Steve Hodge will sort out Molineux's bomb squad

Kenny Jackett today backed Steve Hodge to get the best out of Wolves’ ‘bomb squad’.

Kenny Jackett wants Wolves to break the League One points record

Former Nottingham Forest, Tottenham and Villa midfielder Hodge has been appointed on a part-time basis to look after what head coach Jackett has respectively termed “group three” – the five unwanted players separated from the first-team squad and Under-21s in pre-season.

Wolves are into the final rounds of interviews for the Under-21s and Under-18s coaches and Hodge will remain with “group three” while the squad is away on tour in Ireland.

Jackett said there had been no further interest in any of the players deemed surplus to requirements.

“The final interviews are going on this week with Kevin Thelwell and Gareth Prosser,” said Jackett.

“The only one coming in at the moment, and on a part-time basis, is Steve Hodge.

“He’s come in to take our ‘group three’ - Roger Johnson, Jamie O’Hara, Razak Boukari, Tongo Doumbia and Georg Margreitter.

“Stephen Ward and Kevin Doyle are to be discussed.”

Jackett believes Hodge has an advantage in getting the best out of a group associated with a toxic past because he is new to it.

“Perhaps coming in fresh it’s better sometimes as they don’t necessarily hold Steve responsible for their position,” he said.

“It’s a difficult role but they’re here to get fit for pre-season and he said they’ve been fine and he’s enjoyed it.

“He’s said he’s had a good response to the work and they’ve worked hard.

“He has very good experience from his playing days and has recently been coaching and doing very well with Notts County in the Under-21s league.

“I watched their side once or twice and I thought he coached them very well and was quite impressive.

“He took a reserve side or Under-21s against us and I remember talking to him before that game and the first-team matches we played against them, including the cup.”

George Elokobi and Sam Whittall, who were freed by Wolves in May, have joined the group, with young keepers Jon Flatt and Scott Dutton.

“The keepers have trained with that group every day to make it more of a constructive session,” said Jackett.

“Having two keepers does give you options to have one-versus-ones, two-versus-twos or three-versus-threes where you are specifying fitness work.”

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Comments for: "Steve Hodge will sort out Molineux's bomb squad"


Sounds good. I wish the club would have a word with the E&S about repeatedly calling Group Three 'The Bomb Squad' it's unhelpful and disrespectful.


I agree can we just call them "Unwanted Players" just something normal, "Bomb Squad" just sounds stupid, can we all including the Express and Star move on from this childish labelling.


Agreed lincswolf. I sent an earlier post, which was highly critical of the E&S, but either I might have made a sending error, or it failed to get past the E&S censor.It was to the effect that neither K.J., nor anyone else at the club has spoken in derogatory terms about any individual players, yet the E&S repeatedly has to refer to them by using squalid phrases such as the "bomb squad"! It appears that the paper has long since resorted to gutter press tabloid tactics, by allowing untalented journalists(if indeed they deserve such a description) to print such unedifying garbage. ----- Whether they remain at Wolves or leave, it is such an insult to people who, according to Steve Hodge, are working hard in their own way to prepare to play football.They, at least, are attempting to be professional, unlike the paper writing the story about them.----- The E&S appears to be far more interested in treating its readers as scandal/ gossip obsessed morons.If you cannot apply decent standards to your journalism, don't write the story.



The club has moved on and has a younger, fresher squad....

Jackett has moved on....

The fans have moved on....

Even the players are attempting to move on and are working hard apparently to keep fit for potential moves....

But every day we have another pointless article telling us nothing new!


Derby', Topwolf:

Couldn't agree more..

Perhaps we should stop posting comments to this type of story, then the E&S might, just might, come up with a news worthy story about our club.


Jackett the Hat

I wouldn't have Ward or Doyle anywhere near our squad, some of the so- called lesser teams in the World Cup have proved how important a strong team spirit is. Kenny is right to take appropriate action to protect ours, split dressing rooms and the odd bad apple equals relegation........we got the T-shirt on that one.


Do you have proof that these two were disruptive?

Black Country Wanderer

Yes,Doyle admitted not playing for SS,and Ward was obviously in with the Henry Johnsson Ohara clique,otherwise why the treatment hes been getting?

If they werent devisive they would have been playing for us last season,KJ was told of what had happened and made sure it wont happen to him,and good on him


There not the 'bomb squad' they are the 'three egos'. No this is past a joke wolves should seriously be looking at ways of getting these players moved on. For example: setting up u21 friendlies, coming out and saying how much. there agents should be ashamed of themselves as what's really keeping them there is there agents the money they are getting is ridiculous. Ohara is just a sucker really he could of come out of this a proud man but he ain't!

Johnson to sheff Wednesday.

Ohara sit out his contract but finished as a footballer.

Ward to Brighton.

Doyle to qpr.

The others French teams or Norwegian clubs...


I, for one, would consider both Ward and Doyle for the future. With out any doubt both of these players always gave 100%, unlike some of the others. OK Doyle hit a barren spell scoring, but always gave a bit of class to the team. Sounds like we are struggling to get a decent striker for a reasonable price, he can still add considerable talent and experience to the team, and hopefully restore his scoring touch. Obviously his pay is a problem, but his pay for the year may be cheaper than a signing (plus the pay for who ever is signed). Ward has been given different positions to play for Wolves, so not a natural left back, but has learnt and will still give 100%. Not to my mind part of the so called "bomb squad".

Ritchie Wolves

Bazl, George Elokobi used to give 200% but he was bombed out because he was not good enough to play KJ way, as for Ward and Doyle, one is not a good enough left back and Doyle is not a striker nor are they good enough. Get rid, the young guns are better by far............................

Berkshire Wolf

They all need to be treated like adults rather than school children, I understand they have shown bad attitude previously but how is KJ any different? He did not give any of them a chance to rejoin our team let alone prove to another that they are worthy of a move. I don't want any player near the team that does not want to play, but the current system is not working, they need to be given a chance to play up or bug off. In "team three - bomb squad" they will never do either and we will end up letting around £15million worth of players go for free and still have to pay out their contracts. That is not clever business by anyone.

Paul's Blade

I don't understand why Doumbia and Boukari are being associated with the likes of Johnson ad O'Hara. What did they do wrong ?


Totally agree, apparently Boukari is a class act, but always injured. Neither had an attitude problem


Totally agree too. This pair were never given a real chance. Stale signed them, but they didn't appoint him as manager. Shame Razak's injury prone, the calf problem he got was exceptionally bad but he should get one last opportunity ie one more sick note and the taxi is on the way.

Tongo didn't endear himself to the club or fans by going crying to Mom in France when the chips were down over here. Nevertheless, a pre-season in the minor friendlies won't hurt anyone.


WHAT did Roger do wrong????????


'Oh what a terrible tangled web we weave'. It seems that the only way out is for the players to find their own way out? We train them, we pay them, we should at least give them hope that we might play them.....or pay them off. If they are such high value that we won't let them go, can the E and S please treat them with more respect? Can we also treat then as humans, help them on their way, at least free transfers? I do believe that if they are still around, being paid twice (?) what the performers are being paid, how is this not going to hinder our progress? Sorry, a lot of questions, that I don't think many have the answers to.


An easy answer to one of your questions is for the E&S to act even half decently towards these players, and avoid its particular penchant for fatuous, if eye catching nicknames. Is it possible to create an E&S bomb squad of low standard journalists? How would they feel if they lost their anonymity, and were exposed to such abuse and ridicule?


E&S, please please please stop regurgitating this NONE story..

How about trying some decent journalism instead if making up childish names for a group of players that are clearly not in KJ's plans (and mostly for different reasons) but still the club are doing the right thing for them.

It is becoming boring!!!


The Real Bully Hoo.

Hi Stokey.

I have to admit that I find it baffling you're still paying these players. It can't be good for the general atmosphere at the club apart from the drain their wages must be.

Surely it would be worth letting Ward go to Brighton, Doyle to QPR etc even at a cut price fee. I must admit I no longer understand the thinking sometimes in modern day football. KJ seems to have got a good spirit going, why risk messing that up?

Jack the Hat

Steve Hodge will sort out Molineux's bomb squad....

The job must be too big for Ken to sort out as they are big players.



Jack, KJ has made his decision on these players, they don't feature in his plans, so he will quite rightly be focussing on the players that do.. They are not his problem.

The board and the players agents will be the ones to move them on (if they can)

Any thoughts on you potentially signing Hutton from Villa??


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