Wolves boss Kenny Jackett may turn to loans

Boss Kenny Jackett today admitted Wolves may turn to the loan market to land a striker.

Soccer - Pre Season Friendly -  Oxord United v Wolverhampton Wanderers
Kenny Jackett

The Molineux head coach has seen moves for Leicester’s Chris Wood and Crewe’s Max Clayton hit the buffers recently.

Jackett looks like having to wait for Wood after Wolves failed to agree a move for the 22 year-old, who rescued a 2-2 draw for Leicester against Everton on Saturday.

He now says their pursuit of Clayton is “in the long grass” after declaring a “big difference” in the clubs’ valuations for the 20-year-old and retains an interest in Chelsea’s Patrick Bamford.

“Sometimes you can take a player on loan, have a look at him and convert it to a permanent if he does well,” said the boss.

“It’s something we’ll use if we need to. If we can add before the transfer window shuts we will, but it doesn’t suddenly stop there.

“Wood scored on Saturday but it’s unlikely we’ll sign Max Clayton because we haven’t agreed a fee.

“I wouldn’t say it’s dead because if there’s a re-adjustment then fine but at the moment it’s in the long grass.

“There’s a big difference between the clubs.”

Jackett also dismissed speculation linking Wolves with a loan move for Tottenham’s 21-year-old striker Harry Kane, who set up Eric Dier’s winner at West Ham on Saturday.

Kane has still played more football for Jackett’s Millwall than any of his five clubs after scoring seven goals in 21 games to win the Lions’ Young Player of the Year in 2011-12.

But a temporary switch to Molineux looks unlikely.

“He’s just signed a new contract and he’s playing for Tottenham,” said the boss.

“He’s not someone we’ve approached and I couldn’t see Harry Kane coming into the Championship.”

Jackett insists everything is being done to make signings but stressed they must be better than the current players.

“We have competed for players but we haven’t got many of them,” he said.

“There’s no policy not to sign players; if we could have and if we can in the future sign players to improve us, we will.

“It’s not as if there’s been nothing going on in the background.

“We’ll see how frustrating it is. It’s really important we sign players to make a difference.

“Wolves is a big club that demands good players.

“Also there are big decisions on personnel: Who can do it this season and who can’t?”

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Comments for: "Wolves boss Kenny Jackett may turn to loans"


Im suprised we havn't made a move for Bamford, what's the worst that could happen? C'mon Wolves sign a striker, anyone! my grampa is a free agent, and still has an old leather pair of football boots.


same here, its a joke, most of the decent loan players already have clubs, stupid late call by the manager and board, missed out on a few gems who have gone to other teams in the champ and league one now.

cant be messing about this time of the season, got til sept 1st 11pm to bring in a few, we dont want the best of the rest loan players no thanks.


That's it rhys, sounding desperste on your thread, but come gobbing of on ours lol


Desperate, I was laffing so much, you don't arf soud different on here, whats up?

Ritchie Wolves

Here we go again, round two, ding ding! Buxtonion keep the glooves on today and don't let the moaners grind you down old chap!!!


Never seen that one coming!!

Keep up the good work jezza

Boing boing!!!!

Ritchie Wolves

Hey Albion, your best player in recent years was on loan from Chelsea and Everton nabbed him off you last season because you lot were to tight to buy him. kettle and frying pan me thinks...........................




Emmmmm slightly different.

5th year in prem! lakaku as been signed for 28millon ( even more money than the bomb squad have had off ya)

Your bottom of the championship no lakakus are ever going to come to you! So forget that one!

So please stop talking like you are the same as us. your about 10 years behind and have been relegated twice in 2 years.

Both clubs have a completely different outlook these days We have made money the last 10years you lot are still losing it.


Wake up dingles!


very cocky considering youve gone backwards over your 5 year stay and finished 17th last season by a point, you are the whipping boys and are in for another testing year in the prem. with an unexperienced manager.

jittery again on saturday against sunderland, 2-1 up and you threw 2 points away AGAIN, just like last season all over its comical defending , very jittery no confidence in your defence, didnt see games out, almost went down, saved by chelses beating norwich otherwise you would have been down.

saved by another club, dont even deserve to be in the prem.

youve sacked your manager countless times, or they have left for greener pastures, and noone wanted to manage you, what happened to sherwood?

said it wasnt big enough for him, hmmmm well hes fine talking about the palace job on goals on sunday, hmmm, very fishy, youve been in prem for 5years, palace for 1yr and he wants to go there? says a lot doesnt it. I know he lives down there, but says your club doesnt have enough pull for the top managers.

the fact palace are way better of a side than you lot are. And proved it by turning liverpool over last season.

Jackett the Hat

Third most successful English club ever....you wouldn't scrape third in the midlands.

Ritchie Wolves

Albion son! I'm proud to say I'm the son of a Durham coal miner just the same as I'm proud to be a Wolves fan of 48 years. Therefore I don't mind you guy's doing ok (just about keeping your head above water) therefore do not call me a dingle.

Furthermore, coming on here stating the obvious and being smug is low class.

Next time you speak to me I will accept your appologies young man.............


He has no chance of signing anyone with the loan window very near.

Moxey has got Jackett by the goolies.



Them 2 idiots are wrecking your club mate.


“We have competed for players but we haven’t got many of them,” he said.

There is a difference between being in a competition and really competing. Competing requires a will to win, it means making an effort not passively watching the world go by and then saying "oh dear we didn't win.." This is becoming a fairly tedious refrain from the Mol.


No suprise Moxey wont sanction any deals unless its a rock bottom price after Wolves fans have backed the team to the hilt with record crowds last season the Wolves management are unwilling to do the same lack of ambition in the extreme.

Captain Mardon International

Nowt wrong with the loan market, it's worked for us over the years.

Ritchie Wolves

Did'nt James Henry come on loan last season, Kenny Miller did, Frimpong another, and loads of others that we could list as good examples of loaning players is the best answer if you cannot buy a player.

Stoke have done it for donkey's years and stayed in the premiership.

Agreed captain. Nowt wrong with it...


sure jacobs was on loan from derby aswell, same with henry yes mate, with a view to sign, 2 bargains.

theres tons of players who do well out on loan, just annoyed with the late decision by wolves, its a little late now i think as most the decent loan players have moved to clubs already, we have missed out on a ton of skillfull young players from prem, who could have done us a job.

very p@££££2 of with the board today, late call in a fight


Is that how you keep afloat Corporal. Hope the bank doesn't foreclose on you then!!!!


Different year, different division, different manager..Same old crap.

Nothing to be excited about with Wolves for the forseeable future and will be in no rush to go out and have Moxey pocket my hard earned money.

Bored of the lies now.

old golds worth more

Quote from the article - “Wolves is a big club that demands good players."

Now big clubs do get good players, but the difference between us and them seems to be, that Wolves don't like paying for them anymore! I'm sorry, but in the PRESENT context of things (we can't keep living on past glories) that quote should have said "Wolves is a club that demands good players"! We may well demand good players, but as we have already seen during this transfer window, as long as we don't have to pay much for them and or pay them to much either. When it comes to big clubs, we are not (literally) even in the same league as them! It pains me to say it but, we are only a big club when compared to most (but not all) of those other clubs that are outside the Premiership, but certainly not when compared to the likes of Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, Tottenham, Newcastle, Manchester United and Manchester City whom we haven't got a hope in hell of competting with in the transfer markets. So, I'm sorry, but the word "Big" only refers to our past history and glories. To be considered big these days you have to have a billionaire owner who sanctions tens of millions in transfer fee's, just like those teams (and many others in the Premier league) mentioned above. To further put things into context, our record signing is somewhere in the region of £7 million, whereas Everton (who in recent years were pleading poverty) have just spent £28 million on a striker. Even the Baggies have just spent £10 million on a striker, so "Big", I don't think so.

Ritchie Wolves

yep and most of us older fans know that, trouble is some don't recognise it Olden.....

old golds worth more

You are right Ritchie, I have followed the Wolves for well over 50 years, and the last time you could really call us big was in the 60's and the early 70's. The last "Big" (as it was then) trophy we won was the League Cup 34 years ago in 1980, but we as a club were already a club on the wane by then, (with as we all know now), much worse still to come.

chris h

Me too, over 50 years, season after season for the last quarter of a century hoping at least we can one day re establish the club back on the BIG stage ie just like West Brom and Stoke have achieved. Opportunity after opportunity has been wasted, mainly due to poor decision making at Board level. EG Spending £20m on a new stand with a dodgy roof, just at the opportune time when we needed two or three Premier quality players so we could survive a 3rd, 4th and 5th season in the Premier. That would have earned the club an extra £180m. Then we would be able to compete for signing new players. As it is, it appears we now cannot compete with the likes of Bournemouth. Heaven help us when the parachute money runs out the season after next. Old Gold and Ritchie, I think all Wolves fans know where we are ( and most that I have spoken to know the reasons why), it is where we are heading that is the question. No longer a big club, but are we getting smaller year on year, is it a question of ever decreasing circles?

Ritchie Wolves

Sadly Chris I cannot argue but the point is we're not a big club anymore and until we get a multi billionaire we are exactly where we are and yes it hurts to see where Stoke and Albion are in comparison to ourselves.

Notwithstanding that and because we're skint we have to do it the way Southampton have done it to stand a chance of getting in the prem. And then we would have to pray to stay there. Reality i'm afraid.


50 years do i get a gold and black medal,more to the point that 20 million you would have given to Big Mick to spend do you honestly believe he would have spent it wisely,but that stand you deride gives us a better chance to survive next time in the premiership,more crowds more money comming in i honestly believ that in Kenny we have found a manager wo when he gets us promoted will keep us there.


sorry about spelling i am beginning to rely more on the spell checker.

chris h

Baz, How many times does it have to be spelt out. McCarthy only rarely was able to sign his priority targets. Like Jackett this summer , who is now looking at target no 6, so it was with Mick. Nothing wrong in many of McCarthy's targets ; Carroll, Lallana, Clyne, Gardner, Moses, Ba, Carbone. young McCarthy, Curtis Davies etc. All good targets but your patron failed to sign them, as usual.

If we get back into the Premier don't you think Morgan will want to spend the television money on building another stand. One thing is for sure if we get back into the Premier somebody will make a lot of money selling raincoats.

Jackett the Hat

Gawds sake.....it's gettin like an episode of Eastenders on ere.

Ok, we all get it, you seem to think that having a billionaire owner makes you a big club, I suppose it's how you define big in football terms. Money, money, money is all fans talk about......you've gotta get to the Prem cos you get 70 million quid.....so what ! Villa are a massive club who have been gettin these squillions for years, ask some of their fans if they're happy about fightin relegation year in year out.

If you wanna know what I think is big, come to Fulham tomorrow night and see another 2000 plus following, be in a 9000 army at Mk Dons or even take yerself back to the 60,000 who celebrated a totally insignificant Sherpa van trophy.!

Big, how about describing us a club with huge potential, how about if Kenny was to do the impossible and get us up again, you'd be on here saying we'd need a bigger ground......oops, and billionaire owner. Would you be sayin 'sorry mister Morgan we want a BIG owner, you've only got 500 million'.

Fulham have just paid 11 million for a striker, are they in your 'big' classification.....thought not !

old golds worth more

If you define big by the number of supporters a club has, then Wolves would be in the top 25 or so in England, but taking the context of the article particularly the "Wolves demands good players" part, then we clearly are not. Demanding them is one thing, paying for them is an entirely different matter. Only BIG clubs can afford the transfer fee's of those REALLY good players, so alas in that context we certainly are not BIG. As to the 60,000 who celebrated the totally insignificent Sherpa Van trophy as you put it, (where are they now on matchdays?), and how long ago was that, 1988? Past Glories brought up again, hey everybody we are a big club, don't you know we won a trophy exclusively for 3rd and 4th tier clubs back in 1988. Proud of that acheivement yes of course I am, but to suggest its another reason we are a big club is quite frankly laughable. Regarding Fulham, they ARE a bigger club then us at the moment (hopefully we will overcome that fact and beat them tonight). Enjoy your next episode of Eastenders!

Jackett the Hat

It's about definition then, yours is finance, mine is potential and history. How big is big though, Man U, Real, Barca, course not, never was and never will be, but the point is that finance alone don't make you big, if it does I'm gonna start supporting that Anzi whoever in Russia.

Like I said, it's definition .

old golds worth more

Definition is exactly the point I am making! The article is all about signing players i.e. the comment in it "Wolves is a BIG club that DEMANDS good players"! Every club in the country demands good players regardless of their size. But only the truely BIG clubs with the finances available, get the majority of the good players. So with everything about Money these days, then I'm sorry, but we are not in that respect a BIG club in my book.



I agree with most of what's being said on here today and we shouldn't be surprised we have been trying to get something for nothing for some years now. I think we have a couple of problems, Mr Moxey and Mr Morgan want to get the outcasts off the books and save the £11.7m wages before investing any more money and a possible explanation for our owners reluctance to invest could be the fact that our performance in the market so far has been questionable.

Our Academy (and I have said this before) has produced players who have been released for nothing or next to nothing they have done well elsewhere rapidly increasing their value from which we have received no benefit, Elliot Bennett sold to Brighton £30k max sold months later £1.5m, Scott Malone I think went to B'mouth for no fee 3 months later went to Milwall

old golds worth more

I watched Burnley play Chelsea last night, and it struck me as to how many of their players were ex Wolves players, because Burnley had Shackell, Jones, Kightly playing, plus of course Vokes and now Ward on their books. What does Burnley have that we don't? All those players I mentioned used to play for us (when given a chance) but didn't last to long (exception being Ward), yet they are up in the Premier division while we are not!


Mostly signed by Big Mick who than would not play them,not Moxeys fault he backed the manager.

old golds worth more

Who said anything about it being Moxeys fault? Try a manager who didn't give most of them a fair crack of the whip, probably due to the fans (certainly in his last two seasons) being almost constantly on his back. So I put it down to a combination of poor management and fickle fans.



Whoops slipped

Went to Millwall for £700k then there are others like Sam Winnall , Kyle Bennett etc.

I desperately want to see the team I have followed for well over 50 yrs do well and when I look at the likes of Swansea, Stoke establishing themselves in the Prem I ask myself why have they been able to do what we seem unable to do? There can only be one answer MANAGEMENT. As a club, be it players or management we consistently try to do things on the cheap. Well wake up Wolves! it aint gonna happen. Until we start to realise that there is no substitute for quality on and off the pitch we will continue to underachieve.

We can have all the fancy facilities in the world, facilities don't recognise talent, people do, and we need people with proven track records in that area, and a scouse accent is not a qualification. We seem prepared to spend on facilities presumably in the hope that they will show a healthy return, but when it comes to staff we seem to want to pay peanuts all the time and we know what happens then.

We are in the mess we're in now because the clubs managerial appointments have been shambolic and I include MM in that as any sensible fan could have predicted the rise and fall resulting from that appointment way before it all unfolded, and should Ipswich ever make it back to the Prem I would suggest their fate will mirror ours, just a matter of time.

My prediction for this season, if we struggle in the next game or two we will bring in someone out of desperation in the hope it will passify the fans, otherwise we will hope to carry on without spending in an attempt to get shut of the outcasts wages before we are prepared to invest further, consequently we will struggle in this division but if we can stay put I expect Messrs M & M will regard it as a successful campaign.

Oh to be a Wolves fan!!

Silver Wolf

The financial situation won't improve until the deadlegs are off the books, and that's maybe another season or two yet.

What I fear is that we think a striker will somehow do the trick. Remember, Clarke was regularly hitting the back of the net with Coventry, but as soon as he pulled on the old gold and black he couldn't score in a harem. Last year we relied heavily on Henry and Jacobs to stick a few in and this year, for the moment at any rate, they are watchers more than players.

Our general football is good, but we look vulenrable when we keep attacking with no result. It seems the team get sucked into attack mode and holes appear at the back. I'd like to see Henry and Jacobs given the start again; it just might get the 'goals for' column moving and settle everyone's nerves, mine most of all!

Ritchie Wolves

Bang on silver Wolf, those two players did the business last year and I'm afraid they would be in before Sako for me.


that would mean we would have 12 players on the pitch.

Esso Ian

We Have some excellent players at the moment and a great young squad. But there is a real possibility we could loose the next two games ahead of us given the quality of the sides we are facing. Need to go back to the side that gave us that magic season last year . Bring back Henry and Jacobs not rite they should sit on the bench we need there goals and overall input to the game .


After only two league games, supporters shouldn't be righting off our current strikers. Although Dicko and Sako should really have done far better with their chances on Saturday, they should have a chance to redeem themselves in the next couple of matches. At some point Jackett will have to assess both Clarke and McAlinden's ability to produce the goods at this level, as it's another long season.

I have expressed my opinion previously that I hope we can sign Patrick Bamford - either buy him outright (rather unlikely), or more likely, on loan. That's still a possibility, but it may not happen until after the transfer window closes. However, there could be other young strikers that we haven't heard of, that the top clubs might be willing to send out on loan.

Perhaps a greater priority just at the moment is to offload all those unwanted players. I suspect that most of them will be gone by the end of August. A reappraisal of the financial resoures can then take place and then Jackett might have a little more leeway in who he can bring in.


"After only two league games..." ...and that's the point, Albrighton, the doom merchants and nay-sayers are piling on awful early, I find.

We've been here 5 minutes and they're wittering on as if we've been cannon fodder for this league for the past 4 or 5 yrs. with their 'here we go again' attitude. With only 2 games under our belts, we're hardly at the 'we need to turn this thing around' point.

Relax, my fellow posters - like Albrighton says, it's surely a long season ahead, though not necessarily for the wrong reasons.

As I posted last week, 10 games is the minimum we need to assess. Until then, let's keep the griping down to a minimum.

However, I'm not sure I have your faith re. offloading the group 3's, Albrighton. With activity at a minimum so far, I fear they'll remain a drain for at least 1 more yr.....time will tell.

Joe 90

Kenny need not worry about having to open the Purse strings with either a crow bar or gelegnite. If I win the Lottery I will personally buy Wolves a striker AND if I get 4 numbers I will buy them a defender as well.


If occasionally paying over to get the players you need to stabilize or reach the top of the Championship, then it might be smart to do it.

Let's not be penny wise and pound foolish.


Cheap option again

When is Morgan going to sell up?

Hope the new owner's first job is to get rig of Moxey.


Bangkok. Ooooohhhhh! YES PLEASE!!!!!!!


What about Sammy Chung ?


Wolves have a history of penny-pinching and having a bargain basement mentality.On the other hand Wolves cannot compete financially with the likes of the top 8 teams in the Premier League.Manchester United and Liverpool have each spent around 90 Million Pounds on transfers.Wolves do not have that kind of money.Perhaps it is time for the rest of the teams in the Premier League and the Football


Perhaps it is time for the rest of the teams in the Premier League + teams in the Football League to cut the wealthiest 8 teams in the Premier adrift and let them fight it out between themselves.Restructure the Football League to one that is more a level playing field,pun not intended.