FA Cup third round: Stoke 0 Wolves 2 - As it happened

Expressandstar.com brought you live updates from Wolves' FA Cup match against Stoke City.

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Comments for: "FA Cup third round: Stoke 0 Wolves 2 - As it happened"




Another surrender in the 3rd round.

Well done to the travelling thousands and I hope you make your displeasure heard when we are 3 down after 30 minutes. For Lambert to say he wants to win the game and loves the cup and then pick this side is a disgrace.


and what do you think now !!


Oops.....such negativity....enjoy some custard with your humble pie


Yeah too right, winning 2-0 away to a premier league side. A bloody disgrace!!!


Well done Wolves and well done Paul Lambert. A great result. Paul obviously knows what he's doing even if the negative muppets who continually run down the players and club don't.


Ha ha humble pie needed.


That blew you out of the water. Ha ha. Round 4 here we come


Good to see Williamson being given a runout. Though not exactly the ideal game!

6 changes, mmmmm...........

The Flying Winger

Has Costa any brothers , cousins, etc!


If Williamson carries on like this, we won't need to sign a new centre back. He is organising EVERYTHING at the back.

Great first half. I may just have to eat my words of yesterday.


Rugeley pie and humble eat comes to mind! Well done lambert


Shark wolf - we have problems not least with fans like you who have no idea what is going on . We are in the middle of a turnaround and u can't see it . Please wander off the the Hawthorns . They need your advice !!


I officially eat my words of yesterday. I could see no way of us beating Stoke. What do I know?


Oh Sharmwolf! What a big mouth you have so eat your own words

Wolves for life

Sharmwolf comment please? You surrendered before one ball was kicked. Shame on you!

I look for forward to seeing you admit you were wrong.


where are you now CRADLEY WOLF....Your earlier comments I believe, apologies to Bully maybe in order and less negativity in future !!

Come off it Bully how can you make such a silly comment as this

"Because there is no reason why we can’t go there and win that game."

There is no way in hell this lot will beat Stoke,

more like we're gonna be on the end of a good thrashing

everybody knows these players just aren't good enough even

for the Championship and until we are spending a minimum of 10 mil

on each player we buy in the future this club is going nowhere.

except maybe to round four of the F.A.Cup !! Well done Wolves and well done Paul Lambert


Well done lads. Let's hope this kickstarts our season.


Herewolf u can go off down the road too . With fans like u no wonder we can't play at M .


Read his comment again, you've completely misunderstood it. He was quoting Cradley Wolf.


sorry Charming just got back in so first chance I have had to reply...I need say no more thank you Monkfish for putting Charming in the picture I really do wish poeple would read things properly before commenting once again Monkfish thank you ...


Well sharmwolf, whoops. Shocked me too but maybe done us all a favour, we are Wolves.

Swindon wolves

Ohhhhh sharmwolf get that foot out your mouth. Lol come on the boys.


Yes. Apologies herewolf . SendCW off !!


Ty for the apology Charming and I think Cradley has sent himself off well at least in this set of discussions !!

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