No way back for Wolves outcasts Roger Johnson and Jamie O'Hara

Wolves outcasts Roger Johnson and Jamie O’Hara were today told there is no way back after being banished from first-team pre-season training again.

Roger Johnson, left, and Jamie O'Hara told they have no future at Wolves
Roger Johnson, left, and Jamie O'Hara told they have no future at Wolves

Head coach Kenny Jackett confirmed the unwanted pair, the figures most associated with the club’s relegation from the Championship 13 months ago, will be separated from the senior group this summer.

“We’re expecting Roger back next week but he won’t be training with the first-team group,” said Jackett.

O’Hara posted a picture on Instagram, depicting the ‘academy 5’ dressing room where he has been sent to change, saying: “My new dressing room #bombsquad #thanks #headsgone”.

Jackett responded: “He won’t be training with the first team when we start. He didn’t for the great majority of last year.

“In terms of the changing arrangements there’s a lot of players here - around 25 in the first-team group, 15 Under-21 lads and probably 50 pros all told.

“It’s not about one pro, it’s about 50 and Wolves do look after them very well.

“There’s a lot of young players and we need to get organised.

“It’s not that there’s anything better in one dressing room than another.

“Jamie ’s available for anybody who wants him. He needs that next stage of his career.”

Johnson, whose West Ham campaign ended after Wolves’ season, joins Stephen Ward, Kevin Doyle, Tongo Doumbia, Bakary Sako and Nouha Dicko in reporting back a week later after their seasons were prolonged due to international commitments.

But the Wolves boss won’t find a place for Johnson, adding: “I haven’t spoken to him yet, although I will next week when he comes in.

“We haven’t had any calls at present about him. We’re not close to a deal, or anybody imminently going to take him.

“But he’s available. It just seems like they’re very quiet.”

West Ham recently appeared suggested they don’t want to re-sign Johnson after a loan spell last spring.

Hammers co-owner David Sullivan’s son Jack tweeted: “Rumours of signing Johnson not true!

“Even though he is a lovely man and we wish him all the best!

“I know he will do a great job somewhere.”

Sheffield Wednesday boss Stuart Gray said Johnson was one of several options for the Owls a few weeks ago.

But Jackett said: “They haven’t contacted us.”

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Comments for: "No way back for Wolves outcasts Roger Johnson and Jamie O'Hara"

Ritchie Wolves

O'Hara, it's all me me me me, like I said last season, if he were a horse he would be shot....................................


Think on WBA have signed Julian Lescott whom some of us thought would resign for wolves just because he played way back when.

Hello , smell the coffee, Wolves will probably come in useful when options are Zero! So where do these pair go?

Im afraid Wolves are saddled with them for the duration, unless price is lowered.

Dont blame Moxey.

Blame Jackett.

Jackett like others before him will not be able to deal with the Big time charlies.

Taxi as going nowhere.


Joleon Lescott its spelt by the way, google it and yes he's moved to tesco woop de doo, he's 31 coming 32, past his best. Fairly Injury prone but good luck to him, shame he couldn't get a bigger move but that's football sometimes. Obviously thinking about the money Joleon was, sad really.

Kenny doesn't have to deal with the big time charlies on big wages, as he's built/building his own younger, fitter, hungrier team on lower wages.

Besides Kennys job is head coach and part of his job is not having to worry about Johnson and O'Hara to much, hence why they have been snubbed.

So no cant blame Jackett, mate

Jack the Hat


Kenny doesn't have to deal with the big time charlies on big wages,


That has to be the joke of the month pal, Big time Billy's indeed .... Oh! sorry, they are small time Sammy's on big wages.

Gorra loff ay ya.



Fair comment on Lescot, but Jacket has never dealt with High Earners, so get Wolves near play offs and wait for another high profile manager to come in ala Taylor/Hoddle.

Cant wait.

Moxey is purely implementing Morgans wishes.

Clear out Board and Mangement before going anywhere.?

chris h

The way these players are being treated as pariahs is very distasteful and does not reflect well on Wolverhampton Wanderers. What other club has so many outcasts ? Before these players were signed by the club Jez Moxey said on more than one occasion in his programme notes that the club researched players characters to ensure they met the clubs standards before a transfer was agreed . So why have we got so many bad apples ? It is obvious the real problem is money and finding a few scapegoats.


Your right its all moxey's fault we should have spent millions, obviously with your hindsight every one would have bin have bin a winner.

chris h

BAZ, You don't need a crystal ball mate you just need to wait:

1 Express and Star 13 July 2009 . 'Wolves are weighing up whether to increase their offer for Adam Lallana after having a £500,000 bid turned down by Southampton.' Who at the time were cash strapped but called the bid 'derisory'.

2 BBC Sport 27 June 2014.' Southampton midfielder Adam Lallana is set to have a medical ahead of a proposed £25,000,000 move to Liverpool.'

I can sure see why you are so impressed with our chief executive, with him in charge we are going to go very far, if you ignore the learning curve of the last 14 years.


really not sure about lallana, think he had a poor world cup, he was good in the prem last season, but world cup form ouch 25+mill. I think he will have a difficult season at anfield, as he's over rated. Sterling looks better.

anyway would he of moved from down south up to wolves? he was getting football there at the time and has been ever since, no need to keep bringing it up mate. As you know, we have missed out on tons of players over the years. lets hope we have learned lessons and with the academy infrastructure and facilities in place, hopefully we can attract the types players we have been missing out on over the years.

chris h

Wolfo, Lallana is just one example of many, and of course is now topical, given his likely move to Liverpool. If we had signed him back in 2009 one assumes the £25m would now have come in useful. Would have paid for a decent roof on the North bank for a start. We don't know if he would have signed if a fee had been agreed. A guy came on here, KD from Hampshire,and said he was happy to stay at Soton at the time. But the point is someone evidently was thinking' do we increase the original offer of £500k' and the decision was made not to. What was Moxey's role in this descision making ? What was his role in not matching Wigan's offer for Moses, for not matching other offers for Gardner and Dann, for signing Maierhofer and not Carroll for signing Olofinjana and not Cahill etc etc He us still making similar decisions today, along with Steve Morgan. He has made many mistakes previously, so why do we now think he will change. Jackett and co only recommend players to sign, the final decsions and negotiations are down to Steve Morgan and Jez Moxey.They did better last season, but fees and wage demands are lower in the third division, it is far more testing in the Championship and another step up entirely in the Premier. Moxey has failed twice in the Premier, if we ever get back there again under his stewardship it is not difficult to assume he will fail a third time.

Chillo Wolf

You really need to let this Lallana thing go mate, it was five years ago - he was an unknown at the time and certainly wasn't the £25,000,000 player Liverpool have just signed.

You seem to be suggesting that Moxey failed to sign a world class player when he had the chance. He was a just a kid with potential mate, nothing more. Every club can name players who slipped through the net.

Get over it

chris h

Chillo, The point is,as I am sure you understand really, we missed out due to indecision or failure to increase the bid in not signing Lallana. he was correctly identified by Wolves team management but we bid too low . That tends to be the rule not the exception with Jez Moxey. There is a catalogue of missed signings who have gone on to greater things and a catalogue of signings made that have failed. Why are so many now at the exit door as the E and S put it. Why did we get relegated in consecutive seasons. As I said above the guy who was conducting negoiations and making final decisions on how much to bid for a player is still making the decisions on current targets eg Wilson at Coventry and Macquire at Sheff Utd. Managers have been changed, coaches have been changed, players are in and out the revolving door, but the man most culpable remains . Why should we expect any different outcome especially now in a more competitive league.


I have to disagree with your first point. They're just not good enough to represent Kenny Jacketts Wolves. Why waste time mollycoddling them. I can't stand Johnson and my sympathy for O'Hara is wearing thin but they can both play football. The only thing stopping them from moving on seems to be their wage demands and for that I have no sympathy whatsoever. If they don't like it, quit and get a job in the real world #poorme


Why would we need scapegoats when the club is on the up? And if it was about money why would we be leaving these players out?

Irrespective of which dressing room O'Hara is taking pictures in he's still on the same wage so it's got nothing to do with the money. These players have underperformed and got complacent and that is why they are being left out, if this weren't true then someone would have bought them ages ago!

chris h

Topwolf, 1 Scapegoats are clearly needed to cover two consecutive relegations,' the don't do a Wolves' jibe, will still be ringing in the ears of boardrooms this season. We all know the blame does not fall at the door of the owner and chief executive, because Bazrat tells us that is the case.

2 You don't think the outstanding contractual obligations the club faces paying these players has anything to do with why they are being ostracized? You don't think they are being excluded to try and persuade them to cut and run and hence lighten the club's wages bill ?


2. So what if it is? Is it morally right to take your wages and not do your job? Doing the right thing goes both ways. They're big boys, they know how the world works. No sympathy, no interest in the ex playing staff. Now they're out Price and Batth get a chance


The only disgrace regarding O'Hara is the abuse he's had to suffer in front of his family. That's intolerable, paying him to train and find a new club is not.

chris h

Lincs, O' Hara has an injury he has said he would play if picked, he even went to the States to try to get fit. Johnson played well for us in the Championship, along with ikeme he was our best defender. Johnson and Ward both played well in the Championship last season and evidently were not looked upon as troublemakers. The question is are they being treated properly by Wolves. As others have said below they are human beings. Would you want to be ostracized in such a manner at your work, even if you still collected your wages? What I said above is that the treatment of these players does not reflect well on our football club.


You would think it would be in the club's best interest to keep these players as fit and motivated as possible to enable them to be moved on. As you say, Johnson and Ward played well in the Championship last season, and are probably attractive purchases to some clubs, although they would have to take a drop in salary to ensure longer term employability. The big problem is O'Hara. He appeared to be on the road to redemption last season, when he was on the bench at Bradford, but didn't get played and was subsequently sidelined. The longer he is excluded the less motivated and fit he becomes, and it will be almost impossible to sell him before his contract runs out. I really can't see the financial logic of this move.


I'm not having a pop at the players ability. I've always liked O'Hara but He has no place in this team. Kenny Jackett has a job to do and has every right to clear out who he doesn't want. What would you have him do with the pros he has no use for? We have finite coaches and they need to focus on the players who'll be fighting to prove they can play in the championship and perform well. Would you rather "thanks for last season lads but I don't want Jamie and roger to feel like we're picking on them so if you boys go and train with the reserves well give them a game this week"


...and how would I feel if I were being ostracized at work? Pay me their wages and use of their facilities and working hours and I'll let you know...

Jack the Hat

chris h,

You have hit the nail on the head. If those players resigned they would have a good case for constructive dismissal and take wolves for every penny in court. But they are taking their harassment admirably.



Getting dropped from the first team and being allowed to stay at the club to train does not give you grounds to sue. Al


Rightly or wrongly they are being made an example of. This sends a disciplinary message to everyone at Wolves. I hope they get new clubs soon for everyone's sake. Perhaps "Chewy Luis" Suarez would have benefited from firm handling early in his career?

Jack the Hat


Liverpool want to know if wolves would like to loan Suarez for four months, the loan starting immediately.

Gorra loff ay ya.



One day, someone may invent a board game based on this saga with two dice and appropriately labelled squares for the "players" to land on - "The Academy Dressing-Room", "Excluded From 1st Team Training" .... etc. Hey, it's no joke: come on Wednesday, Seagulls - put us all out of our misery. Whatever has gone on in the past, I hope for the sake of all concerned to see these players plying their trade with new clubs very soon now. Then we can move on. (And bring in some new additions with the freed up cash).


It really is getting silly now, OHara will be accused of contaminating the Academy next, if it starts to creep in again unrest and stupid media coverage will start the derailing of all the positive steps achieved so far.

Get them to play your way and include them in the squad or just get shut! you cannot have a super sub syndrome in a club,

and not use them, and how long will it be before the players slogging it out on the pitch realize the subs and none subs are taking wages they could be on?

Jack the Hat

OHara will be accused of contaminating the Academy next,


No they won't!, they will be saying Albion fans have put him up to it. L☺Ls.



Nothing going on sandwell town site heh,or you just want to get the reflected glory oh here.

Jack the Hat


I would stay on a Premiership site if I were glory hunting pal. You would have been nearer if you had said " Slumming it ".

Gorra loff ay ya.



No worries Jack. I know how you love your humour on the other side, so I'll just say that the 2 Scarletts (Johansson and O'Hara - see what I did there - a bit of poetic licence ) are history.

As their namesake the Captain might say, Why they are still here is a Mysteron to me.

I know, must stop, but hey it's Friday and Friday is POETS Day, and that's just what I'm preparing to do.

P.S. for those youngsters who might not know what POETS Day is or those of you from Sandwell who don't have to work, it stands for Pi## Off Early Tomorrow's Saturday.

Boing.. Boing.. Bang... Who put that concrete block there ? Have they started the extended Hawthorns seating already ?

Have a good weekend


The Mysterons? Holy....showing your age there, Telli'. Nice reference on the 2 Scarletts , though....

Jack the Hat

Dingles lament.

What a quandary, where to begin,

Wolves have maverick players within.

How can we put this in our stride,

When they are take us for a ride.


I'm not bothered what they say,

It's us that has to find their pay.

Why won't they go, leave us alone,

Hurry some-one pick up the phone.


Our club have had enough of this,

One was even on the beer.

If there's some-one high up above,

Get down here, give them a shove.


We always tell it as it is,

Come on Jezz and do the biz.

Right on lads, water that tree,

Shout as one, wolves ay we.

Tellitasitis hope this will suffice, I've even incorporated your nom de Gurre.


Jack the Hat

When they are taking us for a ride.



Constructive dismissal??

Jack the Hat

Constructive dismissal won't wear as they are making themselves available for duty, therefore they are not breaking their contracts. Jackett is the one that has ostracized them doing wolves out of vital team rebuilding money / Squad depth.

" You can't touch me I'm part of the Union " appears to be the theme. They know they have the club stuck up a gum tree.

Sorry for being blunt.



First bit of common sense I read from you in a while JtH - they know they'll get paid no matter what.

Not sure how KJ has done us out of funds, however. They are available to anyone who wants to roll the dice on them....and that's what they'd be doing, taking a gamble. If no one wants to pay the freight, I don't see how that can be laid at KJ's feet.

If they are/were indeed a cancer, who in his right mind would introduce them to a new crop of players currently untarnished by past transgressors?

Now can we please STOP talking about these has-beens and focus on what looks to be a promising future.


Yet again you prove to the world that you do not know what you are talking about.

As an Albion fan, can I please take this opportunity to apologise for the inbred that is Jack TT?

Many thanks.

Jack the Hat


Sour are the grapes that you consume,

Now bend over and do your " Moon ".

Don't try emulate, a wise crack,

To me it's water, off a ducks back.


Now that you are having fun,

In that position, showing your bum.

If you want me to have a go,

Give me anything bar that Banjo.

Gorra loff ay ya.



Italia Wolf

Get over it O'Hara! You didn't want to be involved in scrapping for the club when it mattered, so it's not as though we are gonna care for your hardship.

It seems as though he expected to be outcast for a season, then come back this pre season and be involved. Strange. Only yourself to blame.

Sad thing is we are just wasting column inches on stuff we knew this time last year.

C'mon me babbies /\_/\

The only way to rid the club of these disruptive, unwanted players is to pay them up then the club will get back to some kind of normality. Otherwise other clubs won't sign them for the money they are on now and they will just run their contracts down then leave on a Bosman.



Even Jack has got it right this time. Negotiate a settlement with the outcasts and free them. If not there there will remain a shadow over the club. Time to forget the past and move on.

Jack the Hat


Hold your foot up!, I've stated that all along.



The same old story.

Pity McCarthy does not want them.

Then again if he doesn't want them who else will?

Jack the Hat


Why should Mick lower the Ipswich profile?, he has a good squad now, and probably looking to strengthening it.



Pay them off or use them. This is making Wolves a joke. Apart from everything else, they are people. People make mistakes and these should have been dealt with through the proper disciplinary process. You cannot lock a problem in a cupboard. As a previous post suggests, irrespective of salaries being paid, this could be brought as constructive dismissal......who want's our great club being dragged through the courts? Has there been a precedent set at any other club. We are talking over a year of poor employment management??

Jack the Hat

Wolfman, others,

Constructive Dismissal:

In employment law, constructive dismissal, also called constructive discharge, occurs when employees resign because their employer's behaviour has become so intolerable or heinous or made life so difficult that the employee has no choice but to resign. Since the resignation was not truly voluntary, it is in effect a termination. For example, when an employer makes life extremely difficult for an employee, to attempt to have the employee resign, rather than outright firing the employee, the employer is trying to effect a constructive discharge.

Glad to educate you.



Sorry Jack, need to disagree somewhat. Where an employee feels that the action of the employer makes the employment contract untenable, a constructive situation can be produced. There does not need to be any 'intent' on the part of the employer to force the employee to leave, it is about 'feelings' of the employee and they decide to leave if they remain dissatisfied, after following internal Grievance procedures. The Tribunal would then decide on merit and responsibilities. I have seen cases won on less. It is not just about money, don't disregard tthe individuals feelings, they can cost alot!!!!

Jack the Hat



A boss repeatedly uses sexual innuendo towards his secretary and it got so unbearable, her only avenue left is to resign. His motive, he wants her to leave but doesn't want to sack her because he has no grounds to.

This amounts to constructive dismissal against the secretary and any tribunal would adjudge the boss in the wrong.

That is my point mate; sorry to go off the football beaten track.


Jack the Hat


Just to point out, those players have not resigned so wolves treatment of them is not in the extreme. All the best.



Hope you are right mate......we will see!


Whatever the problems in the past this is going too far and I've actually got a modicum of sympathy for these players. It's also counter productive, because if they are not allowed to train with the first team it becomes increasingly difficult to sell them. I agree with 'oldergold', either include them in the squad and give them a chance or pay them off and bring this sorry saga to an end.

Hong Kong Pete

Mr Jackett is carrying on from when he first came to Wolves and it appears that he is not going to let anything what occurred previously to upset what he is attempting to do, or disrupt the squad.

You have to trust his judgement the loyal fans were most probaby aware that this would follow on from last season.

Mr Jackett is totally correct and again loyal fans know it is not about one or two players, hopefully although it make cost Wolves finacially these matters are sorted out very quickly.

I do not think KJ would be pleased with the photograph of the changing room door, in my opinion if you are trying to ressurect your career you do not do this and it would not matter where you got changed, the next one might be either the boot room or cleaners cupboard.

Looking forward for the season to start and possible new additions to the squad.


Got no sympathy with O'Hara and Johnson.

I support Jackett and the club 100% on their stance here.

I would happily sit in "Academy 5" without complaint if I was getting "Scarlett's" earnings and you'll know from Yesterday's posts what I think he should do. He is master of his own destiny if he chooses.

Johnson will find another home this season . No problem. He still has something to offer and he has been sensible in being prepared to take a drop in earnings to make progress.

But the club has made it crystal clear to them that they have no future here. The club has to put its full commitment behind those that do.

Jack the Hat


... Got no sympathy with O'Hara and Johnson. ....

Okay, but how much confidence was knocked out of them by you the fans?.


Jack the Hat


Any good boss leaves the door open for reconciliation.



I think Wolves are just trying to be greedy and attempting to claw back some of the money that they paid out. Otherwise if they really wanted them out they would have terminated there contracts already like they have done with other players in the past.

They need to accept that at the time they were desperate for players took a gamble on these 2 paid the money and it didn't work out. That is sadly what premiership football is all about in the end.

Just terminate there contracts let them go and get on with there careers.


Jack Sullivan seems to know what to say. Don't badmouth people or they will be harder to move on to another club.

Learn from him, Kenny.


Why does the E&S find the need to use inflammatory banner headlines including the word 'Banish'. Clearly to get a negative reaction. I am sure that the powers that be are trying to handle things in a far more sensitive way than the E&S and Mr O'Hara are suggesting!


Bet my £200,000 sale last Summer now doesnt seem so bad.


Is there a buy it now price also discount for multiple purchases.


yeah lol, legend, would beat starring at that academy5 door all season


But the Wolves boss won’t find a place for Johnson, adding: “I haven’t spoken to him yet, although I will next week when he comes in. I find this a bit odd that Johnson will be finding this out first from the E&S before getting it straight from the manager.

Doesn't sound like the Kenny we know. That said I don't want to see him in a Wolves shirt again he had about one good game in 10 from what I saw of him and yes I am a STH so saw all the home games. Also he never looked like a captain from day one for me. Lowest point was the own goal passing back to Ikeme who had no chance at all of stopping it from going in.

Dingle Dave

O'Hara wouldn't take a pay off because he would never get a club again, i watched O'Hara in the Wolves vs Man Ure U21s and i will tell you this, His legs have gone. O'Haras days as a decent pro are over. He played this game just coming back from the USA fresh from his 2 week fitness programme. O'Hara is fat, slow and lazy. He made 1 run in 90mins then spent all game just drifting in the game and moaning that our players didnt see the amazing through balls or 60 yard passes that just went out for a throw in.

No chance he will take a pay cut either and i don't really blame him cus after Wolves i don't see him playing again as he is too vain, too rich to lower himself to get in the lower leauges and prove something.

Johnson should get snapped up and the sooner the better, hopefully Sheff Wed want him back. Ward will go to Brighton once a deal is agreed and if the rumours are true there isnt much in it money wise.


Just keep them away from our fringe player do not want them to be infected with Headsgone syndrome . UTW.


sorry meant Players.


If handled badly ( and I see no statement of intent -other than the club doesn't want you so find yourself something else), this could ruin an exciting season. There has to be compromise.

Dingle Dave

Jordi Gomez to join Wolves!!!!

The Real Bully Hoo.





Worst signings of all time, yes eggert jonnson was a better signing..thanks mad mick.


"I haven’t spoken to him yet, although I will next week when he comes in."

Telling the fans before he tells him in person. Mr Jackett, I like your style sir.

Jack the Hat


That is atrocious man management from Mr. Jackett in any-ones book bar yours.



It is counter-productive dishing out negative criticism because these players signed because Wolves wanted them at the time. Someone , probably Moxey , negotiated the contracts in mutual good faith and now we see some disgraceful tactics to try to get shut of them.I would imagine that players and their agents that we have an interest in will look at the goings on and the treatment dished out to some senior players and keep away.

Farmer Ted

Excellant post. Read and learn


I cannot believe that the team I paid half a crown (including train fare) to see would not care about all players. We loved football. We loved the players. Perhaps they love the money now and Wolves do not matter, but it does to most of us. PLEASE do not kill a player, no matter how upset we feel now...they all wore the shirt, and we may be passionate, but we can be proud or nasty, the choice is.....I love a Wolves player.


What's disgraceful about the way they've been treated? They're not in the first team so why have them train with the squad? I think people are looking far too deeply into this.


When Henri Camara threatened to go on strike in 2004 to force a transfer after our relegation, how many fans called for him to 'rot' and for him to be banished?

These pair who are equally if not more contemptible are different? how? why?

This talk of constructive dismissal is absurd. How many players have been frozen out by managers over the years? all managers have done it. If you want Wolves players alone I'll throw a few names out there

Dave Jones - Kevin Cooper

Glenn Hoddle - Colin Cameron

Mick McCarthy - Freddie Eastwood

Johnson went and found new clubs, the fact O'Hara didn't is nothing to do with CD and everything to do with his lack of desire and/or a lack of ability on the part of his agent.

Jack the Hat

The problem with this whole sorry affair is, no-one wins. Neither Management, players or fans. Everyone should sit around the table and come to some agreement.



Blimey Jack, is that a glint of golden sense?!! It would be so good for these players to be allowed to get on with life and for the rest of us Wolves to get on. I cannot believe that talent disappears overnight, only confidence.

Jack the Hat


I am taking tablets for it, the Doc says he will soon get me back to my " Cutting best ", probably a confidence thing he reckons.

Thanks for showing concern,



Get off jacketts back, it's not his fault his got these's so call prem players that turned there backs on our team, all of them Doyle, ward these two the list goes on and on, with players that wanted cash and our club meant nothing to them, the leagues are full of them to much money and no skill, god help English football with all these about thinking there great and there no better then some of the talent down the local Sunday league