Sheffield United reject Wolves' bid for Harry Maguire

Wolves opening £1m bid for Sheffield United defender Harry Maguire has been rejected by the Bramall Lane club.

Sheffield United's Harry Maguire
Sheffield United's Harry Maguire

But the newly-promoted Championship still expect to land their first signing in the summer recruitment programme by agreeing terms with Peterborough’s Tommy Rowe next week.

The rejection of the first Molineux bid for Maguire, the Blades stand-out performer during their League One campaign, will do nothing to deter Wolves who can now be expected to construct an improved offer.

The 21-year-old central defender, named Player and Young Player of the Year by Blades fans, is at the top end of Jackett’s list of targets as he strengthens his squad for the Championship challenge ahead.

United are desperate to hang on to their outstanding young prospect, who will be going into the last year of his contract next month.

They are preparing their own improved deal in an effort to persuade the home-grown Sheffield-born defender to stay. Manager Nigel Clough is currently on holiday but is trying to convince the 6ft 4in prospect that his development will be best served by another year within his Yorkshire roots.

But the offer from Wolves has caught Maguire’s attention and is thought to be favoured amid rival attentions of other Championship clubs which include Middlesbrough and Leeds.

The deal for Rowe is much more straightforward after the 25-year-old wide player ran down his contract to become a free agent this summer.

Peterborough chairman Darren MacAnthony took to the social networks last week to admit he “feared” Rowe was off to Molineux and the indications from Molineux are that they are optimistic of securing his signature next week.

Rowe can play either on the left or in the centre of midfield and scored nine goals from 43 appearances last season.

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Comments for: "Sheffield United reject Wolves' bid for Harry Maguire"

chris h

I don't know if this player is any good or not.I don't know if we are really interested,isn't he a right sided centre back playing in the same position as Batth.?What I do know is we have many times identified quality footballers who go on to have good careers,but far too often we under bid and the better players go elsewhere. Google the Express and Star article 13 July 2009, " Wolves ponder increasing their £500,000 bid for Lallana". A bid that was called derisory by Soton at the time. Today we are told Liverpool have bid £25m for the same player. It is this failure to get the decisions right in the transfer market that is the main reason we have underachieved for so long under the tenure of our current chief excecutive. It is not good enough to say all clubs miss out on targets, the issue is historically we do it far too often. That is why we are living in the shadows of our neighbours.


C'mon chris, hindsight is a wonderful thing. We are not the only club who 'miss out' on players who later on become 'stars'. We have missed a few & equally we have bought some who fail to justify the money & wages spent........

This lad may well become a very, very good player, KJ seems to like him. But he will also have a value for him & we shouldn't go beyond that. If we pay over the odds & then this lad doesn't fulfill his potential then we may well be looking at yet another player on the books, collecting his large pay packet, that we can't shift.

chris h

Cornish, It has happened too often under Jez Moxey's tenure. We have missed out on decent signings far too many times. You need a good manager and scout to identify credible signings and you need someone with the wisdom of knowing when to back the manager's judgement and when to pull out. It is the lack of wisdom at Board level that has dragged our football club down and why we have failed in recent years compared to the likes of Stoke and the Albion. You need smart football people in the boardroom as well as on the training ground. I suspect Jez just drifted into football , he admitted as much when he first arrived. He is obvously a good accountant and administrator, but to actually be successful as a football chief executive you need more than that. Perhaps he is just unlucky in that so many of his deals have turned sour. But surely if you think about it, from Frankowski to Boukari there have been far too many bum signings and far too many times we have missed out on players who have subsequently done well elsewhere.


I have, for many years, called for a 'director of football' role at the club. Someone to whom Morgan & Moxey could turn to, someone with the footballing knowledge who could target the kind of players the club needed. It seems that a reshuffle within the club has placed Kevin Thelwell in that kind of position & working closely with KJ they seem to be working very adroitly at targeting the type of player that suits all aspects of the club & it's criteria.

M & M seem to have taken a back seat with regards to the media, & given the hostility towards them that is still there, this can only be good for the club. But I do think you are being a tad unfair to Moxey, after all, he tends to be damned if he supports the manger & damned if he doesn't. Whether the players targeted were 1st choice or not, I can only assume they were the managers choice & therefore the buck, as they say, should stop there.

chris h

Cornish, If you check back, I also called for a director of football on here many times. We now have a technical manager, but he is not on the Board and he reports directly to Jez Moxey. I think you understate Moxey's influence at the club. Do you really think it was McCarthy who pulled the plug on Dann, Gardner (twice) and Lallana ? The decision not to go ahead was a commercial one surely ?

Jackett the Hat

I remember that article Chris, he (Lallana) did sound promising at the time, but there ain't a Wulfie out there who could say that if he had signed for us he would've had the coaching and game time that's made him the player he is today, in fact, the probability is that after being coached by Clipboard and being unable to get past the Barnsley Brawlers old boys club, we would've lost the 500 grand.

You must admit Chris that the vibe around the place is that Kenny can find players like Lallana, give them quality coaching and plenty of chances to prove themselves....would you be surprised if a club offered above a mil for McDonald or even Golbourne, I wouldn't.

I understand your concern about missing targets and how it was mostly Jez's doin, but the whole structure of Wolves has changed since then with Thelwell taking a more active role and players being targeted who must tick all of our boxes. There is no doubt that Morgan has now got to see value in whoever comes in, IMO this is the price we have to pay for letting Mad Mick loose with the best part of 45 million quid and not giving us the promise of better things to come. You're also bang on when you say we should be playing in the Prem with the foundations we had , but being entertained and enjoying the beautiful game comes higher on my list than bragging rites, relegation scraps and £60 match tickets.....maybe the mis-management is the reason I never really enjoyed the greed league.

Enjoy the new season.

chris h

Jackett, I certainly hope lessons have been learned. But you know what they say about a leopard. The final negotiations are down to Jez Moxey and he just loves a deal. Where I differ from you is I think nothing is comparable to those days, evenings and nights when we beat Man Utd, Man City, Chelsea and Spurs. The costs are higher of course, but the quality of football is so much better. I obvously wish we had won more games. Anything less than the Premier League is second best and should not be acceptable to Wolves.If the Baggies can do it, why not us ?

Chillo Wolf

Oh so typical Chris h comment

chris h

Trouble with you Chillo is you are in denial. You think because someone works for Wolves they are God's gift. As soon as they leave then it is ok to have ago at them. Once upon a time it was ' SuperMick, 'Stale is 'revolutionising the way we play' and 'give Deano' a chance'. Maybe when Moxey does leave with his bag of gold, you will realise there is some truth in what I am saying.

Chillo Wolf

Nobody is listening mate

Farmer Ted

Chris, I know this is just one of your hobby horse opinions that you copy and paste at regular intervals, but surely this one's a bit premature.

Jez hasn't even had chance to put his green eye-shade on yet!

chris h

Farmer Ted, Sometimes you have to slap a lot of mud on the wall before it sticks. Like I said I don't know if this would be a good signing, don't know what the motives are. Perhaps he is just trying to sell a few season tickets. Don't forget we bid according to the Express and Star over a million for two of Solbakken's centre back targets before we ended up spending /wasting £500k on Margreitter. Another example of Moxey's record. It maybe 'The Same Old Song' but different examples with the same result time and time again.We bid £500k for Lallana but failed to increase the offer, Lallana is now an England player and subject to a £25m bid as of today. What would they have said of you at work if you messed that one up. What would the Daily Mail have said of Gordon Brown if he had messed it up. Not only that he has just charged me an extra £200 for my season ticket.


I do Chris, he is a good player, and there is nothing in the article to suggest wolves are under paying anyone.

It is an opening bid that's all.

Let the fun begin. U tw.


How about some praise for a cheap Jarvis going for 12 mil or a cheaper kightley going for 4 million or a 6 million fletcher going for 13 million, or do u just have selective thinking?

chris h

Hoff. I agree those were good deals and if you look back I will have said so on here at the time. It has not all been one way traffic, but overall our record has not been good. That is why we ended up in the third division.The Baggies are still in the Premier league, seems to me they have done better than us and have been a lot smarter in the Boardroom. I wish it wasn't so. NB what happened to the £25m we got for Fletcher and Jarvis ?


Doesn't fit the agenda The Hoff course we won't praise.

Of course, if Moxey didn't sign off on transfers and told managers no Chris would beat him with a stick for interfering.

The fact he states the Express and Star told us... the Express and Star are as much in the dark as us when it comes to these transfers which is why you never see any direct quotes on players until you they are officially unveiled.

If you're relying on unquoted unsubstantiated reporting to base your argument you're on a hiding to nowhere Chris and its no wonder you keep repeating yourself..... and keep being ignored.

chris h

Wnp. Being ignored you must be joking. Moxey's fan club have been on here tonight.

If you don't believe Wolves made an in quotes ' derisory' offer for Adam Lallana as widely reported in the media, complete with quotes, then you are so biased you are in total denial. If the Express and Star are so unreliable, which they are not, why bother coming on here in the first place ?



Had we signed Lallana you'd have been up in arms whinging about Moxey not showing enough ambition as we were signing League One players when we ought to be signing proven or better players.

This isn't a suggestion it's a fact. You will use anything, anywhere to fuel your agenda. You conveniently ignored my post above.

With Jarvis on one flank, and Kightly on the other we were in no rush to sign further wingers, to splash the cash on a kid who at that point in time was at best one for the future having not even played in the Championship was and is ridiculous, the fact he is now under scrutiny from Liverpool is totally immaterial. He could've just as easily become an Adam Hammill who was signed from a lower league club for a nominal fee but just didn't have it.

All Jez's fault though. Absolutely.


Chris you really are becoming boorish now. As I have said before we all know now that you take any opportunity to slag off Morgan and Moxey, so just change the record will you please? Whatever happened in the Lallana negotiations happened years ago now and is not relevant, however just for your information I live in the New Forest and know a relative of the lad, at the time when we were interested I asked my friend about the situation and I can tell you he was advised to stay at Soton as they felt they would be able to guarantee more game time, a bit like when Robbie Keane signed for us many years ago instead of Liverpool, who were his boyhood team. So before you go spouting off get your research done first will you?

Crikey, any club can talk about players who got away. We had the chance to sign Alan Ball in the early sixties and decided he was too small, ironic really when you think we nearly missed out on Billy Wright for exactly the same reason. Later in the sixties we were after Francis Lee from Bolton but were outbid by Man City. Do I need to go on?

It still sticks in every Tesco's craw that they let us have Bully for a snip, 300 odd goals later.....enough said.....

On recent occasions I have asked about the whereabouts of JIWAL....hmmmm I just wonder .......!!!!

chris h

BH Of course it is relevant, the topic today is a bid declined for a player . A player who may or may not, be worth millions in the future, on the same day that a player who Wolves failed to sign and made an in quotes ' derisory' offer for has attracted a bid from Liverpool for £25m. Wolves interest at the time was widely reported by numerous sources and this included quotes from then newly signed Surman, ' saying go and get him'. Wolves and Soton failed to agree a fee for him. It is naive in the extreme to think if terms had been agreed that he would not be interested in signing for a then Premier club, especially when 'his pal' had

just signed for them.

You tell me to do better research then get the situation with Ball and Lee both wrong. Ball was not let go because of his size, but because according to the FA he had signed school boy forms for two clubs, Blackpool and Wolves. And rather than getting into a dispute Wolves agreed to release his registration. As for with Lee, Wolves agreed a fee with Bolton for the sum of £15,000 plus Terry Wharton. At the time Lee had started his successful toilet paper business and wanted to train in the North West and come down for games. John Ireland refused to agree to this and it was reported at the time said' let him stay in smokey old Bolton'. The move to Man City took place a number of weeks afterwards, City were in competition with Stoke, I believe at the time. The Wharton deal eventually went through as a cash deal only. But this is not the point and you know it is not the point. There is a reason why we ended up in the third division and in my opinion Jez Moxey 's record in transfer dealing played a big part in our failure. Since he is still at Wolves and others have gone, I consider it reasonable and relevant to point out his previous shortcomings, in the hope that he is not about to repeat them.You may disagree with me, but I am giving my opinion, I suspect by the reception he sometimes gets at games, other people also share my opinion.

chris h

BH Further to above on Alan Ball. I note that Wiki does refer to Wolves letting him go due to his small size. I don't know if you were around at the time, but that was never mentioned at the time of '66 World Cup. It was always stated that there was a dispute over his registration with Lancashire Schools FA. and Wolves pulled out. We played Blackpool at Molineux first game after Cullis was sacked and Ball starred and I think scored for them. This was 1964, and he clearly was a star in the making.


YAWN.......anything to justify your stance against the running of this club....

and YES, I was around at the time of the Ball and Lee negotiations. Ball's size leading to him not signing for Wolves WAS mentioned in the media at the time, I did not look this up on Wiki but recalled my own memory of the time.

You launch into yet another diatribe but once again conveniently chose to listen to someone's direct inside information regarding a situation, I heard the Lallana information from the horse's mouth but you know better of course....

Lets face it you will never accept that Moxey has ever done anything good for this club so your comments in my opinion (and lots of others) are pathetic and worthless...

After SJH's famous Golden Tit speech and his decision to look for a new owner, we proceeded to have our most successful period in this club's history since 1970 to 1980. This culminated in promotion to the PL (what a great day that was, I suppose you were saying "Bah Humbug" in your little world). We then had three years in the PL and as you have pointed out, great days against Liverpool, Man Utd, City, Chelsea, Spurs etc etc. Well in that time the CEO was Moxey. Can you not give him any credit for that period of time what so ever?

Yes, he and Morgan have made mistakes, but show me someone who hasn't. Oh hold on I suppose that's YOU of course.

The point in life is to learn from those mistakes and at the moment Wolves have been successful. However you come on this forum at this time and spout your vitriol.

Why can't you just enjoy the moment?

There are clubs throughout the country that have been far worse run than our club. Pompey, Coventry, Leeds, both Sheffield clubs and indeed my local club, Southampton. Yes, Southampton.....I know a lot will question that, but Wolves have never been in administration. When a club goes into admin the effect to local businesses can be devastating, yet football clubs and fans forget that and continue to ask their board to fork out more money to buy players and pay them unrealistic wages to enable them to buy more Ferraris etc. You keep asking where did the Fletcher and Jarvis money go.....well go and look at the player's car park!!

I pass Southampton's building site of a training ground every day, god knows if the sub-contractors on there will ever be paid their full amount owed to them. Just like the ones who built St Mary's and were never paid off.

Don't you realise that you come across as a grumpy old man on here? Take a chill pill will you and enjoy the moment watching some young kids who we can relate to....


Absolute rubbish mate. Do you suggest we buy everybody just in case we miss out on a good asset. I don't have a lot of respect for our CEO`s public relations but he knows how to control a budget.

chris h

Branoox, Of course I am not saying that. What I am saying is our overall record in buying and selling players over a number of years is not very good. And I am suggesting Jez Moxey has played a significant role in this failure. Last summer Martin Swain said on twitter that Jez Moxey had justified his large salary in the Premier by saying he had undertaken some of the Director of Football duties. What I am saying is you need sound judgement when buying and selling players. And too often we have got it wrong. You can keep to a budget, but failure in the transfer market tends to go hand in hand with failure on the pitch and results in a much reduced budget. Our budget next year will be less than £20m, the Baggies budget will be more than £70m.


As expected. This one could run on a while, as Sheffield utd try to keep the boy there.

Please, no M & M comments of "pay the money", "Moxey's too tight", blah, blah, blah......


CoRnIsHwoLf - with regard to your last line, I can still remember posters on this website urging Jez Moxey to pay B'ham the price that they were demanding for Roger Johnson when Wolves first expressed an interest in the player. The initial price that the owner put on the player was £14m, and there were actually supporters pleading for Moxey to pay it. Although Moxey often gets the blame for signing Johnson, it was at the instigation of Mick McCarthy, who wanted to strengthen the defence and change the captaincy. Our CEO simply backed the manager, and negotiated the price down something like £4.5m. And the rest, as they say, is history.


So true. I remember that scenario so well. Ironic how things turned out re. Johnson and the fans.

chris h

Albrighton, Would anybody seriously have spent £14m on Johnson ? No one can deny Moxey drives a hard bargain, trouble is we miss out on the better players time and time again as a result of this. Surely you can see this ? Moxey pulled the plug on Scott Dann when he was at Molineux having a medical because the player wanted us to match the offer from Brum. McCarthy wanted Carroll at £5m but we ended up with Maierhofer at £2m which was a complete waste of money. Moxey negotiates hard, but we are not buying a tub of lard, sometimes you have to be prepared to pay to get the better players. And if you don't get the better players,you don't stay in the Premier and sometimes you end up in the third division, and you lose lots and lots of revenue.


Chris h - No is the answer to your first question, but the point that I was making was that there were a good few people posting that Jez moxey should pay it.

You talk about Moxey driving a hard bargain, but then go on to say that as a result of this we miss out on the better players. Firstly, Jez Moxey is employed to negotiate to get to the best deal for the club. Secondly, who can say with any degree of certainty who the best players are? In hindsight we can all pick the winners and losers.

The examples that you give were not just missed by Wolves, but by a whole host of other clubs. Adam Lallana looks set to become a Liverpool player for something like £25m. Why did'nt Liverpool buy him at the time when Wolves were interested in him at a fracture of the cost?

Currently we are trying to buy Harry Maguire for something like £1m. The player looks a very promising centre back, but nobody can say for certain that he will prove to be a success at a higher level. Assuming that we buy him, in the coming years we will look back, and either say that the club found a true talented player and was worth every penny, or what a complete waste of money and he's only good at league one level.

For whatever reason you seem to have an anti-Jez Moxey agenda. If that's your bag - so be it.

chris h

Albrighton, The point is Mick McCarthy identified the player as a transfer target, but according to press reports we failed to improve upon our initial offer . Liverpool and other clubs it would appear did not identify him as a target at the time. We did but still failed to close out the deal. It is my belief that Jez Moxey will have played a part in the decision made not to make up a follow up bid.I cannot prove it. Also, I believe as a football club we have underachieved and this is another example of a wasted opportunity.It is a topical subject because he now plays for England, is highly rated by many and Liverpool have bid £25m for him.It is said Soton want £30m.


An expected response from Sheffield Utd. The fact that Nigel Clough is on holiday at the moment is probably irrelevent, as the deal (if there is to be one), will be negotiated by their CEO.

Maguire and his agent are in the driving seat and can sit back for a while. Ultimately they will decide if he stays or if he leaves the Blades.

Sheff Utd can make an improved offer with regards to wages (as they did with McDonald), but they can't match the fact that by moving to Wolves (or another championship side) he would be playing at a higher level. And that is likely to be the deciding factor.


Don't dilly dally- get Harry!!!

Bootneck wolf

Think this guy could turn out to be an absolute general at the back . I feel confident we might just pinch him.



I hope you're right


It's not just money per se. If a PL club comes in for Harry then he will almost certainly go there, even if Wolves offer more. He might be foolish to be warming the bench in a PL club when Wolves so obviously have bigger plans for him. If the choice is between Wolves and another Championship club, then we must be favourites. In my opinion we are the "biggest" club in the championship. If Harry stays at Sheffield, full credit for loyalty. Sheffield were the best League One club not to be promoted, and will probably go up next time.

Wolves PL Champions 2017/8/9/20/21/22/23

Kenny Jackett knows what he's doing and I'm sure that Morgan and Moxey will support him. The Harry Maguire story still has several episodes to go so don't worry.



Can I borrow your crystal ball please??



I can't see Maguire joining us if Stearman signs a new contract because he'll know he'll initially be third choice behind Stearman and Batth.

Personally I hope I'm wrong and we have all 3 to rotate.

I can't imagine he'd want to go to another Yorkshire club, especially Leeds who seem to be in turmoil.

Who'll sign him? Derby County in a swap deal with Kieran Freeman going the other way.


3rd choice? I don't think that's how KJ operates. At 6'4" he has a distinct advantage over Stears & forming a partnership with Batth would, most likely, be uppermost in KJ's mind.


Which sounds great, but as he's only 21 I can't see him lasting an entire season without tiring. It's risky with 2 young centre backs but then I suppose if Ricketts is there to steady the ship... So the question would be... If we get Maguire, will Stearman stay?


Not that it matters because as I said earlier, maguire will prob go to derby


Not unexpected news, whatsoever. I never had this as something that could easily come to fruition.

Cough and the Sheffield United hierarchy are smarting more than Wolves, as to being mired in League One's sticky quicksand.

That said, despite all the rhetoric I hear from so called football experts, here, there and seemingly everywhere, that the Championship (second tier, or "division two") is the hardest division to get out of, contrary to that erogenous assertion, factual statistics supplied by the Football Association afford one the surprising truth...

Since the football league realignments were made after the Premiership came into existence, actually it's not the Championship, but the third tier of League Football that's the hardest to get out of, roughly termed.

Thus, if not needing the funds as much as keeping their most valuable players which are crucially needed to get the Blades out of the toughest division, why sell, and especially to a club that left a sore wound in your psyche, such as triumphant Wolves, who bought their best player, McDonald, and then went in to one hop out of...

The Toughest Division!

That said, we have historically, of late, made the Championship OUR toughest division, so here's to hoping we battle hard, think smart and get ourselves ready for a tough 2014-15 campaign.



Pardon me!

This was not some strange and subtle under the table sexual explanation of why teams find it harder to get out of the third tier of the Football League!

Spell check failed me and my fumble fingers!

That's "erroneous," not erogenous!


Not sure if I agree with that, but if that's what the stats show then who am I to argue.

Easiest league to get out of unfortunately is the premier league :-)



There's very little in my mind that can refute your sage observation, Lincs, because we have painfully seen our beloved Old Gold & Black struggle to stay long enough in the top flight for us to order another cup of coffee!

Fair play!



harry playing fleetwood or norwich its up to kenny we trust

chris h

BH This memory of yours regarding Ball is that the same memory that says Wolves have never been in administration? How about they have been in administration twice. I attempt to give my opinions in a rational manner, with reasoning. No need to resort to the derogatory comments that you made. It does not reflect very well on you. I give my opinions on here as do others. That is the purpose of this forum, when I am critical I attempt to give a rationale to support my criticism. It is not true that I have never given Moxey credit where I consider he has done well. Even if you look at my comments above, I state he is clearly a good accountant and administrator. I tend to always be supportive of the current manager and have many times expressed support for a number of players eg Ward, Stearman, who have been criticised by others.I also attempt on occasions to bring some humour to some of the topics. If you think my comments are pathetic etc why bother to respond. One thing is for sure I will continue to comment on here as I see fit, by and large I tend to have a decent dialogue with numerous fellow posters on this site, if not today, ones with both similar and differing views. Perhaps you haven't noticed, or maybe it is your memory letting you down again.


Jethro Tull wrote a good song about you...."Living in the Past"

You are a boring old f4rt.....simple as....

Yawn yawn yawn....


BH: I have had plenty of debate over the season with chris reference the constant targeting of Jez Moxey, and in the main we agree to disagree.

What I have learned is that chris has a great deal of knowledge of the history of Wolves, is a passionate fan, and as he states we are all entitled to our opinion.

I personally find it very disappointing and quite sad to see another Wolves Fan being so disrespectful of another.


Farmer Ted

Me and my mate Jezza still luv you Chris


Great to see the club targeting the very best youngsters. We are looking at promotion in 2 or 3 years as this season is too soon for this young side. We will have our derby in the Championship with Albion next season.


Why do you have to mention Albion, you are so jealous of WBA!!!


Maguire's excellent. It's not really about being 3rd choice. It doesn't work like that. A 46 game season in the Championship is harder than the same number of games in League One. You will get injuries, suspensions, players needing a rest. You also need competition. Ebanks-Landell would get games too.

bolton wolf

same old same old .

Wanting more money cause of how much we pay for dross.

Got to get rid of the high earners .

What about swops with money .?

Remember Ohara not in it for money.

chris h

WnP. Clearly, I wish I had never had raised this subject, given the amout of criticism( and a bit of abuse) I have received from friends or otherwise of Jez Moxey. How can you say I would be up in arms if we had signed Lallana as a fact? I didn't criticise the signing of Surman when he was signed only a few weeks beforehand. In any event my response to the possible signing is irrespective. My point ,which I have made on here a number of times, is that if a football club is to be successful it needs to ensure it buys and sells well in the transfer market. This under the stewardship of Jez Moxey IN MY OPINION by and large has not been done well, that is why we have underachieved compared to our neighbours West Brom and Stoke. I mentioned Lallana specifically because it is topical given Liverpool's interest in him.Then you say if he didn't sign off every signing I 'would beat him with a stick'. Again that I believe is untrue but it is immaterial, it is about the football club getting the decisions or at least most of them right. I think it was you, could be one of a few others instead, who suggests I never give Jez any credit. That again is untrue, check previous posts, I have given him credit for his dealings with Griffiths this season for a start and I have also said we all, or most of us,wanted the club to sign O' Hara after his loan spell. I have also come on here and said I didn't believe Jez was responsible for the sacking of Mick and the two subsequent appointments. It is just the decision making on buying and selling footballers that I wish for the sake of our club that he had done better.


As last season drew to a successful and triumphant close, we all got a bit "lovey-dovey" on these threads. There hadn't been so much harmony for yonks and yonks. It's back to real debating and banter again now - and that's what it's all about, surely?


You're right Solent, constructive debate and non-abusive banter are what it's all about, but ( sorry about the old joke--Airplane, 1979 ), don't call me surely!


Firstly there are many reasons why players are signed or not signed.

Secondly let's look at Maguire.


Organised, scores, good headerer, generally a good old fashioned cb.

Would I get for 1.5m probably...


Not quickest, can't pass, would be going back to craddock and Berra at the back style if alongside Batth. Batth reads the game better.

There are risks with every player if jackett feels he can work and get the best out of Maguire I back him all the way but please don't sign just for a front like previous managers....UTW


I did not know,(having never seen him play) as to why the Wolves wanted to sign him up. However he does have the look of the typical Wolves fan judging by his facial expression . Should fit in well.

Have you not seen JtH?????


Jack 'the hat' McVitie, wasn't he a Leyton Orient fan ?


The lupine tongue is coming through very nicely, no wonder 1877w and the like ( can't be bothered to name them all) would like him to sign.


Just to add my bit Chris h as a point jez failed us by not getting every player who looked promising at youth level,after we accumulated a squad of at least 200 no 300 players how many would have mad Mick would have picked.

It is very easy to look back in hindsight and said sign him and him etc but the point is the manager as got to be prepared to play them,Robbie Keene would never had got his chance if mcgoo had not run out of midfielders,so I prefer the way kens doing it giving the lads a chance.

chris h

Baz, Thanks for being polite, I appreciate that. As many will vouch on here, it has been my 'pet theory' on here for years that Jez has pulled too many deals for good players and then signed the cheaper options that turn out to be poor value for money. I quote examples and the only way you can do this is to look back with hindsight.When Jez first arrived 14 years ago a deal was in place to sign Sheffi Kuqi, he was a young promising player and the fees involved were relatively low. The player's agent wanted a bigger cut and as confirmed by Moxey himself in quotes to the media, Jez pulled the deal. Kuqi went on to have a good career and was the subject of numerous multi million transfers. After pulling out of that deal Wolves spent millions on numerous poor strikers eg Robert Taylor, it has been going on for years mate, there has to be a reason why we have underperformed compared to the Baggies since Moxey arrived. It is all about getting these decisions, mostly right it is not easy, but there is a danger even with the new organisation in place that the same mistakes will be made. Mel Eves wrote in the Sunday Mercury asking will Jez Moxey listen to Thelwell. He did last season, but now we have gone up a league ,transfer values increase and that is when Jez's caution takes over.


BH and chris h, can you carry on with your argument somewhere else as this backwards and forwards discussion is irrelevant? We cannot change yesterday only tomorrow. Please give it a rest

chris h

Lester, Bazrat is not BH, he raised the topic with me and I responded,isn't that what this forum is all about? Or perhaps you think non descript comments are more interesting. We may not be able to change yeaterday, but we can learn from yesterday, but to do that you first need to identify why things went wrong yesterday.This is especially the case when the people making the decisions yesterday are the same people who will make the decsions tomorrow.


Sorry old chap I have bin Bazrat from year dot never used another name never will,as for my posts aimed at Chris h we have argued for a long time I respect his opinion but don't agree with most of them,but that is what is called debate.


Sunning myself in Cyprus for a few weeks. Get it sorted before I come home please.....UTW!!!