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whitmore wolf

Good Luck Kevin, whoever signs you will get an excellent fullback. You made everything look so simple when you played as fullback, which shows how good you were. If the injuries hadn't marred your career I think you would have been playing at some of the top clubs before now.

Unfortunately we never saw enough of Razak, Tongo and Georg to make any real judgment


Hi jack. Out of school again?

Jack the Hat


I see you are doing detention again?. L☺L.

Lescott is a Baggy, Lescott is a Baggy, la la laa.



Too right Kenny . Out they go. Their negativity must not taint the rest who are staying. What a waste of money Morgan. You piddled your hard earned up they wall. Please stay quiet this season with your catemite Moxey. Your silence was sweet.


Jackett is right to bomb most of these players out, but I would keep the door open for Tongo Doumbia and Georg Margreitter, they deserve a chance at least to prove something. They have not been a disrubtance or spent the last year or two injured, both could be good players with the correct management. For instance Doumbia for a time looked as good if not better than Davies and his has not been bombed out, even after he his poor form.


i agree with leon in his comments about the named players above


Company for the "Scarletts". It's going to be mighty crowded in "Academy 5", but they won't be able to complain about being left on their own to babysit the kids.

Meanwhile, good morning Jack. Just seen your Dingles Lament and I like it. Shouldn't encourage you, but in a spirit of being true to my pseudonym - credit where credit is due.

You are wasting your talent on these blogs. You should be rapping at Glastonbury. Did you see the Wolves flags prominently displayed right in front of the main stage? No sign of a Baggie blanket though.

They need you there.

Departing a moment from my pseudonym, but continuing the thread I started on your side yesterday afternoon here's a few more laughs for you:-

We've been offered Suarez but we said fangs but no fangs. Well we would, Wolves ay we.

Liverpool say that their prem hopes for this season bite the dust unless Uruguay's appeal is successful.

Uruguay say they are confident it will be successful on the basis that the Manager actually shouted "PLAY RIGHT ON the shoulder of the last defender not "PLACE A BITE ON" and Luis the Looney misheard, due to the noise in the stadium. But he was only following what he thought were his instructions.

Meanwhile, he is suing his ex-sponsors 888 poker on the basis that he thought that they were Ate, Ate, Ate poker and he was only trying to raise their profile.

Over to you and the rest of the wags to come up with some more. The wife is dragging me out shopping....


Back for 2 mins - How about :-

He promises at the hearing to tell the tooth, the whole tooth and nothing but the tooth help me Diego.

But his first expert witness, a female dietician, says I can definitely testify that he does not eat meat, he's a herbivore. Is that true Mr Suarez? No, she never see my testicles, we never meet, I never see her before....

Jack the Hat


Thanks pal, Noticed a few things I could have changed / added to make it more laughable after I posted but it was just a quickie for Poets Day, there were a few spelling mistakes too but I'll use old age for an excuse. All the best and watch what you are chewing as the F.I.F.A. get upset.



MORE laughable??? Check again as it wasn't remotely laughable 1st time.

Rapper prefixed with a silent 'C'. Such as the silent 'P' in bath.

Now THAT'S funny Jack my boy ha ha.

Read, digest and learn old pal ;-)


Jack the Hat


Do you mean as in Hohneyboy?. Now that is a good laugh.




Poor Jack boy. Not even close to being humorous. 2/10.

Try again


And a Bong Bong Bogeys


All of Solbakkens buys, I know what Jacketts playing at here. He wants to buy his OWN complete squad, who can blame? All his transfers have been top notch so far, well done to Jackett for transforming the squad and continueing to do it. Hopfully we can shift doyle, ward, foley, sigs, razak, tongo, and finally margie, ahh what the hell and Clarke.


It would be interesting to know the thoughts of Mr Moxey regarding the selection of the team managers he helped appoint plus the due diligence process undertaken in allowing so many under performers be given lucrative long term contracts. In any other business his judgement would be examined and indeed his capability of performing his role would be seriously questioned. Kenny Jackett is the best selection so far and I would imagine that was largely due to recommendations from the football technical director and his team?



There is something very unseemly about all of this. The sooner it is behind us the better.

Jack the Hat


I agree, is the boss doing his best for the club and its players or for his own egoism, mmmm.



to be fair on the above players they were not the cause of wolves two relagations from premier to divison one when a new manager comes in he whats is own players fair play but surely to get rid of these players you need them in the shop window, playing in reserves i can see ohara playing down his contact but i think it will finish him as a top class player he throught he was by not playing in the last two years difficult one to solve for kj and mr moxey, lay of moxey he as managed to keep this club from going under in some ways and backed his managers who ever came in, to manage this club yes he made mistakes but everybody makes in life, he learned from them by backing jackett long may it continue but wolves have a limit to how much they want to pay in wages , if i was steven ward i would go on reduced wages to brighton to to get first team footie every week you only have to look at the 3 big names that left fletcher, struggled with injuries, kightley now at burnley, jarvis struggled to hold down a regular pace at west ham, henry also struggled at qpr, so not done any better really except all back in premiership, you need to showcase these players no longer wanted, play them in friendlies allow scouts to watch offer incentives to move these players on else we will be out of pocket big time,


Blimey wolvesmanphil, all eighteen and a bit lines in one sentence!!! Are you trying to enter the Guinness book of records? I'm so glad I wasn't holding my breath until the end of the sentence, or I could have done myself some serious harm.


On topic these were never KJ's signings in the first place, end of, they don't fit into KJ's plan's, so why all the criticism?

They had there chance, I don't feel sorry for any of them, or how they have been treated, checked o'hara's instagram profile and he's been living it up, living the rich life. same with the rest of them.

If KJ thinks there not good enough to wear the shirt then its good enough for me.


sorry derbyshirewolf forgot full stops. It seems to me all the unwanted player's have been painted with the same brush, which is a bit unfair, it was only an handful that had got echo's bigger than the club, and caused the unrest in the dressing room. .You can go back to macarthys days in charge, to see what was going on, ? i think the express and star should make a better headline when reporting on unwanted players, loan stars heading back to wolves to uncertain future for most,.

chris h

I have been a regular at the Molineux for over 50 years, like a number of others who post on here, but in all my time I have never known anything quite like the current situation with so many players put in the 'doghouse.' In previous years I have known of one or two players who, having fallen out with the manager, have been discarded to the reserves. But we currently have nearly a complete football team who have publicly been advised they have no future with the club. I said on here some 9 months it would have made more commercial sense to try and negotiate deals with these players, as the club has previously done with a number of other players in recent years. As others have said, to publicly exclude these players is not the best way to put them in the shop window and is likely to make prospective future signings think again before joining us. If things don't work out well in our difficult first 5 games, you never know we might want to make use of some of these players. Equally if we struggle next season will that trigger another 6 of the current first team squad to be similarily dischargad and excluded.As Solent so rightly says 'there is something very unseemly in all of this.The sooner it is behind us the better'.


Chris, like you I'm a mature Wolves supporter and agree that I've never seen so many unwanted players on the books. If KJ wants them out then they should be segregated from all levels of Wolves teams and a rapid solution found even if it does mean paying them off. They can't be improving the morale around the club so why let them linger?


yeah that's the point i was trying to make that the way these players are excluded, seems uncommercially silly and agree seems something very unseemly happening, not good you rightly say players might think if things don't work out off you go.surly you show other clubs what they are cable off given correct training, and management, we all know the players with big echo's. Without naming name's, maybe in the past we have kept players that have under achieved, but never caused any problem, one example who springs to mind freddy eastwood came here from southend, brought uprooted his family but never given a change to prove himself and rightly so questioned why he had being brought if he wasn't going to play regular, it seems clubs buy players just to stop other clubs from buying them same applies to leon clarke wolves knew he was attracting attention from other clubs near the top, ok we had dicko, so if given clarke having good preseason, will he be sold on, makes you wonder, .But yes the situation at wolves is concerning wolves fans and the unwanted

The Flying Winger

Just underlines the mess we were in and how we grasped at anything, non off these players did anything for the club, except for Foley another player messed around by McCarthy and co.

Who signed the cheques and contracts???

All this is coming back to "bite us"!!!!????


I agree flying winger it underlines what a real mess we are in, with these players can't be easy for them either, Foley is just one of a number of players messed around to be honest, yes the buck stops with the manager who wanted to sign these players and who ever signs the cheques and contracts ( jez moxey i would have throught) i hope now they have learned from past mistakes and they continue the way kj is running things his way


There's not really anything new about this story that we didn't already know.

However, I'm rather intrigued that Sigurdarson's name is not mentioned. Of all the foreign players that were shipped out on loan, I thought that he should be given a second chance on his return. Could it be that Kenny Jackett is having second thoughts about him?


I agree albrightondek. Some Wolves fans are falling right into the hands of sandwell town posters on these pages. You look at the players we have had over the past 4 years and they are the collective responsibility of mick, stale, morgan and moxey.

Razak-Good but always injured not much use for us wanting to get in the prem.

Margreitter- traditional cb that couldn't get in the team when the manager that brought him was here...

Doumbia- reminds me of henry or olofinjana too one dimensional to make it in the big time.

Ohara- Good player in his peak but he does himself no favours as his ego is just too big!

Johnson- will never be forgiven for turning up half soaked and fighting with hennessey to be fair though who is worse looking back now? Just lacked passion during that 2nd relegation.

Foley- promised so much didn't really get a chance to show full potential.

Ward- like foley a disaster of micks tinkering. Couldn't defend at lb in the prem.

I'd say Jackett thinks pretty similarly, to be fair siggy is gonna go mate as if we do well next year he won't have a chance!



As Sigurdson will be back in November, and assuming that by then we will have solved the issue regarding those players the club wishes to move on, we would have little to lose by taking another look at Siggy in the weeks leading up to Christmas.


If anybody is still remotely interested in this site today, and I must confess that I lost my interest in this story a long time ago, but I've only just caught up with all of yesterday's posts, here's my final and my definitive opinion on the issue, for what it is worth.

I do not see anything "unseemly" in the attitude of, or treatment by, the club towards "the outcasts". On the contrary, I believe that the club has acted reasonably in the circumstances that it finds itself in. I don't believe that any other club would have acted in any better way.

We have an unprecedented number of unwanted players simply because we have had an unprecedented period of failure, (2 successive relegations), before last season. The unwanted players were part of that failure and they are having to pay the price of that failure, as indeed are we all.

The price being paid by the club and we the fans will be with us for many years yet. The players will move on.

I accept all of the humanitarian views expressed about the effect on those players and their families. Excellent points have been made in this respect and I would be the first to hope that the players concerned all move on to other clubs where they are wanted and be successful.

At the moment though, they are Wolves players in name only because whist we still hold their registration it has been made clear to them on numerous occasions now that they have no part to play in the future of the club.

We have to do something with them whilst they are still here. We are allowing them to train and use the excellent facilities. They are not banned in any way and in O'Hara's case he is allowed to play for the under 21's. Johnson and the rest have been with other clubs and may yet find clubs again for next season, so I don't foresee any problem there.

Things are undoubtedly unpleasant for them but not intolerable. I don't see any hidden agenda on the part of the club, or conspiracy to make things so intolerable, that they are forced to go.

I accept all of those arguments about the effect their situation is having upon their dignity and their families. In my opinion, dignity firstly has to come from within the individual. Turning up drunk to training; going on air publicly to imply that the club is no longer big enough for you thereby belittling the club; and disrespecting the club and the fans by the sarcastic hand-clapping incident at Brighton, whatever provocation might have been felt at the time, was known throughout football the moment the incidents happened. The players have to take responsibility for their own loss of dignity. I doubt it will ever be possible for them to regain the respect of the Wolves fans but it can be done. Stearman, for one , has done it magnificently this season.

I also accept the financial arguments for the reluctance of O'Hara in particular not to be prepared to take a cut in earnings and the effect that such action would have on family and lifestyle.

It's a tough decision to have to make, but in order to restore his own self-respect I think he has to make that decision sooner rather than later.

At the moment he portrays an image to the football world of a man who has sold his soul for gold. The essence of his soul as a professional footballer should be football first and to play at the highest level his ability and circumstances dictate, not money. Until he does that he will not regain his self-respect, the respect of the club, the fans, or the rest of the football world.

I'm going to be away again now for at least 4 days. I've tried to articulate my opinion as clearly as I can in case anyone actually sees this blog and wants to respond. I won't be able to respond in return, so apologies for that.

Farmer Ted

This cannot be right, you just don't treat people like this...especially in public. Who's decided this second tranche of players should be exiled? Morgan? Moxey? Jackett? But more importantly who decided how it should be done?

The original possee of 'The Unwanted' and now Solbakken's 'Follies' may not fit into KJs plans, they may have made mistakes, but, Jeez, this ain't the way to do business. As somebody else said, what do other potential targets make of this lot, especially if their agents represent any of the exiles.

On a lighter note, I was very disappointed to see that Jack the Dim failed to beat his personal best yesterday. The day before he managed a magnificent EIGHTEEN posts on our site. Yesterday it was a miserable TWELVE.

Possibly mesmerised by Robert Plant at Glastonbury and that swathe of Wolves' flags.

Never mind Jack, Dolly's on this afternoon....'Working Nine To Five ( on the Wolves site)' ....right up your street.

Jack the Hat

Mangel Wurzel,

I agree, Jackett Has slammed the door shut on all these players and as the season rolls on he will regret it. Alan Irvine is a different animal, he wants to talk to Albion's disgruntled youngsters and that is the difference between the two. Jackett came in and before he could talk to the want to stay players they found themselves ostracized. Now that is clearly a boss who knows nothing of man management. Have a good day.


Farmer Ted

JtD,You might agree with me, but I don't agree with you. KJ has every right to leave players out and use the squad he's built. As for not knowing a thing about man management, are you that dim you don't realise last season's recovery was ALL about his superb man management skills? My criticism is the way this situation is being handled, for which I believe the decisions lie elsewhere. None of us have a problem with the term 'transfer listed' but who let the world know they are 'exiled' and training with the under 21s?

Thankyou for wishing me a good day. I am at Edgbaston watching the Bears play Notts. Let's hope we don't get beaten again or it'll feel like the Hawthornes.

Enjoy Dolly? Was that you in the crowd with the blonde wig and melons up your blouse?


I get the feeling that rightly or wrongly Johnson, and ohara are labelled as the main culprits left at the club that caused disharmony and poor team spirit 2 seasons ago. So I see why KJ wants to get rid.

Cant say the same for boukari, doumbia, margretter , foley or ward. Yes they may be surplus to requirements but until they go, they should remain part of the main squad.

I'll leave kenny to pick his squad and team, but is anyone telling me that the likes of davis,edwards are better midfielders than doumbia.? Or that Ricketts and golbourne are better full backs than ward?

We took league one by a storm, but some of the players who gained us promotion may not adapt to playing at a higher level in the championship. We already have experienced players at this level but dont want to use them?

Also what if the club cannot move them all on?

Wolves fans are fickle and a bad start will soon lead to us calling for the return of these players.

chris h

A bit of pruning going on I see. Wolves prune staff. Express and Star prune some posts. Must be catching.