Dave Edwards waiting on contract talks with Wolves

Dave Edwards today admitted he still hasn’t heard about a new contract as he saluted a “monumental effort” by Wolves.

Dave Edwards keen for a new Wolves deal
Dave Edwards

The 28-year-old midfielder’s deal expires in June and he is yet to be told what the club’s plans are for him, along with fellow senior out-of-contract player Richard Stearman.

Edwards left the field to a standing ovation during Saturday’s 3-0 win over Carlisle when he was replaced by James Henry after 65 minutes.

But the hard-running midfielder has played himself into favour with his most prolific season at the club after nine goals in just 22 starts for the League One champions, and the Wales international hopes his six-and-a-half year stay at Molineux hasn’t come to an end.

“Hopefully it won’t be the last time I pull on a Wolves shirt,” said Edwards.

“Me personally, I haven’t heard anything yet from the club. I really hope it’s not the final time but if it is, what a great way to go out.

“What a great season – 103 points is just a monumental effort from everyone and that goes right from the staff to the players and the fans.

“To get a standing ovation and to hear them sing my name it meant a lot to me and my family.

“To win 3-0 and get the record number of points capped off a great season.

“Hopefully I’ll be wearing the gold and black again but if not, I’ve had some great times here.”

Edwards, who is one of four current Wolves players with Carl Ikeme, Stearman and George Elokobi who were part of the Championship title-winning squad of 2008-09 and the League One tabletopping side, is savouring this success more after successive relegations.

“It’s right up there with winning the Championship for me,” he said.

“I know people might think winning the Championship should be better but after what’s happened in the last couple of years, this season we’ve shown a lot of guts and determination to come back.

“The city’s motto of ‘out of darkness cometh light’ is exactly what’s happened this season.”

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Comments for: "Dave Edwards waiting on contract talks with Wolves"

Media Wolf Pete

IMHO Eddo and Stears have both more than earned new contracts, subject to agreeing sensible terms.


This time I must agree with those who have complained about the E&S with regard to articles of no value.

This is one in particular because it is 3 days since the season finished, plus the fact that all of the senior management were engaged with Craddocks testimonial on Monday.

For goodness sake E&S get real. It is 7 weeks until both Stearmans and Edwards contracts run out.

I should really ignore this stupid article but I felt obliged to do so , just to point out its stupidity.

Crass E& S


Personally speaking I would get both Edwards & Stearman signed up as soon as possible. Both have championship experience which will prove vital next season.

Don't think either will be short of offers if we don't make a move.

Sedgley Slayer

Agree with posts above; they have definitely earned new contracts and I would be disappointed to see either of them leave.

On another note, who was the player of the season?

I must have missed something as I didn't see them announce it at either the Carlisle game or the testimonial, which I thought was a real shame. Being voted by the fans as player of the season is a real honour, and this should surely (as conducted in previous years) be presented in front of the fans at the end of the last home game of the season.



SS - I'm not entirely sure, but I think they will be annoucing the player of the season and other awards at the annual End of the Season dinner, which is being held tonight at Telford.


Is it me, or do all players allegedly quoted in the E & S sound alike? In real life we all talk differently, and some of us can't string sentences together, but somehow in the E & S all players sound both alike and amazingly literate! It's uncanny, it's almost like the same person is talking all the time and impersonating all these different players! It couldn't be a journalist could it?

Very Old Gold

Players who are not being offered a new contract have already been informed. The implication must be that contracts are being prepared for Edwards, etc,.

wolves 4 ever

Hes done a lot for Wolves this season,there should be no doubts,get him signed up its a no brainer.


Both Edwards and Stearman have more than earned their new contracts. Thoroughly professional from both of them.


Hang on ................ he has had a decent last third of this season. For the 2 seasons of relegation he was a whimp. Is Div 1. his true level. He should be a bigger player for us with more goals and a leader on and off the pitch. Think hard before giving hima new contract. Maybe a one year extention only


There's always one! Village idiot!

Pembrokeshire Wolf

You having a laugh, Baz?

By the way, it's 'wimp'. You can have 'whim' and 'whimper', but there's no such word as 'whimp'. Not that Dave Edwards was ever one anyway.