Tomasz Kuszczak leaves Wolves for Blues

Goalkeeper Tomasz Kuszczak has signed for Birmingham after failing to agree a new deal with Wolves.

Former Albion shot-stopper Kuszczak was back-up to Carl Ikeme at Molineux last season and played 13 times.

Earlier this week, Jackett claimed negotiations with the Polish international were ongoing, having started in May.

But. with Blues offering a two-year deal, 33-year-old has decided to join his third West Midlands club.

Kuszczak was at times erratic in a Wolves jersey but on the whole he impressed between the sticks, particularly during an 11-game spell covering the injured Ikeme in February and March.

During that run he kept four consecutive clean sheets and six in total, over his 13 matches.

His departure leaves Jackett's goalkeeping department looking thin, with just Ikeme left with first-team experience.

Aaron McCarey is currently suspended pending an FA investigation after he failed a drug test for a non-performance enhancing substance.

McCarey faces a likely six-month ban if the allegations are proven. Youngster Jonathan Flatt may be given a chance to step up, when Wolves kick off their pre-season campaign next week.

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Comments for: "Tomasz Kuszczak leaves Wolves for Blues"


Good luck Tomasz. He obviously wanted to be No 1 .


hate to say it, letting him sign for blues could come back to haunt us, i think they may be the dark horse next season, or blackburn.

lets face facts, cardiff, forest, leeds, blackburn, blues, etc will all invest and if we dont bring abit of quality in to add competiton for places, then we risk missing out on a top 6 finish.

Dingle Dave

No loss, we move on.



I'm not sure who everyone else has been watching but all I could see is a bloke who couldn't catch a ball to save his life. Constantly punching the ball back out to danger and at fault for a number of goals including both goals conceded against Milwall last game of the season.

Good riddance.


Totally agree with you jj couldn't catch a ball to save his life !! but then again here we go again, any cheap and cheerful goalkeepers out there on a free transfer ? apply to kenny jackett care of Wolverhampton Wanderers FC.

Where the hell is the ambition in this club ?????????????

Bloody Well None Whatsoever !!!!!

Same old story just another season no different from the last !!!



so that is all you got to offer morgan and moxey out how about you out.


Stop sticking up for your uncle Jez,and fetch him some more pies.


another one slips through the net , pardon the pun but don't panic still several weeks to kick off and I'm sure there'll be a free signing out there somewhere , willing to come and keep the bench warm . u t w


Arsenal are awash with goalies. What's the betting that with our new found relationship with Arsenal following the Afobe signing that we loan either David Ospina or Emiliano Martinez?

Wojcieck Szczesny will no doubt understudy Petr Chech, and Damian Martinez has already been agreed a loan deal to Getafe, but that still leaves 2 others who would prefer a chance of playing Championship football than 2nd or 3rd team football.

And that is only one team's goal keeping riches I've looked at. The potential for a good goal keeping loan deal means that Kuszczak will not be missed.


Trouble for Wolves with a loan from a Prem club is that they would probably have to pay most of his wages. A reserve at Arsenal will be on a considerable amount, more than Wolves would pay for a keeper only likely to sit on the bench. Anyway, the top clubs like Arsenal only let their players go to clubs where they will develop - usually by playing in the First Team.


Good post Supporter and I don't disagree with anything you say here. Third and fourth choice goalkeepers wages aren't as high as we might think though, and certainly not preclusive of Wolves budget, but Arsenal is just one example. I agree that the key for Arsenal is whether their goalkeeper would play often enough in the first team and whether they would be confident that he would develop faster at Wolves than elsewhere.

I don't think we have made best use of Premiership loan availability. This is one area where Morgan can improve his mind-set. We can now afford Premiership loan wages and there is no reason why we couldn't even loan a Bamford, Pritchard or an Ince equivalent outfield player this season, as Boro, Brentford and Derby did last season to improve their squads.

Ultimately, it didn't get them promoted, but it did get them to the play-offs ahead of us.

Voice Of Sanity

Kuszczak was the best goalkeeper in our squad. Good deal for Blues. Bad dealing by Wolves

Farmer Ted

Fine, that's your opinion, but please explain how you come to that conclusion.


voice of insanity more like it best goalkeeper he dow come in the top 10 mate.


bog rat are you a tesco supporter ?


Oh well move on and look somewhere else. Did ok for us but is easily replaceable.

Bedford Wolf

Not that bothered to be honest as was never a big fan of his even though his record was pretty good last season. Of more concern though is that yet again we seem to be being priced out of things. Whilst I accept that we can't shop at Harrods or Fortnum & Mason (at the moment anyway) I would have hoped now that the big earners have all left that we could at least be shopping at Waitrose when instead we seem to be still rifling through the 'reduced to clear' aisle at Lidl and Aldi.


Pity. Still, there must be a few more decent candidates out there somewhere.


That's annoying


Same old, same old


Just a thought - looking at clubs that have done well in the Prem from humble starts -

Swansea, Stoke, Southampton and the Tescos

They are not any bigger than us but have something we don't - WHY???????? And What is it they have??


One simple answer m8





again a silly comment we have spent the money but not on the right players albion bought players who were low profile and could do the job.


stop talking out of your backside bazrat !!!

"We have spent money but not on the right players"

you don't get decent players by spending peanuts,

the amount of players we've been linked with and missed out on is a bloody joke and as for sammy ameobi joining on loan lol never in a million years pal.

Once upon a time Wolverhampton Wanderers were the undisputed kings of Europe they sent the very best they had to offer and all were sent packing! Once upon a time Wolverhampton Wanderers had a squad who gave their all for the shirt unlike today's lot who are only there for the cash they can make.

Once upon a time Wolverhampton Wanderers had the greatest manager in the land until September 1964 when that moronic nerk john ireland gave him the push.

Once upon a time the city of Wolverhampton was proud of the teams exploits what is there to be proud of today ?????

answers on a postcard please.....


Karlis. Things move on. We spent peanuts on Dicko and Afobe and I suppose you think they are no good. We are not big spenders any more so if you don't approve, there are plenty of big clubs to support.

old golds worth more

Karl's, once upon a time there was no Sky sports to favour the bigger clubs and equally foreign billionaire owners were unheard of! Chelsea hadn't won anything for decades and along came a billionaire Russian, equally Man City were always in the shade of their neighbours United for at least twenty or so years and along came an Arab Billionaire. Arsenal and Liverpool (not forgetting Man United) all were sold to rich Americans, and where has almost all the silverware gone in the last God knows how many years? Look no further then those clubs mentioned above. We should consider ourselves lucky that we have a millionaire BRIT as owner, many other famous but financially struggling clubs would snatch our hands off for him.

Farmer Ted

I would imagine this about not being guaranteed a first team spot. Not in the same class as Carl Ikeme. A shame, but no concern here, his inability to catch the ball always worried me. Maybe Flatt will get his chance, but a back up goalie shouldn't be a problem to acquire.

The special one

More bad news really and yet another position to fill/replace this summer so now we need a goal keeper for back up I'd say a centre half as back up/ first team,holding midfielder a must a replacement left wing for sako also a must and a back up striker that's at least 5 players to be honest I'd say all them positions are a must if we want to go for promotion so it's going to be a busy summer or is it ? ODCL UTW

The Flying Winger

I wouldn't hold your breath if I were you, remember when many fans were calling for a LB CB and striker, the club ignored the calls, the manager of the time said he was happy with his squad.

Sound familiar?


Hi FW. I think we have got defence well covered. The new chap Deslandes can play LB CB. Need another goalie now and striker to compliment Dicko & Afobe maybe ball winning midfielder.


Well first of all I don't blame Kuszczak one bit for signing for Blues. He has to put his own career and family first. I wish him well.

To me he was a decent enough goalkeeper without being outstanding, and performed reasonably well as deputy to Ikeme. I'm not sure whether Jackett needs to bring in another goalkeeper until the outcome of McCarey's FA investigation. Jonathon Flatt is a very promising young goalkeeeper and could deputise for Ikeme for the first few matches if necessary.

What I can't understand is the delay in deciding whether or not McCarey took some illegal substance. He either did or he didn't. The length of time this is taking is doing nobody any good - the player, the club or the competence of the FA.


It seems to be taking ages. Is it something to do with testing the second sample? I would have thought that was done by now. Perhaps it is more serious than we know. Hope not .


I'm pretty sure that the second sample would have been requested by McCarey's legal advisers for it to be tested. But without wishing to sound like any kind of expert (which clearly I'm not), I would have thought that it shouldn't take that long to analyse it and confirm the results.

Guilty or not guilty, the delay leaves both the player and the club in limbo until the verdict is confirmed. Perhaps the E & S can publish an update as to where the process is at the moment, and when an annoucement is likely.


Kuszczak to Blues Wood to Leeds, not keen on either but to be out bid by two clubs who finished below us last season says a lot about whats going on at the club, for every cheap player thats been a hit you can name one thats been a miss, example Dicko HIT, CLARKE miss, Afoebe Hit, Rowe miss. its all a game some work out some Dont but you have too buy to find out.


So in your view we should have outbid them then turned them down because you did not like either.

Hong Kong Pete

With what's been ongoing you would have expected that Wolves realised this situation could have happened and what could happen next.

It will be interesting the next few weeks hopefully some goods news and KJ is finding a few more gems like Afobe.

Woodsetton wolf

Kuszczak signs for the Blues on the first day of the new contract year and we've been negotiating with him since May? That tells us that his deal with Blues was already done and dusted some days ago and in the meantime we have again been fed a pile of bull...t. He may have been offered a guarantee of first team football which would be a big pull but I am guessing that we have lost out on the financials again to a club that make Leeds look like a stable well run set up.

The E&S in a masterly understatement says we are looking thin in the keeper department....we look positively anorexic!.....also read that for striker department,quality midfielders and a goal scoring wideman.

Wolves fans are used to disappointing close seasons but this one is shaping up as the daddy of them all. Come on Wolves ...get a grip...we are becoming a laughing stock.


Egg on our face. While I don't want us to waste money, we have. Now missed out on woods, thingymebob the free transfer goalie, I just hope we can compete with my local Sunday league for players soon, I thought tomasz was v decent for us at the back end of season


Interesting to read the comments on here the doom and gloom merchants are out in force,in the fifty years i have bin going to the molly i have never known such a bunch of whingers like you lot.


50 years then if you cared about the club why don't you say something positive in your comments instead of slagging everybody's posts ?

I've been going to the molly as you call it for near on 60 years and the only gripe i have is with an owner who will not spend any decent amount of cash on players who will get us to where we want to be.

Do you want to see us stagnate and yo yo between this godforsaken league and league 1? I like thousands of other Wolves fans want to see major investment in the squad and get us back in the big league.


If you don't like the comments then I suggest you don't read them. Readers are expressing opinions that are entitled to express whether you agree with them or not. Perhaps many of us are not prepared to settle for sustained mediocrity. I find your repeated criticisms of other posters comments laughable because of their predictability.


not a big loss for me. saw a few of the games he played. he let in a few soft goals. I remember the one against brighton and the penalty he let go under him.

Surely we can find a keeper with experience that can challenge ikeme and wont cost a fortune.


Yeah, there are plenty of promising young keepers who have the potential to push Ikeme. Flatt could well be one of them, time will tell.


That a bit limp, losing a pole and Wood.


That's a bit limp, losing a pole and Wood.

chris h

I thought it was a mistake by Kenny (not that he has made many) to drop Kuszczak for Ikeme at the end of the season. Maybe Ikeme was rushed back.That Brum defeat was telling and Ikeme seemed to me to be a bit ring rusty in that game. I thought Kusczak did well for us, remember all those saves in the Derby game. OK he is not an effective catcher, but he punches well. A fully fit Ikeme will be no1 choice and no doubt that is why Kuszczak has left us, plus the security of a two year deal. Hopefully, we will pick up another decent back up keeper for next season. And hopefully Ikeme will avoid another injury.

According to Sky we have turned down Fulham's second bid for McDonald.


true, fulham dont have a clue though do they, this is the championship we dont sell our best players, especially for insulting bids of around 1mill or so, for stears and macca, its a joke, yet they wax 10mill on mccormack???

fulham will need to learn and adapt to life in the championship and be realistic, cause i dont know what planet they are on? do they expect an empty wallet will get them to the prem? or is this an example of a club trying to unsettle our players? ahead of the new season.


great signing for the blues this is, gary rowett is building a team down there, on form if the season finished on last five-6 games then birmingham on form would of finished in the top 6, i saw that somewhere, while all the playoff challenges lost and drew most of their last 5 matches birmingham had better records than most.


News Flash to some of you. This is Wolverhampton Wanderers. If you think we should be a Championship club forever more then you will be happy with what's going on so far this window. We have time left obviously but..... We did in January when we needed a couple more players.

We are not Stoke but hey, even they stay up in the PREMIERSHIP each year.

I am level headed but I cannot blame those who call for investment in the squad to get us back where we belong. I also agree the strategy in some part as to what we are doing. The academy is after all fantastic and a large part of our future. But..... We have a great chance next season to improve on last year's achievement. We need the squad to be stronger not weaker. Therefore until we sign the requirements for this I understand wholeheartedly why fans are going to be unhappy.


It's not just this window. It's the vast majority of windows where our hopes are raised and then dashed. A bit of investment in January last year may have clinched a play off place. In the end we missed out by the skin of our teeth. I don't want a raft of signings, just one or two quality players who will really make a difference and strengthen the squad. I'm not sure you'll get many like that on the cheap.


Same thing mentioned earlier, Woods 4year deal , and Kusczak 2year deal Sam Smith Don,t have money on his mind !!! These guys do , likes of our rat pack, Four years of pulling top dosh no matter if they play or not , nice signing on fee etc, no body would turn down taking the cash , but it hurts when us guys are playing it !!!!!