Wolves boss backs Sam Ricketts to continue making a big impact

Kenny Jackett today declared captain Sam Ricketts will continue to have a big influence on Wolves next season – but not at his preferred role of centre-half.

Wolves captain Sam Ricketts
Sam Ricketts with the League One trophy

Ricketts was one of Wolves’ most consistent players as they marched to the League One title but is expected to face competition at right-back in the shape of a fit Matt Doherty and also Ethan Ebanks-Landell, while at centre-back there could be a new arrival.

In addition, the club is hoping Richard Stearman will sign a new contract.

At 32, former Bolton, Hull and Swansea defender Ricketts is still as fit as ever, and as Wolves prepare to return to the Championship, head coach Jackett backed his skipper to have a big impact.

“I think he can; he’s a big influence and a big part of things and he takes the responsibility he’s given, which is a lot as captain,” said Jackett. “Also the flexibility he has to play right along the back four is a plus.

“He’s settled down and probably played more games at right-back than he has for years, which is arguably – and he’d agree – his best position. But either way he has the experience and the flexibility to play right along the back four and that’s a good thing to have.”

Ricketts has said previously that he would like to have another crack at centre-back, but Jackett doesn’t feel the Wales international will get much chance to do it next season.

“I think it’s something he’s had his eye on for a few years to play at centre-back as he gets into his 30s,” said the boss.

“When that is depends on the longevity of his career but he wants to play there somewhere along the line.

“He’s also played very well at full-back and the timing of his runs and his breaks from the back have really helped us.

“And his experience in some situations and his calmness has been very good.

“I don’t know exactly when it’s going to be. Is it going to be next season?”

Jackett is also looking to keep his squad to 20 players next season.

“I’m open-minded but if I can start with round about 20 players first off then right now I’d be looking to make that 20 as strong as possible,” he said.

“I wouldn’t be thinking which 11 am I going to pick, it’s not something I have to worry about now.

“I’d just get that 20 as strong as I can.”

As reported in later editions of yesterday’s Express & Star, Wolves target Conor Newton has signed for League One play-off finalists Rotherham.

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Comments for: "Wolves boss backs Sam Ricketts to continue making a big impact"


Play it again Sam, roll on august. Ut w.

bolton wolf

yes just read the write up to QPR game .

I think Doyle will return like Mccarthy .

Damm .

See aswell QPR will not be paying that fine cause there in the prem .

Sources said it was given when they were in the league .s no matter what happens thats the argument there goin to use .

Old Wulfrunian

So glad that Steve Evans has got Rotherham promoted. He was magnanimous with his comments after their 6-4 defeat at our place and they played good football for most of the season. Look forward to meeting them again next season.

Alan in Cyprus

Has Mr Stearman re-signed or resigned. One is stay the other go?



Why am I not surprised you had to explain that, especially to nik ???????


The green man, he was not explaining to me.

But when it comes to Sandwell, we'll , I will leave that to you.


We'll done. 10 out of ten.

wolves 4 ever

I think anybody would turn green supporting your lot,you have got nothing to brag about after a season like you,ve had.

Dubai Wolves

Is Centre Half his preferred position as stated in the headline? The body of the story says different. I'm confused. Clearly not much to write about. Come on though sign Stears!


In other news - Doyle substituted today; Henry comes on as sub to shore up 10-man QPR - will they both be back in top division next year?

chris h

Hopefully Jez Moxey put some clauses in the Henry and Doyle deals ensuring we get some more money as a result of QPR winning a most undeserved promotion. I criticise Jez, but he is good at things like that. But didn't Dunne play well, another one we missed out on in 2009, eh Jez, but I guess it would always have been difficult to sign him ahead of the Villa.


Chris we get it, you got rejected for the job ahead of Moxey.

Now for god's sake let it go. Jeeeeeez.


Stearman looks America bound to play for an Amish team. Best place for him.!!!


Now , the green mon, that is funny..

chris h

Nik. I give him a bit of praise and you still have a go. If you saw the game Dunne did play very well. He was a target in 2009 (just like Lallana was ) and as I said Villa would always have been in the driving seat to sign him. I just regret we have missed out so often, nothing whatsoever to do with thinking I or you could do the job. I just want somebody to do the job well, especially at a higher level. It just never seems to happen the other way round, ie we miss out on a target and then you see them have awful game on the box and say thank god we didn't sign so and so. This decision making on who the club signs and who the club fails to sign is fundamental to the success or otherwise of the football club. Don't you understand that ? The idea that anyone only criticises poor performance because they think they could do better themselves, is plain daft, Nik.I don't suppose Martin Swain is that good a footballer when he points out a player has performed badly.


Good post Chris, and yes I do understand that it is important to make those decisions for the club.

But that is what is Jez is employed, for.

I personally do not like the bloke, but when the club inevitably remove him, his replacement, will do exactly the same job, might do it better or he might not.

I'm not having a go at you specifically, but it saddens me when WWfc, supporters criticise club staff and to make things worse, hold stoke and WBA as shining examples.

They may be in the premier, but have and never will be as attractive a club as WWfc.

Some were even saying only 3 weeks ago ,"it's only division 3, and just because WWfc have won the league it dose'nt matter".

But of the three relegated championship teams, can you see any of them breaking the points,attendance,records we broke?

You see people always need a hate figure at any club.

Years ago, it was Simon osborn, then it was, Muscat, Karl Henry,rog,Ohara,last season it was Moxey.

As the players could'nt really be criticised.

Next season it's anyone's guess.

U t w.


Great result for QPR but the best team lost. Derby looked young and vibrant, and will be contenders for automatic promotion next year. Of the two sides, Wolves look more like Derby. I'm not saying we are equal to Derby, but we are in the same place in terms of team development and ability of head coach. The arguments about not signing Dunne and Lallana may be irrelevant anyway. At that time we were entering a period of collective malaise and lack of confidence. We could have signed Messi even and he would have been affected by it. We had to go through what we went through. Dunne and Lallana wouldn't have saved us. It took a new broom called Kenny Jackett to recognise what had to be done.

chris h

Dances, 1' the arguments about Dunne and Lallana may be irrelevant'. Not so, because the people who had the final say on who we signed or didn't sign in 2009, are the very same people making the final decisions now. It is a lot easier with a big parachute payments and relative large gates to sign decent players at division 3 level. It gets a lot tougher and you have to be a lot smarter the higher up the divisions you play.

2 'We had to go through what we went through'. No we didn't. It was a consequence of poor decision making at Board level. With decent management we could have still been in the Premier. If the Baggies and Stoke can do it, why not us ?

3' not saying we are equal to Derby. We should be better than Derby with all the financial advatages we have enjoyed in the last 5 years.

4 Kenny has done well, in fact very well, but so far only at division 3 level.


It's no good thinking about what might have been or you will be saying that Big Mick shouldn't have been sacked. Don't think of past memories either otherwise the nightmares will start again -------- like the thumping you got each time you played WEST BROM. Are you all still seeing the shrinks or have you got over it now you've had a season playing Div. 1 RUBBISH.???


Shrinks? Oh come my dear deluded tesco, what's the betting, that your fans! Are still suffering from the mental anguish of seeing a £64000 pound striker getting the winner at your place

Or still having nightmares of a toothless Welshman putting 3 past your boys at your place, or do you have selective memory?

As for thumping's , what did you get for those matches apart from bragging rights for a couple of weeks.

I just WWfc could win summat soon, oh hang on........lol

The Real Bully Hoo.


I'm still having nightmares about those Scottish tribesmen coming over Hadrian's Wall as well.




Chris H,

We have the same management in place now. They made bad mistakes then, but it wasn't all management's fault. Where did I read that management was 'scared' of Mick McCarthy at times? MM insisted on signing Roger Johnson, saying, 'he will do a job for us'. To me the big difference now is that management has learnt from experience and are actually making good decisions. We now have the structure in place to return to the Pl and to stay there.

chris h

Dances, Hope so and then we will all be Dancing with Wolves.

wolves 4 ever

Is greenman Jack The Hat,in disguise,the same dribble keeps spouting from his tiny mind,still if it makes them happy. Last season was a disaster for them,and they have lot more to put right, than the Wolves,I think its funny they nearly got relegated,it might happen next season, we can live in hope.


Jealousy is a common trait for people who just don't like to hear the truth. Ok nik you won the Div.1 championship --so what ! You shouldn't have been down there in the first place, but that was down to bad management--- yes the same bad management that Dances was talking about. And Dances, if you say you heard that the management was ''scared '' of Big Mick, and you believe it that's a pretty damning indictment of your management. You say it is the same management that has enabled you to turn the corner. So that puts us both in the same position---managements that have cocked up, realised their mistakes and started do something about it. Roll on august !!!

wolves 4 ever



BECAUSE SOME OF YOU WERE BORN TO IT. Why don't you read the whole post instead of the first ten words or can't you understand that I was only agreeing with some of your own posters regarding your management. You have some sensible people on here and then there is YOU. NUFF SAID.

wolves 4 ever

Why don't you go back on your own pages,and stop getting your little jollies on ours?,Im deffo not jealous of your lot,most of what you post,borders on stupidity,Your a know it all like some of the know alls on your own pages.



Has your caps lock stuck or something or are you shouting at the screen as you are typing to vent your frustration at NOT BEING THE BEST TEAM IN THE AREA !!! It's that green eyed monster that keeps coming out of you and nik and, oh of course I was forgetting wolves 4 ever. Mind you that is easily done. Such a shame you're not like the sensible people on your page who can accept a little banter and give it back without the malice that your typing betrays. NUFF SAID