Kenny Jackett defends Steve Morgan's commitment to Wolves' youth policy

Wolves boss Kenny Jackett today mounted a robust defence of Steve Morgan as he insisted the chairman has shown guts to back him and create a legacy.

Kenny Jackett wants Wolves to break the League One points record

Morgan is set to address Wolves fans tonight for the first time publicly since his passionate appearance at a fans’ parliament meeting in February 2013, when he appears at the club’s end-of-season awards dinner at Telford International Centre.

The multi-millionaire received a mixed reception when he appeared on the pitch on Saturday at the presentation of the League One title trophy.

Some fans have struggled to forgive Morgan for the decisions that contributed to the club’s dramatic slide through two divisions before Jackett arrived to transform Wolves’ fortunes.

But the head coach defended Morgan for his personal backing and his commitment to see Wolves produce their own players.

“For the chairman to back me and us as well as he has is a considerable achievement,” said Jackett.

“To continue with the size and structure of the commitment to the youth policy when we’d just gone down to the third tier was both expensive and took guts.

“He listened to me in my interview saying ‘I’d sideline these people and these are my reasons’, and backed me to do that when there were polls asking ‘should we have player X back and should he play?’ etc, and that showed a tremendous amount of guts.

“I think it proves his determination to get back to the Premier League.

“To continue with the development of the youth side which Sir Jack Hayward started with his legacy of leaving us this training ground shows a tremendous commitment.

Steve Morgan the owner / chairman of Wolverhampton Wanderers and Sir Jack Hayward the former owner of Wolverhampton Wanderers
Steve Morgan the owner / chairman of Wolverhampton Wanderers and Sir Jack Hayward the former owner of Wolverhampton Wanderers

“Sir Jack developed Compton with the aim of giving the club long-term foundations and to develop a youth policy that might not look after the club in one year, but in one or two decades’ time.

“The present chairman is very keen to continue that approach.”

“If you ask the majority of football supporters how important a youth policy is they’d all say they want to see homegrown players.

“It’s like an overlap to the community and reinforces the link between the players and the supporters.”

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Comments for: "Kenny Jackett defends Steve Morgan's commitment to Wolves' youth policy"


Little by little, we get to hear titbits of information of what happened during the interview process. This latest revelation may not be that surprising, but it reinforces the view that the club are not going to go down the road of spend, spend, spend, to achieve success. Rather it will in general terms, be more of a committment to producing our own players, supplemented with the best young players which can be picked up from other clubs.

This is not going to please all fans who like nothing more than wanting to see the club splash the cash. As we've seen in recent years, splashing the cash does guarrantee success. Far from it, it's partly led to our downfall - and we're still paying the price.

Wolves academy is one of the best in the country and looks set to be even better when the Compton facilities are completed in September. There's talk of a B team league comprising mainly of premiership clubs, but would also include championship clubs that have category one status academies - which Wolves have. Should this proposal ever get of the ground, Wolves would be well placed to benefit.

I've criticised Steve Morgan on occasions for some poor decision making, but not on his committment to the academy. It was the one saving grace in the upheaval that happened during the previous two seasons, and has played a major part in our revival.

latvian wolf

What is wrong with splashing the cash on quality players ? not like the past where Wolves have splashed the cash on rubbish has beens.

If we are to be a force to be reckoned with then Morgan needs to let the moths out of his wallet and bankroll the club for quality players otherwise what's the point in being a top club without the top players who would bring success.

We have a very good manager and yes some very good youngsters but we need class players now to take us to the next level.


What players can you 'GUARANTEE' will bring us success? How many? How much are they going to cost? What wages do you want to pay them? What are you going to do about the rest of the dressing room when it becomes split over the big earners? What happens to our 'homegrown' players?

Lobo para siempre

Fans are notoriously good at spending other people's money.


remmember when hansen said," you can't win anything with kids"

not comparing the two clubs ,just the ages of the players.

scholes 20

giggs 22

butt 20

sharpe 23

g neville 20

beckham 19

cole 23

cantona 28


james henry 24

scott golbourn 26

kevin mac 25

lee evans 19

jack price 21

michael jacobs 22

danny baath 23

nouha dicko 21

so kj seems right to back sm about the academy. utw


Hopefully we have seen the last of the calls for the chairman to leave,but I doubt it you will never please all the people especially some wolves fans.

latvian wolf

Bazrat I have supported Wolves for over 50 years I rate Morgan alongside the Bhattis. This scouser wants everything done on the cheap! We might have grade one academy status but where are the top class coaches to bring on the kids ? where are the top class players to pass on their skills to the kids ?

We will never be a force to be reckoned with unless we have an owner who is prepared to bank roll the club with top class players and coaches. Look at Man City a few years ago and look at them now !! steam rolling the premier league like nobody's business.

Morgan should sell up while he's got the chance to somebody who is prepared to make Wolverhampton Wanderers a force to be reckoned with once more.


Sorry but that statement is clueless were in good financial health not bankrupt,you cannot just go out and splash the cash first league rules don't allow it second team spirit go's out the window,there is no quick solution so please think before you post.


So how come Moxey was saying only a couple of weeks ago that we were nearly in the doo doo as you so eloquently put it ?

The statement is not clueless as you put it, firstly we may have a top class academy but Morgan needs to splash the cash to hire top class coaches, what is the point of a grade one academy without having grade one coaches to bring the kids on also why doesn't Morgan splash the cash on some quality players and how will that make team spirit go out the window ? that is a ridiculous comment to make. I suggest you should think before you post.

Maybe you think like Morgan cheap and cheerful as we go it doesn't matter if we spend another 20 years yo yo ing between league one and the championship before we get to the premier league I for one want to see us back where we belong at the top not on our ar$es like we have been since the 80s yes we had a couple of seasons in the premiership but what investment was made in the squad absolutely zilch while god knows how many millions was wasted on that stand with the half finished roof that we didn't need. the team should of been invested in first before anything else. So please think before you post.

Farmer Ted

Bazrat, you are wasting your time.

Despite saying he has supported Wolves for 50 years it is quite clear he has learned nothing. Absolutely nothing.

He asks us to look at where Man City were a few years ago and that's the problem with people like him. Forget building something of substance that is sustainable; they want a Sheik Mansour to fall out of the sky with more money than sense and change everything....instantly! That's all they see.

(I'll bet you he's not even aware of the financial irregularities Man City face)

Also note the complete lack of respect for our Chairman who, despite the mistakes he's made, has not wavered from his goals and quite clearly has stuck at them over the last 12 months to put things right.

Like I said you'll never get through to bigots like Latvian Wolf.


Farmer Ted although it would be nice to have a billionaire arab sheikh fall out of the sky I do not expect miracles. what I do expect from a club chairman is to get the best possible players with the finances available. I do not expect the club chairman to waste millions of pounds on a stand with half a roof that wasn't needed when it was quite obvious that the playing staff needed improving when in the premier league and nothing was done about it hence we are where we are at this present time. I do however believe that it will be cheap and cheerful again this season. Morgan has this club as his personal money pit taking out more than he has put in. I will say again and again what is the point of a grade one academy without grade one coaches to match the facilities.

We need a chairman at this club who has ambition which the scouse git is sadly lacking in huge quantities. answer me this ted if we had been relegated to league 2 would you still be feeling the same joy as promotion brings ? Somehow I don't think so.


Bravo and thanks, Farmer Ted, as your views shade some of my own sentiments, though yours with even more erudite conviction.

Steve Morgan is learning and taking strides towards fulfilling his role as a substantial and solid benefactor for our club. Premiership and down the ranks, believe me, he is far solid and consistent towards our club's best interests than most narcissistic owners or tenuous, all over the map type consortiums

I will gladly support our long term future with this chairman at the helm, whereas compared to most other clubs, either above or below us.

Again, great comments and response, Farmer Ted.


Law 43

So Jekabs, if "Morgan has this club as his personal money pit taking out more than he has put in" where did the money come from to build the stand and training ground that you say we don't need?

Like a few others on here I have not forgiven Morgan for the terrible decision making that played such a big part in our relegation to League One, but I do try to make my criticism objective and constructive.

I don't seriously believe that the academy will take us back to the success of the 50s, but I do support the ambition to grow our own as part of the strategy to improve the club, and I don't think Morgan should be criticised for it.

So what evidence do you have that the coaches we currently have are not good enough?


Oh dear, I despair sometimes.. Let's be just like a Man City eh?? Just been hit with a £50M fine !! Great idea to bankroll the club.. Doh!



I'm not saying break the fifa fair rules play am I you idiot !!


50 million is loose change behind his palacial sofa ;)


And think of all the other great things that could come with such an owner as some of the big spenders.

We could get rid of the awful gold and black and replace it with red

We could drop the 'common' Wanderers and just be called Wolverhampton Wolves

We could change the unspellable name of the ground and have it named after a foreign company.

In fact, we could move to a much bigger and better stadium outside of the city.

We'll get to see some fantastic players for £56 a game.

Won't it be great


Well said mar mate...



God helps us, it could be red and white stripes again !!


Jackett the Hat

We all know that our academy kids have grade 'A' facilities, but have we got the calibre of coaches to get the best out of them. We would be extremely lucky to have the whole package turning up, day in, day out down at Compton ,if we want the best kids we must make sure we have the best staff to educate them and let promising youngsters know that if you choose Wolves, there's a better chance of a first team place than at other, similar academy's .

I know of a good lad, wanted by everybody, could've gone anywhere but he chose Liverpool, they offered the best complete package, from schooling to accomodation to the whole feeling of being part of a football family.......his dad was blown away and had no doubt he was at the right place for his lads progress . I'm not saying we could better the Liverpool model, but we could become the best in the midlands if we take the right approach and manage it properly.

Lets see how many first team appearances he gets!

We have had a few lads come to us from liverpool so maybe? it ain't as good has people make out.

Sometimes all a kid wants is a chance and

the facilities are secondary.

Look at man u and the uptake of kids they have, but how many make the first team and how many fall away.

Lets hope your mates son isn't one of them, I have experienced this with my nephew who was with the Wolves when Graham Taylor was manager, he signed aged 9 and was released aged 14 he went to the unmentionables the day after (they wanted him when he was 9) he couldn't play for them because he was Wolves through and through, he now fits industrial windows!

Farmer Ted

Sorry don't know who you are, but you sound old enough to understand the cruel part of youngsters coming through the youth or academy system. The fact is, no matter what club, the vast majority of kids don't make it as far as a professional contract. Being turfed out aged fourteen is hard but imagine the heartbreak of being rejected after that, as we've just seen with the likes of Reckford and Whinnal! All of us know of kids at Professional clubs who now work as dustmen, postmen or industrial window fitters. That's because they are probably better at collecting dust, delivering post or fitting windows. (NOT because any of them were Wolves through and through)

I have a good mate who was England schoolboy captain and was on Wolves books. He never made the first team, David Woodfield and John McAlle stood in his way.

He has regrets, sure, but realises he matured as a lad well ahead of others, but then they caught him up and overtook him.

That's Youth/Academy football. We're lucky with the handful who have broken through this year; hopefully it will continue, but the Man U Golden Generation and, more recently, Southampton's young stars are rare.

Power to Steve Morgan's elbow, it was Sir Jack's dream too...and Kenny Jackett and his team are the right coaches.

latvian wolf

Maybe if he had opened his wallet and brought in some players of quality when we were in the premiership instead of doing nothing for two seasons then maybe he wouldn't be hated so much by the majority along with his sidekick the fat controller Moxey !!

I wonder if he thinks he can get us back to the premier league on the cheap ? it will be interesting to see how much is spent on players this season. I really am holding my breath because I think it will be a few hundred thousand here and there and that's it.

If Morgan and his cronies on the board don't want to spend money on new players then he should sod off back to Scouse land and sell the club to somebody who will put the money in and take the club forwards to where we belong in the premier league.

One quote I will make to Jacketts comment "if you ask the majority of football supporters how important a youth policy is they'd all say they want to see homegrown players" that's all well and good but without the quality players in the squad to pass on their skills to the youngsters what good is that ? Morgan for the good of Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C. either put up the money for quality players or go and go with the blessings of most Wolves supporters.



Latvian wolf I am 100% in agreement with you.

Morgan and Moxey are the thorns in the side of WWFC.

since Morgan has been in charge of our club I don't recall him spending much cash on the team but wasting it on that monstrosity with half a roof.


You have a simple, if not simpletons, view of football latvian wolf. To cite man city is an easy out for you, but I could equally point you in the direction of Portsmouth, Leeds utd, Coventry, oh, & our blue nose cousins up the road............chuckin' money about doesn't always win you a coconut, it can leave you potless too!

Bradmore Wolf

On what basis is our Academy "one of the best in the country"

I like having home grown players in the team and hope to see many more from the Academy but lets not get ahead of ourselves.

Off the top of my head there is only 2 or 3 players at the most who can be counted as recent academy players who are regular first teamers, the rest of the team are experienced players some of whom have played in the premier league.

That's in the 3rd tier, its going to be even more difficult to introduce younger players next season.

If the thought is we can get one or two players approaching the first team every season through the academy then that's brilliant.

I can't see KJ relying on the academy players to deliver promotion to the premier league to the exclusion of other quality signings.

Sir Billy Quiet

Robbie Keane, Jolson Lescott, Wayne Hennessey, Jack Price, Lee Evans, David Davies, Leon Clarke, Doughty, Liam MacAlinden...'...................

The academy may not produce the starting eleven but it does produce professional footballers and then bring in a return on investment for the club through sales.

Excuse me Leon Clarke ???!!!!!!!

He has to be the worst ever player to wear the Wolves shirt. Why Jackett has bought him back to the Mol is beyond me, he was useless first time around and he's even worse now! Give him a free transfer back to Cov.

Sir Billy Quiet

The list of worst ever player is a long one! I doubt that Leon Clarke would even make the top ten?

Hey hoe - some supporters always look for a hate figure and this seasons it is Leon Clarke - do you know how many minutes he has actually spent on the pitch since he returned?

I would imagine that Jackett's decision to bring in McDonald, Jacobs, Dicko and Henry were all beyond you as well?

100 points and still some fans want to be negative!


Robert Taylor I saw him training in the cafe 2 best's and going for a third.

Lobo para siempre

You obviously never watched Derek Jefferson!


All you mention have been good signings but in my opinion Clarke has to be amongst the very worst to have been given the shirt and based on this season Nouha Dicko has been the most astute signing we have made in years.


To answer your first question: there are I believe, only 22 Elite status catagory one academies in the country, of which only 6 are outside the premiership - Wolves being one of them.

SBQ has provided most of the recent players who have come up through the academy, but I suppose you could add Ebanks-Landell, Keith Andrews and Elliot Bennett. The latter two playing several games in the premiership for Blackburn and Norwich respectively.

Nobody is suggesting that the academy alone will provide all the players required to deliver promotion to the premiership. Depending on your definition of what a quality player is, we've seen this season players such McDonald, Henry, Jacobs, Dicko, Golbourne brought in and make a huge impact. They, along with maybe one or two more signings, will provide the basis of the team for next season promotion campaign.

Voice Of Sanity

For many years we have been screaming from the rooftops to let the youngsters have a chance. Season after season we have seen these players make one or two appearances and then get loaned out to a lower league club, never to be seen again. It has taken such a dramatic failure in order for this to eventually happen and I doubt very much that it would have happened if we'd not suffered a double relegation. The youngsters we have will grow and develop together. In a few seasons they will be playing on instinct, knowing just what other players are thinking. Any incoming players will have to fit into the plan or leave.

If we continue in this way and with this philosophy, I can only see good things in the years to come. M & M have a lot to answer for and a lot of apologies to make. BUT, they might just recover the fans respect and support if they stay in the background, as they have done this season, and continue to support Kenny, the players and the fans.

Onwards and Upwards

Ritchie Wolves

Sanity, I don't often agree 100% with anyone but your bang on mar mate.

Come on.....................

Latvian (so called) Wolf: have a read of the above post... Understand now?? Perhaps not..

Great post Sanity.



I agree with the post above but this should of been done years ago Morgan needs to get his brain into gear and hire top class coaches for our grade one academy otherwise what is the point ?

you know what a cheapskate Morgan is his philosophy cheap and cheerful all the way.

I admit I do not like the scouse git one iota but if he wants to learn from his mistakes he should at least hire the people to match the facilities.


You stolen my thoughts damn you mind readers.


How many academy players have been good enough to play in the Premier League?



If we had top class coaches and players to pass on their skills then 95% would be good enough

to play in the prem

The Flying Winger

There is nothing at all wrong with a youth policy, Wolves used to have a good one many years ago, and it has become more important in recent years for attracting tomorrows talent.

Of course some will not make it as in any walk of life, therefore you have to also bring in players who you hope will fit into the team.

Paying big or even a few million pounds does not guarantee success,

Timely buys are the secret to a good side, something we have failed to do for many years, getting players in early and having a good start is vital to any season..

Morgan has stood by Jackett in what to do with our expensive failures so has shown he is prepared to back the club, he now needs to show he is prepared to back him in the next stage of our development.

If this can be done then the past should remain the past and we should move to a brighter future.

We will never have a better opportunity!!!!!

Sir Billy Quiet

I wonder why the E&S think that Morgan's investment in the academy needs to be defended? every Wolves fan wants to see home grown players breaking into the first team?

Again our local paper writes headlines that are at a tangent to the words spoken.


Agreed SBQ but do you not agree that we should be striving for bigger and better, we have a grade one academy hence we should be striving to bring in the coaches to match the facilities why do you think top european teams have all the top coaches.

We were the original kings of Europe there is no reason why we should not strive to bring those times back again.


Personally I think Morgan and Moxey have a lot to answer for in the ruinination of the last 2 seasons. In fact I almost lost the faith. Poor contracts, very poor judgement, poor executive decisions, poor financial backing, buying 5-6 players for the same position, buying last bumper payday hasbeens, allowing such a large negative clique to develop in the dressing room, allowing our previous captain to say openly that he was unmotivated etc.

Frankly what happened to us was deserved and HOPEFULLY the wakeup call we need to move forward on a better and firmer basis. I really want our youth to come on through time and time again but what club allows that while in the Premier league? We have a solid foundation now, the manager has delivered and his judgement has been just about spot on throughout the season BUT it needs to be built upon. The Championship will be difficult as always and will be a learning curve once again for our youngsters who can only get better given the chance and the backing of our fans. Both Morgan and Moxey owe KJ a huge amount for the mess he inherited and has to sort out.


I did not think that the board went out and scouted player's than told themselves which ones to buy,I was under the strange impression that we had a scouting network and a manger who had the final say.

Could you imagine the situation if we never signed a player who Mick wanted because of wages,I bet you would not have backed the board.

I could blame Morgan and moxey for the breakdown of my first marriage,but that would hold as Mutch creadance as most of your statements.


Bazrat under mad mick the muppets reign he was told which players to get, you know Morgan and the fat pie man had the final say on who was bought in. thank god Kenny has been able to sort the whole mess out apart from one the riddance of the fat pie man!


Jekabs, why do you refer to MM as "Mad Mick" ??



Lets improve the academy, whens someone going to improve the spectators facilities? now we're one big happy family.

Dougan is king...

Silver Wolf

Surely, now is the time to say goodbye to talk of mistakes of the recent past?

I would sooner the club continue in a sensible and lasting way, using as much local talent as possible supplemented by affordable imports, than go down the road of so many fine clubs with more heading the same way. Birmingham, Portsmouth, Leeds plus a few in the Prem hanging onto financial lifelines like drowning men to reeds, who could want to be with them? The knackers yard beckons and they can smell the blood, poor devils.

Carry on with the youth policy, accept that until financial sanity returns to the game, clubs such as Wolves will have to walk the tightrope between the Prem and below, albeit, hopefully not League One again! However, any side that is representative of the City and it's people, and is run on sound financial lines is one of which to be truly proud, and any achievements earned, not bought by mega millions dripped out by foreign magnates, are worthwhile, and will endure when the 'bought' variety have been consigned to the 'dark ages' of the English game's history.

Lobo para siempre

Hi ho Silver! Spot on there, mate!


So Latvian Wolf wants us to be like Man City and Chelski no doubt, my advice to him is eff off to the Etihad stadium they have got 2 home games left, please don't come back. I bet you were one of the idiot's that run on the pitch during the game against Rotherham. I have said before, I want Wolves to remain in the hands of a british born person bet he thinks I am a racist for saying that.


Good to see the kids filter through, it's so hard for any of them to start with. I see first hand every day how many young kids are at wolves with the dream of one day being a footballer. Not many make it per year group age, if any. My brother was at wolves for 5 years in the 90s, great ball winning centre half. He was rejected at 15. He did ok thou he works for the UN in New York now. I think people don't quite understand the conveyor belt of failure. That's why clubs want to buy ready made players, but occasionally a gem will come along for nothing.



Okay lets look at the Players we had the last time we got to the Premiership

George Elokobi He cost us £300,000 from Colchester..

Mathew Jarvis He cost us £300,000 from Gillingham..

Michael Kightly Nominal Fee From Grays

Richard Stearman Nominal Fee From Leicester

Stephen Ward £100,000 Bohemians

Kevin Foley Undisclosed

Karl Henry £100,000 Stoke

Ebanks-Blake £200.000 Plymouth

David Edwards 250,000


Our Club Is In SAFE Hands .. COYW Good Luck For 2014 - 2015


I am sorry but these debates are boring. The key to success is a strong club with academy and stadium. And you also need to buy smartly we did in the prem however we didn't back that up with an extra £250,00 to £500,000 for better young players at the time(e.g moses, mccarthey, mancienne, frimpong, etc etc). We also lacked that we want you, you fit our style come to wolves attitude. Ie Huddlestone said for years he would be a good player he was at spurs never really got a shot now he is causing chaos in the hull side!!!! We missed out on far to many players and the shambles that got relegated epitomise Mccarthey although i don't think he should of got sacked when he did. Now we do have the coaches to do the job with our academy if any of you take any notice we recently appointed a scout that had worked for Burnley bringing ings and austin into the frame he has also worked with chelsea with regards to kalas and ake.... come on give jacket time to do it his way i think we can do well in the championship the difference between the playoffs and relegation is minuscule:) UTW

ps it is refreshing having a coach that understands the club and what it stands for rather than i am the manager you do it my way!!!!


The art of forgiveness and ability to not waste time looking back, these are areas we all must tap our reserves of self-humility to come to grips with.

Mr. Morgan admitted to making some mistakes, with pride to the side, and he has taken plenty of negative gobbing, some constructive, too, here and in other forums where verbal exchanges are afforded all, like on these pages.

Trust me, these pages are read by players on up the trough!

So, whether he is buttressed and supported by the team coach he employs, or any other well informed individuals associated with Wolves, best to forgive and move on, because the future is now and it's best to look forward than to waste energy complaining about the past.

Hopefully, valuable lessons learned from the past several years , for Mr. Morgan and everyone else that wants the best for our great club.


Cookley Wolf

Why does the headline say that Jackett 'defends' Steve Morgan's commitment to Wolves' youth policy? It appears from his comments that Kenny was actually CONGRATULATING the chairman on his commitment to youth policy. Talk about sensational journalism - you're simply making a story out nothing and trying to make a negative story out of a positive one. Yes, Morgan has made his mistakes but for me he's now put them right, the slate has been wiped clean and we, as a club, are united again.