Rotherham 2 Wolves 2 - E&S fans' verdict

Wolves fans have their say on the Rotherham draw in the first of a new regular feature.

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Today we launch our E&S fans' verdict, in which a group of die-hard Wolves supporters will share their opinions on the good, the bad and the indifferent after every Wolves match.

We've selected eight supporters - all of whom are home season ticket holders - and every time they go to a game we'll be getting their verdict.

In what promises to be a fascinating season in the Fosun and Walter Zenga era, our fans will be telling it straight week after week.


What's your verdict on the match? Full of hope, the season began with the fans in full voice. Would we see a new, different Wolves from last season?

The answer came within 15 minutes, devoid of confidence in possession with seemingly no idea what they should be doing - and that is being kind.

A goal was coming well before it hit the back of Ikeme's net and when a second followed after just 23 minutes heads visibly dropped.

Saville's well taken goal just before the break gave hope. Surely the second half couldn't be any worse?

Iorfa's harsh red card should have ended the game as a contest but an inspired substitution saw Texeira set up a cool finish from the Iceman.

The 10 men never looked in trouble from that point and could even have snatched the win.

A well deserved draw in the end and, just a thought, but would Wolves have fought back for a point with 10 men last season?

Who played well - and who didn't impress? Walter Zenga was my star performaner. Excellent, positive substitutions.

Matt Doherty wasn't at his best but it could have been any one of 11 in the first half.


What's your verdict on the match? If Walter Zenga was not aware of the rollercoaster ride previously, he is now!

A team including 10 of a potential Kenny Jackett 11 found itself two down inside 30 minutes courtesy of static defending and inadequate midfield play but knuckled down and improved.

The previously anonymous George Saville scored a cracker to reduce the deficit and Zenga went for 4-4-2 only to see his charges reduced to 10 men.

The Viking then rifled us level following some quick footwork from the impressive Texeira and all celebrated in from of the sell out away following culminating in the Icelandic Clap. Welcome aboard Walter!

Who played well - and who didn't impress? Texeira looked sharp but no one stood out. Bodvarsson and Mason looked a good partnership but a draw was fair


What's your verdict on the match? An awful team selection led to the first half shambles.

The second half was better. The sending off galvanised us and at least we showed some fight.

That midfield should never start again. Lee Evans was very poor, Jed Wallace ineffective and George Saville saved by his well taken goal.

Evans over Jack Price - who made that decision?

Who played well - and who didn't impress? Texeira showed more in 30 minutes than the other three midfielders combined. Creative, inventive, wanted to make things happen.

Joe Mason's body language is all wrong. He looks like he would rather be anywhere than on the pitch.


What's your verdict on the match? The rollercoaster ride that is Wolves' new adventure is off and running - and at the very first bend it wasn't good.

For half an hour it was last season, both in players and formation, new boy Bovarsson excepted.

Gung-ho Rotherham certainly set the pace and even George Saville must have been surprised to find himself able to pull a goal back before half time.

A change of plan after the break saw Joe Mason join Jon Dadi up front and at the next lurching bend, there were no real complaints as Iorfa was sent off.

The next big turn was from another new boy - Teixeira's pass to Bodvarsson and, rather than look to pass, his decision was a wonderful shot into the far top corner - fantastic.

Walter Zenga's new barmy army were definitely satisfied with the outcome, which looked so different early on. The ride will be bumpy, hang on tight #coyw

Who played well - and who didn't impress? Bodvarsson and Teixeira both had good games making important contributions to the outcome.

Neither Jed Wallace nor James Henry came up trumps for me and to be fair that may be a crossover between Jackett and Zenga.

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Comments for: "Rotherham 2 Wolves 2 - E&S fans' verdict"

Benny Rolex

Good start to season, but we need 2 quality strikers to reach the playoffs.

Benny over portland bill over and out.

Cradley Wolf

Batth needs to buck up or be shipped out the door,

absolutely bloody diabolical first half just like a

headless chicken !!

Second half was a little better but not by much until

Texeira came on, Mason did nothing and Costa only

had a couple of minutes so didn't really have time to

show what he is capable of, hopefully that will be put

to rights on Tuesday against Crawley in the league cup.

A point is a point, had we not started like a Jackett team

we could of and probably would of won that game, but, hey,

that as they say is life, no use worrying about the dropped

points let's look forward to Tuesday's game and hopefully a

better start from the off then we'll see where we go from there.

We need to see a couple of decent centre backs bought in with

one or both of them knowing how to marshall the defence as Batth

is clearly not able to do the job, also a right winger as we only have

Henry at the moment..

Hopefully as the Benfica president was at the game yesterday it was

to finalise the Talisca deal so we can look forward to him being in the

squad for Saturday's game against Reading.

Anyway i've had my thruppence wuth,

Onwards and upwards with the Mighty Wolves.

Black Country Wanderer

Everyone was calling for Evans to play last season,he obviously isnt the answer

Saville, Coady, Henry, Wallace, all much of a muchness, and not up to standard,all have an occasional good game but not consistent enough,although Saville does pop in a goal or two

Zenga seems to go for fairly big, mobile players, that can hit on the break,is Price that type?

We will only get so far with team spirit and effort,admirable as it is,its no substitute for quality

The new guys look head and shoulders better quality than we had got previously,Zenga at least has the balls to change things, and try something different,where Jackett had not got a clue

If we can get another 2/3 quality players, striker, cb, cmf ,we may just have a shout this season

Very early days, and no doubt a rocky road over the next month or so,but a little patience and the new guys may just sort it all out

Lord Brewood

BCW - 'we will only get so far with team spirit and effort' well it seemed OK for Leicester last season.

Yes we do need more quality but don't underestimate the Teamwork element because I guarantee you no one wins titles or champion league cups without a sense of togetherness!!

Looking forward to a season of flux & mixed fortunes. I think we need to build a squad & team ethic in preparation for a real push next season.

In the meantime lets just enjoy the exciting times to come.



Black Country Wanderer

Yes i agree Leicester were fantastic last season,but they also had Mahrez,Kante,Vardy etc

Like i said you need quality too


Great comeback yesterday, and I'm in line with the fans comments in the article. On a completely different note however, I found the picture that E&S have used to be pretty interesting. Did anybody else notice the difference in shirt colour between the late 80's Manders shirt (which is old gold) and the current offering from Puma, which is orange (might be my old eyes?). I hate the way Puma mess with the shirt colour, we are starting to look like Blackpool or Dundee United and losing our uniqueness, which is really sad.

The Flying Winger

More reports to day that Talisca is on his way to us tomorrow to complete the signing.

16M, 20M,25M, take your pick and fingers croseed.


Hope right Flying?

The Flying Winger

Richie well it's all over the place so a lot of people are going to be wrong

No 5 shirt not allocated.

Mendes at the game

Benfica Chairman and Fosun owner at the game, why would they come for the Rotherham game? Fingers crossed.

Black Country Wanderer

Well ive been playing this down for weeks,i just cant see us paying that kind of money out for one player

Why would he come here and not the Prem?

As you say the story just keeps on running though,so who knows,maybe, just maybe,its got some legs

The Flying Winger

B C W, I know but it has been around for quite a while and it was difficult for him to go to a PL club there is obviously more to this takeover than meets the eye with the tie up of Benfica, Fosun and Mendes so it will be interesting to see his length of contract, it could also have been sold to the player of their plans for the future.

Also McDonald leaving was significant.

London Wolves

agreed 1000%!

most people who support wolves have been through so much that they just go to the negative all the time. understandable.

NEWSFLASH: those days are over.

only a few people are optimistic about such things on the boards - and you are one of them. rightly so.

logic has to prevail and yes the mcdonald transfer spoke volumes to me. it does not surprise me if players come in at 20mil or with huge reputations, of course they will be sold that this will be the next man city (or even if it is not quite that crazy), but they will be told they are the first of a wave of superstars. so far thats true looking at the way they played this weekend.

i am totally convinced that we will buy, if not these 20 mil players then at least the best for this league until we get to the prem.

i am so convinced that the players that we have are the background players, to bulk up a team and the superstars are yet to come.

as you say FW - why would mendes come to rotherham? to buy in players like the ones we brought in already? really? you think a guy like that is going to make money from 1mil pound deals and loan deals?


The Flying Winger

London Wolves, Yes it's exciting times why not enjoy all the possible comings I cannot remember such press Interest in the club for years which also raise the profile of the club.

Players will be keener to join us than in the last two years which will give everyone a lift.

I know there are many that want all the signings to happen now well it won't but it will still be an exciting season let's enjoy.

old golds worth more

He is coming but for less than the reported £20 million apparently, work permit issues prevented him from moving to Liverpool (I thought a work permit was a work permit no matter who you come to play for!), and will have a similar clause as Afobe had in his contract i.e. fail to win promotion this season and he's off!

Found this on - Anderson Talisca will reportedly complete his move to Championship side Wolverhampton Wanderers "within 48 hours".

The 22-year-old attacker has been linked with a £20m move to the Midlands side as a statement signing by the club's new owners, Chinese conglomerate Fosun International.

Talisca had previously been a target of Liverpool but is thought to have instead opted for second-tier Wolves due to issues surrounding his work permit.

According to The Mirror, Talisca is heading to England for talks with his agent Jorge Mendes and Wolves director Jeff Shi to finally complete the deal in the next two days.

Mendes and Benfica president Luis Filipe Vieira were pictured alongside Shi and Fosun owner Guo Guangchang at Wolves' opening game of the season, a 2-2 draw at Rotherham United, on Saturday as the parties worked on tying up the deal.

The newspaper claims that the transfer fee will be "far lower" than the mooted figure of £20m, while Talisca's contract will include a clause allowing him to leave at the end of the season if Wolves fail to gain promotion back to the Premier League.

old golds worth more

oops that should have read

London Wolves

old gold - i read the same thing yesterday. . . does make sense as all the usual suspects to make the deal happen were at rotherham, it would have been the chat at half time with a pie. . .

happy days. either way, big signings or not, we are in for some great entertainment this season. i am checking the news at least 2 or 3 times a day. . . never done that before. . . .


Yes it's reporting on the Portuguese press that the big wigs sorted out the deal at Molinuex yesterday

25m euros he's flying in tomorrow expect more signings this week


Yeh the word is he's on his way to Wolves, big statement?


Well, I am having kittens about that signing - god knows what will happen if they do lol. But joking aside, these are so exciting times at our club I just keep looking at the internet, papers, sky sports - in fact anything that gives a smell of what's happening next - my seat belt will not fasten tight enough !!!