Wolves sell Tongo Doumbia to Toulouse

Wolves have said goodbye to another member of ‘Group Three’ after Tongo Doumbia joined Toulouse for an undisclosed fee.

Soccer - Pre Season Friendly -  Hednesford Town v Wolverhampton Wanderers XI

The 25-year-old French midfielder becomes the second outcast to leave Molineux in the space of 24 hours, following last night’s release of Jamie O’Hara.

After initially signing for Wolves on a year's loan from Rennes in July 2012, Doumbia penned a permanent four-year deal just three months later.

During his time at Wolves, the Mali international made 35 appearances in all competitions and scored two goals.

But he was one of several players deemed surplus to requirements by head coach Kenny Jackett.

After spending last season back on loan with Valenciennes, his return to France has now been made permanent.

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Comments for: "Wolves sell Tongo Doumbia to Toulouse "

old age pensioner

feel for doumbia, quality player, who could not adjust to the kick and rush of championship football and wanted too much time on the ball, good luck to him.

thats two down and just , foley,johnson,doyle margrietter to go.

that doumbia and o'hara money should give kj ome extra bargaining funds in his search for our next striker. roll on saturday, utw


AOP.. One observation....

Not sure if you've seen us play over the past 12 months, but Wolves don't play kick and rush..

All the best..



What O'hara money? He's had his contract paid up.


Good luck to him. As far as I'm aware he never did anything negative to Wolves.

glassboy baggy

Great news about getting rid of Doumbia straight after O hara .Now all you've got to do is get rid of that third waste of skin young and stupid and we'll all be happy . good luck for tomorrow by the way . Boing Boing.


I fully accept K.J.'s parameters of excluding this group of players from the future of the club, and the footballing reasons behind that decision. However, that doesn't stop me feeling a tad sorry for Tongo Doumbia, as I felt that he possessed a potential, which, had it been properly harnessed, could have been really fruitful.

However, best wishes to him for his future at Toulouse.


We never really saw it Derby'..



And another one bites the dust, as the song goes


Doumbia looked a decent player for a while but just didn't have the stamina to last 90 minutes. Apparantly he had a good season in France, and it's not too much of a surprise that he's signed for another French club.

Another one bites the dust.


Under different circumstances Tongo Doumbia could have become a valued member of the Wolves squad.It has never been made clear why he was bracketed with the "bomb squad" he was never one of the anti Solbakken dissenters,after all,why would he be,when the Dane gave him chance in English football. Tongo had all the attributes to be a success here,he undoubtedly had the technical skills needed,he has the physique to be a presence in any midfield formation and he is as they say,young and hungry,

I did think that in the early games he did play last season,he seemed to be carrying a little extra weight,and this seemed to affect his mobility,but the only reason,there can be for his exclusion is that KJ did not think he would fit into the style of play that he intended Wolves to follow.

I did see Tongo in the pre-season game at AFC Telford and he looked a lot sleeker and in the 45 minutes that he played he showed his undoubted class.

I wish Tongo well at his new club Toulouse where he will be playing in the top flight of French football. What a pity he was not able to quite make it over here.

Jack the Hat


Great post, he must have had something about him as Albion took a look at him and decided against signing him up. Two down six to go.


Orlando Wolves

Hi Jack!

Didn`t the Baggies reject Steve Bull also?

Jackett the Hat

Agree every word, I don't think he had a proper run of games though. Wish him all the best and a successful future.

Black Country Wanderer

More good news,maybe not one of the ones we all want to be rid of,but if hes not part of KJs plans, then move on,best for all

Hes done nothing wrong, and putting him in the third squad was maybe a little unfair,as it is on Siggy and Foley,but thats KJs decision, and, as long as we get a striker in soon, i for one will not argue too much

A fee and wages bill down has to be good for us,and leave room for manouvre in the market hopefully,come on KJ lets get a decent striker in now,Dacourt?


If he wanted Toulouse he should have just signed for the Albion.

I'm here all week.


Nice one Pete.

3 Points Saturday

Oh Pete, how Doumbia can you get?

Jack the Hat


Albion looked at him before wolves and decided not to buy, anymore dud jokes?. You should have said ' I'm here all weak '.

Gorra loff ay ya?.



Here's a good one.

Knock knock,

Who's there?

Someone who knows that "any more" is two words, not one.

One has to laugh, doesn't one?

glassboy baggy

IPN , why sign for the best team in the midlands, they haven't lost a game all season .( not counting friendlies young and stupid ) Boing Boing.


Yeah mate, you're off to a flyer.


Excellent news. 2 down, 6 to go. Surely Doyle, Johnson and Foley will be wanted. Boukhari is injured so he'll be with us until January. Siggy will hopefully sign a permanent contract with his loan club and Margreitter should be paid up like O Hara.


Can't believe some on here seem to think KJ didn't know all about Doumbia. He obviously knew a lot more than we did & he didn't fancy him. Not only that but I didn't see a great many clubs knocking down the doors to sign him from us! I hope he he gets the games he needs in France, good luck to him.

Jack the Hat


No body dives in to buy anything wolves want to move on, especially when they are dubbed trouble makers by the actions of there boss. Anyway he has gone to a bigger club in the top France league.


Farmer Ted

"No_body"? "there boss"? "top France league"?

Good luck with the 11plus, Jack.

old age pensioner

in other rumours ,wwfc have beaten wigan to the signature of a french striker from league 2, fc tours

Jack the Hat

old age,

That be the beach-boy pal.


Black Country Wanderer

Hope its true OAP,he looks decent,right age,and plenty time to improve

Does have a bit of Bully about him,perhaps thats why JTH keeps piping up on here,must be getting nervous of us finding another gem,its a risk but one worth taking

Kj building an attractive team,playing good football,and only getting better,a cutting edge will make us very hard to beat,so lets cross those fingers its not just paper talk


Does he loike chaisebergers?


Shame, liked the look of him when he joined! Good luck, Tongo! WWFC