Video: Wolves fans pay tribute to Sir Jack

Molineux paid its tributes to former Wolves owner Sir Jack Hayward in its own special way.

Fans queued to sign the book of condolence, laid tributes outside the ground, held placards aloft spelling out Sir Jack's name inside the stadium and sang proudly as black and gold balloons were released into the sky before the match against Blackpool.

Our video captures the special atmosphere before the match kicked off.

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Comments for: "Video: Wolves fans pay tribute to Sir Jack"


I would have loved to have been at Molineux - I followed events and the match through various media. My mind was buzzing with memories we all share: Sir Jack at Cardiff, his end of season speeches on the pitch and much more, as well as my season ticket holding days near where he sat. There were a couple of occasions travelling back South when I'm convinced Sir Jack overtook me in his Rover - well, that's what I like to believe anyway. Saturday was a real "lump in the throat, tear in the eye" kind of day. I felt so proud of the club, the fans and the players, and indeed the City, for their wonderful tribute to Sir Jack. Yes, I would have so loved to have been a part of it. I would also like to thank the E&S for the host of respectful and often moving articles concerning Sir Jack that they have published in recent days.

Farmer Ted

Never mind Solent, your heart was there, that's the important bit.

Lobo para siempre

Sadly I was unable to be there, but even the video brought a tear to the eye. RIP and thanks a bundle.

Bedford Wolf

In 2008 while on holiday in Florida we went on a mini-cruise to the Bahamas. On Grand Bahama we took a bus tour excursion and after visiting a few places I asked the driver if he knew where Sir Jack lived and if so would we go past or near his house. The bus driver, a local man in his 50's with a very strong, deep, slow Caribbean accent looked at me thoughtfully then said "Jack? We don't go nowhere near." Then he smiled and winked. Half hour later he announced to everyone "Ladies and gentlemen, we gonna take a slight detour to see the house of the richest and most famous man in Grand Bahama, Sir Jack Hayward". We only could only go to the end of the driveway leading to the house but that enough for me, I got off and my wife took my photo (and yes I was wearing a Wolves shirt). This demonstrates perfectly the love we Wolves fans felt for the man AND just famous he was even on the other side of the world and so far away from Wolverhampton.

Pembrokeshire Wolf

I have had so many tears in my eyes in recent days, a lot of them while reading words like yours, Bedford. We have a very special club, thanks to the likes of Sir Jack. God bless him.

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