Wolves lift the League One trophy - pictures and video

Wolves lifted the League One title as they beat Carlisle United 3-0 at Molineux.

Victory for Kenny Jackett's side put them on 103 points and sealed the league record for the most points achieved in the third-tier of English football.

The record was previously held by Charlton and Fulham who both reached 101 points. Goals from Sam Ricketts, Michael Jacobs and Nouha Dicko sealed another record for Wolves this season.

The title is Wolves' first league triumph since 2009 when they won the Championship.

It is also their first third-tier title since Graham Turner's 1988/89 side won the Third Division - the equivalent to the modern day League One.

Turner's side finished the season on 92 points - 11 points behind the new league record set by Jackett's 2013/14 title-winning side.

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Comments for: "Wolves lift the League One trophy - pictures and video"


We are the Champions my friend, and record breakers!

What a difference a year makes!


Well done, Wolves. I wasn't there but I was there in spirit, imagining myself in my old seat in the Billy Wright. I am very happy tonight. Thank you for a wonderful season, during which weekends became smiley occasions again. I don't want to wish the Summer away but I am looking forward to next season already.


Apologies - this is my post.


What a day! Wishing well from a far, wearing my Old Gold. & Black very loudly and proudly this afternoon!

We are going up! And, who knows if not ascending to greater heights sometime soon!

Thanks Kenny Jackett and Kevin Thelwell! You two, your support staff and all the players deserve all the praise we fans and loyal supporters send your way. Well done!



Although a die hard Walsall fan myself may I congratulate Wolves on a well deserved promotion, you were the best team in the league by a mile and thoroughly deserve your moment. Good luck for next season too.


thankyou graham good luck next season

Very Old Gold

103 points is a great total. But not as many as Doncaster Rovers 105 in 42 matches back in 1947. There were only two points for a win in those days so their total is reported as 72 and we can't expect journalists to think of that or to do the simple arithmetic needed.

Old Wulfrunian

You don't give up do you? This is your third attempt at trying to get Wolves points record in this tier to be disregarded in favour of Doncaster in 1947. My simple arithmetic is very sharp indeed and so I know that 103 is greater than 72, regardless of how you arrive at it.

If, in years to come, a different team betters 103 points you can rest assured it will be Wolves' name that will be expunged from the record books and not Doncaster's. By the way, how did Doncaster get on the following season? Please inform everyone.


old wulfrunian, that told him, lol. some folks just refuse to accept our new ,vibrant, talented, fresh, new wolves.

very proud, utw


Outstanding, fabulous, remarkable. What a fantastic turnaround from where we have been. All credit and congratulations to KJ, Thelwell and all of the support staff and players. To finish the season with a 3-0 win typifies the winning attitude that has been brought back to the finest football club in the land. KJ is a class act and displays a refreshing sense of realism and honesty coupled with a sound knowledge of the game and a respect for his opponents. We are very fortunate to have him as our leader.

Everything has been positive since the beginning of the season and we have seen this team develop into a tight group built upon solid defensive principles and, finally, a willingness to play a passing brand of football that has the fans excited and wanting more.

Furthermore, the Club has supported it's youth and has some local talent in the mix - a refreshing change from what we witness in so many clubs. No one is foolish enough to think the whole team can be Wolverhampton born and bred but it is encouraging to see how things are developing.

The madness of the last few years has been replaced by a return to more sound and logical principles of how to develop a successful organization.

I have supported this Club for more than 50 years and I am so excited to see how we perform next season. I think we will be fine - I am not looking for another instant promotion bit if we can compete in what is a difficult division that will be fine by me. If we get the chance to go back to the big house we must make sure we plan to stay there without breaking the bank.

I hope everyone associated with the Club gets a great summer break and comes back ready to do the business.

Come on you Wolves!!!

sir jacks underpants

well here we go again. I remember with great delight our seasons in the top half of the championship. Apart from the dougan Richards era they were some of the best times I have enjoyed at molineux. I didn't enjoy the premiership at all, we simply were not equipped for it and the debate as to who was to blame will no doubt go on for years. Is the premier league really the holy grail we are led to believe it is or should we put a little bit more thought into enjoying our football . Yes ,we all want to succeed and it would be ideal if we won the premier league and the f.a cup and the champions league all in the same season but I for one would be more than happy to go to match and come away feeling good about how we played ,how stable the club is and how nice the ground is and really enjoy the experience. Wolves will always be a great football club and maybe just maybe this is the start of something really good. It will not happen overnight that's for sure. No one has been a bigger critic of moxey and morgan than me but I sense that finally they have got the message" KEEP OUT OF THE DRESSING ROOM" and leave the football to people who know what they are doing. Strangely all the grief and cock ups of the past few years may well have steered wolves in the right direction and many people will have learnt some very valuable lessons .I really do feel good again and very optimistic for the future. Don't expect miracles next season just good football and wise decisions will eventually see us in the position we all want. ABOVE THE BAGGIES


I'm extrmeely happy for Kenny Jackett. The fact that he inheirted such a dire mess at the club made all the worse by dire club management, ridiculous contracts, poor judgement speaks volumes of the guy. And we did it without the knee-jerk reaction from those who wanted O'hara back in the side.

Mountain Wolf

Due to my being technologically illiterate, I can't download pictures. However, my front garden has had a instant makeover and is now vision of pots full of black grass and gold marigolds. Now let's all turn out for Jodie.

Grumpy grandad2

Congratulations on a job well done keep up the good work .lets build on this and have a good start to the next season

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