E & S sports desk and was told apparently this story has been picked up by the sun from somebody in Portugal and that at the moment Tim Spiers is looking into it was also told that we can expect a couple of players in before the window ends but they would not divulge any names.

So I wonder if it's going to be players that we have heard of or total unknowns like Duckens Nazon.

Woodsetton wolf


Woodsetton wolf

Chris.....sorry about that!..fully agree that Lonnie should get the nod...even he needs to come for crosses more often. It will be great experience for the young lad just to be on the bench at a venue like Anfiekd.

Farmer Ted

WW, If Lonnie is fit, unless Paul Lambert is a Gamblin' Man, he will will play or My Old Man's A Dustman.

Woodsetton wolf

Or even Anfield.

The Flying Winger

W w, looks like you made an early start on the vino this morning.

Woodsetton wolf biggest concern was that Chris would think I was telling him to go away...perish the thought.

The Flying Winger



Lol, I thought you had and cut yourself short Woody!!

Chessie Wolf

Lucky we didn't make him Captain.

Saying that i hope he's back fit and ready to play against Burton, good experienced pro that can help the younger players on & off the pitch.

I would play Harry as he is the future and looks a good kid but i'm with jezmox i'll go with who PL picks.

Silver Wolf

A pity about Williamson. It's worth a thought that he might only be fit enough to play another handful of games for us, and we'd do well to make them against the better teams we have to play.

Cradley Wolf

Silver Wolf,

And in the meantime !!!!! ??

Wolf in Liverpool

If Lonergan is fit then he should play it's as simple as that. For a game against Liverpool at Anfield we need at least some experience at the back, and with Williamson already missing it would be nigh on suicidal to play Burgoyne. Whilst commanding the area isn't one of Lonergan's strengths from what i hav i saw against Fulham and Cardiff neither is it a strength of Burgoyne.

Living up here on Merseyside the general consensus is that Klopp will play a stronger team against us than what he did against Plymouth in the previous round, especially after the defeat to Swansea at the weekend. The feeling is that they have gave up on winning the league so will concentrate on the cups, and if they get knocked out of the EFL Cup against Southampton tonight then the FA Cup becomes an even bigger priority.

Not Convinced

l'pool wolf - interesting ; lets hope the l'pool / soton game goes into extra time , then l'pool win on penalties - u r right , if l'pool lose then the wolves match becomes more important and anyway l'pool have a strong fa cup tradition ; however they still have a good chance of making the top 4 in the league and making the champs league and this is a big money spinner , so klopp has to think about the chelsea game - I agree he will not play a full strength team but it will be as strong as he can make it , so for example daniel sturridge will start if he does not start v soton .

all this must make it difficult for lambert to prepare ;

I was not a big fan of williamson but I have a feeling he will soon be 100% fit and good for another 2 years - the present thing is just a minor niggle to be expected after a long lay off - the main thing is that his hamstring / tendon is fine after the stoke game .

Wolves fan in Cyprus

For what it's worth I would go with Lonergan - though it's a tough call and one could argue either way. Very worrying about Williamson and you wonder if he or Stears will be here next season - not convinced Saiss is the answer - always looks like he's on the brink of a red card to me. I do however think Saiss has a future here.


Ikeme's rush of blood and his idiocy could cost us dearly, he is a professional on big money and should control his temper.

Avid Wolf

Should it Lonergan or should it be Burgoyne, in my opinion it should not matter. So what Burgoyne has not the experience that Lonergan has, but I have also found that players rise to certain occasions, for example the fact we are playing Liverpool at Anfield should be enough for any player to raise their game.

Going back a bit to the 74 league cup final, Phil Parkes was No. 1 keeper, he unfortunately got injured and had to bring in a keeper who had not hardly played for us, a certain Gary Pierce came in, and he played out of his skin, at times he kept us in the game. So in my humble opinion, give the lad a chance if he deserves it, he might just rise to that occasion. Or yes, I know the whole occasion could be too much.