WATCH: Wolves fans and Tim Spiers on loss

Angry Wolves fans and Tim Spiers spoke to Nathan Judah following Wolves' 2-1 defeat to Preston.

A home defeat that surely extinguishes any faith hopes of the play-offs would be bad enough.

But apathy turned to anger in the stands as the disillusioned home faithful turned on Messrs Morgan and Moxey, and later on Kenny Jackett too.

On a bitterly cold Molineux afternoon supporters cranked the heat up on the men who run Wolves, as they watched their beloved team offer nothing but a weak and insipid performance against a sturdy Preston defence that lapped it up.

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Comments for: "WATCH: Wolves fans and Tim Spiers on loss"

Mr Reeman

21,000 Muppets....can't you see there's no light coming out of the darkness !!!


What a patronising statement Jez doesn't relate to the south bank fan

chris h

The vast majority of Wolves' fans don't relate and don't want Jez Moxey.


Simply no words to describe the farce that is Wolverhampton Wanderers.

March Hare

I have had enough of this shambolic club, so I am not going anymore and giving them my hard earned money to watch the worst standard of football I have ever seen.

It makes me think Jackett is being paid to loose games, as it's gone on now for so long.

They pay 3 million for a player and leave him out of the last two games, leave Kevin McDonald out, for the likes of Saville and Rowe, and keep in a so called Captain who would not make the grade for our Sunday team

This is a club with no Ambition. So I am off to watch the Albion


You're a mug then. If there's anybody anywhere playing worse than Wolves right now it is Albion. Perhaps you should try Walsall or Stourbridge instead.


Great, bye March Hare.

Don't come slithering back when times are good now, will you?


I realise the guy is s journalist but he s like pinning his colours firmly with the hierarchy. I'm glad the fans have voiced disapproval because the way it's going there won't be enough fans in there to create any type of atmosphere. Tim if you think selling our Crown Jewels & overseeing two successive relegation and some crazy managerial appointments is doing a good job then do be it but a lot of us don't but you were right on one thing the majority won't be happy till he has gone

Mr Reeman

Love Wolves, hate what's going on, breaks my heart not to be there on match days. I want to buy a season ticket, I want to be there and jump out of my seat when the ball hits the back of the net. I was there as the "Doog" & Richards, Andy Gray,Robbie Keane,Bully & Mutch, Nathen Blake & Kenny Miller


More to the point were you there when Mark Buckland, Campbell Chapman, Dean Edwards, Neil Edwards, Derek Ryan and co didn't hit the back of the net and we plummeted to Div 4?

If not, then I guess you'll always bail out when times are tough.

Mr Reeman

Hadn't finished my rant....Ebanks Blake, Kevin Doyle and dare I say it Benik Afobe....Morgan/Moxey you can take the football,entertainment and hope out of the club.....but you can't take my memories.

Mr Reeman

And Leigh Griffiths...Wolves Number 9...forget about him.


I have had enough and I thought the 80s were bad Moxey out!


Tim Spiers, we can see why you will not do a poll on Moxey!!!! How dare you say he is doing a good job. He, with Morgan and Jackett are running this club into the ground!!! We have gone backwards. You are not in the same class as David Instone!!!!

To true. He's as half-soaked as the team and management so he'll never ask the real searching questions.


like everone else breaks my heart to see our club like this new owners new manager to me morgan is on parr with the battias


Do you get the feeling Jackett didn't really want Mason, but he was the only player that would come to the Mol, Jackett says he doesn't know how to play him and he has been on the bench for two of his three games, probably a move by Moxey to appease the fans.


No continuity - well said that man.


I'm wondering how often I've seen 'supporters' like these not wearing any Wolves gear - not even a scarf.

Too embarrassed guys? Even my websites use at least some gold and black.


Just for now, let's try to keep certain things apart. I'm unhappy with how things have turned out with Steve Morgan; I am not a fan of Jez Moxey; I was an appreciative supporter of Kenny Jackett - until now. Leave Morgan and Moxey out of the equation - what is happening on the pitch is down to Kenny and the coaching staff, no one else. Are you going to tell me that a manager of the ilk of a Warnock, Pearson or an Allardyce wouldn't squeeze better results out of the players we have at our disposal? They may not be everyone's cup of tea, but they are motivators. Our players in general may not be great, but I feel certain more can be achieved with them if they are deployed more effectively than is currently the case. The growing unrest at Molineux will inevitably lead to Kenny's departure unless he can quickly string together a few good results.


Jez Moxey joined Wolves in June 2000. Wolves finished 7th in Div1 in May. After his first season we finished 12th in Div1. 16 years later and we are 12th in what is Div1.

Albrighton Fred

He's consistent though, consistently crap. How could someone with a track record like this have such a luxurious property in a very select area, Wightwick. I achieved it once only a few hundred yards away but lost it, how is it he keeps his status ??????

There but the grace of God goes he.!!!!!


Just watched your post match piece guys and what can i say??? You are the local sporting newspaper you have the responsibility to put all these points to the club, as the club does not and will not communicate directly to us fans. Everything that you talked about needs to be asked of the club and off the people responsible for running it. You mention that no player won their personal duals with opposition players, why is that? you say that there is no invention or creativity from the team, why is that, you say the season is petering out quickly, why is that?

instead of being a sounding board for the drivel that continually comes out of the club why not start asking direct questions???

And please the white elephant of injuries is rubbish, with the exception of 3 players that were here at the start of the season, (one of which was no where near the first team) the other injuries have come to players that were not part of our plans this year and besides every single club in the country has injuries to key players throughout a season this is one of the reasons football is a squad game

You also say that Jezza has done a good job?? how? and when? if your talking about being promoted to the premiership during his tenure then i suggest that you talk to Mick regarding that as I think you'll find with the exception of 3 major signings all of the players that mick wanted to sign were refused, and the ones that he did buy were certainly not his first choice. If you referencing the fact that we are the only club in English history to suffer successive relegations twice then you may have a point that he has been successful in creating history.

Surely the meaning of success and how you judge it in footballing terms is on the pitch?? and has you have rightly pointed out that Jezza came to us 16 years ago 16 whole years ago and can anyone at the E&S say that we are any better now than we were then??????

Financially we are sound I will admit that quite openly, but whats the point of being financially sound when any profits that we make on player sales disappear into the back pockets of the owner, how does it help the club to be financially sound when the playing side is going backwards at a rate of knots and any money that we do make does not get spent??? we have a lopsided ground that used to be the envy of every other championship and below teams and now its a par for the course stadium thats unfinished, we have a state of the art training facility and youth set up that is producing players that are continually struggling at under 21 level and at 1st team level, we buy up and coming players to then drop into that set up, the questions raised if its so bloody good why are we needing to go and buy up and coming players???

Please please compare the last 16 years of my beloved club to that of another old lady of english football that of Stoke and then come back to us and say jezza has been successful

chris h

Exile so correct. I read the local Derby paper the other day and the journalist concerned asked very searching questions of the Rams' owner. You just don't get that here ,it is all tied up and restrictive. How can anyone say Moxey as CHIEF EXECUTIVE has done a good job. The club has under performed on the football pitch failed to grasp opportunities presented to it, mainly due to a cautious poorly thought out transfer policy. Albion and Stoke are doing better, ever wondered why Tim Spiers?

Income is dropping next season due to lack of parachute money, the squad is threadbare and not up to the standard required to mount a challenge in the Championship,season ticket sales are likely to plunge,many fans feel let down even cheated. We have the spectacle of being told a professional at the club wasn't even trying and there is criticism by some on the proposals for the funding of Sir Jack's statue (not from me).

Irrespective of the absent owner, the club is in turmoil and it may yet get worse. How can any one say the Chief Executive of such an organisation is doing a good job. We all know you don't want to cross him Tim, but come you are a professional as well, let us have some proper assessment of the problems at Molineux.


Why do 'fans' always blame Moxey? He, financially has done a good job. On the pitch blame the players and manager. I miss Mick!

March Hare

Mrpmjones Dear Sir, if you think that Moxey has done a good job financially, then you need help.. The Reason being 700k profit on a turnover such as Wolves have. is not good business.

Anywhere else he would be sacked,

Plus where has all the money gone from the selling of our Players.

Answer me that because I need to Know.


No leadership on or off the field Danny Batth makes to many mistakes and he his certainly no captain

March Hare


Hi Mate, glad you see the same as me about that utter rubbish of a so called captain,

I have been saying it all season, but all the locals think because he is from Brierly Hill he is some sort of God.

Just shows that most go to games with their eyes closed


Hi March Hare. let's hope when he get Williamson at side of him he can learn him how to defend and make Williamson the Captain

March Hare


Oh no I don't want him in the team let alone by the side of Williamson

Fact is he not even fit to be sold on he is that bad


March Hare. You are still here. Why is that?

I thought you posted your valediction above at 10 o'clock yesterday.

March Hare

WV1 Dylanwolf

Yes you are right, but I still follow all the gossip on here, after following Wolves for over 40 years I like to see how others think.

After watching the last two home games, I said enough is enough and I stick to what I said, I will not go to pay and watch such utter rubbish anymore..

I think it would be a better Laugh watching Villa


Nothing will change until the club has new ownership and they get to grips with total reoraganisation of the Club and supply a reasonable cash input for player signing. Moxeys position needs to be looked at too. I left on 65 minutes on Saturday unable any longer to watch the performance the team turned in - and Jackett has a fair share of the blame for his team selection. Still Championship next season - but we need to be careful to ensure that Mr Jackett.


Everyone is missing the point

Jackett is the reason we are crap

He has not got a clue , he should have gone early in the season only the win at Birmingham saved his job

Get rid of him NOW

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