Wolves boss questions Boukari treatment

Kenny Jackett today questioned Wolves' treatment of injured Razak Boukari – as David Davis’ loan to Barnsley fell through.


Winger Boukari has been ruled out for six weeks after pulling a hamstring in Tuesday’s 1-1 friendly draw at AFC Telford – his comeback game after several months out.

Boukari, who cost £2.5m two years ago and is one of the eight players in the outcasts’ ‘group three’, was injured for most of his season-long loan at Sochaux.

And head coach Jackett is critical of the way the Togo international has been looked after by the club.

“To lose him so early we have to question ourselves really,” said Jackett.

“It’s a hamstring injury that will possibly be six weeks, so did we do it right with him? Sometimes it’s bad luck but what we have to do is make sure it’s not preparation.

“From that point of view we’re always looking to do better. We’re disappointed because he’s quite a talented lad, but I haven’t had the opportunity of seeing him very much.

“Over the last two seasons, whether it be with us or out on loan, he’s hardly played any games.”

Meanwhile, Davis’ loan move to Barnsley has broken down over personal terms.

“Nothing’s been agreed with Barnsley or ourselves and at present he’s still a Wolves player,” said Jackett.

“Whether Barnsley will come back in the future, I don’t know.

“It was going to be a loan deal, but it’s down to terms rather than football. They did discuss a potential sale as well, after the loan, but the basis of it was a loan and terms haven’t been agreed.

“Dave is with us and training. There’s no other interest in him at the moment.”

The midfielder won’t be involved in tomorrow’s first-team friendly at Crewe, but could be welcomed back to the squad in the future, if no one comes in for him.

“Tommy Rowe’s injured, but we’ve got Kevin McDonald, Lee Evans, Jack Price, potentially and Dave Edwards and Michael Jacobs in that area so he won’t suddenly jump into the team against Crewe, which will be a first-team fixture,” said the boss.

“If through his training he gets back in, he has a good character and a very good work ethic, so I wouldn’t hesitate to use him if I needed to.”

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Comments for: "Wolves boss questions Boukari treatment"

Sir Billy Quiet

Oh! I wonder if Mr Jackett may be looking towards our fitness department (Mr Daley) like he did with the academy team.......

His embedding himself in the club for the long term and soon any traces of MM will be long forgotten (I await the exit of Jez).

Onwards and upwards.

Farmer Ted

Daley? This was the under 21 squad. Surely Daley was with the first team at London Road. Unless he got on his bike and did the warm up at both matches.

Meanwhile at Compton Steve Hodge has been dealing with the C squad.

Jez Moxey is clearly to blame for this situation.

Sir Billy Quiet

I think you will find that Daley sets the agenda for warm ups for all squads, just because you are not actually there does mean you have no responsibility for what happens?

Again we have an article by the E&S that leaves more questions than answers - if KJ had said this to me, or you, we would have been full of questions to drive down into what he really means.

As it is the E&S stir things up again but fail to put together a proper article - headlines and sound bites.....


Hit it straight on the head the fitness problems are down to moxey


The facts from last season show a massive improvement in keeping players fit and on the pitch.


I feel for this lad, as from what I have seen he is very talented and quick. Two ingredients which really make the difference in the Championship and Prem for that matter. Real pity he is so injury prone. I hope he recovers well and gets a chance as I for one rate him highly.

Jack the Hat

Looks like it is back to the bomb squad for Davis, another club who won't pay what wolves do. The injuries are piling up and the Robust Championship hasn't started yet. The only players signed are what other clubs don't want. All this doesn't auger well for the coming season, now does it?.



Getting lonely on sandwell town site heh

Alan Buckleys f***ed it up again

Still obsessed with the bigger club down the road jack?


I agree, Jack. The injuries are piling up. We only have 24 players fit. *bites nails* maybe we should take a leaf out of albion's book. We should pay £9m for a player untested and unheard of and claim he is the best african player ever (better than toure, kanu, drogba, essien, etc) and get old players nobody wants. We all know chelsea are infallible, just look at the amazing torres. What a buy. And when the big clubs get rid of a player stating they werent up to it they are intrinsically right... like fergie was with Forlan. Top scorer in that crappy BBVA lige in Spain, a country not known for footy. Not like the great CSKA.

why hasn't someone given Jack a job in football? He knows so much. Like last season when he said WBA would finish in the top 8 and look how he was on the ball. He said WWFC would be humiliated, and he was right!!!

So, Jack off, where will WBA finish next season? And who will win ECL? Just so I know who wont win and know how low wba finish, again.

Your club are hanging by a thread and now taking big risks. They might not pay off. If they don't you lot are in a worse position than wolves. Ahaha. Rather be a division lower with a chance to build than be in your position where changing things could spell death. Ahahaha.

Jack the Hat


Now don't you get showing your jealousy pal, the big bucks are in the Premiership where Albion will play a sixth season in 15-16. You keep buying young kids who won't play in the Championship and see where they get you this season. You know I am right.


Jack the Hat


You are making up your own story as you go along I said we could finish in the top ten again and Now way I'd have said that if I'd have had a good chrystal ball. Did I say wolves would be humiliated?, check your dubious FACTS pal. Just dot this down, Albion will finish mid table and wolves will struggle against the parachute money clubs +. Now don't get twisting it around will you?.



Talking about twisting around. How is your twisted mind Jack still playing silly tricks??????????


Well spotted Jack that wolves are a big club that pay very good wages. The 10 million spent by JP to keep the fans quiet after the high profile management appointment on one is the real gamble.


I was lucky enough to see the rare event of Boukari playing, just after he joined us in a friendly at molineux, was a bright 20 minute performance before he got injured, and not seen him since.

David Davis will never earn the same again in his career as he does now at Wolves, so he needs to milk that for another year, he obviously doesn't want to take a pay cut yet before he has to.

I don't think he will ever kick a ball again for the first team.

Sir Billy Quiet

Davis is young and there is a long list of players that were 'not good enough' that still went on to have a good career.

Keith Andrews is one that springs to mind.

He needs to move to get his career on track again.

Chillo Wolf

Davis had a massive opportunity last season and, for me, didn't take his chance.

I'm sure he will go on to have a good career and i'm sure he will come back to haunt us one day - good luck to him

Also i'm positive that when he does, the usually suspects will be out in force 'why didn't we keep hold of this lad'

You can't keep em all and it's just not working for him here at present so he moves on - that's football!

Chillo Wolf

Never rated Keith Andrews tho SBQ - great first touch, not mobile enough for me

chris h

Chillo, You are right mobility is an issue with Andrews . But he can pass a ball and can strike a clean shot. He did resurrect his career after leaving us and made it to the Premier and of course scored against us in that infamous game. I felt at the time he wasn't given a fair chance at Wolves. Don't you think mobility might be an issue with Evans but again like Andrews he is a good passer of the ball and he has a good shot on him. As you say, Davis missed his chance last season, I wtll be surprised if he has as good a career as Andrews.

Chillo Wolf

I have no doubt that he will come good one day soon and have a great career but maybe not playing as high as Andrews.

As for Andrews himself, i think he was given his chance but he wasn't as good as what we had at the time, a bit like Davis. You can't accommodate all players and some will move on. And some will move on and have decent careers elsewhere. Just look at Jacobs, been fantastic for us but couldn't break into the Derby first eleven.

Good luck to Davis

As for Evans, jury is still out - if we are a club that harbours ambitions of playing in the top flight then i have my reservations. Now Price is a player that, with good management, could make it to the top ... with Wolves i hope


Boukari is the most injured player after Froggat that the Wolves have ever had.

We will never be able to sell the lad so we have O'Hara 1 and 2 now.

Absolutely incredible this lad, absolutely incredible!

Sir Billy Quiet

Harsh - Ndah, Tony Daley, Matt Murray, Wayne Hennessey are ones that instantly spring to mind to challenge for most injured player..............

Did he not play most of last season on loan?


He was on loan but didn't play as the article says.


Geoff Thomas, Corica also spring to mind


and Kightly's 2 season absence before he showed his gtatitude and jumped ship.

chris h

How about Neil Masters, remember him. Had a storming debut, away, but picked up an injury. Played a few minutes in a home debut, and went off injured again. That was about the last we saw of him for the next 4 years. I suppose the player registered on our books but who played the least would be Peter Knowles after he got the call from above.

Jack the Hat

chris h,

Surely you remember Gerry Mannion the one season wonder boy?. Broke his leg and never regained his confidence.



Matt Murray yes but not Hennesey. One long injury, a season out is just a blip.

Ndah and Daley do compare with Froggy but it seems we cop for at least one a season

Sir Billy Quiet

Henessey broke down after coming back playing for Hereford? - he was out for nearly two years...................


Tell tale sign the fitness team are about to be replaced.

I think we should stick it out with Boukari.



Walthamstow Wolf

KJ is right to point out that something is wrong somewhere in connection with Boukari. Maybe the problem started with a lack of due diligence over the original signing: what was his medical history before joining us? Was the medical sufficiently thorough? I hope that KJ has the drains up on this one because it has been a very expensive little saga.

chris h

There seems to be a bit of an agenda going on at Wolves, why else would the first team coach publicly criticise the work of his own colleagues. The comments are illogical in any event. Boukari has been out injured for the best part of two years. Is any body telling me that it is rare for players coming back from long term injury to pick up knocks, pulls and strains when they start playing competitve games again as opposed to fitness training. Surely it happens all the time, we have had many examples of this at Wolves eg Jo Lescott. I cannot believe Jackett has not experienced similar situations in his career at other football clubs. If the name of the game is to try and dismiss a fitness coach on grounds of competence, I would say in this instance they have not got a cat in hell's chance if it went to a tribunal.


Difference is Chris, that at this level a hamstring shouldnt take that long. Also he sis going to know more than you. It's not HIS staff. He is learning the club. And learning the real problem is more than just players.

What is "going on" is he is addressing a very real problem that even the guys at sports interactive and sega noted. Razak had very few injuries, you can look it up. Our players seem to have fitness problems and problems with basic physiotherapy.

And it doesnt happen all the time. What a comment to make. It is astonishing to think someone not working in football can comments on what happens all the time. That is like someone with no knowledge of computers suggesting that run32.dll files being missing happens all the time. Someone being out for six months over a hamstring isn't right. Go to the gym and ask people. 3 months top. And that is with injuring it again. How would I know??? I play hockey. I am injury prone. Longest ive been out for hamstring was 10 weeks and that was without the top physios of Wolves. That was just with MMU.

chris h

Buxton, It happens frequently when players have been out long term. There are many examples. He can hardly blame internal staff for injuries sustained whilst he was on a season long loan elsewhere. Of course Jackett can question the treatment the player has received, that is not my point, which is should he keep it indoors and not announce his concerns to the press. As a number of us have said above, Wolves have had plenty of players who have been out long term over the years. How many times did George Ndah breakdown in comeback games , the same with Matt Murray, Froggatt, Daley, Masters, Williams, and Jo Lescott. My concern is not that Jackett questions has the player recieved the proper treatment, but that he has aked the question in public.

Chillo Wolf

'Bit of an agenda going on'

Now thats rich coming from you Chris

I think as head coach he wouldn't be doing his job if every aspect wasn't continually scrutinised. But as for 'publicly criticising' the work of his colleagues - i don't think he's done that at all. He said 'we need to question ourselves' perfectly just comment in the circumstances. No agenda, at least not from the Mol

Why are you continually trying to stir up the hornets nest Chris?

Do you want KJ and this Wolves team to fail?

chris h

Chillo, Hornet's next, no pun intended I take it re Jackett's former club. No I don't want Wolves and Jackett to fail. Of course not. And on this one I concede you could be right . I have looked at the headline rather than the specific content. I certainly hope Kenny Jackett is not stirring things up in public in order to justify more backroom staff are sacked, like the two that went in a 'reorganisation' last month. But I was not alone in thinking that may be the case if you check the comments from others. What about my point that players with long term injuries often do have niggles and re occurances of their initial problem when they finally get round to playing again. And that was the main point I was trying to make.

I'm sure they do but i'm also sure KJ is aware of that

Always a Beatles man myself by the way, although a little before my time ;)

chris h

Chillo, Just one other point, whilst I am at it. I come on here frequently, and I think I make it abundantly clear, that I want to see more ambition, I want us to sign better players, sign the manager's priority transfer targets etc. So how on earth can you think I want Wolves to fail. I acknowledge you say 'this Wolves team', but in my view there is only one Wolves team: the one that plays the next game. I first took my eldest son to a Wolves game when we were bottom of the third division and dropping out the division. My son wasn't interested, it took the arrival of Steve Bull to change things. I met an old school chum the other month. His grandfather, father and himself were all keen Wolves' fans. I asked him did his offspring follow the Wolves and he said no she came home from school one day and said ' must I support an hopeless team like the Wolves'. When it is time for you to take your new arrival down to the Molineux, I want things to be better

and certainly not any worse.

Chillo Wolf

then back KJ and stop this constant attack on the club

and whilst we are at it ... make a few positive comments here and there

chris h

Chillo, Is it impossible for you to differentiate between the club and those fortunate people who are responsible for the stewardship of the club. Surely it is quite an easy concept to grasp.

Chillo Wolf

we are all in it together mate


The season is a couple of weeks away and we can see on these sites the excitement of a new season building. The squad for what they did last season have quite rightly earned our respect for them, they did fantastic to get us back to the championship. If there is a blip this season I hope the fans don't chant any abuse at the players or KJ, we should think of it as a learning curve. I don't think we will struggle badly but after last season there might be some in the crowd who expect too much. When and if things go wrong that's when they need our support and encouragement. You know who you are, I hope this stays in your head when watching Wolves this season. COME ON WOLVES.


Oh dear see that idiot from sadwell has popped over you'd think he wanted to change loyalties. Come on Jack say it you know want to say it I'm a wolves fan. UTW.

Law 43

I'm not sure why KJ making a sensible comment about a player failing to get through a comeback game should be taken as him having the knives out for Tony Daley. Last season, apart from a little spell when we struggled with a difficult Christmas schedule, the fitness of the squad was well ahead of target and KJ was quick to give the fitness team credit for that.

Boukari's fitness record since signing for Wolves has been absolutely dreadful, but if there are lessons to be learnt from this latest problem, then any good head coach would go out of his way to make sure they are learnt.