Wolves midfielder Jack Price hails Paul Lambert after return to line-up

Jack Price says boss Paul Lambert has given him extra belief for Wolves – and thinks the team are heading in the right direction.

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Jack Price has seen a return to the Wolves fray under Lambert.

Price was brought in from the cold by Lambert and has started six of the Scot’s nine matches in charge, missing the other three with a tight hamstring.

He had previously not featured for two months under Walter Zenga, but Lambert has been full of praise for the popular central midfielder since his return.

Price said: “The gaffer has given me a lot of confidence since he came in.

“As a player you always feel you have got it in you to play well and be part of the team but getting that support just makes you believe it a little bit more.

“I think that is showing on the pitch.

“I’ve played four in a row now and the more games you play the more you settle and the more confident you feel.

“Hopefully there is even more to come from me.

“I think the gaffer has come in and freshened things up and we are playing well and with a good intensity.

“Obviously it always feels different when you are playing and for me it’s great to be getting a little run in the team.

“It wasn’t so great when I wasn’t playing but I think the gaffer has just given me that extra belief which I needed having not played for a couple of months.

“It is tough at times when you are not playing but to get that opportunity again just renews your confidence.”

“It’s been nice to be back in the team.

“I played the gaffer’s first couple of games and then had a tight hamstring so came out for a but but I’ve got back in for the last three and have no problems.

“I am enjoying it.”

Wolves have suffered a dip in taking only one point from their past two matches against QPR and Sheffield Wednesday.

Bur performances have generally been positive in recent weeks.

Price said: “We are heading in the right direction now and just want to finish as high as we can.

“It is going to be tough to reach the play-offs now given where we are.

“But our aim will be to win as many games as we can and see where it takes us.

“You never know – if you can win five or six in a row like other teams have done all of a sudden things look very different and you are among it.

“We know how difficult that is but we just need to focus on looking forward and trying to take as many points as we can.”

The 24-year-old has been paired with fellow Shropshire man David Edwards in midfield in recent weeks.

Edwards has scored six in his past 10 appearances and Price thinks the pair work well together.

“Eddo loves to get forward and when he does that, then I can sit in and cover,” he added.

“It must be the Salop connection!

“He is in some of the best goalscoring form of his Wolves career at the moment and I think the gaffer has brought confidence to him as well.

“We all know he can chip in with a goal but I’d probably say he is up there as our most consistent player from the start of the season.

“He is a really good player who works very hard for the team and he has that experience to help the rest of us and the younger players.

“We have got some very good central midfield players with different qualities and that keeps up the competition so we all know we have to earn our place in the team.”

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Comments for: "Wolves midfielder Jack Price hails Paul Lambert after return to line-up"


Yes it good to look forward and to be positive. Lets hope Lambert finds the right team formation and a more settled team. Price and Edwards have been two of the most consistent players. We still need a good finisher, a play maker in midfield and a leader in defence.

Northern Wolf

Love Dangerous. I really do....but be honest...wouldnt you rather we still had McDonald to play with Price? Still, I would take the Lethal One over Saville, Saiss, Oniangue, Coady (remember we actually bought him as a midfielder? Who knew right?) or just about everyone else we have signed in that position for the last 10 years......apart from Evans..........

Black Country Wanderer

Price has been good since his return,lets hope he doesn't drop his standards, and not fade from games as he has in the past

I don't rave about Price like some on here,i think he has areas he can improve on,he tends to pass sideways too often,and makes errors when pushing forwards exposing the defence,which has cost us goals lately

That said he has stabalised the midfield more,he would be more effective if Edwards wasn't out of position so much in games,his goals are appreciated, but he has a job to do in midfield too, which he tends to forget at times

On another topic I see Bamfords name has come up again,its a good shout if he would come here,more than useful in this league


You need to start feeding the strikers more know as we need goals of them


I'm glad he's in the team as I'm in the Jack Price fan club as some call it!


Sue - As I am too.

Ye Olde South Bank

That makes three of us, then.


At last we've got a manager who can see what Jack Price brings to the team. The thing I like most about Jack, is the way he moves the ball quickly,always looking for other players movement, or to slide a ball through for a player to run onto keeping the tempo of the game fast. He can also make good long ball passes when nessesary. I do think at times he gets pushed off the ball a little to easy, but I'm sure that can be sorted out under PL. But I hope he will be a Wolves first team regular for many years to come.

Northern Wolf

He plays with his head up and knows what he wants to do with it before it has arrived - but he also has the trust in his skills to execute it with his first touch. Dangerous is a great worker and has developed into an almost Teddy Sherringham-like near-post header of the ball...but watch him on the ball - he is genuinely a 3-touch player...one for control, one for thought and one to pass....Price gives his defenders space and time because he is available to them every time and his speed of thought means defenders cant press without risking a big gap behind them.....many the "defender errors" this season have been down to a midfield that don't show for the defence leaving them short on time and often caught in possession


"We have got some very good central midfield players with different qualities" God know what Price is on! Our central midfield is poor, one reason why we ship so many goals in at the back. We lack the ability to control matches because the midfield is poor. It is the main area that needs strengthening in the January window.

Northern Wolf

What do you expect him to say? The truth? "Most of my colleagues are ball-shy, headless chickens who would rather see the ball 30 feet over their heads than show for a quick ball or make a run which makes it all the more surprising that they get picked ahead of me for the first half of every season until we either sack a manager or someone realises that having the ball is better than chasing it"?

I iwsh he had said that as well.....


I'm glad he's in the team.I'm in the Jack Price fan club as some call it!


So good I said it twice.


The facts are that Wolves always have a better win ratio when Price is in the team. He had a great partnership with Mcdonald and using Edwards in the withdrawn role is partly working. Edwards certainly is in a rich vein of goalscoring form and it also allows for a more attack minded no10 in the team like Bright, Mason or Ronan. The only slight problem is that although Edwards is scoring he sometimes does little else in a game. For Wolves to be serious promotion contenders, we ultimately need to be looking at players like Lansbury!

Northern Wolf

Agreed - I love Dave but the truth is that, for the majority of his time with the club, he has never been worth a place in the best 11. When DE is a stand-out player it is a sure sign that we are in the mire. He stands out in midfield because we are chasing shadows and he works like a trojan - he stands out in attack because we are reduced to corners and long balls. When he played "10" it was to fit him in and it meant the "9" got no ball. These games paired with Price have been some of the best I have seen him play....is that a comment on his improvement or the fact that everyone seems to have their best games next to Price?