Mike Williamson's fantastic feeling after nerve-wracking Wolves comeback

Comeback king Mike Williamson said the hard work was all worthwhile after helping Wolves cause one of the third round's biggest FA Cup shocks.

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Mike Williamson

Goals from Helder Costa and Matt Doherty saw Wolves win their first FA Cup game for six years as they dumped Premier League side Stoke City out of the competition.

Williamson returned to action after more than 13 months out with a series of frustrating injury setbacks.

And after a full 90 minutes, in which he was one of Wolves' star performers, the 33-year-old said: "It was a fantastic feeling – days like that is what all the hard work was for.

"I was full of adrenalin. Just getting back out on the pitch was a great experience.

"It's been such a long lay-off. To come back, play against a Premier League team and keep a clean sheet is fantastic. All the hard work has paid off.

"Those are the days you want to be involved in – coming to a Premier League team with fantastic players all over the pitch.

"Everyone did their job, it was great to be a part of.

"I was nervous, of course. It's been a while. But I enjoy that – I'd be worried if I didn't have the nerves because it's what we thrive on.

"The scenes at full time make it all worthwhile, that collective feeling with the lads, that euphoria, that emotion...hopefully we have a few more of them!

As well as Williamson, Lee Evans made his Wolves comeback after five months out and also played the full 90.

While Williamson's performance didn't look like his first one for 13 months, he joked: "It felt like one!

"To be fair, the second half there was a lot of pressure, we had to ride the storm, but everyone was putting their body on the line.

"We all left everything on the pitch and that's what the gaffer demands.

"I feel very good. It's just minutes that's going to get me there and that's my first 90 – I'm only going to get stronger from here.

"It's fair to say I'll be a bit stiff for a couple of days.

"I did 45 minutes for the under-23s and then 60 at the training ground. The gaffer said to give everything and that if they needed to take me off they could.

"I didn't want to come off and I got through it."

The centre half, who was born in Stoke, will now look to be a key member of Paul Lambert's team.

And Lambert is someone Williamson knows well, from his Wycombe days.

"He knows what I'm all about and he also knows I've got a long way to go to be at the levels I want to be," Williamson added.

"From the outset he saw it as an extremely exciting project.

"It's a fantastic club with a great fanbase and has been a sleeping giant.

"He can see the potential and he's got all the attributes to unlock the keys and get the momentum going.

"I've got experience, I just want to talk to everyone as much as I can and try and make my job as easy as I can!

"It's a big part of my game so I'll keep doing that."

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Comments for: "Mike Williamson's fantastic feeling after nerve-wracking Wolves comeback"


Make him captain


glad your back mike hope they make you captain and get rid of the liability at the back the defence looks solid Saturday with you and hause UP THE WOLVES

Albrighton Fred

Well done Mike and all the lads, all the work and patience will pay off I'm sure. It has been a long road but I am sure you have Been given support and encouragement by all around you. Keep the momentum going, don't over do it and I'm sure the cubs will follow by your example. All the very best to push on and really turn this season round. Keep on the good work too P L your going in the right direction,Rome was formed overnight.


I'd say make him captain but he might get injured!

Imperious performance from all the lads...

Swindon wolves

Let's hope he can keep fit because he certainly has been missed just need a proper full back and a goal scorer unless one of the forwards can start to find the net


Well played Mike. It was great to see the way you organised those around you.

Best of luck for the future.j


Lets hope Mike stays injury free as he is a great asset to the team; the defence has been inconsistent so far this season. With his experience and leadership he will offer stability to our defence. Lets hope the results will improve but who will Lambert drop for Mike? I know the majority of the fans think that Batth should be dropped as he has been inconsistent this season; maybe he should be rested and see what happens.


And this looks to be the reason why PL said we don't need a new CB?!

Cradley Wolf


Only one more thing for Lambert to do and that is

Make Williamson Captain !!!


Needs to get through this season uninjured now and hopefully next season he will be. From what it sounded like he was directing the defence well.

Olly the cat

Let's continue this good form and get three points on Saturday. Mind you, Tottenham found it difficult to break down the Aston Villa defence yesterday. It would be nice if one of our strikers could get a goal. I am pleased for Mike Williamson. He is a class act and if he stays injury free for the remainder of the season, then I am confident that Wolves will go in the right direction in this division.


Olly - you and I both know that it has been so long since one of our strikers has scored that it is going to happen very soon, it has to. Why not this Saturday - I have a good feeling it will. And won't that just send the Mol into raptures ...

Olly the cat

I hope you are right Solent. Joe Mason hat-trick?

Ye Olde South Bank

Wow, what a way to celebrate such a long lay-off. Many congratulations, fellah.


PL said we didn't need to sign a CB in this window, now we know why. We have to let him run the team instead of constantly thinking we unqualified people know better. So, as on another thread this is the XI I would like to see start against the Villa, but PL knows best!


Iorfa Williamson Hause Doherty

Costa Evans Ronan Cavaleiro



Subs: Burgoyne Batth Stearman Coady Price Mason Enobokhare

No place for Dicko at present as I believe he is off the levels required to make our front line competitive. He needs more work and then come back when he has uprooted a few trees

Cradley Wolf

you made 1 mistake in your subs.....

Not Convinced

capel - what about saville - does he not deserve some credit for playing his part in the successful midfield combination ? - football is a team game and the evans/saville combination worked ;

ronan is one for the future but for the present div 1 relegation scrap saville is the right fit .

as for williamson - if he can get through that game unscathed , must be fit - if he continues like this he could get a 2 year contract at the end of the season and end this talk of a 7th centre back which we do not need .

Not Convinced

Capel - you have not even listed poor george saville as a sub ? why ? is not politically correct to support saville on this site ? as far as I know he is no relation to the terrible jimmy - and so to make up for your omission I will mention his name repeatedly - saville , saville , saville , saville , saville .

Chessie Wolf

Amazing Mike plays 1 game, yes 1 game this season and everyone wants to make him Captain. Good look Mike i hope you stay injury free and start playing week in week out. This season was always going to be a roller coaster but to make comments like 'make him captain' is bizarre!! I wonder who we will want as captain if we lose against Villa. PL is doing a fantastic job, i think, and made some courageous decisions over the last 2 games that normally would be greeted with 'he hasn't got a clue'. i still believe it will take him until next pre-season and transfer window to decide what we need to take us to the next level. Just give everyone support especially Danny because when your struggling thats when you need it most.


The call for him to take the captaincy is because we all expect him to replace the current captain in the side who has proved to be below the standard in this division. Harsh but true


Can't do anything but agree!

Chessie Wolf

If it's a captaincy issue then surly it would be Dave Edwards who has earnt the right to it. As i said who will it be next week if we lose against Villa, seems to be a scape goat to me although i agree he has had some below par performances this season.


Fair comment Chessie but I think if Mike is in the side he will be the capatin. He leads by example and organises those around him well. If you saw his interview after the Stoke match he comes over as calm and intelligent, self depreciating and someone who commands respect. He is in short, a natural leader. The difference he made on saturday, against a good premiership attack was incredible. Youngsters like Iorfa, Hause and Batt will benefit from his experience both during matches and on the training pitch. I thought he was fantastic. I would also give no little credit for our defensive performance to Saville and especially Evans who protected the back four and used the ball wisely. They did not give it away and gave our back four breathing space. Both of them broke up attacks.

The quality of our squad is starting to show as PL gets the best out of them. Perhaps we still need a striker and a playmaker but overall the future is looking bright for Wolves fans this morning.


Don't think they'll be any doubt that Williamson will be captain, lambert made him captain when they was together at Wycombe.


To play 90 minutes after a year out shows a true professional. Wish he was 3 years younger. Echo the captain calls.


Chessie. Why do we have to pick a player who, as you say, is struggling when we have a player in the same position who is in form? Danny Batth should not be guaranteed an automatic starting place. If PL picks him, fine, but do you want that with MW on the bench? Ask Steve Bruce which of the two he wants to play against and I bet he rates MW as the better player. Yes DB performed well against Sheff Wed so the selection dilemma is a good one in that both players are coming off a good game and a clean sheet. So PL has a choice to make for right sided CB. Come on Wolves fans, tell me DB has a divine right to an automatic starting place. He doesn't. DB can learn a lot off Iron Mike. I am not slagging off DB as some posters misguidedly say, but with 30 pros, only 11 can start against the Villa. That doesn't mean I am slagging off the 19 who miss out.

Chessie Wolf

I'm in agreement with you Capelwolf in all that you say let PL make the decision and if he thinks it's best to leave Danny out he get's my 100% backing, i just don't agree with all this 'make him captain' nonsense after 1 game. Let the lad prove he can stay fit, play a number of games then PL make the decision. What would it do for morale if we made him captain and then he breaks down again.

I have a lot of confidence in Pl but i know it will take time to sort out his best 11 i am willing to give him that time let's see if everyone else will.


was concerned he was finished, clearly not!.......delighted for him and us!

Tough return match, great to see him contribute so well. Wish him well for the rest of the season.


A fair number of posters wrote him off, misguidedly. I suspect it was because his contract was running down and they couldn't see him regaining match fitness before it did. The question soon will be will he be given another - that will depend on his ongoing fitness I guess but in Lambert, he clearly has a keen supporter. (I must add I have been a Williamson supporter from day one).


I seem to recall there was a lot of debate about whether Williamson should have been signed last January as he was injured at the time. We were told that the injury was relatively minor and would be cleared up fairly quickly. On that basis, I thought he was a reasonable signing. Later when it emerged he got something far more serious, I thought he would probably stay at Molineux until the end of this season and then be released.

If he has finally overcome his problem(s), then it will seem like a new signing for Lambert, and an extention to his contract will surely follow. But he has to continue to prove his fitness. One game - good though it was - is not enough to assess whether he can stand up to the week in week out physical demands of the championship. Personnally, I hope for both his sake and for Wolves, he can demonstrate that he really is back to full fitness.

There's no denying Williamson's experience, and with it his ability to organise the defence. I don't think Batth is a bad defender, but one failing he has is that he is not vocal enough with his fellow defenders. That is something that Williamson brings to the table. With the amount of matches that are played in this division, both can play their part - sometimes alternating between matches or sometimes playing together.

Cradley Wolf


Batth needs a good long rest away from the first team, yes I have a go at him because most games he has been a liability I would say he has had on average about 35% where he has had a good game the rest have been very poor, it seems he has to be in the right frame of mind to put in a decent effort as half the time it seems he just couldn't be bothered. He is in my opinion not captaincy material, maybe this is a weight too much on his shoulders which he is unable to deal with (just surmising like) it would be best all around if Lambert was to give the captains armband to Williamson and maybe if Lambert decides to play him alongside Williamson he will start to learn his duties as a defender.

Some people may not like what I have written but it's just the way I and others see it.


Of course you are entitled to your opinion. You have the advantage over me because I can no longer get to the games. I would, however, take issue with your "as half the time it seems he just couldn't be bothered". I find that hard to take on board to be honest.

Cradley Wolf


sorry m8 but you just have to look at his body language to see it

I have a go at him and so do many others on here because half the time that's the way he comes across.

Farmer Ted

Solent, it's simply not true. Yes he's dropped clangers, but it's usually through poor reading of the game and certainly not through lack of interest.


I can sympathise with Danny. I know how he feels. Sometimes, I'm lethargic and can't be bothered. My turning circle becomes more laboured; my thought processes slow, and my physical strength drained. It's keeping up with my 48 sexual partners which does me in.


Now how did that Kylie song go ... oh yes I should be so lucky!!!!!!


Yes, she should.

No, I left W-ton too young, She. I should have stayed much longer.

You probably didn't see the survey, because it was in one of those salacious newspapers you would never read, lovely girl.

I think that it was the 'Sun on Sunday', but according to the survey, Wolverhampton is famous for being the most promiscuous city in the country. Apparently, most people claim to have had, on average, 48 sexual partners. I kid you not.

It doesn't identify gender, or whether animal, vegetable or mineral. I'll be looking more closely at the South Bank Boo Boys in future to see whether I can detect any signs of in-breeding!

You can tell I've become bored with the Batth baiting when I'm reduced to reading the 'Sun' to find out the latest survey findings about downtown WV1.

I wonder if Roger Lawrence knows?

Black Country Wanderer

Great comeback performance,surprised us all by lasting 90 minutes

If,and its a big if,he can stay fit, he is a great asset to the defence,with Stearman,Iorfa,Hause,and, dare I mention him, Baath,we have decent options at CB, when they are playing well,the problem has been inconsistency with them all

If MW can provide that sort of calmness and organisation every week we will be ok

The problems haven't suddenly gone away,and question marks are still around the players I mentioned above,although, as ive said before, its more of a confidence thing with most of them I believe

No one is guaranteed a starting place in any team,or shouldn't be,every player should be there on form,and PL has a welcome problem for a change,it appears we have several players on form at the same time,a rare occurrence for us indeed

Cradley Wolf


A very good post and if we can continue with performances like that in the league then these boys will go far. we all know we are 14 points off a play off place BUT it only takes a couple of teams to hit a poor run of form and if we can go on a good run we could very well be right up there come May.


It happened with Crystal Palace in the now distant past. Sometimes the unlikely happens.


mikeybear 99 might want to look up meaning of Imperious

Imperious definition, domineering in a haughty manner; dictatorial; overbearing domineering; arrogant;

Farmer Ted

The biggest disappointment for me this weekend was the barrage of abuse aimed at Danny Batth by some posters, and they're still at it now. Absolutely uncalled for, they should have been enjoying the afterglow of a wonderful victory over Stoke City and all that meant in Staffordshire and beyond. Undoubtedly these will be the same 'fans' who wrote Williamson off end of last year. "Injury prone", "get rid", "waste of space".

Aaah, such are the 'fans' we share the Molineux stands with! ( those that actually attend).

We're in a pretty good place at the moment. In the hat for round 4, in reasonable form, youngsters breaking though (nothing to do with Thelwell of course) and injured players like Williamson and Evans returning... and maybe Graham soon.

Glad Lambert's picking the Side to face Villa and not me! I thought Villa were difficult to judge yesterday, they clearly went to White Hart Lane not to lose, but came across a Spurs side that didn't really play as a team. I doubt Bruce will have them playing six at the back at Molineux, but if we can hit them with pace and high pressing like we did at Villa Park under Walt we are capable of taking maximum points.

I shall totally ignore the 'P' and 'R' words and hopefully enjoy the way PL is definitely changing things

Chessie Wolf

Good post Farther Ted, i don't get it either, he's still young if he needs a rest let PL make that decision but don't add extra pressure by getting on his back.


No player at any team should be subjected to the level of criticism we have seen directed against Batth. It far exceeds anything I see on local team sites where I live. If they have a problem with him, they should also direct their abuse against the manager who selects him.


Solent I agree. If fans want to criticise, it is their right, but to abuse is not.

Cradley Wolf

Ted this may come as a surprise to you BUT, I wholeheartedly agree with your post, Villa went to White Hart Lane not to lose and they may well have come back to the midlands with a draw.

Once Dele Alli was introduced you knew something was going to happen (and it did).

Spurs were mainly playing their second string and were made to look very ordinary in the first 45 minutes but a couple moments of brilliance got them the 2 - 0 win which let's face it could of been 3 except for the heroics of the Villa loanee goalkeeper.

You know my thoughts on my favourite player and his poor form, let's see if Lambert puts him alongside Williamson and maybe he will learn from him on how to defend and for the future if he is to remain club captain how to marshall the defence, if he can do that then he will possibly become a lot better player than what he has shown in the past.

The Flying Winger

F T, I totally agree with you, we have some calling for Dicko to be rested and he's not fit etc well what is expected after such a lay off not only the recovery period but the mental side of it, then make Williamson Captain 1 game after a season long lay off, no one knows how he will react after playing several games. Don't get it.

A Cup game is different to the Championship for many reasons and thank goodness Ikeme was on top form.

Wouldn't it be nice if everyone came on and said what a great performance and looking forward to the 4 round how many times have we seen that in recent years.

But no they have to have ago at the players who didn't play, some of the ones on show on Saturday were probably playing for their continued employment at the club.

We had one yesterday having ago at Cav!


Sadly EVERY Wolves player is but one iffy, or average, performance away from being referred to with words like 'moron', 'idiot' and much worse on here. A few - Stearman, Batth, Price, Edwards - can even play well and still receive the abuse.

On this - and all the other article comment threads since Saturday evening - far too many (or is it really just a few, continually repeating their mantra?) have used a very good and energised performance as an excuse to slag off Wolves players who weren't ON the pitch.

Last week many of the same names were demanding that the supposed 'deadwood' (ie: most of those who WERE on the pitch on Saturday, including Saville, Iorfa, Hause, Williamson, Evans, Bod...) should be 'shipped out' immediately. More often than not along with the manager, whom, after every average performance, they tend to barkingly remind us, 'was not MY (their) choice'.

One cup win and suddenly THIS is the team. But next time we lose, it won't be of course.

If just one of Ikeme's superb saves had been missed and we'd have gone 1-1, and, with the momentum at that point, possibly worse, those very same players would've been slagged off with the sort of words I listed above. You KNOW it's true.

After all, the epic defending at Hillsborough, already forgotten. The crucifying of Iorfa and Hause from last year (or less than a fortnight ago, to you and me).

Bi-polar is a word that often springs to mind.

Remember that after our next defeat.


We need a fit defender who can direct the player traffic and strategy. We need one who can someones pass to a wolves player rather than boot out to anywhere/one. We need defenders who can dead everything away, who have speed of turn. Some attributes can be applied to some players, rarely all at once - and they are usually playing at the top of the Premier League with the 'Big Six'. Danny can head it! But overall it's about finding cohesion. Give Lambert the time to find a successful blend, and see if it will, or will not, require the club captain.


Ted, there will always be a whipping boy and right now DB is wearing the hat, what a lot of people don't realise he has needed a Williamson along side of him just like Iorfa and Hause. I've been saying it for two seasons we need an Emlyn Hughs type Centre Half and if Williamson's fitness keeps up that's what we have?


Hpw can Williamson and Batth play together? They are both right-sided CBs, so play one of them by choice with a left-sided CB, Hause. I can't see any logical reason to play Batth ahead of MW, I just can't.


I am not anti-Batth, but is obvious that he has not been consistent this season and he needs a rest; we have to get more points to get away from the bottom three so we need a solid defence and I know it is down to Lambert to make that decision. We are all entitled to an opinion Farmer Ted. Also I would keep Coady as right back as he is more dependable than Iorfa.

Farmer Ted

So you agree he should be abused on social media sites?


I did not say that FT, most are saying that Batth needs a rest as he has not been consistent this season and I agree with that. I do not feel that he is being abused.

Cradley Wolf


Williamson if fit should be first choice of CB every time ahead of Batth no doubt about it but there may come a time when he has to play him alongside Williamson which wouldn't be a bad thing as long as he listened to what he was being told to do,


Most of us can't see what's going on inside. Clearly PL does, as is his job.

Hope we can keep a little of the magic going.


Congratulations MW, hopefully the start of a great career at the Wolves and a chance to showcase your abilities every week, good on you !

Such a shame to see the disrespect towards DB though, irrespective of the shortcomings which all players have, he's been consistently in the team since the league 1 campaign and never shown any disrespect to the club or fans, so it's about time some people show some of it back. It gives this club a bad image, and is of no benefit to anybody, especially the man himself.


I don´t want to sound overly optimistic, but with the Fosun budget seemingly allowing us to keep the best of the summer experiments - for me, Bodvarsson, Cavaleiro, Saiss, and potentially Costa (fingers crossed), and do away with the dross, we are going to be in a strong position throughout 2017.

What strikes me most is that we have leaders emerging all over the pitch - Williamson, Ikeme, and Edwards all have bags of experience, then there is Stearman, and Doherty isn´t far behind on games played now.

With Graham and Zyro coming back, and a lot of young players who can afford to bide a bit of time on the chance of having a real go at it next year, I think we have a real shot. It´s too much to ask this year, I think, but that is no major problem. If PL can keep them keen, and they can build their confidence with a few top performances between now and May, particularly against the favored teams, we can look at a promotion challenge next year.

It must be a good place to be playing now - players seem to be enjoying it, and have a much clearer sense of what is expected from them. That is clear in their body language and their sense of achievement in recent games.