Stephen Ward is edging closer to Wolves exit

Stephen Ward's exit from Wolves today moved a step closer after it emerged he has contract offers from Brighton and Middlesbrough.

Stephen Ward
Stephen Ward

The Seagulls and Boro are the first clubs to make contact to indicate they are prepared to sign the 28-year-old left-back on a permanent basis.

But Premier League duo Burnley and Sunderland also have him on their radar and are waiting in the wings if a move to the south coast or Teesside falls through.

The next step is a meeting between Ward’s representative and Wolves which is expected to come shortly to thrash out the Ireland international’s ‘exit strategy’.

But the indications are all parties want a quick resolution.

Ward has a year left on his £12,000-a-week contract which Brighton paid all of last season as he made 44 Championship appearances, scoring four goals and helping them to the play-off semi-finals, where they were beaten by Derby 6-2 on aggregate.

His consistency and success at the Amex Stadium means there may be some negotiating to be done over the fee.

Either way, Brighton would appear to be in the driving seat, although Ward may want reassuring over his place after manager Oscar Garcia walked out at the end of the season.

Boro currently have former Wolves man George Friend at left-back, but they have no cover for the one-time Exeter defender, who has a year left on his contract.

Ward has made 239 appearances for Wolves since his bargain signing for £100,000 in January 2007.

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Comments for: "Stephen Ward is edging closer to Wolves exit "

chris h

Nothing is easy these days is it. You have to have an exit strategy. I suppose one day that is what they will call Funeral Directors. Personally I wish Stephan Ward all the best for the future, apart of course when he plays against us. I think Ward always did his best whilst playing for our team. He is technically a better player than it would appear most Wolves' fans are prepared to give him credit for. I recall he filled in at left back when we were short in that position due to a long term injury to George Elokobi. He played left back for us when we beat Man Utd, Man City, Chelsea and Spurs and of course he scored the winner for us against Liverpool. Some folks have come on here and said he is the worst left back they have seen play for us in the last 20, 30 or 40 years. All I can say is either they drop off to sleep during games or lack judgement. He played well at left back for Brighton last season and it appears 4 clubs are now chasing his signature, two of them Premier League clubs. All the best Wardy, one day people will look back and recognise the part you played in keeping our club in the Premier for 3 seasons.

Dubai Wolves

Completely agree. He always gave everything and played out of position and worked hard to become a left back Good luck and I hope he gets a warm reception if he finds himself back at The Mol.

Sir Billy Quiet

Chris - your only error is presuming that most Wolves fans didn't rate him. Unfortunately the noisy clueless minority made Stephen Ward a hate figure,

They were wrong, the vast majority understood that he always gave 100%.

Stephen Ward came from the streets of Ireland to play Premiership football for Wolves (and international football) - exceeding by a million miles the achievements of those that criticised him.

He can hold his head high at Molineux.


Interesting to read some Prem clubs are looking at him.. Hopefully we'll get something of a transfer fee for Wardy, and we can all move on.

I personally thought he was a hard working player for us, and wish him luck wherever he ends up.



Bye bye and good luck.

The Flying Winger

Best result for him and the club, you could never fault Ward for commitment and effort he gave to the club, whether he had anything to do with the dressing room problems I don't know.

McCarthy insisted in playing him in the wrong position and for me he never fulfilled that role, we had major problems from that side when players attacked down the flank.

It's strange that supporters called for a LB and it never happened similar to the requirement of CB, who know what might have happened if those positions along with a defensive / Attacking midfielder had been recruited.

I find it amazing that McCarthy never recruited him, I guess that tells it' s own story.

So another part of the old teeam is coming to a close.

Farmer Ted

Good luck to Stephen Ward, I have no problem with him. He always gave 100%, had some good games and some not so good games. Hope he gets a warm welcome when he returns to the Mol.




You're clueless


Lesterwolf, can you expand a bit on why it is "good"



He/she won't because they can't. Lester makes deliberately inflammatory or insulting comments but can never back them up when you challenge him/her, preferring to go off topic.

I shouldn't really respond to it but I enjoy the sport.

The Voice of Reason

Thank you Wardy and goodbye. Should've been upgraded on and shipped out years ago.


GO .....dont cate just GO.

Pembrokeshire Wolf

I presume you mean 'don't caRe'.

Well I care and I'd like to wish Stephen Ward good luck wherrever he goes. Thanks, Wardy, for always giving your best in a Wolves shirt - in whatever position you were picked.

I'll be sad to see him go, so there.


Karl, I'm sure he will, but I would be interested in why you want him to "just go"



A player who cant get into our first team is wanted by sunderland, the same team that didnt want gardner who ended up at the tescos, says it all about there club.

Jack the Hat


Have you ever thought it might be your club what hasn't a clue how to utilize a player as your lot howled about square pegs in round holes often enough when Mick was boss. Obviously other clubs feel they can utilize their talent. Don't forget too, it was the barracking of you lot that undermined your players and drained their confidence i.e. O'Hara when he was carrying his child, how did you think Johnson felt when you lot threw the shirt he offered back at him, you murdered Ward every time wolves conceded a goal, yes you lot did more towards the Double-Drop than you care to recognize. Hang your collective head in shame. Who needs enemies with fans like you?.

Did you mean to say " Their club "?.

Always remember, what is some-ones trash is some-one else's gold.


P.S. Ward always played fabulously for his country, ever thought why?.


10/10 for work rate and commitment.

7/10 for attacking full back.

5/10 defending.

He was just very mistake prone. He never really got to grips with positioning as a left back if we were organised he was good however he did himself no favours when we were struggling. Never looked solid against the best ie Lennon, bale, Ronaldo etc etc


Some very good comments above about Ward but I can't understand the negative ones. I have a lot of Wolves friends who go to every game and not one will criticise Stephen Ward, and over the years I've seen him play myself and each time he shown great commitment in a position which was guiet alien to him at the start. Surely all the ones who said he was a liability/unreliable and other derogatory remarks should remember all that he bought to your club over a long period of time. Good post from chris h. and Farmer Ted.


TGM: there are some recent players that for various reasons do deserve so criticism, but as you point out, Wardy always gave 100% on the pitch, and for that I can only thank him and wish him luck.

I just hope that if he does end up playing against us at the Mol he gets a good reception.




Useless donkey!

Jack the Hat

Out of all the posts on here only about three are being honest. Week after week Ward was slaughtered on here, just a few words you will all remember saying: if he backs off any further he will end up shopping in Azda. The two goals we conceded came from the right again. Guess who was supposed to be marking their guy. That is another seat in row z he has busted. Our babby could have cleared that one. He was the nearest and he should have tackled their centre-back. Blimey, he slipped up there and scored. Bet none of you remember apart from the truthful few. Now read your posts again.


chris h

Jack. It is possible that the people who said the things quoted by you are not the same people who are now saying complimentary things about Ward. Certainly you are correct plenty criticised him. I know for a fact that I always tried to give him credit where in my opinion it was due. This was also the case for a number of other regular contributors on here, eg Farmer Ted, Solent and Sue plus others.


ward has had some great games for wolves and has a good attitude and is a trier.

a decent defender imv.

But hes been a key part of a team that conceded 2 goals most games in the premiership, and had back to back relegations.

So no wonder theres a lot of negativity.