Three months out for Wolves' Razak Boukari

Luckless Wolves winger Razak Boukari is set to be out for another three months.

Razak Boukari
Razak Boukari

Boukari has undergone an operation to repair the torn hamstring he sustained against AFC Telford United in his first pre-season friendly, after it was initially thought he would be out for six weeks.

Wolves head of medical Phil Hayward said: “Rather than be a straightforward hamstring injury, it’s actually a tear to the connective tissue between two of the hamstring muscles.

“Where a normal hamstring tear would be expected to heal within four to six weeks depending on the severity of it, this won’t heal on its own without surgery.

“It’s going to be three months following surgery before he’s back in training again.

“We’ve asked if it’s something he’s particularly prone to and the surgeon doesn’t think so.

“He thinks it’s just an unfortunate situation and it’s very unlucky the same injury’s occurred twice with the same player.”

Meanwhile, Tommy Rowe is set to play part of a behind-closed-doors friendly at Compton today but could yet figure on the bench against Cardiff tomorrow.

“He could be sub tomorrow but I’m thinking he would be best served by perhaps playing 90 minutes,” said head coach Kenny Jackett.

“We’ve got the luxury of giving him a bit more time but importantly some match practice.

“It’s still his pre-season, so you wouldn’t throw somebody into a league game after just one half of a game.”

Rowe made a 45-minute comeback from a broken metatarsal in the Under-21s against Albion Under-21s on Monday.

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Comments for: "Three months out for Wolves' Razak Boukari"


Been a crock since he arrived, more injury prone than Dave Edwards! Shame for the bloke, came here as an exciting winger and never got a chance through injury, another one we wont get rid of this window.


I'd probably say this chap is the worst signing in the history of Wolves FC..

Top five:

1. Razak BouWhateverHisNameIs

2. Robert Taylor

3. Roger Johnson

4. Oleg Luznhy

5. Thomas Frankowski

As much as I dislike O'Hara he shouldn't be anywhere near this list purely as he had one decent season and scored a belter against the sh*t.

Ritchie Wolves

I would put our fitness coach (Daley) among em too


Ritchie, just checked Wiki... Mr Daley: 21 appearances in 4 seasons for us!!


Ritchie Wolves

He has to be number one for me....

Old Wulfrunian

I remember a match at Molineux where, after a long injury lay-off, Daley was brought on as a sub. He ran on to the pitch at what seemed like 90mph and in so doing picked up yet another injury! No doubt Farmer Ted or Chris h can supply the missing details.

chris h

Old Wulfrunian, It was against Millwall 1994/5, his only appearance the first season we signed him, as you say he came off the bench had one run towards the South Bank and pulled up and that was it for the season. You jogged my memory, but| I did have to look it up . I think Alex Rae played for Millwall that day.

The following season though he did make a good start. Early on we beat Derby 3- 0 and he scored plus made at least one.He played in 11 consecutive games before another injury. The thing with Daley is he was signed against medical advice and for all I am critcical of Jez Moxey's tenure, Jez would never have been daft enough to agree to that.


I remember being particularly excited to see Daly play for us the first time. I thought he was going to be absolute magic. I think I'm right here, it was a pre-season friendly at Bideford in Devon with much hype about his signing. In the event he only played a few minutes, a lot of the rest were reserves being given a game. As a young lad I was so disappointed and I NEVER got to see him play again !

My vote as no. 1 would go to.........

(Suspenseful music playing in the background as tv producers try to engender some synthetic tension in to their appalling shows of z-list celebrities making fools of themselves doing belly flops in to water or dancing out of step or falling over on the ice)............




Sir Billy Quiet

Is that in your own personal history or since the club was formed?

If its since the club was formed we must have been really unlucky with signings in the last 25 years!

Just because the bloke has been unlucky with injuries its a bit unfair to start calling him the worst player ever!



Not sure I follow.. Do you want me to apologise for not being 137 years old?

I did mean since the club was formed yeah but obviously have a better account of the last few decades.

And how would you define a bad signing other than investing millions in him and he has hardly ever touched a ball in Old Gold?

Sir Billy Quiet

I think you understand the point I was making - that claiming a player is the worst signing in clubs history is difficult because of 100 years history and, as you say, what is the definition of a bad signing?

Either way he signed for Wolves in good faith and has been both unlucky in terms of injury and also because of the transitions at the club.

Neither of which justify calling him the worst signing in the clubs history.

Do you remember any of the players signed as we slumped into the 4th division under the Bhatti's?

chris h

Sir Bill, We barely paid the milk bill under the Bhatti bros, with very few signed for a fee. About £5K for Andy Mutch and even less for Floyd Streete were good deals though. It was the ones they sold that was the problem: Tim Flowers, went on to play for England, JohnHumphries, Wayne Clarke, free transfers Kenny Hibbit and George Berry, plus a knockdown fee for Andy Gray etc

The problem with most of the list from Raiden is they cost relatively high fees and we received very little in return, They also represent and illustrate perfectly the wasted opportunities of the last 14 years. Still hopefully as Bob Dylan says' things have changed' and we won't repeat these mistakes, although of course you can never count for long term injuries.



That was just before my time bud.. I know there were a few shockers though.

Steven Mouyokolo as Chris suggested would be a good one.

Sir Billy Quiet

Chris H - take your point about the money spent but even the free transfers were a waste of money!

Lets hope things have changed but I do wonder how history is going to judge Leon Clarke..........lets hope he takes his chance when it comes.


You forgot about Eggert Jonnson..


He's one for the future........ and that ain't here yet

What about Erik Thorstveld? Retired injured without ever getting on the park

chris h

Raiden, Don't know if someone else has mentioned him or not, but what about Steven Mouyokolo ? A £2.5m reported transfer fee, 4 year contract with an option for a 5th year, 4 appearances in 3 seasons before paying him off. Just one other point, who signed all these players, numerous managers but only one well paid chief executive negotiating all the deals. At least with Mouyokolo they didn't take the option for the 5th year. If they had only matched Blues wages offer for Dann, who was McCarthy's first choice in 2009 and the player had initially expressed a preference to sign for us: then no need to waste all that money on Zubar, Mouyokolo and Johnson.


I'm sure Razak is gutted to have sustained yet another injury, but this is now getting ridiculous..

Reference some of the comments:

“We’ve asked if it’s something he’s particularly prone to and the surgeon doesn’t think so.

“He thinks it’s just an unfortunate situation and it’s very unlucky the same injury’s occurred twice with the same player.”

Hmmmm, wonder how stringent the medical check was when we originally signed him..

He's only played around 250 games in his 10 year career, and been injured for most of the time (calf and hamstring!) since 2011.

Disappointing, but I really don't think we will see him in a Wolves shirt again.. Even though he still has 2 years left on his contract!!


Ritchie Wolves

If this lad has been fit for more than a month whilst being at Wolves I'll be suprised.

Very bad buy along with Margerieter............................


So What..he aint wanted by anyone..on the plus side we might get some insurance

money so we aint got to pay him for daisy picking.

Can't help feeling sorry for Boukari. From the few glimpses I saw of him, he looked to be a decent player. However, he does seem to be dogged by injuries. Maybe he should start thinking about a career outside football. I'm not sure how long he has left on his contract, but not only will he not play again for Wolves, it's unlikely another club will want to offer him a contract.

Good news about Tommy Rowe though. I think he will be playing in the U21 match next Tuesday.


Who ever you are :o) he signed a 4 year contract in August 2012, so he's still got 2 years left with us!!

With this latest injury we are stuck with him..

I just can't see him in a Wolves shirt again, and he's gonna be a big risk to anyone coming in for him when he does come back from injury..

Only way he'll get to play again is on loan, and we'll have to subsidise his money!



StokeWolf 64 - It was my post earlier this morning. And I agree with you that we won't see him in a Wolves shirt again.

Even if Wolves were to partly subsidise his wages, I'm not sure that another club would want to have him, taking up time and effort that they could put to better use.

Perhaps the club might explore the possibility of an insurance claim, if it looks as though he will be unlikely to play any significant role (in footballing terms) in the future.


A'Dek, it would be interesting to understand how the Club can, and do protect themselves against long term injuries..

In the past I have read articles where Clubs have been paid out, but it's generally when a player has to retire through serious injury.

For players who are injury prone, I'd be surprised if we could actually buy an insurance package.. Anyone else know?



Does he hold the record at Wolves for the most time on the treatment table? or was it Tony Daley? I don't know how long he has left on his contract but it might be better to pay him up.No one is going to buy or loan him if, or if ever ,he gets fit enough to play again

Ritchie Wolves

As Stokey has pointed out above, 21 games in four seasons, got to be the worst and now he has turned poacher to game keeper.

As above, worst I know?


What a nightmare for this guy? He barely played before getting a long term injury, got put in Group 3, now this? He never really got a chance to prove himself. He must regret signing. Same for Dounbia, who was a revelation for 5 minutes until his stamina ran out. We can argue all we like about group 3 but KJ has the guts to do the difficult thing if he thinks it is right

Victor Ludorum

What is it with Wolves and being terrible at diagnosing injuries? This injury could and should have been picked up straight away. They have guessed the injury, waited the 6 weeks they would say it would take to heal, and when it didn't only then did they do what they should have done first time around.

Heads should roll.


You just feel so desperately sorry for him on a personal level. it's not his fault he is so injury-prone. However, football is also business these days - can’t Wolves claim on their insurance policy?


Crywolf, I was thinking that myself, and I suppose it depends on what we have in terms of insurance..

In the past clubs claimed if the player had to pack the game in due to injury.. I'm not sure if Wolves could get a policy just to cover injuries that are not career threatening..

I think we are stuck with him for now.



Another debt we cannot get rid of. No club wanted him before this latest injury but I think it is time to buy his contract out. It cannot be too much surely.


Razak is indeed one very unlucky player. A check on Wikipedia reveals that he had had injury problems of some sort in France, before he signed for us, and of course we know how things have panned out for him since. In between times, he has clearly shown promise and yet with this latest lay-off, it is difficult to see where or when his next move will be. It will be a case of helping him back to fitness and then, hopefully, another loan. When he is fit again, I can't see a club signing him permanently until he can prove that he has come through his injury woes. He is not part of KJ's plans and I believe his contract runs until 2016. Putting aside the conundrum this puts the club into, you've got to feel really sorry for the guy.

Ritchie Wolves

Not seen him play and come the think about it nor has anyone else however, this guy was the one to watch apparently, even better than Sako but sadly he has struggled with fitness.

Yeh it is a shame and some will say he's getting paid but I have no doubt he came to England to make a name for himself and to make things worse we have put him in the waster group. Jacket should not have done that me thinks.........

Good luck to him..............


Ritchie - I certainly remember seeing him play at least once at Molineux. He lasted about 10-15 minutes before being substituted. Think I might have also seen him play in a cup match.

chris h

Didn't he get clogged and helped off the pitch in the first few minutes of his debut at Mol against Sheff Weds, and that is all we have seen of him.

Chris H - I think the match you refer to was the one I remember. But I thought there was at least one other match he played in. Perhaps not.

Farmer Ted

I think he played in a League Cup match at Northampton along with Magrietter and Sako.


FT - I think you're right, it was the Northampton match I was thinking of.

Jackett the Hat

We wudda been better off signing the biscuit boy off the Cravendale advert.


We didn't often miss an opportunity like that pre-Jackett.

The Flying Winger

Shame for the lad, the worst thing that can happen to any player is a long lay off.

Shame for the club as it's another player who probably wouldn't have figured in the plans but will be around for a couple of seasons, no doubt there is some sort of insurance that the club will call in.

Hope he recovers and can have a useful career in the future.

worcesterwolf wr5

comes from the same cloth as neil masters and Adrian Williams both regulars..if this was you at employment you would

have been down the road yonks ago.................hes actually on zero hours for us as apearances



Such a shame for all parties. He's been so injury prone it will be really hard to get rid of him. Hopefully wolves can recoup some of the money through insurance


So many of you on our site the last two days reference signings, I take it you've made some, or do you just come over to try and join in to remember what its like to have a discussion about signings? I hear that Sammy chung maybe coming back, with the Bhatti Brothers, is this a rumour

Farmer Ted

Wow...the piercing satire...and so original. He's a professional.

Look out for the credits next time Keith Harris and Orville appear on Mock The Week


Albion already have ;-)


This isn't even news. "Razak Boukari completes a training session unscathed" would have been news.

Ritchie Wolves

Guys, as penhaze says,daley came on in his debut, ran up the wing once and that was it, Villa made a million... worst ever..

Worst ever? Possibly, Ritchie....but I think he's eclipsed by Robert Taylor, if we're talking value for money, or pound for £.

Taylor cost around £1.5m yet made less than a dozen appearances, as I recall, and didn't even score?

Tony has always struck me as a lovely bloke (so no disrespect intended), but when he became our Fitness Coach, the sheer irony of the appointment somehow seemed to escape our club.

Only at the Wolves, eh? ;-)