Boss Kenny Jackett calls Wolves a class side

Boss Kenny Jackett today declared Wolves are a class side after they beat Cardiff 1-0 at Molineux.

Soccer-Sky Bet Championship Wolverhampton Wanderers v Cardiff City
Kenny Jackett the head coach of Wolverhampton Wanderers.

Wolves made it three wins out of three against the relegated Premier League teams after Mark Hudson’s 91st minute own goal from Kevin McDonald’s cross settled a close affair.

The third victory in four games which have all ended 1-0 lifted Wolves to fourth on nine points in the early Championship table.

And the Molineux head coach believes they already look a polished outfit.

“At times we actually did look a class side,” said the head coach.

“I don’t think we’re going to be outclassed.

“Those sides have a lot of Premier League quality with Cardiff and Norwich City further ahead of Fulham, who are a bit of a work in progress.

“Having said that we should be encouraged by it.

“Maybe we played them at a good time before they’ve got into their rhythm, but you have to play them and we haven’t looked outclassed at all.

“There are many different tests and if you want to be one of the sides that gets one of those three promotion places you have to be durable enough and adaptable enough to play against any team.

“We haven’t been outplayed by anyone and that’s a base to go from.”

Wolves could have been several goals to the good in the first half but Bakary Sako hit the inside of the post from a corner, Rajiv Van La Parra (twice), Lee Evans, Danny Batth and Matt Doherty went close.

But keeper Carl Ikeme kept Wolves in it with a fantastic save to deny substitute Kenwyne Jones from point-blank in the 85th minute after he foiled Peter Whittingham’s shot on 55.

“Scoring goals is the hardest bit and that’s the part we have to keep working on in the final third,” admitted Jackett.

“I thought in the first-half in particular we played very well and maybe surprised them.

“We should have been ahead and there was some frustration at going in level at the break.

“The second-half looked to just really be petering out and I thought we were just putting the ball into the box aimlessly at times and without any real quality.

“But in the end that’s the way the goal came.

“It just shows if you get the ball into the box more than they do into yours, then percentage-wise it will work for you.

“We showed perseverance against a Cardiff side who are very good defensively and they won’t concede many goals.

“They’re very hard to break down and it’s a very solid and experienced team.

“But from our point of view there are a lot of plusses. While we’re a work in progress and have an aspiration to improve, we will have a chance.”

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Comments for: "Boss Kenny Jackett calls Wolves a class side"

The Flying Winger

Would agree with him, we are a class side and he has put a side together that can play football that we haven't seen for a long time.

However he needs to shartpen his act up on sub's or the good work will be undone.

We have let sides back into the game when we should have changed things.

Today we were lucky, another day we may not be!!!

Sir Billy Quiet

Today (or yesterday) we were unlucky on a number of occasions and on another day Cardiff (like Fulham) would have been well beaten.

Looking for the problems is a default position for some fans but lets just enjoy a very good team playing some great football.

The Flying Winger

We can all enjoy a very good team playing great football, however when we fail to introduce players in a timely fashion which has been the case in the last two games then one ponders why, especially with a goal scoring centre forward sitting on the bench!

We had this with McCarthy on several occasions.

We should always be looking to improve.

Chillo Wolf

I think KJ would agree with this FW - we should always be looking to improve

I'm sure he'll take your comments on board but for now lets leave it up to him ay mate!!


Spot on as usual SBQ! UTW

Adam H


Norwich - 10 men.

Fulham - Who hasn't beat them?

Cardiff - extremely lucky og.

Jackett the Hat

F.w.....with all respect mate, to say Kenny needs to sharpen up his act on the subs is slightly harsh. We've got our opinions, it's what makes footy the game it is, but the Gaffer sees these lads everyday and always comes across grounded, ambitious and in control. I know what you're saying about changing things, as fans we always try to see a 'fix' to make things better, but like me, I bet you've seen loadsa games when subs have come on and it's had a negative effect. It's a double edge sword F.W but it's a very long season where all players will be used and probably some new ones aswell....we did ride our luck admittedly , but for me, that cancels out the zero luck we had at Rotherham .

Enjoy the season, it's great to be a Wulf once more.

The Flying Winger

Jackett the Hat, you are quite correct the game is littered with sub's being used and getting it wrong, I have huge respect for Jackett for what he has achieved and it is a great time to be a Wolves supporter but we have let two sides back into the game and not used a guy who is no 9 and has scored goals with ease. We may not be so lucky next time.

Looking forward to another cracking home game.

Adam H

Zero luck ???

Fair enough maybe you did in that game but you have had all the luck in the world in the other 3 games.

Jackett the Hat

We could have a player like Anichibe, who throws himself on the floor when he feels the breath of a defender......that ain't luck, it's cheating.


great start to the season boys, making me proud, knew we would get off to a flyer, good side, promising but not a class side yet, 1-0's arent classy, derby's 5-1 or forest's 4-0 is classy, goals are classy.

in time hopefully kenny will get the forward he wants, loanwise bamford has got to be taking a move to wolves serious now, as we look a better side than middlesborough and have more points up on the board.

lets hope he signs this week and gets it over with.

feels great to be back in the champ, competing, beating ex prem clubs with there parachute payments, ha ha ha


And quite clearly a class manager.

I have read about the need for signing a striker on these posts but more important is to ensure we sign Kenny up a bit more long term- he is a top top bloke and class through and through.

colehill wolf

Bill Shankly was once asked about boring Liverpool winning 1-0 frequently he said I would take 1-0 every game if he could because it meant them winning. It would seem that it is getting like that for us except of course we have not been boring but I to will take 1-0 wins every week if we can but of course it ain't going to happen so I would be far happier if we were scoring goals more freely however I am like all Wolves fans chuffed to bits with how it is going 4th after 4 games and best defence in the league before the season started I think we all would have taken that UTW

Adam H

Please don't tell me you're comparing yourselves to Liverpool?

Champions league next maybe?

Yawn .....

Mid Wales wolf

The Kj project remains on track....yet again a really good performance with football of very high quality. Creating chances for fun....need to put a few away but it will come. Everyone played well, except Sako who I thought was well below his best and it would be difficult to name a man of the match. Well to all, you were a pleasure to watch...bring on Blackburn.

A great start no doubt about it. Well organised, all know their jobs, are comfortable with the ball, play attractive football, disciplined in defence and quick on the break. Many tests to come, obviously need a goalscorer, but it is all very promising. Much credit must go to Kenny Jackett and the rest of the coaching staff.

youngand hungry

That's because we are Kenny .

Adam H



Ritchie Wolves

This fella (jacket) ouses class, I have watched my side play such top class football today and with another frontman watch us go.

The night in shinning armour today was evens, boy did he look big with Maka in midfield...

Sedgley Slayer

Spot on Ritchie. Lee Evans was outstanding today (probably his best performance) and he and KMac ran the show.

KJ has got us playing the best football that I have seen a Wolves team play in my 20 years of being a season ticket holder.


Cookley Wolf

Once again, a great passing and possession based game which for the third time in four games has seen us look a better footballing side than all of the three ex-premier league sides. Once again we have all gone home happy and with three points - BUT - once again we really didn't look like scoring at all. In fact with 5 minutes to go I don't think their keeper had made a single save.

Don't get me wrong: I couldn't be happier with the performances and with what Jackett has achieved in such a short time. But I do have a slight concern that he seems to be displaying a McCarthy-esque tendency for stubbornness in certain regards - namely concerning Leon Clarke. What exactly does the guy have to do to get a game now - or even a subs appearance?

I know pre-season friendlies are not the same as the real thing, but Leon was scoring for fun before the season started. All the possession and dominance will count for nothing if we can't put the ball in the opposition's net. No one else has looked like doing it so why not give him a go before wasting money on a potential panic signing like Danny Graham (Cost Sunderland £6 million and they only played him 13 times with no goals scored before loaning him out ever since). If Clarke isn't good enough fine, but how will we ever know unless Kenny plays him?

I'm happy to trust Kenny's judgement because so far he hasn't got a thing wrong, but we all know that today the only difference between 3 points and 1 point was a desperately unlucky own goal. Our performance in general fully deserved the win today but after 4 games we have only scored one more goal than Fulham - and look where they are!


Ease up Cookley - I think its not fair to put KJ in the same sentence as MM - they are entirely different breeds of manager- no disrespect to MM but KJ is where its at right now in terms of how the game should be played - I think the fast paced counter attacking play is the current modus operandi and we are fully equipped for that style.

Lady luck evens herself out in football and in life- we conceded a goal against Rotherham last week that was unfortunate - today we saw that balanced out in another dominant display. A point today and three at Rotherham would have been fair but we have one less so lets not worry about todays lucky break - you make your own luck.

Get behind Kenny he knows what he's doing!

Pembrokeshire Wolf

You make some good points, Cookley, and I fully endorse all the accolades that are going the way of Kenny. However, when you say that " so far he hasn't got a thing wrong", I would argue that the exception to that was the signing of Clarke. Nobody would be more pleased than I to see Leon banging in the goals for us, but I think he HAS had his chance and he does not seem up to the job.

I think the striker we missed out on (as well as Woood) is that guy Forest bought from Peterbro (Assambolonga?). I think Forset did well also in taking Chris Burke, although I admit we're well placed when it comes to wingers. Fine player, though, Burke - never understood why Cardiff let him go


Sometimes a bigger fella like Clarke is an easier player to mark in a game for the defender. He hasn't the pace of Dicko or his low centre of gravity that makes him a nightmare for defenders to tie down. I don't think KJ fancies them together, not the way the team are performing right now. Who do you drop? I don't think Clarke is that good a player in the air either, unlike maybe Graham. As for coming off the bench, that can have a negative effect as well as a positive one at times. Disrupting the flow of the team or even easing pressure on the opposition defence if systems are changed. As of yet, KJ has called it right. We have won against the three promoted teams & the game we lost at Rotherham was a game we dominated & should have won easily really with the chances we created. That wasn't a striker problem, that was a finishing problem with a number of players mis-firing in front of goal, midfield, wingers & defenders. That will get better, I'm sure, as the confidence grows & players become sharper.

whitmore wolf

The teams that play a partnership up front especially in the premiership are very few, the only successful team that played this way last season was Liverpool but then that remains to be seen with Suares gone.

Clarke is better when playing up front as a partnership which was the case at Coventry, we dominated midfield yesterday because of the 3 central midfielders, so with the present system in place you can't see him getting a look in. Whoever KJ gets in will have the same problem when playing up front, he will be playing with his back to goal as Dicko played yesterday, (Doyle before). Yesterday and the previous games we are getting the crosses in with only Dicko in there. He was well marshaled by Cardiff's 2 central defenders yesterday. UTW


Saw the Norwich game from a bar in Crete, listened intently to Fulham in midweek and back to my normal seat at the Golden a Palace today. I was very impressed. VLP in the flesh was awesome, McDonald, Bath, Doherty and Goldbourne very comfortable at this level. Stearman read the game superbly and man of the match was Evans. He was superb today, pinpoint accurate passes, confidence on the ball. He was quality I didn't think he had in him.

A 20+ striker a bit of strength in depth and a slice of luck and we will be there or genre abouts.

Kenny Jackett is a Wolves hero.


Saw the Norwich game from a bar in Crete, listened intently to Fulham in midweek and back to my normal seat at the Golden a Palace today. I was very impressed. VLP in the flesh was awesome, McDonald, Bath, Doherty and Goldbourne very comfortable at this level. Stearman read the game superbly and man of the match was Evans. He was superb today, pinpoint accurate passes, confidence on the ball. He was quality I didn't think he had in him.

A 20+ striker a bit of strength in depth and a slice of luck and we will be there or there abouts.

Kenny Jackett is a Wolves hero.


"One nil to Wolves." That has a nice ring to it, wouldn't you say?

Seriously, we are damn lucky to have Kenny Jackett evolving before our eyes, into a better manager (head coach!) than when he came to us. He needed to take a step up in his career. He took his chance with a club of some historical stature and the real potential to rebuild itself in a manner that is befitting of its overall structure.

Right now, Mr. Jackett is going from strength to strength as Wolves lead man. Here's to his future success and that of Wolves. The table is being set for a promising future for all.


At the risk of repeating myself, I firmly believe KJ will prove to be the best manager this club has seen since Cullis. And given that the game is a very different specimen today, probably the best of this very modern era.....I just wish he had more funds to draw on.

Delighted with (but not getting carried away by) results at this early stage. 3 wins against ex-Prem. squads is a fantastic start, no arguments there. Still, with the lack of goals, I'm a little perplexed as to why Clarke isn't getting a look in, at least as sub.

In Kenny we trust, for sure, but as we're up close to 70% possession in the last few games yet so few goals to show for it, surely he's worth a run out. Perhaps there are circumstances we're presently unaware of? I just hope it's not 'personality' issues.


Keepsake, I agree with what you say and I too see a great future for Kenny as long as he gets the backing of the owner.

My only concern is that if Kenny keeps on with his rate of progress and does become our best manager since Cullis, is that he will get poached by one of today's big clubs.

Everybody has a price on their head and the better they are at their jobs the more people from other clubs will want them.....

Which explains why Moxey has been at Wolves for 14 years.....

old golds worth more

Agree about KJ, you only have to take Brendan Rodgers as an example. He managed Watford, Reading (failed miserably there though) and then Swansea (where he, like KJ is doing now, did wonderous things for the club) and was soon snapped up by a bigger club. On our footballing front, I am delighted with those three wins against the relegated premiership sides, as I thought you couldn't really get a tougher start to the season then that. But we have proved we can live with these teams quite as it turns out easily. It would be far more easy though if we could only just find and sign that elusive striker, who would turn our early superiority into goals and kill some of these teams off. As it is, if you can't convert that dominance into goals then there is always the chance that the other team will score (as we saw at Rotherham). I'm having to wear gloves, as my fingernails can only take so much chewing!


If double relegation gets you noticed {for all the wrong reasons} then double promotion is doubly true! Both club and manager seem content with their rolling contract arrangement but I'd feel a lot happier if we tied him up long-term.

If we do achieve promotion this season (still quite the ask), surely Morgan will want to show his appreciation w/ a long-term deal.

Kenny is building something special here and I'd like to think (& do believe) he'll want to see it through. But if London comes calling at some point, will it draw him back?

3 Points Saturday

Seattle try GO ing FIRST ROW dot EU. it works well for me here in Espana. Sorry if it's cryptic but this is my third attempt at getting past the censors!


Cheers, 3PS, many thanks, as I will give it a click or two! My bueno, senior. UTMW!

3 Points Saturday

If I can guide you further, please ask. I just watched Barcelona V's Elche 90 minutes undisturbed on this st


Pembrokeshire Wolf



You're more than welcome on here Crapey but try to keep the ravings to a minimum. We're altogether a more coherent bunch than what you're used to.



We are indeed rapidly becoming a class act, guided by a guy who's talents have far and away exceeded my expectations when he was appointed. Surely it's only a matter of time before the big boys come calling with an envious eye either on KJ or some of the players he has recruited. We have never been a selling club and I hope that will always be the case, but it's not going to be easy to keep this bunch together if they continue to impress. I sincerely hope that my past criticism of Mssrs Morgan and Moxey will turn out to be misplaced and as in the case of KJ their actions will return our great club to where it belongs.


Jackett the Hat

Your Moxey and Morgan criticism was probably warranted Eldervo, but I think a tiny bit of credit is due for them giving Kenny pretty much a blank canvass to work with. I'm no fan of Jez, but it would've been easy of him to want some of the more expensive players on show, hoping eventually to get offers.


A great start to the season. Who would have believed such an impressive start with wins against all relegated Premiership sides, with some ease I must add.

Evans ,Stearman and Macdonald all excellent yesterday, but credit to all the players who put in a wonderful team performance. This group of players all obviously get on well together and work relentlessly for each other. We don't need a bad apple coming in to upset the team spirit - we all know what happens there.

Van La Parra - what a freebie this lad is !! Dicko is working his sock off and chasing every loose ball. We made Cardiff look very average.

I agree with the comments about the need for additional firepower up front as Dicko does need some help, BUT for me Clarke is not the answer. Some may state that he hasn't been given a chance thus far, however we have a class Manager who sees these guys day in day out and he obviously hasn't got the confidence in Clarke. Perhaps a loan striker is the answer if the board are not prepared to fork out a fee for right man. Bamford at Chelsea appears to be a decent option to me.

We need to act NOW and keep the momentum going from this excellent start


Long hard season ahead but this start is so promising!

I was pessimistic after the lack of summer transfer activity, and the tough start, but we have a great base to grow from now.

With every passing game Jacket's reputation grows, not just for this current Wolves team but also his role in building up Swansea into what they are today.


If You Dance with the Devil you get pricked by the horns....


Great quote Ram, but a little too vague to make much sense I'm afraid.


It was actually quoted to a Boggie however the post mysteriously disappeared son.

Lobo para siempre


Just watched BBC's highlights on the football League Show. What a travesty! Cardiff the only team in it, according to them!

The Flying Winger

Agreed I thought the coverage for us was poor, this has happened many times.

Ye Olde South Bank

Same feelings here, mate....are they sure they were at the same match?

Wolves should have had it in the bag by half-time. The goal may have been fortunate, but, on balance, the victory was deserved...especially after our first-half showing.

3 Points Saturday

More importantly YOSB WE know we were at the Right game. What a great feeling to be winning again, & with a class act to boot. A man could even die happy at this point in time except that the future looks even brighter and I mighte to wear shades!


I couldn't believe the highlights shown on the BBC's Football League show, I don't think it showed our dominance of the game, or any of our chances..

And to cap it all, the reporter who interviewed Ole Gunnar Solskjaer stated that Cardiff didn't deserve to lose it!!

I must have been at a different game!!



OMG - Just seen the highlights of our game on the Football League Show !! This was never a true reflection of the game.

The interviewer comments to Solskjar " how did you lose that game " with the response from Ole "glad you said that"

Were they at the same match ? We outplayed Cardiff, particularly in the first half with 68 % possession and should have been out of sight by half time. An additional striker is required to help Dicko out. Clarkey is not the answer, Kenny sees him in training as hasn't got faith in him


Just enlarge on that caustic remark, my Baggie lad


Best footballing side seen at the Molineux in decades and still work in progress, blimey. More craft and ruthlessness is required in the play in the final third, but what a start.

The club were right to seek a new playing direction after the failure of McCarthy to establish the club in the Premiership after 3 seasons, but were reckless in their choice of replacement managers.

Thankfully KJ has fulfilled expectations and proved more than a safe pair of hands. His decision to dump McCarthy's highly paid flops at the start of last season and base the squad on home grown talent has been thoroughly vindicated. His talented signings have continued to improve the squad.

Out of darkness cometh light.

Sir Billy Quiet

Mangers like Kenny Jackett (and Mick McCarthy) are much under rated in this country. Wolves paid the price with the 'gambling' appointments made after MM was sacked.

I just hope that when KJ hits a sticky patch or struggles when we are back in the Premiership the fans and club remember the mistakes of the past...................

Jackett the Hat

Good old Mick seems to be carrying on with his success rate in local derbys !

Old Wulfrunian

Good call. Berra gave away a completely needless corner and then played the Norwich scorer Grabban onside when he slipped during the resultant goalmouth scramble.


I saw that East Anglian derby, too, and it made me realize just how time has flown by so fast since 2012. Mick's tractor boys team looked like a Model A compared to what Kenny has manufactured at Wolves, such as a modern, smooth running, efficient sports all-terrain type vehicle that has a good long time warranty to back it up. Definitely a car that one hopes is designed to handle the twists, curves, ups and downs of the Championship!

chris h

Old Wulfrunian, A bit unfair on Christophe. He scored both goals for them in midweek to earn Ipswich a draw. He is a perfectly decent defender at Championship level, but not as good as Batth and Stearman, in my opinion who were both excellent on Saturday.


I know this despite managing the biggest clubs concerned in said derbys. Thanks for the back handed compliment Jackett. Even you are begining to realise.

Jackett the Hat

Don't mind paying you a compliment old pal, after all, you lot need to feel good bout something !


I know our rivals the Villa still 2 points in front of us. Early days as they say though. The middle of May is when it counts not now. The purple hoardes and their team were top dogs in West Midlands last season but hopefully not this season eh Jackett?

Jackett the Hat

Personally kid, I'd rather have the Villa up there than you lot, I mean at least they got some identity and do admit to bein Brummies.


Of course you would. As i have said before i know of half a dozen Wolves fans who supported Villa in the mid 80s. To be fair only one stuck with the Villa. The others changed back once Wolves got back into old second division. Nothing like loyalty eh? This is why i find it very difficult to get to upset by anything a Wolves "supporter" may say or do. After all they may be supporters of another club tomorrow. This is another reason why Villa will always be our real rivals. If you think that is because we are a Birmingham club so be it. But even you know that West Bromwich town is in the black country whereas Wolverhampton city is not. I myself am a black country man born and bred in Cradley are you?


Fantastic and vaulable 3 points against a side who will be there abouts at the seasons end. Could prove to be a six pointer.

Not sure of Clarke's role.


I fear putting the cart before the horse and don't want us to be overly successful this season because if we did go up the confidence that is being built up will be absolutely destroyed in the premiership (Burnley, Leicester and QPR have one point between them). Better that we consolidate this year and go all out next season. However on top of that some serious investment will be required.....................

Ye Olde South Bank

It's never wise to get too carried away, especially so early in the season (a message KJ will doubtless be hammering home), but you can't help getting excited by what we're seeing develop. This must be the most attractive, smooth, well drilled, easy-on-the-eye, incisive football we've seen from a Wolves side in many a year, and you can bet that the team will only get better as the season progresses. Everyone seems to know their job and confidence is there for all to see. Great omens indeed.

There's much talk about finding our shooting boots and bringing in that all-important striker, but, as another fan pointed out, it's retaining Kenny Jackett's services that could well prove even more important. Without a shadow of a doubt, Steve Morgan must be mega-impressed by what's taken place in so short a space of time....I certainly know I am, and so too, it's clear, are most fans.

My message to the Wolverhampton public is simple: get your backsides down Molineux and watch an inspiring Wolves team that deserves to play in front of full houses. It's a revolution in the making and, if you aint yet seen them play, you don't know what you're missing!

No question, Kenny: this IS a class side in the making. UTW.

Jackett the Hat

Great post our kid....


Having seen 3 of the 4 games so far . I am delighted with WW progress. What a great fluid, passing side bwe are. Having played the 3 relegated teams so far and looked very impressive we could have an excellent season. We now know players can play at this level and that we have a system of passing play that will cause difficulties to many teams. There is lots more to come from Van La Parra (I hope ) if he has more than a step over! I think Evans has really come on. Crunching tackles and raking passes. His confidence is growing. I would like to so WW have more attempts on goal per game... you have to be in it to win it. Good solid defense and a great system. Well done KJ and the lads.


1-0 to the Wanderers, 1-0 to the Wanderers, 1-0 to the Wandererssssssssssssss.......Good start but not overly convinced with our up front options if injury affects Dicko

Cornish Wolf

A really exciting start to the season.

Three wins out of four, especially considering that they were against the teams relegated last season.

Makes great reading and must be making other teams and their managers we play soon feel a pang of trepidation at meeting us. KJ is proving to be a bit of a Svengali with his handling of the players.

As much as the results have gone our way, and several of the posts mention the lack of goals, do remember that we have as yet only conceded One goal against. This level of defence if carried forward further through the season will prove to be as important as goals scored.

Up The Wolves


I agree with KJ, we are becoming a class side and the best thing about it is we are a young side who are only going to get better. A few weeks ago some of you were commenting on our tough start to the season, and we could struggle to get points and be near the bottom of the table after 5 games. Well this time next week we could have 12 points out of 15, will that shut you doubting effers up and get you supporting the club properly, the way the players deserve. COME ON WOLVES.


saturday was my first visit to Wolves since 1970,s Richards and Dougan era. It was brilliant, the wolves composure on the ball was a revelation, and ime inclined to agree, they are class, but a class without a striker. I feel scoring goals will be a problem against defences as good as Cardiff forest and derby. Cant wait to go again, but its a long way from Bedford, at 77 years.


A great start to the season.Well done Wolves!Let's keep both feet firmly on the ground though.There is a long way to go and there are some good sides in the Championship.The first objective must be c50 points to ensure safety.Let's see how things are after that.

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