Wolves working on more 'Group Three' exits

Wolves were today working to set up more ‘Group Three’ exits after Jamie O’Hara’s Molineux stay was finally ended.

Jamie O'Hara could have left Molineux a lot sooner than he did

The club confirmed last night that the remaining two years of the 27-year-old midfielder’s £20,000-plus-a-week contract had been terminated by mutual consent.

It came three years and 55 appearances after he made a £5m move to Molineux from Tottenham.

Now the club are frantically working to remove the other Group Three members – Roger Johnson, Kevin Doyle, Tongo Doumbia, Kevin Foley and Georg Margreitter – from the wage bill.

O’Hara, a pariah among fans following the club’s 2013 relegation from the Championship, has made just two substitute appearances under head coach Kenny Jackett.

And while the timing of his exit may have been a surprise, Wolves had already made it clear that his future lay away from the club.

Signed by former boss Mick McCarthy following an impressive loan spell, O’Hara was part of a team which suffered successive relegations and angered supporters with his antics as Wolves exited the second tier at Brighton in May last year.

With Jackett looking to revamp the squad when he took the reins later that month, O’Hara found himself largely surplus to requirements.

Fitness problems saw him take a three-week intensive training course in America, while he also had an unsuccessful trial at Blackpool.

His exit follows that of fellow Group Three member Stephen Ward to Burnley earlier this month.

Jackett hopes the closure of the transfer window on Monday will see more movement in that group – which still contains Roger Johnson who signed for Blues for £7m in the same summer as O’Hara.

Speaking before news of O’Hara’s release broke, Jackett said nothing was close, but revealed chief executive Jez Moxey was working frantically behind the scenes to pave the way for multiple exits.

“Hopefully by Tuesday they will have that opportunity they are all waiting for,” said the boss.

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Comments for: "Wolves working on more 'Group Three' exits"

chris h

I suspect that Steve Morgan has finally relented and agreed the club will fund negotiated deals to pay at least some of them off. Makes sense and I am sure if given a free hand Jez Moxey would have cleared the decks sometime ago and saved the club some money in the process. Pragmatism rather then principle is the best solution in this sorry situation. No doubt the club will have to pay some of these players every penny of their contractual obligations if deals cannot be brokered.

Pete old gold and black

Having watched wolves since the 50 s seen the best and worst teams can anybody beat this team. William's in goal the two backs showel and shorthouse midfield flowers Hughes (capt) clamp wright .forwards hegan (playmaker) Knowles bull wilshaw sub's finlayson Hancock's Mullen Bailey


It's good for everyone concerned that the players in Group 3 seem likely to be whittled down over the weekend. Frankly I'm more interested in the current rumour that we are trying to sign Andy Delort. I know no more than your average fan about his true capabilities but, for some inexplicable reason, I feel he is worth pursuing. I can't justify this however - but if we have scouted him properly, I'd put my faith in Thelwell, KJ, etc. to make the right decision. Charlton seem to be dropping out of the equation but Wigan now have £6M from the McArthur sale, which Whelan says will be reinvested in players - and they seem very keen on Delort. You can see where I am going with this. It will probably come down to money as usual. I have nostalgic links with Wigan; my father played for them (admittedly pre WW2), but I would hope if he's worth having, the Frenchman would choose us with our better facilities and crowds than a club situated in a Rugby League town.

Hong Kong Pete

These settlements with the mentioned players do they affect the FFP Rules, if not will this allow KJ to acquire more additions to the squad in addition to the ones already being sought by Wolves.

Christ H have you any thought on this please or anyone else

Jack the Hat

Hong Kong Pete,

Incoming transfers expenses and settlements do not make any difference at this time, only at the end of the season if the books are not balanced. Just remember no more than 60% of the club wage bill against total turnover, glad to help.


Captain Mardon International

He looks like a pub league player in that picture.


I think that's a bit too complimentary.

Ritchie Wolves

I think we all new it would come down to this eventually but fair play to the club (Morgan) to bear the cost.

I also don't think we can blame anyone except the individuals (player) that have put both themselves and the club in this position through whatever went on behind the scenes in those two seasons. I have to say whatever it was it's spread throughout the football league because no one wants these players.............

Lets move on now and enjoy this new, special period for our club.

Come on.........................


I fully realise that it is not "de rigueur" to question the deciisions of "The Management", especially those of the beloved Mr.Jackett, but can anyone explain to me what Kevin Doyle has done to deserve the disgraceful treatment that he is currently receiving ? Why are we running around like headless chickens trying to sign a new striker, when we currently have an international player who cost us £7M training with the U21s. We are currently being linked with Danny Graham from Sunderland, but as his salary is reported to be £40K per week, it was said to be very unlikely that a deal could be done. Are we not already paying this amount to Kevin Doyle, so why not save the money and utilise the players that we already have ? May I also suggest that Doyle is also a better player than Graham ? Whether the "Bombed Squad" is purely an invention of the E&S or not, and even if we accept that certain members of this squad are described as "toxic", whose mere physical presence would cause disruption & disharmony amongst the 1st team squad, what had Kevin Doyle, Kevin Foley & the recently departed Stephen Ward ever done wrong ? What chances has Jackett ever given to Tongo Doumbia or Bjorn Sigurdarson, both "young & hungry" players that we paid good money for ? Is it the rule that anyone who was signed by a previous manager obviously has no skill whatsoever ? I have supported Wolves for over 50 years, attending all home games, and I think that Mr Jackett deserves most of the credit for the glories of last season in a very poor division. In the Express & Star this week, one of his strengths was described as " having no favourites" (If only we could have said that of Mick McCarthy), but what he does have is tunnel vision, unable to see fully what he has around him.

Black Country Wanderer

Im afraid old bean it is you that have tunnel vision if you cant see what Doyle, Ward, Johnson and Henry did wrong

They were the clique that refused to play for SS,the toxic dressing room mob that all but destroyed the club and has taken 3 years to put right,at least Doyle had the guts to publicly admit his mistakes,more than can be said of the others

I agree that Doumbia Siggy and Foley have been unfairly treated,even if your face doesnt fit,being exiled to a third squad,we dont use bomb squad now,is not exactly fair on guys who have done nothing wrong, other than not fitting in with the current coaches plans

He still plays Sako, Stears, Ikeme, Price, Edwards, Doherty, so your being a little unfair with your comments there

KJ has had a difficult job to do,and, imo, worked wonders on and off the pitch

He has put the pride back into a once disjointed and fractured club, devoid of respect for the team, the management,and even the fans themselves

Yes its still a work in progress and there will be downs, aswell as ups along the way,but we have a manager who knows what he wants, where he wants to be, and how he wants to do it

It will take time and patience,i dont expect, or particularly want, to go up this time, another year of building wont hurt at all

I do however think KJ is the man to take us there,and ,hopefully ,keep us there this time.

Everyone makes mistakes,the clever people learn from them,and KJ hasnt made many so far has he?

Jack the Hat

The players you mention, whatever have they done against Jackett as most new Head Coaches wipe the slate clean when they take on a new squad just as Irvine did at Albion.


Ritchie Wolves

Spit fire, Doyle openly admitted he could not get motivated for Division 1 football, he cannot score to save his life and no one wants him. Need we say more.

Jack the Hat


But as spitfire implies ' What has Doyle done wrong '? especially towards Jackett.


Jack the Hat


What an ice cool honestly put together post, not one word can be argued against. Such honesty will bring the wrath of the Committee down on your head with venomous BAGGY taunts. May I suggest this is the post of the season to date and will take some beating.


Farmer Ted

There are a number of facts Spitfireman has got wrong, and these on subjects that have been discussed openly on Wolves' pages for many months, so he, like you, has not been concentrating. It takes a part-time agitator like yourself to totally misunderstand things that have nothing to do with you.

On a more relevant note, are all your new signings fit and ready for tomorrow's match...sorting out the valid work permits from the doctor's notes will keep Irvine busy!

Jack the Hat

Mangel Wurzel,

Spitfire is only wrong because he doesn't agree with you. You need to concentrate on the way Jackett has treated certain players and take your rose tints off. How can I agitate when your fans are saying the same things about the Bomb Squad players are they agitators too, in your eyes that is.

Do you deny Mick burnt Doyler out by playing him on his own up front week after week while Fletcher twiddled his thumbs on the bench, or have I misunderstood that?. Careful how you use your argument as it cuts both ways.

Yes, we know where the Albion squad are at and that is not in a bomb squad also what needs to be done over the transitional period as we have had so many world cup players come in, we also know it will improve as the season unfolds. Several things for sure, no dugout or advert boards will be trashed and none of our stewards will be in danger from our fans. Our new stand can wait, first things first.

No hard feelings.


Farmer Ted

JtH, Let's deal with you first.

"What has Doyle done wrong?" He was given every chance by KJ to be an integral part of his 'new' Wolves. He made 23 appearances and scored 3 goals ( in Division3 as we were so often reminded by you) Simply not good enough! He told KJ he could not get motivated by League One football and was loaned out to QPR where his record speaks for itself.

To say he was "burnt out" is just hear-say as far as you're concerned, it's not even your own opinion! Hence my remark about your post(s) being yet another attempt to stir the pond up. He was asked to do a job by his manager, a job that MANY strikers are asked to do in today's football. He's a professional athlete FGS!

Spitfire's opinions are his own and that's his right, but that's all they are, opinions. However some of them are not "only wrong because he doesn't agree with you"

Doyle is not on £40k a week and never has been, even before the relegation clause was invoked.

Sigurdarson made 18 appearances and scored 3 goals. Like Doyle he was given every chance by KJ but was a severe disappointment.

Unlike you Spitfire has the Wolves at heart and I think he has to realise that KJ sees these players day in day out and if he feels Ward, Doumbia or Foley don't fit into his plans then he has every right to let them ply their trade elsewhere.

For the record I have been critical of Wolves excluding the Group 3 players for a number of reasons, but nobody has heard the Wolves management refer to them as the Bomb Squad. If the manager wants to make them available for transfer he has every right; that, in case you haven't noticed with your nose stuck in the Wolves pages, is how football has been conducted for decades.

Farmer Ted

Spitfireman. Just a few points.

Just 'cos you've been watching Wolves for over 50 years doesn't make your opinions right.

To accuse "beloved Mr Jackett" of tunnel vision is unwarranted. He's brought in an exciting clutch of players, brought Academy youngsters through and blended them with experienced players he inherited.

All this flies in the face of the criticism you appear to have in your head.

League 1 wasn't poor, it was the same as it always has been, a lower level of football but "beloved Mr Jackett" soon got us out of that.

You've managed to stir up that twerp from down the road, I've given him my opinion but a lot of it refers to you.


Farmer Ted-As you know I do tend to agree with you on most things but not on Doyle, perhaps he did say he couldn't get motivated but as far as I'm concerned he always gave his all to us, I have to agree with Spitfireman , I think he could still do a job for us, Just my opinion..

Farmer Ted

Sue, I too rated Doyle and the part he played in Wolves Premiership 'success'.

However that's not the issue here; Jack the Twerp asked "what has Doyle done wrong?"....and it can only be viewed from Kenny Jackett's point of view. He wanted him in the squad he was building, he gave him every chance, but like Siggy, in division three he was a disappointment when he should have been a star. He just wasn't interested.


I just want Johnson gone from my club.

Karlwolves... Defend Johnson if you like, you might want to try adding some evidence in support of your argument. However don't bother posting any angry or offensive comments at people who don't like him. We're all entitled to our own opinion and I've tried to explain mine to you on numerous occasions and I don't intend doing so again.

Paul's Blade

Tongo Doumbia is going to sign for Toulouse today.

You read it here first.


thank god for that LOL

Jack the Hat


They are a big club.



spot on spitfireman


Fire Sale at the Mol!

Jack the Hat


Bang on the money, L☺Ls.



"....who signed for Blues for £7m in the same summer as O’Hara.."

O'Hara was at Blues as well was he? I must've missed that one - either that or the E&S proofreader has missed another one!

Here are some frightening figures: £20,000 x 52 weeks x 3 years = £3.12m + £5m fee = £8.12m - divided by 55 appearances (some of which were only off the bench) = £147,636 per appearance (ignoring any bonuses, agent fees etc).

Did he ever deliver one single performance worthy of that figure? Good riddance.


Against the baggies, worth every penny.

Captain Mardon International

I feel sorry for you....

Jack the Hat


Are you a member of wolves board?.


Farmer Ted

Does that question include his appearances when he was on loan and the South Bank chanted sign him up?


Wolves just made a great start to this season's campaign, the goal of which is to to restore the team (and Wolverhampton) back to where it belongs, in the Premier League .. But ... In the meantime, I truly don't understand people's obsession with "Group 3" .. What is the point? Why does it matter? How can it occupy more space, interest and discussion than what Wolves are actually doing on the field and in matches?!

I understand The E&S's interest in the story .. It gives them something to write about, that appears to be of interest, and drives "readership" .. Although you will note the omission of the word "journalism" in that sentence .. But I digress!

If Wolves and Wolverhampton want to play in the Premier League, and to be considered "Premier League" we need to focus on what is important, what matters and will actually have an effect upon our future ..

The likes of Johnson, Doyle, et al have been deemed surplus to requirements .. Which is where they belong in terms of what we should be focusing on.

By way of example, here's a novel idea (since the E&S seems to be continually bereft of 'new' things to write about) .. What about an article that discusses team selection and player performance .. To stimulate opinion and discussion of how well the team is actually doing, based on what people have actually seen ?!?!

Farmer Ted

You make a fair point T'Wulf, but I suppose we are in that silly season with the closing transfer window and I think we all know the wages of G3 are holding us back signing players we may need. This may well have a bearing on the new campaign.

Worry not, it's nearly over. O'Hara was the big worry, the rest should be sold or loaned.


£20,000 x 52 weeks x 3 years = £3.12m + £5m fee = £8.12m - divided by 55 appearances (some of which were only off the bench) = £147,636 per appearance (ignoring any bonuses, agent fees etc).

Goal against Albion... Priceless

Hong Kong Pete


Unfortunately this is football and l was trying to work what it has cost Wolves but this is only one player at the moment.

However this is now water under the bridge with this particular player and has left a bad taste in the mouth. with some supporters

l am sure all loyal supporters will forget this in time to come and support Wolves fully and what KJ is trying to achieve, let's now look to Wolves future.


Pete... I'm joking in reply to wanderers1877 earlier reply and question.

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