Brighton 1 Wolves 1 - Report and pictures

Wolves cut the gap to the play-off zone to three points in a deserved draw at struggling Brighton.

Defeat for sixth-placed Brentford at home to Cardiff meant Kenny Jackett’s side are now a win away from the top six with nine games left, albeit with an inferior goal difference.

Bruno Saltor put the Seagulls ahead in the 70th minute after Craig Mackail-Smith had an effort disallowed for offside on 59.

But Rajiv van La Parra will claim the 74th-minute equaliser after his right-wing cross was fumbled into his own net by keeper David Stockdale.

Mackail-Smith sent a free header straight at Tomasz Kuszczak in the second minute, but Wolves could have taken the lead twice on nine minutes when Benik Afobe was foiled by Stockdale then Bakary Sako’s follow-up was cleared off the line by Gordon Greer.

Stockdale denied Wolves at the death when he saved a Sako drive at full length.

Wolves boss Kenny Jackett named an unchanged line-up from the side that drew 2-2 against Watford last week.

Lee Evans was recalled to the bench in place of Michael Jacobs, who has joined Blackpool on loan for the rest of the season.

But there was no place in the squad again for Dominic Iorfa.

Brighton made six changes to the team beaten 2-1 at Reading on Tuesday night.

One of those was the axeing of former Wolves utility man Greg Halford, who was replaced by Bruno Saltor.

Former Seagulls keeper Kuszczak was warmly applauded when his name was announced before kick-off.

Brighton dominated possession in the early stages but Wolves came back into the game in the final 15 minutes before half-time.

The Seagulls wasted a glorious chance in the second minute when Mackail-Smith headed straight at Kuszczak from Beram Kayal’s cross from six yards out.

The home side continued to boss the game territorially, but Wolves were presented with two chances to snatch the lead in the ninth minute.

Lewis Dunk slipped and then tugged Van La Parra’s shirt and Afobe was onto the ball in a flash.

But the striker’s shot was smothered by Stockdale, who raced off his line.

The loose ball ran to Sako, whose low goalbound drive was hacked off the line by Greer.

Dunk was booked for his troubles when he could have been sent off.

A mix-up between Sako and Danny Batth presented Mackail-Smith with a second opportunity on 16.

But the long-haired former Peterborough striker could only roll the ball wide from a clear sight of goal.

Afobe found himself with a sniff of goal in the 27th minute and forced the first serious save of the game with an angled left-foot effort that had Stockdale scrambling to his left to scoop the ball away.

This signalled Wolves coming much more into the game and Kevin McDonald curled just wide from the edge of the box on 39.

A minute later and against the run of play, Kayal had a low effort blocked by Batth in a crowded box.

Greer became the second player to be booked in the 42nd minute when he held Afobe moments after advantage was allowed when he appeared to drag down James Henry.

Wolves had the first sight of goal of the second period in the 46th minute when Sako burst forward from the middle of the park but could only screw his shot well wide.

But this half was a much more open affair, with the play becoming stretched, a higher tempo and more urgency.

Van La Parra appeared to get away with a trip on Joe Bennett just inside the Wolves penalty area on 58.

And they had another escape a minute later when Mackail-Smith had an effort ruled out for offside after Kuszczak parried Joao Teixeira’s angled drive.

This was a purple patch for Brighton and Teixeira had another good sight of goal on 63 after Bruno’s cut back but could only flash a rising drive well over.

Wolves brought on Nouha Dicko for Henry in the 64th minute in an attempt to stretch the game even more.

But it was Brighton who took the lead when Bruno let fly with an angled drive from just inside the box after Inigo Calderon’s shot hit Mackail-Smith and bounced out wide to the full-back.

It had actually been Wolves on the break with a quickly-taken free kick from Sako to Doherty but the ball ran on and was gobbled up by Kayal.

The lead lasted just four minutes however as Wolves equalised in bizarre circumstances.

Van La Parra burst down the right and for once produced an early cross which was palmed into the net at the near post by Stockdale.

It looked like an own goal but the Dutchman will no doubt be looking to claim his second goal for Wolves.

Wolves ended the game on a high as Dicko cut the ball back for Sako to unleash a blistering shot that was palmed wide.

Then Batth had two shots blocked from successive corners.

But in the end a draw was a fair result as Wolves still look to make big inroads to the play-off zone with nine games left.

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Comments for: "Brighton 1 Wolves 1 - Report and pictures"


"A deserved draw against a struggling Brighton" .... what's that say about us ?

Big opportunity today and again we came up short. Difficult to see any positives from this performance, the only conclusion even the die hard happy clappers can come to surely can be that we are simply not good enough with the current squad.

We need to bring in several quality experienced players to make the difference next season. I can't help but think Jacobs going out on loan is a mistake, his creativity and goals could/would have won us this sort of game last season.

Not looking forward to playing Derby County again.



Doh go to the Derby game if yow ey lookin' forward to it our kid. Yam sound like a miserable supporter who'd be better down the pub. Me I'm up for The Wolves wherever I am, whatever I do.


Brighton have beaten a resurgent Birmingham, Leeds & Derby in their previous three home games. Disappointed though I am with not winning, I can still see the positives out of the result. I'm sure both Ipswich & Brentford would've taken a point today.

Man City got beaten by Burnley today, I suppose they're not good enough either?

It's got nothing to do with being a 'happy clapper', just simply not being a negative, miserable sod!


Did you know you can spin your head around really quickly and catch your ear in your mouth.....clapping gives extra momentum.....

Jack the Hat


How long have you been able to do that stunt and what is the knack?.

I've been told to humour your sort.

Gorra loff ay ya?.


Ritchie Wolves

Jacobs may have done but he don't get in the side and last season was a completely different league, on a positive note, another point closer to play offs.

RE derby, I'm really looking forward to that game, our young, up for it team, at the Molineux, bring it on....


I don't understand all of this negativity. Brighton are one of our biggest bogey teams. We've come down here and ground out a well earned point and in doing so closed the gap on Ipswich and Brentford. We should be happy today. Get a grip!

Ritchie Wolves

Always rely on the Lincswolf when common sense is required...

Jack the Hat


Don't get thinking too far ahead of yourself pal there is a shindig at yours on Tuesday evening against Sheff Wed.



Jack, there certainly is, but your best mate Elderder won't be going, just like he won't be at the Derby game.


Jack the Hat


Look pal, I'm trying to suppress my dark side and you are not helping. Have a word with She43, it will be beneficial to you.



A big dent in our play off hopes.


Could have sworn we gained ground on playoffs today.... I must be looking at the wrong table.

Jack the Hat


Did your poor goal difference disappear from your mirage?. wolves still need a win and a draw to catch up, as yet.





The Flying Winger

Spirited performance but a missed opportunity, incapable of imposing ourselves on a team lower in the table again showing the foolishness of not strenghing.

I hope all of our fans get home safely and I am sure I speak for all of us to say my thought's are very much with Nick and his family who is still fighting for his life

He went to a football match like many today and didn't return.

I hope the police continue to pursue the scum that attacked him


2 points from 9 and still closed the gap, is someone watching after us from above.

Jack the Hat


Nottingham Forest and Blackburn fans are saying the same pal.



Disappointing to only get a draw today but still only 3 points off top 6. With goal difference 4 points, but still achievable.

Orlando Wolves

Hi, Shewolf, when you reflect on the two club`s respective positions in the table three points would have been nice. However, historically Wolves do not do well against Brighton either at their place or at the Molineux.



Very true Orlando. Better result than last time we were there. I see Man City with all the money they have spent lose to Burnley tonight. As Jimmy Greaves once said --- Funny Old Game.

Ritchie Wolves

Funny old game football is, top girl Shewollf and good win Burnley....


I'd prefer to be Wolves right now rather than the waste of cash that Man. City are right now, at least we got a point when they got nowt. I was at the Watford game last week, what a great game and atmosphere. Will be at the Derby game on Friday - lets get the temperature set high for the rams. UTW

Ritchie Wolves

Absolutely ozz Wolf...


Ah right...a nice bit of roast lamb, some mash say SMASH the Rams.....COYW


I for one just do not get it, on express and star kenny stated we need to score more goals, we are going to go at teams throwing everything in to attack as to have a chance of the play off's, then he plays 4-5-1 and leaves dicko on the bench, thanks kenny just not seeing it.

Ritchie Wolves

Hardwolf, Dicko has struggled all season with little niggling injuries, KJ is saving him for the last four or five games because that's where it will be decided..


It's twelve games now, without a win at Brighton. I said yesterday, it's one of our biggest ever bogey teams, so to get a point, and close the play-off gap, to three points, isn't the end of the world. I bet both Brentford and Ipswich, would have taken a draw today. As Tom Ross, says every point is a prisoner, at this stage of the season. Let's hope we can add, another three points on Tuesday night, against Sheff Wed.

Jack the Hat


Maybe it is something to do with that word Albion they have in their name.

Bamford has banged in another two goals for Middlesborough, if only wolves had brought him in when they had the chance.


old golds worth more

No, its got nothing to do with the word Albion, as we can beat teams with Albion in their name, but with Hove in their name, thats an entirely different proposition!


Yes the happy clappers are conspicious by their absence surely even FT and his cronies realise that with the addition of a couple of experienced players we could be in a better position than what we are in now, However Bob and the fat controller are keeping the money back probably for one for the future some of whom are out of contract and one even unwilling to sign a new contract good to see that the youth system we are continually being told about is working not.

Remember Irwin and Ince and the job they did for us would love to know what KJ is really being told hpopefully we will find out one day.


So because you're not hearing what you want to hear it has to be untrue? Yes we 'could've been in a better position......but then again we may not have. I can understand unhappy supporters, but the constant slagging off of Morgan & Moxey is becoming boring, especially be the many that 'know' bugger all about it. As for the jibes about ones for the future, when are they supposed to buy these players? It's clowns like you that slag the club off for missing out on these players & now you having a pop at the club for buying them!

A young player may show 'potential' but there's no guarantees with these kids, so why would the club give them long contracts? It's a stages thing, if they improve they will be offered terms, if not they will be let go or moved on. Players, future or present, have the choice to sign or's called football, every club sells players, why do you make out it;s only us?

Chillo Wolf

There is a lot of negativity on here from some and they have valid reasons; Lack of investment, 2 successive relegations etc.

There is also a lot of positivity and again valid reason; Buying for the future, stabilising after 2 successive relations, bringing in young and hungry players.

We are all hard wired in the brain when it comes to how we perceive things and how we perceive things down at the Mol is no different. So let us not argue people, just enjoy your day and don't forget your Mothers


talking of hungry young players any one know why lorfa aint playing imo best defender we have


As Tomwolf and others have said, Brighton are something of a bogey team for us, so to come away with a point is something. I must be honest though, we have been looking towards others slipping up and today that happened - Ipswich and Brentford big time - but we haven't quite done enough to benefit properly from it. Soon we will run out of games. We have reached the stage where we have to win when those above us lose - it's no good looking at it any other way at this point in the season. Today was one of those occasions. I remain hopeful however - we have edged a little closer to the action, though not close enough for my liking.

Orlando Wolves

Hi Solent. I have to agree with all of your comments but, we are in a very healthy position in this league and also in the process of consolidation and transformation.

If we make the play offs, great, if we don`t, I won`t shed an tears, as I think that next season is the main objective regarding promotion.

We always seem to struggle against teams playing in stripes and hoops don`t we ? Brighton, Wigan, Reading, Huddersfield (at home), Bournemouth etc, oh, and there is another team in the past - but their name seems to escape me at this moment..... :)



old golds worth more

Allow me to help you out by refreshing your memory Orlando, its Sunderland you were thinking about, right? : )

billy right

Well bogey team or not if they(Wolves) push hard for the play offs, there will be no play off,this season and no Sako next. Wakeup Wolves and play like you are proud to wear a Black and Gold shirt.


Hey Billy, this ay a bad team me chuck. Yow just ave to be realistic as we'm lucky to be where we am. Could 'ave been worse stuck in the Aussie league up down under


"Proud to wear the gold n black"......? I take it you wasn't at the Watford game?

Jesus.... Talking like we're in a reli scrap! Some people.....


Billy right, If you don't think that the current team ain't proud to wear the shirt then you ain't been to watch them recently!!!


Jack the Hat

The wolves problem is, they love that eighth place with a vengeance. Still need two games to catch up from the total of nine games.

Get stuck in.


Ritchie Wolves

Hey Elvis! Don't get cockey cause you beat your bogey team...

Jack the Hat


I see us now in the Premieeer,

Just put the comb, through my haaair.

We're on our way, as we doooo,

My secret dream, is coming truooo.

Gorra loff ay ya?.


old golds worth more

Here's an Elvis song I wish you would adhere to JTH, "A little less conversation"!


"Still need two games to catch up from the total of nine games."

Ah well, we got there in the end. Congrats mate, you've seen the light.



But hasn't he got it wrong AGAIN? (No surprise really!)

Last time I checked you get three points for a win. So isn't it possible to catch up in just ONE game given we are now just three points behind?

Yes, Ipswich and Brentford would need to lose and Brentford's goal difference is slightly better than ours. But in the next round of games it's not unimaginable that we could win 3-0 and they could lose 3-0 (for example).

Or some other combination that adds to 6 or more. (Insert cheap shot about him being able to count that on one hand.)

No doubt he'll come back with some more contorted mathematical logic ...


Yeah, he's not too clever. If the man was any more of a plank, pirate prisoners would be made to walk him.


Get use to these performances top 10 at best not convinced we have right man For job tactically niave. Maybe KJ needs to sign another midfielder love to know what'sgoing on with dicko and iorfa. Jacobs going out which I find very strange sorry but van la parra is a mixed bag not consistent. Let's hope we can build on a wasted opportunity this season and do it next year eh. Sorry but KJ ain't got a clue next season will be the same.

Stearmans overhead kick

So who would you like to see replace him richwolf ? For me the manager and the players have punched well above their weight this season. And are still in with a shout of getting a play of place. Disappointed in the board again for not bringing in a couple of players in the right areas.Still not sure if it's their ignorance of football or if its they are to damn tight.

Jack the Hat


To be honest, wolves lack old heads to guide the youngsters causing an imbalance in the team experience wise.



So Cornish living in deepest South West you know more than we do then up here please enlighten us then. If you keep up with the news coming out of the club you will know that we keep buying for the Future but not for the present which will not get us up this season or are you one of those who are happy to stay where we are. We currently have one for the future who refuses to sign a new contract and others who are coming out of contract we are becoming a selling club which is more money for new houses i suppose. You have a short memory pal bet you weren't shouting the praises of the 2 at the top when we had successive relegations were you.


These players you want to bring in were the reason we were relegated twice! Selfish big headed too much money spoiled players thinking they were too good for wolves! You wanna bring that kind back in do you? Sign more big time Charlie's to give us 'higher' quality... Our players are more than competing with the best in this league. We're you also not at Watford game?

Using young players means they have worked hard to get a place in the team and therefor have more pride in playing for us. how are people so blind to see this?

Ritchie Wolves

Only the very few old chap, eyes are now opening as we're inching our way towards the play off zone and let me tell you, if we stay in this league, watch these young lads next season....

Orlando Wolves

Exactly !


Finchy, Orlando, Ritchie...

Well said, and as usual wolfie136 sits with the minority!!



Before the game, I honestly felt that a point against one of our bogey teams, so rejuvenated of late, on their muck heap, would be a point well earned. So it has proved.

Be grateful, you who spread those negative waves ( remember Kelly's Heroes?), to be in with an outside chance of being promoted, when you remember where we were just two years ago, is one hell of an achievement.

Roll on Tuesday, and turn out you mid-week absentees. If I,a senior citizen can come from where I live,by train, you locals have no excuse.

This really is a time when our team needs support and a positive atmosphere.


Your wasting your breath... Most of these negative numpties don't ever go to a game just like to come on here and moan... Even when we gain ground on the promotion pack....


Were you there today i doubt it so don't make assumptions i was and we were drab.


But you are making assumptions by saying you doubt I was there? Hypocritical Idiot!


Yes and who put us in that position 2 years ago like i said short memories.

Ritchie Wolves

Wolfie, do one fella your a bell ringer.....


Ritchie you are a bell end touchie


I couldn't make it today but followed the action on the BBC website.

At half time we were well placed and seemed to have had the better of the half.

However, we went a whole 25 mins in the second half without having an chance on goal.

That simply isn't good enough for this stage of the season, with a team pressing to improve its goal difference, and against a team fighting relegation.

I'm Wolves till the end but I just feel we are a few steps away from being a side capable of gaining promotion and adding sensibly to this squad if we did make it to the Prem.

Let's enjoy the rest of the season, build the spirit of this team, see how many we can score and play some attractive stuff to make the crowd happy - then add sensibly in the Summer (if Moxey allows it), build for next year and then add to the squad when we do finally make it.

Bring on the top teams, let's test ourselves but let's not try kidding ourselves this year.



Was a day for bad keeper mistakes after seeing the highlights of all the games!

Good point today, really need 3 on Tuesday though! Will be a scrap for 6th place!

If we don't make it then it won't be a failed season, we've done excellent to still be in the running!! Our young team deserve a reward for 2 excellent seasons and a place in the playoffs would do nicely! Not one player on this team doesn't deserve the wolves shirt! Except Doyle :)

2 games under the lights! Can't wait!!!!


Please don't think we are ready for the play offs! Because we are not and if by some mis chance we did win and got to the Premier we would come straight down again. Bournemouth or Watford have the Prem league stay possibility - we do NOT have winning and constant results.


Borunemouth or Watford says it all really Bournemouth can spend millions we can't even get a loan player in until someone else leaves what a sorry state of affairs for a so called big club no wonder we are the laughing stock in the Mids.


Wolfe - spot on!


More like we are looking for the correct type of player to compliment our team and not destroy it! Afobe for example....?


Are you auditioning for a new series of grumpy old men?

You won't succeed anyway, because you can't spell or punctuate, only moan.

I actually trust get in the people he wants, rather than a knee jerk loan.


The question was to wolfie 136, in case you hadn't realised.


One more point and still in touch. I'll take it. The teams above us continue to crack which helps. Hope they can make the playoffs, it's good experience for the youngsters. The exposure and pressure although i still think another season in the Champs will be good for them. They are NOT ready for the Prem yet.

Orlando Wolves

Agreed Carolina. Though reading some of the negative comments today, I can`t believe what planet some of our fans are on. No teams above usare racing away with it, and most are dropping points.

As I said above - this season is the consolidation season, next season is the `push for promotion season`. Some people can`t see a team rebuilding even when it stares them in the face.



1 point gained 2 points dropped, not happy with the result but will take the point, how many times to we mess up opportunites to gain extra ground.

we still need 2 more wins to catch up. running out of games, unless we win are next couple of games, we wont make it.

on form we arent good enough, hoping the lads can chip in and dig some wins out, cant see it happening though, could be to late now.

its a must win on tuesday no more messing about lads, 3 points or season over. A draw is not acceptable when we are trying to close the gap.

Atlanta Wolves

Wow, so much negativity on here. Really. Wolves are not good enough to make or get into the Premiership. If we did make it, we'd be just like Leicester at the bottom holding the whole table up. Look how they stormed the Championship with imaginable points, crazy points and are coming straight back down.

We need huge investment in new players for next season. We are not going down to League One based on current points. We will be OK for next season as long as the owner opens his wallet. My biggest concern is; Can Mr. Jacket get us there next season... I'm not sure without help, money and, new player investment...


While I'm slightly disappointed that we didn't secure all three points, I'm consoling myself with the fact that we have marginally improved our position due to other results.

We remain tantalisingly close to the play-off places. I'm sure that supporters at some of the other clubs above us are fretting over their fate. Bournemouth, Watford and Middlesbrough look like the teams who will fight it out for the two automatic promotion places. However, Wolves are still in with a chance of breaking into the play-off places.

It's now edging towards the the stage where we start saying that the next game is a must win game. It's unrealistic to expect us to win all of the remaining nine games, but if we can get at least 19/20 points from a possible 27, it should be enough to get into one of the play-off spots. Still all to play for. UTW


Dek, I would definitely add Norwich, to your other three clubs.


Well, maybe, and some might add Derby as well. It's all a matter of opinion, but I just think the three currently at the top will be the ones that will contest the automatic promotion places.

By 5.00pm next Saturday it will perhaps be a little clearer. On Tuesday when Wolves play Sheff Wed, Derby are away to Bournemouth. While Norwich have to host a resurgent Forest on Saturday.

If Wolves were to win the next two games (which includes Fridays game against Derby), and both Norwich and Derby lose both of their games this week, the table would look a lot more favourable to us - and there would still be 7 more games to go.

Yes, I know it's all if's, but's, and maybe's, but as I said in my original post, it's still all to play for.


If we do miss out this season Orlando it will be a rebuilding job because KJ has signed 1 or 2 good ones that the big boys will take away i.e. Afobe, Dicko, Sako, Batth one of our own i Know, add Jacobs Iorfa House and Ikeme, and whats "left", Just why M&M could not see that just 2 or 3 quality players in, and prem football next season would have been ours, if we still do it and its a big IF they will still have to dig deep to give us a chance of stopping up. Afobe is looking every inch a prem player so get ready for a bid from top boys in the summer. its all down to how IPswich & Brentfords results go.


All in all it was a point gained. Brighton had just won their last three home games, with wins over Birmingham, Leeds and Derby. So with us gaining a point away from home and Brentford losing at home, with Ipswich being thrashed, it was a pretty good weekend.

Our only hope of the play-offs is that sixth spot which looks like it will be fought between ourselves, Brentford and Ipswich, and we are still to play Ipswich at home, so to use an old cliche, maybe it will go down to the wire and it's great to still have something to play for at this stage of the season with what is pretty much a league one team in the Championship. Given that, some of the negative comments on here a quite bemusing ? If we can get three points on Tuesday, I then hope the players are still hurting from the Derby game to give us some revenge on Friday night, as per the Brentford game.

Saying that, four points from six would be a good return. After that, who's to say we couldn't nick that sixth spot ?

Come On You Wolves !!!


Wolfie136, you said "remember Irwin and Ince and the job they did for us"

Well, they only got us into the play-offs in 2003. Why didn't we finish in the top two with players of their quality in that side ? That team finished with 76 points. Based on games played so far and points accrued this season, we are currently on course to get 73 points. Not much difference really, when we supposedly had a far better team then ?

This current batch are very close to sixth spot at the moment. Should we make the play-offs this year, anything could happen, like it did in 2003 !


Morning Orlando.

Yep. They are out there. Want it all now at any cost, but it doesn't work that way.

I always remember the old axiom. "To fail to plan is to plan to fail".

Next year with some new blood in the summer will be good.

old age pensioner

What a good result, considering they are our latest bogey team, won three on the bounce and were desperate to beat WWfc.

Usual collection of misfits, positive,negative, and resident trolls, posting above.

We've got 27 points to play for and 3 behind brentford........

If anyone wants to moan endlessly, just think you could have supported Stoke, Blackpool, Sunderland......won sod all , and in stokes case lost to wba......

Roll on Tuesday. Good luck to the lads. Utw


old age pensioner

Stoke may have lost to wba, as you put it. But they are i a position to play us. Is this not what you are striving so hard to do.


OAP. Good result indeed. and some of the teams above WW are still cracking. It should be a very interesting run in.

Hopefully they make the playoffs. Great experience for the younger players preparing them for next season.

Love those Wolves and Stenhousemuir.



Having read all the texts I can't believe so many people are of the glass half empty persuasion. Come on lads we have come a long way since the double drop keep the faith. Personally I prefer a team we have cultured ourselves than the imported greedy players some clubs seem prefer. Count your blessings------Portsmouth?


Shewolf. It's not that the glass is half full or empty. It's that the contents go stale if left untouched.


Hi Carolina I agree with the getting stale and I wasn't having a go at you because I know you want more investment but you seem generally happy where the team are at the moment---- no I mean the ones who continually want us to spend spend spend. I suppose whatever the club do not everyone will be happy. Hope we get at least 4points this week. Cheers.


Hey Derbyshire Grumpy old man seems to describe you.

Alzheimers setting in is it you can't remember who you sent your reply to


Not the worst result in the world but it makes Tuesdays game almost a must win.

The only real complaint I have is the lack of match winners or game changers we had on the bench on Saturday. The fact that we only made one substitution in a game that we really needed to win tells me that Kenny isn't too impressed with the options he has(maybe Edwards for Price to add a goal threat). We don't even have the excuse that we need to move players on now

The Flying Winger

As I said earlier aspirited perfromance but it wasn't good enough too many average performances, I don't believe in bogey teams you are either good enough to win or not.

We scored a lucky goal and gave a poor one away, we need Ikeme back urgently and need to secure a better number two for next season.

Tomasz has made some good stops but has been at fault for too many.

Missed opportunity on Saturday, we have to win these games if we want a top 6 spot but we cannot impose ourselves to change the game.

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