Nouha Dicko: Bakary Sako is Wolves' best

Nouha Dicko today hailed Wolves winger Bakary Sako as the best wideman in the Championship and claimed their promotion hopes hinge on keeping him.

Sako’s brace on Saturday helped see off Blackburn in a 3-1 win as Wolves climbed to third in the Championship on the back of their fourth victory in five games.

The Mali winger is Wolves’ top scorer with three goals so far and he made the other for Dicko at the weekend.

And Dicko believes his team-mate is the best at this level.

“He’s really important and a great player for the team,” said Dicko. “He’s maybe the best player we’ve got.

“On the wing I don’t see any better players than him in the Championship to be really honest.

“I hope he can carry on doing really well for us because he’s a brilliant talent.

“I think he’s a great player and if we keep him, we have a really good chance of doing well this season.”

Sako is into the last year of his contract and there are no plans to reward him with a new one with both parties waiting to see which division Wolves will be in.

Leicester have been linked again with Sako but with the transfer deadline at 11pm tonight, it looks as if Wolves are set to keep him.

“I’m sure they’re already looking at his contract but it’s between him and the club to see about that, and if he stays it’s good for everybody,” said Dicko.

“But if he doesn’t and he goes at the end of the season, I still think he’ll have done a good job here because he stayed when we were in League One when some players preferred to go.

“If at the end of his contract he has to go, everyone will wish him the best because he’s been great for the club.”

Dicko, meanwhile, insists he was always confident of scoring goals in the Championship after getting off the mark in the league at the weekend.

“I always believed I could score in the Championship because I’ve done it before,” he said.

“I could have scored one or two more if the luck was with me.

“But I have to keep working and the goals will come.

“Even if I haven’t scored much, I’ve played well and Saturday was one of the best performances from me and the team.”

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Comments for: "Nouha Dicko: Bakary Sako is Wolves' best"


Because I am terribly clever, I have been saying all along that Dicko and Sako (or Dick'n'Sak as I have hilariously dubbed them) would thrive here simply on the strength of their being compatriots who can alleviate the negative aspects of being a stranger in a strange land (and let's face it, you'll find few places stranger than Wolverhampton).

Another thing I've been saying all along as that the League Cup is / was of no concern to us, and lo and behold, now we have a settled starting line-up and are reaping the rewards of consistency and rest periods.

In summary, PeteNuts knows best.


If Wolves have any chance of holding onto Sako, they must win promotion.

The crunch may come during the January transfer window. If the club are not in a position where promotion is not likely, they may have little alternative but to sell him. His form and ability will not have gone unnoticed by premiership clubs, and some of them will be looking to strengthen their squads to make sure they retain their premiership status.

However, if Wolves continue to win points at their present rate (or something close to it), it maybe enough to persuade him to negotiate a new deal. His desire is to play in the premiership, therefore if Wolves can show that they will in that division next season, the possibility of him staying will become a distinct reality.

In the meantime, I'm just enjoying watching him play.

Ritchie Wolves

I will be very surprised if Sako went tonight however, if he stays I think the club should give him a new deal with an option of reviewing when we go up.

If he did leave then I agree with the comments above in that, he has been more than a good pro because it would have been easy for him to leave last year when the idiots were miss-behaving behind the scenes.

Sir Billy Quiet

Spot on Dicko - you are playing well and you will score goals.......


Totally agree.

Save your money on a "striker" or rather, the ones we have been linked with so far and pay it to this lad instead on a new improved contract. He's worth at least £10 mill now and if we have to sell him, don't do it on the cheap because his contract is running out.


That was " Totally agree with everything Dicko says in this article" , and with the headline writer for a change.


There's nothing in it for him to sign a new contract now, because if we don't go up, he leaves on a free, gets more wages and a hefty signing on fee because he's free. He holds all the cards, sadly.


Totally agree yet again Pete.

Most unlikely to sign, but I would at least like to see the board trying to tempt him with a decent offer, rather than just sitting back and allowing the inevitable to happen.

I hope that they are not suffering a psychological hangover from the group 3 experiences, and that that is why they seem powerless to evaluate the true worth of a player.

Paralysed in a Group 3 time-warp would not be the way forward.

It is only the skill of KJ and his team in identifying worthwhile targets that has turned us around and the board must back them with proper funds when required.

They have paid very little so far - £1 mill for George, who describes himself fundamentally as a box to box player who can score a few goals, but if the "E&S" estimate of the value of the bid for Delort is close, the club would have us believe that they only value a " potential quality striker" for the same amount.

Their failure to back KJ and KT with enough funds to bid for Wilson is the one glaring mistake they have made this window.

A realistic bid for Delort and an attempt to award Sako would at least show me that they have the intent to put the Group 3 era firmly behind them..



Selly park wolf

Must admit I had my doubts re Sako at the start of last season but to be fair to him he has knuckled down and done a fantastic job since the port vale away game, when his head was turned.

Wolves must keep him if we are to push on for a consecutive promotion push and I for one will be gutted if he leaves tonight.

Hopefully if wolves can get promoted he will more than likely sign another contract with us.