Tim Spiers and Nathan Judah on Joe Mason miss and the Wolves penalty that never was

Tim Spiers and Nathan Judah discuss Wolves' 0-0 draw with Sheffield Wednesday at Hillsborough.

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Comments for: "Tim Spiers and Nathan Judah on Joe Mason miss and the Wolves penalty that never was"


Tim, sound lousy, could only here a few words. Check the sound after you load it

Ye Olde South Bank

Yes, the sound sure is lousy - but it's pretty much the same for EVERY video!

This is precisely why I politely requested, quite recently, that the Express & Star ramp-up the volume before making these videos public.

Clearly, NOBODY at Queen Street actually watches (or should I say 'listens to'?) to their own productions..........

Ye Olde South Bank

Young Tim, whatever you do, NEVER, EVER again say "they're far too good to go down" or you just might live to regret it.

The last time I heard those dreaded words in earnest was the 1975-76 season when every Tom, Dick and Harry in Wolvo was saying it, as well as the media. Well, history shows that we got relegated, even if it was well before your time, ergo it probably means nothing to you, and it's now nothing more than a mere statistic in a club book. However, those of a certain age will never forget the shock of it, and neither will YOU if it were to happen again.

Some friendly advice, Tim: no team is ever "too good to go down" - least of all when said team has strikers firing blanks and needs at least 20 chances to score just 1, solitary goal.

I'm not being unkind - I'm just being honest.