Wolves boss Paul Lambert hints at FA Cup changes

Wolves boss Paul Lambert has hinted he'll ring the changes for Saturday's FA Cup tie away at Stoke City.

Soccer - Sky Bet Championship - Queens Park Rangers v Wolverhampton Wanderers
Paul Lambert

After three games in a week Wolves have a 12-day breather from league action before they host Villa on January 14.

And the Scot suggested that fringe players will come into his thoughts for the third round clash at the bet365 Stadium this weekend.

"We've got another tough game on Saturday where we need to look at lads who've not played for a few weeks to help," he said.

"There'll be a few changes for the cup game. We'll go as strong as we possibly can but we've got to look at who's played a lot of games and a lot of minutes.

"It's about building and climbing that table. If we keep playing like that we'll win more games than not.

"It's not just one game, it's 46 that define your season. If we can keep the consistency level and the way we're playing, I'll be delighted with that."

The likes of Dominic Iorfa, Kortney Hause and Prince Oniangue are likely to feature should Lambert choose to change things up.

Oniangue has just returned from injury, as has Mike Williamson who may also come into the reckoning.

More than 4,600 supporters will make the short journey up the M6 to watch the old Staffordshire derby against the Premier League Potters.

Midfielder Jack Price has played regularly of late but he said he would love to start the match.

"I think all the lads are the same – we all want to play, but we’ll see what the gaffer decides," he said.

"I love the FA Cup.

"We have sold all our tickets and the atmosphere will be great and these are the games you want to be involved in.

"I’d love to be involved but it’s up to the gaffer what he does."

Striker Jon Dadi Bodvarsson will play in the competition for the first time in his career.

He said: "I can't wait. I said before the cup draw I wanted a Premier League team. You want to play against the best so I can't wait for that."

Goalkeeper Jon Flatt joined National League side Barrow on loan until the end of the season.

Academy graduate Flatt, aged 22, recently signed a new contract but has fallen behind Harry Burgoyne in the pecking order.

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Comments for: "Wolves boss Paul Lambert hints at FA Cup changes"

Sir Billy Quiet

Surely it makes more sense to keep putting out your strongest (preferred) team at this stage because they need as much playing time together as possible?

Lack of cohesion both defensively and in forward play are obvious for all to see, players need to play together to develop the fluency required.

Why do clubs like Wolves see the FA cup as nothing more than a reserve team/practice match.

Some of us are running out of years to see Wolves in an FA cup final, it will be so disappointing if another opportunity is wasted in favour of 'game time' for reserves.

Olly the cat

I can never understand why most Premier League clubs treat the FA cup with such contempt. Also, it makes no sense at all that clubs like Wolverhampton Wanderers don't go all out in an attempt to win it. Let's be honest. Wolverhampton Wanderers are a very long way away from winning the Premier League. The FA cup and League cup are the only two competitions that clubs like Wolverhampton Wanderers have any realistic, albeit slim, chance of winning. So why do they field weakened sides? Just imagine how much exposure in the media Wolverhampton Wanderers would get in China if they got to the FA cup final. A team owned by a Chinese company playing at Wembley, the home of football. Millions of gold shirts would be sold, generating millions of pounds that could be invested into the team. Promotion for Wolverhampton Wanderers this season is a long shot, and extremely unlikely. The Football Association Challenge Cup ( to give it it's full name ) should be the number one priority for Wolverhampton Wanderers for the remainder of this season.


Hi Olly. Why don't you just refer to our team as 'The Wolves?' Is it a Cat thing??


People on here have got to stop referring to 'the Chinese' as if they're some kind of singular, child-like and gullible entity... I'm aware that there are a lot of people way over there, and that they manufacture the shirts for us too, but will a run in an English cup competition magically result in 'millions' of shirt sales, in China?

I'd guess that a lot of spare income for cheap, but overpriced, synthetic cladding is likely to be going on replica shirts with the words 'Tevez' and 'Oscar' on their backs (though forgive me for presuming!)


Loool we can barely win an odd game in the championship and your on about winning the cup.someone seriously needs to give there head a wobble




Stupid site ! ...

We simply have to field the strongest team possible. With the season going the way it has it's vital that Wolves give themselves the best chance of progress in the cup.

The new owners and potential long term asian fans need as many crumbs of success as possible during these early opinion forming days with the league so far being hugely disappointing.

The best part of a week since we last played and a full week til we next play should be more than enough time between games for fatigue not to be a problem, especially at still a relatively early stage of the season and the current 'best line up' only recently having a run together.

Come on Lambert, show me some sign that I may be wrong about you !


Sorry Sir Bill, only read your post after I'd typed up and posted mine. Seems we ( and probably every other fan) have the same thoughts.

Sir Billy Quiet

As you said - stupid site!


Please wake up people ..We don't stand a snowballs chance in of winning the F A Cup. Why Chance an injury to players we may need to keep ourselves up in this division. We want to give players confidence and not see them get slaughtered by a premiership team. Our next IMPORTANT GAME is Villa at Home which by the way has not been a great place to play this season. We just lost at home to a Q P R team that is in the same turmoil as us , I would even leave Carl out .... he needs the rest, If we beat Stoke with a make up squad it would be great if we lose so what, Our so called better players would be rested and not injured , Paul is the manager with more experience than all of us in here .I Believe he is right


in fact, let's stop being a football club seeking to win things, and enjoy success, entirely. What's the point? Why bother trying? Much better to keep on treading in mediocrity. Sheesh, winning things, they're only shiny cups that you give back after a year and only get to keep an identical replica. In fact, why finish the season? There's another one next year.


...and those trips to North London, have you seen the cost of parking/trains/tubes/burgers/drinks down there? We can do without it.


...it's not the old 'proper' wembley either - stupid light hoop thing


You can see Wembley on the telly lots of times - other teams play their regularly, and some of the games are on the BBC and ITV. Nahh, it's all about one day hoping that we might get to finish 17th in the Premier League - now THAT'S what I call success. Who's with me?

Wanna riot, wanna Gold riot. Wanna riot, riot of my own.


...beides, we've got no spare room in the museum display cabinets for another cup. Think of the extra cost that, and the need for a big wall-size photo of Danny holding it, will entail people!

Chessie Wolf

Limystone48 i agree, i understand Wolvereen's logic we all want to see the team win things but the next few months are going to be crucial & what better opportunity for PL to look at some of the players who have not yet got a game due to the pressures of getting away from the drop zone. Let the guy do his job & stop winging it will take another 6-12 months to sort these things out and as i said yesterday 18 other clubs realistically have the same ambitions & money as we do. Enjoy the ride!




Yep old chap, 4600 fans there let's give it our best...

Olly the cat

I would like to see Wolverhampton Wanderers draw at Stoke on Saturday so that we can see a match versus Premier League opposition at Molineux. When was the last time Wolverhampton Wanderers won an FA cup tie at Molineux? I can remember a few losses recently, versus Fulham, Oldham Athletic and Birmingham City. I'm sure someone with a better memory than me will come up with the answer.

Chorley Steve

Olly . Doncaster 3rd round replay in our first season back in prem ?


I daresay that most supporters would be amazed if there weren't any changes. While it's nice to go a cup run, the priority is the league. Any players suffering fatigue or carrying minor injuries should not in my opinion, be considered.

The match offers the opportunity for Lambert to look at alternative players to those who have been playing recently. Some might be those that Lambert deems surplus to requirements, and will be a way of giving watching scouts a chance to assess them before their clubs make a bid. Others will be those pushing for a recall.

Two players that I think may well be dropped are Enobakhare and Ronan, to save them for the Checkatrade trophy match next Tuesday. A much critizised competition, but it has been a wonderful experience for the youngsters, and the club might prefer to see the strongest U23 team made available for that tie. A tough tie, but it's probably suporters best hope of a trip to Wembley.

Sir Billy Quiet

Dek - I agree about the Checkatrade trophy for Enobakhare and Ronan but really do find it frustrating how 'year on year' we seem to dismiss the prospect of us having a run in the FA Cup.

When we were in the Premiership we put out a weak team to concentrate on survival and in the Championship we use it to take a look at squad players that most of us know are not good enough?

Is there any prospect of Wolves ever taking the competition seriously? why bother entering at all?

The FA Cup can, and is, won by clubs outside of the Premiership top 6!


SBQ - I fully respect you view (and others) about wanting a good cup run in the FA Cup, but I just see that in our current state that we would have far more to lose playing some of key players (whoever you think they are) through injury.

With Stoke sitting in mid table with little danger of relegation, but only an outside chance of gaining a Europa place, Mark Hughes will probably put out his strongest side possible.

While I hope that Wolves put up a good showing, especially for those 4000 plus away supporters, the following match against Villa is in my opinion more important. While I think there's only a very slim chance of gaining a play-off place, it's perhaps better to keep that slim chance alive, than dream of a winning the FA cup this year.


A slim chance don't you mean no chance?

Northern Wolf

Dek - I know its a change of subject but have you thought of the side we could put out of Under 23s if we used all of the players who qualify?

Burgoyne, Iorfa, Hause, Deslandes, Borthwick-Jackson, Teixeira, Costa, Enobakare, Ronan, Wallace, Cavaliero, Graham (if fit obviously!), Evans and does anyone remember Eusebio Bancessi? To be fair, some of them wouldnt get in.....


Northern Wolf - I think the rules of the competition allow up to 5 overage players to be included in the U23 teams. However, apart from one of the earlier rounds, Wolves have choosen to keep to the usual players who normally play for the U23's - most of whom are U21.

Of the players you name (who are U23 and eligible), I would only expect Burgoyne, Deslandes, Enobakhare and Ronan to be named by Sellars. Irrespective of the result next Tuesday, Wolves have used the competition well to help promote the development of the youngsters at the club - some of whom are under 18.

I'm not exactly sure what happened to Eusebio Bancessi - a gifted player, but he lost his way. He's probably returned to Portugal.


Dek, we have 4600 odd fans travelling to the 3rd round of the FA cup and you dare to mention the Checkatrade cup and our league position must be put first, get a grip...




Er, because they're an established Premier League club sitting comfortably in mid table & we're a struggling Championship side having a poor season & with no real form to speak of!

chris h

The 'first team' fans pay good money to watch the game, so they play the' second team' and after another early exit say 'it was only the FA Cup' . Oh for the days when Wolves were looked upon as a great competitor in cup competitions. The league this season (other than a possible relegation battle) is already a write off, why not give it a go in the FA Cup and give long suffering fans something to shout about. But then again do we have a team good enough to compete with Stoke City, these days? This perfectly demonstrates the mismanagement of our football club for the last 20 years compared to our neighbours Stoke and Albion, both of whom have a lower fan base than us, but have been better managed.

Chorley Steve

Chris that's precisely why I'm not going to Stoke to watch reserves. Why waste hard earned cash if clubs can no longer take a once great competition seriously ?


'First team, second team'..what nonsense. It's a squad these days, some of those 'second team' players were 'first team' players a few weeks ago & fans were calling for some of them to be 'dropped!' You pay your money to watch the 'Wolves' & that's who you'll see on Saturday. The truth is that in this day & age, with the money involved in the game, the league is ALL important. Relegation is disasterous for a club, Europe, the Champions League, all are reasons why top teams will save their best players or League games over the FA cup. The Championship has it's own priorities, with promotion, top 6, all coming above the cup compertitions, along with avoiding the drop into league one! I love the FA cup, have, like you no doubt, enjoyed some fantastic games down the years following Wolves, but whether you're near the top of the Prem or the bottom of the Champ these days, early rounds of the FA cup will rarely see clubs without one eye on up coming league fixtures.

chris h

Who has woke you up.I thought you had gone to Norwich with your mate. It is not nonsense at all and you know it .When McCarthy played the stiffs up in Old Trafford it still was a squad game, but folks recognised, and many complained, he didn't play his strongest side, he didn't give it his best shot. And that is the point: given where we are in the league, given the 4500 fans who have paid good money to go to Stoke, should Lambert play what he considers to be his BEST 11 at this given time, or doe he rest players ahead of the Villa game. Given the money in the Premier it is obvious for many sides the league takes preference, but the Championship is different. A good cup run as per my post below, re our cup run in 2003, could give the club a big boost, rather than yet another fade out season even before the Early Bird comes calling. If we had a sniff of promotion, I would agree the league should hold preference, but we are nowhere near that. Nonsense my backside.


Agree, the league is mid table. Let's have a cup run...


We have no chance of winning the cup but I agree that we should put our strongest team out. What would be better for confidence for the players and the team and supporters if we had a good cup run. I hope Lambert does not mess this up as we need consistency with the team.

Sir Billy Quiet

'We have no chance of winning the cup' said manager of 2nd Divison Sunderland Bob Stokoe just after they beat all conquering Leeds United at Wembley.

To dream is to believe..............


SBQ you are definitely in Dream Land


we have no chance of winning the Championship this year, yet I fully expect to see us try, and by putting out our strongest team when we play Newcastle/Brighton/Reading and indeed every other league rival.

Who, outside of fans, seriously notices Wolves at present, as a mediocre 2nd division also ran?

Crystal Palace were there six months ago. Villa the yea before. Hull City before that and barely three years ago Wigan Athletic beat Man City. If we cannot consider ourselves of the stature of those teams why do we bother existing? It's not the competition of giants.

In my 50 years (this month) as an attending fan I've been to wembley three times, and we won them all. Te last was 28 years ago in a lower league cup competition names after a vehicle company. I remember it like it was yesterday... as the other two. Grown adult fans and their kids weren't even born in 1989 and their greatest days out are losing an Old Trafford/Stamford Bridge etc. Bloody hell, I even remember losing all those semis more than any other match... of Robbie Keane being dropped for a dustman we'd just bought, of Kenny's last minute 'fall' for a penalty/replay vs Spurs at Hillsborough.

THIS is why we are fans, not in order to have a better chance of someone or other maybe not being injured for a routine Villa league match.

Yes, Premier money is the real point of football now, but ohh how I crave for a return to the attitude of competing to win one of the two, or even three, competitions we enter each season. It's not a lot to ask, is it? And need we be reminded, we have a squad of depth should trying to win one result in a player getting injured.

Seriously 'we don't want to compete in the oldest cup competition on World football history... just in case a player gets injured.'

Can I wake up now? Please.


It will still be 'Wolves' out there on the pitch! You say yourself, it's a squad of depth......show some faith.

Chorley Steve

Squad of depth ie Saville ,Wallace, Gladon etc ,what about the quality ?


I agree with leaving the two lads out for the Checkatrade trophy. Unless there are injuries there is a strong case for playing the strongest X1. Reasons :

1.. There is a not another game for a week.

2.. Various parts of this team are not functioning and need game time. For example Bodvarsson and Mason partnership.

3.. A little matter of 4,600 travelling supporters.

4.. A good cup run would have a positive effect on league performances.


I totally agree MikeT


Fully agree Chris, A cup run gives a club great exposure and the City needs a lift. I will be amazed if we get a result at Stoke as not many prem sides come away with much, but FA cup games bring shock results so you never know.

Bolton man

My grandson can play if you want lambert .

He hasn't a under 9 s game that weekend

He's a midfield player that will come back to defend .

And likes scoring .

He knows what the net looks like .

Who missed a open goal .?!!!!

And pay him with those football cards kids collect .

Drop me a line


Go & watch Bolton.


I don't mind playing a few fringe players against Stoke, how else do we give them time in proper games.

The issue at Wolves isn't PL anyway it's Fosun.

What a poor effort they have made at our club in their first 6 months, honestly, 6 adult season ticket holders making a focus group would of done a better job had we been given billions of pounds to turn the club round.

Yes we would of Sat around celebrating the new owners billions and yes we would of bought a couple of flair players because we just could not resist, but at some point a few hours in to our meeting we would of said we need to be strong at the back in this division and also solid and reliable in midfield and bought 6 solid players who may not be with us in the Prem but would of given their all to get us there.

How can such business people make the mistakes they have done. Even after years of other rich people buying clubs and making those same mistakes? It beggars belief.

We all enjoyed the Zenga train but a fun manager he was and good manager he was not.

Now, let's put all that behind us, survive this season and start again. ( 40 years I have been saying that) god it's boring.

We all know we have decent crowds when doing well and great away support, as do many other clubs, so the future is bright still and under PL we will get to the PL and it would not surprise me if by bringing in a few changes for Stoke we might be better then We were against many teams this season anyway.

Woodsetton wolf

Away days in the cup were always special....long trips to the likes of Middlesbrough and Ipswich with a full team on show at the end of it. As all have said on here we should be busting a gut to progress and surely the club owe it to 4600 fans to put out their strongest team. Mad Mick raised the 'weakened team' bar to a new height at Old Trafford...and that was in the league! We should give full respect to what was the worlds greatest cup competition.

Chorley Steve

Woodsetton. Correct was the greatest competition. Trouble is it's devalued not just because of weakened teams but with FA selling tournament for sponsorship cash.when cup ties are played Friday evening,kick offs 3 different times Saturday &Sunday &possibly a tie Monday night no wonder loyal fans have lost interest.


42 quid, to watch the reserves........42 quid to watch the reserves


To watch the Wolves!

101 chicken chow mein

That's funny I only paid £20 for my ticket?


Chorley Steve

& good luck to Stourbridge. They won't field a weakened team & have a great chance of getting to 4th round.

Phoenix Wolf

I remember the a Premier League cup tie we won at Molineux was the game against Newcastle United where we won 3-2. That was a glorious day, proper end to end game that could have gone either way and the atmosphere at home was amazing. That is probably my one of my best memories at Molineux with my old man.

The Flying Winger

The reason for this is plain to see, the club / Lambert was the to move on

The Flying Winger

The reason for this is plain to see the club/ Lambert want to move on the fringe players who will know who they are so it's a good shop window for the club and player, any they are still not sure of because of injury it will give them an opportunity to access.

Farmer Ted

With the poor FA Cup efforts of recent years I can understand some of the comments above about putting a 'second team' out. However, if Lambert is to make changes the likelihood is these won't be 'second team' players. Iorfa, Hause, Texeira and to a slightly lesser extent Prince and Saville are first team players. Also a lot have been crying out for Batth to be rested (not my view); what better chance to give Williamson his chance at long last? On paper, and I know it doesn't always work out this way, there are a number of players who are fighting for their Wolves' lives, they should really go out there and give 100%. Prince, Saville, Wallace and others. We definitely need to rest Costa, maybe Doherty and Edwards too, we need them at the top of their game against the Villa.


and yet, if he DID prefer those players you've mentioned, they would be in the team already, so - as 'good enough' as they may be - they are still not his first team. Therefore a weakened team,

Farmer Ted

So why bother with a squad...a squad of 30, remember. So they can play 11 a side (with subs) at Compton?

And who are the 'Not good enough' strikers, Bovarsson and Mason or Dicko and Bright?

...and you could be right, let's save Williamson's return for the Villa match, it's only routine after all.


It's called a 'first team squad' for a reason.

chris h

I note we are linked (rightly or wrongly) with Camara at Derby. A left winger, but only a fringe player at Derby. We have also been linked (rightly or wrongly) with Sako. Does this mean they might move Cavaliero on. Mendes might be looking for another pay day.


Have to be honest Chris, I was thinking the same. Doesn't make sense with the likes of Jordan Graham returning too. There again I suppose they are just rumours after all and let's face it, this time of year everyone is rumoured to be after everyone.


Mendes is ALWAYS looking for another pay day, from somewhere in the World, it's his job, for his company, that Fosun part own...

Doesn't mean that any vague player rumours and the possible consequences are fact.

On Christmas day a conversation was had that started 'so-and-so told me that so-and-so is not longer running such-and-such bar, he's off work on full pay. Then a massive serious of theories were discussed, mostly involving the thieving of takings, an affair with a worker, disreputable dealing with purveyors of illicit substances in toilets, clash of personalities with own etc etc etc.

three days later... said person proved to be off because of the flu.

Mind you - all the theorising and conjecture is probably true anyway. After all, people thought it up, so it must be. Right?

You've effectively punted an imagined theory/rumour that Mendes is set upon selling Cavalerio... and you can bet that before long people on here will be gobbing that as an absolute truth


(PS, maybe Cav told Mendes that he doesn't like having to wear gloves...)

chris h

Well you had a bite for a start and you have been having plenty today. What have they been putting in your Corn Flakes these days. Hash or ash? Just an observation, a priori, Wolvereeen, if they are looking at left wingers 'in' they might be looking at a left winger 'out.' Might being the operative word. New guy at Hull from Portugal previously linked with us he might fancy a punt on Cav, there you are, heard it here first. As for Christmas day, Leonard Cohen told you all about that, just ask Farmer Ted, 'he was just some Joseph. looking for a manger'. Although some folks think that might be just another rumour as well.


I would stop reading the papers until February chris.


By The way 1960 FA Cup Final we beat Blackburn Rovers 3- 0. I was 11yrs old . We were also runners up in the old div 1..... long time ago lol


you remember that, right! It matters, right! when fans sing 'you've never won F-all' at Brum, they are right, right? What premier level competition have we won in the past 35 years?

Farmer Ted

Can't sing that at Brum anymore, or p'haps you didn't notice.

chris h

We have had three semi finals since then, plus two wins in the League Cup and other semis, plus a final in the UEFA cup. Fourteen years ago we beat Newcastle in a thrilling 3 2 win at a packed Molineux, to be followed by a good home win against Leicester. This good run in the Cup in 2003 help project us to a play off place and a famous win at Cardiff. Then the wheels fell off.


I have to disagree with most. The FA Cup is sadly not the competition it used to be, for many reasons that we could debate over. The Villa game and the championship competition is more important.

I can fully appreciate it if Lambert takes the opportunity to make some changes:

Keep Enobakare/Ronan fresh for the checkatrade, pull Dicko out the firing line, take another look at Bodvarsson/Mason.

Rest Stearman/Batth and give Williamson a run out if ready. Give Edwards legs a well deserved rest and give Prince/Saiss some game time.

Iorfa and Hause need to regain some form/confidence and will only get that with playing, etc etc

There's more than likely some other permutations/possibilities for the Stoke game.

Only the manager and his staff fully know the state of affairs, fitness, form, priorities etc etc.

In Lambert we trust..... UTW!


Totally agree survival in the championship is number 1 priority

The Flying Winger

Others are very active in the market, silence from our Head of Recruitment, no doubt working very hard etc etc,

First week of Jan nearly done.


See Marco Silva has gone to Hull. Should be interesting to see how he gets on as I was certain he was coming to Wolves after Zenga went. More than happy with PL though.

The Flying Winger

R, Yes saw that my thoughts also


Rw, that was my choice even before Zenga got the job.


Looks like we have waved a white flag before the games kicked off. I feel for the wolves fans who will be attending Shame on you wolves.


Why shame on wolves? Nobody has twisted anybodys arm to buy a ticket


Shame on you for having such little faith in the first team SQUAD!


Instead of ripping off the 4,500 fans going to Stoke, who will pay to watch an under strength Wolves team get beat, why don't the club just withdraw from the competition and not enter it ? We have this every season. Every Manager tells us what a wonderful competition the FA Cup is and then promptly undervalues it by playing fringe players. (I appreciate our club is not alone in this)

In our 1998 cup run to the Semi-Final, (Yes, SEMI FINAL !!) we always played our strongest team and that was with Mark Mcghee as Manager ! (Ok, lets not talk about his team selection on the day !!!)

In our penalty shoot out victory over Sheffield Wednesday, which was only 20 years ago, we played our best team in front of a full house, and that was on Sky, and it was a Replay !

What the hell has happened to the FA Cup and the 'beautiful' game ?

Would I take relegation if it meant winning the FA Cup this season ? Every time.

It's on your club honours record forever and the memory of it lasts forever, just like winning the League Cup in 1980 and 1974.

Seeing Wolves win the League Cup at Wembley in 1980, or finishing 17th in the Premier League ? Now which one of those do you think excites me the most ?

Call me old fashioned, but I think some of our younger fans have lost sight of the fact that we used to enter cup competitions to genuinely try and WIN the bloody cup !


The club hasn't forced anyone to buy a ticket

Farmer Ted

Andy, I've said it further up, but I'll repeat. The players Lambert is likely to play are hardly fringe players, they will have been an integral part of the first team this season. It's a squad game these days and it's far from ' ripping fans off'. Maybe you are one who's been calling for Batth's head, maybe not, but what a chance to introduce Williamson.


Hello Farmer Ted. I'm not sure where I stand with Baath to be honest. I would be calling for him to be rested if we had anyone better on the bench. I'm rather puzzled by his poor performances though. Two seasons ago he formed a great partnership with Stearman, but ever since he came back from injury he just hasn't been the same player.

As for Saturday, if Lambert is resting players, we will have a team playing with very little chemistry, being sent out with our fingers crossed.

We're not going up this season and there are at least three teams worse than us in this Division so why don't we play our strongest team and go for it ?

Perhaps the FA Cup just doesn't mean anything to the players anymore.


I would play a few of the fringe players to give them some game time.Rest a few of the others and keep them fresh for the 3 month battle against relegation. Which has to be the priority


Having read the comments and the differing views regarding what sort of team we should put out against Stoke, I have to say there are merits on both sides of the argument. However, I think the bottom line for me has to be the need to respect the 4600 Wolves fans travelling in support. They want to see a Wolves team strongly competing to win, or at least draw. There will be a few of the usual shock results over the weekend - why shouldn't one of them be ours?


Fans had a choice whether to buy a ticket so cant really use that as that as an excuse to field a full strength team


I think we need to send our strongest team possible to Stoke. We have to go their and give it a real go. If we get beat, we get beat, at least we had a go. What happens if we send our fringe players and Stoke go for a full strength team and we get a really good hammering? What confidence is that going to give our fringe player? On the other hand, if we go with our strongest team and Stoke rest players, we could seriously cause an upset and that would send our lads confidence sky high. Even to get a draw away to a premier league team would send confidence soaring just before a massive Midlands derby. Full strength all the way for me COYW


Ask the 4600 travelling to Stoke if they want to see our fringe players get beat 5-0 to a strong stoke side. I bet they don't. COYW


We are disrespecting the FA Cup, which is disrespected by so many managers. The only way to rescue this competition is to give the winners one of our 4 Champions League slots. If not the competition will continue with its lingering slow death. League football is all that matters so the FA and League Cups should be consigned to history, unless the reward for the winners is upped. And Cornish, it is morally wrong to ask 4600 Wolves fans to pay full price, plus travel costs to watch a side containing several players who are not first choice. If Stoke field a full side, or even a weakened side and we get done 6 or 7 what does that tell us? And what a day out for the Wolves fans. How would you feel if you went to the theatre and 8 of the 11 cast were understudies, because the director wanted to see how all the understudies would perform together, but you paid full price and full travel costs? We shouldn't use these games to showcase players who are either not going to make the grade or who are totally out of form. Scrap the FA Cup or please Wolves, don't enter it. You have lost interest and don't give a toss about the fans' feelings. And yes Cornish, it is a squad game, which means if your first choice players get injured, you bring in the fringe players. Did you go to Sheffield or are you going to Stoke?

Farmer Ted

It will come a a massive shock not only to Wolves fans, but the majority of Premiership and Championship fans to get to the FA Cup matches this weekend and find that first team squad members gave been drafted into their sides. It's never happened before has it? That's why they all bought tickets and made travel plans.

Are Manchester United putting a team in this year?

Farmer Ted

have been

chris h

FT As Leonard Cohen said in a song not on Essential' That don't make it junk'. There is an argument and a logical argument that says given where we are (irrespective of what other sides do) as a football club that needs a boost, a good cup won would be beneficial to us and might even kick start our faltering league campaign. Given that, should we not consider selecting a team on the same basis as if Saturday was another league game.

Not Convinced

stoke away - traditionally a physical game , so

yes to george saville - a tough lad - go out and show that you are worth a place in the squad ;

no to connor ronan even if he is fit - not right for this match ;

a big ask if williamson has to mark peter crouch on his return to the team - I would go for Iorfa centre back to mark peter crouch (he has the height in case you wondered why)

bod yes , dicko no

mason yes , cavaleiro maybe if hes up for it

I would like to see hause being given a run out at left back and what about employing doherty as a midfielder destroyer ball winner - theres a thought , but as you know I am not the manager .


Afternoon all, good luck to our lads today, and a safe journey to and from Stoke today to all the travelling army. Just one thing can we stop calling Paul Lambert PL as this is confusing me and makes me think you posters are referring to the Premier League, which lets face it is a long long way away at the moment! Thanks


I've been watching Wolves for over 40 years. I predicted a heavy defeat today and that Wolves would be 'lucky to get nil'. Shows how much I know about the game. Fantastic result and I feel so happy for the fans that went to the game. I was concerned that we wouldn't take the FA Cup seriously and I am so happy to be proved wrong. The beers will be flowing tonight. Here's to a long cup run and dreams of a Wembley Final !

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