Wolves sign Benik Afobe from Gunners

Wolves have completed the signing of striker Benik Afobe from Arsenal for an undisclosed fee.

Soccer - Wolverhampton Wanderers sign Benik Afobe
New signing Benik Afobe

The 21-year-old has signed a three-and-a-half year deal at Molineux.

Afobe has scored 19 goals while on loan at MK Dons in League One this season.

Afobe admits he can’t wait to get going after describing the “fantastic” feeling of signing for Wolves.

The 21-year-old has signed a three-and-a-half year deal at Molineux after completing his switch from Arsenal.

News of his impending move first broke on Sunday and it has now been confirmed after the striker underwent a medical.

And Afobe said: “It feels fantastic.

“It’s been a long process with the medical, I’ve never had to do a medical before but that’s all done now, hopefully I can start training on Thursday and get ready for the game on Saturday.

“The facilities here are fantastic. You can see that it’s a club that deserves to be in the Premier League.

“It’s just about getting there and hopefully we can do that.

“I just want to say that I’m happy to become a Wolves player and I can’t wait to get going."

Afobe has scored 19 goals in 30 games while on loan at MK Dons this season.

He added: “I’d say my best attributes are my power and pace and I’ve improved a lot on my finishing as the years have gone on with good coaching advice from people.

“I’d like to think I’m a good goalscorer and hopefully I can show the fans what I can do."

Wolves head of football development Kevin Thelwell said: “Having now met Benik he seems like a really outstanding young man and is the right sort of person for us.

“And of course also the right player, who I think is going to fit very well into our system.

Soccer - Wolverhampton Wanderers sign Benik Afobe
Afobe is 'very pacey and powerful', says head of football development Kevin Thelwell
Soccer - Wolverhampton Wanderers sign Benik Afobe
'He is young and fits the sort of profile we are going for'

“He is very pacey and powerful, good technically, and has an outstanding goalscoring record.

“He is young and fits the sort of profile we are going for and we are really excited about him signing.

“I am sure he is going to work really hard for us and be a success here in helping us get to where we want to be.”

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Comments for: "Wolves sign Benik Afobe from Gunners"


Some great news at a sad moment for us all. Welcome to WWFC Benik, hope you do well for the club and fans.



Totally Unimpressed !!!

Another untested player at this level what the hell do you have to do to get it

through the totally THICK heads of Thelwell and Donkey Jackett that we need strikers who know this division, proven goalscorers not bloody unknown kids !!

Don't hold out much hope for this season now,

Donkey could do us all a favour and get rid of that idiotic nerk Evans who

cost us dearly last night, mind you Donkey has lost the plot and we'll end up like Millwall

Black Country Wanderer

Entitled to your view Karlis,but doesnt mean your right.

Would much rather have this guy than someone like Wood for instance,no pace, no goals for years ,and no feelings for our team at all,so glad he hasnt come here

Experience is all well and good,but commitment and heart are much better qualities

Afobe handles himself well on and off the pitch,and im sure he will get goals for us right from the off,assuming hes picked of course

Im on the fence with KJ ,he did everything right last season, and credit to him for that,but whether he can take us on from here im not so sure,time will tell i guess


i'm impressed with the signing its january and not many of the better players leave clubs during this window, hence all the slow movement up and down the football leagues.

considering our budget, and the fair play regs I think its a decent signing, who else would we of signed for less than 2million? an old has been, the last 2 didnt work out i.e sagbo and grahams, least with afobe he is 21 , big, pacey and got goals in him.

not sure who else we could of brought in to meet your demands? as 20+ goal a season strikers dont move for low fees.

sure afobe will come good at this level and be a proven championship striker by the end of the season.

The Flying Winger

Blimey Karlis, think that's a bit strong he looks as though he has potential and there are very few recognised strikers available, any that are you have to wonder why they would be released at this time of year.

We have had two false starts with "recognised strikers" no there are no guarantees, is he a gamble, yes he is I am always wary about players who have had an injury but he is young enough to get over that.

We shall see in the next few weeks weather it's a good decision, but I hope that all our expectations don't just fall on his shoulders.


Karlis; I'm really looking forward to you eating your words..

If Benik plays on Saturday against Blackpool, Sunday morning will do..


Lobo para siempre

There's always one!


I always try to respect others comments but you are out of order with these comments. Remember we are not a big big club now and must cut our cloth accordingly. Jacket is doing a decent job and deserves more respect.


Been there,done that, trying a different way.Maybe we will get to the Premier in two years time and stay there with a young side that has improved together, who knows?


Why does everything of note happen whilst I am away ?

Just posted my tribute to Sir Jack. A Colossus without equal. He's left us a legacy we have to build on. Steve and Jez, it's up to you to be inspired by the great man's memory. Don't let any aspect of the club drift - especially the team and the stadium.

My team fail to get us through to the next round of the FA Cup, (letting both me and Sir Jack down), so bang goes my hope of a trip to Wembley this year - unless we make the play-off final.

I see that Jewell could only stand the Baggies for one week, or they could only stand him for one week; not sure who broke with who first - probably both couldn't stand each other.

And we sign a striker. We took our time but we finally landed "Big Ben". We might have landed the best "striker", (think timepiece to get that one) in the country. If he strikes every hour on the hour as many times as the one at Westminster, I'll be very happy.

Actually, 12 strikes by the end of the season might be a good start. One to "watch". Has anyone "clocked" his speed.

Okay enough is enough. I've only just got back and I'm Kn..........erd. It's late so I'm off to my pit. Can't read any more posts. Must set my alarm.

Tick, Tock ; Boing, Boing - Oh no, I'm gonna have nightmares. The chimes of Big Ben sound like Jack.

Welcome Benik. All we ask is that you score goals, work hard, score goals, never give up, score goals, give 100% every game and.........score goals! Do all of that and you will be not just loved but adored. Out of Darkness Cometh Light!


We could hardly have wished for a better signing with the financial limits we are working to. Given that we dillied and dallied with many strikers since last summer's transfer window, we have finally struck gold!

Maybe Scrooge himself, Ebenezer Moxey, saw the ghost of Christmas past over the break? And got frightened. Whatever. The ghost of Christmas past was a reminder of two relegations. The ghosts of Christmas present and Christmas yet to come will be well pleased with this signing, and also with the emergence of our exciting youngsters.

Well done to all concerned.


First you mentioned the financial constraints than you accuse moxey of being a scrooge make your mind up.

Nippy Lobo

There is no relation between the financial constraints and Moxey being a scrooge. Moxey was being a penny-pincher while Wolves were spending £36m net (nearly £50 gross) in our three years in the Premier League.

Instead of spending the money on a handful of quality stars, he frittered it away on lots of cheap, mediocre players. One reason there are serious financial constraints now is because Moxey was penny pinching when there were few financial constraints.

In the present situation, after a double relegation and with the new Financial Fair (Foul?) Play rules, there are financial constraints and Moxey may well be a scrooge. Both can be real.


3 years in the premier league = approx 100 million

50 million spent

Where's the money gone?

Remember all the wars chests that where not spent?


The accounts are published Bangkok so not really a mystery - UTW


Well spoken. Good point

Nippy Lobo

Welcome, Benik!

Yes, DancesWithWolves, well done to Kenny Jackett, Stuart Webber, Kevin Thelwell and Jez Moxey. And let's give Steve Morgan credit for authorising this deal.

Adobe has 36 caps for international appearances with various levels of the English set-up, culminating in 2 for the U21s. He is a quality signing.

But he's still only 21. It's ridiculous to compare him with Bully at this stage. Let's not burden him with too much weight of expectations. If his goals help us to make the play-offs, that will be good enough. If they help us gain promotion, that will be a bonus. Let Benik be Afobe, not Bully II.

At the same time, I have to say my mouth is watering looking forward to watching this striker.

Loyal supporters were waiting for news on this transfer a few getting worried he was going somewhere else.

Will KJ have in the starting eleven on Saturday, he will no doubt be in the squad after last nights extended game which was thoroughly well fought and Sunday's game there may be a few feeling the after affects.

Would like to see him up front with Dicko this lad looks strong hopefully he will fit in and cause defenders a lot of problems.

Will be at Molineux Saturday to show my respect to Sir Jack Hayward best of luck to all loyal supporters.

Hong Kong Pete

Hong Kong Petes comments

Good signing well done in getting there man look forward to seeing him play alongside Dicko.

Old Wulfrunian

After many disappointments over the past 6 months, it's good to see that we have signed a striker who will hopefully do the business.


Good Signing!

I have seen him play quite a few times and he looks like a very good player. We may be onto a winner here, now and in the future.

Well done all concerned for making the deal.


Dingle Dave

Happy days!!


You have one of the best fan bases in the UK we all hope that you provide the magic to get the fans and the team where we should be. Premier League.

Congratulations on joining WW may your time with wolves be a fruitful as we all hope it will be.


Great news - like the look of this lad and gave a very impressive interview - speaks in sentences and everything! UTW

Not like bully then!!!! Lmao

Wednesbury wolves

By wednesbury wolves, E&S seem to be having problems, cold weather must be affecting the website


Pilot light's probably blown out Wednesbury! UTW

Gerry Mannion

On the face of it, it looks to be a shrewed signing. Perhaps after recent attempts with trying to find the right man for the job I didn't think we would get him. I love to be proved wrong.

The club really do need to embrace the legacy left by Sir Jack Hayward and move forward in a more positive manner and this is a good start.


At last we sign our new striker welcome to Wolves Benik, may you score more than King Bully,

Welcome to the Wolves Ben onwards and upwards.


At last, i have a feeling this kid will be the real deal, Welcome Benik , time will tell but you come from a good background. now a older head in midfield needed, who, Doyle of course, good engine good in the air, and already here.


RIP Sir Jack Mr Wolves,

Welcome to Wolves Benik,may you score more goals than King Bully

Bedford Wolf

Welcome to the greatest Club in the world Benik! All we ask is that you socre goals, work hard, score goals, give 100% every game, score goals, never give up and .......score goals! Do all of that and you will not just be loved but adored. If your interview on signing is anything to go by you seem a very calm and intelligent young man too. Good luck.


Can't say I wasn't disappointed last night. This has made me feel better. UTW!


Benik Afobe seems to be exactly the type of striker that we have been lacking. He is fast, powerful, and shoots early. I remember watching him play in the Victory Shield, and also for the England Under-21's. He was very impressive, and I just hope we don't try and "Coach" the willingness to take people on and shoot out of him. That is what frightens defenders. He also has the height that Dicko lacks.

What an exciting forward line that now looks. Imagine defenders facing the pace of Dicko, Afobe, Sako and Van La Parra. The first three are also very powerful. Things suddenly look much better.

Well done Morgan, Moxey, Thelwell and Jackett. A truly exciting signing.


Then you got the pace of Iorfa that would leave sako and VLP in his dust.... would like to see a 100m race between these guy :)

Media Wolf Pete

Great signing. He's fit & full of confidence given the 19 goals he's already bagged this season. Hope he's involved on Saturday. I would start him alongside Dicko. Ikeme; Iorfa, Batth, Stears, Hause; MacDonald, Edwards/Price, RVLP, Henry; Dicko, Afobe.

Pembrokeshire Wolf

That should be a winning team - there's 12 of 'em!

Pembrokeshire Wolf

Sorry, MWP, I've just noticed you have McDonald OR Price, not both. I'll get me coat!

old golds worth more

Never mind your coat, get your glasses, its either Edwards or Price in that line up....lol.


That must have been one hell of a medical. He must have had every inch of his anatomy examined and all his orifices probed thoroughly. I think we can safely say he's fit for purpose.

I commented a few days ago that he seems to have all the attributes required for a striker; power, pace and determination. That's still my view of the player, and I think that he prove to be an excellent signing both now, and in the years to come.

Congratuations to Thelwell, Jackett and Moxey on bringing this young man to Molineux.

Gerry Mannion

That was quite an in depth analyses of his medical there.


It's more likely the delay was down to the events of yesterday, i can't help but get the feeling that this deal was completed yesterday but due to the passing of Sir Jack they decided to delay the announcement.


Ye, one hell of a medical! Sounds like he had to drop n cough and prescribed a course of Leeches!




Excellent news!

Let's hope he starts with a goal or two for us against Blackpool.

old age pensioner

Excellent signing, so kj can switch to 442, if needed, and cover for dicko in case of injuries.

Leon Clarke , mac linden ,Doyle, to be loaned out or sold.

Just need a box to box midfielder who can also operate in the macdonald role .utw

Law 43

Thank goodness for that. I was beginning to get very concerned at the lack of news since Sunday. Having seen him play I think he will do very well for us. What the stats don't say is that most of this season at MK he has been alternating with Will Grigg, so his 19 goals have come very quickly in terms of the amount of game time he has had. I suspect KJ might have the same plan in mind, alternating between Dicko and him as the front man.


Welcome, Benik! You look the part and I wish you continued success at our club. I'm very excited to see you in action soon.

Manny Fagnet

I heard Mr Moxey on TalkSport, saying that signings were imminent, "watch this space", and for once, he hasn't let us down...hallelujah!

I've got a good feeling about a Benik and Nouha strike partnership. If they click, they could tear Blackpool, Charlton, and co, a new one.

Roll on Saturday, I FEEL GOOD (der-der-der-der-der-der-de-de)...I KNEW THAT I WOULD NOW.

JT Bang Bang

Great news. Has the potential to be a cracking signing and comes across in his interview as a really level headed lad.

Re the interviewer his questions aren't the most taxing

'Are you looking forward to working with Kenny Jacket? Are you looking forward to working with Dicko ?'

What's he gonna say 'no I'm dreading it'. And yep his world record medical should hopefully reassure us all that this signing is a masterstroke and not a Neil Masterstroke

If he clicks with Dicko then we are in business . Happy days.

Well done Wolves

Pembrokeshire Wolf

Neil Masterstroke - love it, JTBB.

Wednesbury wolves

Welcome to wolves fc Benik, we're a bit low at the moment pal but good luck for your wolves future we shall all be behind you, let's hope u bring us success like sir jack. Creative midfielder next please Kevin jez and Steve, u on the right tracks and long may it continue!!!!

The Tank

Looks like a good addition to the squad. Pleased that the club have taken their time and been patient enough to wait for the right deal .


Great signing who will score goals for us, now we need cover for Sako because lets face it, he will be off in the summer if we dont go up. Well done Moxey and co for pulling Afobe off!


Rhys... Referring to the last lines of your post, hopefully that wasn't part of the medical !!



Ahahaha! Nice one Stokey :D hope everythings all well mate.


All good ty mate. Still very sad about Sir Jack, but looking forward to being at the Mol on Saturday when he gets the send of he deserves..



He very bright and genuine, speaks well of the club and management, knows where the net is and looks happy to be here ..and the price £2m if correct could be a bargain..very excited to see him on sat..welcome to Wolves benny


A truly great addition I can see Afobe & Dicko terrorising defences welcome aboard lad.....


Following the sad news of the death of Sir Jack this is what the fans needed, I believe that this signing is what Wolves need and I wish Benik all the best for the future with the Wolves familey. Come on me babbie.


Welcome Benik this is excellent news, and more competition for places, i hope you have a great goalscoring career at Wolves. UTW:


Slightly off message but anyone else think our young centre back Iorfa has an outside chance of moving to the wing if and when Sako moves on? He's lightening quick, very strong on the ball and we now know he can pass and shoot. Just a thought… UTW

Out of darkness cometh light welcome to the wolves.


Welcome Benik. What a refreshing interview from a very level headed young man. He has worked with Kenny before and says that was what attracted him here. Let's hope he will do well here. Looking at how the young lads are progressing the future looks very bright. Disappointed with last nights result but the lads gave their all and you can't ask for more hope they've enough left in the tank for Saturday. I think Sir Jack would be happy with how the club is now going. RIP you will be greatly missed.


Great news, and what we've been patiently waiting for..

Look forward to see him in the starting line up with Nouha!!




Be interesting how this lad fits in, 442 that will be a change. excited by this one.

RIP Sir Jack.

Alan in Cyprus

Is that our coaching manual on the wall?

RIP Sir Jack. My doubles darts partner is a Fulham fan, we lost our game last night!


Welcome Benik , Out of darkness cometh light .


Afobe is the type of forward we need to fit in with our style of play.

someone with real pace,who is tough and is good on the ball.

Can see KJs thinking and why he doesnt fancy doyle or siggardson. Neither of whom are quick or hold the ball up well enough. Siggy especially who has not looked physically tough enough

Cassidy and Mcalinden are not ready and Clarke has really underperformed. Graham was also a bit slow.

That said Afobe is not the finished article at 21. He has been scoring regularly in lge 1 but his finishing is not the best but is getting better.Ive watched quite a few clips of him online.

If we can keep sako, van la parra,dicko, and get boukari fit, we will have a strong attack with pace.

I think he will get a few goals for us this season. Good luck Benik and welcome to wolves.


Phew!! Deal Done.


I was already looking forward to Blackpool game got my tickets 3 weeks ago. Now I am realy looking forward to it. A celebration of the great Sir Jack RIP and seeing our new forward/attacker.

Welcome to the Wolves Bemik


typo sorry Benik

The Flying Winger

Now we have a real goal scoring talent who also apparently has an 82% passing accuracy, play 2 up front please!!!!


Thats the question FW, will Kenny play 2 up top? Hope so. Benik and Nouha could terrorise championship defences. We will wait and see, exciting times ahead.


2 goals in every 3 games will do for me son!

Welcome to the golden palace, now go get em! UTW.


Welcome, Benik, with no pressure at all to score a shed load of goals, those that takes us up to the promise land! Seriously, though, all the best and welcome to Wolves!



Like I said yesterday. All Good Things Come To Those Who Wait !

There's a lot of expectancy in the above comments. A whole lot of pressure on the player. But a fine Team is built on 11 men all working in union with each other. All reading from the same Hymn Sheet. If we come to rely on just one player then that will suit the opposition just fine. Football can all too often come back and kick you in the teeth. Be aware.

Remember when the pacey Tony Daley joined us ? Came off the bench against Millwall for his first game. And we were turned over.

But I have high hopes that this lad, Afobe, will be the one who will fire us up into the play-offs at least. And who knows from there ?

No Sweat

To the tune of the Andrews Sisters' 'Rum and Coca-cola' (the verse)

Hooray, Jez Moxey's signed up Afobe,

He'll get the goals like Bully did,

Not like Frankowski (oh what a phoney),

Left foot, right foot, Benik's the kid.

Incidentally, like Stokey, I'm a little worried about Rhys' comment and reminded of the occasion many years ago when Joe Mercer, having just signed Rodney Marsh for Man City, told him 'I'll give you a start then I'll pull you off at half-time.' Marsh's rejoinder was 'that sounds great, all we got at QPR was half an orange.'

chris h

Just one little problem with that story 'No Sweat', Joe left City in '71 and Marsh signed for City just before the transfer deadline in '72. So I guess it was Malcom Allison who said that to Marsh. It was prophetic anyway: when Marsh signed City were top of the League and look set to win the top tier Championship, but Rodney didn't fit in straight away and they dropped down the league table, with Derby eventually winning it, thanks to our victory against Leeds on the last game of the season. Marsh of course did go on and have a decent spell with City, playing in the League Cup final against us in '74.


Another great memory Chris - that '74 final.

Didn't Rodney back heel the ball into King John's path for our winner. Bit of poetic licence there I know. I think it was Alan Sunderland's cross which just struck him on the back of the heel and deflected to Johnny, but it was a great goal.

Any Wolves fan would have pulled Rodney off after that one.


Now don't those users who said the whole deal would go pear shaped & took the opportunity to slag Moxey & the club off look stupid?! Simply because someone let the deal be known early & it wasn't completed in 5mins. Some people do have a 'videogame' view of real life............& little else upstairs!

Farmer Ted

The old saying 'as one door closes another one opens' was never more apt than at Molineux during the last twenty four hours.

We wish our new young striker all the best as he starts his career in black and gold; he sounds a level headed, well educated young man.

At the same time we send our condolences to Sir Jack Hayward's family. It's all very sad, but it should be mingled with the celebration of a 91 year life that any of us would have proud of. Not only did he save and resurrect our/his beloved Wolves, he put so much into the community locally, nationally and internationally.

As a benefactor his life and deeds transcended football.

Well played Sir Jack, we'll give you a bostin' send off Saturday!

Black Country Wanderer

I believe this was sewn up yesterday,but other events stopped any celebration of a new signing,and rightly so,God be with you Jack

That said,i really like the cut of this guys jib,and of all the" targets and missed opportunities" we supposedly had,i dont think any of them would have suited us better than Afobe

Ok hes young and raw,but, from what ive seen ,has just about everything youd wish for in a striker,pace, power, height, passing ability and knows where the net is,also not afraid to take people on,as someone said earlier, lets hope its not coached out of him

Hope we can get someone to replace Sako,a big miss for us there,and a midfielder who can win that ball and use it, would be just about perfect for this window,who knows play offs may not be out of the question yet

Trouble is we have 3 what seem to be very winnable games coming up,and we all know how they usually turn out dont we?

On another note whats going on in Tesco land?

Jewell didnt stay long lol.wise man

Lobo para siempre

Jewell? Could be off to Forest?


RIP Sir Jack.

welcome to wolves benik, great signing wasnt expecting us to bring anyone in, but it should work out well for us and he is only 21.

This should be the signing to make us serious play off contenders, lets do it now for sir jack.

chris h

Good news after the sad news. Nice to see the Board have backed Kenny.


A very positive move. We'll be clearing a number of players out this year, so things are looking good for next year.

the big dog

Am I missing the point here, Kevin thelwell head of football development quotes " now I have met

Benik he seems really outstanding young man" surely as head of football development he would have seen him play, or did he just rock up one day on an off chance of getting a game ! !


Any purchase of a striker is always a leap of faith and one hopes that he will prove to be a great signing and delive the goods. From what I have seen of him, which was the Man Utd game last season, he was a revelation and looks to be the real deal.

The question now is can he play a lot of minutes CONSISTENTLY at a higher level and score an above average number of goals? Hopefully, he will and that it all starts on Saturday against Blackpool. We need to get back to the business of nailing down three points, keeping clean sheets and pushing for a shot at promotion - we cannot afford last nights disappointment get in the way.

Come on you Wolves!!!

Joe 90

Let us hope that "Benik Afobe" translates from his native tongue to Stevie BULL. Nobody would complain at that.


At the risk of being 'slammed' from several posters, can we just calm down a bit. He hasn't kicked a ball yet, he is unproven at this level and he has had injury problems. Tony Daley, Geoff Thomas, Steve Froggatt, to name but a few...etc...etc. We've been here before, remember ??

Good luck to him. I hope he has a long and successful Wolves career and scores loads of goals, but there's no point heaping loads of expectation on him before the ink has dried on his contract.


Nobody knows if he will come good, look what happend to Torres..

Lets think positive though, hes a good young talent with all the attributes needed to become a great striker.

Lets not forget Thellwell and Jackett have made good signings with little resources, so we should trust them with Afobe. That said Clarke has been a complete flop and should be sold this window, would rarther have Doyle playing.

RIP Sir Jack Hayward.

old golds worth more

Great news, finally a signing we all (with the exception of Karlis) are delighted about. Welcome to the Mol Benik.


Not seen much of him but feeling exited by this signing.

Wish I was there on Saturday.


I think they have FINALLY found a bloomin' jewel!

Now they need to be able to use more than one system, and with Afobe I think they might just be able to do it. It'll save excessive wear and tear on poor old Dicko too!


"I can start training on Thursday and get ready for the game on Saturday" ......

.....What makes him think he'll be able to break into the first team ???? lol

Seriously though, welcome to the Golden Palace Benik and good luck for saturday .... go get 'em son.



At last!! This was getting the feel of a big slice of deflation, so now it's a huge relief.

Saturday should now be a good day for celebration, Benik Afobe, and the life of Jack.

A word of caution, however: be patient all of you supporters. Not everyone starts their Wolves careers like Nouha Dicko did last season. The weight of expectation may well lie very heavily on this lad. Be prepared to give him a proper chance. Encourage him for heaven's sake!


Well said Derbyshire, as usual.


glad that Kenny has finally got his man, I was beginning to have my doubts

it's now upto Benik to deliver the goods

hope this isn't our only signing in this transfer window but the return of Kevin Doyle hasn't helped our cause there

when I am sat in the stadium that Sir Jack built on Saturday, I will feel proud of what he has done for our club

thank you Sir Jack


I hope KJ puts him straight into the team for a good run of games. We must capitalise on his form and obvious excitement at coming to WW. I think we lost Savile by not giving him a good run and look how he faded. He was a very god performer for Brentford but look what has happened. In Afobe and Dicko we trust.


Had a look at at Benik Afobe's 19 goals he scored for MK Dons the majority are all well placed and low beyond the keeper's reach .Benick looks well composed in front of goal and seems to know exactly what he is doing and for a 21 year old he seems far more experienced for a lad of his age.


Just a couple of things...

Great signing with Benik Afobe.

Great loss with passing of Sir Jack...some twit suggested he sold us down the river!

To correct No sweat and Chris H...it was Sir Alf Ramsey who said that to Rodney Marsh,I saw the actual interview of Rodney Marsh when he said it.


How fast things change.....

A few weeks ago we were down , sendings off, Morgan arguing with the ref no wins poor defence .

Fair play to KJ and the players for turning it around. Stearman deserves praise. Iorfa is a revelation and now Afobe signs. KJ is doing the right things . The team is getting stronger and hope is rising but tinged with sadness at the passing of Sir Jack. Saturday now takes on a totally different feeling from a half price ticket game to a must go to game.


This is a signing almost universally welcomed by all, but a few fans above are mysteriously unimpressed. For the doubters, this is what two Arsenal players have said on Twitter about Afobe leaving:

Jack Wilshire: I'm gutted he left.

Theo Walcott: Any other club would have got £5mil for him.

Can't get any higher praise than that. Go for it Benik!


Interesting Dances, a bit rich of Walcott though who has received a fortune for being permanently unavailable.

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