Wolves set for double swoop on Sheffield United

Wolves are preparing another raid on Sheffield United – with Harry Maguire and Conor Coady firmly in their sights, it emerged today.

Harry Maguire and Conor Coady
Harry Maguire and Conor Coady

The League One champions are understood to have bid between £500,000 to £750,000 for £1m-rated midfielder Coady, 21, who spent the season on loan at Bramall Lane from Liverpool.

And Molineux officials are weighing up a £1m offer for centre-back Maguire, who sources say wants to move from his home city after failing to sign a new deal.

It’s also understood Wolves are now favourites to land out-of-contract Peterborough captain and left-sided specialist Tommy Rowe, 25.

Scouser Coady is well known to Wolves head of recruitment Stuart Webber, as he came through the ranks at Anfield when Webber was the Reds’ director of recruitment.

Primarily a defensive midfielder, Coady made 50 appearances for the Blades last season, mostly as an anchorman alongside Michael Doyle, and has modelled himself on Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard – even copying his running style.

Coady, who has a year left on his contract, has showed an eye for a goal, scoring six times, although he can also operate at centre-back. He has also made two appearances for Liverpool and has represented England at every level from Under-16s to Under-20s.

Mature for his age, Coady also possesses leadership qualities, having captained England Under-17s to the UEFA European Championships trophy in 2010, the national side in the 2013 Under-20s World Cup and being named skipper of Liverpool’s Under-21s from May last year.

The Express & Star revealed Wolves’ interest in Maguire on May 13, and the club is now preparing a seven-figure bid for the highly-rated 21-year-old.

United are understood to be prepared to lose Maguire, but having seen the huge impact their former player Kevin McDonald has had at Molineux since his £250,000 move, are anxious to prevent a repeat of a bargain exit and are expected to hold out for £1m.

Maguire, who has been capped by England Under-21s, has been a virtual ever-present since 2011, making 164 appearances.

For three seasons in a row, he has been United’s player of the year and made the PFA’s League One team of the year.

Meanwhile, Wolves are continuing to hold talks with Richard Stearman aimed at extending the 26-year-old’s six-year stay at Molineux.

Celtic and Burnley are believed to be interested in the former Leicester man, but sources say he’s not now on Middlesbrough’s list.

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Comments for: "Wolves set for double swoop on Sheffield United"


Not sure we should be looking at league 1 players now we have got to the championship, no other clubs seem to be looking at the above named players so that tells its own story, its the same old mistakes being made signing players who will not hack it in the Prem, we saw it last time and it was the same for last years relegated sides from the prem, wasting money on 2nd class players then being stuck with them when we get back to the top, I do feel the championship is there for the taking as the clubs that came down are poor anyway, but we must invest in proper players to have a real go next season and not have to panic buy if we get to the Prem like last time. KJ must build a side to be able to hold its own with the big boys if and when he gets us there.


What's a 'proper' player!?! Bringing players up is a great way to do business. Kightly is a great example of that. I see mancienne is available and wanted by Sunderland on a free. I'd love him back at molineux despite his lazy looking style driving me mad he always struck me as a good footballing defender and outstanding in this division

Black Country Wanderer

What rubbish!

The mistakes made before were to buy overpriced misfits,,when we won the championship before we had a similar blend to what seems to be happening now, young, hungry players,with potential

We need to get some sort of perspective as to where we are, and where we have come from in a season,i doubt very much we will be chasing promotion next season,although obviously thats the aim

We will need to improve as a team,establish a good championship base, maybe pushing for play offs,but top half would do me next term,and push on the season after with a few more quality players added

The lads mentioned look good additions, if we get either of them it would be nice,but all speculation as of yet,you know what Wolves are like, only comment when they are in the bag,and i think a striker is probably top of KJs list too

Sako will probably go,.although i hope not,hence all the talk about left sided midfielders i guess,all good fun in close season as usual, but dont believe all you read



Yorkshire Old Gold

Sorry Paul, I disagree. I think that our recruitment policy has been spot-on since Jackett's arrival. For the most part, the arrivals have been young, hungry, skilful and quick. One obvious exception (in terms of age, at least) to this has been Ricketts, but he was brought in by Kenny to fulfill a specific role, and he has done it exceptionally well. The jury is still out on Clarke, but given his record at the time of his acquisition, he looked a sensible purchase given the departures of the forwards in January.

My sources among Sheffield United fans rate both players very highly (just as they did McDonald) and I feel sure that both would be great assets to the cause. I, for one, am very excited about the young, hungry and talented squad that we appear to be assembling. I also believe that, at last we have a manager who wants to play quick, slick passing football and the future looks bright. K.J. is putting together a team that we can be proud of!



Paul doesn't matter what division they play in, if they have got talent, everyone has to start somewhere, in jacket we trust.


I'd be really happy if we managed to bring coady, maguire and Rowe to the club. Clearing out our unwanted players and bringing in 2 more signings in the form of a reliable keeper to put pressure on ikeme and an experienced striker (machedas available) would do me. Unfortunately I'm getting the feeling sako could be on his way out... Probably to Leicester.


I've been a little critical of some of the speculative stories on this website over the last few weeks regarding Wolves targets, but this one seems to have a bit more substance to it.

The Liverpool link between Webber and Coady might just be enough to clinch a deal. Coady fits in with the young and hungry policy, and the transfer fee would not be that great. At 21, his best years are ahead of him.

Maguire would be a useful addition, but somehow I feel that other clubs will make more tempting offers, particularly from the newly promoted premiership clubs. However, if Jackett and Thelwell have identified Maguire as an important part of next seasons promotion campaign, the club could sign him if they move fast enough. The early bird catches the worm.


So we are not actually "raiding" Sheffield United for Coady, as he is a Liverpool player!!

If KJ thinks both Coady and Maguire will both fit into his plans then he's obviously done his homework.

As a final note, let's hope we get the Stearman contract sorted out very soon, and get him on board.


Jack the Hat


If Coady is half as good as Gerrard snatch their hand off, hang on, for £1m, some-one is pulling your leg.


Jack, come on, it's an E&S story!! Always pulling your leg!!

Anyway, re Coady, if Liverpool really rate him for the future, then it's probably a loan deal. From what I've seen and heard about him (particularly for England) though, he would be a great acquisition for us..

Bit quiet on the Manager front over your end!!


Jack the Hat


Read my post again, now tell me, who is the some-one pulling your leg, has the penny dropped yet pal?. Anyway take no notice of all the speculation, your club will inform you when a new player comes in.



What a stupid comment Lincswolf. about getting in a goalkeeper

We have a damn good goalkeeper in McCarey, an understudy to Ikeme, who has proven himself when playing 6 matches in the first team this season when Ikeme broke his hand.. He is a U19 Irish international and helped them qualify for the finals.

Who do you suggest is availableand better aye?

Get real man.


You don't really understand football do you?


Nowhere have I suggested that McCarey isn't a good keeper but he needs games. He won't get those in the championship so he'll have to go out on loan... Agreed? That means we need a second keeper as understudy to Ikeme. As for who, my knowledge of experienced, available goalkeepers happy to fulfil that role and good enough to be the wolves number 1 should Ikeme be injured isn't good enough to name names. Off the top of my head, Pollitt from Wigan is the type of player I have in mind. I take it you'd just keep McCarey and pray he can do the job at this level if Ikeme (who still has to really prove himself outside of League One btw) should pick up an injury. I await your off topic ill informed retort with eager anticipation lester...

Jack the Hat


I see you have your finger on the pulse. Strength in depth is needed when the new "B" leagues begin. But it will be an expensive venture and they may only have half the Championship clubs that want to get involved when they make two leagues involving Premier "B" teams, Divi2 "A"and the remnants of Championship "B". This formula would suit Divi 2 clubs as it would attract extra premiership finance. So you are right to look into the future and strengthen.

Remember also, I was right about F.F.P.D.



Hey jack still infatuated with us it must be the new deodrant I have on...

Love your wise words on financial fair play it's almost as bad as moxey in goal with a quilt cover on.

Anyway I did give you a reply to fair play but you ignored it conveniently. Anyways if we were in the wrong we would have been fined over te past 12 months and the figures you looked at were 12-13 I'm guessing. Trust me the club is in good financial billing pre championship football. And the wage bill I expect to go down to £15 million for the season just gone...the issue is getting rid of the flops but leave that to us moxey will have a plan. BOGOF offers flying aroun no doubt.

Anyway good luck with your 12 fingers and two thumbs....and hopefully you'll have a better season next year! UTW



As an added item to my previous comment, why are caody and maguire not wothy of a capital letter? Try writing...Coady Maguire and Rowe.

Your English grammar is as bad as your thinking.


'Who do you suggest is availableand better aye?

Get real man.'

And you have the nerve to criticise me for not using capitals on proper nouns...


God my spelling is as bad as your grammar. Coady. That is before you reply Lincswolf.

Just got that in I think!!!


This article has no official quotes and loads if speculation. Did Tom Doyle write it? lol


This article has no official quotes and loads of speculation. Did Tom Doyle write it? lol


In K J we trust, when are some of the fans going to realize we are not able to compete with the likes of MAN U ect. Bringing in young proven players from lower division will be the best way forward for Wolves and I believe we will be sucesful with this policy.

Farmer Ted

Paul, None of your reasoning makes sense...but it's your opinion and I despair.

Many players have come up through the lower leagues, far too many to list but let's just give a Wolves threesome...Hibbitt (Bradford PA) Broadbent(Brentford) Jarvis(Gillingham)

Kenny Jackett is building a team to play in the Championship next season not the Premiership; hopefully that will come soon after. In the same way some of last season's Division One Champions will wilt and fade in the Championship, so some members of a Championship promotion side will struggle in the Premiership, but if recruitment and team building go to plan they will be replaced in due course. To fill the side with Premiership standard 'proper' players with their high wage demands (and egos) is exactly what you seem to be arguing against!

With regards to the Championship being there for the taking and the relegated teams being poor, I would remind you of the lessons we took off Fulham, Cardiff and Norwich on our way down to division three!

I like the sound of these targets, they fit Jackett's team profile and I much prefer his hand on the tiller than yours or Dean Saunders.

Old Gold Heart

Spot on. The first comment by Paul makes you wonder if he's on a different planet.


Agreed, Farmer Ted.


Well said - building teams is a step by step process.


So other Championship and Premier League teams just aren't scouting these players?

If they have real potential for the future, I'm sure they would have been signed by some higher league team by now.

We have to look for players who can play one league up unless we are planning to be in the Championship for a few years.

Farmer Ted

Don't understand your first paragraph.

Second paragraph. So by your thinking all players who have real potential for the future will have already been signed up by some higher league team by now. Really? And the transfer window hardly ajar yet. All wasting our time then?

Third paragraph. No...We plan to build a side capable of winning promotion into the Premiership and strengthen when we make it. Look around you and see the debris left by Clubs that have filled their ranks with highly paid Premiership players and when the plan has gone awry are left in severe debt. Very few Premiership players want to play in the Championship unless they're looking for a last big payout.

Haven't you learned anything over the last few years?

chris h

Farmer Ted and others, Not everything Paul says doesn't make sense. How about ' WASTING MONEY ON 2ND CLASS PLAYERS AND THEN BEING STUCK WITH THEM. I would have thought all reasonably minded Wolves' fans can associate with that comment. And you guys Farmer Ted and Solent etc are reasonably minded. How many times have we failed to sign a manger's main transfer targets and ended up with players who cost less, but turn out to be next to useless and we end up giving them away. The two astute Austrian signings spring to mind for a start. Where I disagree with Paul and agree with you lot, is you can find some gems in the lower divisions and in Premier sides reserve side, that Baggies reserve Thorne playing for Derby looked a good player for a start. The reality of the situation is we are no longer in the market for multi million signings, that horse has bolted, and we have just got to hope Jackett and co prove to be very smart in identifying players to sign and the Morgan/ Moxey axis have learned lessons from the many mistakes they have made in the last 5 years. Otherwise as Paul infers we are going to be stuck in the Championship, or worse, for a very long time.


While I tend to agree with you,I do think Paul is the new Mr.Negative,Every team as it's fair share of flops and lots of brilliant players come from the lower leagues.

Farmer Ted

Chris, just spent time replying to your points...main targets...Austrians ...etc...got the dreaded 404 and lost the lot.

Unlike Jack the Hat I have other things in life besides the E&S Wolves site.

Sorry, it'll just have to keep.

Farmer Ted

Still on watch up in your garret Jack?

Copy and try again? On an iPhone? Like with your ridiculous FFP suffixes, you don't know what your talking about.

Bet it's a long day for you when things are quiet on the Wolves front. Get yourself one of those magazines.

One more thing. How many times have you got to be told "Gorra loff ay ya' is a question and needs the correct punctuation?

Jack the Hat

Mangol Wurzel,

I have to keep an eye you lot and give you the benefit of the Albion fifth year on the trot in the Premiership, otherwise you lot get confused. I know you are switching your story to using the iPhone because you have been shown up, then you go on to copy what I have already said. Now if you can let me have some of your match-day programs I could have a good loff every day, now that would cheer me up. How is this?,

Gorra loff ay ya?.



Excellent Prospects- Now go and get 'em signed up!!


The second Conor we've been after recently - pure speculation.

Coady is a Liverpool player and fan, doubt he'll want to move just yet, unless he's been told he's not wanted.

Jack the Hat


Got to agree with your post, in any case Tranmere would have the first shout.



So how do you see the b leagues working? I can't see it myself

Jack the Hat

There are two formats at the moment:

1/ A new B league will be set between the Divi 2 and Conference Premier.

2/ Two leagues to be formulated out of Premier B, Championship B and Divi 2. From these one will be northern and the other southern. Bear in mind not all clubs will want to participate or indeed cannot afford to.

This is very basic and what is on the anvil at this time, but it is a starting point.

Glad to be of help.


Jack the Hat


I have to put one thing straight, format 1 would only consist of Premiership B teams.

Now if this B league is allowed promotion it would mean money clubs could climb up into the Premiership after which their first teams could enter a Euro-League, Big clubs would then have a foot in Europe and the Premiership. Just a hunch but none the less a possibility.


wakefield wolf


your blog needs you, ( I think )

You seem to think Wolves blog needs you, sorry buddy, ya gorrit wrong.


Who's that aimed at? It doesn't make sense


Aimed at JtH I'm sure, Wakefield, not you. A "polite" suggestion that he gets back to his own site.

Jack the Hat


Just saying your post is aimed at me ( I apologize beforehand if it is not ) because you are being very vague. Don't you think you are being very ungrateful for all the help I am being to you and giving you lot information from the cusp of English football which is commonly known as the Premiership league?.

Shame on you.



All three players if we

could get them would be excellent signings, McGuire,Coady,Rowe,.


So what happened to the article on Stan Cullis and Wolves? Has it been "pulled"?

Farmer Ted

Yes what happened to it. Me and Solent were an important part of that success story!

Didn't get time to read it properly after getting all unnecessary from reading Paul's diatribe.


Perhaps it was a mirage, Farmer Ted.


Both Coady and Maguire look great prospects for the future and should be playing Championship football. Whether Wolves is the place for them remains to be seen. Wouldn't be surprised if a Prem club went in for Maguire as he looks very solid and would make an ideal back up centre back.

Jack the Hat


The problem is wolves bring in good prospects then their careers go downhill from that point. Remember Micks young and hungry's not many of them have made their mark, only on the bench seat.

Gorra loff ay ya?.



So Paul, are we to do what we did in the mid nineties and spend mega buck on "proper players" who couldn't get us out of the championship until we went up in 2003 with players like Ince and Irwin, only to be relagated after one season? Kids don't win anything? Manchester United in the same period?


Strange how Wolves are doing there business publicly? Not sure how true these rumours or suggestions are but they need to get the business done quickly to ward off others & to acclimatise to how we do things now.

Meanwhile over on the dark side nothing happening apart from who will be there next coach. Always good to see a team recruit players without a coach/manager. Hope they needed a new Gardener lol


Paul is getting a bit of a kicking about his urging to sign "proper players", meaning PL players. He meant well I'm sure. At the risk of adding fuel to the fire, didn't we sign a "proper PL player" in Roger Johnson? RJ had won the FA cup with Birmingham and by all accounts was rock solid in defence. At the same time Adam Lallana, another player on our radar, was still I believe, playing in League One. The obvious answer is that it's not the league a player is playing in, it's more the league he's capable of playing in.

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