Wolves sign Scottish 'wonderkid' Jordan Allan

Wolves have swooped to sign the UK’s youngest ever League footballer.

Wolves sign Airdrie youngster Jordan Allan
Wolves signed youngster Jordan Allan from Airdrie

Record-breaking Jordan Allan, at 15 one of the bright hopes for the Scottish game, has signed a four-year deal to continue his development at Molineux.

The Airdrie striker became the youngest player to feature in a British first-team match when he came on as a substitute at the age of 14 and 189 days in Scottish League One fixture against Livingston in April.

And Jimmy Boyle, the manager who gave Allan the chance to make history last season, insists the teenage Scot has a bright future in the game.

He said: “This is great news for the boy.

“Jordan's very focused and hard-working. Scoring goals is what he does best. He's a natural finisher.

“He's a team player, listens to what he is being told and has a great attitude.

“I know he has a great family behind him and he will have no problem making this move.

“He merited his debut in the first team last season. He'd done well for the reserves and under-19s and we knew he had ability.

“I'm delighted for him. He's a name to watch.”

Allan, who is from Hamilton, had looked set for a move to Fulham but the deal fell through with Liverpool also showing interest before Wolves swooped.

Boyle, who left Airdrie at the end of the season, added: “He's had a couple of knocks in the last year but is a really strong character.”

The youngster’s seven minute cameo in the game against Livingston caused a stir north of the border and was followed by his scoring six goals for the club’s Under 15 team the next day.

But Boyle’s assistant at the time Alan Lawrence, who has worked closely with the schoolboy, joined in the chorus of acclaim for the young striker’s potential.

“At his own level, is finishing is phenomenal,” he says. “Jordan is a natural finisher.

“I have been taking him for shooting sessions and we have been working on his angles and to try to develop his game and get him using his weaker foot.

“ He’s a quiet, level-headed lad, not like some of the dafties you get at his age as he acts ahead of his time.

“I could never have imagined a kid of 14 could playing in a senior game. To have had Jordan involved at his age is incredible.”

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Comments for: "Wolves sign Scottish 'wonderkid' Jordan Allan"

Sir Billy Quiet

At 15 years old this lad should continue his development in Scotland......................but professional football is ruthless and Wolves have done what other clubs wanted to do, ripped him away from his family and friends in the hope that one day he may be good enough, if he fails to make the grade we will send him on his way without a second thought............

Farmer Ted

That's a bit narrow minded SBQ!

Long gone are the days when a kid left school at fifteen and the scouts came knocking on the door. For many years now youngsters have left there homes and joined big clubs not only from within the farthest reaches of the UK but from Europe.

We have an A grade Academy which will not only teach him football but will continue to educate and train him for other walks of life should he not make it.

The chances are he will make new friends and benefit from experiences other kids of the same age can only dream of, perhaps to become a young man of the world.

Not all Scotsmen are like Griffiths!

Anyway, he may need a passport in a few months time.

Farmer Ted

That should be 'their homes' before Teecher or Petenuts logs in.

Where are they both lately? Hacking their ways through the Brazilian rain forest?


Brazilian rain forest? That's long since been denuded Farmer Ted. What's left is tokenism for the tourists. No wonder people over there are protesting. There's so much about which to feel depressed. But no doubt Auntie and I.T.V. will present such a wonderful picture of the place, hiding all reality and suffering.

Sir Billy Quiet

Yeah - I agree but how would we feel if we had a 'wonderkid' that was poached to go up to Manchester or Liverpool?

Farmer Ted

I see...so you think all the youngsters at Liverpool are Scousers and those at the Manchester clubs were born within Greater Manchester.

Just remember Duncan Edwards was born in Dudley and scouting is far, far more competitive now.

Sir Billy Quiet

Yes but the point was 'how would we feel' if he was on our books and was poached by a bigger club.

I know the reality but we would still be p#ssed off!


He wasn't a wonder kid, but remember Man. U taking Daniel Nardiello from us some 15 years ago.

Farmer Ted

Sorry Solent, I disagree. You must remember the days when clubs were not supposed to tap up kids until they left school at 15. Then the best kids were snapped up, like Big Dunc in the Black Country or Ron Flowers in Yorkshire.

There were many ways round that of course but before the term 'wonderkids' was coined surely Edwards and Flowers were 'wonderkids'

PS we missed out on Best all the way from Belfast, a Wolves fan and certainly a 'wonderkid'


What about kids who go to boarding schools, far from family and friends?


Sounds like a very promising youngster, and well done to Thelwell and his team for recruiting him.

He scores six goals the day after his league debut, and the assistant manager took on shooting sessions to develope his game and weaker foot! Just image what'll do once he has finished his developement.

I suppose before we all get too carried away, we've had our own "wonderkid" - Zele Ismail - who has still not established himself in the first team.


If he was 14 and 189 days in April, how is he 15 now?


27th april 2013 against livingstone.

the expressandstar journalist should have made it clearer. utw


I think they've been using wikipedia, the wikipedia entry is incorrect.


Well done to all. I like the dramatic announcement of "deal done" as opposed to drip feeding us with rumours. Wolves kept this one quiet! Sounds a great signing, for the future obviously. This kid is only 15. What if this signing was only a rumour in the E&S? This usual suspects would be pontificating that he would go elsewhere, to a "bigger club".

dww, yes i suppose we wont have to wait long for the usual suspects to appear.........tick tock.......utw


Excellent news.

After all the young players moving to the first team, the youth team was pretty poor, and needed re-stocking.

So they let 7 go, and start again with some exciting new talent.

Hopefully the youth team can keep supplying players to the first, that is the perfect football model.

Nippy Lobo

Welcome, Jordan! Great signing. Having said that, will he be ready to be understudy for Nouha Dicko and Leon Clarke for our promotion push next season? Or is he one for the future?

I'll take the optimistic view, and say that now our priorities are strengthening the back-up for Stearman and Batth. Of course, that assumes Stearman stays. If he doesn't, signing a centre-back becomes urgent.

Second priority is now further competition for Price and Evans in midfield.

Still a great start, we now have Dicko, Clarke, McAlinden, Cassidy, Keita and Allan in the strike force. I can live with that until January. Very interesting!


He's one for the future. Won't feature in a first team squad this new season. Cassidy will be loaned out again. A 4th striker is needed to compete with Dicko, Clarke and McAlinden.

Nippy Lobo

You're probably right, Colin. But if Allan has played for Airdrie at 14, maybe he can come off the bench occasionally for Wolves at 15 or 16.

And, surely, Cassidy can't have another season as bad as this one.

In addition to the strikers I mentioned, we also have Bradley Reid and Jake Kempton. Let's hope one of Cassidy, Reid, Keita and Allan can look sharp enough next season to be our no. 4. At least until we've bought another midfielder and a no. 3 CD, I feel striker is not our top priority. After that, I'll be happy for us to get another candidate to be in our top 4 strikers, preferably a candidate to be no. 1!

Jack the Hat


Hope you realize a youngster of fourteen years can be seriously damaged playing first team football on a full sized park before he is fully developed, especially if it is on a regular basis.




May 30, 2014 10:16 am

other news from scotland is that wolves have snatched highly rated youth striker jordan allan, 15 from under liverpools noses after his move to fulham fell through.

he made his first team debut at the age of 14, to become the youngest player in scotland to play for airdreonians

a natural finisher.

another one for the future. four year contract. utw.


All sounds good but should be a while before he breaks into our first team as we know Scottish football is below our standard but will say good luck to the lad and welcome to the wolves. K.J knows his stuff as do the youth coaches so this may be one to keep an eye on. UTW.


Welcome aboard young man, to play a senior game at 14, regardless of what league in British football is a great achievment. What I would give to see another Andy Gray leading the line....we can only hope

Nippy Lobo

Right on, JIWAL! What are the chances of Dicko or one of our youngsters becoming a future Andy Gray?


I was playing in Dudley and Cradley first division at 14 does that count


That counts, great achievement and still alive to tell the tale.


Welcome to our club, Jordan. Hope you have many productive years with us.


good post jiwal, remmember the gray /richards partnership tearing apart, arsenal(away) man utd(home and away) man city(away)

liverpool home.

finished 6th great season.

Selly park wolf

Welcome to wolves Jordan.

Good luck son and nice to see the club investing in the long term future of the club.

I'm sure this kid will love the facilities at the academy.


Welcome to wolves, become a legend and score 6 against the tesco for us

U t w


"If you score us some goals then you can play with your toys."

Seriously, heard the news a couple of months ago that he was quite some talent, so here's to hoping he is!


Old Gold Heart

Hope he has a great career. It certainly takes "young and hungry" to a whole new level! It makes me feel very old. Good luck mate

E14 Wolves

For a minute there, I thought we'd signed someone from St Helens RFLC.....! Good to see the club continuing the policy of working with young players.


I'm with you - similar strip to Saints RLFC.


The future looks good at Molineux. My friend is a Celtic season ticket holder. He reckons Jordan Allan is very highly thought of and is potentially the next Wayne Rooney or Gareth Bale. Let him develop in our youth system and in a few years time we will have the most exciting forward line for over a decade with the likes of Allan, Bancessi, Dicko and Keita.


Totally agree jas_manku1. It's a good bit of business for the Wolves future. We seem to have that feel good factor again. This is why I fail to understand our great player from the past Kenny Hibbitt thinks it would be good to consolidate as a mid table Championship team for 2014/15. Bull dust - crack on & head for another promotion. Be concerned about the premiership & how we stay there when we get there. I'm sure this kid hasn't joined us to languish in the reserves of a mid-table championship club. Neither as Eusebio. Whatever Thelwell & Jackett are selling to these youngsters I'd be fairly confident it isn't that. It must be music to Steve Morgans ears that we can attract future talent & testimony that the Academy (Graham Taylor's brainchild) is a winner.

Kev in Mallorca

10 out of 10 for you're vivid imagination and optimism.



Just wondered how long it would be before a Boggie came out of the swamp to make some derogatory comment about our youth team policy. The answer? Not very.

PS We Wolves fans are now optimistic and imaginitive.

PPS It should be 'your' not 'you're'.


..and it should be 'imaginative', not 'imaginitive'. We both fail our typing class! Doh!


Born in 1999 and just signed a 4 year deal with the Mighty Wolves. Feeling old doesn't come close! Welcome Jordan, may it be a long and prolific period for you and us.


Obviuosly one for a few years ahead. Time to settle and make friends. Time will tell but sounds a good prospect.

Ritchie Wolves

Im looking forward to going down to watch the young Wolves at Telford next season watching all these young lads trying to make the way in life/football in a Wolves shirt.

Come on.............


Ritchie Wolves - I shall also be looking forward to watching the youngsters playing in the U21's at Buckshead. Apart from general interest, I go because they tend to be very entertaining games.

When I first read the story of Jordan Allan's signing I assumed that he would be destined to play in the U16's for a while, but after reading an article about him in the Daily Record it looks more likely that he will be playing in the U21's.

The article stated that he has been playing in the reserves and U19's at Airdrie successfully for some time. So we may not have to wait too long before we see the wee laddie.

Bootneck wolf

Sounds very highly thought of North of the wall,one for the future & the future looks good it has to be said for the old gold & black.

Welcome to the molinuex mate.



If you think a kid of 14/15 is going to play for you in the Championship next season, some of you are more deluded than I thought you were. The hardest league to get out of,full of ''brick sh*t house'' cloggers the poor kid wouldn't last 5 minutes.

I have to agree with SBQ,the lad should be finishing his development in Scotland and give something back to the club(s) who nurtured him. There are all too many clubs ''cherry-picking'' the best youngsters from other clubs. Chelski are masters at it and how many actually make it ?? Not many really. The best ones come through their own academies, look at Southampton's crop of youngsters. You might be lucky as long as you are patient with him, and don't expect too much too soon like some of your posters seem to be doing.


Romalu spring to mind Greenman - do us a favour go back the dark side & find yourself a manager! How is the new Gardener settling in?

Kev in Mallorca


What the hell has Romalu got too do with the price of pigs puddin'?


sorry tgm have to dissagree, there are plenty of , brick sh**house size cloggers and bigger in that league, where he has come from.

i am sure kj, who has 6 years and more experience of this league knows when and when not to introduce this kid to the first team.

i know over expectant fans will get excited, but there are examples of youngsters getting first team games, ruben noble- lazarus(wait for the biblical jokes) aged 15 years, barnsley v ipswich spt 2009.

rooney 16 years everton v arsenal

michael owen 18 years wimbledon v liverpool



I forgot to add - welcome to the greatest club on earth Jordan Allan. May you be the start of a new golden age along with our other youngsters. Note to all other clubs Kenny is not for hire, Kenny is Gold & Black & proud.


I wouldn't have guessed you would be the first to reply wolfrun. Thought it might be the usual idiots like euro/1877/nik/karl/elpervo etc,etc,etc,etc

Lukaku didn't make it at Chelsea,he made it at WEST BROM first and then Everton and Mourinho still doesn't think he is good enough.

Don't worry about our search for a COACH ( not manager ), we will do ok.

Good luck with your youngster, I'm sure your returning ''unwanted '' players will look after him when they are told to train with the kids.


usual idiots? the greenman!!! no need for that, the other day you laughed at one of my jokes.

as for lukaku, wrong , he made it at anderlecht, otherwise he would'nt have played for chelsea,everton.....

mourinho only thinks he is not good enough because his refusal to track back and his attitude(hazard)

and ,anelka,odemwingie) for you, remmember them?

and as for your next manager........im having 50p on hughton. utw

old golds worth more

Lukaku was a star in a team of journeymen, I told jack the pratt (I mean hat) that once he and ohwhatawhinger or some such name left, you Baggies would struggle, and boy was I proved right. The one manager (Clarke) who has managed to do a good job for you gets sacked, only to be replaced by a man who doesn't even speak English. Yep, consistency is about right for your lot, consistently muddled and never knowing what they are doing springs to mind (I thought our lot were bad, but we could take lessons in bad management from your lot). Change your name to Greeneyed Man, that will be nearer the mark. Oh! just because you happen to be in the premiership, it doesn't always follow that you are a big club, I rate Sheffield United bigger then your club and they are in League One!


Some label to be tagged with that is, "wonder kid", considering the last wonder kid to come out of Scotland was Dennis Law.

It certainly puts the young boy under immediate pressure and I'll bet Moxey is rubbing his hands in glee thinking about the potential profit to be made selling him on.

Me, I just hope he is better than Berra.

Good luck Jordan....


Bang goes your pocket money for the week.!! The other day the joke was funny, but just like your team you lack consistency,and you will need that in abundance as will we.!!


Body guard? No, true green mon, I don't look nothing like Whitney Houston, we'll may be on a Tuesday night, lol.

No I certainly do not any protection from any body.

I think the posters just reacted to your post.

Nothing to do with me guv'nor.


Who is this Greenman fella? Green with bleedin' envy it seems!!!



What on earth have I got to be jealous of.?? Unless the Championship has overtaken the PREMIERSHIP I have nothing to be jealous of where your club is concerned. A good clear-out will do us the world of good and we have done ours. You still have 7/8 unwanted layabouts waiting for Moxey to write them all off.


Didn't realise you needed a body guard.


Greenman, let me use one of your bullying words, you are a Unct.

WOLVES and proud ;-)


Greenman- Touche!!


Green by name and GREEN by nature. When Sandwell get crowds of 30,000+ in the PREMIERSHIP then you might start to be a big club. Until then you can thank your lucky stars that you're still in there. I bet if you admit it then you were a teensy weensy bit envious of a team 2 leagues below you getting full houses when you couldn't? And before you respond saying Sandwell got a higher average attendance than Wolves just consider how many away supporters came to the Mol. We didn't have the likes of Arsenal, Man Utd, Man City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Man City, et al every fortnight. Sandwell are the bookies 5th favourites for the drop next season at 3/1. Got to be worth a tenner on that?

Gorra lof ay ya?

Oh and best of luck finding a GOOD manager at a critical period and also finding a GOOD team, otherwise you might not be in the PREMIERSHIP much longer?



As per last season, clearing out is not the problem, its the players coming in to replace , The Rabbits out the hat have dried up and been replaced with Turkeys.The magician as left and now works for the FA. Big decision the next manager as the previous have been shocking, I hope its KD.


Les1877 /lycanthrope36

Not a word I use and I don't have to use garbage like that to get a point across, and neither do I have to use ''bullying'' words. That's the difference between me and your usual suspects, who have to keep changing their names when they are put down. I can converse on any plain you care to mention but I won't lower myself to disguised filth. NUFF SAID.


Well said Greenman. I may be a huge Wolves follower, but, in the good spirit of things, I can easily tolerate and enjoy good humour, banter, even differences of opinion. But I can't tolerate filth and abuse, which certain people think are humorous. Carry on Greenman. Your posts are always worth reading.


You may write drivel Greeny but that's a fair comment. Hats off to you on that point.



Albion in peace mate,

thanks for your post on the GMAC thread...I don't post on the dark side normally but I thought you deserved a reply so....cheers mate...appreciated. As for this kid...treat him right and he'll come good for you....he's a prospect sure but one that could be a real gem so....good luck to him.....I'd say good luck to you but come on......

anyway, cheers again fella

all the best


Farmer Ted

Green man, I've been busy, so a bit late on this one. I apologise on behalf of the majority of Wolves posters for that piece of moronic filth, I'm amazed the moderator let it through.

As you're reasonably new to our site I assure you we love a bit of BC banter; just don't turn into a obsessed twerp like Jack the Dim.


Farmer Ted

I've read a lot of your posts and you are obviously one of the good guys. No need to apologise but the thought is welcomed. Both sides of the pond have their fair share of posters just out for confrontation. I like banter, it makes the world go round, but it is difficult not to react when mindless fools try to defile your club.


Gentlemen , please.... The Greenman is entitled to his opinion. If you don't agree with him, ignore him. Let him prattle on if he must but don't take him seriously. Simply scroll past his posts as there is little point in engaging with him.

I do hope this young man makes it, but football is littered with the 'next Rooney'. Sadly this is a cut throat business and if he does not live up to his undoubted potential he will be cast aside- that gentleman is the name of the game. However we did sign another Scottish youngster in the recent past one Leigh Griffiths who as we all know has returned for reasons I suspect that are unrelated to football {and who himself was 'one for the future'}; and does anyone recall Ryan Green? If you don't look him up. he perhaps is an example of what can happen. We have another youngster struggling to make an impact, one Zeli Ismail, whom I would dearly like to come good - but the step from talented youngster to regular player is very rocky.

Welcome to Wolves Jordan - I'm sure we all want you to do well and wish you every success.



Appreciate that, you are obviously one of the many good guys that post on your pages, and I give them all respect.

It's the mindless ones who persist with the goading insults that have to be replied to.


I only give as good as I get, and if you choose to ignore my posts, so be it. I will point out that you mentioned 3 of your youngsters who have hit the rocky road. This admission on your part shows that what I said, in joking about young Jordan needing to be looked after is obviously true. Your academy people,I'm sure will keep him on the right track. The kids are the lifeblood of any club.

Bootneck wolf


Dont let them bully you chap your welcome any time.




Just a favor to ask.

Would you mind following the login prompts to click "reply" to your intended recipient or poster that you are responding to? It's a fairly easy system to follow, one would think.



Keep them coming Greeny. It's always good to have a bit of banter. I give as good as I get when necessary but intelligent banter is much more fun. Slanging gets tiresome and repetitive



Sounds like the kid can play above his age group.

Not sure if coming to us will do him any good though.

At least he will only be 19 when he leaves us



Purely from an economical standpoint, deducting academy costs and his salary, in some four years I will wager we will come out far ahead in what is garnered for his selling price, should that happen.

Meanwhile, I see this as good and frugal business. Again, Thelwell, Jackett and Moxey have all put their heads together to appropriate this decision, again, one I think will pay off, hopefully on the pitch as much as in the bank.



Ok the long term future is secure, we've signed a super wizz kid from a nation whose failed to qualify for the world cup. Unless we are going to play this kid next season, can we have player's of substance for the campaign in the championship. Thankyou.


As a fellow poster recently stated, our academy, like others, serves to nurture future prospects for our first team but not all its scholars will make it through. Obviously not, we know and accept that. Those who do not will hopefully move to other, probably lower, league teams and pursue their careers there. Their CVs, coming from Wolves, should stand them in good stead. Ultimately, for the club it has to be a win situation rather than a gamble: we could be developing a future star for our team or, if not, we will make money should we have to sell the player on. The youngsters concerned are well-looked after, given a good education alongside their academy work and are no doubt elated to have been signed up. Of course they will miss family and friends but it is no worse for them than it is for those who go to boarding schools. Near me is a sixth form state school that has boarding arrangements for the children of Falkland Islanders - the only way they can continue their education post-16 is to come to the UK. A lot farther than Scotland! Jordan is not the only young player we have from far off climes after all. Had we been mid-season with more challenging Wolves' news to think about, I doubt if we would have rushed to comment as widely on this piece of news. Good luck to the lad - I hope he enjoys his time with us and that in years to come this will be seen to have been an excellent signing.


Who knows, could be a world beater, could develop to have two left feet and couldn't hit a barn door. Time will tell.



I only write what you call drivel to the drivelmongers on your side. You know who they are and so do I. Now I don't really think you are one of them but I have to pick up on your point regarding size of clubs. I may be wrong but I don't think we can get 30,000 in our ground, but in all the 5 years we have now been in the Prem we have regularly got 27,000 gates. and for the top teams we were obviously sold out, just as Wolves would have been in the same situation.

Fact is fact. we are in the Prem by the skin of our teeth, but we are there. We need a coach sorting out ASAP along with about 10 players. We will do it, no doubt about that. Whether the coach and new players will be good enough we will see ----- just as you will see whether your coach/manager and young side are good enough in the Championship. What you did in Div 1 was what was expected of a team with your stature, no doubt about it. Good performance --- move on.

I can be as sensible as all your responsible people on your site, and there a lot of them, but like you I will defend my club to the hilt against the morons who come and defile it.


I totally agree with you, I will defend my club,we both have our fair share of morons(as you call them) and I've locked horns with some on our site,You did stay up by the skin of your teeth but fair play you're still there, So carry on I like the good natured banter!


Fair points. Let's maintain a good standard on the site. Sensible and intelligent banter knocks the acidic nonsense into a cocked hat.


Walthamstow Wolf

Just a thought, but would this kid have come to us if KJ hadn't give our home-grown talent a fair crack at first team action this past season? I doubt it.

Traditionally, this has been the Wolves way. Clubs that do this (Man Utd. and West Ham Come to mind) have no difficulty attracting young talent for all the obvious reasons. It is so encouraging to see us reverting to type in this regard. It feels as though, step by step, we are gradually getting our club back. Well done KJ and the back-room team.


Looks very much like an Albion site again. Come on Mr Mod