Paul Lambert says Wolves aren't looking to sign a centre back - but Ethan Ebanks-Landell stays with Sheffield United

Wolves aren't interested in signing a centre half in January – and Paul Lambert has ruled out a move for striker Patrick Bamford.

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With a few days of the transfer window gone no one has yet joined or left Molineux.

More departures than arrivals are expected. But despite Wolves' defensive woes (particularly at Molineux where they've conceded at least two goals in six of their last seven) Lambert said he wasn't looking to sign a centre back, whether Mike Williamson was fit or not.

He also revealed that Ethan Ebanks-Landell will most likely stay at Sheffield United on loan for the rest of the season.

Wolves have an option to recall the 24-year-old, who has impressed for the League One leaders.

Lambert said: "This club’s got six centre half if you include Ethan. Why in God’s name would I want to bring another one in? You’d have seven centre halves for two positions.

"It’s bizarre. I’ve never known anything like it – it’s too many.

"If Mike comes through we’d have six centre halves and that’s not including Dom (Iorfa).

"It’s an unbalanced squad that needs to be fixed.

"Everything being alright Ethan will stay at Sheffield. He’s one I’d expect to bring back in the summer.

"He’s doing very well – he trained well here too. But he’s playing games up there which is a big benefit to him."

The likes of Jed Wallace and Ola John are expected to depart this month.

The capture of Blackburn right-back Ben Marshall remains a top priority but it's unlikely Wolves will do much more business.

Lambert suggested that players would have to leave before he brought any in. And he said Chelsea forward Bamford, who has spent the first half of the season at Burnley on loan but barely played, wasn't a target.

"He’s a lad I know well, a really good player, but the salary would be too much," Lambert said.

"I don’t like the January window. There’s names get bandied about that just aren’t feasible.

"It’s a bit fabricated but I don’t get caught up in it. We work realistically to what we can do.

"We have to be really clever in the next few windows.

"If we keep adding to the 30 players we’ve got...1) your finances will be out of control and 2) there’s too many people to train and be happy.

"There are lads that probably know we’ll try and make space. It’s important for them too, they need to play.

"You can’t just magic them out the door. Until that happens they’re Wolves players."

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Comments for: "Paul Lambert says Wolves aren't looking to sign a centre back - but Ethan Ebanks-Landell stays with Sheffield United"

Droitwich old wolf

However if none of them are fit for purpose, get rid of all of them. Sorry lambert that article has just lost my interest for the rest of the season, or until you are replaced. Articles on who to play with Prince show just how low WWFC have sunk. I notice that Ron Flowers hasn't ever comented on our defence, it must make him wonder what game he played if this is football. All adequate teams, yet alone good ones, have a solid defence. The only thing solid about wolves defence is the brain thinking about it. If a team doesn't concede goals it can't lose. Much as I hate to say it just look down the road to Sandwell. If that's too much, remember Arsenal, 1 goal, game over. I can dream, unfortunately lambert is just asleep.

Chessie Wolf

Old wolf, cheer up.

Firstly you defend as a team and PL needs to sort out the whole team, he's only been there 5 minutes and people are ready to slit there wrists. i will be happy for no one to be signed this window, just get rid so we have a more balanced squad then let the guy decide where he needs to recruit. Some people were jumping up and down only a few months ago when we rushed and brought 13 players. Let's give the guy some support, remember we have finance rules to consider also. It is almost impossible to motivate and accommodate so many players. Reading these comments no wonder Wolves fans are called fickle.

Farmer Ted

DOW, okay, explain how you're going to "get rid of them all". I think it's you that is just asleep...and when you wake up get into the real world.


I have to agree with you on comments made by Obviously someone who has no knowledge of the game. I think it Should be treated as Rubbish in and Rubbish out straight away lol DOW seems loaded with that . As Much as I liked Ron Flowers his style of play it would never work in this Era. I am now 68 and played the game until I was 50.. Coached teams from ages 8 to adult I am a Level 3 coach and a level 2 ref , Times have changed. Players don't smoke or have a beer at half time any more like some top players did years ago. Its a fast game . Numbers on shirts don't tell you what position players are anymore. No subs then played with 11 and that was it . Sliding tackles were ok so was Tackles from behind. Norman Hunter himself said he could not stay on the field todays game with the tackles he used to do, Managers lasted years not weeks . And shielding the ball by backing into a player to make sure he never got it was Obstruction ..An indirect free kick often inside the area. And Foul Throws were called.. Yes Times have changed and still a great game and although I have


...and you could barge a goalkeeper into the net with the ball in his hands, with force that would - literally - have you up in court for gbh these days. Ahh, the good old days. Ron Flowers presented me with an atlas for being top of the class on prize day at school. I asked him 'what's the secret to your success', he said 'smash their noses in early doors, run your (hobnail) boots down their ankle and kick em in the bllox every time they come near'

Part of that story isn't true. But only the conversation part, the tactics probably were, for all defenders. I still have the Atlas.

Norman bites yer legs and Biffer Bremner in the same team. shiver.

harmo hull

Thellwel behind all this ,it doesn't matter how many c/backs we have,same old story quantity instead of quality.The dark days are back will this nightmare ever end?


It would be surprising if he weren't, given that - following Moxey's departure - he was put in charge of the football side of running the club.

This is the first window of his new more powerful role, less hindered by the M&M's, but one where we have too bloated a squad.

As much as many seek to portray him as a football-related equivalent of Aleister Crowley, his dark arts have also overseen the signings of Afobe, Dicko, Graham, Iorfa, Hause, Zyro, Bodvarson, Mason, Coady, Lee Evans, Enobakhare, Henry... all for nothing, or little amounts of money, under the restrictive previous regime (Dicko 250 grand, right? - Afobe an 8 million profit - for his boss - in a year).

Some of these are currently experiencing difficulties - the two current ENGLAND under 23 team players for example - but almost all are worth more than bought for... the above listing costing around 6 million total, reportedly.

Of course, it's about football team success, as well as money, but i think we have to allow his some leeway, to build on the successes, and not constantly refer to the Saville's and Wallace's that haven't quite stepped up to the mark. These players have qualities, what hasn't been happening over the last season and a half is a having a manager in place who has been able to blend them, or in Kenny's case, given the tools to fill the gaps.

It's doubtful Thelwell had much to do with choosing 90% of the August influx. From now on he does, but this window isn't the one that proves yay or nay.


You are having a better day today, 'Wolverine'.

This is a much more enlightened post than your rants yesterday. I was away yesterday, but I posted 2 replies to you on the Ben Marshall thread earlier this morning.


Hope 'The Rochdale Cowboy' brings back memories of the Mike Harding song for you, and magic mushrooms brings back memories of flower power, though the Flower power we really need is the power of Ron, from the late 50's, early 60's, and sadly, that's ruled out in this window.

Chessie Wolf

Good post sir


Thelwell isnt the problem.

Jeff Shi and Fosun presided over a monumental clusterf**k of a summer where the lunatics really did take over the asylum.

We now have no money left to spend and Lambert talks about wages.

What a waste.


it's Wolvereeen actually (or is it four e's? who cares?), that 'ine' guy is an Aussie by the way.


I thought you had misspelt your pseudonym, and were attempting to display Wolverine traits in your bad tempered posts of the previous couple of days.

The 'Wolverine' actually lives in Canada and Russia. Nothing to do with a Wolf though. Looks more like a small bear but is actually a fat weasel.

I'm pleased it has nothing to do with you.


what on earth are you on about, bad tempered? Please, do try to resist the temptation to imagine the personality of someone that you don't know and have never met, then try to make it fit your purposes, presumably in order to belittle (though i may be mistaken).

Whatever I wrote on here yesterday - probably about the FA Cup - I'm sure that I stand by 100% today. No more, no less tempered.

This may be the I may be the anonymous 'sack all the morons' internet, full of brave chaps and chapesses, so I may be lying, and indeed am an Aussie actor in the guise of a mystical comic creature - and you might REALLY be 'telling it like it is', but as far as I'm aware I'm a perfectly happy real-world human male, generally of good humour and a smiling face, especially as i read through the often mountains of pomposity that flow forth after every online article on the E&S about my favourite footy team. And of course, often I feel a compelled to crap my own sorry - but heartfelt - input into the mire, despite the objections of many who believe that everyone else is invading their own private forum/blogspot. I even smile as I see yet another 'We need strikers' post from CH (like no one else noticed), who I'd probably enjoy a good to-and-fro rant with in a pub.

I maybe don't smile so much when some threads kick off at each other like a vicious glass fight in a pub, because it's surely all just fan banter, not war.

But you don't know me, so why does it matter.

Or am i fibbing?


It doesn't matter, but it is a bit of fun.

It was your 'Mwaa' baby rant, which first gave me the impression that you were, yourself, throwing your Wolves rattle out of the pram, followed by the "Rochdale Cowboy" rant, where you were complaining about two opposite views being expressed - a complaint about the very purpose of the site.

Both appeared ludicrous to me. I post, ranging from simple factual to outrageous ridicule, and all manner of shades in between, so none of us are perfect. There is a difference though between ridicule and ridiculous, but thankfully, today, you have restored my faith in the Wolvereeeen good sense.

So there are benefits to be had from provoking 'clear the air' discussions after all.

Wolf Blast

I agree with you this all smells of Thelwell rather than Lambert. I think they he is pinning his hopes on Williamson coming back strongly to replace RS or DB while we are well stocked upfront but none of them are scoring but they think this will change.

The other thought is now that we have signed this TV deal to broadcast in China the emphasis is on excitement to secure interest and Chinese supporters so lots of goals even if we lose is better than winning 1-0. I would prefer the latter as a good finish will enable us to attract better players. The summer trip this year will be to China not Ireland.

Trimming the squad makes financial sense but with youngsters like CR and BE coming through and maybe one or two others but until we stop leaking at the back we will never be a consistent force. I will be interested in seeing who plays against Stoke as it isa chance to try some different options.

The Flying Winger

D o w, we have not in recent history been very good at getting rid as you say, the signings have been poor and without going over old ground we all know the reasons, so it follows to move them on and make money has been difficult.

Even with Afobe we made a drama of that.

If you cast your mind back we have sent many of the unwanted "stars of the future " out on loan as few clubs wanted to gamble money on them.


KNOWLSEY .......OOOH DEAR ......Sounds much like SAME OLD ..SAME OLD .........NOD YA HEAD PL.....

Sir Billy Quiet

KNOWSLEY - you have obviously never met PL or listened to his press conferences if you think he is a yes man.

Independently wealthy, he has joined Wolves to bring success, to think he has come to be an apologist for the mistakes of others is niaive and stupid.

Let him get on with the job without the booing and moaning of an ever increasing fickle fan base.

Droitwich old wolf

Sorry should have read 'Price ' auto spell check

Mr Muff

I think most of us Blades are pleased Ebanks-Landell is staying till the end of this season - I hope he'll be coming to the promotion party too?

Thing is, he gives us something we have been missing for a while, since we sold Harry Maguire to Hull, a big physical presence in central defence. Some Blades fans will go further and suggest that he's a cult hero and world-beater. I wouldn't. To be honest I think he's pretty average from what I've seen so far. He seems to lack concentration at times and can get caught out - but, to be fair to the lad, these are not common occurrences and he makes a decent contribution to the team.

Whether he'd be competent enough at Championship level I honestly don't know. Maybe we'll find out next season?


Good Luck Muffy.

'Seems to lack concentration at times and can get caught out,' perfectly describes the other 5 we have at the club, too. Maybe, it's something to do with the lack of air quality down here, or the training ground is too close to a busy main road.

From what we have seen of our lads so far, the answer to your question regarding competence at Championship level is probably, 'No'.

I was hoping we could bring in John Terry and Stevie Gee on player-coach contracts down here, but our manager has just scotched those ideas.

It's a bit early in the morning for me to get my brain properly in gear.

How's Sharrow Lane off London Road looking now? I lived there for a couple of years in the 70's and watched the blades a few times in the years of Alan Woodward and Tony Currie. What would they be worth in his transfer window, if they were at their prime now?

I lived in walking distance of the ground and the Silver Blades ice rink. Many a triple Salchow, I've performed there, but usually on my way home after a few pints at the pub, rather than on the ice.

Ah, memories are made of this!

Dubai Wolves

Love the reference to training ground being too close to main road. Laughed my socks off. Far more entertaining than the dross seen on the pitch


Just remembered, with your pseudonym, you're not the chap who wrote that graffiti on the toilet wall at Bramall Lane are you? "Muffin the Mule is a sex offence".

Where has all the fun banter gone these days from football grounds?

vinnie garstroke

Its like morgan never left!


It really scares me that he cant see a problem at the back, has he suddenly found a goal scorer who is going to score 40 goals a season. Ship out the dead wood and find some quality please.

Sir Billy Quiet

He can see the problem along with many others - let him get on with the job of sorting out the mess we are in.......

Olly the cat

It looks like Paul Lambert has issued a reality check to all the Wolverhampton Wanderers boo boys who want to see the back of Danny Batth and Richard Stearman. They will continue to be first choice picks for Paul Lambert.

Stearmans overhead kick

Boo boys will out last any manager Bagpus.


Im a bit puzzled were not looking to sign a CH because we have already got six yet we have one of the worst defences in the league you have got to be kidding.

Molly Knew

Obviously the budget is now tightened by Fosun. Not to be in the market for a CB is ridiculous when you watch the farcical performances of Batth and Stearman, Hause and Iorfa. No a decent one between them even at this level. Also Doherty is great going forward but his defending is shocking and he is so often out of position its frightening. Coady is ok but NOT the ideal full back. Desperate for a striker, and, they cost money to bring in and decent wages. As we all know, if you pay peanuts...........

Bet Lambert is frustrated that although we have big numbers of CB's the quality is sadly lacking.

Maybe he thinks if we get a quality striker we can score more than we let in....

Silver Wolf

I for one must have missed a trick - surely, if you have 20 Centre halves and none of them are of the required standard you still need at least one that is good enough? Further, if those we are playing at the moment are good enough how in God's name are we shipping goals like the post-iceberg Titanic shipped water?

Such expressions as 'good footballing reasons' are suddenly coming to mind!!


Oh dear... Just because you have six doesnt mean they are good enough and cant be replaced... we have to put up with mediocre just because we have numbers? get rid of the excess and bring in quality.

And the salary comment... hmm bit of a reality check maybe we are not what we thought we were going to be when Fosun bought us. If Bamford ends up at another championship club how are they paying his wage....

Silver Wolf

Good footballing reasons ........

Farmer Ted

Finchy, I thought Lambert answered both your questions. "get rid (CBs) of the excess and bring in quality" So far we haven't unloaded any of the surplus midfielders and wingers let alone centre backs, as PL said "you just can't Magic them out the door" and as for bringing in quality; this is the January window, unless there are exceptional circumstances clubs just don't let quality go.

"if (IF!) Bamford goes to another Championship club how are they paying his wage" Maybe because they haven't got 30 plus professionals already taking high wages. As PL says "the lad's salary is too much". The summer influx folly must have sent Wolves' payroll sky high. This isn't about Fosun's billlions this is about Wolves'good house keeping within UEFA rules.

harmo hull

Poor Bournmouth broke the rules?it didn't hurt them ,get real Father Ted,its football everyone breaks rules .Its run by rule breaking wake up its 2017

Farmer Ted

hh, Bournemouth gambled, if, as Moxey pointed out at the time, they had failed to win promotion, or been relegated the following season ( or this, I understand) it would have been a vastly different story. The Tan man with his red Bluebird shirts, the Indian chicken farmers and others throughout Europe have gambled and lost, been fined and suffered transfer embargoes.

Feel lucky, punk?

I think before you come on here with your naive "get deals" and "wake up it's 2017s" you ought to have a better understanding of the situation. Stick to your negative one liners, they're so much easier to ignore.



Its a contrast to the summer Fosun Rollercoaster we was all on and quite deflating and sounds an awful lot like the excuses we've had thrown at us in recent years each season we seem to switch from trying to get depth to the squad to being overloaded... yet the quality has rarely increased. PL comments on having 6 CH's why get another is only going to cause panic amongst fans and comes across as if he's happy with the current defence? maybe the 7th one is a better quality player...thats why you get them and in the background remove the surplus players Morgan did it with the 3rd castaway squad. Religation is still a possibility especially with a leaky defence, it sounds like they are willing to gamble with the current squad as 'good enough' to keep us up. It could easily go south with the defence leaking and the strikers not scoring. How do the likes of Derby, Villa and Newcastle get around this? they seem to throw money around?

It's all contradictory to the comments he's previously said and Fosun. One comes to mind, we will do what it takes to get to the Premier League as soon as possible. Based on todays story that doesnt seem to be the case for me.


Reading a bit between the lines, there could be an admission there that most of the players at Wolves are not likely to be in demand .... too many players that are hard to move on because they're not all that good really and are on contracts which are more lucrative than their abilities would merit. He's already said that the squad is way too big so is unlikely to add to it without moving people out or he makes the situation worse. Sounds to me as if Lambert recognises that he has inherited a squad of largely league one standard players and its going to be quite some time before he can really change it .... hence the statement about needing to be clever in the next few windows (i.e the next 12-18 months).


Sad thing is Thomas, the rest of the football community know in the last few years we have created a League 1 standard squad (with a few exceptions), so no interest in most of them!

Lambert will struggle to shift many.


I certainly agree we should not just buy for the sake of buying.

However, we are short of at least 1 quality CB, If we have 6 on the Books, then a few needed shipping out! Off the 6, there is not a top Championship player.

Not scoring goals, so need a decent striker and I would say a midfielder to Boss games.

Get the spine of the side sorted and we would be on our way.

Clearly the Club has written off the season.


Much of this interview is Lambert expressing plain common sense. The priorities for strengthening the squad lie elsewhere, although some supporters will carry on calling for another centre-back all the way until the end of August, as is their wont.

His likely decision to leave Ebanks-Landell at Sheff Utd is not that surprising, as Lambert explains, he's playing regularly. But I fully expect him to play an major part in Wolves defensive line-up next season. Whether Stearman stays for the rest of this season, and/or is re-signed during the summer is more of a debatable point. My guess is that he will remain until the end of the season, but not be re-signed in the summer.

As for players coming in during this window, it ain't looking good after reading Lambert's comments. It seems as though he's resigned himself to the fact that there are too many clubs, chasing too few good players, who are over-valued at this point in time.

Looks more and more likely that any major new purchases will occur in the summer - and only then, when many of the surplus-to-requirement players are moved on.


I wouldnt say it was 'their want' we have one of the worse defences and have not progressed at the back for many seasons... fans want it addressing because its obviously a weak area and its frustrating to read Lambert has said we have numbers here why sign anyone else? errr because they arent good enough???

He's said Stearman is going nowhere. I too think Landell will play a part next season,

His comments are a bit of a slap in the face this morning... Why will the summer be any different? if we've still got 6 at the back now we will in the summer too and will that again be an excuse not to go after quality players? Today just feels like Moxey and Jacket are still here.... feels like we've not progressed at all as a club, the only thing keeping me cheerful at the moment are Costa & Cav.... everything else, same old...


"wont" i.e. custom.

If you look at the table in the goals against column, it's showing 34, much in line with many other clubs in the division. Reading who are third in the table have 32 only two fewer.

All defenses will conceed goals, but our weakness (in my view), is further forward in midfield, and not having a regular goal scoring striker.

I've re-read the article again and can't see anywhere where he states that Stearman is going nowhere. Maybe you're refering to another article?

When Fosun took over in August they had a wonderful opportunity strengthen the squad. The club was virtually debt free, but they chose to take advice from Mendes and brought in many players that were simply not up to the required standard, and now the financial pendulum has swung the other way. Debt is increasing with many of these Mendes men on (for Wolves at least) on high wages. Come the end of the financial year, there maybe consequences (FA fine, transfer embargo) unless Fosun get a grip on the financial realities of this league.

Olly the cat

I think you are spot on in your assessment, Dek. It looks like the club are prepared to gamble that the current squad are good enough to avoid relegation this season. That's probably true. Rotherham are doomed. Wigan are very poor, and Blackburn Rovers, Queens Park Rangers, Cardiff City and Burton Albion will contest the other relegation spot. If no new players are recruited, then let's hope it is a gamble that pays off. Relegation to the third division would be a total disaster.


Olly - yes, I think you're right about the club gambling that the current squad (whatever is left after the transfer window closes), will be good enough to avoid relegation. It's probably a fair enough gamble, but what a let down for supporters from the europhoria at the start of the season, when we were all looking at a top six place.

I would imagine that Lambert will focus his attention on those players that he has already identified as being good enough for a promotion push next season, and when our status in the division is totally secure, he might introduce one or two more U23 lads to see if they will be able to contribute when the new campaign starts next August.

chris h

Olly, We have lost this season to Wigan, Cardiff and QPR and scraped draws against Burton, Rotherham and Blackburn. We are certainly not too good to go down. Those clubs also have strikers who score goals, unlike us.

Olly the cat

I know we failed to beat the teams you mention, and I know that we are not too good to be relegated. But I honestly believe that Wolverhampton Wanderers will not be relegated, and that the task of building a squad that can challenge for promotion to the Premier League will begin in earnest in June. I think the three teams that will be relegated are Rotherham, Wigan Athletic and Burton Albion. I think Wolves will finish the season in about twelfth place.

Chessie Wolf

100% agree with your assessment of the situation Olly

chris h

Olly. Things are not that much different to season 2012 / 13 , we needed a striker (indeed you could argue we were better placed then since we had SEB only he was injured away at Brum) and ended up relegated. No goals from our strikers since Aug: if that is not addressed in Jan or by getting some of them to change their habits of a lifetime and start scoring some goals, I think a 12 th finish is very unlikely. Complacency is very dangerous in football and at Wolves we should know all about that.


a striker! why didn't you mention that bef....

chris h

Because it seems some folks still don't get it.They didn't get it in 2012 and it seems despite 4 months of blanks (the worst return in our history) they still don't get it. You never know if Mr Shi doesn't get it, if you throw enough mud on the wall some of it might stick. I remember well Moxey's reaction when we were relegated in 2013,' oh I cannot believe we have actually been relegated.' He said he was losing sleep, but it was too late by then. He also said he was determined to get the club back into the Premier and we have heard that a few times since from others.That is my excuse, what's yours for being a troll?


and i just wrote way up above that i'd probably enjoy a good too-and-fro with you in a pub... but now you've hurt me. I'm English, not Danish


...hurt me so much i won't return to read your inevitable 'last word' comment (doesn't mean you're right by the way).

But, presuming that you actually refer to the 'troll' term of internet, rather than folk, lore... Y'know, using such a card in order to try to close down others is despicable. Save it for the morons who - day-after-day-after-day-after-article come on here and relentless refer to various Wolves players and staff as 'worthless', 'morons' and the like. If you don't like having anyone disagree, or even josh with you, for repeating the mantra countless times a day, then perhaps you might consider not doing it. On a public forum the public will reply. how many posts do you have on here today, on this and other stories? how many times has my 'name' replied TO it? Is that once? Now, define troll... but don't, for once, i'm off limping out anyway.

chris h

Wolvereeen, Tell it is right isn't he? Something has happened with your posts in the last couple of days. I think it might be the medication for your knee,(or frustration at your lack of mobility) but then again posting last doesn't mean I am right. Previously, you were succinct most of the time, making a valid (or invalid) point often rebuking someone criticising a player unfairly (in your view and often in my view), sometimes correcting people on factual issues, but rarely passing opinion on the current state of affairs. I called you a 'troll'( internet) because most of the times you post, you comment on someone else's comment rather than offering a bespoke comment of your own. Usually you are (in my opinion) pretty good at it, a factual rebuke here or a factual clarification there( I can see how you won that Atlas), but the last couple of days your rebukes have been more cutting and frequent and longer in conten. Equally, you have also posted at least one stand alone comment( very articulate and well thought out, sufficient enough to receive praise from Farmer Ted no less). There has also been a fair chunk of humour, much of it very good, but the put downs are not necessary. I think perhaps you should utilise your new found desire for extensive expression by having a go at writing a book or perhaps ask your GP to change your pain killers, so that we can enjoy the succinct, but less offensive Wolvereeen once again.

chris h

Correction your much heralded post by Farmer Ted is not a stand alone effort, but like so many others, is a response to someone else's post.

chris h

This could be the' Last Word', this could be the' Last Word'. Maybe the' Last Word.'.......I don't know. Oh no.

The Flying Winger

Albrightondek, the clubs chasing players are signing them and getting on with the job , we have gone back to our usual hand ringing, the defence is a mess and is exploited by every team we play CB's someone is having a laugh.


PL talks absolute sense. It's his job along with his staff to improve the players we have. Those he knows have gone as far as they can will be shipped out.

He has a big job on his hands, as he says, to get the balance in the squad right.

We do have quality in our squad and PL is still going through the assessment process, something WZ was unable to do.

This Summer will be the important window for Paul, so let's sit tight, keep the faith, and allow PL to do his thing.


Yes, framing of a play-off lottery place (which is not promotion, just a limited chance of it) when you are 13 points behind 6th place with 21 games (63 points) to go is - to say the least - extremely fanciful, especially with 9 other teams ahead of us in the queue, and one on same points, all with the same plan.

As much as it irks me to always be talking about NEXT season, or THE FUTURE, in terms of the first team, realistically we are in that situation. Our new owners are 5.5 months into the role, with a total of 5 weeks of available transfer window activity to their name, the majority of which come as they were putting their feet under the table. They are clearly ambitious for success, the fact that they had all but appointed the current Spain manager shows that, yet I doubt they actually believed it would be easy to blitz success instantly, but hoped for it. Now we've seemingly settled for a longer game plan, piling in more bodies for the sake of it is madness, the new manager needs to discover his players, is blooding the best of the homegrown youth, and probably hasn't actually said much of what articles relating to him infer each day. Previously he has been quoted as saying we need a bit of help, and a thinning of the squad - who doesn't agree with that? Meanwhile Ebanks-Landell IS almost certainly better off starring as a 'cult hero' in a successful promotion team, rather than sat on our bench, more often than not, for the next four months. It is positive experience for his confidence and for our future benefit (be it as a player or as a transfer fee - after all, he's been quoted enough in Sheffield media over the months as definitely wanting to stay there, a place he is clearly feeling the lurrrve. Not too many Wolves graduates feel the love in Wolverhampton on these pages after all - Batth, Price, Iorfa, Hause, Doherty), or those around for the past decade (Stearman, Edwards). The luurve for our younger players seems reserved for Graham, who has only played half a dozen matches and will soon be trashed if he does not come flying out of the traps after 13 months or more in the treatment room.

Lambert is talking realism - Forest haven't been able to sign anyone for 5 transfer windows, have they? Cardiff suffered similar. FFP is real, and what is also real is that players have contracts of employment, and get paid, you can't simply magic them in and out as if it were a computer/fantasy football game, that was the 'good old days', they are not on zero hours contracts - that luxury only applies to real working class people in low-paid jobs, and Uber/Deliveroo workers.

The club paying way over the odds now for players that everyone else is fighting for, in order to perhaps enable us to finish 10th instead of 12th, will inevitably mean less to spend in the summer in a more realistic marketplace with actual choice.

Bloody future... grrr. Meanwhile, go for the Cup, a bit of cheer for the fans.


meanwhile, danny may be club captain, but on the pitch the role belongs elsewhere, as may his position before long.

Farmer Ted

Well said Wolvereen


I get the argument that we got too many CH's at the moment but to say we don't need another one is unbelievable. I get we need another one but we have to offload some first.


I don't agree with PL on this one.It really doesn't matter how many CH you have, if they are not good enough they are not good enough.Just because you have the numbers it doesn't solve the problem,and as we all know a good CH is desperately needed.The defence has been abysmal this year mainly because of the weakness through the middle.So PL,s statement seems way off beat to me.

A similar situation exists with the striker.I hope he's not going to say that we have too many strikers when a Wolves striker hasn't scored a goal since the third week in August last year.

And whats all this about not being able to afford the wages I thought we were owned by a cash rich company, so surely this should not be a problem. Unless of course Fosun have forsaken us.

Talk of getting to the Premier League as quickly as possible,and staying there, seems to be just what it is Talk.


He obviously hopes that Williamson will come good. In addition, we could be in the market for a good, strong, defensive midfielder.

As far as Bamford's wages being a problem, what about the fact that we would spend less on the wages for a proven goalscorer at this level than a transfer fee plus wages for an unproven goalscorer at a lower level. We accountants refer to this as an opportunity cost. If,by some miracle, we


OK, speaking for myself, I am going to have to be very patient until the Summer window. It seems that the influx of players prior to PL's arrival has led to a complex situation that is not likely to be solved in this window. Many need to be shipped out but not enough may go in the time available. Someone's got to want them for one thing. (In my innocence, incidentally, I did wonder why, if we have too many CBs, we couldn't also prune them in order to bring in one of quality but what do I know?) As I began, speaking for myself, I am going to have to be very patient until the Summer. However, am I alone in getting a niggling feeling that perhaps my expectations for the future may have been a shade too high when I welcomed the Fosun take-over?


Continued... got promoted, we can then sign a proven striker at Prem level on appropriate wages.

I struggle to see the logic that Bamford's wages would be restrictive.

The Flying Winger

Are you mad Lambert, these comments are right out of the book of the last regime Inc, Moxey we have to sell before we buy.

We have needed at least one good CB for years this has been a major weakness the goals being exploited and given away are there for all to see.

We have needed a midfield general, at least one full back and a goal scorer for 2 seasons.

We may have 6 CB's but there's only 2 who are playing well at the moment and that is Stearman, EBL on loan, Batth after being a good prospect and player for us on many occasions has lost the plot as for the others they need to be shipped out after very poor displays, as for EBL must be the daftest decision of the season.

Yes we need to reduce the squad and ship players out so why haven't the recruitment team got on with the job. It has been clear since the start of the season who those players are.

He may not like this window but it's one that sets the rest of the season up that's why many clubs take action.

Very disappointing of Lambert and the club, hope we can cling on to mid table something we get used to, clinging on.


No Magnificent 7, FW. How disappointing.

No Hollywood Blockbuster for Wolves this year? We can waive goodbye to the Oscars for another year then, unless the directors can pull off a miracle in rehearsals, and get the screenplay perfect on the day, every day.

Lambert is true to form. He's never had a decent defence at Villa or Norwich, so he probably doesn't know what one would look like.

It's 'score more goals than the opposition' then, but with strikers who can't score.

If Lambert pulls this one off, he'll be a better magician than Mad Mick, Merlin the Magician, ever was.

The rest of the season is going to be exciting - you score one, we score one for 90 minutes.

The Flying Winger

T,No not this season again, they raise the white flag instead of building barricades.

West Park





The Flying Winger

West Park, at least this will get the key boards rocking again. Heart Break Hotel!

Farmer Ted

WP, 'The worst defence in living Wolves history'

Utter nonsense and as I've said elsewhere you clearly haven't watched Wolves over the years a few of us have.

Just for the record we have conceded 34 goals, not ideal especially as some of them have been individual mistakes, but there again most goals in any league are individual mistakes. Three teams above us, Norwich, Barnsley and Birmingham have conceded more as have 7 teams below us.

As for the 'NODDY & HAPPY" comments, do you really think Lambert is happy with the situation he's been brought in to sort out. Read some of the sensible posts on here.

West Park

Farmer ted. . We all have our own opinions and when I want yours I'll give it to you old China. .as for watching games old fruit I been watching wolves since 1975 maybe not as long as you because you were probably there since 1877. ..

Farmer Ted

If you've been watching since 1975 and you think the current defence is the worst in living history you need to start facing the pitch. As for only wanting other people's opinions when you ask for them, you best to keep off social media sites...that's how they work,old China!


Well at least we are party to PL's thinking. So it seems the only challenge to Batth / Stearman would appear to be Williamson. This will obviously be addressed in the summer window. It is probably a realistic admission that the play-offs are out of reach this season and he now wants a longer, more considered analysis of the CH situation. Better players tend to be available in the summer window.

So, onwards. If Batth and Stears and Williamson can do the business then we can go forward with confidence. If not, then we ship players out and bring in ones who want to come at the start of the season as we are not an attractive proposition given the stage of the season and our league position at present..

Good players are more likely to join in the summer when we are joint top of the league!

So, what news about midfield and up front?


not great to hear, but yes, absolutely


Good move to leave Ethan at Sheffield where he is getting games. It may be worth loaning out Dom or Kortney as well. Realistically we won't be bringing guys in until we have moved guys out. I'm not expecting much this window.


Regarding EEL, all three parties have to agree to an early recall of a loan player. The player, if recalled from a potential championship winning season at Sheff Utd would probably hate the Wolves for doing that to him, so why would he want to swap that for a struggling side who are now playing out the season for the next 20 matches? Would you? Otherwise, not recalling our player doesn't make sense. Pity he is not at a Championship club, then we would have him back immediately. So, we are stuck with him performing well elsewhere. Would EEL / Williamson be our best CB pairing?


again, absolutely.



A defence does not just comprise 2 centre backs. It is 4 working in tandem and that is the problem. Practice makes perfect. Act as one, think as one and that is the problem with our defence. We have not got that at the moment but as I stated practice makes it better if just not perfect as it will be in our case

Woodsetton wolf stay at Shef Utd for the rest of the season.

Williamson....highly unlikely to ever kick a ball for the first team again given his age, list of associated injuries and length of lay-off.

Iorfa...PL excludes him as a potential centre half.

In my book that leaves the bare minimum of three...Danny, Stears and Hause...

two on the pitch and one on the bench. One injury and we're snookered.

As the Yanks say...'you do the math'.

John Richards

Always thought PL was suspect - now I know he is a numpty.

If you know 6 is too many ship some of the dross out. Simples


off with their heads! - simples?

John Richards

Hadn't thought of that! Good idea! Simples

The Flying Winger

I read on another article that Lambert wants to introduce more youngsters and play them now, isn't this what got us in trouble in the first place , needs to do some more reading very quickly.

What has happened to the seasoned physical players who "know" the Championship line.

There is nothing wrong in introducing a few to play along experience for a few games but we were told before that players were being let go so as not to stand in the way of the youngsters well that worked then, unless anyone hasn't noticed we are in a relegation fight.

Jackson is a classic case huge prospect but in reality for us never happened, may do well with a flying Man U side, much different to a relegation haunted team.

As for the back room staff or whoever is pulling the strings good luck with that.

Stearmans overhead kick

As harmo hull posted T.F.W. It's Thellwel's, That is all he talked about in is radio interview last year. Youth,Youth. And more youth to be reared for the first team.


If they are good enough, they are old enough.


Is Floyd Streete available ?


Bully might know

spanish ray

I am a bit worried about this centre-half talk.When is Williamson going to be fit? If we have six centre-halves which one is the best,thats the one who should be playing.Batth is not good enough why is he picked every week he is too slow and does not enhance the team in any way,so,why keep picking him?

Wandering Wolf


6 Crap CH, sell them and get 2 decent ones.

Fosun have u lost interest already?

old gold barmy army

Why sell em WW, release on free transfers or terminate their contracts and seek new players. Lots of clubs would have something for nothing surely.!!!!


give pl his due ..he has not strung us along with false promises or hope. the summer is always better to buy and sell, we go with what we have. fwaw

Black Country Wanderer

I can see the logic in what PL says,and to be fair the CBs we have are not totally inept,Baath just needs some confidence and maybe playing with Stearman,even with all his faults,can get that back

Iorfa Hause and ELB are good young players,again just low on confidence and experience,they need a rest now and then

With Williams, if fit,and even Saiss we have more than enough options there,maybe not the best, but good enough for this season

The LB and RB are more of a concern,and that's where Marshall comes in

The comments on Bamfords wages are a surprise,i realise we don't want to go overboard and waste money,but to get a decent striker we need to pay decent money,and if its a loan player I doubt we would pay all his wages anyhow

I agree with not paying silly money for Marshall,but not paying for something we are crying out for is a bit scary

Black Country Wanderer

I meant EEL not ELB lol

The Flying Winger

B C W, quite correct

chris h

Williamson has been out for a year. Got to be a risk there. Ebanks is out on loan. That leaves Danny, Stears and Kortney, if you don't include Dom, as inferred above. The others must be untried kids. Saiss and Coady are both midfielders who could do a job there I suppose. No doubt we can muddle through but it is hardly inspiring. Nevertheless,to my mind the elephant in the room is the lack of a goal since Aug from any of our strikers. I would hate to think we end up up in a relegation scrap with strikers firing blanks. However you dress it up things are very flat compared to all the promises of a real challenge for promotion made last Aug.

Woodsetton wolf

Chris...Pretty much the same points as I have made above. I agree that we can probably muddle through with other defensive stand-ins and given where we are now it would be daft to pay inflated prices for no real benefit at the end of this 'dead rubber' of a season.Anyway...a happy new year to you and yours...I still have the warm glow of your sons Pirlo comparison.

chris h

Woods, Thanks, same to you and all Wolves' fans everywhere.

Sir Billy Quiet

It's a mess so let the manager get on and sort it out.

This is reality not fantasy league......

Sir Lupi


The squad needs to be trimmed to 23 players. We currently have over 30, meaning there are at least seven players who are on the payroll that are never going to play. If they average £300,000 p/annum x 7, this equates to over £2m (£approx £40,000p/wk) now, once these seven or so players are moved on, and lets remember they are human beings, not cattle, the club has considerably more money to hand to sign some quality additions of which are few and far between in January anyway. so....

As ive been saying on here for a few weeks now, Its illogical to start signing any more players than we already have.

This season hasnt worked out, get used to it. Even if we signed Ronaldo, we still wouldnt make the play offs. Lets get things right ready for next season and then sign some quality players in areas PL deems fit, once his squad has thinned out and extra money and time is available.

chris h

'We have to be really clever in the next few windows'. The most telling comment in the above article. That tells me the money to invest in better players to get us to the Premier, despite all the promises made, is not going to come through. Of course you should always seek to be clever in any transfer window, but given the context of the article, I think a lot of people who have high (false) hopes that FOSUN will splash the cash are going to be disappointed. As I have said before they have billions in debt as well as billions in assets and fundamentally they are an investment company looking for a return on their money. Morgan said they promised to spend between £20m to £30m in the first two years and they have already spent about half of that.


Chris, Fosun I think, spent (or wasted £19m) in the Summer. So they lived up to their promise. The failing was the inept investment by those trusted to guide Shi.

Anyway, that is another matter.

They will have been shocked by having nothing to show for that cost. So I believe they are now listening to Lambert on how best to retrieve this bad situation and we just have to accept the shaping of the 1st Team over the last few years has been awful, a predominantly League 1 ability Squad.

The Flying Winger

Chris h, we know you have a downer on Fosun and made no allowances for the takeover timing, the team was in dire straights and even your beloved Jackett couldn't do anything with it.

Jeff Shi saw a squad that were relegation all over and had to move quickly Fosun came up with money and players any new player is a gamble and not helped by managerial changes.

Two of the new ones have done very well and I still think another 3 could come good if only we can settle down, you keep on about a striker where is the one who can score the 20 goals we need.

We need the defence and midfield sorted then the players like Mason and Dicko may give us the goals we all crave for.

Yes I am disappointed about the statemens coming out from Lambert at the moment as we have heard it all before and of course want new signings.

I for one though saw this as a very difficult season and any talk of promotion was wishful thinking, so we muddle on in true Wolves style until next season.

chris h

FW, 1 The other day I posted on here naming five strikers, look it up, signed by other Championship clubs last Summer who have scored regularly this season. One of them came from Benfica and scored a hat trick last Saturday. As for the Jan window an ex Wolf has just won the player of the month for scoring 6 goals in a month in the Championship. He plays for Barnsley, maybe we cannot afford his wages, too. How many goals has Budvarsson scored in total during the 12 months of 2016? Look it up,it is there for all to see. And you still think he will come up with the goals?

2 Got nothing against FOSUN or China per se, but have concerns that we have been acquired by an investment company whose primary purpose is to make money. Would have preferred a benefactor like Sir Jack, not easy to find I accept. I am also concerned at the levels of debt coming out of China, and that is a general concern. Bubbles burst.

3 I agree Cav and Costa have done well. Texiera hasn't, if you check back I said on the day he signed from what I saw on You Tube I would not have taken him. So maybe I don't get everything wrong. I agree Prince and Saiss may well come good. Nevertheless as Kenny told us on many occasions the priority should have been one or two quality strikers and in this area Mendes, Thelwell and whoever else have failed us.

The Flying Winger

You love your history chris, who would you sign now as for your Kenny you don't give up, what about Mason who presumably agreed and kept him on the bench.

Woodsetton wolf

Chris...I think Winnall would be a good call...'he's one of our own' sung by the South Bank, very good with his head and not yet reached his peak...what's not to like? I don't know how long his Barnsley contract is, but surely we can punch our weight at that level. Leeds tried to get him last January but Barnsley knocked them back.

Your old mate Mick sadly treated him like most of his other young players...totally ignored can't teach a dinosaur new tricks.

Woodsetton wolf

Flying....this season as we well know is dead. PL may as well concentrate on ditching those that he has does not rate....the likes of Wallace, Henry (now at Bolton for the rest of the season), Gladon, Jackson, John, Saville, Silvio, that he is ready to rebuild in the close season.

I agree with you that there is hope for some as well as Costa and Cav....Bod, Saiss and possibly Prince, although we need to see more of him first.

Also I agree it is pointless expecting to to find an available 20 goal a season striker in this window. The likes of Bamford would not be a good short term solution...Less than 20 league appearances in the last 18 months (nearly all as sub), no goals, and would not be match sharp until hell of an acquisition that would be.

BCW who's opinions I generally rate, talks about rebuilding Baath's confidence, but the truth is he is not a quality defender at this level. He looked a world beater in the First Division, but he has the turning circle of an oil tanker and does not have the awareness to cope.

In midfield we will need a creator and hopefully Ronan can play a major part next season.

I'm knocking on now and sadly witnessing yet another season drift away but I would much prefer to see Pl use the rest of this season for a good clear out rather than some half cocked effort to shore up the squad with overpriced and underwhelming purchases.

Black Country Wanderer

I agree with you about Baath Woody,hes not the answer long term,just saying for now we can cope without spending daft money,and he has improved playing with Stears,who again long term is not good enough

Yes its another season gone,and us oldies aren't getting any younger,but again I agree we need to move players on one way or another, and start preparing for next season in a far more professional manner than last summer


Agree with all that... especially the 'knocking on' and 'yet another season drift away' bits.

Danny appears not to have it on a regular basis, this season, and is certainly not a distributer of the ball. However, just the season before last we finished 7th, 2 goals off the play-offs, with stearman and batth (and doherty some of the time), as our defence, so we did compete with them as our backbone, in this very division. What we ALSO had of course, was a forward line that roasted other teams and took some of the relentless pressure off the boys at the back. It appears that Lambert is possibly seeing it that way too, for the remainder of this season at least. He has suggested help will come, perhaps his priorities are upfront and midfield.

Meanwhile, believe it when it actually happens, rather than theorise to death about every rumour - as many of us on here do, daily. Some MUCH more than others.

The Flying Winger

Ww,I agree and yes another season is drifting away along with the hopes of many.

We can only hope that the new owners have their policy for next season in place and Lambert is the man.

If they think that the failed policy of a load of youngsters is going to take us to the promised land then they need to think again and remove Thelwell whose influence seems to be the guiding voice.

John De Wolf

In principal he's right we don't need extra players in defence but unfortunately they've not been good enough.

If Williamson can get fit he will improve.

The key is trimming the squad and preparing for the summer window as a month isn't enough time to overhaul the team.

Disappointed to hear though the signing the likes of Bamford is prohibited by wages.

How are Derby, Blues bidding for premier quality players and spending on wages?

If Fosun are as ambitious as they say, they need to find loopholes so we can utilise their financial resources.

Sponsor the stadium for £100 million and then we're covered! Just a thought but if they think we'll go up without signing quality players, they'll be disappointed.

Throwing £14M on 13 players doesn't work. Quality over quantity. Which given time hopefully Paul Lambert will deliver.


I'm prepared to believe that the January window has pitfalls and problems. Any disappointment is probably a hangover from all the hope and hype of pre-season. Truth is we haven't defended well and the strikers haven't struck. I still believe we need a decent left foot at LB - to defend and attack. I've always been impressed with Patrick Bamford whenever he's played against us. Maybe it's a bluff by PL or maybe a change in direction by Fosun - Jeff Shi has been very quiet recently. I still think there's a lot to look forward to - good crop of youngsters, return of Jordan Graham, etc.


Lambert is spot on, in my view. We had a massive squad, even before Ronan and Bright came into the frame. And Jordan Graham will be back at some point.

Not just that, but I actually reckon that at our best we have a good side. Including our defence. A case in point was the miraculous last second clearance on the goal line by Doherty I think and Stearman. Did they get any praise for that ?

Clear out some dead wood and lets see in the summer. This season is dead anyway, whatever we do.


Stearman rarely gets anything but abuse - on these threads


When is Jordan Graham going to be fit? He has been out for 12 months and Brunt of the Tescos was back playing in 6 months with the same injury and he is 10 years older than JG.


i know that i'm gawawfully getting on, but i got a cruciate injury in a street trip, whilst running, 5 months ago, and i'm telling you, you feel like you'll never walk properly again, ever, or be able to go up and down stairs without agony every bend (which in a top - 3rd - floor flat with no lift means that i waste/enjoy far too much time on here at the moment!) I know that the daily attentions of top physios and the glory of youth helps, but some things just cannot easily be wished away, and one of them is body issues. At the time they said 13 months didn't they?


My big concern is that Fosun are already loosing interesting as any new statements reconfirming their goals are sadly lacking as far as i can see.

Im beginning to see this as the start of a damage limitation exercise as I think Fosun misguidedly thought they could buy instant success {i wish} and possibly guided by Mendes made some extremely wrong decisions.

I would be very surprised if the club isnt up for sale again within two years.

The thing is that as i am not as well informed as many who post on this site ,I shall probably be shot down in flames. Only my opinion folks !


That's it for me, seen and heard enough now ... Lambert out !


Starship ElDervo on a 5 DAY mission to explore new galaxies and boldly go where no team has gone before.

DervoDate January 6th 2017: 'Five whole days have passed since we arrived in the Transfer Zone, yet still no activity in the Wolves Quadrant. Cling-on players appear difficult to jettison from the Molineux Enterprise, and our uneasy alliance with the Forsonulans is at breaking point, in my head. From the bridge Commander Lambert has announced something quite logical to the crew, or didn't, because it was actually written in a newspaper, but anyway, he has clearly lost his mind and therefore I am instigating a mutiny and inviting all to join me in a mission to experience total isolation on Planet Pitcarn, in the Pacific Zone.'


(Dervo Trek had potential, but in the event proved a short lived series. If only they'd made the mission a bit longer it might've worked)


It sounds to me like there won't be any new players coming in this January.

Perhaps the job is to big for us this season to make the playoffs but hope to god that

they do not rubbish the idea that we will be OK to avoid the drop.

Which is at the moment to close for comfort.

I have always said that the defence is a shambles and we must score more then we let in

but that's becoming a problem lately. So its back to nail biting time to the end of the season.


Farmer Ted

I remember back in those mad, mad days of summer when new signings were queuing up to get a space in the dressing room when the new MD, Laurie Dalrymple reminded us that spending has to kept within the FFP budget. I would suggest that because of that nonsensical spending spree that Jeff Shi allowed Lambert is stuck with the problem of a ridiculously big squad with a dangerously high payroll.

Many of us saw it coming and now we have some posters on here blaming Lambert for it...unbelievable! (But no more than you'd expect from some)

I said earlier in the week that my big concern was the lack of players going out. "you just can't magic them out the door". True Paul, but surely the loanees can go back? I still think there will be a signing or two, but in this notoriously difficult four-and-a-bit week window, PL has to keep his cards close to his chest...or Thelwell's chest. Relegation is a possibility and play offs are a remote possibility, but more realistically Lambert needs to put the pieces in place for next season and the summer transfer window.

Finally, daftest post on here had to be "the worst defence in living Wolves history". (Ha! He hasn't seen what a lot of us have seen over the years)...but stop!...wait! comes Eldervo's brainless contribution.


Somebody please wake me!!

We may have 7 centre halves but we should be shipping out five of those and replacing them with two good ones!!

I am now more bewildered than ever before. New owners, new management, no old CEO - yet still the same old build up and let down to a January Transfer window.

Let's just see what shakes loose - but I don't see us signing anybody to improve us as a team - probably just yet another midfielder!

"Keep the Gold Flag Flyin' High!"

North Bank Vertigo

Apologies if I'm missing something, but can anybody name our 6 centre-halves (not including Iorfa) ?


NBV - Batth, Stearman, Williamson, Hause, Ebanks-Landell, and I assume Connor Johnson who is a member of the first team squad.

North Bank Vertigo

Johnson was the one I was missing, thanks!

I thought he might be including Rob Edwards!!


If you had 6 buckets, and they were leaking water you'd get new buckets and throw the old ones away. You wouldn't say you already have enough buckets.


Our forward line up are good enough to challenge for the play-offs, our midfield is mid table material but our defence is definite relegation material. We may have too many defenders but they are all (bar maybe 1 or2) league one and even league two players. So why aren't forcing the junk out of the door and bringing in Championship quality defenders. Ben Marshall is a trip down memory lane for PL, what happens when Graham and Zyro are fit? Graham has the potential to be the best in the Championship playing in Marshall's playing position, it doesn't make sense. We need a new commanding, experienced Championship central defender. How many more times are going to watch us give the opposition a goal and then see Stearman and Batth look at each other and shrug their shoulders?


It's not 6 is it. Unless he's counting Connor Johnson. If you don't count Iorfa, as he states, then it is Batth, Stearman, Ebanks-Landell, Hause and Williamson. 5. And of those 5, one is unproven, one in on loan, one out on loan and one 33 and injury prone. So that only leaves Batth, and his form has been erratic presumably because he needs a bit of help and a bit more competition. We do need centre halves, at least two signings unless Hause proves himself and/or Ebanks-Landell comes back, but maybe there aren't the decent centre-halves available in January and we might have to wait until the Summer.


We're in 14th for goals conceded and 10th for goals scored and 16th overall so pretty much mid table in every respect. Yes we need an experienced and able centre back but with no striker scoring since August a '20 goal' striker is a must. I think it was Brian Clough who said 'football is a simple game, you just have to score one more than the opposition'. If your strikers can't score no matter how many clean sheets you keep you won't do any better than draw.


Would love to see us sign Sam Winnall over someone like Bamford. Winnall is hungry and a proven goalscorer at this level. Bamford has failed in the Prem not once, not twice but thrice and not done anything in the Championship for 2 years now. We should never have let Winnall go.


I wouldn't say Winnall is proven at this level. it's the first time he's played at this level this season for Barnsley. He's started off the season well but i just have a feeling it may turn out like Leon Clarke did when he returned to Wolves. At the time it was the right decision to let him go as we had just go relegated from the premiership and he was never going to get game time with the players we had at the time.

Sir Lupi

Bamford scored seventeen goals last season and won promotion with Middlesbrough.

Not good enough for Wolves though.....!! Unbelievable post.

Woodsetton wolf

Sir Lupi....sorry but Bamford scored no goals for anybody last season least of all Middlesbrough. In the last season and a half he has made 19 league appearances (mainly as sub) for Palace, Norwich and Burnley. His 17 goals were in season 2014/2015 and Middlesborough did not renew his loan last season. Time plays cruel tricks as the years roll by.


Certain fans on here need to change the record. It is not a question of simply shipping the dross out and signing quality replacements. Which other teams will want to sign this "dross"? There is no way the club is going to terminate the contracts of the likes of Iorfa, Hause and Batth, so we are stuck with them. And what quality players in their right mind will want to come and play for a team sitting uncomfortably above the Championship relegation zone? Like many, I am disappointed that the owners appear to have written this season off already but in the event that we do stay up, come the summer, hopefully Lambert will be able to dictate transfer policy and not Mendes. Then we might start to achieve something.


Paul Lambert was saying only a short time ago that we needed strengthening in certain key positions, and that he would buy players with championship experience who he could put directly into the team.He also said that the business to achieve that goal would be done early in the January transfer window.

The above was said in the knowledge that we needed to reduce the squad.

What happened to change his mind?

Also, there seems to be an acceptance by many of the fans on here that its OK just to swing along until the summer with no new signings in January.I wonder what they will say if we get relegated.

We need to do all we can to strengthen the team now,not get complacent and hope for the best.

The teams that are successful show by there actions that they are serious about the situation, why can't we.

The comment about Patrick Bamfords wages is worrying.He is on loan at Burnley a small Lancashire town and cant get into their team.God help us.We need some help.


Sir Lupi

That small club in Lancashire has just received £70mil off Sky.

That tends to make a bit of difference.


You make a fair point, and I'm pleased you reacted to my post.The overriding point I was making was the inability of Wolves to afford Bamfords wages when other ambitious Championship clubs seem to find a way to find and sign players who would be paid as much or more than Bamford. We just don't seem to be able to make it work for us.This is of course a perennial Wolves problem(which I had hoped would be solved when Fosun appeared) as for years we have seen good transfer targets go elsewhere, when we have been seemingly in poll position to sign them.


A small Lancashire town IN THE PREMIER LEAGUE (you neglected to add). Lots of funds, etc., etc. Premier teams barely need actual fan income... and so on and so forth.

Also, loan players - when did we ever get one in, mid-season, that actually helped? The one from Sunderland? The one from Hull? I think James Henry was probably the last loan success wasn't he?


I think we would all agree that Costa is a pretty good loan player although, I accept, he is here for the full season.Also, we all thought Williamson did very well when on loan.

In general I don't particularly like loan players either, but some way or another we need some help particularly with regard to the striker issue.We have now gone half a season without a striker scoring a goal(there must be a record there).Does anyone accept that we complete the season in the same way.I don't think so.



ahh, but imagine the sheer joy of the fans when a striker actually scores... that must be the plan, to build us up and up, create an brief but orgasmic moment for us all!

Will the pain be worth it? Let's hope so!

Farmer Ted

Franko, to add to what Sir Lupi and Wolvereen have said, it's a good bet that Chelsea are paying a large slice of that Bamford wage.

There lies one of the main evils that's happened to our football over the last decade or so...ABRAMOVICH!

West Park

Farmer can you call Roman A..evil !! The man has put his money where his mouth is and delivered .. Hayward & Morgan had vast amounts too but promised a war chest and delivered nothing when we need it most.. maybe you missed that match when he said we wouldn't do an albion on the pitch ??

Farmer Ted

He's ruined football. Why the hell do you think UEFA introduced FFP rules to stop the likes of Abramovich and Sheik Mansour buying success?

Do you not understand the difference between The Russian oligarch's oil riches and Morgan's UK building business?

No you clearly do not.


Relegation will show what a massive mistake you are going to make by not binning Batth.

Normally with a defence it is usually difficult to blame 1 player for most of the goals you concede. Not with this team its not.


Roughly translated this article, like so many others from the club, means we are going to be in this Division for years and years so we had better get used to it.

Woodsetton wolf of the main problems is that Jeff Shi and Fosun totally under estimated the task of getting out of the Division from hell. This lead to our Jeff making ludicrous statements about competing with Man ure, etc,etc.

Jeff had a bad case of premature proclamation and has now gone quieter than Moxey on a particularly quiet day with total voice loss from a sore throat. He can always get a few of us together to tell him about our 19 year stint in the wilderness. I fear you may be right...another long stint to come.

Black Country Wanderer

Interesting comment there Andy,get used to it?

In the last 35 years we have only been higher than this league on 4 occasions

In fact I believe in 110 years we have been in what is now the Prem on 46 of those,so 60 of those years have been in this league,i think we are totally used to it my friend


For the last 18 months under Jackett, Zenga and Lambert, we've been giving away silly goals at the back. The need for an experienced CH to organise the back four seems obvious to the majority of people who have posted. The fact that PL doesn't see this is extremely worrying; especially as he recently stated he was happy that his former Norwich team used to ship goals under his management.

I have six old masonry drill bits, none of them work very well but I continue to use them.... usually I use the least worst one until it stops working so well, and then I try one of the others to see if that one is any better. By the end of next season, or perhaps the season after, I hope to have some shelves up.

I hope PL is right and we're all wrong, otherwise it'll be a case of marking time for the next 18 months :(


This could all be bluff. Why tell your opponents what your plans are. Why tell prospective sellers that you desperately need a CB? That would just drive up the price.

Quietly investigate the possibilities and make an offer if you see something you like.

Woodsetton wolf

Bloseph.....nice thought, but sadly when it comes down to Wolves and transfer windows most of the bluff is aimed at the fans just prior to the window opening. Then it is 'we won't be held to ransom, prices are inflated, will only buy better than we have got', etc etc. Moxey may have gone but it's all starting to sound a bit familiar.


Pretty obvious we need a CB and a forward capable of netting frequently. To dent we need a CB is a recipe for being somewhere else on match days. We are not good enough to make the top 6 thats for sure.


From Lamberts comments and Tim Spiers roundup it sounds pretty well more of the same for the foreseable. Doesnt sound very ambitious all round. Roll on the summer.


The club hasnt got the money to make all these big signings.When fosun took over they said 20 million over 3 could take 10 years or more to rebuild a squad for a promotion push.we cant compete with the top clubs in the championship

Sir Billy Quiet

Turnedmybackonclub - why do you say 'we' when you have turned your back on the club? go away a and support someone else - leave our club to those that still support it........................

So many posters that spend their waking hours moaning about the Wolves, don't go to matches and can't wait to post negative comment.

4,600 at Stoke tomorrow, supporting the team.


So now Paul Lambert very honestly and frankly tells us we cannot afford to even pay the wages of a player like Patrick Bamford who has been out on loan to clubs such as Derby, Nottingham Forest and the MK Dons in the past. My gosh, just what are the real finances of what was once our great club.

old golds worth more

So going with the argument that we don't need a CB due to the number we have, then we don't need any strikers either, as we have got Dicko, Mason, Dady, Bright and Paul what's his name, plus Zyro when he is fit, making five/six strikers and only two positions (when we play two strikers) to fill. No midfielders either for the same reason, so that's this window sorted, (never mind the quality feel the width should be our new motto) nobody required except perhaps a full back if we can get him on the cheap!


How many loan players do we have? who are they? how many of them do we want to keep? how many should be shown the door IMMEDIATELY? Does PL have a clue who he should return to sender? I am unsure if he knows, as he has so many squad players to see on the training fields! Thellwell should have seen this coming or is a lot of this his poblem/doing?


Well this has created a lot of posts hasn't it? Bottom line is 6 or 7 centre halves notwithstanding the defence isn't good enough. We just leak goals. Countless combinations haven't worked with the only consistent figure being Batth. Say no more. Full backs? Currently one converted midfielder and one who gets forward but can't defend. According to this article PL says we don't need any more CB's. I beg to differ. He seems to be relying an awful lot on Williamson who was signed a year ago and hasn't played. Oh well welcome to life as a Wolves fan.Do you think PL sees something we don't?

Not Convinced

I dont want to worry anyone but our manager cannot count - stears , batth , ebanks landell , williamson , hause and iorfa - thats six including dom (not excluding) .

ebanks-landell will return nest season to claim a first team place .

decisions will be made on the futures of stears and williamson at the end of the season - so if stears remains thats it - him and ebanks-landell - job done .

so what do posters want - fosuns to flood the club with yet more average players who are no better than the ones we already have and to inflate the wage bill ?

personally I am a fan of iorfa and hause although maybe I would play hause at left back which i have stated several times now .


NC - The sixth one is Connor Johnson. - see my reply to North Bank Vertigo (12.07pm) above.

The Flying Winger

Perhaps Marco Silva didn't join us because of our transfer policy and need of a CB.


Patience required until the end of the season. Lamberts got a big job to do.

Players need to be moved on.

A defence with two decent full backs would be good to see. Maybe then you will see how good Bath is. There is no defence in front of the back two, the full backs often go missing. Much improved against Sheffield, the shape was much better.