My Wolves hell: Bjorn Sigurdarson lifts lid on Molineux nightmare

Wolves outcast Bjorn Sigurdarson today lifted the lid on his Molineux nightmare, calling it “hell”.

Bjorn Sigurdarson completed a loan move to Norwegian side Molde in January 2014.
Bjorn Sigurdarson.

The 23-year-old forward is currently resurrecting his career on loan at Molde, where he will be until their season ends in November. Sigurdarson was one of four strikers head coach Kenny Jackett allowed to leave in January with Kevin Doyle, Leigh Griffiths and Jake Cassidy. And the Icelandic attacker, who has scored two goals in five games for the Tippeliga leaders, is relieved to be back on familiar territory after revealing he felt he had been made to feel inferior at Wolves.

“To show you actually can play, not just sit on the bench and such, is fantastic for me,” said Sigurdarson, speaking in Norway.

“Of course you’ll doubt yourself when you’re not used, absolutely.

“When the manager doesn’t like you, no matter what you do or how good you are in training, you get the message: ‘No, you’re not in the squad’.

“You’re not good enough. Then you just want dig yourself under the grass. It becomes hell. So it was fantastic that Molde wanted me and that I got to go back.”

For Wolves, Sigurdarson found the net twice in 16 league appearances last season, his final game coming in the 3-3 draw at Rotherham on December 21 after which he played no part in the following seven matches before his move.

Sigurdarson also admitted he struggled to fit in at Wolves. “I feel at home in Norway,” he said.

“These are great guys. In England you don’t make friends in the team. Here we eat together and socialise in the evenings. In England they maybe will go and have a drink together, but this is different. I feel my career is on the right track again.”

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Comments for: "My Wolves hell: Bjorn Sigurdarson lifts lid on Molineux nightmare"

The Voice of Reason

Didn't score enough goals I'm afraid.


Not sure he really had the opportunities. He looked the part in the championship. This is one we could regret losing if he doesn't come back.

Bit like Vokes with lack of opportunity although a different sort of player.

All the best to both of them.

The Flying Winger

I don't see this business with Vokes that many more have also mentioned, he had plenty of opportunities at the club and his goal scoring was very poor,

There comes a time when a player has to move on which in his case has proved a good move to Burnley.

I think Cassidy is going to be another Vokes and he will move on, however I would like to be proved wrong.

Northern Wolf

Before everyone piles in with stuff about him being well rid of and how dare he etc etc, lets bear in mind that this isn't an interview given to E&S - they have picked up someone else's work where he is being asked to be nice about where he is. He should move on and I hope he gets his career back on track without coming back to haunt us. At times he looked class and a born finisher (Away at Peterborough 2012 and a decent goal in his last game away at Rotherham) but mainly he looked out of place. He certainly never looked worth £3m more than Cassidy & McAlinden! Best of luck mate although I see more time training with the kids at Compton in your future - no one is going to pay us for him and we don't seem minded to let players go who we have paid for


Nippy Lobo

Right on, Northern Wolf, about Siggy: "At times he looked class and a born finisher . . . but mainly he looked out of place." Very frustrating!

Personally, I don't regret Siggy leaving like I did Sam Vokes. Vokes consistently looked a promising striker who wasn't quite there yet (rather like Sam Winnall). Siggy had his flashy moments, but for far too much of the time he was ineffective or even anonymous, despite always appearing to try. A bit of an enigma.

I wish him well, but I don't expect him to emulate Vokes. Good luck, Siggy, somewhere where you feel at home.

The Flying Winger

Sounds like they all want to get their twopenneth in, simple really had enough chances to shine and didn't put the ball in the back of the net enough.

Now the new crop of players are scoring and playing exciting football, the rejects cannot handle it.

Shame really, you are either good enough or not good enough that ia a fact in all walks of life

Who's going vtyo be next?.


Best you make a new life away from wolves and can you put a word in and see if you can clear out some of the other players we no longer want at Wolves so that the club and the fans can get on with the job of putting Wolves back where they belong and end its nightmare.

I had high expectations of Bjorn when he came to wolves but if that's how he feels like any wolves player if your not happy about your situation at the club its a case of prove the Manager wrong if not move on. UTW.


I like Siggy, he certainly has the talent and work ethic, I think if KJ spent time trying to develop him rather than ship him out, we could have had a good player on our hands.

KJ has improved every player at wolves this year, shame he couldn't apply that to Siggy.

But no way back now, will be a discounted sale back to Norway.

Gerry Mannion

Well, it could be a clash of culture, it could be that the Manager felt he had better options at the time. The other members of the squad seem to integrate well.

It is true that a player settles into a team when he is in a run of games and Bjorn has never had a protracted run. KJ was after a particular style of player and the truth is you weren't it. Others are, so now you have publicised your dissatisfaction you have confirmed that you will be on your way, which is what we knew anyway.


Good luck, Siggy - I wish you well. In truth though, you flattered to deceive and Kenny Jackett made the right call.


It can be tough if your face does not fit! but that is par for the course at most clubs.

Sam Vokes is another example, many moons ago there used to be super subs, off the bench on to the pitch and turn a game on its A**E , supporters debating who should and who should not be in a team again is common place, However the man who PICKS the team normally will have the last say, and a couple of them did not give you a chance for their own reasons, I don,t think you were the worst but I hope it goes well for you

colehill wolf

Having lived and worked abroad for some years I understand fully his feelings it can be a culture shock however it is quite clear that on the pitch Siggy just did not click as we thought he would do and its quite apparent now that his future lies elsewhere but unlike a few others I could mention at least he tried good luck to you where ever you go


another player not scouted properly hence his home sickness reasons to not wanting to play in england.

pacy,strong, but did'nt take his chance when it came along.

bakary sako, who may still leave had to adapt his game and enjoyed a renewed partnership with nouha. after struggling in the championship and not tracking back.

meanwhile wolves target left back from doncaster has been also been targeted by wigan and hull.

conor newton , and that dutch winger still under our radar.

carl wolves

Is this clown for real? This bloke had more chance to prove himself than most of our failed strikers over the last few seasons. He made 37 appearances the season we were relegated from the championship. He showed little glimpses of quality, enough for many on this board to be singing his praises for some odd reason. A complete waster that lacked mental strength and failed to adapt his game to the hustle and bustle of English football despite seemingly having the physical attributes. He was then given further chances a division lower and made another 18 appearances in the first half of last season. Then he has the nerve to say managers didn't give him the chance to see what he could do! They did and the answer was 7 goals in 55 appearances! Total under achiever, sums up the pre-Jackett era. I just home his current club take him and we don't get lumbered with him.


Be careful what you say Siggy, you were not good enough. Spouting off while your in your native country is one thing, but don't belittle the club that gave you a chance. Head less chicken comes to mind


Dear oh dear yet again another waster piping up.

Sedgley Slayer

If there was any doubt about whether Siggy would come back and play for us again, I think this has sealed his fate.

Personally I like him, as I think that he was 100% committed and had all the attributes to be a quality player. I also remember how when we got relegated to League 1, he was the first say that he wanted to stay and get us back up when most were desperate to get out the door.

However, watching Siggy has been very frustrating over the past 2 seasons as he has never seemed to settle and fit in to any system or style that we have played. Regardless of whether he has been up front or on the wing, he never fulfilled his undoubted potential with us. Perhaps his comments today explain why he didn't 'fit in' on the pitch.

Wish him all the best though! UTW


I have a friend who's recently been through cancer and never moaned as much as Siggi and Doyle, and certainly never used words like 'hell'.

Imagine the worst thing you could ever have to endure in life. Then imagine being paid to keep fit and sit still on a bench on matchdays - hardly constitutes hell does it? Him and Doyle are idiots and should never even come near the Wolves bench again.

Here's an idea then Siggi - if Kenny doesn't like you, who brought you to Wolves? Beat a path to his door and tell him you want to play under him again. Oh no, even he doesn't want you does he? You don't win your league by 9 points without a very good team spirit. And you're trying to tell us the team don't talk to each other? Maybe it was just you Siggi!

I will say this for Sigurdarson - he's not built for English football because he gets knocked off the ball too easily, and under KJ we've never played a system that really suits him, neither of which is really his fault. Solbakken should never really have brought him to England. However, I've never liked his body language when things aren't going well for him, and he just seems to be one that'll whinge if it's not all going his way, rather than play for the team and try and force his way in.

So you want to dig yourself under the ground do you Siggi? Don't put yourself out mate, hand me the shovel and I'll do it for you.

carl wolves

A tremendous post!

Stourbridge Wolf

Well said Wanderers, i mean what is it with all these Stale Bacon rejects? The simple facts are that he has been given his opportunity which proved that he was just not good enough. He is getting regular football in Norway, which is probably on a par with League 1 and has scored twice in 5 games- not exactly prolific is it?He may well have got goals in league 1 but KJ is a good judge of a player and obviously thought he was't any better than what we had and therefore shipped him out. Another one to join the list of many flops to have graced the Molineux turf!


He never really got the opportunity to shine. Yeah he played a few games but doyle seemed to be a favourite for the manager over siggy. Doyle didn't do that well for quite a few games but I noticed he was picked for nearly every game. Shame to see what's happened for siggy. I hope he will be happy for the future and good luck to the lad.

carl wolves

Didn't get the opportunity to shine? A popular misconception I'm afraid. The bloke made 55 appearances in a season and a half! More than enough time to shine! Doyle just as bad as well. Better of shot of the pair of them.


how many of those 55 appearances were made up front though carl? not many as he was constantly played out of position out wide, also how many of the 55 were starts? players cant perform getting 10 minutes at the end of a game!

carl wolves

There's a very good reason he was on the bench or out on the wing for a lot of those appearances. Because when he did play up front he looked completely blunt and unfit for purpose. If you were a manager of a struggling side and had a striker that looked capable of scoring goals week in week out would you start him up front week in week out? I certainly would. The fact that 3 consecutive managers, including formerly the one that bought him did not, has to tell you something. The phrase 'flatters to deceive' sums this bloke up perfectly. I'm afraid he can go and flatter to deceive somewhere else.

I feel quite sorry that it didn't work out for Siggy, but yes , there can't be too much room for sentiment. He needs to move on, just as we do, and all the best to him. But why oh why the personal abuse, with descriptions of him as a "clown", and a"waster". He's nothing of the sort. It just didn't work out for him. The only "clowns" and "wasters" are you people for writing so abusively Different viewpoints I can tolerate. Personal animosity I can't.


Saw him play in the Pre season friendly at Southampton soon afetr we had signed him. I thought he had talent on the ground and in the air. Sadly I was wrong. He should have scored shed loads of goals in league one and itn just didn't happen. He hasn't exactly been prolific whilst out on loan.

Let him go and hope that he isn't another Sam Vokes


He was playing for an in turmoil Wolves in the Championship and a Wolves under reconstruction the first part of this past season.

Would be interesting to see what he could do with the current team, which was on a real roll at the end of the season with plenty of service to the strikers.

I doubt that will happen now, as he doesn't really seem interested in coming back.

I hope Jackett doesn't bad mouth him now because that will just drive down the price we can get for him. Jackett has a history of bad mouthing players like O'Hara and then wonders why nobody wants them.


I think at another time he would have grown into the role, but he was fish out of water. Out of his own country, out of his 'comfortable' division and coming out like this is just daft. Doyle did it the other day but without SS, Doyle and LG we did BETTER. I think SS and Doyle have had their pride hurt as other players have come in, knuckled down, played and got us up when all they did was sink us. Bye bye lads, don't come back.


Out with the old in with the new.They've had their chances and not taken them.Keep up the great work KJ.


My Wolves hell! Talk about banging it on, such a great season Kenny and the boys have worked hard to bring a great positive feel to the place and then we have to read this drivvle! Is it really worth the print space? Yesterday Doyle today Siggy what will tomorrow bring a colour centre page glossy spread of O Hara & Johnson's Nightmare! If you have got to print it give em the space they deserve cos we do not want to hear it.


At least you get payed 1000's of pounds for sitting on the bench watching a game of footie, surly life cant be that bad, kenny dont fancy him and looks like he will be off, cant see us gettin the type of money back we payed for him thogh. Waste of moolar.


He never had a chance. A Sollbakken buy and then played out of position in wide midfield. He never had an extended run and became a bit part player. Watch he be a big star somewhere else, just as will most Sollbakken buys. Get rid of him soon and all the other RELEGATION FAILURES.


"In England you don't make friends in the team".......I think that sums it up really. If you find the culture too different then you are not going to be happy & unhappy players do not produce their best football. That may explain why we only saw fleeting glimpses of what may have been. I hope the lad finds his feet somewhere where he's happy & settled & then maybe he can shine. At 23 he's got plenty ahead of him & a little more maturity may help him see things a little clearer with regards his time here. Who knows, we may yet see a more rounded Siggy plying his trade on these shores in the future. Good luck lad.


The thing with Siggi though is the fee - even for a (then) Championship club, £2.4m is a lot of money and you expect more than just potential. I guess a lot of us (me included, with hindsight) should direct more of our anger in Solbakken's direction instead.

£2.4m should buy you a lot of goals and/or assists in the Championship, never mind dropping down to League 1. Despite my comments above, I do believe Siggi tried, I don't think he's a total freeloader, but he's not right for the English game, and I do take exception to any player (not just him) who tries to say he's not had a chance and tries to blame it on other people. That's what's wound me up about him, more so than the lack of goals.


Good luck Siggy, it hasnt worked out at wolves.

You have had plenty of first team chances unlike vokes and maierhoffer.

You werent physically strong enough , and didnt have the pace to get away from defenders.

but more than decent on the ball.

The main problem is that you did not look a consistent goal threat and your finishing wasnt good.

I would say the same for Doyle and Dicko has shown both of you up and look how much he cost

At 23 you have time to work on your game but you just didnt look suited to competing in the championship or league 1 on a regular basis.


wolves not a good fit for him, i wish him luck for the future.


good luck in what you do but in fairness if at 23 you cant score a good number of goals in div 1 then you arent gonna be our striker.I wish you well I dont think like most wolves fans have said they havent been on your back and you would be welcome back at mol but sometimes it doesnt work out .remember it isnt your job on the line its kennys.SO IN KENNY WE TRUST.BUT CLEARLY AFTER XMAS we got pace up front and we looked a different team-kenny bought us a striker and we went from strength to strength-so like most wolves fans our trust is in kenny ,we like the guy we like what he says my NO1


and my NO1 COMMENT from hom was "We dont pass the ball for passing sake .I rememeber under mick we passed it but didnt do anything with refreshing to many times teams are said to play passing footy but no end product-kenny says what the point of that- there has to be a purpose

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