Wolves sign Heerenveen winger Rajiv van La Parra

Wolves today announced their second summer signing with the arrival of Dutch winger Rajiv van La Parra.

The 23-year-old winger is out of contract with top-flight Dutch club Heerenveen and has signed a three-year deal at Molineux after choosing Wolves ahead of several clubs.

A skilful and pacy winger, van La Parra has been capped by the Netherlands to the Under-21s, and Wolves have been tracking van La Parra for the last 18 months.

Last season, van La Parra made 32 appearances, scoring five goals and added six assists as Heerenveen finished fifth in the Dutch Eredivisie, totalling 86 appearances and 14 goals in his three years there.

Wolves head coach Kenny Jackett said: “He’s a talented winger who can play on either side and will be a good addition to that area of the squad.

“He’s also an ambitious and driven character who is determined to make an impression in English football.”

Van La Parra said: “I’m very happy to sign and it’s a good step for my career.

“Wolves is a big club with a big history and it’s good for me to come here and try to play a lot of games.

“I like English football and the way teams play and hopefully it’s something I’ll fit in to.

“People here live for football and I have that same feeling – hopefully I can show the supporters and everyone at Wolves some good things.

“It’s a physical challenge where you have to be tough in the duels in the Championship but the aim for all of us is to try to go to the Premier League.”

Van La Parra knows a bit of Wolves’ history through their famous Dutch import – John De Wolf.

“I know of John De Wolf because he was a big player for Feyenoord and I’m a supporter of Feyenoord!” he said.

“I haven’t really spoken with people who have played here but certainly with people who know this league and how they see it.

“I ask what they’d think if I signed for Wolves and for some information and they always give me good advice.

“I took that advice to make my decision and I’m delighted to be here.”

“It will be easy to settle here and I know the language too.”

Van La Parra started his career at his hometown club Feyenoord, and was signed by Caen in summer 2008.

After three seasons with the French club - including contributing to a promotion to the top division - he moved to Heerenveen.

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Comments for: "Wolves sign Heerenveen winger Rajiv van La Parra"


This one looks a tasty signing ,re utube

Captain Mardon International

Do you fancy him?

Jackett the Hat

Keep em comIn Kenny, this one looks quick with good technical ability , let's hope he can take the physical game aswell.

Northern Wolf

Blimey - 23 years old, 84 games in the Dutch top division with 14 goals and 6 Dutch Under 21s caps. on YouTube his looks like lightening and some great finishes (although on YouTube Siggi looked like a Norse God) and we are the only ones who knew he was out of contract?

Welcome to the Wolves fella. All the best for sure!

Well done Kevin Thelwell and UTW!


Well, that'll certainly do. Six caps at U-21 level for Holland is not to be sniffed at. Great things ahead at Fortress Molineux.


great news for wolves, if he can stay injury/suspension free he will add pace , skill, firepower to the already powerfull attacking threat of.








and that's without the addition of , may be wilson/woods. utw


This kid was fantastic in Pro Evolution Soccer 2013. Strong, fast and with a good shot. Really developed well.

Welcome to Wolves, Rajiv!

Euro Wolf

Meanwhile, on Planet Earth, rather than on a digital fantasy, he looks fine!

Black Country Wanderer

Dont knock the simulators too quickly guys,most top managers use Champioship Manager as a sounding board for young upcoming talent,their stats are second to none

Not saying computer games are the be all and end all,but are useful tools sometimes

He does look good on the clips,lets hope its not another Siggy though, who looked awesome on his clips but KJ obviously thought otherwise

Seems like Sako replacement to me,which is a pity,but if we get good money for him then another 2-3 players will do for me


Is that a joke Greg??



Welcome to wolves, looks a good signing to me young hungry and talented


Desperate Jack?? Nah, don't think so...

But George Thorne is another matter, he's desperate to play for a Championship Club instead of the Baggies..

Now you gorra loff at that!!!



JackHat - the worlds most bitter fan, we must of got under his skin because we actually won somthing last season, the only thing they have won in recent time is a relegation battle.




What the hell do you know? You're making a fool of yourself as usual. Concentrate on your own mess and everybody will benefit. If brains were dynamite you wouldn't have enough to blow your hat off.



Thought you were still in hiding Jack after the last (in a verrrrry long line) of your faux pas.

Yowm becumin a bit of a joke owd son.



Could be another astute signing by KJ & KT, but could also pave the way for Sako's exit??

He spoke very well on the Video, so let's hope he does play the way he described..

Looking forward to seeing him in the Team.


Ritchie Wolves

A skilful fast winger, yet another player that fits straight into the blend of football we play. Keep em coming Thelwell....

Ritchie Wolves

And, thats two quality signings and not a penny spent, Mr Thelwell you top man you.

Come on................

Gerry Mannion

Blimey! Where did than one come from? I wonder if this is just back up or are they assuming that Sako is off to the promised land with another club. There is some interesting You Tube footage on him.

Nippy Lobo

Welcome, Rajiv!

Lots of experience in good leagues—very welcome!

Let's hope van La Parra's luckier than the real Gerry Mannion. I loved Gerry so much when he first appeared in Wolves first team. But soon he was felled by injury. An exciting comet who passed briefly through Wolves' sky and whose play I still remember 45 years later.

Van La Parra sounds similar, so let's keep our fingers crossed and say our prayers!

Nippy Lobo

Whoops! 55 years later! Time flies—like Gerry Mannion and Rajiv van La Parra!


Hmmmm - looks like a good signing (lots of experience for a 23 year old) but what to make of this one? We're getting to have a lot of wingers now - some of them on the way out maybe?? UTW


Welcome to Wolves Rajiv. More competition up front for the club. Tall, athletic and quick and a international at U21 level.

We have a good set of 3 or 4 wingers now so well covered in this area. Im sure another striker will be coming in soon with another defender. The squad is taking shape and good to see business taking place early, before the players report back.

Lobo para siempre

Looks quick. Looks skillful. I'm excited.


Blimey! Welcome to Wolves Rajiv. Quite a player in his parent country. As I posted last week, having watching him on youtube, he is a great talent. Hope he can do a good job for us.

However, look what happened to Siggy! Sorry to put a dampner on it but I hope he tears em up when he plays. No doubt he will be a target for some fouling troll defender in the championship.

Very refreshing news. In KJ and his staff we trust. Just waiting to hear if McGuire signs now and also a striker.

Come on folks old Jez has earnt his salt on these so far. I'll buy him a Bovril n a pie at half time on the first home game. Happy;-)



An inspired signing! Didn't see that one coming! (This is what I want the opposition goalies to be saying in the Championship!). Could obviously be insurance against Sako leaving, and if he does we'll probably get £3 million, and we've signed Rajiv for nothing. We may be top heavy with wingers but some of the football greats have been equally proficient on the wing or as strikers. Tom Finney comes to mind and our very own 'Wee' Johnny Hancocks. Dicko was employed by us as a winger originally and he has been a revelation as a striker. Rajiv has an eye for goal too. KJ is the man with the plan. Exciting times!

Dances, Henry from Arsenal most recent one springs to mind also?

Nippy Lobo

Interesting comment! When young Wolves fans ask me who Johnny Hancocks was like, I always say Thierry Henry; although Hancocks was called a winger and Henry a striker.

Honestly, Hancocks was two-footed and at least the equal of Henry in every respect except possibly heading. Honest!

Despite the fact that Hancocks was not given the recognition he deserved (for reasons I won't go into here), for those of us lucky enough to watch Johnny regularly, he is one of the great legends of English football.


This signing came out of the blue..welcome to molineux and hope you have a successfull season..cant wait for pre-season and look out championship here we come..!!!


Blimey, I'm gonna have to start saving now to have his name on the back of my shirt

Welcome to wolves

Jack the Hat

I understand the attraction as Parra(chute) reminds you lot of the money Albion helped you out with. He certainly knows all about relegation and had his contract money reduced so that Herenveen could get shut. Sako must be chuffed as he prepares to leave. L☺Ls.



Probably hated the disgusting Herenveen strip he was forced to wear as well.


jack, chill , relax, i know its frustrating for a new manager........

as for deperate.......just heared saint peter turned up for the vacancy to guard the pearly gates, they would'nt let him in lol.

maybe qpr have a carpark attendant vacancy.


Just drivel and tosh again Jack my boy. Go and cut the grass or polish your bike mate and fill your empty day more productively. Everybody would be much better off.

Have your lot found a new coach/manager yet and stopped all your players leaving? That's a much more interesting topic.



Jack the pra, why don't you go and crawl under the nearest stone Birmingham boy, no signings for u, no manager of note, players leaving the sinking ship, 25k crowds maximum, see you soon tesco


When it comes to being an embarrassment to West Bromwich Albion you rank up there with that spindly legged, ridiculous bird thing mascot you have. No wonder they'd love to get rid of the pair of you. Complete laughing stock and both rather pathetic really. Premiership, yes for now, but ALWAYS in our shadow.

Loffin Jack? we am. lol



Jack The Hat.....Where are Ronnie and Reggie when you need them?

Bedford Wolf

As another World Cup is almost upon us thoughts once more turn to one of the lowest points in English football history - Mexico 1970 England v Brazil, 0-1 down, 10 minutes to go, the ball falls to Jeff 'Choker' Astle inside the box, the Brazilians are in turmoil, he must score, he MUST score and incredibly .......he misses. By yards. Like all your postings JTH, way wide of the mark.




A welcome signing indeed. Really looking forwards to 2014-2015 season. utw


Seems like a very good bit of business to have tied up nice and early,but I am wondering when and if KJ will be looking for back up for Kevin McDonald ready for next season. If he gets injured and is out for any length of time we will be up the proverbial creek without a paddle as there is no-one on the books at present who could do his job.We were lucky last season as I don't think he missed a game once he signed for us,but by the law of averages this will not last. Let's hope Kevin Thelwell can pull another rabbit out the hat like Rajiv

Ritchie Wolves

Peter, I'm pretty sure jacket has a plan if McDonald is out of the side and I'm sure both Evans and Price could sit there too me thinks??

Good times ahead.....................


If he`s dutch he must be good

Hong Kong Pete

Certainly Mr Jackett and all those involved kept this signing quiet, it is looking very good at the moment and obviously a lot of work is being done.

I am looking forward in seeing what the next signing will be, could it be another player not mentioned to date time will tell.

Looking forward to forthcoming season, KJ is doing in my opinion what the loyal fans want, to see Wolves back to where they should be.

Keep it coming KJ and Mr Thelwell

Lobo para siempre

I'm gradually coming to the conclusion that Jack the Prat is a wee bit jealous as well as lot sad.


Have the Baggies got a coach yet or will they be walking to away games next season..

The Flying Winger

Welcome to The Flying Dutchman!!!!


and many are saying this came out of the blue!!! he has been tracked for 18 months and was mentioned on may 12 this year on these very pages.

Doncaster Wolf

Yet more ravings from Jack the Hat; the world's only living brain transplant donor.


The number of messages left on Wolves topics by Jack the Rash is directly proportional to the depth of doodoo our friends down the road are getting into. It's very noticeable and a little sad. If I was Jack (thank the Lord I'm not) I'd focus on what's happening in Sandwell and get the worry beads out of the cupboard.


and a Bong Bong for Jack


I see jack the prat is taking rubbish again gives her something to do as her club not doing anthing in this window again apart form out going players anyway nice one KJ keep up the good work