Carl Ikeme signs new Wolves deal

Wolves goalkeeper Carl Ikeme today signed a new three-year deal in a further boost to their Championship return.

Ikeme, who was one of the stars of last season’s League One title triumph, has committed his future to the club until 2017.

The 28-year-old, whose previous deal had just one season left to run, follows hot on the heels of Richard Stearman and Dave Edwards to pledge to the Molineux cause recently.

Head coach Kenny Jackett said: “It’s a very exciting time for the club and Carl was a key player for us last season and I think will continue to be so.

“He’s a very dedicated professional and, as a goalkeeper, is coming into his prime with his best years ahead.

“I’m very pleased a deal has been done and he’s committed his future to the club.”

Ikeme helped keep a club record and a third-tier all-time best 25 clean sheets as Wolves marched to the League One title last season.

He said: “I’m delighted to have agreed a new deal.

“Talks had taken place towards the back end of last season and then over the summer and I was happy to be back on the first day of pre-season signing the contract.

“It gives me the opportunity to concentrate on my football now.

“I’ve been at Wolves for a long time and certainly didn’t want to leave and now I’m very excited about what is going to happen in the future.

“I’ve had to go on loan in previous years to build up my experience but the long-term plan has always been to play here and I’ve been pleased with my performances over the last couple of years.

“Now I’m just looking to continue to work hard and continue to improve.”

Ikeme follows central defender Stearman and midfielder Edwards, who both penned two-year deals.

The 28-year-old Ikeme joined Wolves from school in 2003 and has made 103 appearances for his parent club since making his debut in 2005 but he has more than 160 career games under his belt thanks to a host of loan spells.

He started last campaign in red-hot form and kept his side in several games with some superb saves and then returned to his best during the run-in after breaking his hand in the 1-1 draw at Tranmere on New Year’s Day.

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Comments for: "Carl Ikeme signs new Wolves deal"


Now this is good news, Carl, keep it up and you will be up there with Matt and bert among our legends.

U t w


Don't forget Malcolm Finlayson & Phil Parkes............................

chris h

I would put Stowell, Bradshaw, Hennessey, Tim Flowers and Matt ahead of Parkes. He was a weak link in the early '70s side. He did play well in Europe in that run to the final, but then let us down against Chivers in the first leg. Don't you remember Phil waving his hands in the air thinking a ball was going over, and then the mad scramble when the ball hit the woodwork. Must have happened half a dozen times that I saw. If only we had signed Banks at the time we signed the Doog.


A weak link for 127 consecutive games?

chris h

The standard was high at the time and in my opinion he was one of our weaker players in that team. There were others, how many games did Gerry Taylor and Les Wilson play ? Both weak links. If we had strengthened in just a few areas that early 70s team would have won more than just the League Cup.

Paul's Blade

I agree completely. We had, in the 70's, a very, very good side. With 2 or 3 additions it could have been a truly great side.

I recall standing on the South Bank (forget the opposition) when one guy nearby said to his mate 'Look at Parkes, safe as houses' to which his mate replied 'Yeah, condemned houses...'. Pretty much summed him up for me.

As for the current O'Hara debate, injury-wise he appears to be the new Mike O'Grady.


Unfortunately, Matt M didn't play enough games for us to become a 'legend' - no fault of his of course and I'm sure he would have gone on to be a 'great' but for injury.

However, amongst the truly great keepers we've had, who's been the worst (post ww2 of course)? My vote would go to Alan Boswell.

PS I was a close call between Carl and Mac for POTS but I did go for Carl.

Sidcup wolf

This will be the best signing of the season, I still think he is good enough to play for England.


He had the choice of England or Nigeria. He's chosen Nigeria but not played for them yet.

Old Gold Heart

Totally agree. I think he is really top class

Jack the Hat


Fat ot you know about wolves players. L☺Ls.



Fat ot you know about spelling or football ha ha :-)

3/10 Must try harder


Dingle Dave

Sidcup wolf

I sort of agree as he is a quality keeper, Good enough to play for England in my opinion is as a a squad playe. Carl is some way behind Joe Hart but he's a match for the rest for sure.

We will get the usual from the darkside saying he hasnt played in the top flight blah blah blah, But Ikeme is a very good keeper so divison is irrelevant over quality. plenty of players have played for England that have been outside the top flight.

Loook at the back up Hart had at the world cup? Need i say more. blooper boy and frankenstein so yes i sort of agree.

Cornish Wolf

Sidcup, Dingle Dave.

Hart I feel is a showman. On his day he produces outstanding saves but so do just about all keepers in the Pro game.

What I feel is different about Carl is that he does the simple thing well and the difficult things without flash showmanship.

His consistency last season was truly remarkable and on that form yes, Sidcup he is good enough to play for England!!

Up The Wolves

chris h

Cornish, A touch of bias perhaps in your thinking. It is a lot harder facing some of the best strikers around in the Premier, compared to many in the third who could not hit a barn door. Ikeme was very sound last season, but it needs to be put in context. If there is an issue with Carl, like with many other keepers, it is when to come off his line and when not to come. The Championship will be a bigger test for him we all know that. Let us hope he plays as well for us next season. It is a bit premature to start thinking of full England caps and comparing him with the current England no1.We don't want yet more 'dreams and false alarms'.


Best news of the day, a top class GK. Who could easily play in the PL.

Farmer Ted

First half of last season Carl Ikeme was out on his own for Player of the Season. If he can maintain his form and consistency (which was probably his weakness in previous seasons) there is no reason why he can't help Wolves to greater things.........and himself? Why not? Goalkeeping is one position where if you're good it matters not which division you're in, Premiership, Championship, even League One. Joe Hart hasn't been at his best recently (still very good mind you) Ben Foster played really well against Costa Rica, but Ruddy is really only average. If Ikeme can catch the eye, why not a call up to the England squad?

A really important signing this, along with Edwards and Stearman.

Well done KJ, KT and JM.

chris h

Farmer Ted, I agree well done KJ, KT and JM. Another positive signing. It is rare for me to diasagree with you on non chief executive issues, but I don't understand your point on good keepers are good no matter what the division. they are in. I agree a decent keeper in the Premier will excel in the third, just like a decent striker will .And a decent keeper will get away with things in the third, but may well soon get found out in the top tier.Boswell springs to mind ( not Samuel Johnson's mate). Was well respected in the lower leagues with Shrewsbury but soon found out in the top league with Wolves remember that Liverpool game. If your point is a third division keeper playing well can become an international player. I accept that is possible. But surely to improve on a consistent basis a keeper like every other position needs to be stretched and play at the highest possible level. In the lower leagues the big difference is the failure to convert chances, whereas at the higher level far greater standards of finishing apply. I don't think Gordon Banks would have developed into such a good keeper if he had stayed at Chesterfield, for example. Although I accept in the current World Cup there are a number of examples of reserve club players playing for their Countries, but I think most have looked pretty rusty eg Holland 5 Spain 1.

Farmer Ted

Chris, what I said was "if you're good it matters not what division you're in" and as we both know ( and 30k other Wolves fans too) Boswell fell well short of that.

A goalkeeper who can be both a shot stopper and fully command his area will do that in any division. Whether he's a youngster coming through or a more experienced keeper like Ikeme who found himself in Division three. The cream usually rises to the top so let's hope if Carl Ikeme continues last season's form he rises with Wolves and isn't snapped up by watching Premiership or other European Clubs.

Weren't Peterboro in the third when their keeper ( his name escapes me) got in the England squad?

I think the other guy who should take some praise is Pat Mountain. In the past, like Tony Daley, he has taken unfounded criticism from a certain section of posters...okay the usual muddle-minded suspects who spout in ignorance.

Ritchie Wolves

Old chap, Don't often disagree with you but it does matter what division a keeper is in. Ikeme is a top keeper but the finishing in the championship will be a lot better than league 1. It will be interesting to see how our keeper and back four fair this year?


I can't help but be impressed by the way that Jackett and Thelwell are continuing to transform the squad, by a combination of re-signing the best of the present players, promoting youngsters from the U21's and the signings from outside the club when and where necessary. Extending Carl Ikeme's contract ahead of the coming season is a smart move by the club, as he will become more noticeable to other clubs in the championship.

The "unwanted" will I'm sure still get a lot of the attention until they depart, but we should focus on the more positive changes that are taking place.

Cornish Wolf

Hear, hear. Albrightondek.

The difficult thing, as the England manager will no doubt attest is to get all these good young players to form a cohesive team.

I do feel that our great good fortune at Wolves is that we have a manager capable of doing just that.

Onward and upward I say, the premiership is not beyond reach.

Up The Wolves

carl wolves

I was pretty pleased about Stearman, not entirely convinced by Edwards because of his injury record and the fact that it took the drop to league 1 for him to become a 7/10 player but this is fantastic news. Ikeme has been absolutely awesome since becoming a first team regular. He really does look like he has the potential to become one of England's top keepers.

Selly park wolf

Absolutely fantastic news!

We have had some great keepers down the years and Ikeme could yet be the best of the lot!

Well done Wolves!


This is fantastic news... Another "Clubman" showing his loyalty.

Carl is going to be key to any success we have in the coming season.

Well done to the Management Team for getting the deal done without any fuss!!!


The Flying Winger

Good news for the club, not so good news to hear that Johnson appears to be determined to not conduct his contractual afffairs with the club properly and now a statement from West Ham wishing him well, with thanks but no thanks!!!!


Man of steel - I wouldn't swap him for anybody.

Great reflexes and shot stopper, but really strong and dominates the penalty box, that is hard to find nowadays.

Better all round keeper than Joe Hart, who can be lightweight and lose concentration at times (as shown by almost conceding 2 corners in the world cup).

Dingle Dave

All good GKS should be great shot stoppers, it's the what looks the simple things that seperate GKs to, Ikeme is great at the doing what to us fans look easy but isnt, Distribution, commanding area, being vocal and being a leader. Ikeme ticks all the boxes and we are very lucky to have another good keeper at the Wolves.

WH was decent as well but he struggled moving his feet and didnt command the 18 yard box anything like Ikeme and we got £3m for him!! That in mind and GKs don't go for huge money we have a top GK in Ikeme.

In my opinion Ikeme would be a match for any GK in the prem outside the top 4-6 clubs.

chris h

Excellent article in today's Independent by Glenn Moore their football editor on Suarez, have a read Martin Swain and think about it. Puts things into perspective. Of course what Saurez did was wrong, stupid and animalistic, but he didn't break anyone's leg, or fracture a jaw, he didn't even draw blood. How many legs did 'Chopper ' Harris and Norman 'bite your legs' Hunter break ? No one said they should be banned for two years. Perhaps the Saurez incident turns the focus away from the pathetic performance by the England team in Brazil. Just consider the total effort and application from the Greek team in their last game and compare that with the tepid performance from the England players.


Firstly great news about Carl, have already said Matt is the best goalkeeper ive seen at Wolves but i feel Carl can take over that mantle. Going on about your defense of Saurez is ridiculous, Harris and Hunter committed their crimes with say over the top tackles , part and part of playing football. Rule changes over the years have now outlawed these kind of tackles , rightly so and if the above mentioned had committed these tackles today they would receive lengthy bans for repeat offending. As for Saurez to bite someone once is disgusting , to go on to do it for a third time then he deserves every thing coming to him, its up there with spitting.

chris h

Karl, Come off it , you have not seen any over the top tackles last season ? If you were a professional footballer would you prefer to be spat at or for someone to go over the top and risk your career by breaking your leg ? He bit and didn't even draw blood. How many player s elbow, accidentally on purpose bang people on the head, kick and stamp out when falling, not forgetting poking people in the eyes. What Suarez did was wrong and stupid, but a sense of proportion is needed. If he had scored 25 goals for the Wolves last season would you want him to be banned for 2 years ? As for doing it three times, some players have a discreet kick at an opponent 3 times in 20 minutes. Sense of proportion not an over reaction from disgruntled England fans, that is what is needed.

Farmer Ted

Chris, FIFA didn't agree with you and neither do I.

"He didn't even draw blood".....and that was his third attempt! Clearly needs to have a chat with Mike Tyson.

chris h

FT I didn't think they would give him a medal. My point, which echoes the comments of the Indie's chief reporter, was that there has been a massive over reaction with people calling out for a 2 year ban or even a lifetime ban. What he has got is about the same as our bad boy the Doog got for threatening a linesman. The punishment is about right, but I ask you the same question would you prefer a bite, without blood, or some crafty clogger who breaks your leg. Glen Moore's article also refers to England's Dylan Hartley who has bitten off a few ears in his time but no one bats an eyelid ( unless you get poked in it at a corner) that he is still playing international rugby, after paying his dues.Suarez is not the only flawed genius we have seen and he won't be the last.

chris h

FT, What about my other point: the amount of effort the Greeks put into their last game compared to that of our team. They were 'busting' every ounce available to get that winning goal and played with an urgency totally lacking in England's play. That is what should be the main talking point in the papers not Suarez's bite.


chris h

Suarez may not have drawn blood ---this time, but he could have done. A great deal of concern has been shown over blood injuries with the possible spread of AIDS, whether it be by an elbow, a boot in the face, but now we have to factor biting into the mix of offences. Players are sent to the touchline to have blood cleaned up and shirts changed if needed, so please don't try to make the actions of Suarez seem petty. Broken bones will mend as will fractured jaws, but the transfer of blood from one player to another could have life threatening repercussions.


chris h

Greeny, A fair point, and he has been punished for it. It is also a question of the example it gives. What gets me though is all this indigantion as if the rest of football was as pure as snow. Strachan has just said on the box that there are no morals in football and gave a large catalogue of all sorts of misdemeanours he has personally witnessed . Instead of ranting on about a flawed genius, what about England and their feeble efforts. If we had a flawed genius that at least would be a start.


Why would he play for England when he can play for a half decent team like Nigeria...?


Congratulations Karl. I'm all for performance related pay and your performances last season were outstanding and deserving of a proper pay increase.

I suspect that you and the rest of the boys will have to work even harder this season to repeat the success story of last. You have set new standards which you will be expected to maintain, but all we ask is that you give your all. I wish you and the team continued success. You certainly lifted our spirits last season.

And now Jez make sure you offer Sako a new contract. You might be expecting interest from the Prem and the new signings look strong, but we know what he is capable of and we mustn't let him go unless we have no choice.

Injuries to key players will undoubtedly play a part this season and I want to see real strength in depth for every position. We will be extremely disappointed if we don't at least make the play-offs.

Now, whilst we are talking about performance related pay and whilst I apologise for raising the O'Hara issue again, I'm afraid that I was out of the loop yesterday and have only just aught up with yesterday's article


Whoops, lap top playing up and business interruption..........O'Hara continued.............I have only just caught up with yesterday's article.

As I don't subscribe to text and twitter speak, can anyone out there please enlighten me as to what he means by "Bombsquad, thanks, heads gone". Did he find a suspect package? and if so what was it? Was it perhaps a left over 6 pack of Johnsons?

And if his head's gone as well as his other injuries he has no chance of resurrecting his career. It's no wonder that no other club wants him.

On a slightly more serious note regarding O'Hara I have always had a different take. In my view he doesn't owe us anything.

At 3-0 down at Half-time to Blackburn 4 seasons ago we were as good as relegated then. His cracking goal and the one by Hunt sent Brum down instead that season and gave us another year of Prem riches which more than paid for their transfer fees and contracts.

The subsequent relegation disasters were not all his fault. He was injured for much of the time.

The club owes him nothing. They are honouring his contract. They are right not to pick him. He's not presently up to standard to play.

Where he lets himself and his family down is choosing financial security by sitting out a lucrative contract without making a present contribution instead of seeking to resurrect his career on more realistic terms with another club. He doesn't need the income.

His career is dead. It's up to you Mr O'Hara.

Farmer Ted

Tellitasitis, some level headed criticism of O'Hara unlike some of the ridiculous abuse from yesterday's crop. It was Wolves who decided not to play him, not O'Hara's. He played a number of games for the Under21s as well as attempting to get away to Blackpool, plus two as sub. He clearly has a mobility problem after all his injuries and he even tried to get that sorted in the US at his own cost. When we signed him after that loan spell these boards were full of excitement and enthusiasm. Now in the not so warm glow of a retrospective view, he's a money grabbing lay about! Did some of these posters expect him to play for us without a contract, or on a pay as you play deal. Yes, they probably did!

The Academy 5 thing is just a bit of dressing room black humour we've all been involved in.

JOH is the biggest problem Wolves have, he needs to find a new home this summer and Wolves will lose money whatever way it's solved. As for taking a cut on wages owed, why should he when there doesn't appear to be any club interested in him? Maybe if he's willing to do a deal it's his agent who should be working harder rather than sitting on his backside.


Hi Ted,

It's simply O'Hara's tactics for progressing his way forward for his own future that I'm questioning. He has every right to sit tight, do nothing, and collect his money each week if that's his priority.

On the other hand, if wanting to play football at the highest level that he is able to play again, (whatever level that may now be) is really his priority, and I would hope that it would, or else he has no ambition left, he could say to the club, " I'm prepared to tear up my contract and move on as a free agent in order to play football at the highest level that I can".

As I understand it, he hasn't been prepared to do that, and it is the high level of his current earnings that stopped Blackpool, and probably other clubs, from taking a chance on him.

He still appears to have some ability left to play at a decent level but not on his present earnings. I just think he would be better off in the long run taking the latter option and restoring his credibility in the football world. He is doing himself no favours in the under 21's. Over 40 scouts reportedly watched him play and all of them walked away without being convinced of his apparent worth.

Getting treatment in the US at his own cost for a short period is only a minimum effort to make progress in my view.

Ah well, I guess we should be thankful that we haven't got the problem of Suarez.


Great news ,onward and upwords .

Law 43

Best news of the summer so far. He was the biggest reason we were well placed at Christmas and in such a good position to capitalise once we really started playing well.

Jack the Hat

Carl Ikeme:

Despite his English birthplace, Sutton Coldfield, he has chosen to represent Nigeria at international level.

Just to let you know.

Hope he is now a big earner.