January transfer window: Birmingham City make £4m bid for former Wolves winger Bakary Sako

Birmingham City have lodged a £4million bid for former Wolves winger Bakary Sako.

Bakary sako
Sako made over 100 appearances for Wolves before heading to Crystal Palace.

Blues boss Gianfranco Zola is ready to make the now Crystal Palace wide man the club's most expensive signing in seven years, according to reports.

The Italian has lost three and drawn one of his four games in charge at St Andrew's following the club's 3-1 home defeat to Brentford.

Zola replaced Gary Rowett last month and has £9million left to spend in January, having already used £1million to turn Lukas Jutkiewicz's loan from Burnley into a permanent switch.

Mali international Sako has played just four times for the Eagles this season and has not started in the Premier League.

He is yet to featured in new boss Sam Allardyce's first two games but was an unused substitute in their 2-0 defeat at Arsenal.

He joined from Wolves on a free transfer in 2015 and scored in his first two appearances but played just 21 more times during an injury-hit first season.

During his time at Wolves, Sako was a fan favourite having made over 100 appearances, scoring 38 goals.

Wolves were linked with a move for the former Molineux star, but the club have talked down any chance of a move.

Sporting director Kevin Thelwell didn't rule a move for Sako, but suggested there was nothing on the cards at the moment.

He told the Express & Star in December: "It's a very difficult one to do. He'll be on a good Premier League salary and he did play a part with when he returned from injury (last month), plus there's the African Cup of Nations.

"There are lots of ifs, buts and maybes."

Should Birmingham complete a move they will be without the 28-year-old for the African Nations Cup in Gabon with Mali opening their campaign in Egypt in two weeks' time.

The club last spent over £4million when they bought Nikola Zigic from Valencia for around £6million in 2010.

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Comments for: "January transfer window: Birmingham City make £4m bid for former Wolves winger Bakary Sako"


As much as I love Sako, paying £4M for a player we gave away for free 18 months ago would prove to be stupid. £1M or so would be understandable considering he is under contract, but you don't go paying silly money for a player you already had.


We could do with a midfielder who played 46games a season for us and scored about 15 goals a season.

We could do we a set piece taker and a decent crosser of the ball, also a penalty taker. thats for certain!


He should of stayed with us and been a hero... couldn't deny him his chance at premiership football but he could have done it with us. It's a shame but I think we are covered in his position now and shouldn't go for him.


£4 mil? Didn't Moxey tell us last season that it would cost £10mil to replace Sako?

I'm not convinced he's worth anything like £4 mil. He's injury prone and probably not PL class if we're hoping to get promoted in the next two years. He's also on top money, so good luck to Brum.


Moxey did say that and as it turns out he isn't far off.... It is currently £4Mil for an out of form, series of injuries and relatively unwanted Bakary Sako, so to get an in form, good injury record and in demand player it would have cost around £10mil.

We paid £7mil for Cavaleiro and he has only recently been making the sort of impact on games that Sako was for us so Moxey was pretty much spot on as buying players already playing in England/from rival clubs tends to inflate that price so that £7mil would be closer to £10mil.

I agree i wouldn't pay £4mil for him after he left for nothing, i would try to get him on loan for the rest of the season because if we were to lose costa or cavaleiro we suddenly look very weak on the wings.

London Wolves

omg i can feel this ending badly.. . idk why, normally i am an optimist.

i can see bham signing him and sako smashing it up incl us.. .. .

why cant we sign him, even if just as a backup


His Greed took him away, so as far as i am concerned he can rot in hell, his reason to leave Wolves was a desire to play in the Prem, so why would he drop down to the Championship again. and with Graham & Zyro on the way back who needs a Winger. better to put 4m towards a first class CH.


Hey, Paul, I hear that your career just took an upward trajectory... Your current contract is just about up, though you gamely stuck it out to the terms of your employment and successfully gave it your all to the very last day... Almost lifting your company to the next level. But the situation just fell short and then you've got this opportunity to switch to the top level of your industry at a new place, in That Lundun, the offer of pay (in your comparatively short career) has also involved a quadrupling of income... What should you do, Paul, stay with Moxey-led outfit with the tight pay structure, in the second league, or listen to offers from the successful companies?

We all know where you would choose, right? You would want to be accused of greed and be told to rot in he'll, right?


Wouldn't... Hell


Good post, Sako could have gone earlier but agreed to stay to see if we could get promotion so in my book he is welcome back any time


Agreed Wolvereeen, he always gave it his all for us and deserved an opportunity at a higher level. I do still feel that were it not for last seasons injuries halting his momentum that he would have been a success at Palace.

The mention by some on this thread about Graham and Zyro is pointless; Zyro won't be back till next season and Graham hasn't even played for the reserves yet, let alone the first team, and who's to say he won't come back as rusty as Dicko has. Spend whatever it takes to get a player in who has proven quality at this level, that gives us competition on the wings as Cavaleiro is inconsistent, and it means Graham and Zyro won't be rushed back and could even take a loan to ease themselves back at a lower level.


What a depressing start to 2017... Somebody cleaned out the blockage in the care home toilet and look who was pulled out of the cr@p


Even worse. I AGREE with the talking Trud


So you survived another Christmas then...


Crawled from under a stone again moron.

Found PetesNuts yet...?


I think we shouldn't resign him.

He thinks he's a big time Charlie, better than us: we have about three current wingers plus at least two injured.

We should buy Jordan Rhodes, as our need is for a striker who can put em in the old onion bag.

If we are throwing at least six million, which is how high a bidding war for Sako will take us, we may as well add it to the eight million we'd pay for Rhodes.

If we bid £15 million we'd get him and our owners can afford it. He's been managed by PL before and can't get into the Borough team. He's our answer!

Farmer Ted

Mikey, surely "big time Charlie" is unfair. Every working man or woman has the right to improve themselves. Remember he stayed with us in Division One AND more than played his part in that first season back in the Championship trying to get us into the play offs. He wanted Premier football and sadly for him it hasn't worked out, but in today's football he gave us more loyalty than most would. Think Steven Fletcher...and for Big Time Charlie's think Benik Adobe.


Ambitious to play at the peak of your potential = big time Charlie?

I wish the previous regime running the club had acted like big time Charlie's instead of assets stripping Bhatti's buddy.

I don't think we should resign him at such levels, but comments like this make me weep.

Motown Wolf

Sign him, then he turns up in mid February fatigued and probably injured after a four week tour through the African cup?

Makes no sense on any level....


Why would Wolves need Sako back when we have better wingers? We have the following - Costa, Cavaleiro, Graham and Zyro - and any of them would get in most Championship teams. Furthermore we are also linked with Marshall, so a winger is not required. The sort of players we need to be looking at is Lansbury and Rhodes!


We don't want him back now, as previous comments on here we have loads of cover for that position, he is probably on £30/35k a week, so can Brum afford that and would we want to pay that as well? I somehow doubt it, as most of you say far better we put £4m towards a ball holding midfielder or regular goal scoring CF


Weve got enough wide men what we need is a striker


Weve got enough wide men weneed a striker


See our Sporting Director is looking at yet another "One for the future"

Some super 16 year old starlet from Rochdale...! WOW...!

The way things are going and the way Thelwell is performing is there a future for Wolves...?


Surely his job is to seek players for today, tomorrow, next season and in 2022.. So what's your issue here? Where did our current youth team appear from?

Knock thelwell for something justified if you need to, but not for doing the job he and his team are employed to do.


Where did our current team appear from is more the point...!

It is only very recently that more than 2 ( Ikeme & Bhatth)have appeared in the first team.

Next question.


I can think of a couple of good reasons to not spend 4Mil on him when we could invest in players

we need now.

Also there is the salary he would demand. HE'S NOT WORTH CAUSING TROUBLE OVER"


OK. We can all be tempted by bigger pay checks and make the move up. But we had better be damned sure that we can deliver.

Sako, for one reason or another (fair or fowl) hasn't delivered and has to face the consequences. He may

not be the player HE thinks he is. Not in the Prem anyway.

Not Convinced

sako has not proved to be a prem standard player (he did not shine for us in div 1 especially when he went on strike ) ; not worth £4m ; bad decision by zola and brum may come to rue the day they sacked rowett , who knows ;

I would not want to see him back at m'neux .

Chorley Steve

Blues problem,not ours

Chorley Steve

Never go back & move towards the future. Would you have Jarvis,Kightly back for example ?

Not Convinced

would n't mind matt jarvis if hes fit - one player who made the step up to the prem , unselfish player who deserved his 15 mins with england - appears not to have made the same impression at west ham or norwich - must be over 30 by now , well over ? dont know .


I wouldn't sweat too much if Blues signed Sako. I might have done at the beginning of the season but I feel Cavaliero and Costa are better on current form and IMO have more potential.

With the FFP rules, we need to use whatever budget we have elsewhere


I think that if we could get Sako back for a sensible fee, then as he and dicko are very good friends and also know how each other thinks and plays it would be a boost for dicko's confidence who is struggling at the moment and help us start to climb up the table, i know he went to the PL but did play right to the end of the season for wolves, I know there are people who will disagree but I think it could work well, and i feel the crowds would welcome him back (apart from the odd one or two).