Wolves launch bid for Sheffield United defender Harry Maguire

Wolves have now lodged an opening bid for Sheffield United target Harry Maguire who will take time to weigh up his options at Bramall Lane.

Sheffield United's Harry Maguire
Sheffield United's Harry Maguire

The 21-year-old defender is the subject of fevered interest from Championship clubs this summer as he moves into the final year of his Blades contract.

Reports today that Maguire was set to snub the interest of Wolves, Middlesbrough and Leeds and accept a new offer from the Sheffield club were dismissed by sources close to the player.

The process is unlikely to be a swift one, however, with Blades boss Nigel Clough on holiday and the player himself in no mood to rush a decision.

But Wolves have proved to be the first cab off the rank in the chase for Maguire by lodging the opening bid at the start of the week. That is being allowed to lie on the table by the League One team as they make their own overtures.

It is understood, however, that Maguire favours the Molineux club at this early stage. And a further signal of the looming vacancy in the Blades defence has been detected in their overtures to Andy Butler, the former Walsall captain.

Maguire, named both player and young player of the year by Blades fans, is one of a number of targets to emerge for head coach Kenny Jackett.

Peterborough’s Tommy Rowe is set to decide on a Molineux offer when he returns from his holiday – he is out of contract this summer and Posh fully expect him to sign for Jackett.

And there is interest in Liverpool midfielder Conor Coady, who also played for the Blades last season, and speculation of interest in ex-Albion striker Chris Wood, with whom Jackett worked at Millwall and is now thought to be available at Leicester.

But Maguire is the first player to attract a concrete bid from Molineux where a response is still awaited from the defender’s club.

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Comments for: "Wolves launch bid for Sheffield United defender Harry Maguire"

Clough should be back may be next week, so we shall see , how much wolves really want this kid.

Ut w.


What does that mean nameless one? Chuck loads of money at it until it sticks? Wolves will have a value of the player & will not go above it & neither should they! They will offer the player a 'package', tell him what the club is doing, what they want & where they see the direction of the club heading. If the player sees the offer, & club, as a good one, & a good move in the next step of his career, then he will hopefully want to come. If he is motivated more by money then we don't want him here & we move along.

Sedgley Slayer

Would be a fantastic signing. So far the players we are reportedly targeting LOOK like great additions and I think that KJ is doing the right thing in targeting the very best out of League One. Fingers crossed that these deals come off.


Sedgley Slayer

Oops. No idea why 'look' is in capitals!


According to a Huddersfield newspaper and the Birmingham mail, he has turned wolves down!!!!

Press speculation, it's going to be a long hot summer, roll on the World Cup


Nik -There was a tweet from a Harry Maguire which was re-tweeted by the E & S this morning, in which he said he was staying with Sheff Utd. However, I've checked and this tweet has been deleted which suggests it was from a false Harry Maguire account.

The Birmingham Mail article was published at 9.00am so I think they have responded to the earlier false tweet. The Huddersfield newspaper was just refering to the Mail article.

Basically it's all to play for with regard to his signature. It's worth remembering that last August, Wolves were the first to bid for Luke Murphy only to see Leeds come along a few days later with a similar bid and the player signed for the Elland Road club.


True enough about Murphy, but Leeds looked a better option then. I wonder what he's do now if he had the chance again? Maybe they offered him more money too, however, I firmly believe that the direction & vision of Wolves & KJ make us a very attractive offer for those players who are up for the challenge.

wakefield wolf

Agreed Cornish, though even last year I was surprised Murphy opted for Leeds, things haven't been good at Leeds for ages now, what did surprise me was that they actually made it to the championship.

Mighty Leeds ??? Perhaps once.

I look forward as always to our match with them as much as I do the long overdue meeting with Albion

South Yorkshire born and bred, but Wolves since 1959.


Agree that Leeds have been a mess for a while now but what would you have called us last August? Two successive relegations, squad still being assembled, peppered with young kids, fans not sure of manager.......That made even Leeds sound a better option!


Cornish: you are spot on, and Leeds did offer him a lot more money, so he went. Thing is, Murph' is not happy there for a lot of footballing reasons...

I reckon if KJ went in for him again he might get him..



This would be a massive boost and a real statement of intent from Wolves. I so hope we seal this. Sounds like he'll have a few options, and I hope that the chance to work with a manager with clear plans who gives real opportunities to young players, can help seal the deal.

I can see next season mirroring last season to begin with - we started off defending well but not scoring enough. Eventually we figured out the system to score more goals, and our defence kept us in the hunt in the meantime. I think we will take a while to adjust to the pace of the Championship and will have to work harder and smarter for goals, so the thought of Batth and Maguire at the back with Stears for cover (hopefully) and Ikeme behind them would be fantastic.

Fingers crossed.


If he stays at the Blades, good luck to him, there should be more loyalty in the game


Can't argue with that JIWAL..



Would be a great pairing along side Danny , my preferred back four would be Dockerty, Batth, Maguire and Golphorne.

Farmer Ted

Karl, Just took one of my rare visits onto the Baggie threads.

Oh dear, you are not doing either yourself or the rest of us any favours.

Stick to our site.



First off, there is no way I can't commend you for your loyalty and dedication!

Yet, I have to agree with Farmer Ted's sage advice. I do like your fierce loyalty and tenacious spirit, for sure, which is all to the good when directed with balanced purpose and a good slice of guile, but you're not doing anybody in our dugout any favors when we have to kick a ball (a post!) on their side!

Hang in there and know it's easier for us to have your back if your not taking their bait or antagonizing them over menial items.



Karl, shame about the spelling of our players names, but never mind.

Just wondered why you would drop Stearman and Ricketts??


Media Wolf Pete

I'd be more than happy at these 4 signings, especially Chris Wood. Add another defensive midfielder (Frimpong?) & striker, move out most of the loanees, bar youngsters, and that would be an excellent transfer window.


If its true that KJ, wants another player as cover for Golbourne, then we should try and sign Jonathan Parr, who I believe has been released by Crystal Palace. He's a player ive admired for a long time. He can operate anywere down the left hand side, and would be a bargain on a free transfer. As for Maguire, he would be a decent signing. But if Stearman and Batth, carry on from we're they left off, they will take some shifting. Nevertheless he would be a good signing for Wolves. UTW:


Not Frimpong, no thanks.


Wild about Harry? I am. Fantastic prospect. Ignore the league he's playing in, what's more important is the league he's capable of playing in. Harry fits the new Wolves template down to the ground.


133 league appearances for the Blades at 21. Sounds a superb prospect.


He's really good. Great on the ball, brings it out of defence well. Can go on surging runs.


We should tell him make your mind up, if he is thinking over other offers then we don"t want him, only players who want to play for WWFC 100% are wanted. we should not be 2nd best to anyone.


He's a young lad in a career that is shorter than most. He will wait & see what options are available to him then weigh them up. He would be a fool to do anything else! By all accounts, he has a good future ahead of him, so if he moves, it will be a huge step for him regards his development. At Sheff Utd he will be guaranteed first team football & may feel that he should continue his development there, let's wait & see.

Why you would think he would want to suddenly play for Wolves 100% is beyond me.

Farmer Ted


Are you serious?

So you don't think YOU should have been allowed to consider your move when you changed jobs?

You really haven't thought that one through have you?

It may surprise you to know that clubs other than Wolves have much to offer and this young man has every right to take time as he makes a very important decision at this stage of his career.

chris h

I always liked the Brian Clough story when he signed Roy McFarland for a steal from Tranmere. Clough arrived at McFarland's house, probably without permission from the club. The player said he wanted to think about it overnight but Clough refused to leave and slept on the sofa . The next morning Cloughie worked his charm and completed the deal under the noses of Liverpool, who also wanted the player. McFarland was a great player, perhaps the best centre half around at the time, along with our Frank of course.


No Agents back then either!

Farmer Ted

Chris, I've ordered a sleeping bag and a bouncy castle to be erected on Harry's front lawn.

Jez will get his man!

Ritchie Wolves

Chris, Archie Gemmel was the player if my memory serves me right but yes, Mr Clough was a star amongst other things!!!

chris h

Ritchie, No it was definitely McFarland, mate. But of course Cloughie probably did the same thing with Archie . Two wonderful bargain signings.


Talking of Clough and Gemmill, when I was first in Derby, circa 1971, a mate of mine played for a local Derby team, Mickleover British Legion, against Derby County in the final of the Derbyshire Senoir Cup. Cloughie being Cloughie, didn't put out a reserve, or youth team. Oh no, it was a tuesday night, and derby were out in full force. After all, there was a trophy to be won! ---- Of course Derby won easily, 5-1, but my mate, another Chris, scored the consolation goal, all 5 foot 6inches of him, with a near post header from a corner. ------The reason for this miraculous feat was that his marker for the corner was------- Archie Gemmill of course. After all , Archie, even in studded boots, was only 5 foot 4 inches in height. ------ How footballers have changed!!


Buy the Boy!!!!


Bugger, bet they didn't think of that!


You really do have a penchant for the bleedin obvious!!

3 Points Saturday

Sign him up if at all possible but right now it's no more than a sauce close to him. HP, Heinz Tomato or Soya. Wait for an announcement from the MOL or it's no more than the rumour mill.

chris h

"Wolves have launched an opening bid ", might be a good idea not to tell Sheff Utd, it is only an opening bid.


This story has maguire going elsewhere written all over it.


Hope Harry asks his old team mate Kevin McDonald what life is like as a Wolves player.


Chris h, am I right in thinking we did not buy the great Frank Munro as a centre half. He came to us as a striker and we put him in defence because of an injury crisis, is that right?. I was in the forces at the time.


mardygit - Munro played for Aberdeen as a centre forward. As I remember it, he was signed initially by Ronnie Allen to play in midfield, in a sort of Mike Bailey role. But it was'nt long before he was moved to what was then called centre back.

chris h

Mardygit, As Albrightondek says we signed him as a midfielder. As often happens when signing Scots he struggled with the pace when he first came down. Always looked good on the ball but was lacking in pace to play midfield at the top level. It seemed he was going to be another flop, but then in the close season he was converted, I think by McGarry, to play centre half. Of course he read the game so well and very often took the ball out of defence beating players with ease.


The point i am trying to make is if a player wants to talk to other clubs then common sense tells you he is not committed enough to WWFC , we have signed plenty of them in the past,

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