Everton primed to make Nouha Dicko bid

Wolves striker Nouha Dicko is a transfer target for Everton with the Toffees lining up a summer bid.

Dicko has 12 months left on his deal and is vulnerable to bids in the transfer window. He has enjoyed two excellent seasons at Wolves, scoring 27 goals in 56 league appearances.

But despite his contract running out, it will take a big bid for Wolves to consider parting with Dicko, who scored 15 goals last season and cost just £300,000 when he signed in January 2014.

He linked up prolifically with Benik Afobe and Bakary Sako.

Of the trio, Wolves are resigned to losing Sako but will be desperate to keep Afobe and Dicko as they mount a promotion charge.

They hope to restrict their first-team losses to just Sako, who has been linked with a host of Premier League clubs and is out of contract at the end of the month.

However, Wolves will want to sort out Dicko’s contract to end any speculation this summer, and also to avoid him leaving on a free transfer next year.

Soccer - Sky Bet Championship - Wolverhampton Wanderers v Millwall
Nouha Dicko of Wolverhampton Wanderers celebrates after scoring a goal to make it 1-0.

Everton boss Roberto Martinez worked with Dicko at Wigan and is keen to bolster his strikeforce this summer after bagging just 48 league goals last season, with former Albion star Romelu Lukaku scoring 10.

But Lukaku has been linked with a move away from Goodison Park, leaving just one-goal Arouna Kone as a recognised striker.

Meanwhile, transfer target Michal Zyro has refused to rule out leaving Legia Warsaw this summer.

Jackett is believed to have watched 22-year-old winger Zyro in action and is running the rule over him as a potential replacement for Sako but Celtic are also interested in the left-footed Polish international.

Zyro said: “For now, I go on holiday and turn off the phone. After returning to the club, my future will begin to explain.At the moment I do not exclude any possibility – either lengthening the contract (with Legia) or changing club.”

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Comments for: "Everton primed to make Nouha Dicko bid"


I said at the end of last season that Nouha would be the one I could see targeted by the Premier boys rather than Afobe. Why we didn't offer him a contract last season I have no idea. Here we are again in the position where if we keep one of our biggest assets he could leave for nothing in a years time.

Losing Sako is one thing, losing the 2 of them things would be looking glum. I hope the board start realizing that waiting until our best players are almost out of contract is not the way forward, even if all it does is add value to a player when he leaves, as we all know a contract these days means little.


Not suprised at all, Dicko is a very good player, very underated, in a 4-4-2 he's awesome, he gave derby a real hard time at molinuex. He seems to find it easy to fit in the wholes and scores frequently in the 4-4-2 system, being able to find more space, but he did seem annoyed a few times being subbed and benched for a few games when he was playing well, just to accomodate afobe as kenny insisted on playing one up front or playing edwards?

Anyway sure he will be here next season and if we can get a strong left winger in to replace sako who creates, then I am sure Dicko/Afobe will hit 20+.

If we bring in Zyro or Abdoul Camara I would be happy, Camara lad looks pretty fast and has a fair fee at under 1million, We can hope Boukari comes back, he was a decent winger before his injury and was due to sign for west ham until, jarvis went the otherway. We can hope.


A very speculative story at best, based it seems solely on the fact that Dicko played under Martinez at Wigan - who then sold him. I would guess that Wolves have waited until now to discuss another contract with Dicko because they weren't sure which division they would be playing next season.

However, I suppose Dicko might wish to seek a move to Everton, if his french pal Sako were to sign for them. The two of them did strike up a good understanding, which Martinez may wish to reprise in the premiership.


Dek - you make some very interesting points here. If there is any foundation to the Everton story, one hopes Dicko will give us one more season, as did his pal Sako, and yes if he deems it necessary run his contract down. As a mere £300,000 investment, that would mean little to Wolves financially. We could cash in now and try to get a replacement but with Dicko we know what we've got and what we can expect from him. And anyway, what sort of message would that send to Afobe - and us, the supporters? Let's hope it is all what you suggest, very speculative at best.


Solent - As far as I can tell, this story seems to have it's origins in the Queen St offices of the E & S. Dicko, (and Afobe for that matter), will I'm sure be subject to speculation all summer long simply because they proved successful in scoring goals for Wolves.

However, unless there is a ridiculously high offer made for him, I doubt that he will be moving away from Molineux any time soon. Jackett wants him to stay, and the club are financially sound so they don't need to sell.

What might happen, (and it's speculation on my part), is that Dicko will be offered a new contract on new terms, with a buy-out clause included, so that if Wolves do not achieve promotion next season he will be allowed to leave.


The big question before speculating on Dicko following Sako anywhere is where is Sako going to end up?? He hasn't gone yet and there's still a reasonable contract on the table at Molineux if he decides to stay.

I like Sako when he's firing on all 4 cylinders but would a Premiership club take the risk of signing a player who has the occasional lapse and gives the ball away in his own half? I'm sure this has been noted and maybe that's why he hasn't had many offers up to the level that his agent has been telling him he's worth?


glassboy baggy

Looks like your 3 degrees is down to one .Boing Boing.

Bedford Wolf

3 Degrees, is that what you lot sing when you look longingly at that thing called success? When Will I see You Again?

Forever in our shadow.


How un-intelligent, ignorant, stupid & disingenuous must you be to bring a racist comment like that to these boards !!! Brendan Batson, Big Cyrille & Laurie Cunningham had to "put up" with this tag because that was the way of the world back then. !! Get a grip little man - this is 2015 and its ONLY a game of corrupt football !!!!!


More humourless tripe from Glasgow.

Grow up



Looks like your main sponsor has jumped ship to one of the bigger clubs down the road, Villa..

Boing...sorry Going, Going...



shot down man

ohhhhhh, got to hurt


toffees more like fudge. needs to lose a stone before he can even grace the premier league


Get real ya daft ha'puth, Nouah cud gi any of yower geriatric lot 10yds start an still leave em f'jed ova 100 yrds. An e ay even the quikest we got.


Jack the Hat

Oh no!

Dicko will replace Lukaku who looks like leaving Everton. Dicko is already known by Roberto Martinez and won't take much persuading to join his former boss. I reckon £1.5m will land him as his contract is nearly up. Only Efobe to go after as he won't want to hang around when his two mates have left.

No good holding on to players who believe a club is holding them back eh.



Yaaawwnnnn...much more interestingly, I burnt my toast this morning.

Jack the Hat


That will teach you to mind your toast instead of being too eager to read my posts, was your retort ' Thats BUGgered it', eh.

Gorraq loff ay ya.



For the more educated people in sadwell - this is a sign that we are going in the right direction and that our players are doing something right because they are wanted. Contracted or Not. - Now, lets see how many offers come in for couldn't hit a cows a*** with a banjo Brown !!!

Now, haven't you got a long lost sister you need to find ?? get there before your brother does ok m8 !

Jack the Hat


Well Sako hasn't pulled up any trees has he, the big laugh is you lot believe he will come back for the same wages he was on before he left.

Gorra loff ay ya.


Bedford Wolf

Good test of our ambition. If we are serious about trying to get to the Money League - £120m being the reward for getting there apparently - then keeping the likes of Dicko is crucial. Suggest we slap a price tag on him of at least £15m and make sure we bring in some new quality players as soon as possible to make a clear statement of intent.

glassboy baggy

15 MILLION .Thats the funniest thing I've heard since the Vile played in the cup final .now what was the score ,by the way ,i'm over 60 and I can't ever remember the dingles casting a shadow over us .Boing Boing.


Over 60 eh! Reading your comments I would never believe it. Time to grow up.


Ooooooh Shewolf. "That a good one. Has a little sting to it".


Hi Carolina. I have my moments. Roll on next week when the fixtures come out, makes the season seem that much nearer.


how many baggies players have you sold for a fortune...........?

none because you havent had any good quality players to sell?

sorry like I dont make up the history books baggys boy.


don't forget wolfo the shantytown Tesco's paid 10 million for a player that didn't know what the premiership looked like, and watching him play he still doesn't know what the premiership looks like, now that's a big joke no idea where the net is ,,,WWFC,,,


27 goals in 54 matches says it all. I was surprised that Dicko wasn't attracting the same level of interest as Sako and Afobe as he is every bit as good in my opinion. He can play striker or winger and with his low centre of gravity he's not easily felled and can appear from nowhere in the box. Interest from Everton may unsettle him, as he's PL quality. It should need a very big offer to prise him away, well north of £5 mil.

Losing Sako is bad enough but Dicko as well? Kenny must now re-double his efforts to sign quality replacements. If Mason from Cardiff fits the bill, for god's sake don't play silly buggers with a low offer. Just remember Callum Wilson.


Mason does not fit the bill mate, not for me, weve got 2 rapid strikers in dicko and afobe who finished the season on fire. The last couple of Goals of the month were pretty epic to be honest. Would rather see Ivan Toney here, mason looks a good poacher though and is worth around 800k, it is Guy Whittingham who at 30+ is valued at 2.2million which is where this 3million pound price tag came from for the 2 of them I believe.

Wondered how long it would be till people realised it was dicko banging in the goals as well 2nd half of the season, looks just as good if not better than afobe in 4-4-2. Dicko needs a new contract to tie him down for a few years. Cant believe the club has been so slow in renewing deals, when mick was here everyone seemed to have 3-5 year deals?


Premiership clubs interested in both our strikers and so many clubs lined up to get Sakos signature show we are doing something right. I would think this is one of those lets test the water kind of bids that these clubs do from time to time. His goal count is nowhere near the top scorers last season so they aren't going to break the bank to try and get him.

Wolves need him to stay and we're not desperate for money. I'm confident he'll be in a wolves shirt next season.


How to annoy Everyon and Wolves fans in one article...


My fears were right, Dicko is a big mate of Sako so when one gets the smell of big money it odds on that the other will want it too, the big boys will make offers that are to good to turn down. If wolves want to play with the big boys then they have to match there wages, Sako will go and if Dicko follows him i think Afobe will be want out to, If Mr Morgan wants a Prem Club he must dig deep to keep all three and add 2 or 3 more Quality players to make them stay. why have the club let Dicko"s contract run down ?


Where do the E&S get their rumours from?

Total tosh!!!

Dicko isn't going anywhere and neither is Afobe. Plus, Sako hasn't gone yet so watch that space.



If Martinez thinks so highly of Dicko, how come he let him go?


Better get some decent replacements in for Sako , Afobe and Dicko. Its not magic you knooow.

Sako is going , looks like Dicko will go and Afobe will be gone in January if he continues his goal scoring.

You wonder whether Sako has had talks with Everton and made the case for Dicko. They are after all close friends


Over 60 and from Glasgow. This must be a record. The average life expectancy in Glasgow is 22. Are you one of the fat pie eating , walking stick users that frequent the front rows of the Tesco? . 3 hours of gorging on battered mars bars and your staple diet of chips prior to kick off. No wonder the biggest signing by the Tescos' will be defribilators to put under each seat this close season. You really are rotten to the core and we await our meeting in a cup competition this season. BRING IT ON

Dingle Dave


Our players have nothing to do with you, do one boy.


Well Mr Morgan & Mr Moxey, where do you want to go ? The Prem or the Bank !

This should let us all (fans) know where Wolves are headed.

Sir Billy Quiet

Would love to take a look at Moxeys bank account!

Dingle Dave

Who cares? it's a non story once again. but it gives Harry & Lloyd to read all about us with the latest stories and there posts are oh so informative and interesting.

Dingle Dave


The lady in question has made it very clear she doesn't want to exchange views with you since you spewed out the vile abuse to her, take the instruction please Jack.

Leave her alone!!

Who next Jack kids? pick on woman and kids is your thing is it moron?


Thanks Dave. I choose to ignore him, he is to be pitied.

Dingle Dave


Ignore the idiot, he is in bad company when he is all alone so let him deal with his own demons. The most tragic thing is Shewolf1943 I actually think these forums are the highlight of his day in his sad life.

I think I pity him and envy him in equal measures.


I see the usual shantytown crack heads are on in force again, you know im starting to feel really sorry for them now, it must be really boring and also humiliating supporting a tiny little town team like there's, ,,,WWFC,,, (ltbaweb)


I have no idea if there is any truth in this story but it wouldn't surprise me. When championship sides narrowly miss out on promotion it will always alert the Premier League vultures. Most of our squad will be on relatively low wages now so it wouldn't take much to temp our better players away.

We are going to lose Sako for certain but can't afford to loose any more of our top players and if the board have any ambition then they need to tie Dicko down to a good long term contract. Hope Moxey doesn't play hardball tactics here, it would make more business sense to keep hold of an excellent young and exciting forward who's value will surely increase.

Dingle Dave

glassboy baggy



"There is no such thing as a rumor. It's either the truth, or a lie". 50/50 for sure.

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