Report and pics of Charlton 1 Wolves 1

Wolves showed their true mettle tonight to come from behind and push Charlton all the way in breathless battle at the Valley.

After being below par at Blackpool on Saturday, head coach Kenny Jackett rang the changes to huge effect.

His players responded with a massive performance full of hunger and desire, and no little quality that put the Addicks on the back foot for much of the contest.

Make no mistake Charlton look like being one of the best sides in the Championship this season.

Wolves trailed to Andre Bikey’s 25th-minute opener but both before and after that opener, they could and should have scored the goals to have made it five wins this season.

In the end, they had to settle for a draw, but there was no doubting who ended the game in the more positive frame of mind.

The introduction of Nouha Dicko for George Saville at half-time saw to it that every lost cause was chased and the effect seemed to rub off on his team-mates, who swarmed forward at a turbo-charged tempo at every opportunity.

Credit to Jackett for making the four changes last night as he sought to rid the team of any tiredness lingering from Saturday’s 0-0 draw at Blackpool.

Back came Lee Evans and Bakary Sako, after failing to make the starting line-up at Bloomfield Road.

There were first Championship starts of the season for James Henry and Leon Clarke at the expense of Dave Edwards, Michael Jacobs, Rajiv van La Parra and Dicko, who all dropped to the bench.

Wolves started with a hunger, purpose and desire and were the busier side in the first half and they were slightly unfortunate to be behind at the break.

The visitors were given an early scare when livewire striker George Tucudean headed wide from Jordan Cousins’s cross.

The same player drilled wide from the edge of the box after some sloppy play on the left.

But Wolves soon found their feet and Henry had goalkeeper Stephen Henderson frantically backpedalling and tipping the ball over from Henry’s overhead kick.

Tal Ben Haim was forced to usher the ball into his own sidenetting under pressure from Sako, whose right-foot shot was too close to Henderson.

Evans flashed a 25-yarder inches wide as Wolves looked to make their possession count.

But somewhat against the run of play, Charlton took the lead in the 25th minute. Bikey sidefooted home on the volley from Cousins’s corner for his first goal for the Addicks.

Two minutes later it was almost 2-0 as five-goal striker and Championship player of the month Igor Vetokele teed up Tucudean but he rolled his shot just wide.

Wolves settled down and in an end-to-end first period, they should have equalised.

Clarke punished the off-balance Tal Ben Haim to steal in on the left and pick out George Saville.

The former Chelsea youngster’s first-time shot hit the inside of the post, rolled behind goalkeeper Henderson and bounced to safety on the opposite side of the goal.

Buoyed again, Evans again let fly from long distance only for the same outcome for Wolves.

Jackett made a half-time substitution to get his side back into the game with the arrival of Dicko for Saville.

Wolves started the second half in positive fashion and after Dicko headed from an acute angle, Sako’s right-foot shot was tipped over.

But the visitors were left kicking themselves when two more openings went begging.

Both involved the unfortunate Clarke, who first fired across goal and wide from a ridiculous angle with Sako screaming for the ball to his right.

Then Clarke was presented with a much simpler chance from a central position from Dicko’s cross, but he missed his kick.

But the goal Wolves had been threatening all game finally came in the 65th minute.

From their 11th corner of the night, Danny Batth rose highest to a corner to bury a downward header that seemed to go through several bodies and pairs of legs before nestling in the corner of the net.

The goal gave Wolves fresh impetus and the tireless Henry crashed a shot against the outside of the post as they pressed for the winner.

Wolves, boosted by the arrival of Edwards for Clarke and Jacobs for Henry, continued to push the harder for the winner but it wouldn’t come.

Yet it was another hugely positive display from Jackett’s side which should give plenty of optimism for the months ahead.

(Video courtesy of Wolves)

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Comments for: "Report and pics of Charlton 1 Wolves 1"

Chillo Wolf

... and the crisis continues

Great result, make no mistake

The Flying Winger

Not a crisis Chillo, but another lesson that a striker is needed.

Check the table for those getting closer to us.

Great performance, good team selection, good subs so much to be proud of.

But consistency in front of goal needs to happen and quickly.

Time waits for no one, crisis can creep up on you!

Chillo Wolf

'A striker is needed' You don't say FW?

You should be in football management mate

Just enjoy what was another good performance

and then get back in your box


You must've really hated the Blackburn game, 3 goals & no opportunity to whinge about a new striker! The team are playing really well, very entertaining football & are STILL learning! In case you've forgotten we have some very young & inexperienced players in this division. KJ is fully aware of what is needed & is in the market for the right player to help us progress. Also as important is that the players already here get an opportunity to prove themselves, the forwards included. I would've liked to have seen McAlinden given a chance tonight but KJ went with Clarke. I agree our finishing needs to be better, from ALL areas but constantly moaning about a striker is only a small part of the problem. The play & creating of chances is a joy to see but the players on the pitch have got to up their goals to chances ratio. They have to be more ruthless in front of goal. KJ will work to fix all the issues in our game, what concerns me is Half a dozen or so games in & people are already worrying & panicking. We are 4th in the table, playing well & not leaking goals like a sieve. At the start of the season people were worrying we'd go back down! Those sensible enough want to see us strengthen & go up with a nucleus of a team/squad that is stable, playing good entertaining football & continuing to push on. That may not be done this season...or the next. But it's progression that is the key, KJ seems to know exactly what he's doing & what he wants in that area. So yes, we would like more goals but even the purchase of a big money striker is no guarantee of that, just ask Fulham!

3 Points Saturday

Good Lord, you should change your monicker to Flying Whinger. Aren't you ever satisfied? And by the way, we do all know a first class poacher would be a great addition to the side. Say something else fpr a change huh?

Captain Mardon International

Charlton are a good side, so to get a point at the Valley is a good point. Fair play wolfies!

Up the baggies.


Hi Captain, cheers for that, and I would agree, a point won, and not 2 lost..

When you get chance, have a word with Jack, he's become a bit of a pain.. Tho not as bad as your stalker!! :o)


Captain Mardon International

He's a licence to himself mate. People have asked but to no avail....


Thanks, Captain. Yes, it was a well earned point, and there was many positives to compensate for the two points that were left on the pitch. Charlton's style will cause our fellow Division 2 rivals fits.

Good hunting to you and your Baggies, when you take on Spurs. I bet you'll get a result!


Jack the Hat

Oh dear, oh dear two points from a possible six, that is relegation form from a team that supposed to be at the top of their game, you lot must be having a laugh. U T W my fut.


Orlando Wolves

How about a team that has 2 points from 12? What sort of form would you describe that as ?




youngand hungry

hows the armchair jak ?



You provide a modicum of humor, to know just how desperate you are to divert your disappointment in your own club's current difficulties and project that frustration onto our solid exploits.

Our two clubs don't compete against each other. You're in the Premier League. We're a division a notch below, working hard to get back up to your tier.

Why not focus your negative energy and contempt towards Wolves by converting it into positive energy towards promoting your own club?



And you of course will know that propping up the Premiership....well done!


Jack - you are constantly reminded regularly by your fellow a***n fans that you never attend games and therefore you're not a supporter - go and troll somewhere else - your fellow a***n fans don't care what you think and neither do we - UTW


Knew it wouldn,t be long before you popped up....didnt see you post about your 2 nil loss saturday.......2 points out of 12, suppose it doesnt count the other way round....i know it will be difficult for a sad bloke like you but have you thought off getting yourself a partner or a hoppy...will help with your obsession with can get better..honest


Do you actually watch the sandwell town boys.


2 points from a possible 12?

Lescott, Myhill and SS fighting?

World cup 'stars' looking way out of their depth?

10 million signing failing to score against our under-21's, Oxford United (in 120 minutes) and everyone else

Fans booing your teams and players off

Your supporters making threats to your players on Twitter

We'll stick to our crisis, you stick to yours...

Jack the Hat

Hi guys,

So you don't like ' youngand hungry ' tripe on the dark side?. Well, I have given him enough time to pack it in, every time he is on the light side I will be visiting you. All the best.



Jack, get back to your humorous banter my friend, and don't stoop so low!!



Threats, now!

How does that make you anymore an adult, or marginally more trustworthy and respectable, say, than the very poster you are criticizing?

Jack, try to rise above, like so many of your brethren, whether Baggies or Wolves.

Petulance does not become you.

Loads of posters, from both clubs, not from a dark or light side, mind, have worthwhile and respectful football chats, even some interesting ones about life in general. Yet, with prolonged negative and petulant behavior of a scant few, Albion or Wolves, it doesn't matter who they support, we begin to ignore the clap trap, and soon blank them almost altogether.

Jack, take the high road, and lift yourself above that type of behavior. Just some advice from someone who thinks you have potentially a lot to offer in some of the E&S crossover discussions.

Hope you and Albion put one over the Big Smoke lot.


Stearmans overhead kick

RATTLED! Dark side? Visiting you ? Threats ?Halloween's next month Jack, whoooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!


Snoopy Jack. Remember your last threat about your post name ''I know where you are beware'' or words to that effect?

Your last post above has now proved exactly as we all thought, your brain is so addled and childish even your own lot viz TRBH Kev etc are now disowning you.


Followed blog on the sly...

A great Wolves fight back, considering we had a changed lineup for a second straight match, and both on our travels to tough grounds.

We almost nicked it.

If we continue to play well at the Molineux, winning a majority of our matches, and have a draw average of points on our travels, well, that really bodes well.

Well done, Wolves, keep plugging away.


3 Points Saturday

Seattle, I saw the game via the website I recently wrote you about. Curiously there was no commentary but that was no loss as there was crowd sound in the background instead creating good atmosphere.


3 points

I watched the same stream by the sound of it (or lack of sound should I say apart from crowd noise) I also listened to the commentary via WM at the same time. The radio was about 5 mins infront of the stream feed though which was very confusing at times!

What was evident however imo was that the quality and dominance I was watching didn't seem to be reflected in the WM lads commentary. I do agree with much of what they said regarding Mr Clarke.


3 Points Saturday

Eldervo, where are you located in this world that you're able to listen to WM? I'd be interested in commentary should there be no game stream to watch. I'm in South Spain. Thanks



Just recent I let my Wolves Player account slide, and that was my only resource for listening to a Wolves match, though twice last year, able to do so on away games with BBC, and teams who forgot to flick the switch, as it were, to non-UK listeners.

Fair enough, I suppose, the way the commercial rights, all that legal-schpegal stuff goes!

Occasional broadcasts on BeinSports, and a weekly thirty minute League Championship recap.

Crume compared to you lucky campers!


3PS, top man!

However, please know I am inept when it comes to modern day high tech integration! Used to pay over the top for Wolves World, then Wolves Player, which I let my subscription run out just recently.

If in simple fashion, again, per my ignorance for not remembering he the tricks you passed along, step for step, hoe of I get Wolves games streaming online?

Much appreciated!


3 Points Saturday

Hi Seattle, I watch lots of matches via firstrow dot eu. It's excellent if you have good delivery speed. You have to learn a few tricks like waiting for the little red bar with "close" on it to appear and click on it the click on the little box with "x" down in the right hand corner. Then click on the "full screen" indicator, also in that corner. As in football so in watching via streaming, Practice makes perfect. One just has to have a little patience and get used to quitting the adds. Once you get the hang of it you can watch uninterrupted. If you want to quit fullscreen to look at another web page, just press "escape" the game screen becomes smaller, that's all. Click back on "full screen" to return to the game on Good luck and good viewing. UTW


3PS...Top Man!

Cheers for this. I just photo snapped on my wee itsy-bitsy iPhone for future reference!


Orlando Wolves

This is a superb result against a team that will be in the mix at the end of the season.

Disappointed though that Leon Clarke failed to `feed` Sako when he apparently was unmarked.

All in all though, still a `good day at the office`.



Must be tough being Leon Clarke right now...can't blame him for his (wrong) choice

Orlando Wolves

Leon has a confidence problem at the moment, and his cause when joining Wolves was not helped by him being injured. Further to that he has been kept out of contention by the superb form of Dicko, and the system employed by KJ calling for one striker.

I was expressing disappointment not blame., as it could have been all three points.

Farmer Ted (below) states that Radio WM commentators were quite critical of his performance. Let us hope for an improvement in his confidence and form.


The Flying Winger

Great draw, great performance, full marks to Jackett for the changes to start and at half time.

Two posters on Saturday said look at the table, look at the goals scored because we had scored 3 in one game.

Jackett clearly stated that the goals over games played are not good enough, the performance against Blackpool was not good enough, we are not work in progress as someone mentioned again.

Clarke was given an opportunity tonight, he will need a few more to know if he can make it for us, have we got that time, probably not but two up front changes the play for us today.

Will we still wait to try and get a striker possibly the way the club handles transfer windows ,will more urgency

Under a wanderers scarf

Great performance, big bad wolf huffed and puffed but couldn't blow the house down. Yes we all know we need a striker blah blah blah but in my 25 yrs as a wolves fan I struggle to remember a side that consistently keeps the ball like this week in week out. It will click for us I'm confident of that, the foundations are there for all to see and we are knocking on the door. Great effort lads, onwards and upwards.

The Flying Winger

Come into things, more than likely, we shall see the next week or so.

The table shows we are being caught up for those interested to check it.

Time waits for no one, especially those who become complacent!!

Chillo Wolf

who is being complacent oh wise one?

and i hope you don't mean me when you said 'two posters'

what i actually said was 'look at how well we are playing' and again tonight we played well against a top championship side

and who said you could come out of your box anyway?

The Flying Winger

If the cap fits, never been in a box too dark!!

Out of darkness cometh light, love the light.

We have played well every game excerpt for Blackpool, managers comments before you pull me up as you seem to like to do recently.

But so that it's clear again we need a striker, message over and hopefully transmitted clearly this time.

Chillo Wolf

Flying Whinger ... like it!!!

Just listen to yourself mate. Great performance again and your'e still moaning

Everyone knows we need a striker, just let KJ get on with it and enjoy yourself for a change

Now please ... get back in that box


Flying whinger more like - give it a rest. 2 points from 6 inevitably will mean we are comparatively slipping back but for goodness sake get some perspective and sit in the sunshine more often. We are a work in progress, the season is long we've more hurdles to get over but we've the right guy in charge.....Rome wasn't built in a day. Kenny is in for the long haul or he would not have been signing up youngsters!


Were you there tonight FW? Be careful expressing an opinion based now what you read on the internet - the performance was excellent tonight against a team that will be a real contender this season - I doubt there were many disappointed Wolves fans leaving Charlton tonight other than for our bad luck in hitting the post twice - UTW

Farmer Ted

Listened to the match on WM. Their commentators were scathing about Clarke's display and ebullient about Dicko's second half performance. Again we dominated (61/39%) with 5 shots on target, and again it was about failing to convert chances.

Nevertheless this was an excellent result being able to outplay a team that has started the season so well. Well done KJ and the boys.


Excellent result, but can't help worrying that these draws don't may come to haunt us at the end of the season. Lots of possession we need to turn it into goals. A proven striker would do the job.

Good result tonight against one of the top teams within the championship.


Clarke has had his chance or chances and put him out to grass or get shut asap

old age pensioner

What a superb response from the lethargic display at Blackpool, 14 points from 7 games, that's promotion form, kj made the changes to good effect and Bolton will be another tough test, but wolves keep passing these tests with aplomb.

Roll on Saturday,u t w.


Oap; as usual a level headed comment from you...


Sedgley Slayer

Same old story, boss possession, create the majority of chances but fail to punish the opposition in the final third. Proud of the players once more and the way KJ has got them playing, but can't help wonder what might have been if we had achieved in the summer in reinforcing our thread-bare striking options.



Another difficult game and good result.I'll settle for the point.Well done Wolves!


Nice one Chillo!

Can all those who follow please try and refrain from the signing of a striker debate? We are all aware and so is Kenny - so give it a rest despite the E&S numerous attempts to bring it up. Lets talk about the game and the half time turn around because for me it is important to realise that we have a manager who is capable of making game changing decisions. It is also obvious that Kenny has built a team with a strong defensive ethos. He has now moved his attention to midfield where we must have 8 vying for 4 places - just watch as they are rotated to keep the team boiling along. I have no doubt that Kenny and Kevin have their sites now on the final pieces of the jigsaw to put up front, so patience please!

Well done to one and all for a good result against a strong side - away from home!


Well said GG, great post... The debate on an additional Striker comes up twice a week, and the same old comments keep being dragged up!!

We ALL know we need to strengthen that area, and KJ will..

That's a great challenge, the next time the E&S post an article about a new striker, we all refrain from commenting.. I'm in!!



Just home from the game - great performance and, from personal point of view, fantastic to see Wolves playing such entertaining football. Rolling the ball out from the back, everyone wanting the ball, great vision and passing and (with the introduction of Dicko) tremendous strength and pace up-front. Very unlucky not to take all 3 point away to one of the top teams in the league! UTW


Oh - and before everyone accuses me of happy clapping - of course we need another striker - KJ gave Clarke a start tonight and unfortunately it's pretty clear he's struggling. Having said that there are worse problems to have given our form and league position and I'm pretty sure the club will bring in a loan signing to fill the gap. Dicko was on fire tonight so all is not lost folks! UTW


Always good to hear from those who have been to the game for another viewpoint. Heartened to hear our performance was great and entertaining - what supporter wouldn't want that from their team? Thanks for the report Buckswolf!

Orlando Wolves

Buckswulf : Thanks for your match report - living so far away we don`t get coverage of Championship games on TV so I am reliant on the forum fans comments. Nice to hear from a supporter who was at the match.

We will be at Molineux for Huddersfield and Wigan matches. I can`t wait to see this new Wolves team in action. I think that I am in for a pleasant surprise.



Bucks; how did we look when Dicko and Clarke were on the pitch together?



Sako and Dicko working like a machine together - Clarke cutting a bit of a sad figure on a different wavelength - to be honest felt for Clarke when he was subbed - sat by himself on the edge of the dugout staring at his boots - all is not well with the lad I think! UTW


Crisis- "A time of intense difficulty or danger"

Played seven, won four, drawn two, lost one.

Roll on a bit of breathing space!

Well done for tonight. Against a form team we dominated, and could/ should have won. Right now it is a pleasure to be a Wolves lover.

Steve wwfc

For me it's another step forward, 7 games in and already consistently playing great football, just imagine how good this team will be after we have really bedded in,great times ahead, believe me this team will achieve great things together. Who can't help but enjoy watching this type of football every week, 3 points Saturday and this result will be even better, I'm proud of kj and the lads,now everyone get down to molineux and roar this team on,very happy wolves fan.


great performance, we were like the home side, and controlled the game especially in the 2nd half driving forward and i think we should have won it. Mcdonald pulls the strings in midfield nad looks a class act.

they offered little and their goal came out of nothing, but we were lucky not to be 2 nil down at half time.

Sako had a poor first half but stepped up in the 2nd. Dicko coming on gave us some drive upfront.

Clarke is struggling for form and really needs a goal but tried. He had 3 decent chances and wasnt composed enough to take them. The clarke of a year ago would have scored 1 if not 2 goals today.

heard some fans getting on his back but that only makes it worse. I think some of the his team mates need to help him more and pick out the runs he makes and then the rest is down to him. He needs a run of games and KJ needs to give him that opportunity.

Really impressed with the performance and possession football we play now which is joy to watch Far cry from the direct play of MM, which was successful for a while, but boring to watch and not being able to retain the ball cost us in the end.

I think we do need another striker to add to the squad, someone who is a target man and can hold the ball up.


It sounded like a very lively entertaining game listening to it on the radio. The important thing is we got something out of the game against one of the better sides in the division. We're not going to win every game, so there will be ups and downs throughout the season. Winning at home and picking up points away will be sufficient to gain promotion.

Far more important was the actual overall performance of the team. It sounded like Jackett got a far more positive response from the players than what was witnessed on Saturday. If last night's high tempo play can be maintained, Wolves will win more games than they lose.

Looking forward to Saturday.


A fair result. Some hard work done all round. Brilliant equaliser, Danny !


Whilst playing well and noting our need for a good finisher I am more concerned as to what happens if Macdonald gets injured or poached by a big team in the next transfer window.All the good play starts with him and his pick of a good pass is quite simply sublime.I personally don't think we have anyone who could fill his boots if either situation happens.

The Flying Winger

Have we struck a deal for a striker who has only scored 2 goals?


old golds worth more

I think we should all put things in perspective. If we had been offered a 1 - 1 draw against Charton (with a played three, won three, home record this season) before a ball was kicked, then I'm pretty sure the majority in here would have jumped at it, I know I would have done. It was good to see Carke given a chance as well, as sitting on the bench game in game out, would not have been helping his confidence. All in all a very good away point. On the search for a striker front, I see we are now being linked with Southamptons Emmanuel Mayuka (must admit I've never heard of him), so lets wait and see what happens there then!


Clarke would make a very good goal post he knows how to stand still for hours,all in all a very good result for us.

Ye Olde South Bank

Thankfully, I found a working stream, so saw the game. You can't knock this young Wolves team for effort, commitment and devotion to the cause. And they aint exactly lacking in style and flair, either, thanks to Kenny.

Make no mistake: that was a damned-good point at The Valley last night. Sure, we had the opportunity to take three, well deserved points, but to launch a fantastic comeback from a goal down and boss the game so convincingly for long stretches was mighty impressive.....and that against a team that had won all their previous home games.

I'm not fussed if we get promotion this season or in 3 years' time. I'll take it when it comes. What's far more important to me is nurturing the 'Jackett Blueprint' and allowing it to fully blossom. These are early days; our kids are nowhere near their best yet, and it's a season of learning for them as they adapt to the higher-grade. Furthermore, Kenny's only been here a little over a year, so I'm not expecting any miracles, even if others are. I want sustained progress that will hold this fine old club in good stead when we reach the Premier League, not a quick fix solution. Been there, seen it, done it. Anyway, why the big rush to get our backsides tanned in the Premier? Let the club be properly prepared at every level so that we can, at the very least, give most teams a competitive game.

Finally, that's a crackin' snap of Danny Batth (slide 3/10). It captures full-blown commitment and a burning desire to make the ball his own. It's the stuff that Captains and great players are made of. With due respect, I think Leon would do well to study it.


YOSB; it is a great picture of Danny, and the interview he gave was also impressive.

It's always good to get a players perspective on the game, and he came across very well.



YOSB - what a heartening post. I'm with you all the way. (These streams you talk of - are they safe to use, viruses etc.?)

3 Points Saturday

Hi SOLENT, I watch lots of matches via streaming. It's perfectly safe. Check out firstrow. It's excellent if you have good delivery speed. You have to learn a few tricks like waiting for the little red bar with "close" on it to appear and be quick quitting the adds but once you get the hang of it you can watch football all day, if you're so inclined. Good luck viewing.


Thanks for the information, 3 Points Saturday. This slightly nervous old guy (re. the Internet) will have a go now you've told me this. Cheers.


Stayed overnight, so just got back..Realy enjoyed the game, its the best i have seen wolves playing since doog and richards (christ i must be old) i dont know what was best the game or the night with the misses...If we keep playing and controlling the games against the top teams like we did, i can see another promotion.... Give kenny time to get another stricker and we will be a team others wont want to play.....



As I said after the Blackpool match, the International breaks never seem to do us any favours. I said hopefully we would get back to our normal game on Tuesday versus Charlton, and it would seem we did, their was some very good performances by our lads. James Henry in particular sounded like he was very lively, and unlucky not to have scored one or two. And it was good to see Clarke getting his first start of the season, I feel sorry for Leon. I felt he should have started the season,because in pre-season, he was averaging 2 goals a game, and was bang in form, and to me you should always play the players, who are in form at any given time, especially strikers. Yet Dicko got the nod over him, but he'd had a poor pre-season in terms of goals, and has only scored one so far. But I know Dicko works tirelessly for the team, and maybe that's what got him the nod over Clarke. Anyway a very good away point last night, and a little unlucky not to have got all 3pts, with some excellent saves by their GK, and the woodwork. UTW:


I do understand where you are coming from regarding Clarke, Tomwolf. If we get another striker in on loan, one wonders what that will do for his confidence - which probably isn't at its highest anyway.


I've never seen a side play such good football and dominate games but even Moxey and Morgan must see that the missing ingredient is a striker? Danny Graham and another on loan.

Last night was only the third goal conceeded (best defense in the country, again), play dominating, attractive football, creating chance after chance and if we have someone to put some of these chances away the possibilities this season wouyld far exceed all of our expectations.

Bruce, Trinidad

1877 obviously I cannot get to games, but it is very frustrating to hear that we dominate games, have a very good defence but either draw or win 1-0. I reckon we should be top of the table by now and at least 3 points clear. I am heartened by your analysis of the possibilities, but we must start scoring more or instead of an easy promotion (which apparently is within our grasp) we will be thrust into the Play Off lottery.

Alex Rae's Butler

Re Clarke - Yes, he missed one sitter, and yes, he shot when he should clearly have squared to Sako, but I think he's just desperate to get going. Its his first start this season, and he didn't exactly get a good run last season (for various reasons).

I think we are used to instant success with players - Henry, Jacobs, McDonald, Goldbourne, Dicko etc. Not all signings will have that instant impact.

As an aside, both Evans and Stearman were monumental last night.

Ritchie Wolves

Very good result away to this outfit, It sounded like a good performane too.

Keep it going guy's the goals will come..................


We were so fortunate to get Kenny Jackett as our manager. At the time I felt we offered him the best chance of his career to date to make his true mark on the game - and, borne out by what he has so far achieved with us, that does seem to be the case. Given 5 years or so, I am confident he and his back room staff will make us so proud.


I have a feeling that the Wolves project could be the culmination of Kenny's lifetime's work. Everything is coming together for all parties. A marriage made in heaven? We can get to the PL with Kenny and, this time, stay. Didn't he start the revolution at Swansea?


To a great extent, Dances, I concur wholeheartedly with your insight.

In most every man's life there comes perfect storms, those for the long-term good, sometimes for two parties or more as well.

To this situation at Wolves, "he (we) seemed to be in the right place at the right time," as the old proverbial saying goes.

Stearmans overhead kick

Posts a bit late because of work,But have to say well done to the lads and Kenny Jackett last night, Matched em, Passed it well and have a manager at last who might have a plan b and is able to swap it around a bit, Glad to see Henry back Beat Norwich Who are top, Beat Blackburn who looked a very good side and a draw last night away from home against a Charlton side, Who reports say have impressed this season, I'm happy,