Exclusive: Coaching restructure casts doubt over Wolves duo's future

Wolves have started a coaching restructure which has left the futures of Steve Weaver and Mick Halsall shrouded in doubt, it emerged today.


The long-serving pair have been told by head of football development Kevin Thelwell that a ‘process’ has started in the coaching department of reducing the workforce and are set for a further meeting this week when their futures will become clearer.

At least one other member of the coaching staff could be involved in the reshuffle with development coach Weaver and Under-18s coach Halsall.

Employment law means Wolves won’t confirm what is going to happen to the duo at the moment.

But the club confirm they have entered into a process of restructuring its coaching which extends much more deeply than the relatively poor results of Weaver’s Under-21s, who finished third from bottom of the Under-21s Premier League this season, and Halsall’s Under-18s.

The club insist neither has left Wolves, and both remain as employees at the moment, with Halsall watching the Under-16s on Saturday.

Appointed by former boss Mick McCarthy in July 2008, Weaver arrived at the club in a new role to work with the club’s 18-21-year-olds to bridge the gap between academy and first-team football.

He spent almost 20 years at Wrexham, initially as a player and then as a coach after his career ended by injury.

Weaver headed up the club’s centre of excellence and also spent a year as assistant manager before leaving in January 2008, and worked for Manchester City’s academy and scouted for Blackburn before joining Wolves.

After McCarthy’s exit in February 2012, Weaver was promoted to first-team coach to assist Terry Connor.

Weaver returned to development coach in summer 2012 and has occupied the role for the last two seasons.

Halsall, who has the title professional lead coach, joined Wolves in July 2009 after a hugely successful decade at Walsall, bringing a host of players through including Matty Fryatt and Scott Dann.

A highly respected figure, he was also caretaker manager of the Saddlers on several occasions.

Born in Bootle, Halsall made almost 400 appearances with Birmingham, Carlisle, Grimsby and Peterborough, who he captained to a Division Three play-off success in 1992 and also later managed before joining Walsall in 1998-99.

In February 2012, Halsall also took on reserve-team duties as development coach for the rest of the season.

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Comments for: "Exclusive: Coaching restructure casts doubt over Wolves duo's future"

The Voice of Reason

This is hardly an exclusive Tim, it was well known that these two were going to be sacked days ago.

Northern Wolf

Is this our Head Coach (who remember has only 1st team coaching duties and does not have control over the structure of the success plan put in place by Jez) sweeping clean even if the broom is now a year old? I don't have a problem if it is but redundancy consultation is weasely words for sacking. We have a way of playing and that needs to be reflected throughout all levels of the club - but particularly from reserves/U21s to link into the 1st team. If you look at the static play that players like Davis demonstrated coming into the team from the U21s (not showing for it, no movement off the ball and always looking for long clearances over his head) it made me wonder what was being taught at our top-notch academy. When we are buying 20, 21 & 22 year olds like Dicko & Jacobs the skill and mentality gap from those guys (products of Northampton & Wigan) to some of our products is stark. Call it redundancy if you like, but it could just be we are currently still coaching our kids to "put a shift in"!

In Kenny We Trust


sounds like Wolves are having a clear out to me, we have a lot of people who have failed to do there job and in the real world that means your out on your ear. I am looking foreward to the next phase of the Wolves revamp.


The results of the U21 and U18 have been poor. Why.

Poor coaching or poor quality of young players at this stage and as the well known saying goes...

'You cannot make silk purses out of sows ears'

This may be the case.

Nevertheless if these two are the remnants of the McCarthy era then let us get rid.

Jackett knows what sort of quality he requires from the U18 through to the U21 players and it appears it is not happening. He will now appoint one or two of his own youth coaches, which is only right now, as he has got all of the first team squad playing pass and move. He needs this philosophy to go right through the whole of the Wolves players of all ages. So be it


its obvious that kj would want to bring his own staff in for key positions. if the noisy neighbours decide to get rid of keith psycho downing then he would be welcome at the molinuex as a kick up the backside type motivator for the u18's,u21's or the first team if need be. utw.


Agreed...Psycho would be great but lets face it he has played assistant in the Prem for ages now (and 3? managers later). Don't you think he might think that Prem to Championship development team coach might not be that attractive? Only saying...

Jack the Hat


Shouldn't think Psycho would want to drop that far down.



The acadamy of our club has two functions:

1. To find players who hopefully will be good enough for the first team. If you find one player a year who becomes a first team regular you are normally doing quite well.

2. To produce players who you can sell on to the lower leagues. This helps pay for the acadamy.

Not many people think about the second function but it can be a useful source of finance. Look how much a club needs to pay for an ex man Utd or Chelsea youngster. Just the association adds to the players value. The same thing applies to our youngsters but sadly our acadamy doesn't have quite the same qudos yet.

It's therefore essential that we have coaching staff who find the best players that we can get for the acadamy and will develop players who will make our first team or that we will get something for,

Jack the Hat


The main job of your Academy is like Albion's, bring on youngsters for the bigger boys to snaffle, what good under sixteens have you got for us to take look at?.



If you change the style of play the senior team plays, then you need coaches who can teach the younger players that style.

No point in having the younger players playing the same style Mick prefers if they will not be able to easily integrate into the style Jackett has the senior team playing.

Jack the Hat


You are the next wolves youth coach, what a great idea.


Nippy Lobo

I hope it's not true that we are reducing the coaching workforce as we go up to the Championship. If so, it is probably a by-product of the new Fair Play Rules (FPR) (which I am against and call the Unfair Play Rules)—under those we can't compete with PL teams on employment expenditures because of the difference in income. The Unfair Play Rules are designed with one purpose: to keep the richest teams on top for ever.

If it's not the influence of the FPR, this looks like Kevin Thelwell and Kenny Jackett giving the thumbs down to the job being done with the U21s and U18s. Thelwell has only been in his job 18 months and KJ one year. Surely, and rightly, they have been assessing the coaches during that time.

Mick Halsall was a very successful director of the Academy at Walsall, and maybe that kind of job suits him better than being the U18's head coach. It would be nice if we could fit him in somewhere. But, let's face it, experience with Wrexham (Weaver) and Walsall (Halsall) doesn't necessarily give you the right idea of what is necessary in the Championship and the Premier League.

At this moment in time, Thelwell and Jackett have built up a lot of credibility. Whether it's a voluntary attempt to strengthen the coaching squad or a change enforced by the FPR, in Kevin and Kenny we trust to do the best for the club!

The Voice of Reason

FFP doesn't affect academy or club infrastructure related spending.

Nippy Lobo

This season Weaver was definitely not working in the Academy, and Halsall was called U18's head coach, which I don't think was an Academy job. The FPR do cover coaches salaries.


I watched a few games last year, and our inability to keep the ball was very poor.

It seems obvious better coaches are needed, to develop and bring through the next batch of players to the first team.

3 Points Saturday

Presumably you meant our ability yo keep the ball was poor?

Old Gold Heart

Yeah, right, so poor that we got 103 points and lost only 5 games. What planet are you on?!

The Voice of Reason

He's talking about academy games, not first team ones.


Morgan has complete faith in K.J. to restructure completely all aspects of the playing side.

Jack the Hat

Now two of the big earners can be given coaching jobs while they run down their contracts.


Jack the Hat

Rangers FC boss Ally McCoist is set to make a move for former Albion man Scott Allan, who was released from The Hawthorns last week.

Doesn't take long for ex-Albion players to get fixed up, wolves missed that one.


chris h

Going through the required notification periods and dressing it up as a restructuring so that they can move them out on something like statutory minimum compensation. This time last year when perhaps Moxey's job was on the line, Martin Swain tweeted that if Moxey did go it would be on" his terms". Obviously that doesn't apply to others employed by the club.