Jed Wallace keen to impress with Wolves

Attacking midfielder Jed Wallace is desperate to prove himself at a higher level after becoming Wolves’ first summer signing.

Jed Wallace
Jed Wallace after signing for Wolves today.

The 21-year-old, who has penned a three-year deal, joins after Wolves met a £275,000 buyout clause in his contract at Portsmouth.

Wolves saw off competition from Fulham, Sheffield Wednesday, Charlton and Ipswich for the Reading-born England Under-19 international.

And Wallace, who was Pompey’s 17-goal top scorer this season, is itching to impress in his new surroundings.

He said: “It’s a big step from League Two but I’m looking forward to getting going. I’m desperate to prove myself at a higher level. The gaffer here has given me a chance which I really appreciate.

“I’m looking forward now to playing for the Wolves fans and giving my all for them now.

“I can’t wait to get back to work. To play at this level is something I’ve always wanted, and at a club of this stature too.

“I’m looking forward now to playing for a club like this and am proud to play for a club like this.”

What can Jed Wallace do? Take a look at some of his greatest hits for Portsmouth by watching all of his 17 goals in League Two this season.

Wallace is looking forward to be part of the Wolves midfield for the next few years, saying: "It's a very ambitious club.

“It’s a club going in the right direction and hopefully I can break into the team and be a part of that over the next few years.

“A lot of players here have proved themselves and now I fall into that bracket of a young player trying to make a good career here.

“There’s a good mix here of experienced pros and young players and they had a good season – 78 points and not getting in the play-offs is unheard of!”

Wallace has scored 30 goals in 121 appearances and, after being top scorer at Pompey for two years in a row, is hoping to continue that form.

He said: “I’m a midfielder who likes to score goals and I managed to get a few last season. I just give it my all, that’s what you can guarantee from me.

“I’ve played a lot of games for someone of my age. For me, now, it’s about learning from the players here and are experienced at this level.

“From the people I’ve spoken to it’s a good changing room and I’m really excited and looking forward to it.”

Wallace already knows now fellow Wolves midfielder George Saville from playing youth football.

He said: “George is from around my way so I’ve spoken to him about bits and bobs to do with the club.

"Now I’m signed, I’ll be catching up with him some more and looking forward to him giving me a lift into training!

“I’m desperate to do well and from looking on last season you could see the lads here were too with the season they had.”

After playing in front of a partisan crowd at Fratton Park, Wallace is also looking forward to playing in front of the Molineux masses.

He said: “I’m used to passionate supporters being at Portsmouth.

“I spoke to people who have played at Wolves and they’ve said it feels like a big club and Molineux feels like a big arena when you get to play football.

“That’s what you want as a player - to play in front of big crowds and to have that pressure, and I’m looking forward to getting a feel for the place.”

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Comments for: "Jed Wallace keen to impress with Wolves"

chris h

I think this type of signing ticks all the right boxes.

1 highly rated at his previous club, winning player of the season awards

2 selected in PFA team of the year for the division he played in

3 young highly promising and ambitious with a goalscoring record from midfield

4 scouted by the club for awhile, since he has been linked with us for a number of months

5 wanted by other clubs in our division and we beat off the opposition

6 signed for a reasonable fee to meet a buy out clause and no doubt on reasonable wages.

Not seen him play, know nothing about him, but the signs are very encouraging.


Not seen him play either - but read a lot about him here on the South Coast. Most things said about him by Pompey fans are positive. They also seem to recognise that, with his talent, a move to a higher league was inevitable and wish him well.


Absolutely. Hearing what he has to say about himself & the club, he comes across as someone who knows what he wants & realises he needs to work for it to achieve his dreams. He'll definitely gain a quick cult following here if he can walk the walk & I doubt anything will stop him from doing just that...............welcome to Wolves Jed.


Pompey fan here - sad to see Wallace go, but as has been mentioned, the general feeling is that he has earned the right to play at a higher level. What I will say is this: give the lad a chance. He's got quality, he can score with either foot, he will run all day long, you're as likely to see him tracking back to help his full back out as you are to see him pushing towards the opposition goal. He's got an eye for a pass, even if his final ball can be a bit hit-and-miss, he'll get crosses into the box and he can strike a dead ball.

If this makes him sound like the complete midfielder, it's because in many ways he is. However, he is definitely still raw and has plenty of room for improvement. While he has the vision and ability to pick a killer pass, he's just as likely to find an opposition player or knock it into touch as he is to pull it off - no doubt given time he'll find consistency, but he's not the finished product. The other caveat I have to add is that he is prone to have bad days at the office where he can't beat his man, his crosses only find row Z, and he runs down dead ends. He will however, never, ever, ever let his head drop, and I have never had the pleasure to see a player try and play their way out of a bad performance like Jed does. He might have had an absolutely shocking 89 minutes in which nothing has come off, but in the 90th minute he will still be chasing every lost cause, he will still be looking for that final pass or trying to get a shot away. The boy never shrinks or shirks his responsibility or lets a bad game get him down. It's for this reason more than any that I'm happy to see Jed get his chance at a higher level; he's never given less than 100%.

Basically, if you give him a chance to prove himself, he won't let you down. If he has a bad game one week, you can be sure the next week he'll be even more eager to make up for it. Given playing time, he could go on to become a very good all-round midfielder. Just remember though - he's not a winger, he's an attacking midfielder. The boy just doesn't quite have the pace to worry decent full-backs, but he's got the technique and quick feet to run at and bamboozle centre-halves.

Good luck to Jed and I hope Wolves get the most out of the best young player we've produced since Matt Ritchie!


Pompey fan. Thanks for taking the time and trouble to post. Much appreciated. We value your contribution. Your very clear incisive assessment of Jed's abilities is very welcome.

Don't worry about his frailties. He'll feel at home with the players we already have on the books. We saw a lot of that type of similar work last season. I'm sure he will settle in very quickly.

His strengths will definitely improve us, however. An attacking midfielder who can score goals and defend could be the missing link for us. We had only one player in the team last season who could regularly pick out a killer pass from midfield and that was Kevin Mcdonald. When he was closed down quickly we lost 50% of our effectiveness. Jed will help enormously if he can shift the ball more quickly and accurately (on his good days), through midfield.

Of one thing I can assure you. If he never gives up, as you say, Wolves fans will adore him.

If he shows the determination a certain Steve Bull showed, he will become a hero.

Right now I would settle for him becoming as good as Matt Ritchie proved to be last season.

Best wishes to you and your team, although some of us haven't forgotten 1939. I wasn't around then, so as our Baggie neighbours like to keep reminding us - it's consigned to the ancient mists of the long lost history channel.

Here's hoping "The Happy Wanderer" and the "Pompey Chimes" ring out again where they belong in the not too distant future.


intheinaka - I join with my fellow poster Tellitasitis in thanking you for your post - very informative. As an "ex-pat Wolf" living in the Solent region, I wish Pompey all the best for next season.


What a pleasure to read this about Jed. We always love a trier and he will get every chance with us. So looking forward to seeing him. What a nice change for an opposing fan to take the trouble to give this information. Hope Pompey rise up again soon, they have certainly been through the mill.


Pleased to see one for the future. Another midfielder to go with Saville, Rowe, Evans, Price, Maccerella et al. Just what we needed. Looks a good buy at that price. Wonder why its so low.


Bleydh - If you read the previous article you will see that the price was due to a release clause in his contract.


What a pointless contribution, good on ya Bleydh. Welcome to Wolves Jed!


Welcome to The Wolves Jed. Keep building your game and your time will come.


Is our strip getting more orange??



Unfortunately YES.


You may have a point. It's certainly not the shade I remember from the 'Fifties.

Jack the Hat

Guys that shirt creases me, Orange Crush, worms and bugs, Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, haa, doubles me up it does. It will take a nutter to wear that.

Loffin stock ay ya.


The Real Bully Hoo.



When we had one or two Wolves fans putting on similar posts about our shirts last season did you not think they were morons?

So why do the same thing?




The bloke is obviously somewhat deranged Bully. I know us Wolfies have them but for heavens sake Jack is most certainly TOP of the inane league by a country mile.


Bully I saw your post yesterday asking him to behave, but obviously went over his head. It is so boring now, and as you said it puts decent posters from giving their views. Cheers.


Sad, Bitter, and very very twisted..



And it took a "nutter" to write that as well....

Sad, Bitter, and very very Twisted...



More Blackpool than Wolves.


Welcome to wolves Jed you have made the right choice wolves are going up next season.

Jack the Hat

Nether region player at best, Bilston youth league players could score in the nether region. Building to stay at the bottom of the Championship I see.

Gorra loff ay ya.



You are such a pr*ck Jack.

You are even alienating yourself from your own Fans.. Do yourself a favour and listen to them!!

Sad, Bitter, and very very twisted.



Wow! I shake with trepidation. To think I might have made a comment Chris H would rubbish out of hand. He hasn't even seen the guy and it seems like a signing that ticks all the boxes!!!

"Not seen him play, know nothing about him, but the signs are very encouraging." I would have said that myself but feared I'd be slated for it by the all knowing MR H. If you have a few gramms to spare Chris, I'll snort what ever you're on right now. Up the Wolves was it or up the..................?

3 Points Saturday

You go ahead and comment squire. Chris H isn't so knowledgeable as he thinks he is.

chris h

And of course you are.

chris h

Seems to me you don't need any more. Is that why you shake or is the problem paying for it.


Cheers 3 points, I will.

And as for you Chris H, keep ticking those boxes. You really crack me up.

chris h

With the emphasis on the crack

3 Points Saturday

Wow. Good signing. Hey looks at last like we're moving in the right direction. Who will be making way for him I wonder.


Some buy shoes, some handbags, some buy anything to do with cars.....everything is a must have at the time. Kenny buys midfield players 'for the future'. Indulge him, they are generally quite cheap. When he has about ten he will trade some in for an expensive/classy one.

Jack the Hat


Trade some in for an expensive/classy one! ..........

Do you mean the same way he traded in Sako? Wolves are still in the nether region and missed out on getting £2.5m for Sako, great business acumen, eh.

I think he will be listening out for the rag mons trumpet more like it. £275,000 for a Divi 4 player, what a waste of the Albion benevolent payment.

Gorra loff ay ya?




The amount of laughing you do on these posts it is now painfully obvious the men in white coats are just biding their time...!


I don't think Wallace is going to be your regular journeyman player. according to a friend of mine

currently playing for Crystal Palace The Mol will love this kid.


welcome to wolves Jed, brave lad actually thought you'd sign for another club due to the competition, which has put off a few midfielders from signing. Heard nothing but good things about you from portsmouth fans which bodes well and you've won PFA Awards, lets hope you can work on your game further here and progress. We need goals from midfield badly, sure you will fit in nicely given time. Dont let your head drop if you dont get in the side instantly, it may take time. If you can match Jack Price's & Evan's performances and add more than 1 goal a season i am sure it wont be long before you get a good run in the side.

275k is a great deal and a much better gamble than waxing 1million on saville then loaning him out?


Dear Chris H,

Life is but a joke for those with a tad of humour. It can be a sentence for those without. The emphasis was on the H, you fool. Boy, sometimes your posts are as imbecilic as Jack the Hat's. Act your H why don't you? You need to recharge the battery, matey. I hope you do before the new season starts.

If I'd have posted........"Not seen him play, know nothing about him, but the signs are very encouraging.." I think you'd have the whetted blade out in a flash. And anyway, why shouldn't someone else be more knowledgeable than you think you are? Do you have a God given right, to be more so than others?

chris h

Hey Dude, I was just giving my opinion on a new signing. I like others on here think the criteria ie highy promising young and hungry is a sound strategy and explained the reasons why I think that criteria has been applied in this instance. I then went on to explain I don't know anything about this particular player, I wasn't trying to be smart or clever just giving my opinion and being honest.

'Life is just a joke' is a line from one of my favourite Bob Dylan songs,but life of course is much more complicated than that as I am sure you know really.

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