Frustration for Wolves in chase for Blackburn's Ben Marshall

Wolves' move for Blackburn full-back Ben Marshall is on ice with their Championship rivals believed to be playing hardball over his fee.

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Ben Marshall (left) played under Paul Lambert at Blackburn

The 25-year-old is one of Wolves' top targets this month but Rovers want at least £2million for a player who can move for free in the summer when his contract expires.

And a tentative loan inquiry for striker Ross McCormack is thought to be have been rebuffed with Villa preferring a permanent deal.

McCormack, who moved to Villa Park for £12m at the start of the season, has started three of Villa's last four matches and with Jonathan Kodjia and Jordan Ayew off to the African Cup of Nations and Rudy Gestede on the verge of joining Middlesbrough they are short up front.

Marshall is predominantly a right back but can play as a winger and is also comfortable on the left flank.

Conor Coady has recently filled in at right back in place of the out-of-form Dominic Iorfa and Lambert, who managed Marshall at Ewood Park last summer, is a keen admirer.

However Wolves won't pay over the odds for a player they can technically agree a pre-contract with now on a Bosman deal.

They now face a waiting game for the rest of the month unless Rovers lower their price.

A striker and a defender are priority positions for Lambert in January.

No striker has found the net since August 20 while Wolves have regularly shipped goals at the other end of the pitch, especially at Molineux where they've conceded at least two goals in six of their past seven matches.

Reported moves for Ipswich defender Luke Chambers and Villa midfielder Ashley Westwood are also thought to be wide of the mark.

Wolves had hoped to do business early in the window but boss Paul Lambert, speaking after Monday's 0-0 draw at Sheffield Wednesday, suggested nothing was imminent.

He said: "We're trying with one or two, it's very difficult in this window. The big one is the summer.

"This club's had an influx of players in the summer and we've got too many players.

"We've got to get rid of some lads I don't think will make it with us, which is normal, but we also need a little bit of a hand.

"It won't be gung-ho and it won't be crazy, but we'll try and get one or two in."

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Comments for: "Frustration for Wolves in chase for Blackburn's Ben Marshall"


Come on Fosun. If the player is right, pay a fair price. Unfortunately we are now paying for a chaotic and incoherent summer transfer window. Those fans who called for experienced Championship signings then have been proved correct.

Starting at the top, the best signing we could have made when Fosun took over was Paul Lambert or Steve Bruce. We will get the in the end but we have lost time.


Eloquently put.

Sir Billy Quiet

£2M is a fair price? who decided that?


Blackburn rejected bids of £1.5 mill for him from Brighton back in the summer of 2015, so £2 mill is about his right value, except for the fact he wants to run down his contract and go on a free in the summer, for obvious self beneficial reasons.

Lambert is not his only admirer. He could improve an obvious weakness we have at the moment.

The fact that Brighton wanted him tells you he's not a lame duck. Fulham and Ipswich have also shown reported interests.


To be fair, it was chaotic because the sale went through so late, and the lined up Manager was no longer available, so potentially some of the Euro players that were his picks & already lined up weren't coming either, then at end of window prices of English were very high. We haven't really lost time because we couldn't really expect much from this season anyway, except what is already being realised - a proper project put in place that is clearly finding its feet & going in the right direction, after an initial brave project (with Walter) failed to quickly or consistently enough.

One thing I don't doubt is Fosun being totally straight and fully committed, considering how determined (and apparently slightly angry) Paul Lambert was before joining about finding a club that were really serious and wouldn't be a waste of his time, I think him being Manager is all the endorsement we could want - after our experience with Steve Morgan and his with Villa then Blackburn, Paul Lambert wants what we want & really means it. I'm delighted we have he seems to have really manned up and is very direct & stern, but not sorry at all we tried Walter and think in some ways it did us a favour, gave a glimpse into the potential of our glamorous star quality, as a club & in the support, something for Fosun to work with once they've found their footballing feet.

I guess we'll have to be patient because they're going to want value in this window, even if they spent big in the summer it was still good value (good enough for them to recover most of it), they'll not pay over the odds for the sake of it now. But I don't doubt they'll back Lambert as necessary, he'll get it sorted and we'll keep heading in the right direction, maybe for an outside chance this season but to be really ready for next. Like you say we'll get there in the end :-)

The Flying Winger

Message to Lambert, Thelwell, Shi and Fosun.

We don't want to hear how difficult things are, we don't want to hear about the summer, Wolves fans are fed up to the back teeth season after season who ever is in charge with these meaningless comments.

We see other clubs moving and securing players season after season, get on with what you are paid for and bring in some key players to avoid relegation.

Sir Billy Quiet

It's all rumours, let's wait and see. More interested in clearing out players that are not good enough.


FW - mate, we know that completing the signing of any decent player ain't ever going to be easy, but we have missed out on so many targets in the past, that whenever I think of Wolves having players 'under consideration' or 'under active consideration' to sign, I think of Thelwell as Bernard Wooley in 'Yes, Minister'.

"Well, 'under consideration' means we've lost the file, 'under active consideration' means we're trying to find it".

By the time the file is found, the transfer has been completed by some other team.

I see that E & S suffer from similar loss of data problems. Posts I logged over lunch, disappeared, and have now returned.

What a carry on!


Mwwarrr, Mwwarrr, wanit now, wanit now, mwarrrr...

Jeez, dial it down everyone, it's the 4th of January. How does the process go again? You are not allowed to tap up players in advance (well, they say). You inform club that you want their player (would that be Sunday? Or bank holiday Monday, match day?) they turn the offer down Tuesday, it's reported in the local paper Wednesday. The player hasn't even seen the terms yet, and he has options.

Modern world, pah, the real life just doesn't move fast enough for you young Internet savvy things who need to satiate your desire for action on an hourly basis.



Why haven't we signed Chery, Marshall, Lansbury, and Hogan already? and put in an offer for a centre back? What time does Thelwell get in, in the morning? What time does he get up? What time does he finish? The day's gone. Who have we signed?

How many players has he cleared out today?

No time to dilly-dally. There's a Super Soccer Team to be built. Players are waiting at the end of the phone, up and down the country, for his calls. They are queuing up to join.

What does Thelwell think he's running? - a holiday camp.

Hi-de-hi. Rise and shine campers.

There's an FA Cup to be won starting at the weekend against Stoke. Can all players who want to enter their name for the competition please make their way to Mr Thelwells office, or stand outside the gymnasium. Don't forget to shout out your name and position when he asks.


We're Wolves' supporters Wolvereeeen. We are more familiar with our desires being sedated than satiated.

The Flying Winger

Time waits for no man, the early bird etc which we have never managed.


Was not always thus though... Dicko, Afobe... Both came early, in two of the last three January's, before sir jack passed away, after which Morgan abruptly went into cash-in mode during windows... Stearman, Afobe etc.

Olly the cat

Perhaps I am being a bit thick here, but could someone explain to me why Wolverhampton Wanderers want to sign a player who plays for a team that looks likely to be relegated? Blackburn Rovers are in a far worse predicament than Wolverhampton Wanderers. I thought that the policy at Wolverhampton Wanderers was to purchase players who are better than the players we already have. Is Ben Marshall a better full back than Matt Doherty? Blackburn Rovers position in the league tends to suggest he is not.

Farmer Ted

Olly, you normally talk sense, but your wrong on this one. Just because a team is struggling doesn't mean all their players are substandard. Wolves fans should know that after the last few seasons. It's normally amongst the struggling and relegated clubs where the bargains are to be found. Also remember we're fishing in the same excruciatingly small pool as a lot of other clubs.

Olly the cat

You're probably right, Ted. But if Fosun are serious about investing in Wolverhampton Wanderers and progressing towards the Premier League, why are they shopping in the bargain basement, when they could afford to attract better quality players? I know that all clubs are subject to the fair play rules, but surely our targets should be of a higher quality. You don't shop at Aldi if you can afford to shop at Harrods.

Farmer Ted

Olly, I said excruciatingly small pool, not Aldi. There are a number of things to take into consideration. 1)The better players who will be tempted to a Championship side that are not exactly pulling trees up. 2)Whats left of Wolves FFP budget. 3)The other Championship sides looking to sign the same players...look at the fight going on for I would like to see come to Molineux. 4) this is a short window and clubs don't want to give their rivals an advantage. We have to hope Lambert and Thelwell get it right, but they'll come in for criticism even if they pull Glenn Murray out of the hat!

Ye Olde South Bank

What? Rovers are asking two milliod quid? That's around an hour's profits for Fosun, isn't it? :-)


All you guys forget that despite Fosuns billions we still have operate within the fair play rules. Notts Forest, Leeds and QPR have all had transfer transfer embargoes slapped on them for over spending. We must have spent £12m at least in the summer then theres wages. We simply cant spend whatever we like. To bring players in we will have to offload a few of the turkeys we bought last summer

Ye Olde South Bank

Oh, dear. Please note the 'smiley' at the end of my comment - it's the surest indicator known to Mankind that my words were merely tongue-in-cheek.

So, no, some of us "guys" don't need telling - but the thought's appreciated ;-)


And yet, plenty of others seriously refer to the company's billions as if it all belongs to wolves, and to millions as if it were loose change in a street-sleepers pocket. It's an attitude that actually not a laughing matter. Ha haa. I mean, no, seriously.


They want £2M when he can move for free in the summer???????????????


Bit like us with Sako two years ago, you mean?


If PL has worked with this player and rates him then we should pay the £2m. When we unload certain players surely we can haggle over the outgoing fees and recoup the over the odds Marshall figure. Wolves always seem to negotiate badly in the transfer market by paying over the odds for incomers and giving away outgoing players. I mean, did we really need to pay £7m for Cavaleiro? And did we not refuse to pay extra for Callum Wilson, taking (I still can't believe it) Leon Clarke instead? If Manchester United came in for Connor Ronan we would probably let him go for £1.25m when his asking price should be £20m. If we are serious get Marshall in and pay what Blackburn want. What are we haggling over, £250-500k? Get him over the line now and play him against Stoke.


Ronan £20m? Based on what?, one decent full debut against Sheff Wed in the Champ? He may well go on to be a £20m player, or more, but now?, ridiculous. As for "pay £2m for Marshall", no thanks, not when we can get the exact same player for nowt in the summer. This is the first I've read of '£2m' being asked. All other reports have stated Blackburn want £1m but want it all upfront, not in installments! That sounds a good deal for both clubs & one which will be nearer the mark methinks.

I notice a few on here questioning Fosun's summer spending now.......Odd they didn't voice this concern in the summer but chose to 'celebrate' the young foreign imports from Benfica's 'B' squad who many seemed to think were the answer to our prayers. Some, like myself, pointed out the lack of experience that was still being ignored, the obvious reliance on Mendes, who didn't understand the league & probably couldn't believe his luck when given the chance by Fosun to dip into his young portfolio. As for Zenga, only the most optimistic of optimists could've believed this a good move as his record & lack of experience in England, let alone the Championship, should've had red lights flashing everywhere.

Hopefully Fosun will learn lessons quickly. January should give us some idea of that &, more importantly, the summer. Money is all well & good & I'd rather have it than not, but it needs to be spent on players that can do a job for us now! At the moment that is getting us out of the Championship & at least Lambert seems to grasp that.


Cornish. I didn't say Ronan is worth £20m NOW. I was using it as an example of Wolves giving away young talent in the past. regarding Ronan, can't you be optimistic? He has only played one full game, but it was a super debut. As each game comes and goes everyone else will get interested in this kid, and Sheffield Wednesday TV might calling him Rowan was a lack of football knowledge. If the kid retains his fitness and plays games he could be a superstar. He is 19 in March so he is not that young. If we didn't get into the PL and he plays 100 games for Wolves plus the number of International caps he earns for ROI then we should not give him away for £1.25m. THAT is what I was hinting at. If he leads us into the PL then we must ensure he doesn't go. Yes he has only played one game, but if I was a scout then I would be alerted to the emergence of a major talent and he will be the reason why I buy a season ticket. In the meantime someone said let's get £5m for Saville from China, LOL I wouldn't pay him in washers. I am a Wolves optimist, read what I say before jumping down my throat.


I have read your comment again & you say, " If Manchester United came in for Connor Ronan we would probably let him go for £1.25m when his asking price should be £20m." No mention of 'in a few months or years, or a number of games!' You start off by saying we should pay the £2m Blackburn are allegedly asking for Marshall & then go on to criticise Wolves for 'paying over the odds for incomers!', priceless!

Conor Ronan has a contract until 2019 & it wouldn't surprise me, in the next couple of months, that he is rewarded with an improved contract which ties him to us for four or five years. That would at least give us leverage should he want away or we choose to sell him. Then should all those 'ifs' in your previous comment become reality we should get a realistic fee for him. Of course, putting aside the realist in me & allowing the optimist a say, we may well fulfill his dreams of top flight football & european competition in the coming years & then we can have a discussion about where to put & how big his statue should be...


Cornish, can I borrow your sledgehammer, I need to crack a nut man. You have twisted my meaning into a tetchy response when you know darn well I wasn't suggesting that we sell Ronan after one game. Don't come over as 'we're all entitled to our opinion, I can't help it if yours is wrong'. Peace brother, never kill a customer


Well I'm glad you've both sorted that out then


I'd rather it was wrong than totally pointless!


We've probably got the biggest squad in world football. 14 summer signings and only 2 of them on the team sheet. Pretty embarrassing really. Lamberts got a job on his hands.


Whatever the question, McCormack is not the answer up front. Jordan Rhodes will cost a lot off money, but has proven beyond doubt that he is a goalscorer. Failing that, David Nugent is also available, and can only improve our strikers.

Not Convinced

david nugent is ok in the champ div - he helped leicester and m'bro get up , then they dumped him since he is not so good in the prem for some reason .


It is unlikely that we will get Marshall for the £1m that we have reportedly bid and why would Villa loan out McCormack? As for Westwood, he is total garbage. Wolves should be bidding for someone like Lansbury - supposedly Derby, Blues and Villa are looking and we should be in the mix!

Uncle Albert

Hopefully Paul Lambert has seen that Iorfa needs to be switched to centre-back. We need a decent right-back, left-sided centre-back, and striker. We may as well start building for next season as it would make more sense for Wolves to allow Ronan and Enobakhare (and any other youth players that Lambert rates) to grow in the championship.

The Flying Winger

U A, Iorfa was moved from CB because of the mistakes he was making, he was moved from Full Back because of the mistakes he was making.

If you bring in more youngsters which I think you are suggesting isn't that how we got in a mess last time.

The one player who should have a contract is Stearman a more Wolves man than you will find elsewhere and it went wrong when we let him go.

Uncle Albert

No, Iorfa was moved to right-back because Jackett thought he would become an effective player in that position - due to his immense pace.

We found ourselves in a mess because of a flawed transfer policy and penny-pinching. Too many players at the club are simply not good enough for a promotion challenge. Endeavour will get you so far; for the rest you need ability.

The obvious thing to do now, reference the squad, is give some of our excellent young players a chance. Only an idiot would say, we've given two players a chance now that is enough. Paul Lambert will put things right and build a competitive side for next season.


Brummierob. you are right about us should be in the mix for these players. I have been banging on for weeks as to whether we even spoke to the likes of Gerrard, Lampard and Robbie Keane. They can only say no, but did we contact them? Can you imagine what playing with Robbie would do for young Ronan? And how come Lampard is wanted by Palace (Premier) and Brighton but not Wolves? I want to know more about Thelwell's activities. Even Peter Crouch is now signing a new deal at Stoke, does anyone think he would score more goals for us than, Dicko, Mason, Dadi and Bright? Would McCormack? Have we spoken to Rhodes, Nugent etc? Have we even considered Jason Cummings at Hibs, with his goalscoring record in the Scottish Championship might he have scored more goals for us than our strikers have managed since August 20? We are not a great side by any means but one goal against Villa away, QPR at home, Sheffield Wednesday away would have netted us six more points, not to mention last minute equalisers by Burton and Fulham at home costing us two more victories. That is ten points which would have us three points off the play offs. PL and Thelwell must address these deficiencies immediately or they are acting negligently in their roles, and that comment is directed mainly at Thelwell.


It is ridiculous with some of the comments coming out the club? We only spent £14m in the Summer and Villa spent that on one player. Now they are citing Financial Fair Play. Wolves are in the top 5 biggest clubs in this league and top 2 richest and we need to stop looking at bargain basement players, players for the future and loan signings and start competing with everyone else apart from Newcastle!

Players we should be looking at are Rhodes, Nugent, Lansbury etc and look at the centre half Leeds have - a Scandinavian that they had on loan and now they can sign for £3.5m. It's about time Thelwell earned his money!


Yes, Villa spent that much on one player. They will have roughly as many fans as us and therefore a similar income. We should be able to match their spending power easily.............. if they lend us some of their parachute money. Oops no they can't! We wasted most of our pocket money in the summer and the league will only let us spend a few pennies more. We are the richest paupers in the window.

Fosun flooded us with ill-advised spending in the summer. The league rules provide dams to limit that flooding and protect clubs downstream.

At best, we can hope for a decent tweak this month and a more sensible summer window to reshape the squad.

Let's all get real.

Sir Lupi

Totally agree.


I thought FFP was about the money the club generated, not about rich owners. Newcastle and Villa are streets ahead of us, they have just come down from the prem. I know their players are bigger earners but the club get bigger gates than us. If Fosun do not think we will get into top six they may just buy what is necessary to keep us safe and go again in the summer. Not what I would have wanted but such is life.

Farmer Ted

Brummierob, think you need to research your comments before posting. Take the time to read the FFP rules and particularly difference between Premier allowances and those in the Championship. Clearly both Newcastle and Villa enjoy much bigger crowds than us and their rewards for finishing in the bottom three far out-punch anything we have, not to mention parachute money. That means they don't have to worry about FFP, certainly for this season.

Fosun's billions mean nothing especially after wasting millions on transfers and wages in the summer.


Lampard, Keane, etc? Great idea. What about Bully? John Richards is still breathing too. I don't mind someone nearing the end such as Irwin, Ince, and one or two others we've had. But players too old to play in the States?

Have we spoken to any if the players you mention? Probably not. Their clubs maybe. But if they're not buying they won't be selling unless the price is sky high.

Scottish Championship goal scorer? That's league one level. Remember how many Griffiths scored for us in half a season? How long did he take to score that many in the top Scottish league for the top club? Long John Silver could score in Scotland, especially their lower divisions.

We want better than we have, not worse or retired.

This window is always a difficult widow. Everyone wants one player to strengthen their squad. But if they sell one to us or anyone else, suddenly they need two which is tough in January and the prices reflect that.

Every back page in every football town is rife with speculation. And none of those stories come from the club's themselves. Deals are done in private between clubs so that rivals don't get a chance to bid higher. And if it's known you sold someone for £1m then his replacement will cost exactly that much more than he's worth because the window is shortening already and if you want, you have to pay.....the clock ticks quickly in January. The papers only guess, and its usually wrong. But we then react on their online forums. And the more we post, the more advertising the paper sells, the wilder the paper's speculation. Watch out for tomorrow's edition. Apparently Ronaldo doesn't need the money anymore and he's heard that the best fans, pork scratchings, and faggots are in Wolverhampton and those are the three most important thing in his life right now. You will hear it first in this paper. Talks are believed to be ongoing, though both clubs have said nothing. But if we don't get him, blame Thelwell, or even Moxey who (it is reported but not confirmed by any club) still has a Thelwell doll which still helps him control the man via black magic.

The date in page one is correct. For the rest of the paper, and all other papers, especially the back pages. Saxa sell sea salt in flakes which is easier to pinch.


Are you suggesting Lampard wouldn't improve our midfield for the second half of this season? If Palace of the Premier League think he could do a job for them then why would he not do a job for us until the end of the season. Our younger players would learn a lot off someone like him. Sometimes working with great players can be hugely beneficial. Frank Lampard is 12 years younger than Stanley Matthews was when he inspired Stoke to promotion. As for the rest of your comments Bully is 53 and John Richards is 66............they would score exactly the same number of goals Dadi, Dicko. Mason and Bright have scored since August 20. All I asked was had we spoken to any or all of them to see whether there might be a fit. There probably isn;t but the conversations should have happened, that is Thelwell's job. Unless of course you know better

chris h

Geoff, I suggest most transfers are leaked to the media before signings are completed. It is true of course that not all transfer speculation ends in a transfer deal, but it is rare that a player is signed out of the blue. Usually the press or especially Sky get wind of things before a deal is finalised. Money talks no doubt and some people like talking and giving exclusives. Equally with transfer targets I suggest there is usually something in the rumour, a nod and a wink from some one in the know, before the media and press go on record with the rumour. Equally a selling club are likely to want to pubicise interest in a player to attract counter bids. The gullibility might be yours if you think otherwise.


2Million is crazy money for someone we can sign for free in the summer?

dont get why some fans on here, think its cool to wax 2 million on a player and plop him straight in against stoke and championship?

like others have said is he any better than what we already have at left back doherty? i doubt it, how are blackburn getting on? not very well?

why not sit back and get him for free if he's still available, fit in the summer, FOSUN need to manage the fair play regs regarding transfers, we cant just buy our way out the league?

Sir Billy Quiet

Agreed. Wish I was selling used cars to some of these supporters...


Why not magic beans? Cheaper to acquire, similar pantomime end result


Or, in your case mate, magic mushrooms. I'd keep off 'em, if I was you. They befuddle the brain.


Mccormack cut price at 4million or so would be a great deal, rhodes or as above nugent or even jason cummings should be able to do a good job for us, given decent service.

Although the club is crying out for a big 6.2ft centre forward to bully defenders week in week out.


yup, Jon Dadi is waaayyyyy too tall at 6ft 3ins

Black Country Wanderer

I don't understand some of the comments here,why would you pay £2 million for someone you can get for nothing in 4 months?

We are not desperate for a RB,Coady is doing well and Doc, Iorfa, even Stearman can play there

The priority is a striker and CB, with a central midfielder next in line surely?

If Marshall was an exceptional talent, that a number of clubs would come in for ,then yes pay the price and get him,but hes not, hes decent enough, and would strengthen the squad, but no more than that

As for other targets, be patient,you know how Wolves operate,its usually someone not on the media radar that we sign out of the blue,rather than the myriad of paper players being mentioned


I totally agree with Black Country Wanderer someone talking sense.


yes, agreed

Suicidal Wolf

With our Chinese connections why don't we try and sell half the squad to Chinese clubs as they're currently paying silly money, we could even get 5 million for Saville for starters.


Have to destroy all copies of the QPR boxing day goals and Mason / Bodvarrson Blackburn miss of the century videos first.

Farmer Ted

This isn't about Fosun's billions. Things much depend on what's left in Wolves FFP budget and none of us can guess. If Villa are looking to recoup McCormack's fee, that rather rules a permanent transfer out and why the hell would Villa want to loan him to us? Especially with their strikers going out to the African Cup and Middlesbrough. As for Marshall; in 5 months time we could have him for nothing, why would any club want to pay 2 million, money that could go towards buying another player? Maybe there's a compromise. My concern is the lack of players going out, therefore releasing funding for wages


Ho my life I agree with you with every word, If PL does know him that well and rate him I bet he's played golf with him and could give him the nod for a signing on fee in the summer, we should hold out on any buying and just sell, sell,sell. Get rid of the dross and see if Mendes knows any CB's from overseas.


To some degree we're paying the price of Fosun's folly at the start of the season by bringing in a whole load of players, many of whom are no more than mediocre at best. Most of them need to be shipped out first before a more measured recruitment programme can begin, otherwise there will be consequences later on with respect to FFP rules.

Also, what are Lambert's aims in the players he is targeting? Is he thinking that there is still some realistic chance of winning a play-off place this season, or is he looking to rebuild the squad to mount a promotion challenge for next season? If it's the former then I suppose there's some logic in paying over the odds for players like Marshall. If it's the latter it would make more sense to wait until the summer when more sensible deals can be negotiated.

Blackburn's stance is not that surprising, simply the first move in the kind of horse trading that our own Jez Moxey used to indulge in. If no other club is interested in Marshall, and Lambert is that keen on the player, then a compromise between the two clubs will be struck.

Personnally, I think the priorities for the team lie elsewhere; a midfielder and a striker. About a week or so ago I suggested my preference for those two positions - Henri Lansbury and Scott Hogan. If we were to only get those two players in during this window and no others it would in my view, be worth it.

Molly Knew

Spot on mate - Lansbury and hogan plus a quality CB would make us so much better.


Other clubs are interested in Marshall - see above.

He will probably decide himself not to move until the summer, when his negotiating options are at their optimum.

Lansbury and Hogan are both good shouts.


Tellitasitis - You're quite right, Marshall holds all the aces in a similar way that Sako did a year or so ago. As a free agent in the summer, he (and his agent), will be able to negotiate a better deal.


We can wipe Hogan off our wish list, Dek. Valued by Brentford at £15 m and subject of a £10 mill offer tonight from West Ham. That puts paid to that one.

Which markets were we researching when Brentford bought him from Rochdale for a pittance?


Tellitasitis - Yes I've since seen those same reports, which just highlights the difficulty of signing decent players in the January transfer window.

Not Convinced

albrightondek - I wrote my post before reading yours - we agree - a central midfielder playmaker and a striker (why do we need a 7th centre back?)


Marshall is a stronger back 4 player than Iorfa is at the moment, at this stage of his development.

He's also better going forward and crossing a ball. Lambert is getting a lot of joy out of attacking wing-back play. Make no mistake, Marshall would be an asset both defending and attacking, comparative to our displays so far this season.

Conor Coady has done a good job at right-back, but he's not a specialist in that position. He was just as bad at not stopping some crosses coming in that he should have stopped against Bristol City. There were a couple of occasions when he had his man boxed-in in the corner, in a poor crossing position, and he still allowed him to cross. A specialist would have stopped the danger in those instances, at source.


NC - The short answer to your question is we don't, or at least not at this point in time, in my opinion. At the end of this season Stearman's loan deal ends, and Williamson contract runs out in June. Ebanks-Landell will return to Wolves - either in the next few weeks or at the end of the season. There may well be changes in the defence personnel before next season, but the best time to do it will be in the summer when there will be more and/or better options available.


So. Here we are again in a transfer window. The paper writes that we can't get reported target Joe Bloggs because we reportedly won't pay the price. Cue Wolves fans slagging the club for being tight. Cue other fans slagging Wolves for even thinking of Joe Bloggs in the first. Cue the lot if them sticking pins in their Thelwell dolls.

Has the club named any targets? Has the club mentioned any fees? No, they never do. Mendes was very public n the summer and whetted our appetites. But look what we got.

It's not how we do business. The paper has never, apart from last summer, mentioned a player that we ended up buying. The club never disclose the fee.

All this article has done has been to get us to post to show how many people are gullible enough to believe the paper, and Mr. Advertisers gullible enough to buy the products you place on the page.

And remember. Consider who we brought in during the summer on undisclosed wages. Until we actually get rid of some of them, league rules might actually mean that we only have thruppence farthing to spend on players who will have to play for half a groat per week. We don't know. We never do until the deal is done. The paper will then name the player for the first time in its pages and state a fee GUESSED to be about....

Let's all stop criticising the club for paper speculation.

Let's reserve our criticism or praise for when THE CLUB actually announce something, or until the end of the window when we can decide how happy we each are.


I agree that people are summising on who we are after but Wolves should now be competing for the likes of Lansbury and not looking at cut-price deals. Wolves try to do things on the quiet but the other clubs do not always and therefore you can safely say we are in for Marshall?

If we are going for another rumoured signing like Westwood - Lambert and Thelwell deserve plenty of abuse. I will go as far to say that Villa and Blues should not be our yardstick and we need to be finishing above both. Between the pair of them, they only have 3 players good enough for our first team - Kodija, McCormack and Morrison!

Sir Lupi

I'd take Westwood at the drop of a hat.


Funny Geoff. I enjoyed this read. What is half a groat worth these days?

Is it worth about the same as half our team?


yes, who even particularly noticed Afobe before we grabbed him, apart from his goals on tv versus Man U in the Kiddy Cup? Dicko had been on an anonymous loan here 6 months earlier as we went down the pan, and scored against us on loan with Rotherham in between, yet who heard a whisper of that deal? Most of the Kenny-era low-key buys were unheralded, with only the ones that never arrived being plastered all over the pages - most of which were media hypes that gave the impression we never signed anyone we wanted to, regardless of reality. The month-long August player frenzy was probably a desperate aberration, and we certainly looked like we needed some extra bodies with no post-deadline 'emergency' loan market to rely upon, so that's not a particularly relevant yardstick. If we've now reverted to type in terms of acquisition fanfare, so much the better.

January 4th - with two of the four January days Sunday and a bank holiday, and the latter one a full league programme match day - and already half the people posting are raging about the lack of action, as if we should re-tread August all over again with a new face every other day?

This isn't Fantasy Football or Football Manager 2017 where you - and everyone else (simultaneously) - can sign exactly the player you want, as soon as you throw a fee at it.

Someone above - or was it below - is anguishing about 'where were we when Brentford found a gem at Rochdale?', yet similar postings are moaning, asking why we are (reportedly, not proven) wasting time looking at a young player - at Rochdale! (i kid you not) - because THAT would be a pointless 'one for the future' buy, apparently.


The August 'flood' was an attempt by Fosun to repair the damage done by Morgan's 'young and hungry','one for the future' policy in isolation, when we all said at the time that he needed to balance 'young and hungry' with 'experienced quality', sensible advice which he ignored.

As for 'The Rochdale Cowboy', you've missed the delicious irony in the question. At a time when we are bemoaning the lack of a goal scoring striker, here was one, who fitted Morgan's philosophy back in 2013, that we missed, now valued at over £10 mill. Ironic don't you think?

As for posters expressing opposite views on the same subject, isn't that exactly what you would expect on this site. If we all agreed, we'd have nothing to say. I don't see your problem with that.

The Flying Winger

No we don't want Karl Henry back, hasn't taken long for Holloway to fall out with him and fans criticising his performances.

Chessie Wolf

i am surprised by our fans expectations, Fosun made some mistakes that will take until the next transfer window to get anywhere near sorting. PL needs time a good 12 months minimum without booing and expecting ridiculous amount of monies to be spent. We are just one of probably 18 clubs in the championship who have realistic chances of promotion with 2 or 3 buys and we are sitting at the bottom of the pile. Get behind the team, club and manager and be realistic we are going nowhere this season so why waste 2 million on a player that will not be needed potentially until the summer. i bet PL still hasn't seen half his squad play a game yet.



Sir Lupi

I don't see the point in signing anyone imo.

We may as well wait until the end of the season when there are more options in the summer. In addition, who of any quality is going to want sign for is considering where we are in the table?

Any purchase now is just panic buying again.

The Flying Winger

Sir Lupi, If we can sign a few key players now we should be able to move up the table by the end of the season which would make us more attractive to players who would be more likely to join us than a mid table position


'When in doubt, do nowt' is not a maxim that breeds success in football.

If you don't improve areas of the team when you can, you fall further behind.

It doesn't have to be panic buying. It needs to be sensible buying.

I personally believe that Marshall would improve our right and left wing-back positions, if he was available and prepared to move at this point in time.

If you trust your manager's judgement - Marshall played for him at Blackburn - there is no way this could be deemed a panic buy. He knows what he would be getting compared to what he has now.

I don't personally think Marshall would be prepared to come now, because of the cards he would hold in the summer, if he runs down his contract, but at least it still shows willing on the part of the owners.

Sir Lupi

Fair comment, but I don't think the club will move in for a stand out signing this winter.

You will see a cull of the current squad and maybe 2 standard squad signings at best.


Spot on agree with your thinking, Centre backs needed but don't rush in. But There's got to be a couple found out there somewhere even overseas. maybe another DeWolf.

Not Convinced

I dont understand - the old firm batth and stearman are in place - if lambert wants to replace batth his best bet is to recall ethan ebanks -landell who is playing well this season ; then we have williamson who most posters (apart from me ) rave about , then we have iorfa and hause - we why do we need a 7th centre back ?

in my opinion we should concentrate on finding a midfield central playmaker and a striker - that is all we need .


We need to find the Magnificent 7th.

I have commented above, but every combination of the 6 tried in the last 2 seasons has failed to stem the flow of 'silly' goals, Ethan included.

That is not to say they are not capable of some improvement, but we are not going to be in with a shout of the top 6, by persevering with the same defenders, who apart from Monday, have shown the same deficiences for over 2 seasons.


Clear em out and sign two or three more.


If we sign Marshall he can play RB in the 1st half and then LW in the 2nd.

Or vice-versa.

Then he can spend all match by the dug out and pass the messages on.

We'll have good value for £2m then.


Tammy Abraham for me.. Go offer chelsea £5million and that would be money well spent..


I like TA. but he could probably go to a Prem club if Chelsea want to sell.

old golds worth more

Every transfer window we go through this farce, is Marshall a £2 million pound player? If the answer is yes, then pay the going rate regardless of when his contract is up. Or are we simply trying to sign him because he should be going cheap, as his contract is up in the summer! Anyone would think Moxey was still here pulling the strings....sigh. We are not under any financial restraints (barring the fair play one of course), so what's the problem?

Wandering Wolf

PL, FOSUN, ETC.... signs these guys please:

PATRICK BAMFORD (loan) not even on the team sheet at Burnley. Prolific championship striker.

KYLE NAUGHTON - available from Swansea for a small fee. Plays both flanks or wing.

chris h

My view is if we don't get the Marshall we should try for his Deputy.


Who shot the sheriff?

We need someone who can shoot straight.

Wandering Wolf

Fosun u spent millions plus on crap like gladon, silva, prince so why is marshal a issue at 2 mil

Farmer Ted

As explained by a number of posters above, try 1) FFP budget 2) he's available in 5 months for nowt.

Wandering Wolf

Farmer Ted are u moxley in disguise

Wandering Wolf

Farmer Ted are u moxley in disguise


I'm keeping an open mind on Marshall. It occurs to me though that if he runs down his contract, there are no guarantees he will choose to come to us. We can't assume that he will - unless he signs a pre-contract. It is also a fact that regarding this window, it is very early days. I know that ideally we would want to get our business done as soon as possible but we are only at the beginning and who knows what is going on behind the scenes.


Striker panic over, rumour has it we are interested in that prolific scorer Patrick Bamford !!!.

Previous loans to C. Palace ( 0 goals), Norwich ( 0 goals) and Burnley ( 0 goals ).

He'll be in good company then ?.

Our season is really looking up now ........


Never rated him when he came to Molineux during a period when he was on form, a couple of seasons ago. I'd prefer to sign that Italian boy that Trigger thought played with Del boy from 'Only Fools and Horses'. You know the one.

Del: We had Denzil in goal, we had Monkey Harris at right-back, we had...we had camaraderie.

Trigger: Was that the Italian boy?



Hey Kenny Miller , Sylvan EB, Leigh Griff , Matt Jarvis & Joleon Lescott...your club needs you . When can you start ?

I reckon the only signing we ll capture this window, will be Stears !

Pah !!

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