Wolves boss Paul Lambert slams referee's decision as 'incredible'

Paul Lambert slammed referee Simon Hooper for denying Wolves two penalties after their 0-0 draw at Sheffield Wednesday.

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Matt Doherty was taken out by Owls goalkeeper Keiren Westwood late in the first half, but the official somehow judged that the keeper had played the ball.

Wolves' head coach was full of praise for his team who spurned several chances and edged an entertaining encounter at Hillsborough.

But he said of the Doherty decision: "It wouldn't have looked out of place at Murrayfield. It was incredible. How we didn't get that was incredible.

"He thought the goalkeeper got the ball.

"(What I said to him) is probably unprintable. It's a stonewall penalty. The referee calls it the way he's see it but I don't think you'll ever see a more blatant penalty than that.

"I thought Joe Mason's one was a penalty as well."

Mason missed an open goal from three yards and Wolves hit the woodwork twice as they produced an excellent display against the play-off-chasing Owls.

Lambert said of his team: "I thought we were fantastic the whole game.

"It was the best we've played in my time and we could have won by two or three.

"We never let Wednesday play, we pressed them really well and looked really good. Jack Price dominated the game from the middle of the pitch, Bodvarsson and Mason came in, we changed it up a bit, but the whole performance was excellent.

"The back four were brilliant. Ikeme's made a great save and all four defenders were excellent, as were the whole team.

"Mason was excellent. He's hit the post and had the one he should have scored. He's just come back from injury and I don't want to be critical. His performance was very good.

"It was a good day other than not getting the win. If we came away 3-0 up I don't think anybody could have questioned it.

"There's not many teams that will come here and play the way we did for the duration of the game. If you look at the first game against them, to now, the difference is incredible.

"As I've said before we're a million miles off where we want to get to but we've been absolutely fantastic these past few weeks.

"The inroads we're making are there for everyone to see."

Lambert handed a full debut to Irish teenager Connor Ronan in midfield and the 18-year-old produced a composed and skilful display.

Lambert said of Ronan: "Connor Ronan's was a good as debut as I've seen from a young player.

"I trust him. I've got no fear about playing him. It took me a millisecond to see how good he was."

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Comments for: "Wolves boss Paul Lambert slams referee's decision as 'incredible'"


It was an unbelievable decision , almost as unbelievable as Masons' miss. 2 points thrown away today.


The performances are getting better . A Tammy A a Marshall from Blackburn and the Captain from Ipswich and we start to look good ! PL knows what he is doing and we need to get 28000 out to support him !!

Cookley Wolf

Well said. I really do think Lambert has got us looking a lot closer to being a good side, though unfortunately our weakest links are the positions that are costing us dearly at both ends. I hope Jeff Shi can see that progress has been made, and - assuming we can make a few sensible signings this month to keep things going in the right direction - hope he will give PL some serious buying power in the summer.


Nice to see a manager that will play young talent Well-Done Connor.


There does seem to the semblance of a plan in Wolves play and of course this needs to converted into goals. Let's hope this start happening soon. There does seem to reason to be optimistic.

Black Country Wanderer

Incredible it was PL

2 definite Pens,hit the post and the bar,2 cleared off the line,and oh that Mason miss,ive seen worse misses but not many

We just cant buy a goal at times this season,but definitely a better performance against a better team than we have played lately

Tighter in midfield,looked dangerous in attack,and dare I say it, stronger in defence

As PL says a long ways off what we want to be,but if we could play every game like this we would be top half no problem,trouble is you know the next game will be back to normal

The Flying Winger

B C W, Yes stronger in defence today.

The Flying Winger

I don't think anyone can disagree with his summing up of today's performance, can They?


Only the clinical finishing of the strikers who haven't scored scince last AUGUST fact

I hope they've had better luck in bed

Sir Billy Quiet

Funny how Costa and Cavaleiro are not considered to be strikers even though they play in the attacking front three?

Sir Billy Quiet

Went to the match today and have watched most of the games since Lambert arrived. Despite some poor results no one can deny that we are now vastly improved, we look like a professional football team, well organised and every player working hard.

Lambert has sorted out the basis of his squad going forward and it's great to see younger players being given a chance.

We are not getting much luck at the moment but I now believe we are going to give someone a good stuffing sooner - let's hope it's the Villa.

chris h

Sir Bill, You know full well who the strikers are supposed to be. Robbie Dennison, no. Steve Bull, Andy Mutch, yes.

I am pleased that today's point was earned according to all reports and comments by virtue of a team performance. That was not my view last Saturday, in fact it was the opposite. I reflected upon the team ethic of McCarthy's and Jones' teams and didn't see that against QPR. It was disjointed and we were caught out on the break with full backs not tracking back never mind wingers and midfielders not getting stuck in and the back four didn't play as a unit.I trust we put that right today. I hope we have turned a corner with today's game and hope we see similar resilience at home( I did miss the Bristol game). So far I see only a variable level of performances rather than one of continuous improvement. And yes, we need some strikers who can score, otherwise there will be more trouble ahead.

Sir Billy Quiet

Chris - I see it differently. I can see a style of play emerging and whilst the results will be up and down the pattern of play is now consistent.

I disagree about team ethic - these players are working hard to get results, yesterday they were gutted at not getting the win. Even the 'lightweights' like Costa and Cav worked backed to help the full backs.

Lambert will get in the players needed and turn us into a good side, I have been wrong before but believe he is the right mam for the job.


Was great seeing Conor Ronan grow into the game. If we cant keep Costa, I'd be well happy with Ronan on the right if he maintains that sort of performance.

We do need to get our strikers scoring though, as soon as we can do that I think we'll be a very decent side along with an old head at the back.

Paul Lambert looks to be a very good choice (one I was very happy with when announced), you can see the progress being made, and whilst playing attacking football in the main too.

P.S. all the doom mongers who were saying this is the same as KJ's team and we have no chance, what do you think now?

Black Country Wanderer

I'm not particularly one of the doom mongers,but I will say this

We still have too many average players, left over from KJs time here, to make the next step forward

Hopefully PL will rectify this over time

Yes theres been some improvement performance wise,but not as much as some would have you believe

The inconsistency is still there,the frailty at the back has not suddenly healed itself,and the lack of a goal scorer is hurting us badly

We still need 3 quality signings this window,and 3/4 more come summer ,to be contenders


Vastley improved three wins out of nine ? And the defense is vastley improved ?

Sir Billy Quiet

Cashy if you are actually going to games you would see the vast improvement that has been made.

The results and goals will come.....

Farmer Ted

Sir Bill, there are far too many 'fans' who post on this site giving their vitriolic opinions on players and matches they've never been to. Everybody can voice their opinion but surely they have to be based on experience and not second hand guesses.

Having said that I wasn't up in Sheffield today, although Like many other stay at home fans we did get immediate coverage of Mason's extraordinary miss on Sky. What were the two penalty incidents like?

chris h

FT I have to say though the comment 'I hope they have more luck in bed', did make me smile. Anyway it is 'Closing Time', which is a good track on the Essential album.

Sir Billy Quiet

FT - The Doughty penalty appeal in the first half was nailed on (although I have not seen it on TV) unbelievable error by the ref. Masons (and Stearmans handball) are ones that could have been given on another day.

Chris - yes I know who the strikers are - Dicko trying to get up to speed after injury, Mason getting back into it after injury and Bodvarsen still finding his feet in English football - its not the fault of these players that the club failed to sign a proven striker in the summer.

If we develop a style of play like Liverpool then goals will come from all over the pitch.

Connor Rohan's debut reminded me so much of watching Robbie Keanes first game - fearless......

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